• ThruVision's T5000 strip-searches you from a distance

    Just when you thought surveillance was getting intrusive enough (backscatter, anyone?), these guys have made it even worse — and more efficient. Incredibly, they’ve named it as if it were a late entry into the Terminator series (even the T2000 didn’t have x-ray vision). It may be going live in the UK soon. It works by picking up “tera-waves,” which apparently we… Read More

  • Digg Users Are Doing Their Best To Kill An Acquisition

    Digg users tend to get pissed off about a lot of things. Any story about Microsoft, for example. Or anything that criticizes Apple. Usually, the ability to bury stories about non-mob-approved topics, combined with the comment area under headlines, is enough of a release valve to settle things down. But not always – and Digg has a track record of surrendering to the mob when things get… Read More

  • Nicholas' John Biggs' notebook: A video update from me to you

    What’s poppin’, CrunchGear? I just made that little video for your enjoyment. And no, I don’t know how to use the in-house, CG video hosting services. Hence, YouTube. Here’s that bar where Jenna Bush got caught. Crazy! fin. Read More

  • No Longer Under Age: Zivity Takes $7 Million In Venture Financing For Adult Content Social Network

    Zivity is an adult content social network and user generated content site (they call it “Promoting Beauty 2.0″). It has the distinction of being one of the first adult content startups to be backed by venture capital via a $1 million seed round in 2007, and it caused quite a stir at its official launch at TechCrunch40. As we mentioned last month, mainstream press is starting to… Read More

  • Nicholas' notebook: Just got to SXSW convention center (and everthing's closed)

    [photopress:sxswherefinally_1_2.jpg,full,center] You’ll notice my Jose Padilla beard. That’s what happens when Delta screws you. After something like 30 hours of mild discomfort I have finally reached the Austin Convention Center, home of the SXSW Interactive festival. It’s 6:45 local time and pretty much everything has shut down, including the press room; I’m… Read More

  • These foldable cardboard $15 speakers are worth every dollar

    I fully doubt these speakers sound like anything other than ass, but they will only set you back a tenner if you look and they fold up to fit in your laptop bag — can you really say no to that? They’re made of recycled materials, which implies that they too are recyclable. These are the perfect speakers for taking to the beach or a picnic with that eco-conscious friend of… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson's leaked patent shows the closest thing to a PSP-Phone we've seen yet

    [photopress:psp_design_1.jpg,full,center] Everyone wants to phight the iPhone, and now Sony is getting into the mix with help from it’s Sony-Ericsson partnership. Already pimping phones under the Walkman label, there’s been much speculation that a PSP-based phone was in the works, and now Sony-Ericsson has a patent for a video game-centric phone that has very PSP-looking… Read More

  • Scorn'd Chinese lady burns $50,000 worth of husband's mobiles

    Hell hath no fury, indeed. Mrs. Wang in China was, understandably, angry at her husband for leaving her. So she hit him where it hurt: in the business. The cell phone business, that is. She gathered up their new stock of 400 phones and set fire to the suckers. That explains the great disturbance I felt earlier in the force, as if many RAZR knockoffs suddenly cried out in terror and were… Read More

  • Jupiter Mouse is made of wood, acts funny, looks like Jupiter

    [photopress:jupitermouse.jpg,full,left]We talked about computers made of bamboo and mouses that heat your hands, but here’s a little of column A and a little of column B. It’s a wooden sphere that doesn’t work like a regular mouse. It has iPhone-like motion sensors, so if you tilt it left, the cursor moves left, right it goes right, and so on. It’s not for everyone, but… Read More

  • PSP2 concepts: the good, the bad, and the lego

    I don’t really see the need for a PSP2 at this time, considering the best games are probably yet to come (by the looks of God of War), but that hasn’t stopped Kotaku from holding a contest to design a new version of Sony’s sexy little handheld. Go give the guys a hand and vote something ridiculous up. PSP2 Concept Mega Gallery Extravaganza [Kotaku] Read More

  • More geeko-friendly bamboo Asuses

    Is it “Asuses,” or “Asi?” Anyway, Asus has made a big deal about being eco-friendly, and while the bamboo thing is nice, I don’t think it’s really going to make a serious impact, considering 95% of the laptop is not bamboo. It is a nice gesture, though, and it’s certainly a unique look. You’ll be able to pay too much for these very soon, I… Read More

  • It's a hand-warming USB mouse!

    [photopress:infrared_mouse.jpg,full,center] My apartment, where I do much of my work here for CrunchGear, got very cold this winter. Sure, there’s heat, but it’s an old building with central heat that I have no control over. In addition, the automated thermostat dates to the Nixon administration and is just as trustworthy. Thus, my typing isn’t what it could be, as my hands… Read More

  • Nokia N95 finally released in North America

    [photopress:nokia_n95_8gb_us_1.jpg,full,center] You’ve been patient little Nokia fans, haven’t you? You are now being rewarded. The N95, perhaps the most advanced cell phone after the iPhone, (even with my misgivings), is now available in North America direct, for $779 retail. This is the 8GB, US-friendly HSDPA version, and is SIM-free, meaning un-subsidized, and will work with… Read More

  • Apple logo made of many fruits, but strangely no apples

    It’s a good thing I just ate brunch, or this would make me very hungry. I like it better than Apple’s actual logo. Retro Apple Logo fruit salad [Flickr, via Technabob] Read More

  • Facebook group accused of "cheating" at Ryerson Univeristy; we call BS

    [photopress:we_can_has_facebook_group.jpg,full,center] It’s Saturday, and I’m trying hard to wrap my head around this story about a Ryerson University student who’s facing academic misconduct charges for starting a Facebook study group. His professor, it seems, calls it cheating. A Facebook study group is like any other study group, he argues, and he’s right. The… Read More

  • Nicholas' notebook: Nowhere near SXSW yet, thanks Delta!

    [photopress:Delta_Airlines_Sucks_in__Container_small.jpg,full,center] Never, ever fly Delta. I was supposed to be covering SXSW for CrunchGear. Question—how am I supposed to cover the show if I never get to leave the Atlanta airport? That’s right, Delta, which fancies itself as an airline but that would require planes that take off and leave from airports, has screwed me so very… Read More

  • Startups Must Hire The Right People And Watch Every Penny. Or Fail.

    Yesterday Jason Calacanis, the founder of Mahalo (and, full disclosure, our partner at TechCrunch40), wrote a blog post titled “How to save money running a startup.” Boy was he attacked. Bloggers lined up to take their shots at him. Examples are here, here, here and, especially, here. Our own Duncan Riley also wrote a post criticizing Calacanis and a firestorm of comments blew in. Read More

  • Here Comes Hulu Mania. Again.

    If yesterday’s cushy article on Hulu in Fortune is any indication, Internet TV site Hulu is getting ready to leave private beta and launch to the public. Press like this doesn’t just happen without the company asking for it. They’re preparing for the big show. Hulu was expected to launch this month anyway, and the article mentions an “early March” release. And… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Checkpoint Edition

    MagStay Pro makes your MagSafe stay Magged
    Playmobil’s Security Checkpoint on Amazon makes your morning
    Pick up some vino soon from Amazon’s wine section?
    G-Fi: GPS to WTF converter
    Hanrim wireless power transmission: Satellite power by year 2108
    Cover up that fugly satellite dish, thank the Dutch
    LOLPeter’s vote-off Read More

  • Microsoft, The Jekyll And Hyde Of Companies

    Today rapped up Microsoft’s annual Mix Conference in Las Vegas. The event is Microsoft’s web focused get together where they talk coding and development with mostly white, geek guys (the only women seemed to be the Microsoft/ events staff), then there’s the occasional press person thrown in for good measure. The coverage the event gets pales in significance to say an Apple… Read More

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