• VisualCV Thinks It's Time to Update That Resume

    Phillip Merrick thinks it is time to update your resume. The co-founder of webMethods has a new startup that just launched today, VisualCV, that wants to replace the paper or e-mailed resume with a profile page that lives on the Web. He’s raised $5 million from headunting firm Heidrick & Struggles and Valhalla Partners. You can think of VisualCV as the serious profile page you want… Read More

  • CDMA BlackBerry Curve emerges

    I realize not everyone is into BlackBerries, but for those with Verizon or Sprint, you may be interested in the recent emergence of the CDMA Curve. There are no specific details other than these photos, but the 8330 is out there and it’s coming sometime down the road. It supposedly has GPS we won’t know for sure. My T-Mobile Curve shows GPS in the menu as well, but it… Read More

  • Our first Android phone hands-on

    Here, in all its madcap glory, is the GPhone: Android running on test hardware that looks compelling but not quite ready for prime time. The interface was quite snappy — it was almost exactly as swift as the emulated software on any PC — and it looks good and tight with lots of nice transitions et al. Let’s say this is the emulator made flesh and leave it at that — the… Read More

  • Breaking: Microsoft swallows up Danger, Inc

    According to a recent Microsoft press release, “Microsoft Corp. today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Danger Inc., the company responsible for the software and services powering many popular consumer handsets.” I like the Sidekick software interface. I’m not crazy about the Windows Mobile interface. I’m hoping this means that the Danger interface… Read More

  • Off Topic: Tell me where to get the best cheesesteak

    So I finally got around to getting a true Philly Cheesesteak this weekend. I was aware of the whole Pat’s versus Geno’s thing, but a sizable contingent of local Philadelphians steered Peter and me to Jim’s on South Street. As a born-and-bred Midwesterner, I’m down for anything with melted cheese, meat, or mayonnaise and while the cheesesteak I got from Jim’s… Read More

  • TechCrunch has a new events consultant

    Plenty of people have been wondering when we’d start running some TechCrunch events on this side of the pond. But attempting to run a full-time news blog and run events at the same time is a recipe for chaos. So I’m delighted to say that TechCrunch UK & Ireland is going to be working with Thayer Driver as our Events & Sponsorship Consultant. One of the first things… Read More

  • MacBook Air doesn't run Windows Vista as fast as you'd like it to

    [photopress:MACBOOKVISTA.jpg,full,center] The MacBook Air runs Windows Vista slightly slower than other ultraportable laptops. PC World benchmarked Apple’s tiny laptop and got a score of 61. To put those numbers in perspective, the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 got an 86, which amounts to a 5 percent “actual” speed difference, says PC World. So not only is the Air not the most… Read More

  • Breaking: Starbucks ditches T-Mo, inks deal with AT&T

    Didn’t see this one coming at all. I thought everything was peaches and cream between Starbucks and T-Mobile. Apparently not. The coffee giant has announced they’ve inked a deal with AT&T to bring free and paid wireless Internet services to a local Starbucks near you. AT&T Internet subscribers are privy to unlimited Wi-Fi. In addition to the free Wi-Fi access for… Read More

  • Netflix goes Blu-ray, tells HD DVD 'it's not you, it's me'

    This just in: HD DVD is in trouble, much to the chagrin of our own intrepid HD DVD-lover Devin Coldewey. According to a Reuters report, Netflix said that it’ll be offering Blu-ray DVDs exclusively. It’s been divvying up both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs but will stop purchasing HD DVD movies today and phase out its inventory by the end of the year. Netflix says chooses Blu-ray format… Read More

  • New lovey-dovey Pleo download for Valentine's Day

    Oh Pleo, you’re the best almost-real dinosaur friend a guy and/or gal could ever have. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day comes a new behavior download for your Pleo pet. He coos, he flirts, he slices and dices! From the PleoWorld.com website, Has Pleo been bitten by the love bug? He sulks when left alone, but pet him … he wiggles, coos, and sighs happily. Cuddle Pleo and… Read More

  • LG KF510, KF600, KF700 debut at MWC: KF700 has three input methods for your enjoyment

    [photopress:kf700.jpg,full,right] Amazing bit of news here, but LG used this year’s MWC to debut some cellphones. Three cellphones, to be exact. From the low-end to the high-end (or nearest I can tell) there’s the KF510, the KF600 and KF700. The KF510 doesn’t real “do” anything and is more along the lines of a phone that carriers will give away—lots of… Read More

  • Several Android cellphones to be shown at MWC today

    [photopress:androidatmwccc.jpg,full,right] Android-based cellphones are somewhere on the Mobile World Conference show floor in Barcelona. There were rumors last week of an ARM-branded Android phone being at the show, and today AFP says we can expect to see models from Marvell, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NEC and ST Microelectronics. While the first Android cellphones aren’t scheduled… Read More

  • Starbucks to offer Wi-Fi with AT&T

    This spring Starbucks will brew up a mix of free and paid wireless Internet service in more than 7,000 of its U.S. coffee shops this spring. The new service will be done in tandem with AT&T, which ends a six-year partnership Starbucks had with T-Mobile. Customers that use the Starbucks purchase card will get two hours of free wireless access per day. After that, access will cost $3.99 for… Read More

  • SkyNet is online in Barcelona, doing well

    An actual company in Barceona SkyNet was brought online on August 4, 1997 and immediately crashed. Disheartened, it settled in the outskirts of Barcelona, met a nice girl with a tongue stud, and now works as a web designer and makes and sells its own candles online. It still has a grudge against Sarah Connor, but it’s in therapy and… Read More

  • Modu: Cool but flawed

    I was pretty down on Modu, which is essentially a module-based GSM system that consists of a tiny handset — no bigger than a business card and about a quarter-inch thick — and a bunch of “mates” or “jackets” that wrap around the phone to do different things. Now that I’ve seen it up close and talked to… Read More

  • Greystripe sees Success with In-Game Mobile Advertising

    Greystripe, a distributor of ad-supported mobile games, announced the results of its two-month U.S. ad campaign for Yahoo!’s oneSearch mobile web portal. The ad campaign was run in tandem with a ten question WAP survey administered by Grail Research to determine campaign effectiveness, specifically focused on brand lift and ad recall. The ad campaign started on May 19th and ran through… Read More

  • Meanwhile, Microsoft Buys Danger For $500 Million

    While everyone has been preoccupied with the Microsoft-Yahoo saga, the Microsoft acquisition machine keeps on chugging along. Microsoft announced today that it has acquired Danger, makers of the popular Sidekick cell phone. I guess that Danger IPO isn’t happening after all. Terms were not disclosed, but its was in the process of trying to raise $100 million in an IPO. Now, the… Read More

  • First GPhone Hands-On

    We’re trying to grab some better quality video for you all, but here is CG’s first hands-on with the GPhone. It’s actually the emulator running on Texas Instruments hardware and is very speedy and quick. The downside? No real compelling reason right now to say this is better than any other mobile Linux platform, let alone WinMo and Symbian. It’s basically a proof of… Read More

  • Interview with Dov Moran, founder of Modu

    http://flixwagon.com/flvPlayer.swf Read More

  • Yahoo Confirms Rejection Letter to Microsoft

    Filed this morning with the SEC (as expected): YAHOO! BOARD OF DIRECTORS SAYS MICROSOFT’S PROPOSAL SUBSTANTIALLY UNDERVALUES YAHOO! Sunnyvale, Calif., February 11, 2008 — Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), a leading global Internet company, today said the Yahoo! Board of Directors has carefully reviewed Microsoft’s unsolicited proposal with Yahoo!’s management team and… Read More

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