• Amazon Kindle taking some by surprise

    November, 2007. That’s when Amazon introduced their e-reader. Since then, reliable sources say, 240,000 units have been sold. That means $6,000,000 in revenue for every $25 worth of reading material purchased. The e-readers alone, sold between $360 and $400, have generated somewhere between $86 million and $96 million. As more and more Kindles are sold, more and more reading materials… Read More

  • Nokia might be getting into the movie streaming biz

    Rumor has it that the world’s favorite handset manufacturer may be looking into a new endeavor: movie streaming. Rather than a pay-per-view or rental service, the new service will reportedly be all-you-can-eat. One lump sum per month garners you unlimited access to a catalog of 320 x 240 H.264 movies, streamed straight to your handset. Read More at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • iPhone app-makers are raking it in (likely Apple too)

    While I’m sure many app developers for the new app store were happy just to be working with Apple on such a cool device as the iPhone 3G, I’m not so sure they all thought they would be swimming in money before a month was out. But some of the popular pay apps (2 Across, a crossword app, is the example) are earning their makers thousands of dollars per day. Even ridiculous apps… Read More

  • Baseball MMOG lets you purchase levels: only $200 for level 99!

    So the only baseball-based massively multiplayer game out there is now letting you shell out real life cash for in-game levels, giving you access to better leagues, tournaments, and I imagine making your players into tricked-out monsters. Apparently they didn’t learn the lesson EA did when they attempted to sell upgrades for people in Battlefield: Bad Company. Blue’s News… Read More

  • Ghostbusters video game revelation: Crossing streams is OK

    Ghostbusters buzz has been brewing for quite some time regarding the upcoming video game. The cross-platform soon-to-be mega hit will be hitting shelves October 21, but for now some hands-on reviews are starting to come in. Here’s some info about the gameplay for the opening level. The link that follows has the details, so I’ll try to keep an overview here. Read More

  • ABI says consumers giving Blu-ray players the shifty eye

    In its latest report, ABI Research said that consumers were reluctant to commit to Blu-ray players, saying they just weren’t sure they could settle down right now. Over half of the 1000 survey respondents said they had “other priorities” than buying a Blu-ray player, of the 23% that said they were pretty likely to go Blu-ray, but needed more time, like maybe a year. ABI… Read More

  • Insider reports that Nvidia may quit the chipset business, Nvidia says no way

    An insider at one of Taiwan’s motherboard manufacturers has reported that Nvidia called a meeting this week to discuss its future development of chipsets. The insider also stated that it’s a good possibility that Nvidia will quit the chipset business altogether. The motherboard manufacturer in question has yet to respond to the claim. On the other hand, Nvidia snapped back claiming… Read More

  • Put Your Game Face On And Plant Some Trees With SGN

    Social Gaming Network, a startup behind a number of popular social network games, has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to create a Facebook game to raise money for, of all things, planting trees. SGN has created a game called “Space Movers: The Bloom Initiative”, and will donate up to $50,000 of the game’s advertising revenue to the cause. You can check out the app… Read More

  • CrunchBase in CrunchBar and Thanks to All Our Sponsors

    Thank you to our terrific sponsors, who make TechCrunch possible. Codefortytwo, the maker of CrashPlanPro and other software RackSpace, a provider of hosting services eBuddy, web-services meta instant messenger Logicworks, a hosting services provider iDrive, the maker of web-based backup solutions iNetU, a provider of managed hosting solutions Geni, the premier web tool for bringing… Read More

  • China opens Internet a crack

    After more pressuring China has, again, agreed to open the Internet for the press during the Olympics. After getting an earful from journalists arriving in Beijing to find the Internet not open, as previously promised, the International Olympic Committee exerted some pressure on the government, which once again promised to open the Internet and allow the press to report freely on the… Read More

  • Homeland Security: all your data are belong to us, citizen

    Imagine if you will: you’re walking through a checkpointcustoms and if you’re like me, your passport picture makes you look like the Unabomber, so you get “randomly” selected for “secondary screening.” And they say, “Sir, turn on your laptop, we’re going to snoop through all your files and search for anything we feel, as practically… Read More

  • Shimano shifts to electronic set up for road bikes

    By offering electronic shifting, Shimano is sure to stir up the pot. Anytime anything new comes to anything in sports, people get all up and excited. Why should cycling be any different? The introduction of electronic shifting is actually not a new thing, but battery life and weight constraints have made the technology unfeasible. But all that is about to change. With a digital set up, the lack… Read More

  • Welcome to Web 3.0: Now Your Other Computer is a Data Center

    This guest post is written by Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com. He has been widely recognized for pioneering innovation with honors such as the 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the SDForum Visionary Award, Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year by the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business, and being ranked No. 7 on the Top 100 Most… Read More

  • Buckcherry fails at piracy publicity stunt

    The band we all know as Buckcherry recently put out a press release stating that they were pissed off that someone leaked their music online. The tracks in question were being distributed via BitTottent. This prompted TorrentFreak to track down who leaked the album. Well, it turns out Buckcherry’s own manager was the one that leaked the album. Uh ohs! I don’t think I need to tell… Read More

  • Microsoft gets mad at Taiwanese mousemaker, sues

    Usually in a situation like this, Microsoft would just buy the offending company and absorb their essence into its being. Apparently that’s no so easy when the company is all Taiwanese and stuff — they’ve resorted to suing the poor deluded fools, who have apparently resisted multiple approaches to work this thing out peacefully. Since they’re infringing on a couple… Read More

  • UK Hacker is doing all he can not to get extradited to the US

    In a last ditch effort Gary McKinnon, the UK hacker who allegedly hacked in to the Pentagon, is now taking his case to the European Court on Human Rights. McKinnon feels that his human rights were violated when the U.S. offered him a plea-bargain (something the UK courts to not do) to get a lighter sentence. He felt that by accepting this he would be opting himself out of a fair trial. Of… Read More

  • Nokia might be getting into the movie biz

    Though they’re completely open about the fact that their source is a bit peculiar, BGR is reporting that that Nokia may be looking to start up a movie download service. Rather than a pay-per-view or rental service, the new service is tentatively all-you-can-eat. One lump sum per month garners you unlimited access to a catalog of 320 x 240 H.264 movies, streamed straight to your handset. Read More

  • Linux not going away, U.K.

    Nobody would argue that Linux has an appreciable market share. They could however say that they have an appreciating share. Cause in fact they do. Since Microsoft launched Vista in January 2007, U.K. preinstalls of Linux have multiplied 28 times. But unfortunately for Linux, 28 times a little is still a little. However, consider that pre-Vista, Linux was being shipped on only .1% of PC’s. Read More

  • NetShare is back

    TC writes: You can now grab Nullriver’s NetShare app, which lets you browse the web from your computer using your iPhone’s data connection , from this direct link. To recap, NetShare creates a SOCKS5 proxy over WiFi to enable you to connect to the Internet through your iPhones 3G or EDGE network connection. They pulled it last night for some ominous reason but I just bought and… Read More

  • Shelfari and LibraryThing: Awkward Bookends To AbeBooks-Amazon Deal

    Earlier today we reported that Amazon had acquired AbeBooks, an online retailer of rare and used books from independent publishers. AbeBooks held a major (although not majority) stake in a site called LibraryThing, where the literati can list their favorite books and discuss them. Coincidentally, Amazon has put a reported $1 million into Shelfari, one of LibraryThing’s direct… Read More

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