• Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: iPhone Remote app gets Genius and playlist editing support AT&T cuts the Push-to-talk monthly rate… Read More

  • Academia.edu: A Geni For Researchers

    Collaboration has long been one of the most fundamental components of science. From handwritten letters and essays to professional publications like Science and Nature, scientists rely on each other to test their theories and to help formulate new ones. Given this inherently social nature of science, it’s surprising that no website has emerged as the de facto meeting place for… Read More

  • iPhone Remote app gets Genius and playlist editing support

    This morning, Apple pushed an update for the Remote application (which is known around these parts as “that thing that lets Greg be a spinmaster DJ and a master chef at the same time”) to the iPhone App store. The application, which allows you to link your iPhone to any iTunes library or AppleTV setup, now has support for the Genius feature added in iTunes 8, along with support… Read More

  • Cool old Soviet 16mm movie cameras

    I could take or leave the first one on the page, but that second, professional camera just looks so solid. Like you could use it as a hammer to peg down your tripod. And the tripod is made of meteorites. I love old stuff like this — like my old Canon FTb; you could really teach an ape to smash with that thing. Check out the rest of the pictures here at Retrothing. Read More

  • Zune 3.0 Hands-on 2: Electric Radio-purchase Boogaloo

    I told you I’d get back to you. The problem was on my end (naturally). And now this cool feature works like a charm — except for the fact that I just spent a dollar on some Bangles song off of Warm 106.9. Read More

  • iLike Music Platform Launches: Music Streaming Anywhere

    Seattle based iLike just expanded their recent streaming music deal with Rhapsody to allow any website or web application to add streaming music to their sites. Integration is dead simple (I’ve done it below). A long list of partners launches with them, including Google, Evite, TypePad, SGN, Flixster, Watercooler, Connected Weddings, Slide and Mesmo TV. The big hook here is that… Read More

  • Soulja Boy expertly dissects Braid

    FYI: video does contain NSFW language. And he’s just walk’n round, jump’n on sh*t. The funnest part ’bout it youcandosom’emlikethis, “fuuccckuuuuuuuippp.” Now if you didn’t catch that, I just went back in time. Though the whole game, he just be goin’ back in time. Watch this sh*t. Insightful and extremely perceptive. I truly… Read More

  • MySpace Music Billboards Go Up In Los Angeles, New York

    It sure looks like MySpace is spending a ton of cash on next week’s launch of the MySpace Music joint venture with the major labels. The first advertising blitz hits Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) and New York (Times Square). The billboards feature artists Lil Wayne, M.I.A., Jonas Brothers and others. MySpace won’t comment on how much these billboards costs, or what the… Read More

  • Fixing iPod/iPhone error 13213

    Looks like there’s a bit of a bug in iTunes 8, with fairly widespread reports of iPhone syncing errors. After waking up this morning to a dead iPhone, I plugged it in for a quick blast of juice. An error popped up on screen, saying that my iPhone couldn’t be synced. An “Unknown error occurred (13213)”. Unknown error? Nonsense! I poked around the googletubes a bit… Read More

  • Clarification: Matsushita would now like to be called Panasonic

    Cross-section of the G1 is on the right Confused by the recent double posting of the Lumix DMC-G1? You know, the world’s smallest DSLR. Well, today in Japan, Matsushita officially announced that they would like to be called Panasonic. Furthermore, a couple new details were revealed about the purported world’s smallest DSLR. For one thing, it’s not an actual DSLR. Read More

  • Mirror's Edge PC to be pushed to 2009?

    How weak is this? People are saying that Mirror’s Edge might be scooting out to a post-holiday release. Why, you ask? So the consoles can get a head start, I suppose. Maybe DICE wants to keep PC sales low so they don’t have to make a PC version next time. Maybe that’s a little too nefarious even for a big developer. Well, let’s hope all these rumors mean is that… Read More

  • IOGEAR debut spill-resistant keyboard, Bluetooth laser mouse

    What is with all these computer peripherals lately? IOGEAR is betting all you collegians are going to need a bong-proof-keyboard so they’ve come out with their own spill-resistant keyboard that has a drainage hole, hot keys, thin design and a detachable rubber-coated wrist rest. Packaged with said keyboard is an 800dpi optical mouse that has back and forward buttons. Yay! This combo is… Read More

  • AT&T cuts the Push-to-talk monthly rate by half

    Sure, Push-to-talk can be handy. But is it ten dollars handy? AT&T thinks not. Tucked into the Samsung Rugby press release was a mention that AT&T would be lopping 50% off the Push-to-talk monthly price tag, bringing it down to just 5 bucks starting today. With both AT&T and Verizon now offering PTT for a fiver, it probably won’t be too long before Sprint (currently at $10)… Read More

  • Energizer understands the plight of gamers, announces Power & Play charging system

    Gamers are well aware that having to change batteries during a frag fest is aggravating. So aggravating that you may throw things unintentionally breaking your roommates prized collection of snow globes or something like that. But enough about me. Energizer announced rechargeable systems for all three major consoles today that include a charging base, replacement battery covers and… Read More

  • Digg Grabs Senior Yahoo'er To Lead Communications

    Will the last person out please turn off the lights: Yahoo’s Director Communications & Communities Kiersten Hollars (pictured right along with CEO Jerry Yang and President Sue Decker) will shortly be leaving the company to lead Digg’s communication team. Read More

  • PureCart makes food safe again (or not)

    Did you know that there are a million germs on just one shopping cart handle? I hate to imagine how many are living and crawling on the actual inside of the cart… you know where you put your food. Never mind the fact that it’s the food itself (spinach, tomatoes, beef…) that has posed all the recent dangers. The fact that I know creepy-crawlies are on my shopping cart makes me want… Read More

  • AT&T launches the ultra-tough Samsung Rugby (A837)

    AT&T and Samsung have announced the Rugby, a handset that might just last longer than any of us. Its a rugged handset (Rugged. Rugby. Get it? Hah! Genius, Samsung. Genius.), military-spec’d for “dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, altitude and temperature extremes.” It’s luggin’ aGPS, Push-to-talk, Video Share, Bluetooth, 3G, quad band… Read More

  • Zune 3.0 hands-on video: wireless Marketplace

    A hasty little video put together since the real video got messed up. Do you like how I call the Zune 16 “the nano one”? That’s pure tech professional right there. There’s still some issue with the downloading via the radio; from what I can tell, the people on the radio need to update their crappy song info. “Elliot Smith Alameda Elliot Smith Alameda?”… Read More

  • PeopleJar Joins The Social Networking Fray

    PeopleJar, a startup that hopes to help users with similar interests connect using a highly-customizable search engine, has soft launched to the public. The site is very well done, sporting a clean and intuitive interface, an exhaustively customizable search engine, and generally high production values. After creating a detailed profile that includes information on their education, country… Read More

  • Samsung gets serious about SanDisk buyout, proposes $26/share

    Mockup Looks as if those rumors of a Samsung buyout were true after all. The board of directors at SanDisk were sent the following proposal to swoop the memory manufacturer at $26 per share, cash. The letter states that SanDisk investors would see a 93 percent premium based on the surge SanDisk’s stock saw when it was first reported that Samsung was interested. And it basically goes on… Read More

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