• Boxee makes your AppleTV better

    Hacking the AppleTV to make it ostensibly better has long been an underground hobby of mine. I upgraded my hard drive and tried to add plug-ins but this may be the holy grail of ATV mods. Boxee basically adds full media center capabilities to Steve’s box and turns the old menu into something glorious to behold. Read More

  • Upcoming ruling puts iTunes in danger? Eh, probably not

    Panic! A ruling that’s expected to come down on Thursday in Washington could endanger iTunes. So we’re led to believe. The National Music Publishers’ Association is demanding a 66 percent increase in royalties that its members receive whenever their music is purchased from online music stores. iTunes, Amazon MP3, and so on. Meanwhile, Apple says the increase, from 9 cents… Read More

  • Netflix to stream movies from Starz

    In an interesting move by Netflix and Starz, about 2,500 featured movies and concerts are now available for instant streaming over the Internet and using the Roku Netflix box. Because Starz offers first run “premium” content, this move expands the overall streaming offerings from Netflix considerably. My only complaint about Netflix streaming has thus far been movie selection… Read More

  • NEC MultiSync EA241WM tilts, swivels, and pivots

    NEC has a new workplace-type monitor in the EA241WM. It’s billed as an “enterprise” monitor but if you really wanted, I bet you could sneak one into your home. It’s a 24-inch widescreen LCD with 1920×1200 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m² brightness, and a magical base that allows it to tilt, swivel, and pivot. There’s also a built-in four port… Read More

  • Poll results: Most of you would buy an Apple-designed DVR

    The Apple DVR poll’s results have been tallied and it turns out the vast majority of you (62%) would buy an Apple DVR – as long as the price is right. Knowing Apple, its DVR wouldn’t be the cheapest on the market, but it should be one of the most innovative.  FYI, a TiVo HD DVR is $299 and the 1TB edition goes for $599. So what is the right price? Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Toshiba plans to sell fuel cell/lithium-ion battery-powered mobile phone by next March

    I am not sure if this is a good idea or not but Toshiba announced at CEATEC 2008 it will soon start incorporating fuel cells in a number of its products, i.e. digital cameras and notebooks. The company currently presents a hybrid prototype of the W55T [JP], a cell phone that is powered by a methanol fuel cell (cartridge capacity: 50ml) charging a secondary lithium-ion battery. The phone, which… Read More

  • Why The Online Music Industry Should Move To a Rev-Share Model

    Memo to the Copyright Royalty Board: a bigger pie fills more bellies. Tomorrow, the three-judge panel that sets rates on music copyright fees is scheduled to announce new rates on digital music downloads for the next five years. The fees, which go to music publishers (the actual owners of the copyright to each song), are currently set at 9 cents per track. Music publishers want to raise that… Read More

  • AeroSpider: The remote-controlled car that drives up walls

    Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy announced it will start selling the AeroSpider [JP], a radio-controlled car that can climb walls and drive on ceilings, on October 30 (availability outside Japan is unknown at this point). Just like ordinary toy cars, the battery-powered AeroSpider can also be used on horizontal surfaces. But pushing a switch at the back of the… Read More

  • The excessive violence of Silent Hill: Homecoming is why it's banned in Australia

    Silent Hill: Homecoming, which is only getting so-so reviews (which stinks because it’s my favorite game series; Silent Hill 2? Now there’s proper narrative in a video game), is effectively banned in Australia because of its over-the-top violence. But what, exactly, is the reason why the game won’t be coming out down under? How about this: drilling into and severing body parts. Read More

  • Apple Drops iPhone Developer NDA On Released Software

    Apple announced today that it has decided to drop the controversial iPhone developer non-disclosure agreement because it “created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success.” According to the company, in a statement released today, it “put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Toshiba presents the world's first 16 GB microSDHC memory card

    Toshiba is currently showcasing a  prototype of a 16-Gbyte microSDHC memory card at the CEATEC 2008, doubling the maximum capacity of currently available products. The company said it managed to squeeze a total of 16 8-Gbit NAND and one controller chip into the card. Reportedly, the NAND flash memory chips were cut down in thickness from 70μm to just 18μm. Via Tech-On Read More

  • Madness: Opie and Anthony on Sirius radios, Stern on XM radios

    Following the merger, XM content has made its way to Sirius-branded radios. This photo shows XM’s Opie and Anthony playing on a Sirius radio, on channel 197, and Howard Stern on an XM radio. Yeah, it’s weird. Read More

  • Microsoft Throws Prizes At You For Searching

    Microsoft is trying anything to get you to use Live Search. And now it’s time to add another to its attempts to try to pay you to use its service. Dubbed SearchPerks, Microsoft’s latest scheme gives users points when they use Live Search, which can be redeemed for prizes. Users who sign-up before the December 31 deadline, must agree to download a small program that tracks… Read More

  • Man turns on train tracks, causes accident because his GPS told him to

    Some fool in upstate New York followed his GPS’ directions a little too closely, right onto a pair of train tracks. And yes, the car was hit by a train. No one was hurt, though. The man, a Mr. Jose Silva of White Plains, turned onto the train tracks in Westchester because, you know, that’s what his GPS device told him to do. Again, he’s fine, and no one on the train was hurt. Read More

  • Apple stock still worth buying, says Citi and Goldman Sachs

    Yes, we’ll soon all be at each other’s throats fighting over cans of soup, but Apple? It’s fine, despite that drop earlier in the week. That’s what Citi and Goldman Sachs say, at least. Those two haven’t failed yet, so we’d do well to hang on their every word. Both Citi and Goldman Sachs kept a “buy” rating on Apple stock, despite the fact that… Read More

  • ZocDoc Adds Bezos, Benioff To $3 Million Series A Round

    Zocdoc, the health appointment scheduling startup that launched at TechCrunch 40, has announced that Marc Benioff and Jeff Bezos – two of Silicon Valley’s most prominent figures – have joined the $3 million Series A funding round it raised last month that was led by Khosla Ventures. ZocDoc allows users to book their doctor appointments online, even for same-day appointments. … Read More

  • Gigya Raises $11 Million For Two-Pronged Widget Strategy

    Gigya has raised $11 million in a Series C round led by DAG Ventures and joined by all existing investors, including Benchmark Capital, First Round Capital, and Mayfield Fund. The round brings the Israeli startup’s total funding to about $23.5M, an amount raised over the two plus years since its founding in summer 2006. The money will fuel two main widget services: Wildfire, which… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: In the Bunker Edition

    The Life Clock is not an appropriate retirement home timepiece
    Nintendo to reveal new old game: Contra? Kid Icarus? Blaster Master? Please tell me it’s Blaster Master
    SteelSeries reddens its headphone lineup
    10 gadgets to help you survive the coming economic apocalypse
    Penguin Ice mold makes penguins.. out of ice. Read More

  • Special Edition Gears Of War 2 themed Zune on the way [Update]

    You know, the world just can’t get enough dead bodies as shields. Microsoft knows this. To help satiate your dead bodies as shields desires, they’ve taken a bunch of 120 gig Zunes and done’m up with Gears of War 2 styling, not unlike the Halo 3 Zunes of yesteryear. They’ve laser blasted the game’s iconic “Crimson Omen” into the back of each Zune… Read More

  • Two new high quality Duke Nukem Forever screenshots released

    To help celebrate the XBLA release of Duke Nukem 3d and the 257th year of developing Duke Nukem Forever, 3d Realms tucked two hidden screenshots into the XBLA release which would be unlocked when the player fully completed the game. After a bunch of nasty camera-phone-screen-caps of the images made their way out over the weekend, 3d Realms released high quality official version of the… Read More

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