• iPhone Unlocking Totally Legal, We Think

    Would you trust him to unlock your iPhone? Fact: it is legal to unlock your iPhone. Sorta. The AP—you may have heard of it—decided to see just how legal it is for Joe User to unlock his iPhone. As it turns out, so long as you’re unlocking the iPhone and there’s no money involved (unlike other organizations that wanted to charge a fee for the service), it seems… Read More

  • Sony's CONNECT Closing Before Dethroning iTunes

    Good for you, Sony. You get points for finally throwing in the towel on your CONNECT Music Service. Granted you stopped trying to patch it well over a year ago and it never really worked correctly in the first place but kudos to you for shutting it down by March of next year. That oughta give all those people who never used the service a chance to back up all the songs they never purchased. Read More

  • DesignMyRoom – Very Useful Tool For Virtual Interior Design

    DesignMyRoom launched this afternoon – It’s a new product from a company called Swatchbox Technologies that allows people to decorate a real room virtually via a photograph of the room and DesignMyRoom’s library of stuff. Previously the company, which has been around for 11 years, sold 2 million copies of desktop software that has similar functionality as the online tool. If… Read More

  • Pictavision Teleprint Review

    How many pictures are stored in your cell phone? It’s a rhetorical question, but I can speculate that there are a bunch. Camera phones aren’t new, but until recently the picture quality, well for lack of a better description, sucked. Three years ago I took a picture of Bill Cosby and not one single person who I showed it to could tell it was him. Still, I do take pictures with… Read More

  • Image Resizing: Third Party Online Working Demo

    The image carving/resizing video we posted last week has sparked quite a conversation. Most people have been very positive, although there has already been at least one response saying its a bad thing for the web (which seems a little dramatic to me). Patrick Swieskowski emailed us this afternoon to say he’s created an online demo of the idea, based on using the seams of images to make… Read More

  • SocialMedia Opens Self-Serve Facebook Advertising For All

    There are several startups gunning to be the top Facebook ad platform: Lookery, FBExchange, RockYou, and Cubics. SocialMedia also became one of the early players when they launched their Appsaholic advertising network soon after F8. Previously only a select group of developers were able to sell ads through the service. However, they’ve now opened it to everyone through a self-service… Read More

  • LG T54 PMP Looks Nice, But Will We See It Here?

    So this PMP looks kinda neat. It’s from LG and it’s called the T54, not to be confused with the T1000. It’s more or less the same PMP you can find in any Best Buy or yard sale at this point: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities, plays every audio/video format under the sun (save for AAC), built-in FM radio and DMB, etc. One more pic where? Read More

  • Nerds Ruin the Spiritual BioShock Experience, Compare Console/PC/Blah Blah

    I played a bit of Bioshock last weekend and I loved it. It was a great amalgam of Ayn Rand, Half-Life, big monsters, and Hexen-like burninating. Good stuff. Well, the NERDS at bit-tech compared all of the versions, finding that the game plays better on the blah blah blah with X gigaworts of booble flarkles running DX102.32 and Windows Vista Ultimate Bioshock Edition for XBox 360. Booooring! Read More

  • San Fran: Another City-wide Wi-Fi Plan Bites It

    . Poor San Francisco, who expected some tasty wi-fi from Earthlink later this year, is now left to fend for itself. Mayor Newsom says that the plan is still going head with public money and that Earthlink will not spoil the plans to roll out wireless throughout the city. Read More

  • This One's For You, Bro!

    Fairy tales and magic, old man! JJ at Gadgets.BoingBoing.Net.Org has some damn good taste. What do you see here? Drifting. Dinosaurs. Fake beards. Arch-rivals. Dinosaurs. Great for a pre-long-weekend Thursday. Video: In Inassailable Awesomeness of Overdrift [Gadgets.BoingBoing] Read More

  • Why Are Microsoft Execs So Active on Facebook? Plus: Is Bill G. Hot, or Not?

    Microsoft employees and even executives are very active on Facebook – over 13,000 of them have a profile on the service. By comparison, Google has 5,000 employees with profiles, although Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt are noticeably absent (Marissa Mayer does have a profile, however, and actively adds friends). Yahoo has just 3,500 employee profiles, and none of the most… Read More

  • iPod Speaker Goes Retro

    Advanced Sound Devices is putting out one of the most hilarious speakers we’ve ever seen — a vintage-looking miniature wood and plastic jukebox with an iPod dock built-in. (It looks like some sort of freakish shrine to the GodPod/JesusPhone.) The Retro Tune Mini Jukebox can wake you up to music from your iPod or iPhone, CD player, or FM radio, and you can trip out to the… Read More

  • Panasonic Launches Face-Detecting 10-Megapixel Lumix

    The Lumix DMC-L10 looks like it fits solidly in the mid-range DSLR market, a bit above the Rebel. At $1,300, it comes complete with 14-50mm LEICA lens, image stabilzation, and a 2.5-inch live LCD for looking at your friends an neighbors on screen instead of through the range finder. It should be available here in October but for now we can drool over multiple scene modes and face detection. Read More

  • Video: Pacemaker Pocket DJ In Action

    OhMyGod, it is real! Remember that Pacemaker pocket DJ thing that I raved (get it?) about a few months back? For whatever reason, Digital-Lifestyles played with the units for a little bit and have officially made me jealous. Check out the videos and drool with me. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Fall Game Preview

    It is hard to believe that this coming weekend is Labor Day. Next week kids (who aren’t already unlucky enough to be back in school) head back to the classroom. So it is a happy time for parents around the country. For those of us who never really grew up however, the end of summer is a bittersweet time. The days of fun in the sun are winding down, but this just means more time to load… Read More

  • AdMob AdMonitor: Watch Where Mobile Advertising Is Displayed In Real Time

    AdMonitor, a Google Maps mashup from mobile ad serving company AdMob, provides real time data on who is viewing mobile ads worldwide, including the network they are on and the phone they are using. San Mateo based AdMob has seemingly slipped under the radar in terms of attention whilst competitors have been acquired; Third Screen Media was acquired bought by AOL and Screentonic was acquired… Read More

  • Mercedes Owners Get The Hook Up From Google, Yahoo!

    Driving a Mercedes-Benz is a wonderful luxury, but Google and Yahoo! want to make your driving experience even easier. Now when you visit either Google or Yahoo! Maps, you’ll be able to send customized maps or directions to your vehicle by clicking the “Send to Car” option. A godsend for bad drivers? Absolutely. When you get into your SL500 or E320, hit the “I”… Read More

  • Outages GAH!

    I’ve been dealing with some tagging issues this morning – the new version of Ultimate Tag Warrior blew our MySQL server through the back door and out into the yard. I’m using simple-tagging now but if anyone knows of something better, let me know. Read More

  • German Restaurant Boots Waitstaff, Goes Completely Automated

    I hate dealing with waiters and waitresses, what with their stupid stares and demanding of tips. That’s why I’m thrilled to have read about a German restaurant that has replaced its human waitstaff with technology. Yup, no more wannabe actors and actresses, just the cold, unforgiving nature of automatic ordering and table service. The restaurant’s owner says that billions… Read More

  • TellThem: MySpace Kills Another Startup

    MySpace has put the axe to yet another startup. Last night they made a call threatening legal action against freshly launched TellThem.mobi, a service that lets you message all your friends from your mobile phone. TellThem’s site simply reads: “On Wednesday August 29th, 2007, we got a call from MySpace threatning to take legal action if we didn’t take the website down. Read More

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