• CrunchArcade: Last GTA IV trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32309 So here’s the last trailer for Rockstar Game’s GTA IV. Let’s hope they work out all the bugs because they need to get this into production by the 10th to meet the launch date. Read More

  • The Zoho Business Machine Rolls Forward: Invoices Next

    Zoho continues to launch a new product every month or two. Next up is a way for businesses to send electronic invoices. It joins a suite of sixteen other business-focused applications, including a full “Office” suite (online clones for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Most of their applications are free or significantly less expensive than competitors. Other applications include… Read More

  • Vcast TV turns one year old, gets two new channels as a present

    [photopress:vx9400_official.jpg,full,center] Well what have we here? Just moments — literally moments — after posting about AT&T’s new mobile TV solution I get an email from Verizon about enhancements to their mobile TV solution. Verizon is adding new channels to its Vcast mobile entertainment offerings, including a bilingual version of MTV (Hi, J-Lo!) and ESPN… Read More

  • Bug Labs selling out of hardware fast

    [photopress:f.jpeg,full,center] Bug Labs, those guys making the open-source hardware we’ve been talking about, are blowing up. The first batch of “Bug”, the wireless device core to many Bug configurations, is sold out, with new supplies at least two months away. We like the idea behind Bug Labs and the BugBASE. Let’s hope this is a good omen. Read More

  • MediaFLO coming to AT&T in May; Live TV on your phone

    Look out, Asia, we have TV phones now, too! After waiting months for MediaFLO-capable phones, AT&T has taken the lead and today announced it would be launching AT&T Mobile TV in May. At launch, two phones, the LG Vu and Samsung Access will support playback, with more to come later in the year. FOX, CBS, ESPN and many other channels will be available with AT&T sprouting two… Read More

  • Samsung Access for AT&T announced

    Just announced by AT&T is Samsung’s Access, which is the first to support AT&T’s Mobile TV. The 3G candy bar phone features a 2.3-inch widescreen display that’s perfect for viewing media content. A dedicated TV button brings all the action within seconds. The Access also features stereo Bluetooth, microSD slot, external speakers, a 1.3-megapixel camera that also… Read More

  • TechCrunch DeadPooled My Company And All I Got Was This Lousy iPod Shuffle

    Who says nothing good comes from getting deadpooled? Blake Machado was the winner of a YouTube announcement contest we held a couple weeks back. He was the first to guess correctly that YouTube would come out with some new APIs to spread its influence over the web. The prize was an iPod shuffle. Turns out YouTube’s announcement was particularly poignant for Blake given his connection to… Read More

  • Video: Leaked trailer for new X-Files movie is confusing

    Yes, Mulder, I want to believe too. I want to believe this movie is as good as it looks. I’ll be there July 25th. Read More

  • Apple's iFit will PUMP! YOU UP!

    Recent patent filings (in black and white so the OS looks like System 6) show a full-featured program spanning OS X and an iPhone-like device, designed to guide and track you on a fitness regimen, complete with advice, illustrations, rep counts and stuff like that. It looks like there are suggestions of accessories for pedometers, blood pressure monitors, and so on as well. I recently ragged… Read More

  • Pair charged with stealing 332 iPhone from Apple Store

    [photopress:iphoneburglar.jpg,full,left]A pair of fools from Salem, MA, have found themselves in jail after stealing 332 iPhones from the Apple Store they worked for and selling them on the black market. Thinking they’d never get caught, the thieves stole and sold for months before being caught. For those keeping score at home, the grand total of their heists: $132,468. Read More

  • Turn your Mac into a seismograph for science

    [photopress:img413_872.jpg,full,center] Your MacBook or MacBook Pro, with this software, can be a real time seismograph. Living in an earthquake-prone part of the word, I’m going to try it. And guess what it’s called? It’s iSeismograph, duh. The software was produced to work something like the SETI@home project, using the built-in accelerometers in lots of laptops to… Read More

  • Handipoints Thinks a Virtual World Could Make Kids Do Chores in the Real One

    If your kid’s obsessed with Webkinz and Club Penguin but you can’t get them to do their chores, you may want to take a look at a new entrant into the virtual worlds scene called Handipoints. Founder Viva Chu started Handipoints in January 2007 with the notion that chore charts would be both more fun and more effective if they were moved online. So he created a site with two main… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Unreasonable Stance: All About Linux 2008 edition: Linux sucks

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own Devin Coldewey takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. Why are we having a whole week dedicated to this runty OS? You’d think this ridiculous open-source movement… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: An interview with Gerry Carr of Ubuntu

    [photopress:prec_m90ubuntu.jpg,full,center] Today I got to chat with Gerry Carr, a product manager for Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu, the very popular desktop version of Linux. Besides the merits of the Seattle and Portland areas, we talked about Ubuntu’s current status and its future in gaming, portable devices, and even desktop computers. CrunchGear So first off, which version… Read More

  • Stealth Startup Glassdoor.com Takes $3 Million Series B

    Glassdoor.com has taken $3 million Series B in a round led by Benchmark Capital. Not a lot is known about the Sausalito, CA based company. CEO and Founder Robert Hohman was previously the President of Hotwire.com, and the team includes Richard Barton, CEO of Zillow and Tim Besse, previously in senior management at Expedia. PEHub suggests the company is a “social networking company focused… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Penguins fly! An interview with Charles Ogilvie, Virgin America's head of In-Flight Entertainment

    Rather than bore you with a handful of other random gadgets and doodads that run Linux, I’ve decided to focus on one really big thing that’s phenomenal. So I present to you, dear readers, with Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment system, RED. I’ve written about it once or twice before and every flight I take on VA gets better. I’ll be flying to Vegas this… Read More

  • CBS Testing HD Streaming

    CBS released a high definition player today in the labs area of their site, along with a few clips. They are currently streaming (not progressive download) in H.264/AVC format at 480p, with 720p and 1080p coming soon, they say. Hulu and others are also beginning to test high definition streaming. Some shows on Hulu, for example, are optionally available in 480p format. They also have a few… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Linux distros I've loved before

    In honor of Linux week, I’d like to talk about some distros I’ve known and loved. This isn’t an exhaustive list and many aren’t really distros, but it’s more an exercise in nostalgia than anything else. I’ve been loving *NIX since 1993 or so. That’s when I got my first shell account at Ohio State while I was still in high school. I didn’t… Read More

  • MacBook Air cracked in two minutes

    IPhone hacker Charlie Miller compromised a MacBook Air in a mere two minutes at CanSecWest security conference. He won $10,000 in prizes by hacking the Air after the judges visited a web site Miller created for the contest. None of the contestants were able to hack into the MacBook, a Sony VAIO running Linux, or a Fujitsu U810 on the first day because the rules state they could not induce… Read More

  • Here's the first sound ever recorded, circa 1860

    The year was 1860. Abraham Lincoln was taking the political world by storm, South Carolina had decided it needed a break from the rest of the Union, and the first ever audio recording was made in France by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on his latest invention; the phonautograph (left). The device worked by “scratching sound waves onto a sheet of paper blackened by the smoke of an… Read More

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