• Another Apple rumor: Freaky Blu-ray multi-HDD enclosure

    Apple has, I think rightly, stayed mostly out of the Blu-ray/HD DVD fiasco. They have an online distribution system that works, and they don’t think people want to watch hi-def movies on their MacBooks. Fair enough. But what about all those cinematographers and video editing pros who need Blu-ray authoring ability on the Mac Pro they do their Final Cut stuff on? Well, rumor has it there… Read More

  • Nikon updates D3 firmware, 24.4-megapixel D3X revealed?

    Those of you special enough to have a D3 may want to know that Nikon has released firmware version 1.10 for the behemoth of a DSLR. That’s fine and dandy but some chaps over at DPReview did a little digging into the firmware and found some lines of code that have led some to believe that the elusive D3X, a 24.4-megapixel, could be on its way. Keep reading for more details. Read More

  • Grooveshark Launches Web Media Player

    Music sharing and sales startup Grooveshark has launched Grooveshark Lite, a flash app that provides access to all the songs in Grooveshark’s library. For those unfamiliar with the company, Grooveshark allows users to upload and share their music collection with friends, but with a twist: every song uploaded can be purchased DRM-free with the uploader getting a cut of each sale (the… Read More

  • Dopplr adds hotel and travel content

    Dopplr has quietly added content from Mr & Mrs Smith, the boutique and luxury hotel guide, to help users find hotels as they travel. As users create trips on the site they’ll see content from Mr & Mrs Smith’s site on high-quality lodging and “quirky city boutique hotels”. It looks like it’ll be right up the Dopplrati’s street. Here’s the… Read More

  • New iPhones rumors a-swirlin: iPhone shuffle?

    What’s the most ridiculous thing you can imagine? An “iPhone Shuffle” with no video playback? Funny, that’s what I was thinking too! That is why this rumor is, at least partially, completely ridiculous. The thicker, 3G iPhone with a super-battery is much more likely, though it would be the first time Apple made their flagship product bigger. But an iPhone Shuffle, half… Read More

  • Matt Hickey as a Lolcat

    see more crazy cat pics Read More

  • AdRoll Emerges From Private Beta With Co-Op Economics For Blog Advertising

    When it comes to advertising for blogs, there is Federated Media for the biggest ones, and for everyone else there is AdSense (or some other low-paying ad network). Jared Kopf thinks there is room for a better alternative in between the two. His startup, AdRoll, (see our earlier coverage) brings together niche publishers into self-selecting communities that, when rolled up, are big enough… Read More

  • Soul Caliber IV: Yoda, Vader start swingin' in actual gameplay footage

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32811 Thoughts? Read More

  • AT&T begins rolling out Wi-Fi service in San Antonio Starbucks

    We knew AT&T was taking over T-Mobile’s hotspot service across all Starbucks, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I guess it’s spring. The first known Starbucks to give T-Mobile the boot and replace it with AT&T has been spotted in San Antonio, TX. U-verse subscribers have free access so hop on over San Antonio-ites or whatever you call yourselves. I… Read More

  • Who should be the next Web guru of the BBC? Vote now!

    Following the heated debate surrounding my post about how the BBC should now pick a head who can open up the corporation’s massive platform to outside developers and startups, I’ve decided to run a poll listing a very wide field of internal candidates (since we don’t know who will apply from outside as yet). So get voting! Who should be the next director of future media… Read More

  • Six Apart Launches BlogIt Quick Post Application For Facebook

    Blogging startup Six Apart launched BlogIt tonight, a Facebook blogging tool application that lets users quickly post to their blogs and then send notifications of the post to various social networks. Use the tool to write a very basic blog post (no rich text or image uploading available yet), and then publish it to a supported platform – Typepad, LiveJournal, Vox, WordPress… Read More

  • More Money for Collective Intellect to Keep Fingers on Pulse of Internet

    Collective Intellect, a service that can be used to track what people are saying around the net about certain topics, has raised an additional $6.6M in a Series B round led by Grotech Capital Group with participation by Appian Ventures, Croghan Investments, and Crawley Hatfield Capital. The service is most useful for marketers who need to understand how well their brands are being received by… Read More

  • CrunchArcade Preview: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

    I’ve just returned from playing a little bit of Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It was cool, but it’s basically like playing Guitar Hero 3 or so I thought. It’s all in the details that you most likely won’t notice if you’re playing, though. The motion capture for Steven Tyler is pretty cool. Apparently he had to work with a camera man during the mo-cap to ensure his groove… Read More

  • 2,100 People Party In LA With PopSugar And TechCrunch, Raise $13k For OpenId And DataPortability

    The PopSugar/TechCrunch Geek Goes Chic party in Los Angeles is over. The final count – over 1,300 paid attendees plus another 800 on the private guest list. In all, over 2,100 people attended the event last Thursday. It was our largest event to date, twice as large as the thousand-person events we normally have. And based on feedback, it was a lot of fun for everyone. The only problem… Read More

  • That car that Circuit City gutted? They're fixing it, nice!

    I’m the resident customer service curmudgeon around CrunchGear. I’ve worked customer service as both a peon and manager, and I’ve been on the other side, so I know what’s reasonable to expect. As I said a few weeks ago, if Circuit City destroys your car trying to install a stereo, they should fix it completely. Circuit wasn’t doing that, but reports are that… Read More

  • AllYouCanUpload Slips Quietly Into Deadpool

    AllYouCanUpload, the registration-free image hosting site with few restrictions, has quietly been taken down. The site was launched in May 2006 by CNET without much fanfare, but was praised for shedding the bandwidth limits seen on other photo sites like Photobucket and ImageShack. The site was part of the Webshots photo service, which was sold by CNET to American Greetings in October… Read More

  • Googolopoly

    Earlier today I wrote about my eagerness for Google GDrive, a cloud-based file management service that has been rumored for years now. The idea that Google could swoop in and dominate the online storage market certainly doesn’t help the founders of several startups sleep better at night. But they aren’t without their arguments for why a Google solution would be bad for… Read More

  • Brando's latest USB mouse isn't really a mouse but it sure does look like one, by golly!

    This is the Brando USB mouse hub! But it’s not a mouse, not a computer mouse, it’s shaped like a mouse that’s an animal and eats cheese! Each of its disease-infested feet is a USB port making it a 4-port hub, and it’s tail plugs into your computer! If I was a 12-year old girl, this would be the most exciting thing ever! But I’m not! But maybe you are! And if… Read More

  • "Stained," the first award-winning film to be shot in 4K on a Red One camera

    I’ve got a friend working on a few things with his Red One that will probably win a few awards as well (hey man lets hang out btw), but this film, made for a 168-hour film contest, is apparently quite good. It’s about “a merciless society that segregates its undesirables” — in other words, America — and I understand it is very well-done, having won about… Read More

  • Your Chance Of Becoming A Mahalo Millionaire With Mahalo Idol

    Jason Calacanis’ Mahalo has borrowed from the Simon Fuller Idol franchise in its search for the new host for Mahalo Daily by announcing Mahalo Idol. Potential hosts are asked to respond to the above video on YouTube showing their best side, or turn up to a casting call in Los Angeles April 19. Idol style host wannabes will be purged until there are five finalists, who return one week… Read More

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