• Windows Live Installer Thingy Coming This Week

    In June Microsoft said that they would soon be aggregating the Windows Live services into a single downloadable installer to give users an easy way to access the suite of services. Today the New York Times is reporting that Microsoft will release the Windows Live software suite sometime this week. The applications that will be included in the installer include Windows Live Photo Gallery… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: The Sky Is Falling Edition

    Where Did the Zodiac Killer Get His Name?
    Jumbo Remote Control
    How Not to Drive a Forklift
    Sunday Afternoon Timewasters
    Japanese Automatic Beer Pouring Machine: Homer Simpson Would Be Thrilled Read More

  • Powerset Parses Miss South Carolina

    In a less than shining moment, Caitlin Upton, the 18 year old Miss South Carolina Teen, answered a fairly simple pagent question with a nonsensical answer: Q: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Who do you think this is? A: I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our… Read More

  • Pownce Offers New Features, Still No API

    Kevin Rose’s microblogging startup Pownce has announced a number of new user focused features. New features include incoming event notifications, inline video playback, the ability to display social networking links and new preference settings. Notably though, the additional features are focused on those interacting with Pownce via the web, not the Pownce AIR client. Of course it would… Read More

  • Optimus Maximus: Cool Keyboard, Lame Box

    What would you do after spending $1,500 on a keyboard? Well complain about the crappy packaging of course! This guy picked up a shiny new Optimus Maximus keyboard –you know, the one with all those OLED’s– only to have his dreams broken and trampled by an uninteresting cardboard box and Styrofoam packing. Never mind whether the keyboard actually works or looks good, we here at… Read More

  • Google SMS Payment System

    In the past year we’ve been hearing a lot about making payments via cellphone and a recent patent application from Google means it might happen sooner than you think. The patent describes a system in which you can pay simply by texting the sum to a processing server. Making person-to-person transactions should be just as easy as using cash and since the service integrates with Google… Read More

  • Halo 3 Is Almost Here

    I imagine many of you will find yourselves in a similar situation when Halo 3 comes out. I can’t wait. Read More

  • More Sony Rootkit Shenanigans

    This time around Sony decided to compromise your system via the Micro Vault flash drive with fingerprint verification. The rootkit installs itself as a driver in order to hide a directory which stores the fingerprint recognition program. Sounds fine right? Too bad it will hide any directory the software is run from which means that malicious stuff can hide itself in the same place and slip… Read More

  • Another iPod Nano Mock-Up?

    As if there weren’t enough rumors around the interwebz about this already, Gizmodo just got their mitts on a mock-up of the upcoming iPod Nano. This is definitely much better looking than the ones in the spy shots but don’t get your hopes up as Apple’s legal team hasn’t said a word about it, and the source of the image won’t say where he got it from. Maybe this… Read More

  • TouchGraph Shows Connectivity Between Websites

    The TouchGraph Google Browser shows connectivity between websites in a visual fashion. The service pulls in data from Google’s database of related sites, delivering an interactive visual map of interconnected websites or search terms. TouchGraph also offers Amazon and Facebook browsers as well as providing the visualization technology to companies on a per job basis. Whilst its… Read More

  • Feedjit Customized Widget Shows Real Time SiteTraffic

    FEEDJIT Live traffic Map The Feedjit traffic widget launched a month ago and is now claiming some fairly serious viral growth – 3 million impressions per week from the blogs that have added it. When installed on a blog, the widget shows people who enter and leave the site and, and where they are located. Neither the blog publisher nor visitors need to register for the service –… Read More

  • Could GPay Be Google's Killer Phone App?

    An interesting new patent was published August 30 that would suggest that Google is developing a mobile phone payment system. The Text Message Payment patent details a system where by Google offers a mobile focused payments under the title of GPay. Examples of payment scenarios given in the patent include paying for goods from a vending machine, as well as purchasing items directly from… Read More

  • Big Fat Rumor: iTunes Kiosks Hitting Stores

    It could look something like this You should go into the kitchen and grab a huge spoon and that bottle of salt because you’ll need it for this one. According to brownkidd, other than the new iPods we’re sure to see announced on Wednesday are iTunes kiosks. WTF?! The purpoted kiosks will be placed in retail shops nationwide where you’ll be able to dock your iPod and/or iPhone… Read More

  • CNN Confirms iPhone Software Unlock, iPhoneSIMfree Releases FAQ

    Alrighty iPhone fans, the day you’ve been longing for is almost here. CNN has confirmed that iPhoneSIMFree is on the verge of releasing their software hack to unlock the iPhone. Pricing and exact date haven’t been announced, but Brett Shulte, a software consultant not associated with the project, has confirmed that it’s completely software hacked and it only took him about… Read More

  • Sunday Afternoon Timewasters

    Sundays are pretty slow and we are sure that you, our dear readers, are bored as hell. Well here are some ways to kill a few hours before Monday rears its ugly head. Click on to find out how to put your precious time to better use. Read More

  • Don't Try To Unlock Your iPhone

    If you think you’re smarter than the kid from Jersey then by all means try and unlock your iPhone, but I’d suggest against it. Look at what happened to this one. We were so happy, all the software part was done, so we started opening the iphone. The antenna cover was a bit tricky but eventually it came off. Then we started to open the metal cover (after taking out the 3 screws)… Read More

  • Arrested At Circuit City

    We’ve all heard tales of retail douchebaggery but this one takes the cake. Michael Righi was stopped by Circuit City employees on his way out of the store who immediately demanded that he show them his receipt and the contents of his bag. Knowing his rights as a citizen, and not being guilty of anything (or so he says) Michael refused to comply and was physically stopped from leaving… Read More

  • Ironkey: Military Grade Data Security

    If you’re the kind of person who is prone to working with documents which are vital to national security, you might want to check out this cool flash drive. Not only is the metal-encased USB stick built to withstand both hardware and software attacks on its contents, it will also self destruct after 10 incorrect passwords have been used. It starts at $79 for the 1GB model, and goes up… Read More

  • Apple In Cahoots With Car Makers

    Recent rumors of Apple joining forces with major car manufacturers such as Mercedese and Volkswagen are beginning to show some substance in the shape of the upcoming Jaguar XF. Ian Callum, Jaguars head design honcho, confirmed Apples work on the project but only mentioned a few glowy lights and some pop up air vents as the fruit of their efforts. No one knows exactly where this is going, but as… Read More

  • Jumbo Remote Control

    Umm…yeah. Have you seen a remote this big? The Jumbo Remote Control can be yours for about $10 at your local Walgreens. In case you can’t find one then I’ll gladly take your order now. :) Read More

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