• Lights, Camera, ActionCam!

    Lights, Camera, ActionCam!

    Oregon Scientific’s All Terrain Camera is a wireless, weatherproof camera that can record your crazy skydiving or NASCAR exploits. The camera records video and sound to AVI and features PAL out, USB and a 640×480 VGA CMOS sensor. It also is mountable to many helmets. At $315, the camera includes 32MB of internal memory — expandable to 2GB—and is water resistant up to 10… Read More

  • Quench Your iPod Thirst

    Quench Your iPod Thirst

    The Camelbak Hydration Pack is perfect for the tech enthusiast who plans to search for national treasure or the Holy Grail. The survival pack features a 100-ounce water storage unit and space for a shovel. Upgraded for 21st century archaeologists, the camel back also has two 60mm waterproof speakers in the upper straps. The speakers are compatible with any audio device that has a 3.5mm jack, such… Read More

  • Tuesdays With Ifrogz

    Tuesdays With Ifrogz

    Ifrogz, which makes custom silicon iPod cases, will have a unique give-away every Tuesday. Visitors to the site sometime between 2 and 4 p.m. MST (that’s right, the company is based in Utah) will notice a flashing green light bulb and “Snatch It!” tab in the upper-middle section of every page on the site. Customers will be able to add a featured product to their cart for free. Read More

  • Lensbabies New Aperture Kit

    Lensbabies New Aperture Kit

    Lensbaby announced today the availability of a creative aperture for budding photographers who feel the need to shoot pictures through various outlines. The kit includes a heart and star aperture and five blank apertures to punch out in any pattern you wish. I like Lensbaby, but I’m not sure about this one. Maybe it could be useful for wedding photogs or something, but I don’t see any… Read More

  • Sell An M-Rated Game To A Minor, Get Fired

    Sell An M-Rated Game To A Minor, Get Fired

    Back in the day when I was but a wee teenager, I was always the 15-year old with the beard who bought everyone tickets to R-rated movies. I never really had much of a problem buying M-rated video games. Looks like the times have changed though, as retailers are starting to take ratings seriously and are cracking down on those under 17. Read More

  • Guitar Hero Coming To Wii

    Guitar Hero Coming To Wii

    Those of you who enjoy feigning a seizure and playing faux guitar should be excited to know that your most favoritest game EVER, Activision’s Guitar Hero, is coming to the Nintendo Wii. The dudes over at The Tanooki confirmed with Activision CEO Mike Griffith that Guitar Hero would be making its way to Nintendo’s gimmicky console. Said the man himself: The key difference in our… Read More

  • Apiotek USB SkyPhone Only 7.5mm Thin

    Apiotek USB SkyPhone Only 7.5mm Thin

    Making stylish, corded Skype phones seems to be the rage nowadays. It looks more like a remote control or third-party Wiimote, but the SkyPhone packs some impressive features. The device itself is only 7.5mm thick, weighs 69g, and has a dramatic metal backing like the iPod. It also is compatible with Skype, MSN, and Yahoo!, has USB 2.0, has recording capabilities, and is Mac/PC compatible. You can… Read More

  • Formatpixel Makes Sexy Presentations

    Formatpixel Makes Sexy Presentations

    We’ve talked about a lot of online presentation applications, both formal (Zoho, Google, Empressr, Thumbstacks, Preezo, Slideshare) and informal (RockYou, Filmloop, Scrapblog, Bubbleshare). Formatpixel is a flash-based crossover between the two, meant to design portfolio or brochure presentations that look more like fashion magazines than PowerPoint presentations. You can see an example I… Read More

  • Blu-Ray Shafts Us? One Man's Conspiracy Theory

    Blu-Ray Shafts Us? One Man's Conspiracy Theory

    Wayde Robson does these Ze Frank-esque videos on tech topics and this one is a doozy. It’s a wind-eyed rant against Blu-Ray involving beer, pee, and the idea the HD-DVD is a better format. He definitely has some good points — Sony made the format to support studios, not consumers — but you can say that about anything throughout history including the gramophone, the Super 8… Read More

  • Parrot Busts Out The Bluetooth Boombox

    Parrot Busts Out The Bluetooth Boombox

    Yo listen up, this is what I’m sayin’ Parrot’s got a boombox for which you’ll be payin’ Bluetooth-equipped like it ain’t no thang It’ll cost you $300 and some change Read More

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  • The Futurist: From Lucky-Goldstar to LG, or… Brands That Change With The Times

    The Futurist: From Lucky-Goldstar to LG, or… Brands That Change With The Times

    Biggs and I were talking shop awhile back and I mentioned that it was as if, sometime in the past decade, LG and RCA had a Freaky Friday-like switcheroo. As anybody over the age of 10 likely recalls, RCA used to be an omnipresent CE brand—especially in TVs. And LG? Let’s just say those letters didn’t always stand for “Life’s Good.” Rather, the… Read More

  • Apple vs. The World: PatentMonkey IP-Review

    Apple vs. The World: PatentMonkey IP-Review

    Apple is greater than the sum of its parts. IP is important for any company today and Apple’s whopping $74 Billion market valuation shows that investors love Apple’s IP. Apple’s intangibles boil down to several primary focus areas: its OS, iPod and iPhone patents and applications; the letter “i” (and other Trademarks); and know how in delivering digital media on its… Read More

  • Sony HBH-PV710 Out Of The Wild

    Sony HBH-PV710 Out Of The Wild

    Getting excited over yet another Bluetooth headset is like trying to say the Irish don’t enjoy getting drunk. Cute jokes aside, this Sony-Ericsson HBH-PV710 isn’t looking too shabby for a headset. A bit 1983, it comes with some swiveling ear hook, red and brown covers (is that dookie on your ear?), and 12-hours of talk-time. It even has a super lame neck strap for when you’re… Read More

  • Black Xbox 360 With 120GB Drive And HDMI On Its Way?

    Black Xbox 360 With 120GB Drive And HDMI On Its Way?

    Quite the rumor to wakeup to, I’m not sure if I believe this or not. Microsoft Australia of all companies has tipped off a retailer (Myer) that a new version of the Xbox 360 will soon be coming to stores and to prepare for it. The new 360 will feature HDMI out and an included 120GB hard drive, as well as a dark black paint job—Xbox 360 2.0 if you will. This rumor even comes with a… Read More

  • Windows Mobile Crossbow: Look Who's All Grown Up!

    Windows Mobile Crossbow: Look Who's All Grown Up!

    Geek.com has an incredibly detailed examination of Windows Mobile Crossbow along with enough screenshots to choke a monkey. Does it look better than WinMo 5? Absolutely. Does the rancid taste of WinMo 5 in the back of my mouth make me wary that this is much of an improvement? Yep. That said, go ahead and take a gander. First Impressions: Windows Mobile 6 [Geek.com] Read More

  • Windows 386: Dum Da DA DUM!

    Holy crap, this is bad. “I’m using Windows Windows Windows 386…” GAHAHHSHASHHF! The Most Ridiculous Windows Video Ever [Gizmodo] Read More

  • Samsung's Ultra Slim F700 Says iPhone Who?

    I will admit that I’m over the iPhone and all the clones that it’s unleashed upon the world. But Samsung has pulled me back in with the Ultra Slim F700. It may not be the skinniest sister in the bunch but it sure does pack a whole lot more than the rest of the family. This is truly a revolutionary mobile phone and I’d give my arm to see it at 3GSM next week. Read More

  • Xbox 360 And Airport Extreme 802.11n Don't Get Along

    How childish can Microsoft and Apple get? Pretty darn childish since they just don’t want to play nice with each other at all. Apple’s iTunes didn’t like Vista and now Xbox 360s don’t like Apple’s Airport Extreme 802.11n. Maybe it’s just a coincidence except it’s not; Wii and PS3 owners have not reported any problems. Any network run on the Airport Extreme… Read More

  • NBC Piles On Google – YouTube Strategy in Question

    NBC Piles On Google – YouTube Strategy in Question

    NBC’s new CEO Jeff Zucker didn’t waste any time before stirring things up a little. The Financial Times is reporting that he trashed YouTube, using words very similar to those chosen by Viacom a week ago when they demanded YouTube remove over 100,000 video clips. The words, in fact, are so close that the two events almost seen orchestrated: “YouTube needs to prove that it will… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fishscale Edition

    Daily Crunch: Fishscale Edition

    Wowee Dragonfly Hands-On. Verdict: Awesome! Fishy Power FishCam Finds Nemo Mario Theme On Exotic Instruments Bluetooth Heaven: Aliph Jawbone Read More