• Minti: Parenting Advice For The UGC Generation

    Minti offers a collaborative parenting advice service that ignores the one-to-many we know best style service that is the norm in this space, and instead empowers individuals to share their stories and experience. As Michael Arrington wrote his initial review of the site in March 2006, the overall concept of Minti isn’t entirely new. As a service it sits somewhere between an advice site… Read More

  • Hands-On With Latest Smart Phone Offerings

    Left to right: AT&T 8925, Verizon XV6800, Verizon i760 Check out these shots of the hottest new smart phones for Verizon and AT&T by way of Mobility Today. The phones are really nice looking and all sport WinMo6, slide out QWERTY keyboards, and beautiful screens. The release details on these bad boys aren’t set in stone as of yet but we’ll keep you posted. In the mean time… Read More

  • T-Mobile Kiosk: We Unlock iPhones!

    We can only imagine the stifled giggles brought on by this pic taken at an authorized T-Mobile reseller in Newport Beach, CA. This isn’t nearly as funny though considering it isn’t at an actual T-Mobile store but if this isn’t a kick in the nuts I don’t know what is. Apple and AT&T won’t be very happy. Are they ever? Oh Look, T-Mobile Unlocking iPhones! Read More

  • $100 Laptop, Only $400

    Everybody’s been talking about the so called $100 for about two years now and finally you can get your hands on one. Just as long as you send one to a no good kid as well. Besides the fact that you can get a fairly decent Compaq for about the same price, this is a great idea. It’s a good way for OLPC to get their little green notebook into the hands of technologically deprived kids… Read More

  • Super Mario Mushrooms Contain Candy, Not Roids

    Ever feel the need for a power-up after a long days work? Fighting ghosts, collecting coins, and going down pipes sure takes a hell of a lot out of you. Whether you’re in need of a boost or a 1UP, these three dollar ‘shroomz will take care of it. Alright so it’s actually just candy in a really cool plastic container with flavors corresponding to the color of the mushroom… Read More

  • AOL Quietly Cans Weblogs Inc Life Sciences Blogs

    AOL quietly canceled the Life Sciences blogs of Weblogs Inc last week, bringing the total number of blogs canceled to 60% higher than the number of blogs still operating. Blogs canceled included the Weblogs Inc titles The Cancer Blog, The Diabetes Blog and The Cardio Blog. No official statement was made by AOL/ Weblogs Inc regarding the decision, and unlike previous cancellations the blogs… Read More

  • New Gmail User Interface And Features In The Works?

    Via a small slip-up in information security Google has clued everyone in on some new features which are being developed for the popular Gmail service. Google had a good idea what with letting normal users translate bits of text in order to save themselves the time, money, and effort, however they should probably stick to translating company information by themselves. Lest phrases such as… Read More

  • Asus EeePC: Dissected, Reviewed In Russian

    By now you’ve probably heard all about the Asus EeePC, an awesome $250 UMPC/laptop which is set to take the mobile computing market by storm sometime this year. Well some Russian folk got their hands on a review unit and shortly after snapping a few pics of the exterior tore into the bad boy to have a closer look. The Eee sports a 900mhz Celeron and a generous 512MB of RAM along with a… Read More

  • Breaking: Online Backup Startup Mozy Acquired By EMC For $76 million

    Online storage startup Mozy, headquartered in Utah, has been acquired by EMC Corporation, a public storage company with a nearly $40 billion market cap. EMC paid $76 million for the company, according to two sources close to the deal. We first covered Mozy in January 2006 as part of an overview of the current generation of online storage solutions. The company has a dead simple way for users… Read More

  • Acebucks Gets $1.5 Million For Virtual Facebook Currency

    Acebucks, the maker of a virtual currency for Facebook has raised a $1.5 million round of investment. AceBucks was originally purchased by Michael Lazerow to form Buddy Media, whose investors include Howard Lindzon, Peter Thiel, Mark Pincus and James Altucher. Acebucks is a virtual economy that pays users Acebucks for installing applications and referring their friends (kind of like a… Read More

  • Visible Technologies Takes A $12 Million Series B

    “Social Media”, the name given to all the thoughts and media the public exchanges online, has boomed over the past couple of years, largely unbeknownst to corporations these conversations sometimes concern. Case in point was media pundit and blogger Jeff Jarvis’ lengthy ordeal with Dell’s customer service, to the detriment of Dell’s reputation. Many more lesser… Read More

  • Ning Milestone: 100k Social Networks

    Ning will cross a sizeable milestone this weekend: 100,000 user created social networks on the platform (including this one). That’s up from just 30,000 in February when they launched a new version of the service. The company is also saying that page views have been growing 40% month over month over the summer. Ning recently raised a $44 million round of financing after two… Read More

  • New MacBook, Less DVD Drive?

    After considering the ultra-thin form factor of the new MacBook, the guys over at 9to5mac have concluded that the new model might be shipping without the famous slot loading disc drive. This isn’t supported by any evidence as of yet but there’s been speculation for a while that such a model might be in the works. All this crazy talk is based on the fact that backup systems… Read More

  • Wirenode: Easy Mobile Websites

    From MobileCrunch – Anyone who says that the mobile Web is following the same path as the World Wide Web clearly doesn’t remember the mid-1990s. The Web didn’t launch with massive retailers, interactive forums and powerful search engines. The whole reason for the new vernacular of terms such as “surfing,” was because this was generally uncharted territory filled… Read More

  • XP is Really an Upgrade Path for Vista

    Well here’s an example of satire brushing quite close to reality. Some OEM who order PCs with Vista Business or Ultimate installed can now request XP and have even gone as far as to offer it on disk in each laptop box. Fujitsu and others are offering XP downgrades to customers who request them. Considering most IT shops wouldn’t dream of dropping Vista onto their machines this… Read More

  • Leopard Screenshots and Video Leaked

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Macgeeks have just reported that there are minor UI improvements in the current developer Leopard build including new icons and iCal now reflects the current date in the icon even when not running — finally. This news isn’t enough to wake your mom up for or anything, but it’s still fairly cool. Read More

  • PayPerPost Abuses Declining Job Candidate

    Controversial startup PayPerPost makes another misstep this weekend – they became verbally abusive with an employee candidate who turned them down. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how CEO Ted Murphy took all employees on an all-expenses-paid offside to Club Med, where they got drunk, inexplicably dressed up as Native Americans (complete with red face paint) and then posted video of… Read More

  • Sound Burger: Portable Record Player

    Check out this bit of vintage portable audio, yeah CG is all about tech news but this is too cool. The Audio Technica AT-727 Sound Burger is a clamp-like 8″ record player which was apparently developed in response to Sony’s popular Walkman cassette player. The design is pretty neat as the majority of the record is free spinning outside of the player, but don’t expect this… Read More

  • IBM Makes Virtual Worlds Available To The Blind

    IBM is at work developing a type of audible system which will integrate with virtual worlds like Second Life to give descriptions of surroundings and items to the visually impaired. The technology will provide ambient sound such as leaves rustling to indicate the presence of a tree, and with integrated text-to-speech software users can hear the in-game chats. This is cool and all but we… Read More

  • Photocopier Translates Documents With Help From Offsite Server

    How cool is this, an ordinary looking photocopier can scan material with Japanese text and spit out translations in English or Korean in the same layout. The copier works by being connected to a dedicated translation server online, so it doesn’t do the work by itself. It does however, feature algorithms which can distinguish between drawings or images and text. That algorithm must be… Read More

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