• Digpicz: The Unofficial Digg Picture Browser

    Digpicz delivers a much asked for, and yet to be delivered feature of Digg: picture browsing. Digpicz comes from Peteris Krumins, the same guy behind the unofficial multimedia-only version of Reddit, RedditMedia. Details of how the site was made can be found here. Digpicz pulls its data from the Digg API so it should be fairly accurate and thorough, although as an unofficial site with a logo… Read More

  • MVE Gives Up the Top-Secrets

    So, let me get this right: I can fire up my Microsoft Virtual Earth and navigate my way to see classified military secrets? I guess so, as Ogle Earth shows us. A Nautical fan named Dan did just that, finding a satellite image of an Ohio-class US sumbarine with a new, secret propeller design. When the submarines are out of the water, the props are supposed to be covered up. Oops. So far the… Read More

  • Fake Steve Jobs Was A Blog Hater

    I was researching something unrelated yesterday when I stumbled upon a gem from the past of Daniel Lyons, a.k.a. Fake Steve Jobs. It was November 2005, TechCrunch was 5 months old and had yet to break into the Alexa top 10,000, and Lyons was then, as he still is now, writing for Forbes. Despite the growing tide of positive publicity surrounding blogging following the 2004 Presidential… Read More

  • Maximo iM-390 iMetal Isolation Earphones Review

    Who likes to rock the party? We like to rock the party! I love music and chances are, you do as well. I’ve used a lot of different headphones over the years and have started to get quite picky about which headphones are resting on my ears. Maximo recently sent me a pair of the iM-390 iMetal Isolation Headphones to review. I was skeptical of these headphones at first, mostly because… Read More

  • Sidekick LX aka Shuriken Pictures

    Here it is, the first shots of the LX, obviously taken with a shitty Sidekick camera. Will it suck as much as the last three Sidekicks released? Probably. Updated with high-res pics Read More

  • Tilt Hitting September 25th?

    Looks like we were lead astray by our AT&T mole. An alert reader dropped into the AT&T store and asked after the Tilt, which should have dropped today. Here’s what he found out: Read More

  • iPhoneSimFree Reveals Pricing, Causes Blue Balls

    So some pretty big news is coming out of the iPhoneSimFree camp, but it’s probably not going to make any of you very happy. The boys at ISF won’t be selling to end users, rather, they’ll be selling to resellers who will in turn sell to you. I guess that isn’t that big a deal, but chances are you’ll have to purchase your iPhone from them and I don’t imagine… Read More

  • Small Case Manufacturer Confirms New iPod?

    Uniea, some case manufacturer that no one has ever heard of, has recently unveiled the U-Suit, a new iPod case that’s suitable for use with “new iPod”. The case looks different than your standard 5G iPod, giving clues as to how a new iPod might look. iLounge says that the case “features a soft leather exterior, hard plastic interior with scratch-resistant inner lining… Read More

  • September 5th Apple Event Details Surface

    Here comes another hot new rumor for Wednesday’s upcoming event. This time around the Digi Times claims to have it from insiders in Taiwan that the new iPod video line will be widescreen and include Wi-Fi, touch screen UI ala iPhone and will be significantly slimmer thanks to its flash-based memory. Shipments are expected to go out at the end of this month or early October. The iPod Nano… Read More

  • Return Of The Schwag

    The true hard core geek/fanboy crowd loved ValleySchwag when it launched in the Spring of 2006. For $15 per month you would receive a package containing tshirts, stickers, pens and other junk that new startups pay a fortune to have created with their logo printed on it. Usually this stuff is handed out at parties and conferences, but ValleySchwag created a way for people to get it even if… Read More

  • Google Wiki Prepares To Launch

    Google may finally be preparing to re-launch wiki service Jotspot, nearly a year after it acquired the company. Jotspot has not allowed new customer registrations since the acquisition was announced, although existing customers retained access to their accounts. Google Operating System noted that the Jotspot discussion board and help desk have moved over to Google. More telling, Google… Read More

  • Rick Rubin, Columbia Music Exec, Says iTunes Doomed: Future Is Subscription Model

    Would you trust this man with your iTunes? I know you have nothing better to do on your Labor Day than to read a 10-page New York Times magazine article about some music executive with a beard’s (because he refuses to sell out to the man…) opinion on the music industry, and, what matters to us, iTunes and the iPod. It’s the kind of elitist article that Hannity would make fun of. Read More

  • Other World Computing's NASPerform Network Attached Storage Review

    Like I said, the only thing my cozy little setup lacked was a network attached storage—a high-capacity hard drive accessible to any computer on the same LAN. Other World Computing’s NASPerform is one such a device, and one that, in my brief time with it, performed as I’d always hoped my very first NAS would—without much of a hassle. (Not to say that I’m easily… Read More

  • Windows Live Installer Thingy Coming This Week

    In June Microsoft said that they would soon be aggregating the Windows Live services into a single downloadable installer to give users an easy way to access the suite of services. Today the New York Times is reporting that Microsoft will release the Windows Live software suite sometime this week. The applications that will be included in the installer include Windows Live Photo Gallery… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: The Sky Is Falling Edition

    Where Did the Zodiac Killer Get His Name?
    Jumbo Remote Control
    How Not to Drive a Forklift
    Sunday Afternoon Timewasters
    Japanese Automatic Beer Pouring Machine: Homer Simpson Would Be Thrilled Read More

  • Powerset Parses Miss South Carolina

    In a less than shining moment, Caitlin Upton, the 18 year old Miss South Carolina Teen, answered a fairly simple pagent question with a nonsensical answer: Q: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Who do you think this is? A: I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our… Read More

  • Pownce Offers New Features, Still No API

    Kevin Rose’s microblogging startup Pownce has announced a number of new user focused features. New features include incoming event notifications, inline video playback, the ability to display social networking links and new preference settings. Notably though, the additional features are focused on those interacting with Pownce via the web, not the Pownce AIR client. Of course it would… Read More

  • Optimus Maximus: Cool Keyboard, Lame Box

    What would you do after spending $1,500 on a keyboard? Well complain about the crappy packaging of course! This guy picked up a shiny new Optimus Maximus keyboard –you know, the one with all those OLED’s– only to have his dreams broken and trampled by an uninteresting cardboard box and Styrofoam packing. Never mind whether the keyboard actually works or looks good, we here at… Read More

  • Google SMS Payment System

    In the past year we’ve been hearing a lot about making payments via cellphone and a recent patent application from Google means it might happen sooner than you think. The patent describes a system in which you can pay simply by texting the sum to a processing server. Making person-to-person transactions should be just as easy as using cash and since the service integrates with Google… Read More

  • Halo 3 Is Almost Here

    I imagine many of you will find yourselves in a similar situation when Halo 3 comes out. I can’t wait. Read More

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