• PS3 technical issues the source of GTA IV delay?

    MTV has an interview with developer Jeronimo Barrera in which the GTA IV delay is cited as a good thing (why not squash bugs and polish for a couple more months) and also as being caused by the PS3 version. They’re “identical” now (except the 360 version doesn’t need a hard drive) but that the PS3 development contributed significantly to the delay is “really… Read More

  • Do Not Want: Pay-Per-Play Media Audio Ads

    Pay-Per-Play Media is offering a new style of advertising that most people won’t like: audio (only) ads that play immediately when you visit a site. Publishers insert the code on the website they want the audio ad to play on, and every time someone visits the page a 5 second audio ad is played, seemingly without any ability to turn the ad off. Pay-Per-Play claims that the ads are… Read More

  • SpiralFrog Exceeding Our Lack Of Expectations

    SpiralFrog has just announced the site is up to over 1 million uniques each month and expected to end this month with over 1.2 million uniques. SpiralFrog, for those of you who don’t remember, is the free (as in ad supported, not P2P) legal music service that unlocks over 1 million songs to their users as long as they log back in to their site at least once every month (an easy task if… Read More

  • Xing Acquires Turkish Networking Site Cember.net

    Xing has acquired leading Turkish business networking site Cember.net. Cember.net is said to be the biggest business networking site in Turkey with over 280,000 members. The site is ranked at 117 in Turkey according to Alexa. Xing said it would use the acquisition to strength its penetration into Turkey, “one of Europe’s fastest growing economies.” Çağlar Erol and Nihan… Read More

  • I accuse Fujitsu! In the FCC with the full-featured ultraportable

    If the MacBook Air is the bouncy, anorexic cheerleader of the ultraportable world (though 13.3″ is pushing the “ultraportable” label; I guess that would make her awkwardly tall in this metaphor), then this Lifebook P8010 is the greasy, frizzy (bad picture before) slick, capable know-it-all. Yet somehow lighter. This Fujitsu wonder has three USB ports, Wi-Fi, ethernet and… Read More

  • YouTube's mobile site goes live, content available for most phones, free

    [photopress:youtube.jpg,full,right]One of the key features of the iPhone that Apple has pushed has always been the integrated YouTube application. Helio’s line up of phones include a YouTube client as well, but for the rest of you there wasn’t much to play with. Today you can go to m.youtube.com on pretty much any modern phone and view YouTube content, free of charge. You’ll… Read More

  • Jailbreak software for 1.1.3 iPod Touches, iPhones released

    [photopress:jail.jpg,full,center]Just a quick note: those of us waiting for an easy way to Jailbreak our 1.1.3-firmware-toting iPhones or iPod Touches have to wait no longer, as the Dev Team has released new Jailbreaking software. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I’m planning on giving it a try later today. Currently, you can only Jailbreak your iPhone or Touch with… Read More

  • Grouply Brings A Bit Of Facebook To Yahoo/Google Groups

    Grouply is a startup trying to improve the online “groups” systems (Yahoo/Google Groups) currently used by over 100 million registered users. Their first goal was to create a simple management tool for easily tracking updates across your groups on the two networks. You give Grouply your account credentials and they organize your accounts in a more convenient manner (see our… Read More

  • Mochi Media Gaia Contest, And A Quick Q&A

    San Francisco based Mochi Media is a company we first wrote about in November 2006 and more recently in October as they release their 2.0 platform. The company offers flash based embedded advertising for some of the biggest games in the fast growing Flash online casual gaming segment, such as for Kongregate. I caught up with the company yesterday for a chat, and to learn more about what… Read More

  • Claim: Nvidia working on GPGPU for Apple

    [photopress:nvidiateslac870.png,full,center] News from the rumor mill (read that again… yes, it’s contradictory) is that Nvidia is developing a GPGPU for Apple. GPGPU stands for general-purpose computing on graphics processing units and, in English, is a GPU that’s able to carry out CPU instructions. A GPU that can crunch non-graphics numbers, in other words. Or you can read… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson drops a pair of basic handsets for everywhere but America

    [photopress:t280i.jpg,full,left]Sony-Ericsson makes good, solid phones, and today they’ve launched a new pair for emerging markets, the T270 and the T280. The phones are essentially the same, with the T270 lacking a camera and aimed at business users. We probably won’t see them stateside as a subsidized handset, but their inexpensive enough to be considered by those who are… Read More

  • Fuji's newest flagship

    Coming out strong for Fuji in the prosumer tier is the FinePix S100FS. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds, in terms of point-and-shoot and DSLR hybrids go. I’m personally not a big fan of these hybrid types, but this one certainly has me interested. It packs an 11-megapixel CCD sensor with 14.3x manual zoom, RP III processor, 2.5-inch tiltable LCD and does some funky… Read More

  • LinkedIn opens European office

    LinkedIn has opened its first European office in London, clearly reflecting the growth of the professional social network in the UK and Europe. Kevin Eyres, formerly MD of travel site SideStep Europe and GM of AltaVista, has been hired as its European MD and is building a sales and marketing team. LinkedIn worked with UK Trade & Investment and its regional partner, Think London, in setting… Read More

  • I'm a Rocket Man! Burning out his jetpack up here alone

    Yes, please! The Swiss have all the cool stuff. Probably because their entire country is banks and their streets are paved with Suisse Francs. I bet every Swiss citizen is given one of these rocket wing packs at birth. DO WANT: Personal Jet Wing [OhGizmo!] Read More

  • Palm's Treo 800w starting to come together

    [photopress:treo800wleak.jpg,full,left]Way back two weeks ago, during the Bill Gates keynote at CES, we noted a mysterious Treo-like device was in part of his presentation. There was no attention called to the device, it was just there, and most people in the audience didn’t really notice it. But we did, we’re bloggers, it’s what we do. I couldn’t get anyone from MS… Read More

  • IFPI tries to get ISPs to cooperate on its war on piracy

    [photopress:ispsnext.jpg,full,center] It’s been how many years since the RIAA started suing individuals for illegally downloading music? Given that that particular tactic hasn’t convinced people to stop downloading, the industry is turning its attention to ISPs. The IFPI released its 2008 Digital Music report today and in it blamed ISPs for being complacent in their role in piracy. Read More

  • Samsung's GX-20 announced today as flagship DSLR

    [photopress:GX20__4__3_.jpg,full,center]At CES, I was very impressed by Samsung’s GX-10 DSLR. Samsung has partnered with Pentax for the first line of DSLRs, basically re-branding the Pentaxes with a little cosmetic differences. The GX-20, announced today, is a basically a rebranding of the Pentax K20D, a good camera in its own right. At 14-plus-Megapixels, the camera is Samsung’s… Read More

  • ATI's HD 3400: DirectX 10.1 and hardware HD playback for $50

    Just don’t try to play any games with it. I thought this was worth mentioning since people have complained of the cost of DX10 cards. Well, now you can get one for 50 clams. Of course, for that amount of cash you’re probably getting 64 megs of RAM (they don’t specify), which is almost enough to run Daikatana. But if you’ve got it set up right, you’ll be… Read More

  • Another stint on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show

    There are a couple of wacky, wacky guys out in Atlanta who put on a health and fitness show. I got to say a few words on fitness gadgets for an upcoming marathon. Take a listen. Podcast Read More

  • YouTube goes mobile, now available on most 3G cellphones

    [photopress:myoutube.jpg,full,right] Point your cellphone’s Web browser to m.youtube.com and prepare yourself for the best that YouTube has to offer. The company launched a mobile version of its productivity-destroying Web site today. It’s supposed to work best on 3G cellphones, so if you’re not up to speed don’t even bother. (I tried a T-Mo BlackBerry and ran into an… Read More

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