• Correction: Firefox vulnerability update

    Just a quick update on something we posted yesterday concerning a security vulnerability found in Mozilla’s Firefox web browser (see the original post here). First, this incident was NOT a zero day attack, as was originally reported. The exploit was discovered by a group called “The Zero Day Initiative” but was not actually a zero day exploit. According to the Mozilla… Read More

  • Review: SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard

    High-end keyboard week continues! You may not have heard too much from SteelSeries yet, but they’re big in Europe and they’re starting to make their mark here. One of their flagship products is the keyboard I’m typing on right now: The 7G. It’s aimed at gamers, but more in that it’s extremely durable and reliable as opposed to being covered in buttons. Read on… Read More

  • Mario and Princess Peach tie the knot, here’s the cake

    Yum. Look at this deliciously entertaining wedding cake, will you? It’s like Mario Kart meets Super Mario Galaxy meets whichever game features the Princess’ palace. Smart of them to move into her place, too, since Mario lives in a garden level apartment in Brooklyn (as you’ll remember from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show). Peach’s place is probably a lot nicer… Read More

  • Amazon Said To Be Preparing a PayPal Killer. Wait, It Already Tried That.

    Barrons is all breathless about Amazon getting ready to step up its game in the payments arena. Eric Savits writes: Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Derek Brown asserts in a research note this afternoon that Amazon “may soon launch a PayPal-esque Payments service for use by consumers and merchants across the Web, potentially siphoning growth and/or profit from eBay’s crown… Read More

  • 10 reasons why Japan will hate the iPhone (or maybe not)

    Japan’s most renowned business newspaper Nikkei recently released the result of a survey among Japanese consumers according to which 91% don’t want to buy an iPhone. Tokyo-based web research company iShare [JP] conducted the survey on June 5th and 6th. The findings are not representative for a number of reasons. There were only 402 respondents, but Japan has a population of 128… Read More

  • TI's 3D projector "press photo" is pretty damn crazy

    BBG’s John Brownlee says it better than I ever could: You can’t farm out Photoshop work to chlorine huffers, TI. I’ve had theophylline fever dreams with more cogent Newtonian physics than this. Really, what else can you say? Read More

  • Flower Rock 2.0: The singing and dancing flowers from Japan are back

    A lot of us waited for it (or maybe not), but now the singing and dancing flower toys from Takara Tomy are giving a comeback [JP], at least in Japan. The company yesterday announced the updated version, dubbed Flower Rock 2.0, will be sold only in this country beginning October 30th and for $57. The new models are upgraded with a glow function. The petals and leaves will flash in up to 50… Read More

  • ZP reviews Haze

    http://static.escapistmagazine.com/media/global/movies/player/FlowPlayerDark.swf Not one of his best, but he is pretty mean to this game that looks like a cross between Halo and Turok and little else. Read More

  • Mydeo extends into enterprise video hosting

    UK video hosting startup Mydeo, has launched an enterprise version of its service under the name m3 (Mydeo Media Manager). The idea is to aim the service at the SME business market, providing simple, turnkey uploading and reporting interface for companies wanting to deliver high quality video on their sites and run rich campaigns. M3 supports all the major video formats including Flash… Read More

  • Space camera to monitor deforestation in Congo Basin

    The UK and Norwegian governments are getting set to launch a $215 million project designed to “curb climate change by preventing deforestation” in the Congo Basin, according to BBC News. Part of the project involves a satellite-mounted high definition camera capable of capturing a 55 mile-wide area of the forest in one fell swoop. A single pixel can capture about ten square… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK on Sky News – The Associated Press debacle

    Last night Sky News asked me to comment on the Associated Press move to stop sites quoting AP articles (BTW TechCrunch has now banned linking to AP stories. Payback sucks): More from Mike A. on this. Read More

  • Smarkets raises £100k seed round for 'simple' gambling startup

    Smarkets, a London-based pre-launch betting exchange focusing on making betting simpler, has raised $200k with a convertible note from five private investors. This will be used for product development, buying a gambling license from Malta (but of course) and conducting a private beta launch for summer of 2008 and a public launch Autumn of 2008. There’s an interesting twist – they… Read More

  • Dell to begin charging some customers for Windows XP downgrade

    Dell, in its infinite wisdom, will charge customers $20 to $50 to downgrade from Vista to XP. Only buyers of low-end Vostro PCs have to worry, though. This is all because of Microsoft’s self-imposed June 30 end-of-life for Windows XP. Says the shrill ComputerWorld: Adding Vista Business to a Vostro 1000 notebook, for example, costs an additional $99 above the price with the default… Read More

  • Texas Instruments intros lamp-free projectors

    Your next projector (or first projector?) may very well not have a lamp in it. Texas Instruments recently showed off some prototype devices using what it’s calling “PhlatLight” LED lighting. Cool, it’s like the “F” in FlatLight is actually “Ph” instead. That’s both radical and extreme at the same time. Anyhoo, TI claims that this new… Read More

  • Official WiMAX rollout begins in September

    After being delayed and delayed again, Sprint appears to finally be ready to roll out its high-speed WiMAX network, XOHM. The service will be offered to consumers in Baltimore starting in September. It’s been tested in Chicago and the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area but September will be the first month that XOHM will be commercially available to everyone. Chicago and Washington D.C. Read More

  • VCs price True Knowledge at £20m pre-money. Is this the UK's Powerset?

    It’s fairly rare to find VCs clamouring over a startup, virtually throwing term sheets folded into paper aeroplanes through any open window they can find, but this appears to be the situation surrounding UK search company True Knowledge, which only launched late last year. The chatter I’m hearing is that True Knowledge is being talked about in hushed tones, as if it might be… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder, Motorola VU30 to get Verizon's version of visual voicemail

    The Motorola VU30 AKA the Utopia and the BB Thunder are getting Verizon’s visual voicemail solution which which is basically just like the iPhones except from Verizon. Not earth-shattering but the Thunder is definitely shaping up to be a strong phone and it’s clear Motorola isn’t bankrupt yet. Read More

  • Yahoo's Executive Structure Crumbles: Lu, Garlinghouse and Makhijani To Leave

    It’s only been a few hours since we posted the ex-Yahoo Exec tracking spreadsheet, but it’s already seriously outdated. Three more execs will be leaving, say sources close to the company: EVP Qi Lu, SVP Brad Garlinghouse and SVP Vish Makhijani. As an aside, Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo’s technology evangelist who announced his departure last week, has announced he’ll be… Read More

  • Bloops: ESPN remote is teh suk

    PC Magazine reviewed the new ESPN Ultimate Remote and found it sorely lacking. The programming mode is the most problematic – it basically uses codes the way older universal remotes did – and even the magical powers of Wi-Fi don’t really add much to the package. The browser is WAP-only and seems redundant when you could just go grab a laptop and get the same information. Read More

  • Criminal Charges Filed against former Nortel Executives

    According to legend, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) always gets their man. This time, instead of a lone mounted officer in a rocky and snow filled landscape catching the criminals, the market enforcement team of the RCMP caught three former executives from the telephone equipment company Nortel. Former CEO Frank Dunn, Chief Financial Officer Douglas Beatty and corporate… Read More

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