• Dude, 3GSM is Cashed

    Dude, 3GSM is Cashed

    I’m wrapping up coverage here at the show and thought it might be nice to look back at everything I’ve seen. The show is about GSM — a strange focus, obviously — but there is enough coolness here to fill a few phone shops. The things I saw here weren’t groundbreaking — everyone is holding their breath, it seems, in anticipation of the iPhone explosion/flop… Read More

  • Vyew Collaboration Suite Now Commercially Available

    Vyew Collaboration Suite Now Commercially Available

    Vyew is a new collaboration tool suite that lets users share a common online visual workspace and their desktops. It is impressive. The service came out of beta status today and is now offering premium accounts in addition to the free accounts already available. Vyew is a little like WebEx and other high end conferencing offerings. It’s also a little like Thinkature and other easy… Read More

  • Specialized Judges Could Mean Less Expensive Gear

    Specialized Judges Could Mean Less Expensive Gear

    The House of Representatives approved a bill to encourage enhancement of expertise in patent cases among district judges. The result could lead to faster resolutions for patent disputes, fewer appeals and less costly litigation, and hopefully — less expensive gear. Read More

  • T-Mobile Scoring Push Mail, 3G

    T-Mobile Scoring Push Mail, 3G

    “Push” e-mail has a high demand It seems T-Mobile’s International CEO Hamid Akhavan is claiming that T-Mobile will offer push email to consumers, as well as 3G services in 2007. No word yet on pricing, availability, release dates, or any anything else for that matter. So I guess we’ll just have to sit back and watch our Blackberries for now. T-Mobile to Offer Push Email, 3G… Read More

  • German Cryptophones: Securephones, not Smartphones

    or Wizard smartphones, utilize AES 256 and Twofish encryption to make sure that your voice calls are secure as possible. These phones aren’t smartphones, though. They do not run the Windows Mobile OS like the standard versions, but instead GSMK’s proprietary security OS. In theory, you could install WinMo on these phones, but then you’d be compromising the security features. Much… Read More

  • InPhase Ships Holographic Storage

    InPhase Ships Holographic Storage

    The future is here—sort of. InPhase today announced that it has begun bulk shipping its 300GB holographic storage disks. The platters are 1.5-millimeters thick and cost $180 each. That is on top of the initial $18,000 investment for the Tapestry HDS-300R drive. InPhase says that the drives should expand to capacities of 1.6TB by 2010. Sounds fancy right? Well you should carefully consider… Read More

  • Jobs Challenges DRM, Gets Help From Monster Cable. No, Really

    A few days ago we brought you word about an essay Apple’s Steve Jobs wrote, calling for an end to the DRMing of music, a practice his company has been forced to participate in by the music industry. Mr. Jobs wants to put an end to copy protection of music files, to create greater interoperability between computers, music stores, and portable devices. In the aftermath of the essay, which sent… Read More

  • USB ChapStick

    USB ChapStick

    Some crazy kid over at MAKE recently crafted this little mutant flash drive. It required some grinding and filing and sanding, but in the end, he was able to fit the guts of a 2GB flash drive into the ChapStick tube (I presume the balm was removed). The LED even shines through the base. In situations like these, we often ask, “Why?” I believe this time the answer is, “Because he… Read More

  • Mini Motorby Billboard Displays Your Name

    Mini Motorby Billboard Displays Your Name

    Whether you like Mini Coopers or not, you gotta give some credit to Mini for coming up with an idea like this. Certain tolls in cities where RFID passes are used (EZPass in NJ/NY) have an electronic billboard with a talking Mini Cooper who’ll spit out your name when you drive through. It works by grabbing your name off of the RFID information passed along when you pay the toll. Right now you… Read More

  • Cell Phones – Smart Switching Phones

    Cell Phones – Smart Switching Phones

    This week’s issued cell phone patents reveal a bit more on smart switching between mobile phones and networks. NEC received an issued patent on a WiFi and cellular phone that uses proximity to determine which network to use while Sprint received a patent on typing with a special code + phone number that identifies which system you want to use. Finally, Cingular got a patent on a means for… Read More

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  • T-Mobile Gears Up For Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

    T-Mobile Gears Up For Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

    T-Mobile has started preregistration for those wanting to get their hands on a Nokia XpressMusic 5300. To register, just visit the T-Mo registration page for the 5300 and sign up. The 5300 comes with some great features like dedicated music buttons, a fun slider design, microSD, and more. You’ll be able to actually buy one come February 28th for $99 or more depending on your contract… Read More

  • Sharp Puts Blu-Ray Over The Top

    We don’t enjoy saying we told you so, but Sharp has taken the liberty of doing it for us with the launch of the BD-HP1 Blu-Ray recorder. The new kid on the block plays nice with all your AQUOS goods via Fami-link. The BD-HP1 allows for seamless HD recording from your AQUOS digital tuner through i.Link which kicks much ass. The BD-HP1 will playback single/dual layer Blu-Ray, DVD +-R/RW… Read More

  • TechPresident: Tracking Candidate Use of MySpace, YouTube, AdSense

    TechPresident is a new online project tracking and aggregating information about all the US Presidential candidates’ use of online social media.  Though consisting of more Democratic Party aligned contributors than anyone else, the group’s research has already resulted in some fascinating revelations. Candidates’ use of MySpace, YouTube, Google and Yahoo! ads are the primary… Read More

  • Lightcast: Because Paul Van Dyk And Three Hits Of X Aren't Enough

    Lightcast: Because Paul Van Dyk And Three Hits Of X Aren't Enough

    Only those into partying hard should pay attention here, but stick around for the bad jokes. Lightcast is basically a house for 33 multicolored LEDs which will project onto your ceiling to – wait for it – the beat of your music! You can hook up your iPod, DAP, Discman, or whatever makes a noise and has a 3.5mm jack. It also includes interchangeable mirrors and reflectors for different… Read More

  • A CrunchGear Valentine's Day: What To Get Your Lady

    A CrunchGear Valentine's Day: What To Get Your Lady

    I know that Valentine’s Day is a big pain in the ass and that getting a gift for your lady is the most boring waste of time ever. This year though, get her something the both of you can enjoy as a dorky couple. I guarantee you will find something to get her out of these next five items or I’ll call you cheap and berate you about it. Now, onto the goods! Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    We’re entering day three of our Find Yourself with TeleNav contest. There have been some great entries so far, and I know there are a bunch more out there, so keep them coming. To enter, send an email to contest at crunchgear dot com explaining your best stories of directional retardation (use the subject: “getting lost”). The contest run from today until Friday at noon ET. Read More

  • Hummer Launching Mobile Brand

    Hummer Launching Mobile Brand

    Nothing gets more American than driving a Hummer with some McDonalds in your lap and some Steve Miller Band on the stereo. And since we Americans love our cellphones, it makes total sense that Hummer is starting a mobile brand with Modelabs Group. The two companies are partnering to design, produce, and market a line of mobile phones and accessories, as well as “on-device” services. So… Read More

  • VoIP On The Rise: 100 WiFi Phones Certified

    VoIP On The Rise: 100 WiFi Phones Certified

    Seems that VoIP is gaining more and more popularity as every new month approaches. The WiFi Alliance has certified 82-dual mode and 10-WiFi-only handsets that are ideal for VoIP use. The group checks phones for interoperability and performance, as well as interference, to make sure they’re up to standards. The Alliance is now out to promote WMM (Wireless Multimedia) and extending battery… Read More

  • NPR Says Wii Is Bad For Children

    NPR Says Wii Is Bad For Children

    NPR hates you and it hates the Wii you bought for your kid. Kelly McBride, a parent, went on the air the other day to attack other parents for buying their kids Nintendo Wiis. McBride says that although the Wii gets your kid off the couch and his arms moving around, it gives a child “a false sense of what it’s like to compete in the world.” Ouch! Could she say anything worse? You… Read More

  • BubblePly Upgrades Fun Video Annotation

    Israeli company BubblePly has significantly upgraded its service for overlaying images and text on video.  Launched in December, the service now allows live links, full control over fonts and extensive use of images.  It’s a much more useful service now than it was before. Users can work with videos added by URL from almost any video site on the web.  Copyright concerns are believed to… Read More