• Powerset, The Neutered Version

    Microsoft promises that this is just the beginning of the integration with the recently acquired Powerset, but incorporating better Wikipedia clips into Live Search is a far cry from the original promise of the next generation search startup: true natural language search. Instead we have more Live Search results with dedicated answers (not sure why Powerset was needed for this), and better… Read More

  • Confirmed: iPhone 3G hack – buy, cancel contract, keep phone – sort of works

    Reader Mike writes: I recently sent you guys an e-mail about how I was going to try to get the iPhone 3G and then cancel the AT&T service within the first 30 day to avoid an early termination fee. Well, the [charming folks] got me. I tried canceling it and it turns out if you cancel within the first 30 days Apple AND AT&T want you to return the iPhone wherever you bought it from… Read More

  • The Boeing Next Generation Bomber is aimed at you, Ahmadinejad

    Specifics aren’t exactly flowing for Boeing’s Next Generation Bomber besides the fact that the model-shown does accurately represent the firm’s NGB bid. This aircraft might not ever make it to the sky, as Boeing needs to beat out other manufacturers for the contract though. The B-2 looking version is said not need any new technology and can be built with what’s… Read More

  • Mashed Life Tries to Help You Manage Your Web 2.0 Life

    As more Web properties crop up, the number of usernames and passwords you use start piling up. In an attempt to alleviate some of those concerns and make it easier for you to log-in to your favorite sites, Mashed Life provides a secure repository for storing all of your usernames and passwords and lets you login to sites with just one click. Once you register for Mashed Life — it… Read More

  • Rare 4GB long Nano in the European wild

    Some Belgians discovered a 4GB red iPod hanging out somewhere in Europe, a device steve never mentioned during his keynote. Could this be fake? It’s on sale for about $220 and is only available in Europe so if you’re a completist feel free to buy a ticket and head over. I suspect some sort of trickery, though, so let’s see what happens when someone actually gets their hands… Read More

  • How to: Delete Apple's iPhone apps

    I’m certainly nowhere near the cusp of 148 apps on my iP3G, but I know some of you are getting close or are already at the maximum. The process sounds pretty tedious, IMO, but if you’re really gung-ho about it then clear out 10 minutes or so of your day. Oh, and you’ll need 9 full pages of apps for this to work. Read More

  • Tonchidot Madness: The Video

    By far, the biggest crowd pleaser at last week’s TechCrunch50 was a demo by the Japanese startup Tonchidot for a mobile social tagging product it is developing called Sekai Camera. The Japanese CEO Takahito Iguchi overcame a very noticeable language barrier and deflected serious questions from the judges through sheer will of character. He had the audience roaring in laughter and… Read More

  • Guy hacks Nintendo DS to work with his DSLR

    Wow, this is a pretty cool setup right here. A professional photographer was sick of lugging his laptop around to photo shoots, so he rigged up his Nintendo DS and custom-coded some software to do the heavy lifting instead. He even leveraged the microphone on the DS to make his camera snap photos when triggered by sound. It also does other stuff that I don’t understand like providing… Read More

  • Google Maps for Mobile gets Street View, walking directions

    The Google Maps for Mobile team pushed a new version of their application today, with two hugely awesome features packed inside. They’ve added support for Street View, which allows you to get a pedestrian’s-eye view of any street Google has cruised down with their panoramic-shootin’ super car. It’s a feature that has been around for quite some time on the desktop… Read More

  • Iomega ‘eGo Helium’ drive for MacBook Air owners

    To be fair, you don’t have to own a MacBook Air in order to purchase Iomega’s eGo Helium portable hard drive. It is, however, “a perfect match for the new MacBook Air notebook” according to Iomega. It’s even pre-formatted to the HFS+ file system. The drive itself has 320GB of storage space, weighs less than half a pound, and requires no external power supply. Read More

  • Japan soon gets new super-fast train

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries plans to develop Japan’s fastest train [JP], which is expected to achieve a speed of 350km per hour. The current record for the Shinkansen, this country’s bullet train, stands at about 300kph. Kawasaki says their so-called efSET (environmentally friendly Super Express Train) will also be more energy efficient, less noisy and offer a better riding… Read More

  • Gesture App For iPhone Lets You Turn Photos Into Impressionist Art On The Fly

    If you like taking and sharing photos on your iPhone, add this to your list of must have applications: Gesture. The $4.99 application lets you turn any photo you take on the iPhone into a really cool artwork-type image. Easily pointilize the photo, or zoom in and do the detail work yourself. My quick artwork is above, with my dog Laguna acting as the model. Altered images can be saved in… Read More

  • Nathan Myhrvold's Patent Extortion Fund Is Reaping Hundreds Of Millions of Dollars

    Don’t blame Nathan Myhrvold for taking advantage of the culture of rampant patent litigation in this country. He is only doing what large companies with vast patent portfolios such as IBM and Microsoft do on a daily basis: use the threat of patent infringement litigation to strike lucrative patent licensing deals. Except Myhrvold, who used to be Bill Gates’ right-hand man at… Read More

  • Skimbit tries to crack the social shopping model

    Social shopping services are a strange grab-bag of sites all trying to crack the nut of how to monetise social networking around shopping, which is most social when it is real-world, not virtual. In April Wishpot took $1 million Series A, while it competes in the same space as well-funded Kaboodle as well as Stylehive, Yahoo Shoposphere, Zlio and MyPickList. Now UK-based Skimbit is aiming to be… Read More

  • Verizon to offer contract-free plans next week?

    Verizon may be coming to accept what much of their market has already realized: if a customer brings their own phone or is willing to pay full price for a non-subsidized phone, there is no reason they should be forced into a contract. According to BGR, Verizon might begin offering contract-free service options on September 21st. There are a few catches, but nothing too nasty: While you… Read More

  • HTC Dream shelf date slips… forward?

    In a pleasant change from the normal handset release rigmarole, it looks like the Android-powered HTC Dream might actually show up earlier than we expected. While just yesterday a source revealed to us that we’d be seeing it on October 20th, VentureBeat has heard it might show up a whole 3 days earlier, moving the date to Friday, October 17th. While the insider whispers might be… Read More

  • Sony issues PS3 firmware update, not applicable to the US

    Late last night Sony pushed out firmware v2.43 for the PS3 console, but it only applies to those in Japan. Everyone else won’t be prompted to upgrade, but you can manually install it. Sony promises that it won’t bork your system. But if you’re on an older firmware like v2.41 then you should probably update. Read More

  • Is this the new MacBook Pro?

    A German division of T-Mobile just posted this image that some are saying might be the next MacBook Pro. Sure, we already know that aluminum MacBooks have started shipping, but who in their right mind would think this picture really is the next MacBook Pro? This is clearly a rendering, and while it might closely represent what’s coming, it probably isn’t the real deal. Plus… Read More

  • EA to address Spore’s DRM concerns

    In light of thousands upon thousands of irate DRM-hating gamers, Electronic Arts has announced that it’ll be issuing a patch to the game that’ll allow people to de-authorize certain computers. Currently, the game is only able to be activated on up to three machines. If you replace one of those machines, you’ll have to call up EA, proof of purchase at hand, and plead your case… Read More

  • Sanyo launches the EasyStreet NVM-4370

    Sanyo is busting out the feature-loaded EasyStreet NVM-4370 to a crowded GPS market. The $300 unit does set itself apart from the rest though with 4GB of built-in memory, rear-view camera input and seven million points of interest. Plus, it boosts standard fare of Bluetooth support, text-to-speech and a FM transmitter. So, yup, just another GPS unit, but a well priced one at that. Read More

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