• Do you have what it takes to be…

    a Cyber Soldier? The kids and even some adults (those over 21, though, they’re still punk kids) are obsessed with Starcraft. I don’t understand it. Walk into any PC cafe/room whatever you want to call it and everyone is playing that damn game. They should be out trying to score with chicks or something fun. Not sitting in front of a monitor for 10+ hours and dying from exhaustion. Read More

  • Hell on Earth: Seoul's E-mart

    I can’t really understand anyone’s fascination with the E-mart in Yongsan. It’s not like you’re going to find super cool gadgets or anything. The reason this place is so famous is because of the sheer volume of crap that’s available for purchase. It’s just a bunch of counters crammed together with the brightest fluorescent lights known to man. Read More

  • Private BuyOut Of Ancestry.com For $300+ Million

    Spectrum Equity Investors has led a $300 million investment to acquire a majority interest in Provo Utah-based The Generations Network (the parent company of Ancestry.com, MyFamily.com and other sites) according to a source with knowledge of the deal. The Generations Network competes with a number of new Internet startups that we’ve recently covered. Its Ancestry.com site competes with… Read More

  • iPhone SDK at MacWorld will make us all happier than we've ever been

    If the LX hadn’t come along I’d still be fondling my iPhone with a manic intensity. But after updating to 1.1.1 and fearing for my life and my $400, I was almost about to relegate the phone to the drawer of failed cellphones. I liked my third-party apps. I really did. Well, it seems that the iPhone will have an SDK and it will be fabulous. Tentantively expected at… Read More

  • Sean Captain's photoset of Nakano Broadway: Naked dolls FTW, NSFW

    Japanese graduation caps Those Japanese! Always up to something. If they’re not texting on their superphones or inventing the Walkman, they’re watching women ejaculate rubber phalli and collecting naked schoolgirl dolls giving each other Gyno 101 exams. Witness the glory of Nakano Broadway, the new Akihabara or Electronic Town. Akihabara is kind of cashed — nothing there… Read More

  • CircleLending Becomes Virgin Money USA; Gets Makeover and Millions in Funding

    Peer-to-peer lending service CircleLending has been taken under the wings of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire and rebranded as Virgin Money USA. Virgin’s US investment firm recently bought a majority stake in the Waltham, Massachusetts company, which acts as an online middleman for friends and family who want to loan each other money. The exact amount of money invested by Virgin has… Read More

  • Skype Equips MySpace Users to Make Free Calls

    Starting in November, MySpace’s 110 million active users will be able to make free calls using Skype-enabled version of MySpace’s instant messaging client, MySpaceIM. This marks the first time that Skype has allowed its technology to be integrated into a 3rd-party application, thereby disassociating the Skype service from the Skype client. Skype has provided a developer… Read More

  • Tales from the Crunchboard

    Here are a few jobs I picked out from our newly-launched Crunchboard jobs board which look kind’ve interesting. Jobs are often an indication of where things are heading in any market… Blast is the BBC’s new ‘social learning network’, aimed at 13-19 year olds to ‘get creative and turn their ideas into reality.’ Looks like an interesting role there for… Read More

  • A friend helps out when times are tough, or when Xbox 360s expire

    A real friend is someone who’s there in a time of need. If you have someone close to you that has an Earth-shattering loss, like that of their beloved Xbox 360, it is your job, as a friend, to cheer them up. This greeting card from bsangel can help. After that, you should offer sexual favors and vodka. Those are red crystals representing the dreaded Red Ring of Death many (many, many… Read More

  • Transformers comes to DVD today

    Just a reminder, friends, that the greatest movie of the year comes to DVD today. And HD-DVD, if you’re into that, which I’m not. I will be reviewing the 2-disk set tomorrow, if I’m not dead from excitement. Previously, on CrunchGear Read More

  • T-Mobile, Treo get popped by iPhone sales

    Ceci n’est pas un iPhone According to NPD, current iPhone owners are three times more likely to have owned a Sidekick — after you see the LX you’ll probably just go back to the Sidekick, BTW — and that T-Mobile was the hardest hit during the initial wave of defections. When it comes to carrier switching, Alltel and T-Mobile took the biggest hit from Apple and… Read More

  • Signs of Life at Yahoo

    Yahoo’s third quarter earnings came in this afternoon above Wall Street’s estimates ($0.11 per share versus the expected $0.08), but its net income of $151.3 million (on revenues of $1.8 billion) was still down five percent from last year. The biggest sign of life, though, is that its Panama ad-serving technology is finally starting to kick in, with revenues per search up an… Read More

  • Laptop rates the best budget DSLRs so we don't have to

    Digital SLR cameras are falling in price, making them a viable option for hobbiests and neophytes alike. But there are also more on the market now than ever before. So which DSLR is your DSLR? We’re not sure, but Laptop has put together a handy comparison of four of the most popular affordable cameras. You can decide for yourself. That’s the American way, isn’t it? The… Read More

  • Palm's Centro: First Impressions, Unboxing

    We don’t know why you love unboxings, but you do. Here we have the first Centro from Palm, running on Sprint’s Power Vision Super Extreme Mega network. For those of you who might not know, the Centro is Palm’s follow-up to the popular Treo line of smartphones. Features-wise, it’s pretty similar. The Centro takes the Treo’s aged form-factor up to a more modern level. Read More

  • LinkedIn hits a million UK members. Suggests pint.

    LinkedIn says it has reached the significant marker of a million members in the UK, with more than two thousand British professionals signing up on any given day. The firm is celebrating with some member events in London (full, alas), Birmingham and Manchester. To celebrate, LinkedIn suggests we all go “out for a pint and all that.” Geez, with that kind of cultural localisation… Read More

  • Blurb launches crowd-sourced books

    Blurb, a self-publishing startup which specialises in illustrated books, is launching a new service to enable people to collaboratively create books. The new service is called Community Books and will initially launch in beta with photo sharing, which is Blurb’s most requested community-bookmaking feature. We last covered Blurb after their launch in May last year. Using Blurb’s… Read More

  • Should HotorNot Become Just a Facebook App?

    Ever since HotorNot abandoned it’s experiment with going totally free last month, the traffic to its destination site, HotorNot.com, has predictably leveled off. Meanwhile, its application on Facebook is doing pretty well, already accounting for about a third of its daily logins, and 40 percent of it total unique visitors (although the two remain separate services at this point). Read More

  • Chinese Bittorrent 50X faster than ours, but you feel hungry again thirty minutes after downloading

    These men had last
    night’s Heroes on Sunday China’s Blin.cn bittorrent service lets you download and preview something like season six of 24 in just a few minutes while our Bittorrent and network systems enable you to sit on your hands for 4 days until you download an ISO of Palm Desktop for Windows 95. Is this fair? This little lumpkin of info comes from an interview with Kaiser… Read More

  • MetaCafe Goes Mobile

    MetaCafe has announced it will begin offering video download and streaming to mobile handsets. The offering which will debut next month in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands will also allow users to upload video directly from the handsets themselves. The new service is offered by way of a partnership with Peerbox whose solution goes beyond video download/upload to include social… Read More

  • Bebo and Ministry in joint promo

    Bebo and the Ministry of Sound have entered into a marketing partnership which will mean Bebo users being able to upload their best dance mix to Bebo (via yousendit.com) with the winning entry broadcast on Ministry of Sound radio. The winner will also get interviewed, much to their squeals to delight no doubt. From the Ministry of Sound profile, Beboers will be able to play all the tracks from… Read More

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