• Video: Video game contest as they did them in the 80s

    You could dial up your friend on Xbox Live for a little Halo 3 shoot ’em up action, or you could go old-school, like this episode of the 80s show “That’s Incredible!” My money’s on the 19 year-old full-time video arcade manager, natch. Read More

  • Ztail Wants To Be The Kelley Blue Book For Everything

    We all have one: It’s that thing that’s been collecting dust in your closet since the mid 90’s. You know it has to be worth something, but you’re worried that posting it on eBay will garner a whopping 99 cents (plus shipping, if you’re lucky). So it continues to sit. Ztail wants to put an end to this problem, and is launching a revamped site that it hopes… Read More

  • The MP3 player turns 10

    The MP3 player, bane of the RIAA and friend to commuters everywhere, was first unveiled in 1998. The first device with built-in MP3 decoding and dedicated storage was the SaeHan Information Systems’s MPMan F10, debuting at Cebit (see this post from a couple months ago). Boasting an impressive 32MB, the machine could play back files loaded via an included serial cable. I remember the… Read More

  • Google Health: A Quick Hands-On Look

    Now that Google Health has finally launched, I took a quick peek at it while Mark was taking notes at today’s Google Factory Tour presentation. It’s been a long time coming, but at first glance it looks like it will be a strong competitor to existing personal health sites such as Microsoft’s HealthVault (which launched last October), Revolution Health, or Aetna’s… Read More

  • Wow, a Swiss Army Knife with an 8GB flash drive!

    No better way to get beat in the ghetto than by pulling out this Swiss Army Knife and accidentally switching to the 8GB flash drive instead of the knife proper. (Yes, it’s run-on sentence Monday.) The utility knife, which costs $44.38—how precise—also features such 21st century necessities as a pair of tiny scissors, a nail file, pen and screwdriver. The fun never stops! Read More

  • Sappy Love Story Weekend King Getting High Fives

    We’re hearing that the first showing of Weekend King, which chronicles the life of a fairly pathetic Silicon Valley programmer, was a crowd pleaser (let us know in the comments what you thought). The next showing is on May 24. In true Hollywood style, though, everything turns out fine in the end with our hero/protagonist finding love. Bleh. Rupert is awkward, friendless, and loveless. Read More

  • Microsoft Research: Silicon Valley Sneak Peek Event

    On Thursday May 22, Microsoft will open up its Silicon Valley office to a select crowd. The agenda – Rick Rashid (SVP Global Research) and Roy Levin (Director Silicon Valley Lab) will show twelve new research projects, focusing on search, graphics, security, privacy. No word if they’ll be showing off TouchWall, but it’s worth trying to get in just in case they do. The event is… Read More

  • ShareStation: network sharing for your USB devices

    IOGEAR’s ShareStation costs $80 and allows you to share USB devices. Smart, huh? You can share just about any USB-based device across multiple computers that are connected to the same network. IOGEAR cautions that “Users may not achieve optimum audio/video streaming performance when connecting to the USB Net ShareStation through a wireless Ethernet router,” if you were to… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Youth Without Youth: 2.8% of Japanese schoolchildren play sexually explicit video games

    Here Recently released stats from Japan show that 2.8 percent of Japanese fifth graders play games with sexually explicit themes. As an American, conditioned to love and revere violence but squirm at the notion of sex, doesn’t this news shock and upset you? Like, we should file a petition against those 2.8 percent of kids for sinning before they’re old enough to get a divorce… Read More

  • Canon's going green: fuel cells in DSLRs

    I’ve never really had a problem with my Rebel’s battery life — in fact, it’s excellent. I guess that’s no reason to stop trying to improve it, however, and Canon is working on doing just that. Of course, they’re not an energy research company. But MTI Micro is, and they just happened to announce a deal with a “global Japanese developer of digital… Read More

  • NYU student creates virtual girlfriend: When the king is happy, the queen is happy

    An NYU grad student, Drew Burrows, has invented a virtual girlfriend, sorta like the Japanese. Since the young man is so consumed with his studies, he doesn’t have the time, nor the patience (presumably), to hold a steady girlfriend—so create one, à la Weird Science! The virtual girlfriend is a 2D projection, brought to “life” by infrared sensors. She’ll wiggle… Read More

  • Is this the shape of the 3G iPhone?

    Case manufacturer XSKN just pushed a rainbow of iPhone cases they’re saying are for the (hopefully) soon to be released iPhone 3G. While these could easily be based around dimensions found around the internets, the page says “now shipping”; seems like a bad idea to ship a case without any official insight on how the device will be shaped. If these shots do indeed reflect… Read More

  • Review: Drobo and DroboShare

    Drobo phone home
    Most of you have probably heard of Drobo, the data storage robot/system from Data Robotics. We’ve done a review of the original Drobo here on CrunchGear, but recently Drobo was updated with a little brother named DroboShare, which painlessly converts Drobo into a Network Attached Storage device. I’ve had one hanging out with me for several weeks now, and… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Highly unreadable list of the best PSP games you've never heard of

    You know the short story (and novel) Flowers for Algernon? You know, the one where the guy WROTE IN ALL CAPS instead of using quotation marks like a learned man? This list of the “best PSP games you’ve never heard of” totally reminds me of it. The games, for the record, are Chili Con Carnage, Work Time Fun and Crush. Take this description for Chili Con Carnage: This game… Read More

  • Sequans announces tiny WiMax chip that brings it all together.

    Sequans Communications just announced their new sixth WiMax chip, the SQN1170. It packs baseband, RF, and memory into one tight package, squeezing in at about the size of a penny. The chip comes in at .47x.47 inches² and uses less than 600 mW at its peak, making it perfect for WiMax on mobile handsets. It will make its first appearance in Matsumi’s new SDIO module, which they’ll… Read More

  • Geneva Lab $3,500 integrated media center cabinet

    I’m not a huge audiophile by any means, but my wife and I do happen to be looking for a low-profile, wide TV table and she did say that we should buy something that’ll last us for a long time. So I present to you (and her), Geneva Lab‘s $3,500 media center cabinet-type thing with an iPod dock and a seven-speaker system built into it. It’ll be available in the October… Read More

  • Don't tell Hollywood: The Pirate Bay now 97th most visited site

    Something called The Pirate Bay is now among the top 100 Web sites (number 97, in fact) in the entire world, according to Alexa. With an estimated 25 million unique visitors each month, or thereabouts, TPB is now the second largest BitTorrent tracker, right behind Mininova, which I used to grab the BBC’s Match of the Day every week. The number one site is Yahoo!, followed by Google… Read More

  • Yahoo! and Microsoft still seem 'more than friends'

    Microsoft stopped by Yahoo’s apartment this morning to pick up a bottle of cologne, a pair of sweat pants, and the mountain bike that it had left there and found that Yahoo had stayed home from work. They got to talking and it seems that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, as the two companies are considering an alternative agreement which would “not involve a full… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA offers its first Samsung Handset

    Virgin Mobile USA is now offering the Samsung handset, Slash, for $79.99. This is the first collaborative effort between the two companies. Slash comes equipped with a VGA camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, and full messaging capabilities; including IM, text messaging and email. Features include an integrated speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and a color display. The memory can hold up… Read More

  • Dead puppies aren't much fun unless they're inside this macabre, insane digital picture frame

    Even if you didn’t mean to kill little Futzy, she’s dead. What do do now? Why burn her up and stuff her in this digital picture frame urn. It comes in oak and walnut and costs $289.95. It holds 256MB worth of pictures — your dog isn’t worth a gigabyte — and has a 7-inch screen. Just wait for that screen to heat up a little and things are really going to be nasty up… Read More

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