• YouTube/Google will destroy your piracy

    Be warned, people who videotape and then post 2 minute videos from the Hannah Montana show — Google is on to you. You may think your your mash-up of Sophie’s Choice and Chocolate Rain (see above) was fair use, but that stuff is somebody’s hard work and dedication and those people are human. Google will now terminate the accounts of repeat infringers, ensuring they are banished… Read More

  • More info on upcoming DivX hardware players

    HEXUS.tv has a pretty good one-on-one video with DivX co-founder Jerome Rota about his company’s upcoming foray into the connected video box realm, where it’ll compete with AppleTV and similar devices. As reported earlier, the difference with the DivX box will be that most of the horsepower will be provided by your network-connected PC whereas AppleTV and, say, Xbox 360 are… Read More

  • Mac OS X Leopard drops on the 26th

    The Apple store went down this morning and the world held its breath as we waited for Apple to spill the details. As expected, Leopard has gone gold and you can now pre-order it for an October 26th release date. $129 for a single-user, $199 for the 5-person family pack and $0.00 for those of us with BitTorrent, Usenet and DVD burners. Oh, and if you’re still rockin’ a G3, time… Read More

  • Leopard's Best Web 2.0 Feature: Web Clip

    Now that Apple is ready to ship Leopard, the next version of OS X, on October 26, the feature I am most excited about is Web Clip. Because it represents one more step in the gradual fusing of the Web and the desktop. Web Clip is basically an adjustable mini-browser that lets you grab data from the Web and put it on your desktop in an incredibly easy way. It lets you clip any Website and… Read More

  • Apple drops price of iTunes Plus songs to 99 cents

    Look at that, 99 cents Apple is dropping the price of iTunes Plus songs by thirty cents, from $1.29 to 99 cents. Not all of the songs have seen a price drop yet, including the only iTunes Plus songs I ever bought (The Knife’s “Like a Pen” set of remixes), but that seems to be just a function of time. All such songs will be 99 cents in anticipation of an expansion of its… Read More

  • Mint's $4.7 Million A-Round

    Financial-planning startup Mint, winner of the TechCrunch40 Award, finally announced that it raised $4.7 million from Shasta Ventures (which led the round), First Round Capital, and angels including Google investor Ram Shriram, and executives from eBay, Intuit, Google, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, Wilson Sonsini, Reuters, Adteractive, and Weblogic/BEA. Since it’s launch, Mint is already… Read More

  • Stay Connected while Waiting for Your Train

    T-Mobile’s HotSpot Wi-Fi service is now available at five Amtrak stations in the Northeast Corridor. Sitting in a train station may not be as posh a visiting a coffee house or book store but at least now commuters can enjoy the Internet while waiting for a connecting ride. The five stations include Washington Union Station, Baltimore Penn Station, Wilmington Station, Philadelphia 30th… Read More

  • Boost Mobile Partners with Mobile Complete to Create Boost Mobile VDL

    Mobile Complete, a company that provides mobile application testing, monitoring and support services, launched the Boost Mobile Virtual Developer Lab (VDL) today. Boost Mobile VDL is a remote testing service that utilizes Mobile Complete’s DeviceAnywhere service. DeviceAnywhere enables users to remotely press device buttons, view displays, listen to ringers and speakers, connect and… Read More

  • Mochi Media Moves Out Of Closed Beta

    Mochi Media has announced the launch of MochiAds 2.0, a self-service advertising marketplace for game developers looking to monetize and share their creations. MochiAds has to date been in invitation-only beta, with 1,000 game developers participating. The new version offers ad serving that takes less than five minutes to implement and provides a variety of new features including a dashboard… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Dining Alone Edition

    Introducing Handvertising: Branding the brand-aware
    Tokbox live video Web chat is the latest ‘next YouTube’
    DRM-free music could signal the end for paid ‘celestial jukeboxes’
    Hyundai W100: Is it a watch? Is it a cellphone?
    Glow Cutlery for when you eat KFC at a warehouse rave Read More

  • Exclusive: AdMob Snares Google's Kevin Scott

    Mobile advertising firm AdMob will today welcome former engineering manager at Google Kevin Scott to its executive team. Scott will be responsible for software engineering and operations as AdMob builds its infrastructure to enable billions of targeted mobile banner and text ads. Scott was Senior Engineering Manager for Google, where he led Google’s advertising quality engineering… Read More

  • Google Urchin v.6 Rumored To Launch Today

    Update: It’s official. Rumors, rumors. Google is preparing to launch version 6 of Urchin this morning at the emetrics conference in Washington DC, according to multiple sources. This is the server side analytics product, not Urchin as a service, which is now called Google Analytics. Recently, cries for an update, any update, to Urchin have reached a fever pitch. Google acquired Urchin… Read More

  • BBC Online free via The Cloud

    If you’ve ever heard the collective anger of thousands of commercial web sites in the UK, then imagine a field of people all growling under their breath. Now keep that image in your head, because the BBC has cut a deal with wi-fi firm The Cloud, which operates 7,500 hotspots around the UK, to offer BBC online services for free. That means, without paying a log-in or subscription fee… Read More

  • 50x Faster Than BitTorrent: I Want

    Thomas Crampton interviews Ogilvy China’s Kaiser Kuo on the current state of web development in China in the video above. It’s interesting in its entirity as they discuss the growing wave of Web 2.0 development in China, but of particular note is Kuo’s description of Chinese P2P file network Blin.cn. Kuo claims that Blin.cn is 50 times faster than BitTorrent and when… Read More

  • AdReady Lets You Create Tacky Home Loan Ads Too

    Display ads have generally been the purview of larger brand name companies who can afford the cost of creating highly visual or dynamic ads. However, Aaron Finn and his team at AdReady want to bring banner advertising to even the little guys. AdReady is an application for managing a display advertising campaign, from creating the ads all the way to managing and tracking their progress on… Read More

  • YuMe Closes $9 Million Series B

    Apparently Khosla, Accel, and BV Capital liked what they saw. The three firms, along with a new investor, DAG Ventures have poured another $9 million into broadband video advertising company YuMe. This brings their total financing to $16 million and makes them a well funded contender in the realm of video advertising. VideoEgg is one of the largest, with about $34 million over four rounds. We… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. CrunchDeals: $99 30GB Zune hannibalchew Alright! Just 99 more dollars less and I’m buying me a zune. come on discounts! ah wait there’s a $5 shipping charge, nevermind. Read More

  • Napster Dumping Client Download, Prays For DRM Free Music

    Word is that Napster is dumping their desktop client and relaunching with a fully web based client as part of an effort to broaden their reach. Customers will be able to listen to their music over the web on any computer after signing in. The new web client will make it possible to join a slew of other online music services in creating embeddable music widgets to push their product and… Read More

  • Jiglu: enterprise-level tagging starts at free

    Intelligently tagging the content on a site can be done either by hand as the content is created, or with some kind of text analysis algorithm. But the former is inefficient and time-consuming, while the latter can be expensive. Jiglu, which launches an official beta today, plans to tackle tagging in two ways. First with a free, ad-supported widget, which aims to re-point site visitors to… Read More

  • 'I am the lawgiver!': Now that's an ad worth watching

    Toyota Tacoma ads have been pretty funny and creative, but this one takes the cake. World of Warcraft + Toyota Tacoma = brilliant. Well done, ad wizards. Well done. World of Warcraft…wha huh? Read More

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