• CES 2008: Name brands add features to battle cheaper HDTVs

    AP image It’s Day Two of the Consumer Electronics Show—time to start analyzing, looking for trends, seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Right now, we’ll focus on HDTVs. In case you hadn’t noticed, unknown companies from Asia (mostly China) are moving in on the HDTV space, which must frighten the… Read More

  • Tuning Lamp is part lamp, part PC, part no-idea

    [photopress:lamp_pc.jpg,full,center] Look at this gadget, called Tuning Lamp by its designer, and you’d half-think it’s a prop from a sci-fi movie. Too bad it’s just a render at this point. Like Chumby, it displays all sorts of widgets, from weather to news—Drudge Report, no doubt—to music. There’s a wireless, fold-out keyboard for controlling all that… Read More

  • Facebook, Google And Plaxo Join The DataPortability Workgroup

    After publishing an invitation to Facebook to join the DataPortability Working Group January 4, we never thought that Facebook would accept it. Today changes everything you’ve ever thought about social-networking data and lock-in before, because today Facebook, Google and Plaxo have joined the DataPortability Workgroup. Google and Plaxo joining are a positive, however given that both… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #288

    I started Brief 288 talking about Rovio, a home exploration and telepresence robot, but the photo we showed, we think is called “Mr. Personality.” Samsung had a couple cool announcements. The HT-X715 5.1 home theater-in-a-box includes Bluetooth for streaming audio from a phone or other Bluetooth audio source. The SyncMaster 2263DX is the perfect monitor for Adobe users. Oh Gizmo… Read More

  • Apple updates Mac Pro, Xserve: Penryn processors

    [photopress:08mp_display.jpg,full,center] A prelude of things to come next week at MacWorld? Apple speed bumped the Mac Pro and Xserve today; both now use Intel’s recently-released Penryn processor. The revised Mac Pro, what every little Mac Head wish he had the money for, has: – two 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors with dual-independent 1600 MHz front side buses;
    –… Read More

  • E.P.A. Promotes Cellphone Recycling

    The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) launched a $175,000 campaign today to remind people to recycle their old handsets. The initiative, entitled “Recycle Your Cellphone. It’s an Easy Call.”, will relay on public service announcements that target 18-to-34-year-olds, the population that trade up to new cellphones the most often. The announcements will explain why… Read More

  • Viacom Spreads Its Video Love to Everyone But YouTube

    In another move to strengthen the anti-YouTube coalition, Viacom is syndicating its videos (from Comedy Central, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Atom Films, among other properties) to a whole new slew of video-sharing Websites. The new recipients of Viacom’s video love are Dailymotion, Veoh (which already has Hulu and CBS videos), imeem, GoFish, and MeeVee. They join AOL, Bebo, Joost… Read More

  • Yahoo Life Has Been A Long Time Coming

    The unveiling of Yahoo Life (which is not the official name) as a harbinger of the company’s strategy to incorporate social networking into Yahoo’s existing mail and IM communications systems is a step in the right direction. But you’ve got to wonder what took it so long. The notion that the big Web portals could turn their IM and e-mail contact lists into full-blown… Read More

  • Yahoo to Offer its Mobile Services to many Mobile Phones

    Yahoo’s mobile Internet services will be crafted to run on various phone platforms, potentially including Google’s phone software and the Apple iPhone. Yahoo is committed to compete with rivals in a new and more open strategy, mobile chief Marco Boerries told reporters at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday. By offering Internet services that work on existing phones, Yahoo hopes… Read More

  • CES 2008: Bill Gates keynote liveblog replay, now with tons of photos!

    While our liveblogging software worked wonders, our wireless connection did not. Thanks, CES, for repeatedly holding the keynotes in places surrounded by electronic interference and wall after wall of signal-reducing crap. Anyway, here are the photos we couldn’t get to you live, and we’re sorry we could not. Also is the replay, so you can follow along step-by-step, like you were there! Read More

  • CES 2008: Jada Air Guitar Rocker puts Guitar Hero to shame. Shame!

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=gotme.flv Those posers who use wired Guitar Hero controllers suck, don’t they. Those in the know use wireless guitar-shaped controllers. They rock out with the plug out. But the groupies at Jada are working on something beyond the wireless guitar controller: the air guitar controller. Check it out in the video and tell me you don’t… Read More

  • Game Over: HD DVD To Join Deadpool

    Paramount is said to be about to switch to Bluray according to CrunchGear, the final fatal blow in Microsoft’s and Toshiba’s effort to establish HD DVD as the Next Generation DVD standard. HD DVD had been in trouble leading up to this weeks CES conference after Warner Bros decided to switch to Bluray exclusively January 4. In the longer term the battle may well end up being… Read More

  • Hands on with the Lenovo IdeaPads

    [photopress:lenovo__006.jpg,full,pp_image] Here’s a hands on of all the new Lenovo IdeaPads. Photos by Devin. Above is the 15-inch. Read More

  • Panasonic + T-Mobile = Wi-Fi Lumix

    Panasonic has teamed up with T-Mobile to bring a Wi-Fi Lumix that juices T-Mobile’s hotspots to upload photos directly to Google’s Picasa Web albums. Not sure when it comes out, but it’s on its way. Read More

  • Microsoft Has Announced A Takeover Bid For Fast Search & Transfer Priced At $1.2 Billion

    Microsoft has made an offer to acquire enterprise search company Fast Search & Transfer. Norway based Fast Search and Transfer offers enterprise search to over 3500 companies, including many in the Fortune 500. Fast solutions cover areas including Corporate Operations, eCommerce, Information Management, Market Management, Mobile, Online Media, OEM Search Integration, Risk Management… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lone Meatball Edition

    Wacom proves that size does matter, and pressure sensitivity too
    Like being at a very, very tiny concert
    Contest: The saddest CES meatball/hush puppy in the world
    Exclusive Video: CrunchGear gets all hands-on with Surface; I get faced by Microsoft in a good way
    CG Live at CES 2008: Bill Gates Keynote Read More

  • Rumor: Paramount set to jump ship, HD DVD all but dead

    HD DVD’s booth at CES was a sad, sad sight to see. You could tell by the demeanor of everyone working the booth. They knew. Blu-ray’s booth was less than 20 yards away and they were rocking out and people were milling around trying to watch demos, take pictures with Captain Jack Sparrow and the Spartans from 300. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in HD DVD’s camp, but how… Read More

  • Mitsubishi laser TV rocks my socks

    Not entirely sure how it works, but the picture quality on the 65-inch Laser TV is stunning and produces twice the color of HDTVs today. It’s the first of its kind in terms of laser tech and it also does 3D ala Real D. The Laser TV is also said to be energy efficient, but there aren’t any stats on it. Details are limited and a launch date has not been set other than a vague date… Read More

  • Here Comes Yahoo Live, I Mean Yahoo Life

    Yahoo didn’t just announce their new open mobile platform today at CES. They also got the heavyweights – Jerry Yang and David Filo – up on stage to give more details on the project they’re calling Yahoo Life! (previously dubbed “Inbox 2.0“). [Update: A Yahoo spokesperson clarifies that although Yang kept talking about “Life!” onstage, the project… Read More

  • LongJump Launches Cloud Database Service

    LongJump, an SaaS offering that enables ordinary people to build and customize database-centric applications (for sales, marketing, IT, HR, finance, etc.), has launched a new offering dubbed “Database-as-a-Service (DaaS)” that allows the more technically literate to build applications with databases in the “cloud” (i.e. stored on LongJump’s servers). The company… Read More

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