• Kodak Easyshare Printers: What's All the Fuss?

    Kodak Easyshare Printers: What's All the Fuss?

    I went to Kodak’s Easyshare Printer launch and walked in just as a group of nerds began playing Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. Yes, real live nerds. Don’t ask me why. I’m as confused as you. See, they made the launch into an extended Saturday Night Live sketch and they ran the entire thing in NBC studios. Feel free to watch some highlights after the jump, but it’s pretty… Read More

  • Apple Vs. World at CrunchGear

    Apple Vs. World at CrunchGear

    At CrunchGear this week, we have “Apple Vs. World,” an exciting match-up complete with in-depth analysis from both sides of the ring. We examine the gamut of Apple criticisms and commendations in an effort to satiate sympathizers lying in either trench. So be there this week to witness the continuation of the most epic battle in tech. Only at CrunchGear! Read More

  • iPod And Cellphones To Be Banned In NYC?

    iPod And Cellphones To Be Banned In NYC?

    In a wacky move, New York Senator Carl Kruger is proposing that a bill be introduced to ban iPods, cellphones, and all electronic devices while crossing the street in NYC. The proposed bill is due to two pedestrian deaths that occurred in Kruger’s district. If this were to go into effect though, how could law enforcement possibly uphold this crazy law? You’d have to hire a separate… Read More

  • BBC Slammed By Open-Source Community

    BBC Slammed By Open-Source Community

    If a bunch of open-source supporting nerds start yelling at a bunch of Brits, guess who it’s over? Yerp, Microsoft. The Open Source Consortium has come down hard against the BBC’s plans to force online TV viewers into Microsoft products. New on-demand service the BBC is offering will only be available to those using Windows and “up-to-date” versions of Microsoft products. I… Read More

  • Mexicans Lose Cellphone Service Temporarily

    Mexicans Lose Cellphone Service Temporarily

    Imagine how chaotic life would become if T-Mobile, Cingular, and Verizon’s networks all crashed. You wouldn’t be able to call for help or order pizza at all until the problem was remedied. Well yesterday, millions of Mexicans who use wireless carrier Telcel had their network crash on them. Those in Mexico City were affected the most by the downtime and the whole fiasco took hours to… Read More

  • Amazon Unboxes Your TiVo: Answers to Some Burning Questions

    Amazon Unboxes Your TiVo: Answers to Some Burning Questions

    Big news this morning. Amazon and TiVo are in talks to supply Amazon Unbox digital content directly to TiVos. How, why, and when, you ask? Read on: Read More

  • Apple vs. The World: OS X or Vista?

    Apple vs. The World: OS X or Vista?

    Mash-up Courtesy of MacThemesForums Comparing OS X to Windows Vista is a correlation fraught with peril. There is so much to like in each operating system that picking a winner in each category was difficult and bound to get me flamed. What follows is a non-exhaustive examination of OS X Tiger and Vista. Clearly, Leopard is on its way and will change the game considerably, but since Steve… Read More

  • Wowee Dragonfly Hands-On. Verdict: Awesome!

    Wowee Dragonfly Hands-On. Verdict: Awesome!

    Some background: I tried to assemble and fly a model airplane once and only once. I was about 11, and after one attempt at lift-off, the thing crashed, never to fly again. So today, when I found a nice new Wowee Flytech Dragonfly (a supposedly easy-to-use Dragonfly-shaped RC flier) in the mail, it was my first attempt at model flight in many a year. And I was not disappointed. It won’t… Read More

  • Steve Jobs To Labels: Set Your Music Free

    Steve Jobs To Labels: Set Your Music Free

    You probably can’t tell by the way Apple slaps FairPlay on millions of tracks a day, but apparantly Mr. Jobs is no fan of locked up songs. His gist: Since 90% of tunes are still sold in the essentially-unlocked CD format (that’s pronounced “see-dee”, for the digital generation), it doesn’t make sense to punish people who scoop up songs online. Ya think? Of course… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Comets On Fire Edition

    Daily Crunch: Comets On Fire Edition

    Apple vs. The World Review of the Bathys 100 Fathoms Automatic Watch Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit Review: ZuneOne’s Silicone Skin, Crystal Case Helio Jumps On The Music Downloading Bandwagon Read More

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  • Google Embarrassed in Australia

    Reporters at a Sydney, Australia newspaper discovered an embarrassing flaw in Google’s Map product – Google recommends a 10.4 kilometer trip, across the harbor and back, to go the thirty steps from Google’s Sydney headquarters to a hotel located across the street. The suggested route would also include a AU$3 bridge toll. Any query for driving directions from areas east, south or… Read More

  • Condé Nast Launches Flip

    Condé Nast can’t really be called a pure magazine publishing company any longer. They acquired Digg-clone Reddit last year, adding a user generated news site to their stable of offline and online magazines. And today they launched a social networking site aimed at teen girls called Flip. The majority of Flip is content created by users, called Flipbooks. It consists of customizable, rich… Read More

  • Social Networking For Change(.org)

    Social Networking For Change(.org)

    Nonprofit social networking site Change.org is launching this morning and hopes to change the way the average person or activist interacts with nonprofits. The site focuses on getting users to issues they care about – ending hunger, stopping global warming, etc. Users can sound off on issues, but the site also recommends that these users donate their time and money to the causes they… Read More

  • Amazon Partners With Tivo; Steals Walmart's Thunder

    On the same day that Walmart launched a competing movie download service and then fell flat on their face over simple browser compatibility issues, Amazon announced an incredibly cool, long rumored new partnership with Tivo. After several months of rumors, Amazon and TiVo have partnered to make Amazon Unbox content available from user PCs to their broadband-connected TiVo units. The service… Read More

  • Possible Snag in Google/Fox Renegotiations

    The renegotiations over Google’s $900 million advertising deal with Fox may have hit a snag, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. And that snag may be eBay. MySpace has been talking to eBay for several months about ways they could partner on what MySpace calls “peer commerce,” according to people familiar with the matter. The idea is to let MySpace users buy and sell items from… Read More

  • Commercial Break

    First, a big thanks to our readers for providing the lively debate we see day in and day out in the comments and the TechCrunch forums. One note on our Snap previews that show a preview screen shot when you hover over a outbound link: We’ve changed the functionality. Now whenever you see an icon next to a link, hover over that icon for a preview. The link itself no longer shows a preview. I… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone Confidentiality Letter to FCC Surfaces

    Apple's iPhone Confidentiality Letter to FCC Surfaces

    Here’s a delicious little find: A letter dating Oct. 12, 2006, requesting that the FCC refrain from releasing iPhone particulars to the public in hopes of preventing competitors from gaining “an unfair advantage.” Sadly the letter doesn’t really go into details on any of the information it seeks to keep from prying eyes. One can, however, gather a possible iPhone release… Read More

  • Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit

    Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit

    Troy Hurtubise, famous for his bear-proof suits, recently made headlines for developing a Halo-inspired anti-ballistic suit. After spending $15,000 and several years developing the suit, Hurtubise had hoped to sell the design to some military hoping to protect its troops in hostile situations. Suit features include a head-guided laser pointer, the whole bullet deflection thing and a handy… Read More

  • Quieter Xbox 360s Coming Soon

    Quieter Xbox 360s Coming Soon

    I love my 360. It’s a great system and I feel confident that it will win the console war. There is a problem though. It’s the nosiest device in my room. When I’m sitting here playing Gears of War there are so many grinding sounds emitting from the unit that sometimes I wonder if it’s going to explode. Recognizing that there is a problem, Microsoft is taking steps to rectify… Read More

  • Helio Hits 70,000

    Helio Hits 70,000

    Everybody’s favorite MVNO Helio today announced that it had reached 70,000 subscribers, a pretty substantial number for a year old company. The results were released because Earthlink, Helio’s parent company in conjunction with SK Telecom, will tomorrow release its annual earnings report. Helio projects that it will reach 100k subscribers by the next quarter. And I certainly hope so… Read More