• Google Will Show You Where to Vote

    Google is getting in on the voting season by offering a Google mapplet that will offer a wealth of voter information before the big day in November. The site is not yet complete, but it will provide users with “voting location, registration information, and more.” What that more is has yet to be determined since, as the site points out, “all voting location information will… Read More

  • Samsung intros the 10.2MP, HD video-capable, 10x zoom HZ1

    The Samsung HZ1 just might be one of the most versatile cameras since the Polaroid shook up the camera market. The new 10.2MP Sammy camera combines an ultra-wide 24mm lens with a 10x telephoto zoom and throws in a 720p HD movie mode for good measure. Plus, with the optical and digital image stabilization, face detection, and small bezel, what more can you want in a point-n-shoot? Read More

  • Vodafone bringing the BlackBerry Storm to the UK?

    We’ve got a bit of good news for anybody lookin’ to get their mitts on the BlackBerry Storm over in the UK. According to Pocket-lint, Vodafone will be bringing the touchscreen handset to the sovereign isle sometime in the next two months. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • Leica drops monster 37-megapixel S-System pro camera

    That is a lot of megapixels. Leica has been burning up the internet lately, what with its sweet F/0.95 lens, new M8.2 camera, and even a nice-looking projector. But this monster is surely going to generate the most buzz, especially with Nikon and Canon bickering over the megapixel count in their flagship cameras. The new S-System has a 30mmx45mm sensor, which puts it in between 35mm and… Read More

  • State Of The Blogosphere: Get To 100K Uniques, Make $75K/year

    Technorati, the blog search engine, put out Part I of its sporadic (now-annual?) State of the Blogosphere report. This year, it conducted a random survey of 1,079 random bloggers (a statistically significant sample) to paint a more detailed picture of just who exactly is out there blogging. Technorati has indexed a total of 133 million blogs since 2002. In terms of how many are active… Read More

  • Mandriva Linux cobbling together a netbook edition

    It looks like Linux lovers will get another netbook-optimized distro in "Mandriva Mini," which was recently announced and will first be seen on Emtec’s "Gdium" netbook — yes, that Emtec Gdium. I kid, I kid. I’ve never heard of the Gdium either. Mandriva promises to differentiate itself from the rest of the Linux-on-a-netbook (LOAN — coined by me… Read More

  • BoxCycle: A Marketplace for Cardboard Boxes

    Every day, businesses and retailers are flooded with boxes containing everything from new store inventory to documents. Presented with these mountains of cardboard, most businesses simply stack them “out back” until they can be shipped to recycling services or a landfill. At the same time, many consumers find themselves paying relatively high prices for new boxes, contributing… Read More

  • WTF cell phone edition: Japanese mother kills son with cell phone strap

    Nothing funny here, just insight about how the world is fraked up sometimes. The story goes that four days ago in Japan, a 35-year old mother claimed her son disappeared, but later admitted to strangling the 6-year old boy with a cell phone strap (not pictured above). No word on why either. Sad. via textually Read More

  • Alltop Launches Redesign To Cover More Topics With Less Clutter

    It wasn’t too long ago that Guy Kawasaki announced Alltop, a news aggregation site that tries to make it easy to find the top stories on a slew of topics (212 at last count) from some of the better sources on the Web. One of the biggest problems with Alltop was its poor design and cluttered layout. But in a major redesign that improves the overall experience, many of those issues have… Read More

  • Vince Laforet's 5D Mark II HD commercial falls victim of internet leakage

    The highly anticipated first look at the 5D’s high-def capabilities has leaked onto YouTube. Fortunately for Canon, and not so much for us, the video isn’t the HD version, but rather a crappy camera phone capture of the $4,200 commercial playing on a laptop. Even still, you can tell through the 21-second preview that this Laforet’s project is going to be hot. Expect more… Read More

  • New pics of Panasonic's G1 DSLR-like camera

    Some official shots of the hot new G1 micro four-thirds camera have emerged. This is one of several new cameras that promise DSLR-like versatility with a smaller and lighter size. I’m not sure I trust electronic shutters well enough to make one of these my primary camera, but I doubt so many people would be rushing to release one at once if the technology wasn’t at least sound. Read More

  • ESPN intros first Blu-ray title, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

    ESPN has been a leader in the high-def field from the start and is now bringing the networks telefim, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story, out on Blu-ray. This title marks ESPN’s first Blu-ray publication when it launches on November 11 with a MSRP of $34.95. The Disney-owned station is obviously the leader in high-def sports so hopefully it’s only a matter of time ’till we can… Read More

  • Israel deploys new, non-lethal ‘stink bomb’ as part of police action

    Those wacky Israelis! Police there used a “skunk bomb” for the first time on Friday as part of a crowd control action. The bomb is actually more like super soaker water gun that sprays a vile smelling liquid on people. The liquid is so foul smelling, that people instantly recoil against it. The theory is, if people are freaking out over the horrific smell, they’ll stop… Read More

  • Vodafone bringing the BlackBerry Storm to the UK?

    We’ve got a bit of good news for anybody lookin’ to get their mitts on the BlackBerry Storm over in the UK. According to Pocket-lint, Vodafone will be bringing the touchscreen handset to the sovereign isle sometime in the next two months. Be it that their sources ring true, Vodafone should be making an announcement in early October, with the actual product hitting the shelves… Read More

  • MTV Networks Buys The Rest Of DIY Social Networking Platform Flux (Social Project)

    MTV Networks has acquired the remaining portion of Social Project that it did not already own. Terms were not disclosed. Previously, MTV Networks was a minority investor in Social Project, which is behind the Flux social-networking platform powering many of its sites, including MTV.com, TheDailyShow.com, and ColbertNation.com. Social Project, which competes with Ning and KickApps, had… Read More

  • Nokia Photos 1.5 beta released, now with geotagging

    A beta version of Nokia’s mobile media management software, Nokia Photos 1.5, has been released, complete with a visual overhaul and a handful of new features.

    The New Features:
    Picture/Video management support for any S60 device, digital camera, memory stick, or local hard drive Automatically converts and compresses media for playback on your handset for the sake of optimal storage… Read More

  • Mini digital photo frame and magnetic earphones: Thanko releases two non-crappy gadgets in a row

    Our favorite Japanese gadget shop Thanko seems to have learned as the frequency of crappy innovations (USB ass warmer, anyone?) isn’t as high as it used to be in the past months. Following the (possibly) average-quality video glasses, now this: a mini digital photo frame and new earphones. The so-called Sound Live magnetic earphones [JP] can be clipped to your earlobe like earrings and… Read More

  • MyHeritage acquires Kindo for smarter family tree

    Israeli based MyHeritage, recently funded by Accel and Index Ventures is acquiring UK based, Kindo.com a family tree service. The amount of the acquisition is not announced but given Kindo’s performance (according to Google trends) we assume this was not a big operation. We can assume also that part of the recent funding was dedicated to the acquisition. Read More

  • Palm OSDos phones coming next year

    Looking forward to new Palm phones? Well keep looking because we won’t have finished product until early next year. The new OS aka Nova should be hitting the streets around the holidays but there really won’t be any hardware to run it on until first half of 2009. Read More

  • Tiny keyboard with retractable USB cord

    Either this hand model has some serious glandular issues or that, my friends, is a tiny keyboard. The aptly-named “Super Tiny Keyboard” from Brando is probably aimed at keyboard-less UMPC owners? Maybe for in-car PCs? Whatever the case, it’s got a USB zip-cord, so whatever device you plug it into will have to have a working USB port – so cell phones and PDAs are out. Read More

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