• Und Ya He Is Da Tekno Viking, Yah!

    http://view.break.com/373200 – Watch more free videos Did you know that Peter Ha spends six hours a day in front of his mirror reciting the lyrics of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”? It’s true. He takes off his shirt, removes his pants and puts on a wig he found in the dumpster behind his apartment. Off-key and usually half-drunk… Read More

  • Some Apple Geniuses Restoring Bricked iPhones

    You know damn well that when you unlocked your iPhone, it’d only be good until the next software update. Don’t kid me. You knew it. Now your iPhone is an expensive paperweight and Apple says you voided your warranty. Try to take it to an Apple Store or send it back to Apple and you’ll get denied. Lucky for you, some Apple employees working the Genius Bar have compassion and… Read More

  • Visa Micro Tag Keychain

    I swear, I have to get one of these if it kills me. For months now I’ve been watching those Visa and MasterCard commercials that showcase the RFID technology that’s in PayPass. You know, the one where the dude is running late and buys a pack of gum and a banana or something just by waving his credit card at a machine. Well now if you want to take it one step further, you should get… Read More

  • Messy Cable Madness

    It’s Friday and I’m sure you’re itching to finish up your work day and have a cold one. We must first, however, pay tribute to the men and women who deal with the constant struggle of untangling cables for hours on end. Yes folks, I’m talking about the SysAdmin. Want to see more hellish nightmares of cables? Click ahead if you dare. Cable Messes [Vibrant] Read More

  • Microsoft Extends XP Sales To Give Customers More Time To Move To Vista

    AP Image of some low level Microsoft employee Windows Vista hasn’t exactly taken off as Microsoft hoped it would and now it’s been forced to keep XP on store shelves for an additional five months. Originally scheduled to end-of-life in January, you’ll now still be able to buy Vista through June 30. Officially, Microsoft will keep selling XP in order to give people more time… Read More

  • Conflicts Of Interest: Why Do Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Red Hat And Others Support The National ID Card?

    The REAL ID Act of 2005 is a $17 billion privacy and civil rights nightmare that requires all fifty states to issue standardized ID and drivers license cards. Luckily, it has been stuck in bureaucratic limbo. Congress mandated the cards, passed off the strategy to Homeland Security and stuck the states with the tab for actually paying for all of this. Not much has actually happened to push… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Admits Mistake, Will Allow Pro-Choice Text Messages

    It emerged recently that Verizon Wireless intended to prevent an abortion rights group from using its network to send text messages to its members. (You know the deal—sign up with the group and you’ll occasionally get texts related to the cause.) VZW initially said the group’s message fell under its “controversial” message ban, but the company now says otherwise. Read More

  • Cooking With Video on Cookshow.com

    You know how it’s easier to follow a recipe in a cookbook if there is picture? It gives you something to shoot for when you can see what the finished product is supposed to look like. Well, the same thing goes for online recipes. Except, why stop with pictures when you can include complete video tutorials? That’s what two French entrepreneurs, Jacque Petit and Gilles Piedoye… Read More

  • Spanish Social Network, Wamba, Scores 3M Euros in Funding from Early Skype Investor

    ¡Que rico! Early Skype investor Morten Lund has gained 40% ownership of Wamba after making an investment of 3M euros in the Spanish social network. Wamba launched this past March as a Pan-European social network but has recently focused on Latin America where it will compete with hi5, MySpace, and Orkut (although apparently with the intention of capturing the Spanish-speaking, not… Read More

  • LongJump's Library Of Customizable Business Apps

    We last wrote about LongJump back in June when their business application platform launched. Like Coghead, DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, WyaWorks, and SalesForce’s Force.com, LongJump lets programming novices design their own applications. To do so, LongJump provides a visual application creator and directory where users can share the apps they develop. Since launch, they have over 100… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Animated Feature Edition

    Nickelodeon’s NPower Lineup Of Electronics
    Disney Mobile Shuts Down, Goofy Cries Bitter Tears of Regret
    WowWee FlyTech Barry B. Benson RC Bee: This Means Satan Walks Among Us
    Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA
    Intel Research Wants Your Gadgets To Know You, Love You, Hold You Forever Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. MagicJack: Apply Directly to the USB Port Hidesquadron1 Great product, but the commercial is more annoying than John Madden pointing out how to properly win a football game by “scoring more points than the other… Read More

  • Someone Please Tell John Biggs He Has The Wrong Press Credentials

    We totally laughed at John’s expense at Digital Life today. Last night there was a press event called ShowStoppers, totally unrelated to Digital Life. Similar stuff, sure, but completely different show. Someone noticed that all of our Digital Life badges were different: I have “Crunch Gear,” Vince has “CrunchGear,” Peter has “CrunchGear.com,” Blake… Read More

  • Digital Life 2007: The Man (Kid, Really) Behind The 'Cruce Wayne' Moniker

    Cruce Wayne rules Like Vince said, he and I picked a random kid at the end of the Digital Life entrance line today, hooked him up with a press badge and took him around the show floor. A journalist for the day, if you will. Free T-shirts and other goodies and review units were but some of the items he took home. But who is he? Who is Cruce Wayne (and why does that name make us laugh so… Read More

  • Digital Life 2007: Parrot 3.5-inch Photo Frame Debuted

    Parrot really loves Bluetooth. In fact, I’m pretty sure if a Parrot was a doughnut, Bluetooth would be a cup of coffee. What? OK, anyways, Parrot unveiled its new 3.5-inch Bluetooth photo frame today. It comes in several different colors with a stitched leather trim surrounding the tiny display. Although tiny, it displays pictures beautifully and can hold up to 100 of them on its… Read More

  • Update Bricks Hacked iPhones, Kills Kittens

    Possible results of updating your iPhone. Over the past few weeks Apple’s stance on hacked and modified iPhone software has drastically shifted from “do as you please” to a full on blow to the nuts earlier today. Although the iTunes WiFi music store is included in the update, users are reporting SIM errors when the device is used with anything other than AT&T. There… Read More

  • Ok, Wait, Le Backup: iPhone Not Coming to France's Orange Afterall? Huh?

    I’m going to write this whole post without making a pun about Apples and Oranges. The point is, though, that we’d heard that Orange would be the French carrier for the froggy version of the iPhone. Orange had planned on announcing the partnership, and later did. Here’s the stickler though: Apple and Orange had never actually settled on the economics. They’re apparently… Read More

  • Creative Zen Review

    Creative’s Zen line of media players hasn’t stolen much thunder from the iPod, but it has been more successful than many. The latest, dubbed simply the Creative Zen, is a flash-based player that does video on a 2.5-inch screen and rocks a full-size SD card slot. It’s not bad-looking, and it resembles the Zen Vision in many of the right ways. But its boatload of features… Read More

  • Caption This: Howard Stern and Peter Ha

    When I look at the big grin on Peter’s face, I think ________________. Read More

  • Digital Life Cruceified: Lord of the Rings Online

    As Cruce Wayne and I went around the showroom, I asked what kind of tech he was into. Video games seemed to be Cruce’s forte, so we made our way over to Lord of the Rings Online and got a little demo going. The game is the only MMORPG for the LotR trilogy and works closely with the Tolkien estate to ensure the content in the game is of excellent quality. Read More

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