• Motorola Q9M For Verizon Wireless: Hands On

    Motorola Q9M For Verizon Wireless: Hands On

    Boy Genius Report has some of the very first pictures of the new Q. The Q9M brings back the popular scroll wheel and has miniSD for expansion. It is slightly thicker than its GSM counterpart, but features the same great keyboard and slightly rubberized body. Not much has changed other than some slightly altered plastic around the edge and cool new Home screen. Its Curve-like looks, make it… Read More

  • Kevin McCloskey of MobileAware: "Who put Vodafone in charge of mobile content?"

    Kevin McCloskey of MobileAware: "Who put Vodafone in charge of mobile content?"

    Last week we posted about the recent announcement by Vodafone that it would be utilizing a transcoding application from Novarra for better viewing of traditional Web sites on mobile phones. Since that time, there have been numerous responses that “this transcoding process reduces every Web site to the lowest common denominator.” And more importantly some industry watchers have… Read More

  • Track Every Click with Crazy Egg's "Confetti"

    Track Every Click with Crazy Egg's "Confetti"

    Optimizing your website can be tough business since you can’t “see” your customers online. Analytics packages like Google analytics do a good job letting you see how many visitors are coming and going on your site by tracking every page request. However, another breed of analytics focuses on optimizing how they’re using it, by tracking where visitors click. Crazy Egg… Read More

  • Glubble Makes Firefox Family Friendly

    Glubble Makes Firefox Family Friendly

    The internet can be a crazy place for adults and even a dangerous place for kids. As more and more children are growing up with the internet as a part of their lives, parents are forced to deal with how let their children get online while still saying safe. Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft have implemented family friendly search features. Startups like IMSafer have taken on protecting kids on IM. Read More

  • New iMacs Coming Late Summer

    New iMacs Coming Late Summer

    Appleinsider has the scoop on some radically redesigned iMacs set to be released around the second half of July to mid-August. Based on the article it looks like there are also some other surprises for Mac fans in the near future. As early rumors have indicated, the lower-end 17-inch iMac will be excluded from the overhaul and eventually will go the way of the Powerbook G4. Apple’s… Read More

  • Reality Bedding: "Too Visionary" and "Ahead of Its Time"

    Here’s a surprise: Reality Bedding, the revolutionary new startup that lets you buy a comforter with a celebrity picture (or two women kissing) printed on it, is going out of business. The company also promised to let buyers upload their own images but I was never able to find that feature when looking for it. In an email, the founder says that the idea was “too visionary and ahead… Read More

  • Don't Be This Company

    Don't Be This Company

    Unless you subscribe to the theory that there is no such thing as bad press, don’t be the company that emails us and compares their new product to Flickr, but spells it “Flicker” in the email. And don’t send us links to the product that show error messages that are completely wrong. In this case, the message on the link says they only support Firefox versions… Read More

  • Novint Falcon Now Shipping. No Really. It is. Promise.

    Novint Falcon Now Shipping. No Really. It is. Promise.

    Novint Technologies, Inc. has finally started shipping its first round of preorders of the “highly anticipated” Falcon game controller. It was definitely on the verge of being vaporware. Actually, were it not for the fact that I kept seeing it show up at trade shows, I totally would’ve thrown it into the “hey, whatever happened to…” pile in the back of… Read More

  • DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market

    DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market

    Many of you like your digital photo frames. I’m of the opinion that they’re going to hit mass-market prices and really take off in the near future. Until then, you must settle for small footprints and medium prices. But there’s always the option to make your own, and RedPost is here to help you out. The new photoframe kits include everything you need guts-wise for a photoframe. Read More

  • An Open Letter to Microsoft Re: Zune

    An Open Letter to Microsoft Re: Zune

    Dear Microsoft, Blake Robinson here. I’ve been a Zune user from the beginning despite resounding clamor railing against my support. It’s a decent device that gets the job done as well as anything else out there. So what if you put too much stock into the wireless sharing function. It might be useless and I’ve still yet to “squirt” a single track at anyone, but I… Read More

  • Disc Eraser Video Review

    I just got the Disc Eraser in the mail and took a second out of my lunch to give it a quick, right-out-of-the-box review. Looks like it does its job pretty well. It cuts right through optical media like nobody’s business, but it’s nothing a razorblade from the hardware store can’t handle. You decide if it’s worth the $12.95 it costs. Official Site Read More

  • The Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, We Wish It Were Real, Too

    The Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, We Wish It Were Real, Too

    Everybody can go home after they read this because I really, highly doubt you’re likely to see anything as amazing as this today. It’s a rideable vacuum cleaner. Just let that sentence sink in for a minute. OK? It’s designed to get children to participate in cleaning around the house, but I guarantee that after a few shots at your next house party everyone will be clamoring for… Read More

  • Transformers Fan Costumes: Creative Dorks in Disguise

    In 15 days time, we as citizens of the world will be thrilled in our seats at the sight of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots fighting Megatron and his minions on the big screen in a film many of us have wanted our entire lives. Bay has a tall order to fill, no doubt, but things are looking good. Not as good, though, as this video montage of costumed Transformers fans in home-made outfits… Read More

  • New Wi-Fi Distance Record Set: 238 Miles

    New Wi-Fi Distance Record Set: 238 Miles

    A researcher in Venezuela, a fine country, has set a new Wi-Fi distance record, sending a signal 238 miles from his research facility to another one in the Andes Mountains. Well, they’re both located in the Andres. What’s most impressive here is that similar efforts haven’t produced results anywhere near this. Intel’s best efforts here in the U.S. have only reached… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Enjoy Your Gear Without Being a Douche

    Help-Key: How To Enjoy Your Gear Without Being a Douche

    Here we are, in the age of ubiquitous mobile devices, and while most of us read the instruction manuals, many don’t consider what’s not in the pages. Most of us have at least two devices on our person at all times, some even more. The upside is that these gadgets have made it easier for us to be entertained and revolutionized communications on a personal level. The bad news is… Read More

  • CodexNovus HDcodex Hi-Def Servers: 1TB to Store All the Hi-Def in the World

    CodexNovus HDcodex Hi-Def Servers: 1TB to Store All the Hi-Def in the World

    Downloading 1080p rips of movies and TV shows really eats up hard drive space, as does Armand van Helden set after Armnad van Helden set. Only being able to access that data on an internal hard drive is no fun, either. So what you need, really, is a server like CodexNovus HDcodex DML-400 and DML-1000. Or the Drobo. But we’re talking about the HDcodex now, so calm down. Dreadful name… Read More

  • Blockbluster Bravely Backs Blu-ray

    Blockbluster Bravely Backs Blu-ray

    Aw, snap! Looks like Blu-ray is beginning to honestly win the format war. With Toshiba sucking and Sony grinning, it’s only a matter of time before the format takes over as the next-generation optical format. Now Blockbuster is choosing sides and the company seems to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD. Blockbuster just announced it would begin carrying more high-def discs in 1700 stores by mid-July. Read More

  • "Blackberry Pearl 2: The Revenge" Specs

    "Blackberry Pearl 2: The Revenge" Specs

    You Blackberry Pearl fans are going to get jealous, as we’ve been hearing all morning that its successor, the Blackberry Pearl 2: Electric Boogaloo is nearing production readiness. Don’t get too panicky, though, as the Pearl 2 isn’t that much of an upgrade, and even looks the same. The new Blackberry, known internally with the kodename Komet, takes the exact same form factor… Read More

  • Hell Freezes Over: Destiny's Child Mobile Game Released

    Hell Freezes Over: Destiny's Child Mobile Game Released

    I love your pits, Beyonce You know what’s fantastic? The Final Fantasy series from Square-Enix. I really love those games. I like Kingdom Hearts and Saga Frontier 2 too. But as of today, I’m no longer buying anything that godforsaken company releases. Know why? They made a goddamned game called Destiny’s Child Groove and it’s hitting your mobile phone right… Read More

  • Breaking: Yahoo's Terry Semel Quits

    Terry Semel, CEO of Yahoo since 2001, has “resigned.” Co-founder Jerry Yang is the interim CEO, and Sue Decker has taken over as president. The markets are happy and the stock is up sharply in after hours trading. There is a back story here and we are digging to try and find it. The proper way for Semel to leave the company would be to announce his retirement and begin a search for… Read More