• Easy Website Highlighting and Notes with Awesome Highlighter

    I believe we’ve all experienced some of the repercussions that have come from having so much information at our fingertips. We’ve seen plenty of social bookmarking sites pop-up and we’ve also seen interesting developments with social annotating sites like Fleck and Stickis (we compared five social annotation sites here). All are attempting the same task – organizing… Read More

  • A Peek Inside Google's Gmail Usability Lab

    Nika Smith wrote a post on the Google blog today showing the evolution of Google chat before it launched in early 2006. Google does extensive testing of new products using employees as guinea pigs (see our post on the pre-launch evolution of Gmail) as well as outsiders brought in to test software and interfaces in their usability lab. I had a chance to see the lab a few weeks ago. It’s… Read More

  • An Eee 1000H broken down and laid bare

    Tweaktown has (in an inexplicably explicitly-worded article) taken apart one of the new, black Eee PCs and checked out all its bits and bytes. To be honest, there’s not much in the way of surprises. It’s mostly common OEM hardware, the expected Atom processor, and the normal layout for webcam, microphone, and all that. What’s nice though is that because the RAM and HDD are… Read More

  • MPAA says it shouldn't have to provide evidence to convict pirates because it's 'very difficult'

    The MPAA may have some explaining to do following remarks of one of its lawyers in the Jammie Thomas trial. The remark in question, as written by Marie. L. van Uitert: It is often very difficult, and in some cases, impossible, to provide such direct proof when confronting modern forms of copyright infringement, whether over P2P networks or otherwise; understandably, copyright infringers… Read More

  • Updated Yahoo Exec Tracker – 114 Execs Left Since January 2007

    I suspected that as soon as we published the data on the 50 ex-Yahoo execs that have left the company since January 2007 our readers would chime in with more data. We’ve now added the execs we previously missed, and the list has grown to 114 people. We’ve done our best to say when each exec left and where she or he is now. These are senior directors up through CEO level –… Read More

  • Google Trends For Websites Rocks, Unless You Want Data On Google

    The new Google Trends product that measures website traffic (the old product simply measures search queries) is a great way to get data on website traffic. It may not be perfect, but it’s yet another data source to help people understand what’s happening on the Internet. But curiously Google has blocked most Google properties from the product. Do a search for Google.com and you… Read More

  • Vlogger on Justin.tv catches his own home being burgled on camera

    Ha! This modern age. Vlogging and lifecasting (shudder) site Justin.tv user Chowda633 went off to get ear surgery a while ago and returned to find several vital items missing from his apartment. Fortunately for him, his Justin.tv stream was going the whole time he was gone, and another user found the footage of the robbery. It’s not really that exciting to watch, of course, but the… Read More

  • It's frivolous lawsuit time again: Apple and HP sued for having sytem customization

    I don’t know whether these guys are technically on solid ground, but to everyone involved this has to look like just the most egregious money-grab of all time. So this company, Clear With Computers, holds a patent describing something like an electronic configurator akin to the one pictured. Of course, the patent is ridiculously broad to begin with, but that’s a whole other… Read More

  • Surviving the Net

    Who controls TinyURL (or Snurl or other URL shortener) controls the high ground in the battle for the Internet platform. Here’s why: Our brains are wired to protect ourselves from threats to our food, oxygen, and water sources. Most attacks on our supply chains come from those closest to us, our families, friends, business associates, and combinations of those groups. We handle… Read More

  • Some early reviews of Denon’s $500 Ethernet cable

    Reviews for that $500 Ethernet cable being sold by Denon are in full swing on the Amazon.com product page, located here. Here are a couple of choice tidbits… “A caution to people buying these: if you do not follow the ‘directional markings’ on the cables, your music will play backwards. Please check that before mentioning it in your reviews.” “I installed one… Read More

  • sPult remote concept sure looks nice, but would it work?

    Am I crazy to admit that I actually enjoy the look of the design of this remote, called sPult? I don’t know how well it’d work—some of Yanko’s commenters have eviscerated it—but compared to some of the horrendous remotes I’ve used, it looks great. Read More

  • "Taterf" worm steals your WoW password, epic l00tz

    The MMORPG world is too big a target to resist, I guess. Worm-wranglers in China created a worm falled Frethog, which this new one Taterf is based on. It copies itself around, executes whenever you look at it, and by means of keylogging, packet sniffing, or other methods, determines your online game login info. It’s targeting the big ones, like WoW, Lineage, and even Steam. Once… Read More

  • ‘Time’ profiles interesting device called ‘iPhone G3’

    Wow!!! Apple apparently has another trick up its sleeve with a device that’s very similar to the iPhone 3G set to hit stores on July 11th. The new device is called the “iPhone G3” and appears to sport the exact same features as the iPhone 3G. I bet it costs the same, too. What’s interesting is that there was no formal announcement for the iPhone G3, so it appears that… Read More

  • Spyware company Gator sheds its skin yet again

    So there’s this new startup called NebuAd. I know, sounds promising already, right? Well, NebuAd does packet inspection, tracking users, the sites they go to, the ads they click, and so on. Not such a big deal, I’d say, but of course that’s just their side of the story. It seems that NebuAd is really the latest incarnation of Gator/Gain/Claria, the well-known but… Read More

  • Anti-sleepyhead sun warrior kit from Japan

    Japanese toymaker People [JP] recently released a bizarre invention that is supposedly able to turn all sleepyheads into early risers. The so-called Okiro! Asa Ichiban Taiyou Senshi – Charenjaa Kitto (Wake up! First Sun Warrior of the Morning – challenger kit) is Nippon only and made to support the “early to bed early to rise” program of the Japanese Ministry of… Read More

  • House renews FISA, approves telecom immunity

    Y’all have probably heard of FISA, the part of the U.S. Code that deals with electronic surveillance and the like. We care here because good ol’ AT&T more or less bent over backwards for the federal government, letting the NSA eavesdrop on certain telephone calls. (Wikipedia has a tremendous amount of information on the subject.) Well guess what—the House of… Read More

  • ISPs tout new methods of P2P traffic control

    Good news for P2P fans! It seems ISPs were touting their new bandwidth control methods at a recent Las Vegas convention! Most seemed to have distanced themselves from Comcast’s scorched earth policy of traffic management, though. For example, several companies discussed “Smart” routing technology, which works by routing your requests to the closest physical location. So… Read More

  • NASA confirms ice found on Mars

    NASA has confirmed the existence of ice on Mars, the first time water has been found on another planet confirming years of speculation as to the possiblity of water on the Red Planet. As the awful movie Semi-Pro says every four seconds, “Get excited!” And, as Bloomberg so kindly reminds us, “Water in liquid form is an essential ingredient for life.” Thanks, Bloomberg. Read More

  • What the web is for: A great interview with Bill Gates

    We always forget that the real promise of the Internet was multimedia content. This interview with Bill Gates simply talking over a few pictures from Microsoft’s history is so simple and direct that it’s almost charming. Say what you want about MS, but Microsoft and Apple are two sides of the same coin (maybe say Linux is the infinitesimal space between them) and one… Read More

  • Where In The World Is Jerry Yang?

    People have been wondering about Jerry Yang all week. He’s been quiet since the NYTimes article calling for his head was published last weekend. This isn’t an issue of him simply being out of town. He was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday meeting with Congressional members (Sen. Herb Kohl (D., Wis.), Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) and Rep. Edward Markey (D., Mass)) who… Read More

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