• BlackBerry Storm User Guide leaked

    With there still being about a month more to wait before the BlackBerry Storm hits the shelves (be it that the early November launch rumors hold true), what can anxious soon-to-be Storm owners do to pass the time? They could write haikus, comparing their love for the Storm’s touchscreen to a springtime breeze. They could also make a papercraft version of the BlackBerry Storm, jam… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi software is region locked

    In case you were wondering. “DSi software (software that is only compatible with DSi) is region locked, eg: European DSi software can only be played on European DSi consoles,” a Nintendo spokesperson has told CVG. “Nintendo DS software however is region free so you can play any DS software on DSi from any region. You can also browse the Internet on your DSi wherever you are… Read More

  • Linux (sort of ) turned 17-years-old yesterday

    Flickr’d It was 17 years ago yesterday that Linus Torvalds announced on Usenet the availability of his “free minix-like kernel,” better known to the world as Linux. (The kernel was actually released some days earlier, but who’s counting?) We even had our own Linux Week several months ago in order to celebrate our love/like/apathy/disdain for the operating… Read More

  • Pitch your startup at Startup Ignite! @ Web 2.0 Expo Europe

    Are you a European startup interested in or coming to Web 2.0 Expo Europe? Startup Ignite! will be on the first night of Web 2.0 Expo Europe and will highlight six companies on the main stage, presented in front of an audience of industry peers, media and VCs. The format is simple, five minutes on stage and a maximum of 15 slides. No demos. Videos are allowed. Date & Time: Tuesday… Read More

  • While you were out: Ten surprising tech happenings we were too busy to notice

    Rob at BBG wrote an excellent little list post describing changes to the tech industry that happened in the past five years. Written as a letter to someone who has been in hypersleep for the last half-decade, Rob points out that Palm is climbing a magical fantasy rainbow made of Linux, piracy is mainstream, and that the much vaunted UMD format is now essentially dead. 6. Netbooks
    Those… Read More

  • The iPhone is not the center of the universe, Nintendo DSi not competing with it

    In an interview with Nikkei, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explicitly stated that the DSi was not going after the iPhone. Why Iwata felt the need to clarify this is unclear based on the excerpt the Edge published, but I’d go out on a limb and say the Nikkei reporter asked the question. “We wanted users to have the device on them at all times,” he stated. “By… Read More

  • SearchMe Calls Out Yahoo On BOSS Screenshot

    SearchMe, a new Sequoia-backed search engine that launched in March, isn’t happy with some of the screen shots that have been seen around the Internet promoting Yahoo’s new BOSS (“Build Your Own Search Service”) product. In particular, this shot, which was included in a CNET article, shows what appears to be SearchMe’s search interface (itself borrowed from… Read More

  • Review: True Enough by Farhad Manjoo

    Writing a book review after reading True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society by Farhad Manjoo is quite a fatalistic endeavor. You’re either going to like the book or you’ll despise it. But these comments won’t change your mind. They’ll enable you to feel good buying a book you already want or you’ll ridicule them for examining a book you already… Read More

  • Ads on the CrunchBoard today

    There’s been a good response to our call for ads this week, which are free to startups fighting the current financial armageddon. If you want to send in a free ad for your startup – you need office space, a mentor, an Angel, a VC, a PHP developer, whatever, then here are the details on how. I’ll be running this free ad promotion all this week and sending out daily updates. If… Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile to introduce sans-contract postpaid options tomorrow

    Back in July, word around the rumor mill was that T-Mobile was all set to roll out month-to-month postpaid options come August 6th. The big day came and went without any new contractual options, nary a word from Old Magenta. According to TmoNews, it may have just been pushed back a bit. Their sources are a bit shaky, but they’ve got reason to believe that T-Mo will be adding monthly… Read More

  • A friendly reminder from CrunchGear to all iPhone users

    Dear iPhone Users: Change your iPhone root password. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, your default root password is “alpine.” This puts you at a distinct security disadvantage when connected to open networks as it allows the nefarious to browse your entire iPhone with impunity. To change your password, first runt his perl command: openssl passwd -crypt -salt /s… Read More

  • Surprise! Sales of RealDVD suspended while Hollywood runs itself into the ground

    Note that I have nothing against Mr. Norris per se. You just knew this was going to happen. Sales of RealNetworks’ RealDVD have been suspended while Real fights Hollywood in court, forever. You already know what Hollywood’s beef is, that RealDVD allows people to illegally copy DVDs blah bah who cares. Rent, rip and retun all you want, I say. Take this line from the… Read More

  • GameFly launches mobile-optimized site for on-the-go management

    GameFly, which is perhaps most easily explained as the NetFlix of the gaming world, today launched a new version of their site specifically optimized for mobile handsets. Through the magic of user agent detection, getting to the mobile site is a one step process: just type the standard GameFly.com address into the browser of any mobile handset. Once there, users can search through the… Read More

  • AOL-Yahoo Merger Details Emerge; Deal Could Happen This Month

    Yahoo is continuing its marathon merger discussions with AOL, sources close to the negotiations have whispered to us, and a deal could happen as early as this month. Is this just a rehash of the reported discussions in February and then again in April? Yes and no. It’s clear that AOL’s parent company, Time Warner, wants this deal more than ever. What isn’t clear is… Read More

  • Instinct gets a firmware upgrade, browser gets a bit of polish

    Over the weekend, Instinct owners discovered they had a new patch awaiting them courtesy of Sprint and Samsung. Anxiously awaiting the patch that will bring keyboard support to Java applications on the Instinct? This isn’t it. It does, however, give the browser a bit of much needed love. According to the patch notes (available after the jump), this release (BH29 – catchy name… Read More

  • The BlackBerry Application Center is RIM's answer to the iPhone App Store

    You’re looking at the BlackBerry Application Center, RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. Same basic concept as the other two—you browse and buy applications that enhance your BlackBerry experience. The Application Center—we’re running out of variants of the term “application store!”—is set to debut with… Read More

  • iPhone 2.2 firmware has Google Street View, Emoji, Auto-Correction toggle hidden inside

    Just a few days ago, iPhone developers started receiving a test version of the iPhone 2.2 software. Oddly, the only item Apple chose to list in the patch notes was “compatibility testing” – no mention of new features, specific bug fixes, or, well, anything. Tired of staring at this list of lies, the craftier amongst the crowd decided to delve a bit deeper. So far… Read More

  • Tech Stocks Take It On The Chin As Market Continues To Freefall

    It’s a blood bath out there this morning. The S&P 500 is at a four-year low as the credit crisis keeps getting worse, despite the passage of the government’s $700 billion bailout plan. The market is taking tech stocks down with it. Google is down 4 percent to $368, its lowest point since 2006. Apple is down 6 percent to $91. Microsoft is down nearly 5 percent to $25. … Read More

  • Ebay Spends More Than $1.2 Billion To Buy Bill Me Later And DBA.dk, And Lays Off 10% Of Employees

    It’s a big day for eBay and CEO Jon Donahoe. The company is laying off 10% of its workforce, or about 1,000 employees plus several hundred temporary positions. They will take a $70 million to $80 million restructuring charge around the layoffs, they said. And they’ve made two acquisitions: Denmark’s DBA for $380 million and Amazon-funded Bill Me Later for $820 million in… Read More

  • GigaOm Ignores My Advice, Raises Another $4.5 Million

    Om Malik’s GigaOm has raised another round of financing – $4.5 million – bringing the total amount the blog network has raised to $5.3 million. This round was led by Alloy Ventures. Previous investor True Ventures joined the round as well. GigaOm, one of the first blog networks to raise money, has joined b5Media, Silicon Alley Insider, VentureBeat and Paid Content… Read More

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