• Mimico Halo Mimobots Are Here!

    Did you really think we wouldn’t see a Master Chief Mimobot? The Halo Mimobot Series 1 flash drives are limited in quantity and come in Master Chief, Red Spartan, and Blue Spartan. They’re also preloaded with Halo content that includes artwork, excerpts from the Halo novel and a special episode of This Spartan Life. Preorders are taking place now and they’ll go through… Read More

  • Microsoft To Possibly Invest In Facebook

    Go to 2:07 in the video Mark Zuckerberg is chugging a can of beer right now and screaming “Shit yeah dudes!” somewhere on this earth. Why? Microsoft is looking to possibly invest in his popular social networking site. You may have heard of it actually, it’s called Facebook. Microsoft is looking to buy a reported 5-percent stake of the company in exchange for some cash. Read More

  • People Skip School For Halo 3, Defective Discs And All (Whaaa?)

    AP image. Being an AP photographer must be great It sorta crept up on us, but Microsoft released Halo 3 yesterday. Peter came, saw—I don’t know if he conquered, but he seemed pretty shocked to see real people (as opposed to fake people, natch) waiting in line to buy the game. But that’s nothing. People called in sick in order to get the game as early as possible. Read More

  • Wind Powered Lantern Lights The Way

    Most people would call designer Tom Lawton crazy. You see, as a child, Tom wanted to see the wind, which we all know is invisamable. That is, until now. Our pal Tom has created the Firewinder Mini, a wind powered lantern that becomes illuminated as long as 3MPH or stronger winds are gusting. Designed with the outdoors in mind, the Firewinder Mini uses 20 LEDs and can last up to five years… Read More

  • Latest EyeTV Streams Recorded Content To iPhone, iPod Touch

    You’ll be as cool as this guy! I don’t own an iPhone. I also don’t watch TV (unless you count “Fox Soccer Report” and “Drake and Josh”). Theoretically, however, this seems fun. ElGato updated its EyeTV TV streaming software (think SlingBox, if you’re unfamiliar) and now it’s able to stream TV shows over Wi-Fi to your iPhone and iPod Touch. Read More

  • VJ Mods NES To Output Crazy Video

    I guess if you’re VJing a rave, you better have crazy visuals in tow. So it makes sense then that some guy modded the living shit out of his Nintendo Entertainment System so that it outputs random video and messed up glitchwork. All this is done via a knob soldered to the motherboard that allows for the tweaking of video output from the graphics engine. There’s also some… Read More

  • WD Shows A Little Love For Macs

    Western Digital, purveyor of hard drives in all shapes and sizes, unveiled at Apple Expo in Paris a Mac specific portable hard drive with storage up to 1TB. The My Book Studio Edition boasts a quadruple interface (USB, FireWire 400/800 and eSATA) and features we’ve all come to love from WD such as automatic, continuous backup and the fancy capacity gauges. It comes in a great metallic… Read More

  • Dell XPS M1730 Appears On Site

    Dell has truly done a great job of promoting its XPS lineup of computers as solid gaming platforms. The latest lappy to join the group is the XPS M1730, which just appeared on Dell.com. If you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop for word processing and using the ‘net though, then you’ve come to the wrong place. The M1730 will feature a 17-inch WUXGA(BCO#&$#$) display… Read More

  • Facebook overtakes Myspace as Perfspot accelerates

    Facebook has now overtaken MySpace in the UK. The latest figures published from Nielsen//NetRatings show that Facebook has more unique UK visitors than MySpace. In something of a revelation however, Facebook is no longer the fastest growing social network. Instead Perfspot, the US-based site where people “share their interests”, is fast gaining traction in the UK. And despite it… Read More

  • Sony Vaio U Series UMPC Upgraded

    Excited about UMPCs still? Didn’t think so. Still, that’s not going to stop Sony from busting out new models of its Vaio U Series. Now packed with a 1.06GHz Core 2 Solo CPU, this UMPC now features a 40GB hard drive and a port extender. All the rest of the specs are the same old stuff, 4.5-inch screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. Just a good ol’ Sony… Read More

  • Windows Vista SP1 First Impressions

    ZDNet took a spin with Windows Vista SP1 build 6001.16659 and unless you’re a Vista power user then chances are you won’t notice much of a difference than the current build you have. There were, however, a few subtle changes worth noting for the Vista users out there. Read More

  • Amazon MP3 Beta Launches

    Everyone seems to be making comparisons to Apple in regards to just about any product that rolls off the lines in China. The Zune was supposed to be the iPod killer and this and that. There are clearly some very good rivals when it comes to hardware, but iTunes seems to have weathered the onslaught from various foes over the years and now Amazon has launched their mp3 into Beta. How does it… Read More

  • New UK blog publisher launches

    Media stories tend not to be our staple fare here at TechCrunch, but it’s worth mentioning the launch of a new professional blog publisher in the UK, MessyMedia, and welcoming them to the blogosphere. I wrote an article over two years ago for the Financial Times about what I thought at the time would be the rise of blog publishers in the UK. Others noticed the trend too. But today there… Read More

  • HD Format War To Last Another 18 Months?

    Here we go, again. Many thought, myself included, that the format war could possibly be decided after the holiday shopping season, but analysts at Forrester Research who believe Blu-ray will win are saying that the so-called war will go on for another 18 months. Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder says the Blu-ray camp needs to cut prices, which is a no-brainer considering HD DVD players are… Read More

  • Is Apple Fighting iPhone Pirates?

    Apple announced today that iPhone customers who use programs to unlock their handsets may cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software when Apple supplied software is updated, and an upgrade is coming this week. Users who make unauthorized changes to the iPhone software violate their software license agreement and void the warranty. Those people who gleefully unlocked their… Read More

  • Terabitz To Expand Beyond Home Searches Today

    Palo Alto-based Terabitz launched in July 2007 as a sort of Netvibes/Pageflakes for people searching for real estate. A search on the site pulls up a basic Google map of the area and nothing else. But users can then drag in modules to add information – local foreclosures, recent sales, listed homes, schools, even fast food restaurants. Every module that is added by a user also adds… Read More

  • MP3 Player The Size Of a Credit Card, Wow!

    Now this is a cheapish MP3 player I might actually consider purchasing. It’s about the size of a CC, but a little pudgier, 3.3×2.1x.17-inches. It also doubles as a storage device, but what doesn’t these days? Plug her in via USB and everything is good to go. The USB Flash Card MP3 player as it’s so eloquently named is a bit weak with only 2GB of storage and support for… Read More

  • BenQ Announces Slim, Touch Screen, Point-and-Shoot

    Today BenQ upgraded the T line with a slimmed down touch screen point-and-shoot digital camera. It is the slimmest 8-megapixel camera at 14.9mm with a 3-inch touch display. The T800 sports an smc Pentax lens, an ISO setting up to 6400 and super shake-free mode as well as functions like face tracking and Z-lighting, which is a fancy way of saying that you can adjust the brightness of subjects… Read More

  • Tailgate on Your Mobile Phone

    Emdigo announced that NFL Team Tailgate 3D is now available to Verizon Wireless and Alltel Communications customers. If you are a true football fanatic, Tailgate 3D is the application for you. Users can show the world that they aren’t just fair weather fans. All 32 professional teams and their players are featured on Team Tailgate. Users can get their favorite players to perform… Read More

  • DoubleClick Clicks Through To Mobile

    Look out Third Screen Media and AdMob. There is a new player on deck, and things are about to get interesting. This week digital advertising agency mobile made it official and announced the launch of DoubleClick Mobile, which will extend its digital advertising business to the mobile masses. And the ad giant didn’t miss a step in making this sound like a revolutionary move… Read More

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