• Who's Messing With Twitter Search?

    A tipster informed us this morning that Twitter’s search engine (formerly known as Summize before it was acquired this summer) has been showing tweets in its results that don’t actually exist on Twitter itself. These “phantom” tweets all contain the message “What a day :). Wed, 08 Oct 2008” plus a time in military format attached to the end. You can find… Read More

  • How TiVo saved last night

    In case you didn’t notice, two chumps dominated every damn TV station last night and almost ruined my evening. They were spouting off during my prime TV viewing time and I didn’t feel like listening to lies after lies. So, my wife watched 90210 off of the TiVo and I worked on a couple of CrunchGear reviews. But after she was done, she handed me the remote to find something else… Read More

  • Nugg.ad's behavioral targeting ad platform is in the right place, right time

    One of the more interesting German startups right now is nugg.ad AG, founded in 2006 by Frank Wagner, Stephan Noller and Klaus Kögler. It’s basically a provider of predictive behavioral targeting solutions for online advertising, which is totally a growth sector right now. It does this by predicting user behaviour but doesn’t use any user identifiable data. So it surfs the… Read More

  • Poptent Lets Brands Crowdsource Advertising On The Cheap

    Poptent, a startup that crowdsources advertising to the public, has just launched in public beta. The site allows advertisers and brands to post requests for an ad, which are then produced and submitted by the pool of small studios and videographers that make up the site’s members. Poptent is a sister site to XLNTads (also launching today), which focuses more on the brand marketers… Read More

  • Google demonstrates Maps on Android, shows off the compass

    Though we’ve seen the Google Maps for Android compass feature or time or two since Android was announced, all of the videos we’ve seen so far have been gleaned from a projected image during a presentation, or otherwise not meant for the viewers at home. Looking to remedy this, Google has published a blog post specifically focused on the Android Maps application, with an emphasis… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Labs Releases "Touchless" Multi-Touch Software As An Open-Source SDK

    No, Microsoft is not getting into the car-wash business. But it is releasing “Touchless,” multitouch software from Microsoft Office Labs that uses a regular Web camera and everyday objects as input. You can think of this as a low-end version of its Touchwall technology, which uses more precise lasers to detect movement and objects. The software developer kit is available now… Read More

  • New PS3 bundles to hit Japan

    Sony is going to release a couple of new PS3 80 GB bundles according to a report leaked through Famitsu. One of the new 80 GB models will be available for the same amount of cake as the current 40 GB offering and will include Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III. Or, you could opt for two Dual Shock controllers and a copy of LittleBigPlanet for a few more yen. Currently, the info indicates… Read More

  • RIM releases developer tools and emulator for BlackBerry Storm

    So you’ve dipped your feet into iPhone and Android development, but aren’t really feeling either platform? Got an idea you think a carrier or two would pick up for the BlackBerry Application Center? Time to get crackin’. Now that the Storm is on its way to the starting block, RIM has released the development tools needed to get an application up and running on the handset. Read More

  • Best Buy Mobile handset roadmap discovered

    There are some sweet mobile phones coming out over the next few months and a BGR crony turned up release dates for Best Buy’s hotest upcoming phones. The info comes off of a PowerPoint slide and reveals quite a bit.   Coming October 26th: Sprint – Samsung M540 “Rant”, available in black, purple and red Sprint – HTC Touch Pro Verizon – Blitz AT&T… Read More

  • Mojo HD to be turned off forever

    Mojo, or previously known as InHD & InHD2, was one of the very first 100% high definition channels when launched back in 2003. Those were the days of a sparse HD channel lineup of Discovery HD Theater, ESPN HD, HDNet and InHD. Unfortunately, the pioneering station is going to be shut down, as its owner no longer feels it’s needed thanks to the more than a hundred national HD stations… Read More

  • Reframe It Retreads Web Annotation As A Browser Add-On

    The idea of annotating the Web has been around for a long time. It goes back to a failed Web 1.0 startup called Third Voice. Today there are a handful of Web startups (Diigo, Fleck, Stickis, ShiftSpace, TrailFire) that let you mark up any Web page by adding virtual sticky notes or comments in a sidebar. One of these, ActiveWeave, had to reboot as BlogRover and eventually sold itself to… Read More

  • Bob Dylan's ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’ starts today on XM, Sirius XM, whatever its name is today

    For the past three years, Bob Dylan has hosted the “Theme Time Radio Hour,”
    an hour-long radio show on XM that showcases music from all sorts of genres and artists. It’s very artsy, and it’s starts again today. Beginning at 10am ET on XM channel 40, Deep Tracks, “Theme Time Radio Hour” starts anew. Each show focuses on a theme, then explores music related… Read More

  • Disney unleashes the lawyers on Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray

    Nobody takes the fun out of life more than lawyers and Disney’s 57-page EULA on its Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray release. The agreement must be accepted before disc access is allowed and then there is another 63-page Privacy Policy agreement screen before access to BD Live material can be accessed. The whole ordeal is a tad annoying. It’s understandable that Disney wants to protect… Read More

  • Mufin: An Automated Music Recommendation Engine That Actually Works

    Whenever we get introduced to a site that features some kind of “digital fingerprinting technology” to power a music recommendation engine, it’s hard not to be skeptical. Fingerprinting works well for identifying the same song in multiple places – for example, duplicate songs in a music library. But when it comes to music recommendations, automated systems rarely… Read More

  • Asus Eee PC S101 in stores this month

    Another day, another Eee PC. The Asus Eee PC S101, which will be available at fine retailers by the end of the month, is your standard issue Eee PC: small, lightweight (2.2 pounds, to be exact) and loaded with either Windows XP or Linux. The rest: 10.2-inch display, 1GB of RAM and a whopping 20GB of storage (up to 64GB SSD). Expect to pay around $699 for the little guy, provided we’re in… Read More

  • Mugen Peri Peri: Experience the feeling of opening shipping envelopes over and over again

    When do you know that a given country, in this case Japan, is totally saturated with gadgets? When one of its companies, in this case Bandai, releases a combination of a cell phone strap and a mini toy that lets you relive the unforgettable experience of opening shipping envelopes or cardboard boxes. The so-called Mugen Peri Peri [JP] even features a built-in speaker for a number of… Read More

  • Brain fingerprinting could replace conventional lie detectors

    Being that lie detectors are complete wastes of space, law enforcement needs, you know, something that actually works. That something could well be brain fingerprinting, which measures brainwave activity to determine if someone is telling the truth or not. VentureBeat puts it in easy-t-understand terms. Imagine you viciously murder someone with an axe. Then, when the police are questioning… Read More

  • Oh, so that's how Wii-DS play works in new Final Fantasy

    Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time employs quite a little gimmick: simultaneous Wii and DS play. That is, while you’re playing the DS version, you can pal up with your friend who’s playing the Wii version. This strange mestiçagem works by essentially “porting” the DS version to the Wii, which then translates the DS… Read More

  • Augmented Reality? The Tuttuki Bako box needs your finger to play with virtual characters

    Who needs Augmented Reality Cybermaid Alice? Bandai Japan plans to release a palm-size cube in the middle of next month that lets you stick your finger into it to interact with the beings and things contained in the box. Read More

  • RIM shot: A hands-on of the BlackBerry Storm

    Our amigos at Gizmodo have a hands-on with a Verizon Wireless-branded BlackBerry Storm, and it’s gotta be in the top 100 most interesting things you’ll see all day. To be fair, the phone at least looks halfway decent. Giz’s Buchanan notes a feature that will no doubt annoy several would-be Storm owners. Unlike how on the iPhone you can sorta “glide” from letter… Read More

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