• Next-gen iMacs Could Have New Keyboard Design

    Next-gen iMacs Could Have New Keyboard Design

    We all know that new iMacs will most likely come out before year’s end, but did you know that new keyboards will be included with them? According to “credible sources” and “tipsters”, the guys at AppleInsider are claiming that the freshly designed keyboards will take a tip from the Macbook’s “low profile” keyboard to make the size of the… Read More

  • Screen Shot Of Yahoo Mosh; Plus Nokia Has A Mosh, Too

    Screen Shot Of Yahoo Mosh; Plus Nokia Has A Mosh, Too

    More updates from our post yesterday on Mosh, Yahoo’s new social networking initiative. One reader has sent in what could very well be a screen shot of the service. It could also easily be a quickly mocked up fake, but I don’t care because Darth Vader holding a banana and a guitar is something that I feel compelled to put up on TechCrunch. If it’s real, my guess is the Mosh… Read More

  • Back-to-School Tech Shopping on a Budget

    Back-to-School Tech Shopping on a Budget

    If there’s one thing Josh Goldman knows, it’s that two queens means no smoking. If there’s a second thing that Josh Goldman knows, it’s how to shop for tech on a budget, which is handy now that college is right around the corner. To that end he tricked Computer Shopper into letting him write a how-to guide on buying all the latest, coolest gadgetry. Split into four… Read More

  • Joost Scores Major VH1 Deal

    Joost Scores Major VH1 Deal

    Looks like hotshot startup Joost is gaining even more credibility as a true alternative to standard television. It just struck a deal with VH1 that will allow Joost to showcase the new series “I Hate My 30s” a full 10 days before it even hits TVs around the country. With over 500,000 people using Joost, VH1 knows this is a great way to attract people to its programming. The deal… Read More

  • Yelp Is Way Cooler Than I Thought

    Yelp Is Way Cooler Than I Thought

    Yelp, a user generated review site that continues to do very well with traffic growth, was still a bit boring in my opinion. Reviews of the local restaurants and flower shops are useful for some people, but it isn’t exactly as sexy as hanging out in MySpace. Perhaps I’m wrong though…some of the bored housewives in silicon valley may want to check out this review of… Read More

  • SimulScribe One Ups iPhone With Boobs, SFW

    You all know about SimulScribe and their hot visual VM, SimulSays Beta, so I won’t get into it again, but check out these hilarious Mac vs PC parodies. Boobs are always fun on a Monday. Read More

  • Fujitsu Siemens' New 3G-Enabled Notebooks

    Fujitsu Siemens' New 3G-Enabled Notebooks

    Starting in August, you’ll be able to pick up one of Fujitsu Siemens’ new 3G-integrated ESPRIMO laptops. Aside from near-ubiquitos connectivity thanks to the integrated 3G chip, you’ll also be able to squeeze about 10 hours out of each of these rigs when using an optional second battery (according to Fujitsu). They’ll be available in three different models — a… Read More

  • CrunchGear Central European Meet-up: First Stop, Budapest

    CrunchGear Central European Meet-up: First Stop, Budapest

    I’ve been hinting at a CrunchGear reader meet-up somewhere in Central Europe and I’ve decided to hold the first one next week in Budapest. I have to confirm the date, time, and location, but I’m looking for Hungarian folks who might have something to show off or talk about to a group of cool, tech savvy readers and I’m also looking for sponsors and/or giveaways. If… Read More

  • Time's 50 Best Websites of 2007

    Time's 50 Best Websites of 2007

    Time has just released its list of the best websites of 2007 and the results look good. The most creative and useful websites in existence today are now compiled into an article detailing what makes each one so useful. Sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and ING Direct made the cut, as well as other blogs in Arts & Leisure, Audio & Video, News & Info, Social Networks, and Web… Read More

  • Steve Jobs Spotted in London, Possibly Related to European iPhone Launch

    Steve Jobs Spotted in London, Possibly Related to European iPhone Launch

    Steve Jobs visited London yesterday. He might have been there just to hang out, getting himself a nice London tan, or he could, could have been there to finalise (note the British spelling) the details surrounding the European launch of the iPhone. Part of Apple’s London retail store is scheduled to be closed next Monday, leading some to predict an iPhone announcement then. Read More

  • Rumor: OS X Making Its Way To iPods

    Rumor: OS X Making Its Way To iPods

    Like this, except not crappy It wouldn’t really feel like a Monday without an Apple rumor, would it? The latest one to hit the wire involves OS X and the iPod. Seems an analyst over at research firm Piper Jaffray thinks that because the iPhone has OS X, the iPod is going to be following suit. Normally I’d dismiss these claims but it seems to make sense. The iPod is due for an… Read More

  • TUN3R: Internet Radio Search With A Dose Of Web 2.0

    TUN3R: Internet Radio Search With A Dose Of Web 2.0

    TUN3R.com is an internet radio search engine targeted at “the Web 2.0 generation.” TUN3R departs from traditional radio portals by greeting users with “The Dial”: a grid containing top-rated internet radio stations. By simply dragging the needle around The Dial, listeners can hear audio samples streamed from stations, as well as browse through an abridged version of… Read More

  • Sirius Live Earth Feed Came From XM

    Sirius Live Earth Feed Came From XM

    For anyone who thought that merging XM and Sirius together would be a royal pain in the ass, this is the proof that it’ll be as easy as Kevin Bacon landing a role in a crappy flick. Seems XM was set up with over 60 crew members at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ and London for Live Earth. The crew taped all the music and conducted several interviews which were then broadcast… Read More

  • Zlio Secures $4 million In Series A Funding

    Zlio Secures $4 million In Series A Funding

    Social ecommerce site Zlio has secured $4 million in Series A funding in a round led by Mangrove Capital Partners. The announcement coincides with an important milestone for the Paris based company; Zlio has now reached 100.000 shops with 2.5 millions unique visitors per month. Zlio gives users the ability to create their own shops and sell goods from other ecommerce services. Users can… Read More

  • YouTube Has Killed the Hip Hop War

    YouTube Has Killed the Hip Hop War

    Where have you gone? Guys like Eric B and Rakim, pre-G-Unit Mobb Deep and Nas before he decided to call it in made hip hop great. Part of the allure of hip hop culture was the constant bickering—beef—between MCs. One rapper would “start something” and the other would respond in kind, usually on some sort of thrown-together mixtape with a “dis track.”… Read More

  • Cowon iAudio 7 Shipping

    Looking for a decent alternative to the iPod? Give Cowon’s new iAudio 7 a look-see. It comes in either black with 4GB of storage or red with 8GB and has a supposed battery life of around 60 hours on a full charge. The iAudio 7 can handle multiple file formats too, including all the DRM’d Windows Media files as well as OGG, MP3, WAV, WMA, and XviD and MP4 video. If that stack of… Read More

  • Get A Little Bling At HotOrNot

    San Francisco based HotOrNot, a popular online dating site which has broken most of the de-facto rules of running a silicon valley startup, is shaking things up again. For the last several months they’ve been testing a new service called Hotlists, which lets users add a little brand bling to their profile and build out their identity through association. Co-founder James Hong writes… Read More

  • Tekken 6 Gameplay In The Wild

    Surely by now you’ve become extremely excited for Tekken 6 and are dying for some live gameplay vids. This video will quench that thirst. Check out the minor details in the game. Fluid motions, ultra-realistic water effects – this game looks hot. I can’t wait to score the PS3 version come later this year. Tekken 6 In The Wild [Kotaku] Read More

  • This Dog Robot Runs Linux: BJ

    This Dog Robot Runs Linux: BJ

    The second robot story in as many hours. At least this robot has a name that’ll make 10-year-olds (and all of us here) giggle: BJ. Yes, BJ the robot sorta looks like Sony’s Aibo in that they’re both dog-shaped robots. But BJ here runs on Linux, giving it instant credibility with the Slashdot crowd and a HIND LEG up on the competition (ohmygod lol). Apparently it’s for… Read More

  • RoboCup: Robots Play Soccer, America Still Hates the Sport

    RoboCup: Robots Play Soccer, America Still Hates the Sport

    While real life soccer hooligans like me are content to watch the Copa America for their summertime football fix, several nerds thought it’d be a good idea to have robots play the beautiful game. Thus we have the RoboCup, a Georgia Tech-hosted festival of robots and the nerds who build (and love) them for the purpose of advancing the field of robotics. While soccer isn’t the only… Read More