• Rumor: Verizon adding $99 unlimited voice

    [photopress:verizonguy.jpg,full,left]Verizon is setting to offer an all-you-can-talk voice plan for $99. Word is it’s to launch on Tuesday, with ads popping up randomly on USA Today’s website, among others. This is hardly surprising as unlimited plans are the next logical step for carriers if they want to stay competitive. If you’re a power-talker, and on Verizon, you might… Read More

  • Samsung's amazing TouchWiz OS

    Seriously. This is one OS — found on the F480 — I saw at MWC that could even be considered a competitor to the iPhone. Compared to this, the X1 looks like it was designed by a committee of narcoleptics. Samsung TouchWiz & F480 [PhoneScoop] Read More

  • It's an ionizing, MP3-playing thingy!

    [photopress:handy_mp3_player.jpg,full,center] At 128MB, I’m not sure if I’d call this an acne-fighting MP3 player or an acne-fighting gizmo with MP3 capability, but it is what it is, sort of. See, you hold it to your face for ten minutes with it set to “negative” and it shoots your pores with negative ions. Then do the same thing set to “positive” and it does… Read More

  • Xperia X1 to run Windows Mobile 6.1, me to cry

    The charming, polished S-E X1 runs Windows Mobile 6.1, which is like saying that hot, 6-foot-3 model you know is a furry — and not the fun kind of furry but she wears a ratty old Tweety Bird costume with her ugly, loud boyfriend who dresses up like Sylvester and they have sex. And you’re all like “What? She can do better than that. Hell, I’ll dress up. Just not in… Read More

  • Two gPhones coming for post-Christmas?

    RXC is positing that there will be two gPhones coming after Christmas, both made by Samsung (!!). He describes the phones as something like the Pearl with a flip up screen. I’m calling bullshit, as does 9to5mac, but it’s not too hard to make a “gPhone” — just rebadge something in the OEM’s pipeline — but I just can’t see Google selling… Read More

  • Twitxr – Like Twitter, With Pictures. Yeah, It's Photoblogging.

    FON (better known for building a WiFi community) launched Twitxr today through their FON Labs group. Basically, it’s Twitter but allows picture uploads when sending a message (which makes it particularly useful for camera phones). FON founder Martin Varsavsky announced the product on his blog. So, yeah, basically it’s a photoblog. You can easily set it up to automatically send… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #313

    http://podshow.com/mc/videos/flash/player/fleapit.swf?conf=http%3A%2F%2Fpodshow.com%2Fmc%2Fvideos%2Fscripts%2FmplayerXML2.php%3Fguid%3D29c8dd0a567caa95fd9008cb67fc1a5f XamBox may be the single best intermediary device between analog and digital I’ve ever seen. Paper documents, receipts and business cards are scanned in and dropped in a box. Software converts the paper to PDFs and catalogs… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $20 off Rock Band at Target

    Hey everybody! Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that Rock Band is on sale at Target for $149. It’s sunday and there’s probably nothing on TV, so you might as well go and pick up the Special Edition bundle. Go. Now! Target Read More

  • Cavalcade of rumor: "Greener" Dell planning Air-esque ultralights and Android phones

    An internal email between Dell employees points to some more rumors about a Dell Android phone coming in the next few months. No details, but “yes it is true.” In further news, there will be a fully rugged notebook next month as well as a 3-pound laptop about half-an-inch thick. The source estimted that they had 14 “Opti’s and Lat’s” coming up and will… Read More

  • CG Readers got talent!

    Jas posted a link on BFF about his new game, Seek Me. Hi all, It’s been a long time since I posted anything, so here it is…I am working on a new game that I hope to release soon. I am testing it now to make sure that it is all working fine and dandy. Here are some images and some video of the games earlier levels. It is a puzzle platromer where you use your limited teleporting… Read More

  • Cookthink: Like Pandora For Recipes

    Washington DC based Cookthink bills itself as being like Pandora for recipes with a tested cooking database that returns results based on user desires. The key pitch of Cookthink is the “cookthink it” search tool. Users enter what they are craving and Cookthink suggest a good recipe to match those cravings. Ingredients can be combined, for example if you had cravings for a pasta… Read More

  • Sonico: The Biggest Social Networking Site You've Probably Never Heard Of

    Spanish language social networking site Sonico is the biggest social networking site you’ve probably never heard of before today. If you haven’t you wouldn’t be alone, it has zero hits in Google News as I write this post. Buenos Aires based Sonico from FNBox launched in August 2007 with the usual social networking mix of message boards, profiles and networks based on school… Read More

  • It's official: Blu-ray wins

    [photopress:hddvdrip.jpg,full,center] It’s over, and Blu-ray wins. The main backer of the HD DVD format for next-gen video discs, Toshiba, has itself withdrawn from production of said discs. Without Toshiba to lead the way, HD DVD is more or less a done format. We feel bad for supporters of the format, but they welcoming arms of Blu-ray will be open, waiting to embrace you and make you… Read More

  • Guitar Hero Carabiner: Take Guitar Hero with you wherever

    [photopress:guitarhero.jpg,full,left]I haven’t played with this yet, so I can’t recommend for or against it, but man it looks fun. It’s a little Guiar Hero toy, pre-loaded with music from the game, and with tiny control buttons and screen, all shaped like a Guitar Hero toy. It’s a carabiner, so you can clip it onto your whatever. If you’re really rock n’… Read More

  • Rumors: Alienware working on Android-based iPhone killer?

    [photopress:_9e28_transformers_cellphone_concept.jpg,full,center] Apple is a computer company before all else, this much is fact. The iPhone is far more computer than phone, and besides its design, that is why it’s so popular. It reinvented the cellphone industry in no small way, and it happened because Apple isn’t a phone company. Neither is Google, but the Android OS is on… Read More

  • David Lawee New Head Of Google Corporate Development

    If you are looking to sell your company to Google, David Lawee is the guy to be stalking. Lawee, a source says, is the new Vice President of Corporate Development at Google, a spot that has been vacant since Salman Ullah, the previous VP, left (along with Sean Dempsey, also from Google corp dev) to form new venture fund Merus Capital. Lawee, who started off in corporate development at Google… Read More

  • Use RosterBot To Manage Your Kids' Little League Team

    Nothing mind blowing here, but RosterBot will be a welcome application for coaches of kids or adults informal sports teams. It’s simple, it’s free and it works, unlike existing applications (let me know if you know of an alternative that you like). Like most of the good applications we see, it was created not from a spreadsheet but from the need to solve a problem. In this case… Read More

  • Poor People More Likely Use Yahoo, Those Better Off To Use Google

    New data released by Hitwise yesterday shows that there is a socio-economic difference between those frequently using Yahoo and those more frequently using Google. The graph right demonstrates “Online Representation” based on demographic types. The Y axis represents Yahoo, the X axis Google, with the higher the number, the more that particular group of users uses each service. Yahoo… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Reboxing Edition

    ‘Elmo Live’ at Toy Fair 2008
    LG’s PG6000, LG6000 show evolution in TV design
    BGR gets an early AT&T Centro, then unboxes the hell out of it
    The Adventures of Titty Shepard
    CrunchGear/TechCrunch/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up report Read More

  • Make Your Own Comics With Comiqs

    Singapore based Comiqs gives users the ability to create their own comics with a rich web based editing suite. Sites and services that provide comic generation aren’t new. Comic Life from Plasq (makers of Skitch) would be the best known in the field, and comes installed on new Macs. There’s also no shortage of “add speech bubble” style web editors available as well. Read More

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