• Video: I Am Rich (and you can download it)

    Want to see I Am Rich in action? Sure, OK. You can download a cracked version here, being rich not required. Read More

  • Kyosho rolls out new indoor model chopper

    Kyosho is presenting a new model chopper for indoor use, which will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of September. The company is also present in the US (as Kyosho America). Their web site even features the Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset already but price or availability for the US market are unknown at this point. The radio-controlled model plane (4-channel, 2.4 GHz) can be safely used… Read More

  • Video: Installing a game onto the Xbox 360 hard drive

    One of the many boring announcements made by Microsoft at E3 last month was that, with the next Dashboard update, users will be able to install games to the Xbox 360’s hard drive. This video shows someone doing just that, installing Grand Theft Auto IV to the console’s hard drive. You’ll note at the end how the Xbox still asks you to insert the game disc. That rules out… Read More

  • Next-gen Intel processors to be called Intel Core i7

    The next round of Intel processors have officially been named Intel Core. The very next round of processors, previously codenamed Nehalem, will go by the name Intel Core i7. As always, model numbers will be used to differentiate the different chips. Yes, there will still be an Extreme Edition, which is the one on the right up there. Useful, perhaps, for those of you trying to play Crysis at… Read More

  • CrunchGear Turns Two, Gives Away Lots of Gadgetry

    Yesterday was our second birthday and for the next ten days we’ll be celebrating by holding 10 Days of CrunchGear giveaways. Stop by early and often to see what we have to offer every day until August 21st and thanks for reading/not firebombing my house whenever I post on TC. Read More

  • iPhone Apps: One Month And 60 Million Downloads Later. But Not One Of Them Is A Killer App

    Steve Jobs shared some stats on how the iPhone App store is doing one month after launch with the WSJ’s Nick Wingfield. There have already been 60 million downloads, the majority of them free. But paid downloads are doing just fine, pulling in $30 million in revenues in the first 30 days. The article does not reveal the total number of paid downloads, but given that apps range in… Read More

  • 60 million downloads on the App Store, Jobs confirms remote removal

    Word on the street is that the App Store has seen some 60 million downloads since its launch last month, and has sold about $1 million worth of applications per day. (That’s $30 million in a month, $360 million in a year, if the numbers hold.) While that’s all well and good, there’s no numbers breaking down usage—say you bought a Magic 8 Ball app but only used it… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Alligator Hunter Edition

    Japanese company sells “photorealistic” 3D-sushi/hamburger/pudding/orange puzzles
    Man builds Batman’s Tumbler in his garage
    Pacifier cleaners look like they have come to colonize earth
    Deutsche robots protect Beijing Olympics
    Alligators! Cupcakes! Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Dear CrunchGear

    Today is our second birthday. Our cake is a little bare, as you see, so tune in tomorrow for the first of our 10 Days of CrunchGear celebration giveaways and drink a cold one in our honor tonight. Thanks for reading us and thanks for making this the greatest two years of my life. Except for the herpes. That sucked. Read More

  • Touchscreen PSP mod

    The creator of this mod can totally have my babies. This is essentially a touchscreen bolted onto a PSP and it works perfectly, ensuring you’ll never have to flip that little analog stick over to the right letter to type. It seems to work perfectly and he even goes into detail, below, on how he built it. Read More

  • You’re doing a fine job there, NBC

    Just noticed this graphic as NBC took a commercial break during Olympic coverage. Can’t wait to watch the upcoming “SWIMMMING” events. Nice work there, NBC. You’d fit right in here at CrunchGear. As we always say, “Proofreeeading, schmroofreedninng.” Read More

  • Man lands airplane via text messages

    A small airplane in Ireland suddenly found itself in a dilly of a pickle of a jam when it "lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport," according to The Irish Times. The twin-engine Piper contained a pilot and four passengers. The pilot was unable to make contact with the nearest air traffic control tower, so he tried… Read More

  • Has Apple killed the MobileMe status blog?

    On July 25th, a new item showed up on the Apple’s MobileMe page: “Status”. In order to better communicate with an angry userbase while potentially pacifying the harsh-tonged masses, this page would serve as a small glimpse behind the doors of the MobileMe HQ for anyone who cared to look. At the beginning, all was well. Every other day brought a herald of both good and bad. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $249.99

    Ah, plummeting technology prices. Time was, you couldn’t get a 24-inch monitor for under $800. Now you can grab one for just under $250. Sure, it’s a Soyo, but has Soyo ever done you wrong? If not, why not give Soyo a chance? Here’s what you get if you were to walk into Office Max and buy this monitor: 24" Widescreen SXGA TFT LCD Display 1920 x 1200 Native Screen… Read More

  • Video of HTC Dream running Android?

    Here’s an apparent video of the HTC Dream running Google’s Android operating system. The video looks to have been shot at incredibly high altitude, as even the most basic and delicate hand movements have left the guy working the camera completely out of breath. This looks a little clunky for an HTC device so I don’t want to say that this is definitely definitely definitely… Read More

  • The Noncompete Ruling Won't Change Anything, Anywhere

    Earlier this week, California’s Supreme Court reaffirmed the state’s position on noncompete clauses: they’re almost never valid, except for in a few specific circumstances. While this has been the state’s policy since 1872, the law recently came into question in the case of Edwards II v. Arthur Andersen LLP, in which the accounting firm tried to uphold a noncompete… Read More

  • MSI Wind for $479.99 (backordered, of course)

    Hey, looks like Best Buy hasn’t jacked up the price of the MSI Wind! If you’re still looking for one for under $500 and you’re okay with waiting 1-2 weeks, you may be able to grab one through Best Buy. It’s online-only, so don’t bother heading out to your local store. It’s also the three-cell battery version, too, but don’t let that dissuade you. Read More

  • Why Twitter Hasn't Failed: The Power Of Audience

    Twitter isn’t for everyone, and you may have dismissed the service a long time ago. But regardless of your own use, it’s hard to dismiss the phenomenon itself and the passion of so many that has built up around it. No matter how long the outage du jour, Twitter users continue to stay attached to the service despite an ever-changing backdrop of alternatives. Blogging isn’t… Read More

  • Facebook's Redundant Ad Rating System

    If you’ve bothered to look at the ads on Facebook lately (don’t worry, nobody else looks at them either), you might have noticed little thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons at the bottom of each ad. If you click on one of these, a box pops up asking why you liked or didn’t like the ad. This presumably will help Facebook target ads at you more effectively in the future. The… Read More

  • Alligators! Cupcakes!

    While not technically a gadget, the alligator cupcake pan was simply too great not to share. Be sure to eat your cake before it eats you. thanks Cooking Gadgets Read More

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