• When does inexpensive mean cheap? ‘Sport In-Ear MP3 Player’

    A British shoppe is now hawking what it calls the “Sport In-Ear MP3 Player,” a do-as-you-like 1GB MP3 player you wear around your head. With styling straight out of 1997, the player does all sorts of unexpected things, like supporting, in addition to MP3, WMA and WAV. Its little battery charges over USB. No Mac support, it looks like, but who needs that! So it’s a little on… Read More

  • Piggy bank for RPG fans to be released in Japan

    Takara Tomy announced they will roll out a mixture between a savings box and an RPG in Japan on August 7th. The so-called “Bankquest” [JP] will cost $37. Players will be able to boost their character’s skills by placing any coin from 1 to 500 Yen into the lid of the box. Takara Tomy says the game will feature more than 160 items (weapons, healing drinks, armor etc.) you can buy. Read More

  • Tiny XP: Everything you want, you got it

    Tiny XP [Warning: Porn ads] is a stripped down yet simultaneously beefed up version of XP that includes almost all the drivers necessary to run on almost any hardware as well as a number of registry hacks that ensure that the install won’t bog things down. Is it legal? No, but it’s basically a sysadmin’s godsend. It even includes a tiny copy of Linux for boot-time… Read More

  • Multiply: The Social Network That Backs Up Your Media, Too

    Multiply, a media-heavy social network geared towards adults, has introduced a new backup system that will backup users’ videos and photos at full resolution. The premium service will cost users $20 per year for an unlimited amount of storage. As part of the new release, all users (even unpaid ones) will be given access to Multiply’s new media upload application that’s based… Read More

  • The State of Open Mobile OSes

    Open operating systems, for most folks, means that the operating system is essentially free. The average computer user knows that Linux is free, as in beer, while Windows costs money. The case is the same for mobile OSes although, until very recently, the idea of purposely using an open OS has been a fairly nebulous concept. To be clear open mobile OSes have been around for years, starting… Read More

  • Novint partnering with Valve to make freaky, awesome robo-peripheral useful

    A while ago I posted about how Novint, an innovative and ambitious peripheral company took their freaky-deaky Falcon controller straight to EA instead of standing around like some kind of techno-wallflower. Well, it worked out pretty well and they’re leveraging it into more deals: they’re teaming up with Valve to add Falcon support to a ton of their games. As befitting my… Read More

  • iSuppli Estimates new iPhone costs $173 to Manufacture

    Research firm iSuppli Corp. estimates that the 8 gigabyte version of the upcoming iPhone costs Apple around $173 to manufacture. The handset goes on sale in twenty-two worldwide markets on July 11, with the cheapest model selling for $199 in the United States. But Apple will make more money than the $26 difference between the sale price and manufacturing costs. The retail price of the iPhone… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fish Tank Edition

    Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 3 (final): The coolest electronic toys on video
    CrunchDeals: Scary-ass robotic Elvis for $59.99
    Japan to build two mega solar power plants
    Logitech’s Mac-only QuickCam puzzles, does video Read More

  • Mixx Gets Serious About Community Building

    Digg competitor Mixx just launched an extension to its groups feature that founder Chris McGill describes as “Ning for social media”. Users can now set up Mixx community sites on their own subdomains (see ours here). Administrators have the power to brand them visually, post editorial content, and even make some revenue off advertisements. Others can join as members and begin… Read More

  • Kosmix Goes Horizontal

    Kosmix, until now a vertical search engine for information about health, automobiles and travel, transformed itself into a universal search engine for all subjects earlier today during a general redesign. The move has been anticipated since at least last September, and was described by co-founder Anand Rajaraman in a Beet.tv interview posted less than a week ago. Now when users conduct… Read More

  • T-Mobile @Home offers $10 per month unlimited VOIP

    Starting July 2nd, existing T-Mobile customers will be able to add unlimited VOIP home phone service for $10 extra per month, plus a one-time outlay of $50 for a T-Mobile-branded Linksys wireless router with built-in VOIP functionality. The router has two SIM card slots inside and, as such, can handle two separate phone numbers. You’ll get an additional number on top of your current… Read More

  • iPhone 3G might actually cost $173, says iSuppli

    Sometime last week analysts at Portelligent claimed that Apple was spending a mere $100 per iPhone 3G, but iSuppli, purveyor of such things, is claiming a preliminary “virtual teardown” of about $173. “At a hardware BOM and manufacturing cost of $173, the new iPhone is significantly less expensive to produce than the first-generation product, despite major improvements in… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile to acquire Helio, says FT

    Let’s be honest. We’ve seen this coming for more than a month now and the Financial Times is reporting that VM and Helio could announce sometime this week that the two MVNOs will merge leaving SK Telecom with a 20 percent stake. There have been rumors floating around that Helio stores will shut their doors in an effort to cut costs, which we haven’t been able to confirm nor… Read More

  • Faceparty tells critics to F*** Off, suspends entire site

    Owners of the somewhat idiosyncratic FaceParty, one of the UK’s oldest social networks, appear to have had an altercation – with almost their entire user-base. On Tuesday night the normal home page was replaced with a diatribe against users who had complained about a fancy dress competition the site was holding. The site was cut off for several hours, blocking all users from… Read More

  • Video: BlackBerry Bold UI

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F1027859%3Freferrer%3Dblip%2Etv%26source%3D1&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Hmm. It looks good, but I wish they would have spent some more time on a few of the features that have… Read More

  • Amie Street Lands Big Content Deal With The Orchard

    Amie Street, the music store that features dynamic pricing that varies according to a song’s popularity, has secured a deal with digital music distributor The Orchard, which holds a catalog of over 1 million songs. For the time being not all of The Orchard’s music labels will be taking part in the deal, but Amie Street hopes to have them all finalized in the near future. Amie… Read More

  • Evri Launches Semantic Content Discovery Engine In Private Beta

    Evri, the site that uses semantic connections between terms to help users discover related information, has launched in private beta. You can register for an invite here. Evri founder Neil Roseman (former VP of Technology at Amazon) is quick to explain that it is not a search engine. Rather, it helps users find related information by analyzing text to determine relationships between… Read More

  • Review: HTC Touch Diamond

    Just got the HTC Touch Diamond smartphone today and I can tell you that it’s a pretty nice little gizmo. I’ll be taking it for a spin over the next few weeks, so if you have any questions about it or if you’d like me to try out any particular features, leave a message in the comments section and I’ll do my best to address your requests. [UPDATE: Full review after the jump] Read More

  • Phantom Entertainment finally has something to sell

    Phantom Entertainment (formally Infinium Labs) worked so hard to create the ultimate gaming console, but after lots of false starts, the company’s console slipped into vaporware. Most companies would have given up at that point, but not Phantom Entertainment. I guess they wanted to prove to the world that they could make something useful. After a few missed deadlines the… Read More

  • Socialbrowse: Y Combinator Startup is Twitter For Links

    Y Combinator-funded Socialbrowse has just launched in private beta. The service could best be described as a Twitter for links, but with a few unique twists that could make it an essential tool for web browsers. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to go here will get invites to the private beta, which is currently available as a Firefox-only extension. To distribute links, Socialbrowse uses… Read More

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