• Guitar Hero World Tour officially announced

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=34271 We posted the video yesterday, which I’ve reposted, and today Activision made it official. A few key things from the press release for Guitar Hero World Tour include downloadable content for the Wii, wireless instruments and a redesigned guitar. Full release after the break. Read More

  • Twitter At Scale: Will It Work?

    Only two days ago the contact messaging application Twitter suffered another bout of downtime, leaving some users frustrated and others asking why the platform continues to suffer problems. I have recently spoken to an individual who is familiar with the technical problems at Twitter as well as the challenges that lay ahead for the startup. He re-iterated his belief that the problems lay not… Read More

  • HTC increases Touch Diamond shipments

    HTC CEO Peter Chou spoke at a symposium in Tokyo yesterday where he raised the projected shipment of Touch Diamond devices from two million to three million citing that it would only take seven months to sell three million units. The original Touch took roughly 11 months to sell three million handsets and Chou believes the Touch Diamond will be more popular thus the increase. Read More

  • Samsung Instinct launch date confirmed

    We just got official word that Samsung’s Instinct will hit the shelves at Sprint’s retail stores on June 20th. Be sure to check out all of the Instinct coverage over at CrunchGear. Read More

  • Gilded Age: Montegiro's Lusso 'luxurious' turntable

    Believe it or not, that’s a turntable up there. Designed by German outfit Montegiro, Lusso, as it’s known, is marketed more like a European sports car than a pice of DJ equipment. “Luxury is…. having time for the essential things of life.” “Luxury is… to allow oneself extravagances.” “Luxury is… to expect just more.” And… Read More

  • Details and release date of the Prada phone in Japan determined

    While Japan still awaits the arrival of a 3G iPhone, Japanese telecommunications giant NTT DoCoMo today announced the Prada phone from LG will be on sale in Japan as early as June 1st. Japanese buyers can choose whether to pay a lump sum which is supposed to be “a little less than $960” or by installments. In the latter case, a down payment of $360 is expected, which has to be… Read More

  • BioShock for PS3 confirmed

    There aren’t exactly any details at the moment to back up this claim, but the UK’s Playstation magazine, PSM3, is promising an in-depth preview along with screenshots according to CVG. No word on when the popular Take-Two title will be available for the Sony platform, but, as usual, we’ll keep a lookout for you PS3 fanboys. Read More

  • Identity 2.0 Startup Sxips Into the Deadpool

    After unsuccessfully trying to sell his startup Sxip Identity to Google or Microsoft, CEO Dick Hardt is now facing a lawsuit over the insolvency of his startup. Hardt is perhaps best known for his amusing slide show explaining his company’s Identity 2.0 system. It typically started with the slide at right asking, “Who is the Dick on your site?” Investors are now asking a… Read More

  • Merch: Indiana Jones projector looks about as exciting as the movie looks good

    That silly Indiana Jones movie comes out today, and there’s no shortage of merchandise (read: junk) on which you can waste your money. Case in point: a “Crystal Skull Adventure Projector,” which projects some two-bit slide show of “exciting archeological discoveries,” as narrated by Indy himself. I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie. Should this awesome… Read More

  • Miniature greenhouse takes up yet another USB port

    Sigh. Well, it’s off to my local electronics store to purchase another USB hub. I’m honestly running out of ports (and desk space) for all of these wonderful gadgets. I mean, I’ve got my USB ionizer, my hand-warming USB mouse, my vacuum cleaner USB mouse, my USB sheep lamp, my USB wine spout, and my USB coffee warmer, hub, and clock. I’m going to need another port for… Read More

  • Apple looking for WiMax, UWB engineer

    After the banners were unfurled at January’s Macworld with their “There’s something in the air” teaser, many hoped Apple would be announcing the addition of WiMax to their laptop line up. When it turned out that the “air” bit was referring to Apple’s Macbook Air, the Apple/WiMax rumor mill grinded to a halt, presumably because everyone was busy… Read More

  • Self-timer for lovers in new FujiFilm FinePix Z200fd

    FujiFilm will start selling its newest digital camera, the FinePix Z200fd, in Japan on June 7th (MSRP: $390). It comes with a 10-megapixel sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens and a 2.7-inch LCD screen. SD/SDHC and xD cards are supported. The Z200fd boasts an ISO range from 64 to 1,600. One function distinguishing the new FujiFilm model from other cameras is the self-timer for lovers (“ai… Read More

  • Poor economy leads to increase in CRT sales: Plasma, LCD too expensive

    The dreadful economy has led to an increase in the number of inexpensive picture tube TVs sold. Likewise, sales of LCDs and plasmas—”dude check out my flat screen”—have flatlined. I guess people value eating and paying the rent/mortgage more than watching “My Name is Earl” in HD. These numbers come from DisplaySearch, a research outfit that tracks and… Read More

  • American Idol sets Text Messaging Record for TV Show

    AT&T announced today that it has beat it text messaging record of 64.5 million by generating more than 78 million messages dedicated to this year’s season of American Idol. By texting their votes this season, AT&T’s wireless customers helped crown the new American Idol winner, David Cook. AT&T introduced text message voting in season 2 of Fox’s hit television show. Read More

  • N-Gage games can't be transferred to new devices

    N-Gage fan web site All About N-Gage is reporting that games purchased through Nokia’s gaming service are locked to one particular phone and can’t be transferred to a new device should you lose or break your old one. The process for purchasing a game involves downloading a feature-limited demo and then paying to unlock the game with an activation code. That code is tied to the… Read More

  • Bluetooth Brand highly Recognized

    According to the research firm Millward Brown, global awareness of Bluetooth technology is at an all time high. Of those surveyed, 85% recognized that Bluetooth sells wireless items. 65% of consumers in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the U.S and U.K. were aware of the Bluetooth logo and products that use Bluetooth technology. The items recognized were: Mobile phones (79%); headsets (61%)… Read More

  • ScribbleLive: Two Guys In Canada Launch Sweet Liveblogging Platform

    I am at the Mesh conference in Toronto right now sitting next to two guys liveblogging the event on ScribbleLive: Michael De Monte and Jonathan Keebler. They are the founders of ScribbleLive. Jonathan is typing notes while StumbleUpon founder (and semi-famous Canadian) Garrett Camp is being interviewed on stage, while Michael is adding links and photos. (Earlier in the morning they… Read More

  • Howcast Aligns With AOL, Metacafe, Bebo, and blip.tv

    Howcast, the instructional video site founded by three ex-Googlers, today announced that it has formed distribution agreements with AOL, Metacafe, Bebo, and blip.tv. Howcast provides professionally produced instructional videos that range from “How to Make Sushi” to “How To Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock“. Many films come from the site’s Directors Program, which… Read More

  • Google Sites Moves Out Of the Enterprise

    When Google Sites launched in February, it was part of the Google Apps group that targets enterprises large and small. Now, consumers can create a wiki Website using Google Sites, without the need to have their own domain. Google Sites gives you a basic template to create a Website that can be edited by the public at large or a smaller group of people. Photos, widgets, videos, and other… Read More

  • Brightcove Subsidiary Launches In Japan With $5 Million

    Web video distribution player Brightcove is entering the Japanese market with a new subsidiary called Brightcove K.K. Rather than use some of the $86 million it has already raised, Brightcove sold off a piece of the subsidiary for $4.9 million to Japanese investors, some of whom will also act as sales and distribution partners. Participating in the round are Dentsu (biggest advertising… Read More

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