• Eons: Now You Just Have To FEEL Old To Join

    When Jeff Taylor launched old-people social network Eons in August 2006, he couldn’t use the site. That’s because the minimum age was 50, and he was just 45. That was the first warning sign that this thing was headed to the deadpool. Our initial review of the site was a thumbs down. Not only is it ridiculous that the founder and visionary for the service couldn’t actually use… Read More

  • Redfin Continues To Shrink The Real Estate Market

    Venture capitalist Josh Kopelman has stated that he likes startups that shrink markets – “We love investing in technologies and business models that are able to shrink existing markets. If your company can take $5 of revenue from a competitor for every $1 you earn – let’s talk!” And while he isn’t an investor in Seattle-based real estate startup Redfin… Read More

  • Google, Facebook Battle For Computer Science Grads. Salaries Soar.

    Google and Facebook are fighting hard to hire this years crop of computer science graduates, we’ve heard, and ground zero is Stanford. Most of the class of 2008 already have job offers even though graduation is months away. Last year, salaries of up to $70,000 were common for the best students. This year, Facebook is said to be offering $92,000, and Google has increased some offers… Read More

  • GlobalScholar Raises $27 Million B Round To Tackle Online Education

    Seattle-based GlobalScholar is announcing today a $27 million B Round from existing investors Ignition Partners and Knowledge Universe Education. This is on top of a previously undisclosed $15.5 million A Round the company raised early last year. Board members include Ignition’s Brad Silverberg and former Drugstore.com CEO Peter Neupert. In conjunction with the investment round… Read More

  • JibJab Has Our Number

    http://llnw.jibjab.com/content/player.swf JibJab has obviously figured out that pasting our pictures onto a video is a sure fire way to get a link from us. Here’s the latest, although I still like Gizmoz’s effort a lot more. Nice to see Om Malik doing the moves so soon after his hospital visit. :-) CrunchBase Information JibJab Gizmoz Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Breaking: Garmin goes feet-first into cellphone business with flagship Nuviphone

    [photopress:Garmin_Nuvi_phone.jpg,full,center] Our NYC writers are at a mystery event sponsored by Garmin, and they’ve sent me something hot. Garmin’s getting into the mobile phone business, and they’re getting in hard. What you see above is the first image of the new Garmin Nuviphone, a touchscreen, 3.5G, GSM phone that’s packed — packed — with features… Read More

  • Dopplr preps calendar integration

    Dopplr, lets you share your future trips with your social network, has been been working on a new feature that lets you import trips from calendaring applications like Google Calendar and Apple iCal. They are still finalising the design and layout, but alerting early testers on the site. The startup won early stage funding in December from a gaggle Web names including Martin Varsavsky, Joichi… Read More

  • Slacker Portable finally shipping tomorrow?

    Lovers of Slacker Radio, prepare to shower me with petals of rare flowers, delicious food, and promises of sexual favors, for I bring news that the Slacker Portable, which has been delayed more times than Winehouse’s rehab visits, is finally set to ship tomorrow. For those not in the know, the Slacker Portable is a device not unlike an iPod or Zune, but it uses local Wi-Fi to load songs… Read More

  • Sony's expensive, but sweet, digital photo frames have Bluetooth and HDMI-out

    I’ve never really wanted a digital photo frame, but their feature sets are starting to get to the point where I can understand that someone sane might want one. These Sony ones are certainly of a high quality, at 7″ or 9″ and 800×480 resolution with 512MB of storage in the big one and 256MB in the small one. They both also sport Bluetooth connectivity so you can shoot… Read More

  • Rummble adds Bebo app

    Mobile internet start-up Rummble, a location-based content discovery startup still in closed beta, has launched an application for Bebo users. Beboers will get an application which shows a map on their profile and shows their friends which countries they have visited and what places they recommend in those countries. Rummble has a Facebook application already. Rummble’s mobile… Read More

  • Next-Gen disk sales outpacing original DVDs from the '90s

    [photopress:11353_news_image.jpg,full,left]This might not be news to everyone, but I found it rather interesting. Way back in the late 1990s, DVDs came out. They were slow to catch on, as the players were expensive, and the titles limited. Eventually the merits of DVD swayed people, and the cost of set-top players came down enough to make them a commodity. Next-gen disks, like HD-DVD and… Read More

  • Super Smash Bros.: Umm… OK?

    http://gamevideos.com//swf/gamevideos11.swf?embedded=1&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&src=http://gamevideos.com/video/videoListXML%3Fid%3D17300%26ordinal%3D%26adPlay%3Dfalse I’m really the wrong guy to be posting this, but if you can figure out what the heck is going on here, please comment below. I mean why would Diddy Kong be fighting a lizard thing? Read More

  • Blyk wins more funds to expand, starting with Netherlands

    Startup MVNO Blyk – which supports its free mobile network for 16 to 24 year olds by sending them targeted adverts – has secured undisclosed investment from Goldman Sachs and the Industrial and Financial Investments Company (IFIC), and plans a launch in the Netherlands. It launched first late last year in the UK. Also in the round were Sofinnova Partners and some private investors. Read More

  • Email Bill G, get a new Xbox 360

    [photopress:bill_gates_xbox_360_221105.jpg,full,center] I’m all about “Takin’ it to the top” to get your stuff fixed. If I have a problem with customer service, I have no compunction against asking for a supervisor. Jon, writing to Consumerist, had no scruples about this either. When his Xbox 360 started acting up, he wrote to Kathleen Hogan, VP of Customer Service, as… Read More

  • Bazaarvoice secures funds to push into Europe

    Bazaarvoice, a US-based online ratings and reviews provider, has secured funding (amount undisclosed) from venture capital firm European Founders to expand in the UK and Europe in 2008. The 160-strong client base includes Dell, figleaves.com, Early Learning Centre, Timberland and Goldsmiths. The European Founders Fund is run by the three Samwer brothers who also invested in LinkedIn… Read More

  • Yahoo! Predicts! More! Porn! On! Mobiles!

    Apologies to the Register for stealing their Yahoo! headline schtick. 2008 will be the year mobile porn gets a foothold on the market, say a number of sources in the industry. Europe, always ahead in the porn game, spent almost $800 million last year on mobile phones — a number I would question if not for the iPhone’s extremely pornable form factor. And the US only spent $24… Read More

  • Simple Bookmarking Now Available with Instapaper

    Instapaper is a cool new service taking bookmarks back to basics. If you come across some websites that you want to read but are too busy to do so, you can click on an Instapaper browser bookmarklet and then return to the Instapaper website later to read them. Think of it as Del.icio.us stripped of any tagging or social features. Instapaper is a side project of Marco Arment, lead developer… Read More

  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band make more money than commercialy downloaded actual music in 2007

    [photopress:mattyroxxx.jpg,full,right]Artists whose songs are used in Guitar Hero and Rock Band get royalties from the sales of the games, and the games have sold like insane nutty crazy. In fact, revenue from both games in 2007 surpassed that of actual musical digital download revenues, which was the largest growing sector of sales for the music industry. In other words, more money was… Read More

  • Nokia's N95 8GB NAM FCC'd

    I know you’ve all been poring over FCC documents in your mad pursuit of Nokia news, but you might have missed this one. The new and improved N95 has been approved by the FCC, so now you can enjoy your High Speed Data Packet Access with their blessing. Apparently it looks just like the old one, which is just fine, though I would have preferred some big fins on it so you know… Read More

  • Man charged with Xbox murder of his own daughter

    This cute photo is to counteract the horror of the story below. You’re playing your Xbox 360, you’re really into your game, and your 17-month old daughter accidentally knocks the console over. Do you: a) Chuckle to yourself about having a clumsy kid? b) Explain to her that she has to be more careful and give her a “time out”… Read More

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