• Listen To Top Indie Songs On Your iPhone

    Mzinga isn’t the only new product launching tonight at the Boston TechCrunch Party. Massachusetts based OurStage is debuting a new iPhone site where anyone can listen to top ranked Indie songs as well. Ourstage, which launched in March 2007, is a site that lets users rank and buy Indie songs. Artists upload the songs, which users then judge – two song snippets are heard and the… Read More

  • Interview with John Carmack, 'id Mobile' coming soon

    Interesting interview with John Carmack over on GameDaily.com if you’re old enough to remember when Wolfenstein and Doom came out. I remember buying a $5 demo of Doom at an Egghead Software store. Remember that place? I loved that store. Remember when you had to actually go to the store to get games? Ah, simpler times. Anyway, the interview with Carmack is good. He’s starting a… Read More

  • Show off your insecurities aggressively with this remote

    Nothing says "I have an assload of money" like a $30,000 pure gold remote control. I’d suggest keeping the price tag on this beauty for when you have company over, just so everyone knows that it’s more than a fancy puck-shaped remote. It’s Danish, too, so try to slip that into the conversation somewhere. Not to skimp on the features, this trouser-snake-elongating… Read More

  • Philips phone can sit in your drawer for two months

    The Xenium 9@9 from Philips has an amazing two-month standby time. That’s roughly half as many months as 2000 Flushes lasts. If you decide to talk on this phone, you could do so for 17 hours. As such, I’ve decided that it’s a GREAT business phone. You could work two 8-hour days where you literally talked all day long and you’d still have an hour left over to call mom… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: It's a Woot-off!

    Holy crap, friends! It’s a Woot-off today! For those who don’t know, a Woot-off is when Woot dot com decides to forgo the one-item-per-day format it usually has and sells product after product at super-low rates till they’re all sold out. They don’t do it often, but they’re doing it today. So go to Woot dot com and score some good deals today. You’ll thank… Read More

  • Will the Credit Crunch Inflate the Internet Bubble?

    Professional social network PartnerUp has surveyed 862 real estate, mortgage, and financial workers about their intent to start their own businesses following this summer’s subprime mortgage financial crisis. The results are thought-provoking: 56.2% of the respondents claimed that they were “seriously considering starting a business within the next 6 months” and 13.4%… Read More

  • Jimbo Wales working to take down Facebook and Google in one swing?

    There are a few wars waging on the virtual battlefield of the Internet between all types of services, like that between search engines, or between social networks. Wikipedia has won the battle of open information management, and General Jimmy Wales is ready for his next engagement, which is apparently a dual-front fight against both Google and Facebook. In a meeting of South African… Read More

  • Forget Apple: Microsoft is Vista's own worst enemy

    According to Forrester Research, Vista’s biggest obsticle to adoption isn’t Linux or even OS X, it’s Windows XP. And they’re right. Vista still isn’t ready for desktops. Or servers. Or, well, anything. It’s a bloated OS, there’s no doubt about it. Sure, it’s got a pretty face, but an OS needs to do more than look good, and there really… Read More

  • Iqua Solar-powered Bluetooth headset

    I have three small Bluetooth headsets sitting in my desk, all out of batteries. One is rechargeable, two take AAA cells. I’m too lazy to find the power cord for the one and buy batteries for the other two. Pathetic? Yes. Still, I want to buy a fourth Bluetooth headset. One I could keep on the dashboard of my non-existent car and never have to worry about recharging. The BHS-602 from… Read More

  • Google spending cash on 700MHz spectrum for sure, says WSJ

    Apparently not content to sit on the sidelines and let the carriers and handset makers have fun with its Android, Google is making a $4.6 Billion bid for a large chunk of the 700MHz spectrum at FCC auction in January. This has been rumored, but the WSJ is saying it’s a done deal, the bid is in the works. The question, of course, is what is the Goog going to do with this big block of… Read More

  • XPS ONE from Dell now available for purchase

    Move over Gateway One. Here comes another all-in-one computer with the same name, except this computer is made by a different company named Dell. The XPS ONE starts at $1499 and features a 20-inch widescreen, Intel Core Duo 2 processor (E4500 or E6550 depending on the configuration), wireless mouse and keyboard, TV tuner and remote, 2GB of memory, Vista Home Premium, Adobe Elements Studio… Read More

  • New version of Google Maps for Windows Mobile

    Good news. Google maps is now available as a standalone, non-java program for Windows Mobile devices. No more midlet business. It’s faster and easier to use than Live Search, in my opinion (although with fewer bells and whistles like movie times, etc.) and features real-time traffic, favorites, GPS locating, map or satellite imagery, contact lookup, and more. It takes up a little under… Read More

  • Turning the iPhone Into a SpyPhone

    In a demonstration of what can happen when someone hacks your iPhone (or any computer-like phone, for that matter), Fast Company commissioned a security expert to to show what is possible: So we purchased an iPhone for Rik Farrow, a UNIX specialist and consultant from Sedona, Arizona, and commissioned him to crack through its defenses, which he did using H D Moore’s Metasploit, a… Read More

  • Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs dead in the water

    Looks like we won’t be seeing Warner Home Entertainment’s hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs after all. The company recently reported that it’s pulling the plug on the project that would have offered consumers movies under the Total HD moniker, simply meaning an HD DVD version on one side of the disc, Blu-ray on the other. To date, Warner is the only major studio that … Read More

  • Everex gPC unboxing

    Matt Cutts has a quick unboxing of the $200 gPC by Everex that’s been making news lately. As you might guess, it looks a lot like a "regular" computer in a box. It even comes with a modem. Remember modems? Unboxing the Everex $200 Linux Computer [Matt Cutts] Read More

  • Amazon e-book reader coming Monday

    Come Monday, it’ll be all right. That’s when Amazon’s e-book reader (tentatively called "Kindle") will be announced at the W Hotel in New York. It’ll supposedly cost $399, which means those of us who read casually will be stuck with paper books for another however-many years until an affordable feature-rich e-book reader gets released. The reader will be able… Read More

  • Highlights for Tonight's TechCrunch MeetUp in Boston

    So tonight’s the big night for our first MeetUp in Boston, with co-host IDG Ventures Boston. Doors open at The Estate, 1 Bolyston Place at 6 pm. Party ends at 11 pm (see info below about the drinking-focused after party). Please bring your IDs for ticket verification. Here are a few highlights of what to expect:
    We are working with Brightcove to host a variety of video interviews… Read More

  • Put casual games in a social blender, get doof

    Doof, a new London-based startup went into public beta at the beginning of October offering casual gaming wrapped-up with social networking in a good-looking package. Casual games are the mainstream of gaming world, and Mini-Clips is a good example. But they tend not to have an underlying social network, which ought in theory create more traffic and more data about the user. Doof offers a… Read More

  • How to fix Leopard's beef with firewalls

    I don’t know what any of this means, but I’m sure some of you with Leopard have run into the firewall issues so maybe you might make some sense out of this. Thanks for the tip, windexh8er! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20 percent off Solio's kickass line

    I love my Solio Classic. Anything I own that charges over USB will never die so long as I have my Solio around. It’s helping me to conserve a little bit of energy when I can. Every little bit helps, people. It’s free power! Now, Solio wants to get more people on the bandwagon with a 20 percent off code. Just in time for the holidays on either the Classic or H1000. I know you… Read More

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