• Verizon to Build Broadband with its Acquisition of 700 megahertz

    Verizon was the recent winner in the FCC’s auction of the 700 megahertz spectrum. (See: Bids in.) The company plans to use the spectrum to build a faster wireless broadband network to deliver high-speed services. Verizon will hold a webcast later today to discuss the plans for the spectrum’s use. AT&T, the second big auction winner, has already said it will use the spectrum… Read More

  • Google Reveals Spectrum Auction Strategy

    During the recent wireless spectrum auctions that just brought the FCC $19.6 billion in license fees, there was a lot of speculation about what drove each of the different corporate bidders. But the bidders themselves were barred from speaking publicly about their auction strategies. Now that Verizon has been declared the biggest overall winner, and the auction is over, the participants are… Read More

  • Live From the Next Web (2008): Day 2

    On Day Two of the Next Web conference, we are once again streaming it live from Amsterdam (click more). Kicking things off is Robert Scoble, who is talking about the new digital divide: People with friends and people without friends. The old digital divide (rich versus poor) still exists. But the new digital divide is a consequence of how social software works. You have a better… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Poolside Zapper Edition

    Blast Knuckles self-defense accessory delivers 1.9 million volts (!?)
    Mr. Robotato Head at Disneyland’s newest high-tech ride
    Apple says NYC’s new apple logo infringes on its trademark
    Swiss pool being warmed by nearby IBM datacenter PCs
    Car posse nabs the Claw Read More

  • Red Envelope Saga All But Over

    Bad news for San Francisco based ecommerce site Red Envelope, an “upmarket online retailer with the primary goal of making gift giving easy and fun”: it’s about done. The company’s market cap is just $2.95 million even though it has cash on hand of nearly $12.3 million. The stock is trading at $0.23/share – it was as high as $8.42 in the last year. Red Envelope… Read More

  • BuzzShed Rides The Fail Train

    Despite local reviews claiming “NZ Firm Leads Online Video Advertising Revolution,” BuzzShed has slashed payments after discovering failed models don’t get any better with age. The revolutionary model: pay users to watch advertising. We’ve seen the model many times before. Web 1.0 delivered services like AllAdvantage and a sea of clones. More recently BrightSpot.TV… Read More

  • Car posse nabs the Claw

    You’d think that if you stole a car in Canada you’d probably want to head for the border and avoid flashing your disfigured hand at people who might be able to recognize you. A thief they called the Claw stole a Nissan Skyline GT-R from a man in Calgary during a test-drive. The owner, Shaun Ironside, posted to an online car forum, asking folks to keep an eye out for the car. A few… Read More

  • Judge: Making music available online is not piracy

    “Merely exposing music files to the Internet is not copyright infringement,” so says judge Nancy Gertner, the presiding justice in Elektra v. Barker, essentially rendering the RIAA’s assertion that sharing music equals piracy. This means that if you’re connected to a P2P network like BitTorrent and people are getting chunks of songs from you, you’re off the hook… Read More

  • Madden '09: Consoles 1, PCs 0

    PC gamers are an odd lot. They prefer playing on a computer to playing on a TV, and that makes little sense to me. Computer: Work and porno. TV: Entertainment and porno. That formula works for me, and apparently EA agrees, as in a recent blog post, EA Sports president Peter Moore dropped the bomb that Madden ’09, the latest in the very popular series of football video games, would be… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media To Miss Revenue Targets; Chief Revenue Officer Out Amid Reorganization

    Amidst all the excitement over the MySpace Music announcement today is another story about the fate of parent company Fox Interactive Media. FIM, the division of News Corp. that controls MySpace, IGN, Scout Media, Photobucket, Fox Sports, AmericanIdol.com and other properties, is in trouble. The company, under President Peter Levinsohn, will miss their revenue target of $1 billion for the… Read More

  • Seesmic Acquires Popular Twitter AIR Client Twhirl

    San Francisco video/chat startup Seesmic has acquired Twhirl, a popular application created by German developer Marco Kaiser that allows users to access the Twitter service directly from their desktop, and also cross post to other services like Pownce and Jaiku. The acquisition price is not being disclosed. Twhirl is considered among the better third party Twitter applications. ReadWriteWeb… Read More

  • Mr. Robotato Head at Disneyland's newest high-tech ride

    Yeah, that’s not freaky at all. This weird robot-potato-human hybrid (there’s a hidden operator) is a first among Disney’s robots, as it is able to form the shapes of words with its mouth. Just a few more steps to fully functioning Cylons! The ride, Toy Story Mania, is super high-tech with lots of audience interaction and advanced technology which Mr. Potato Head embodies… Read More

  • AT&T 4G spectrum call live

    http://images.operator11.com/swf/o11player.swf Read More

  • Texas Instruments pocket projector prototype

    Here’s something that excites me greatly. It’s a prototype of a tiny projector that fits inside of a cell phone. Jim Hallas of Texas Instruments’ DLP group gave me a brief overview of the chipset and here’s some brief information along with my thoughts; The chipset is ready to go. It’s up to device manufacturers to integrate it into their products. I’d… Read More

  • Rumor: Federated Media Takes $50 Million On A $200 Million Valuation

    Federated Media (FM) has rumored to have raised $50 million from Oak Hill Capital Partners on a $200 million valuation, according to VentureBeat. Total funding for Federated Media to-date would be $57.4 million. So what would Federated Media do with $50 million: Invest in sites. From a March interview: Battelle: Well, I can’t say specifically what we might do with any money that we… Read More

  • Video: New PSP commercial is, well, something

    This commercial does not make me want to buy a PSP, but it makes me want to physically abuse a Brit. Thanks for that, Sony. Read More

  • Review: Belkin TuneStudio 4-Channel Mixer

    I like to think of myself as a bit of a musician. I enjoy belting out a good tune now and again and have even been known to gig professionally (back when I was 16 in high school and thought I was Bob Dylan. This, friends, is what prevented me from getting laid until age 20.) I’m no pro by any means. Luckily, Belkin’s TuneStudio is not for pros. It’s for mid-level amateurs… Read More

  • A Somewhat Reasonable Stance: More nudity in games please

    These guys have a few good points and a lot of non-points. Like television, the gaming world is overrun with graphic violence and, increasingly, swearing, but sex and nudity are still considered completely taboo. There is, of course, no good reason for this other than to avoid flak from religious and parenting groups — and of course they’re all already in total war mode… Read More

  • CNN: GameStop big winner in crapfest economy

    Despite the Great American Depression of 2008™, video games making money, and lots of it. Sales are set for double-digit gains this year, and that’s not just for games; hardware, from add-on devices to Guitar Hero controllers, is on the rise too. The country’s biggest games-only retailer is GameStop, and it’s stands to be the biggest winner in this economic-doom-ignoring… Read More

  • Fix8 Takes $2 Million Series A

    Sherman Oaks based online video animation company Fix8 has taken $2 million Series A from SK Telecom. Fix8 offers a service that brings computer generated animation to the webcam. Fix8’s H.E.A.R.T. (Human Expression Analysis and Rendering Technology) digitizes human expressions, gestures, and movements via webcam, enabling users to create, interact, and share their creations across the… Read More

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