• Nikon Black Gold: the D60, blinged out

    Everyone was hoping the fabled “Black Gold” Nikon would be some kind of awesome upgrade package. If these pictures aren’t faked (and why would you deface your camera thus?), it appears that “Black Gold” is really just a fabulously ugly $50 trim option for your D60. I don’t know if they’re trying to capture the crucial Crunk demographic, but given… Read More

  • NVIDIA teaming up with MotionDSP to clean up your video

    http://www.viddler.com/player/d0635151/ Remember that MotionDSP stuff we talked about a few weeks ago? No? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a process — extremely CPU intensive, I’m thinking — by which video data is thoroughly analyzed and enhanced, reducing things like noise, stutters, color and contrast issues, and so on. TechCrunch mentioned it as being a web service… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and M2 memory cards Motorola Q9h Silver packs more punch than… Read More

  • Canada banning fees for text messages! Well, not quite

    Bloomberg reports that Canada’s Prime Minister will be allowing telecoms industry regulators to “ban fees for unsolicited text messages on mobile phones and other ‘unfair charges.'” While that seems like a pretty narrow scope, consider that (with history as a guide) “unfair charges” is an extremely flexible term. It could spell the end of outrageous… Read More

  • Robot Apocalypse Day continues: Army orders $60m worth of robots

    What is it about today? First hunter-killers, then Terminator spare parts, and now the machines are infiltrating our armed forces. Actually, it’s not such a big deal; the United States Army is simply continuing to take advantage of its contract with iRobot, which provides the Army with hundreds of Packbots, small robots suited for dirty or dangerous jobs. They’re pumping out about… Read More

  • Robo-leg heralds arrival of Robolympics, end of mankind

    http://www.studio469.com/gportfolio/wp-content/plugins/flv-embed/flvplayer.swf Once again the world of man is threatened by a robot menace. Did we not learn from Terminator and The Matrix that down this road waits crushing oppression under an unyielding steel grip? Or a lightweight aluminum one? While at the moment this leg appears to be shaky, small, and less than deadly, it’s only a… Read More

  • Steve Ballmer Visits Silicon Valley, Talks About Microsoft's Future In Software, Search And Mobile

    Hummer Winblad’s Ann Winblad interviewed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer this evening at a Churchill Club event in Silicon Valley. The live video stream is embedded below. The early part of the discussion focused on Microsoft’s views on web based software offerings from companies like Google and Salesforce. Ballmer says apps don’t really belong solely on the client or in the… Read More

  • In Russia, we make faces at space-flying satellites birdies

    The residents of Chelyabinsk thought it would be a great idea to form a human smiley face just in time for a Google imagery satellite. It’s just too bad the smile has buckteeth. Read More

  • Solve your girl problems with DIY Smart Coasters

    There is no way that little honey from down the hall is going to interrupt your conversation about the LHC when she spies these bad boys. All they do is display whether a drink is hot or cold with an appropriate LED, and when you tell her that you made ’em yourself, her along with all of her little friends will be gone too. That way you can bust out your best “Are You Gonna… Read More

  • Amazing footage from the Canon 5D Mark II

    This video from Vincent Laforet.com essentially turns the value proposition of an HD video camera on its head. If a DSLR can do this amazing work, why bother picking up a camcorder? Read More

  • Hong Kong gets unlocked iPhones for $794

    MacNN is reporting that Hong Kong Apple Stores are selling unlocked iPhones for $692 for the 8GB and $794 for the 16GB. This directly contradicts reports that mainland China will get a gimped up iPhone later this month but Hong Kong has always been an odd place. Notably, iPhones in the region can be “activated with any wireless carrier,” according to Apple, and require only that… Read More

  • Canton ships its Sound Bar CD 90 SB

    Sound bars aren’t anything new, but instead of going with the virtual approach, Canton’s keep’n it real. The Sound Bar CD 90 SB incorporates just the front left, center, and right speaker into the bar, allowing the owners to maintain true surround sound with dedicated rear speakers instead of slumming it with virtual surround like other sound bars. Each channel has their… Read More

  • Sony assures us PSP 3rd-party support will improve next year

    According to SCEA’s Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller (an objective source if I ever heard of one), the recent slump in PSP releases is a sort of ripple effect from poor hardware sales “20-22 months ago,” which is one of those over-specific assessments that reeks of specious market research. Kind of like how they are now counting on young mothers as the latest… Read More

  • Tied Down By Legal Issues, Muxtape Returns In Name Only

    Today the story of Muxtape, the popular but shortlived music service that let users create virtual mixtapes, has finally come to light. In a lengthy blog post on the site’s homepage, founder Justin Ouellette details his legal wranglings with the four major record labels and the RIAA, which led him to shut the site down in August. Ouellette says that he is relaunching Muxtape as a… Read More

  • Put your bedroom behind an iron (well, steel) curtain

    This hardcore room separator is one step away from being really, really geeky. As it is, a stainless steel curtain is already a little weird, but it’s still missing that certain je nerd sais quois. I know: what would you say to a curtain of PCBs? With Pac-Man and the ghosts carved out of it! How fun does that sound? And these days they come in many colors as well. Mine is a lovely… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 9-inch Eee PC 900 for $329 (Linux)

    Gather ‘round, kids. Gather ‘round. Amazon’s got the 9-inch Asus Eee PC 900 for $329.99. Get it while it’s hot. This is the 16GB solid-state drive version, which has an 8.9-inch display, Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 4-cell battery, and Linux. The price reflects a $20 instant discount, which is good until the end of October. Also, that price is only good for the Pearl… Read More

  • Teach your fish tricks, make friends

    If you’ve got a dog, showing off any tricks they might know is an easy way to break that “Er, so, this is my house.” awkwardness that tends to bubble up the first time new guests come over. Now, imagine that instead of a dog, it’s a fish. Your new friends would smile and clap and, chances are, give you $20 dollars. Unfortunately, training fish to do crazy tricks is… Read More

  • Motorola Q9h Silver packs more punch than previously expected

    As it turns out, that shiny new chrome and silver Q9h we wrote about back in August brings more to the table than just a new paint job. At AT&T’s request, the Q9h Global Silver has gained support for push over-the-air firmware updates, allowing deeply rooted system elements to be patched with very little effort from the end-user. Motorola has also added a handful of other features… Read More

  • Draganflyer: your personal six-rotor UAV

    While I personally am a fan of micro-dirigibles as opposed to the (IMHO) wasteful helicopter-type UAVs, this is certainly an awesome version of the latter. Its multi-rotor setup enables some serious agility, as you can see in the videos. If you’re filming, you might need some serious image stabilization, although it’s easily good enough for recon or aerial photography. There… Read More

  • *Rumor Alert* Live MacBook Pro pic *Rumor Alert*

    All right, another day and another MacBook Pro rumor. This one comes via a French website and from what we can tell, the alleged MacBook Pro is getting some styling tips from the Air with curved corners along with Apples newer front lock. The key feature, at least according to this pic and translated text, is a touchscreen with a live, direct access to the Dock. From a design aspect, it… Read More

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