• Smartphones Now: The BlackBerry

    An anecdote. Two years ago, my dumb school made me take an art class. Awful, yes. There were several classes that fulfilled the credit requirement, but for whatever reason I decided to take a film class. Actually, no. I know exactly why I took it: I figured it would be easy to skip so I could watch the Champions League group stage. Worse comes to worse, I figured, I’d just go to… Read More

  • PayPerPost Suspends Zookoda, Deadpool Looking Likely

    IZEA (PayPerPost) have suspended Zookoda, the blog to email service they acquired in April. According to CEO Ted Murphy, the service has been suspended due to “elevated levels of abuse on Zookoda.com” and goes on to explain that the service is being used by spammers. For those that think that PayPerPost pollutes the blogosphere with spam content, the following from Murphy is rich… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: "Blade Runner: Final Cut"

    Check the calendar, last-minute Christmas shopper. You’ve only four days (if you count today) till D-Day, so here’s a gift that should be easy to find at pretty much any retailer: “Blade Runner (Five-Disc Complete Collector’s Edition).” This is the final, that’s-all-she-wrote version of the cult classic starring Harrison Ford. Director Ridley Scott and some… Read More

  • T-t-t-talking 'bout my copyright morality generation gap

    Columnist David Pogue relates an entertaining anecdote today in the NY Times about an encounter with drug-sniffing dogs in an airport bathroom. Actually, on closer reading, it’s more about how the baby boomers have a fundamentally different outlook on file-sharing and copyright law than their kids. Apparently while describing the various shades of copyright “violation”… Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Subject: Hy friend I ‘m tony a live in Brazil. I show oportunty make money. Not need invest acess: http://www.sendearnings.com/?r=antoniobr This second opportunity pay to you $10, 00 when your friend joins… Read More

  • Want to know how Santa really feels?

    Then call this number: 413-241-2498 Thanks to CG reader Joe’s sister, Michele, for the good laugh. I really needed it today. Read More

  • Wii Opera SDK released to the public; time to customize your Nin-ternet

    Now’s your chance, amateur coders, to create a piece of software that can run in Opera’s rich browser environment on the Wii, or make some cool use of the wiimotes. Gestures, graphical web interfaces, sharing, it’s a whole Wiib 2.0 party with Java and all. The SDK and more info can be found through the hyperlinked text below. Wii Opera SDK [via Go Nintendo] Read More

  • Pantech Duo Review

    What would a week of “Smartphones Now” be without a review of a smartphone? A terrible one, I’m sure. So what are we going to look at today? The Duo from Pantech for AT&T. Not exactly the hottest smartphone on the market, but it does have a few qualities that are quite endearing. I’m also jaded and hate all phones to begin with. Heh. That’s not entirely true. Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Van Damme in "Timecop"

    Do I really need to endorse this one? It’s Van Damme in HD. Sure, it’s not his best movie (“Blood Sport” gets my vote), but it’s in HD! He does the splits as he does in every movie. Pick up Universal’s “Timecop”, you know you want to. Amazon Read More

  • Adventures in end user license agreements

    I’ll admit that I’ve never read the EULA associated with any software, hardware, service, or otherwise. I tried once and gave up but other than that, I just open things with reckless abandon. I wouldn’t have even noticed what this sticker said before I had the bubble wrap torn six ways from Sunday. It says to not open the package unless you agree to the EULA, which is inside… Read More

  • Finally, an iPhone webapp worth using: RubMyUmmmmm…

    This is to throw people off your dirty trail. Say you’re reading about puppies. I thought that iPhone webapps were completely worthless. Sure, the Facebook web app was cool for fifteen minutes but this takes the pink, so to speak. This is a clitoral stimulation simulator that allows intrepid finger warriors to practice their stimulation skills on a cartoon vargine. It’s a bit… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: First-time buyer's guide, 2007

    If you’re thinking we’ve been on smartphone overload this week, you’re right. We’ve been rounding up all of the best and worst in the smartphone world and giving you the goods and bads in general terms. Your next phone will likely be a smartphone. There are more options than ever before, and they literally now fit into any budget. They’re not for everybody, sure… Read More

  • Wikimedia draws flack for felon COO

    Details recently emerged that Wikimedia interim COO Carolyn Doran was a felon responsible for a 2004 hit-and-run and multiple DUIs across various states. She also had prior thievery charges, was responsible for writing bad checks, credit card fraud and once shot a boyfriend in the chest. Oh and her late husband drowned on their honeymoon. Sounds like something from a movie. At any rate, all… Read More

  • Popular Mechanics takes Aptera electric car for a spin

    If you haven’t heard of Aptera yet, you’ll probably be hearing a whole lot about the company in the coming months. It’s got two models of automobiles coming out next year. One is just about ready — named the Aptera Typ-1 e — which is all-electric and gets 120 miles per charge. The Typ-1 h is a gasoline/electric hybrid that’ll be available in 2009 and is… Read More

  • GPS unit speaks to you in your own sexy* voice

    *your sexiness may vary.
    This thing sounds kind of cool, if you’re the type of person who likes to hear yourself talk. You use a web app to record a set of sounds (“At the next intersection, wang a right”) and then download them and stick them on your GPS unit — assuming you have a TomTom brand one. They’re hoping to have more brands support them in the… Read More

  • TechCrunch Sponsors

    Thanks, TechCrunch Sponsors! Panther Express PartnerUp ONEsite BrightCove PageFlakes IDrive Text Link Ads Ads-Click And thanks to Media Temple who handles our hosting. Read More

  • Our contact in Eastern Europe?

    I realise now that it was remiss of me, mentioning that European startups might want to put out feelers in Silicon Valley, not to also re-emphasise the other point I made in that long post about connecting with the fast-developing East of Europe. My Silicon Valley reference elicited a kind offer offer from Ben Metcalfe to help UK and Irish startups. But what we also need now are some equally… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation/Review: Rain Design's mStand

    <img src="http://old.crunchgear.com/wp-content/pbucket/work to the outside world is from a laptop. I'm hunched over pecking at the keyboard all day and my body's once supreme alignment is no longer. I really need to start taking care of myself better or I'll end up like Biggs and I wouldn't wish that upon my own worst enemy. There are a plethora of laptop stands on… Read More

  • Mysto: Exclusive first pics

    What’s small and slim and super-secret? The Helio Mysto. Just tore open the box. Review and video to come. Read More

  • iPhone = Smartphone

    Matt Hickey, the west coast’s James Bond, disagrees with me. He doesn’t like Pearl Jam, he supports street vendors and he doesn’t consider the iPhone to be a smartphone. Hickey is clearly a boob. What makes it not a smartphone? I asked him. He went into some cyberpunk rant about it not integrating with corporate Exchange servers, not having Office support and not supporting… Read More

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