• Yahoo! upgrades search and guess what?

    It still sucks! Yahoo! has added some new features to its search, which you can learn all about here on TechCrunch, thinking these additional features are enough to compete with Google. ‘Fraid not. A drop down menu with all this AJAX crap going on is supposed to help you find what you’re looking for quicker. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t. Then I searched for Eddie Van Halen and… Read More

  • iFones Extreme!

    Only an Apple rumor with absolutely no legs could trump the Microsoft Zune announcement we’re expecting to hear tonight. But wait, it is just the Zune 2. In any case, the source code on the Apple iPhone Feedback Page seems to have unveiled a secret. What’s the secret? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the iPhone Extreme, biatches. Who really knows what that means, if anything, but… Read More

  • Live in Japan? Own a Wii?

    Dude, you’re getting a Wiimote “jacket” for free. Official Nintendo Site Read More

  • Valve explains why Apple doesn't 'do' gaming well

    The implication here is that Apple and gaming go together like oil and water Aside from WoW, gaming on the Mac—how do I put this?—does not rule. Back when I had a G3 iMac and all I had to play was some dirtbag RTS, I was all, “man, I need an Xbox or something.” (Then I got and modded an Xbox.) But why does gaming on the Mac eat it so thoroughly, processor architecture… Read More

  • Nokia Video Center adding more content

    Nokia N95 (8GB) owners are getting a bit more content in the Nokia Video Center for their devices thanks to newly inked deals with seven new content providers. CNN will provide international news coverage, IBN News will provide the APAC region with news, Jamba offers videos in three categories, music videos, cartoons and fun. Sony Pictures will entertain with trailers, TV, and games. Read More

  • Sharp cavalcade of LCDs

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Here’s a quick look at some of the huge Sharp screens. There was a really nice 102-inch model — you know, for oligarchs — the super-thin models, and some weird model that rises out like the Great Pumpkin. Not exciting, but cool enough. Check out the “52-inch” screen inside the… Read More

  • Transcend external SATA HDDs released

    John isn’t excited to be in Japan, but I’m pumped to be in America, I can tell you that much. Transcend is yet another company, making some external hard drives that have a cobalt blue paint job. Yes, they are pretty. The drives comes in flavors of 80GB with a silver paint job, 120GB with a titanium paint job and 160GB with the cobalt blue just for you. USB 2.0 and 1.1 support and… Read More

  • You know you're jet-lagged when…

    Check out Darth’s Platform Sith Boots …you start seeing Sith Lords and their entourage wandering the halls of a Japanese tech trade conference. BONUS – Click through to see me in 3D glasses praying for death. Read More

  • The HuffPost Gets a New CEO

    The Huffington Post hired CBSNews.com’s general manager Betsy Morgan as its new CEO. Current CEO Kenneth Lerer moves up to chairman. All the pieces are falling into place just in time for election season. This should be fun to watch. Can you say IPO? Read More

  • Getty Images Now Selling Music Tracks

    Pump Audio relaunched today as Soundtrack, following its $42 million purchase by Getty Images last June. Pump Audio’s catalog of music from 20,000 independent artists can be licensed for the Web, TV, or radio. Customers range from major TV shows like The Colbert Report to advertising agencies and podcasters. You search online through a pretty slick interface that lets you quickly… Read More

  • Facebook.fr: someone is looking for trouble (or money)

    It is very likely that sometime soon facebook will launch a localized French version (and other languages too) just like MySpace did about a year ago. Actually Facebook is starting to be quite popular in France already, even though the interface is just in English. Until today Facebook.fr was even redirecting to Facebook.com and one would have assumed that the company had acquired the fr… Read More

  • Apple's "Here's to the Crazy Ones" commercial

    Think Different, provided you don’t need to think differently by recreating an SDK from fumes and hearsay, install third-party apps, and try to maximize the potential of a device you paid up to $500 for. Read More

  • Cali Lewis reviews Signal for iTunes

    Good old Cali “It’s not syphilis” Lewis takes a look at Signal for iTunes on GeekBrief TV today. The poor lady has some sort of weird allergy, which is why she’s using gloves, but apparently their conductive so she can use Singal for the iPhone, a browser-based iTunes control that lets you pick music and movies via the touchscreen. We also get a shout out, which makes… Read More

  • Hitachi Rollerball Interface Concept

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Another concept device using a very cool system of see-through rollerballs and a back button to do just about anything. They had a few mock-ups and it really makes sense once you see how smoothly everything works with just a ball. Maybe the next iPod can get a scroll-ball? Read More

  • Sony Rolly: MP3-playing robot or glistening, ambulatory Aibo turd?

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf This video of the Sony Rolly MP3 player sums up everything that is wrong with the former electronics giant — a lack of vision, the inability to produce products people want, and ham-handed attempts at fun that are quickly quashed by higher ups. Thats, said, just look at that little bastard roll! Read More

  • AOL Finds An Obvious Use For WOW.com: A World Of Warcraft Social Network

    The wow.com domain name has laid dormant since at least 1998, when it was acquired by AOL along with other assets of Compuserve. The domain has been coveted by a number of AOL business units over the years, though. At one point there was a discussion of it being used to house the netscape social news assets (they eventually settled on propeller.com). If our source is correct, a decision has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rainbow Road Edition

    Sputnik’s Dad Speaks Out
    Flash: New Radiohead album costs whatever you want it to
    The reason you live: Super Mario sound FX keychain
    T-Mobile Samsung Beat, first hands-on
    Portable Western Digital hard drives now come in four super fantastic colors Read More

  • Is Fav.or.it a Digg killer?

    Fav.or.it is tiny start-up based in a small office an hour’s drive from London. But this “feature rich community-based feed reading system” is about to unleash a wholly original take on reading blogs and news feeds which could see it face-down even the social bookmarking giants like Digg and the newer kids like CoComment. Favorit brings together blog reading and replying into… Read More

  • Amazing 3D gesture-based Pioneer GPS system

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf I was wandering around the show floor when I came upon this little gem. It’s a gesture-based 3D system that lets you control your dashboard GPS/radio with a wave of your finger. It’s over at the Carrozzeria booth, which is an offshoot of Pioneer. The icons that pop up float in 3D and you wave and bat… Read More

  • Sony announces updated Reader, eBook lovers around the world to meet in a phone booth to celebrate

    Call me Mr. Crazypants — it’s a Hungarian name, I think — but aren’t we done with eBook readers? I could see eBooks on the iPhone or eBooks on our laptops, but a standalone reader is just too esoteric and niche to really go far. I want this stuff to work but it’s just not in the cards. That said, Sony just announced their new Sony Reader. It will cost $300 and… Read More

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