• One year ago today: The Mooninite hoax that shocked the nation

    Let us not forget that it was exactly one year ago today that a couple of innocent marketing pranksters in Boston were confused with dangerous terrorists due to the DIY LED sign you see above. They placed a few all over the city, a nod to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a type of harmless techno-graffiti, but a type that was considered a bomb threat by the clueless Man. We’d like to take a… Read More

  • RIAA doesn't want ISP-level filtering to be legally mandated

    [photopress:peaceeee.jpg,full,center] Despite what U2’s manager original story titlesaid the other day, the RIAA doesn’t want ISPs to have to sniff your Internet connection for pirated content. It doesn’t want the government telling ISPs what to do, in other words. That said, the RIAA has no problem with what AT&T wants to do, to voluntarily filter your Internet connection… Read More

  • Garmin phone should have its 'answer' and 'ignore' buttons switched

    [photopress:garminphoneee.jpg,full,center] Before you ask, yes, I was a little tipsy when I came up with this theory yesterday. I get tipsy from time to time (to time). The Garmin phone that was announced last night—shouldn’t the “answer” and “ignore” buttons be reversed? You can test out my theory right now. If you’re right-handed, and at least 85… Read More

  • Slacker shipping today

    Was anyone really surprised that Slacker delayed shipment of their player multiple times? Come on! With a name like Slacker it was inevitable. Anyway, pre-orders began shipping today. In case you wanted to know. Read More

  • Yahoo To Announce Large Video Acquisition—Maven Networks For $150 Million.

    [Update 2/12/08: The deal has been confirmed. The price was $160 million.] We’ve gotten word that Yahoo will make an acquisition announcement of a video startup today or tomorrow. At first we thought the target might be Metacafe, which was almost acquired by Yahoo just following the Google/YouTube deal in 2006. Shortly after, it made a small acquisition in Jumpcut, a Web-based video editor. Read More

  • Kodak announces lightning fast 10-megapixel camera

    Today at PMA, Kodak announced the Easyshare Z1012IS, which is a 10-megapixel, 12x optical zoom wonder with OIS. It also has a lightning fast click-to-capture speed that’s best in class at 0.14 seconds with aufo-focus accuracy. ISO can be cranked up to 3200 for those fast action, low light situations. Kodak’s latest slew of cameras have smart capture technology that… Read More

  • Yarrr: Four 'Pirate Bay' captains in hot water

    About a year ago, I learned that just because you don’t store copyrighted materials on your server, “facilitating the transfer or consumption” of said material is still a no-no. I was considering building a sweet video player web app (using SopCast) that streamed the Sunday NFL games simultaneously next to each other in a clickable grid that would allow someone to watch all… Read More

  • FireFly anti-dust device

    Sure there are a ton of new digital SLRs with built-in dust reduction systems, but how can you be sure that you’ve got all the dust off? Because most of those systems use variations on the same technology – the imaging sensor or glass covering the sensor is vibrated at high speeds – there’s always a chance that static electricity might cause some dust to stay stuck. Read More

  • Wireless Spectrum Auction Might Be Over For Coveted C-Block. But Who Won, Google or Verizon?

    Update: It looks like some of us jumped the gun on calling this, including the New York Times. It turns out that there are still enough bidding units left in the C-Block for one or two deep-pocketed companies to still make a bid. So it is not necessarily over yet. Because of the secrecy surrounding the auctions—companies are not allowed to talk about it until it is over—we can… Read More

  • It's Spreading: Multitouch the lunch box, multitouch the breakfast cereal, multitouch the flaaamethrower!

      Big surprise here. The wonderful “multitouch” interface used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and new MacBook Air is; A) not Apple’s invention, B) famous because of Apple, and C) will begin appearing in more and more devices. Read More

  • RIM entering consumer accessories market

    It’s the beginning of the end, kiddies. RIM is jumping into the consumer accessories market with the BB Remote Stereo Gateway. In case you haven’t had any coffee and you’re unable to glean what RIM’s first accessory does then you should go and get a cup of coffee. Heh. The Remote Stereo Gateway wil connect your multimedia capable BlackBerry via Bluetooth to your stereo… Read More

  • Amazon to add Audible.com to its downloadables

    Amazon.com will reportedly purchase digital audiobook provider Audible.com in the second quarter of this year for $300 million. Smart, smart, smart. The purchase will allow Amazon to offer up Audbile’s 80,000+ audio programs (mostly books, newspapers, and certain radio programs) for download to its digital content customers. Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has an audio jack that… Read More

  • Sony PSP Skype review

    So I’ve been trying to get Skype to work on my Darth Vader PSP all morning and for some reason the headset that was included doesn’t want to transmit my audio. During my test, I pinged Biggs and I could hear him loud and clear. There are no visible switches on the headset and nothing in the tools section to allow me to adjust the volume. I’ll keep fiddling with it and… Read More

  • MacBook Air in NY Apple stores… or not

    Just got first reports in from NY Apple Stores. It seems the MacBook Airs were out for a brief period this morning and then they hauled them back into the back room. Bloops! The 5th ave store jumped the gun on putting out the demo units, they gathered the units on a cart and placed in the back room. … OFFICIAL: The 5th Avenue store does have it in stock but for display only, you can go… Read More

  • Rumor: ComCast firings in Michigan

    An irate reader writes: 100’s of Comcast Customer Account Executives were fired last year and will
    be fired this year due to their inability to meet increasingly difficult job
    requirements. If you call in to get your cable fixed or have a question
    regarding your bill, the phone rep must resolve your issue and try to sell a
    core product – internet, phone or digital cable (if you… Read More

  • GameFly adds new shipping center in Tampa, Florida

    I’ve been using GameFly for the past few months and I can characterize it as, and I quote, “nice.” The company’s just announced that it’s added a third distribution center in Tampa to complement the ones in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. I live in Boston and haven’t had much trouble getting games relatively quickly (generally takes two days from when… Read More

  • 1-800-FREE411 Sells Out Half Its Ad Inventory For the Year, Growth Steadies.

    What’s not to love about free 411 calls? Jingle Networks, which operates 1-800-FREE411, says it has sold out its entire inventory of sponsorship ads for 2008. These are ten-second audio spots that you listen to before you get your free directory assistance from national sponsors like AMC Theaters, Earthlink, Cablevision, McDonald’s, Miller Brewing, and Nationwide. Jingle has… Read More

  • KickApps Wades into Ning Territory with Version 3.0

    KickApps is implementing a lot of new features and capabilities with its newest release, version 3.0, which debuts today. For a complete list of the improvements, you can check out the company’s official release (see the summary in the second half). The upgrades are largely divided between those that appeal to advanced publishers and those that appeal to novice consumers. The API… Read More

  • MacBook Air: Some minor issues

    So it’s thin and it’s shipping, but is it really that great? AppleInsider has taken a closer look at the trade-offs Apple had to make to get this thing running and found that a few of the important troubleshooting steps — namely Apple Hardware Test and SMC updates — are controlled from key combinations rather than via CD or DVD. They also found that Boot Camp requires… Read More

  • To Boldly Moan: Star Trek Orgasms (NSFW)

    This video clip needs very little introduction, as it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Might not be safe for work, so proceed at your own risk. Star Trek Orgasms [Double Viking] Read More

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