• More Sony Blu-Ray Price Cuts Coming

    The HD wars are from over, but Sony could be putting the nail in the coffin by the end of the year. Sales of Blu-Ray discs have surpassed HD-DVD sales with the help of the Sony PS3. According to Nielsen VideoScan ratings Blu-Ray owns 65% of the market share, which is a reversal from last November when HD-DVD owned 63% the market. Blu-Ray titles averaged a sales rank of 246 on Amazon where as… Read More

  • Blackberry 8300 Daytona Leaked

    The newest Blackberry device has been leaked and this is what RIM fanboys have been waiting for. The Daytona/8300 boasts a set of features we expected from the 8800, which were not present, but we did hear rumors of other new RIM devices being released later on this year. The Daytona comes armed with Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash and GPS. Other noteworthy facts are the improved audio… Read More

  • Sony NW-A800 Caught On Tape

    Sony must have been under a rock for the last 2 years, but I suppose it’s better late than never. To wit: Sony has finally entered the video media player market. The NW-A800 series Walkman will be hitting shelves in Europe in April, but we won’t see them for quite some time. Read More

  • Samsung Fridge Puts Rachael Ray On Ice

    Samsung Fridge Puts Rachael Ray On Ice

    Oh, how I wish I had this fridge for my Rachael Ray cooking needs. The Samsung RH269 wireless fridge comes with a 10.4-inch color TFT touch-panel tablet that features a digital memo pad, wireless TV/Radio, digital scheduler and food-management software. The tablet is detachable from the refrigerator door and runs on a 2400mAH Lithium Ion three-cell battery, according to the product page. At… Read More

  • Helio Heat Hands-Burned

    Helio Heat Hands-Burned

    The Heat is the second device from Helio that I’ve had the opportunity to try. Like the Drift, the Heat is manufactured by Samsung and imbued with all sorts of Helio specifics. Although the Heat retains GPS with buddy beacons, the most distinctive feature of the Drift, it has a lower price point and reduced features. Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Rosie, Have a Pizza Edition

    CrunchGear Week in Review: Rosie, Have a Pizza Edition

    Robot, Get Me A Beer Massager Doubles As Torture Device MP3 Players Usher in New Era of World Peace Q: Pizza Vending Machine — Pinnacle of Civilization or Depths or Depravity? (A: Both) Voice of Mario Not Italian?! Read More

  • AddThis Widget Gathering Lots Of Interesting Data

    AddThis Widget Gathering Lots Of Interesting Data

    You may have seen the AddThis buttons on blogs at some point while surfing the web. It’s a simple, free widget blog owners can add to their site that shows a number of bookmarking options at the end of a blog post (there’s also a feed reader widget for easy RSS subscriptions). Readers can bookmark the post on Digg, Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmarks, Bluedot and other services… Read More

  • Doing One Thing Right: Couchville

    While all the online TV guides are adding bells, whistles and other tricks to their basic product of showing TV listings, none have created a really perfect, simple, online guide to what’s on TV. Yahoo’s done some new things (which were largely hated by users), and MeeVee has started to integrate online video into its listings. Others we’ve written about have added social aspects… Read More

  • Octopart: Search Engine For Gadget Parts

    Today, Y Combinator backed Octopart has launched a vertical search engine for electronics parts, ideal for electrical engineers and hobbyists alike. The engine helps electronics buyers find the best deals by aggregating and normalizing product data from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser, and Newark InOne. The site was started by two physics grad students, frustrated by continuously facing… Read More

  • VelvetPuffin Launches "Always On" Social Network

    VelvetPuffin Launches "Always On" Social Network

    Singapore based VelvetPuffin is launching a mobile/desktop social networking platform today. The new product consists of a profile site, desktop IM client, and mobile client synchronized by their parent company’s (Radix) server side software. The motivation behind the project was to create a consistent experience across these three common social mediums missing from the mobile browser… Read More

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  • Nyko Wii Charger Now Available, Keeps Planet Green

    Nyko Wii Charger Now Available, Keeps Planet Green

    For those tired of constantly replacing their AA batteries because of all the Wii-mote action, here comes a way to save some money on batteries (that is, if you end up spending more than $30 for batteries in your Wii lifetime). The Nyko Wii Charge Station is now available for $30 on Amazon.com. The station includes two NiMH rechargeable battery packs that replace the two AA batteries normally… Read More

  • Hand Warmers Use Eneloop Technology

    Hand Warmers Use Eneloop Technology

    Although winter seems to be coming to end in NYC (I’m sure I’ll eat my words next week), these eco-friendly hand warmers, dubbed the Eneloop Kairo, are good for those who find themselves outside more than they want to. The Sanyo device uses solar power technology called Eneloop to recharge its batteries. The hand warmers come with a solar panel, and even if you don’t want to use… Read More

  • HTC Erato Specs Leaked

    It’s been about 7 months since the debut of the Cingular 3125 and leaked reports are telling us the “Star Trek” will have a successor as early as next month. The HTC Erato/s420 clamshell runs WinMo 6.0 and will be a welcome addition to the AT&T (maybe) 3G lineup via HSDPA. The CPU has been bumped up from the previous 200MHz on the 3125 to 400MHz. The Erato also features a… Read More

  • Robot, Get Me A Beer

    Who wouldn’t want a Rosie? The Jetsons had it right and that was over 40 years ago. I believe we were promised robots that would serve our every whim by now. But then again it has taken Asimo over 20 years to walk up and down a flight of stairs and he can barely do that. A group of professors from Tokyo University are one step closer to presenting servant robots to the world so we can get… Read More

  • Damnit, Jim. I'm a Doctor, Not a Tablet

    Damnit, Jim. I'm a Doctor, Not a Tablet

    The biggest problem with the medical industry is that it is far behind on information technology. Patient records aren’t synchronized or shared with others, and it’s difficult to make sense and organize all the information that is coming in about a patient. One solution could be the Philips Mobile Clinical Assistant, or MCA. the MCA is sort of a cross between a tablet PC and PDA. Read More

  • Bravo To USATODAY

    USATODAY relaunched its website yesterday with a parade of new features that will add a significant social layer to the site that wasn’t there before. The website is no longer a simple hose spouting news at readers. It has become a full on social network, integrating user generated content in intelligent and interesting ways. The list is sort of ho-hum at first – bigger pictures… Read More

  • Massager Doubles As Torture Device

    Massager Doubles As Torture Device

    For those with bad headaches or big egos, this 92-brush head massager will keep the brain prepped and ready for action. There’s not much more info on it, since I can’t read much Japanese (golden mountain … head skin … product number … thing), but the brush extensions are meant to poke you in the right places along the rim of the head to keep you refreshed, according… Read More

  • The iPod Crows at Midnight

    The iPod Crows at Midnight

    I spotted a front-page story (paid subscription required) in the Wall Street Journal this week about bird watchers who are using portable technology to find birds. Some are using wireless devices like Blackberries to receive bird proximity alerts, while others are using iPods and speakers to mimic bird calls. The interesting part of the article is the controversy: One point of contention is the… Read More

  • Voice of Mario Not Italian?!

    Keeping with the spirit of my weekly Mario posts, here is a GooTube video of the man who gives Mario and other Nintendo characters their voices. Charles Martinet also does the voices of Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Toadsworth, according to his Wikipedia profile. Although his landmark game was Super Mario 64, I’ll always have Mario’s “Let’s Go!” phrase drilled into my… Read More

  • MP3 Players Usher in New Era of World Peace

    MP3 Players Usher in New Era of World Peace

    Here are two MP3 players that hopefully will bridge the gap between religions. The first is a concept device by Manworks Design. It’s a flash-based MP3 player that would have a chrome-plated steel body in the shape of a cross. The 1GB player, which would have an OLED-display, is meant to be worn around the neck. The second is a real watch marketed toward members of the Islamic faith… Read More