• Governator to help announce new Tesla sedan tomorrow

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is holding a press conference tomorrow with Tesla Motors, makers of some of the coolest electric cars on the planet, to announce their 4 door, 5 passenger sedan slated for release in 2010. Not much information right now but rumor has it that it will be called the Whitestar and should be as efficient as the Roadster model now making the rounds. The… Read More

  • AT&T stores are hiring! Get ye to the AT&Tery!

    In anticipation of a massive influx of folks on July 11 AT&T stores are hiring greeters, runners, and back office managers. AppleInsider is also reporting that activation will be on-site and immediate, ensuring that it’ll take them hours to clear people out of the stores. The instructions support expectations that, at least in the case of sales at AT&T stores, each iPhone 3G… Read More

  • Tesla Sedan Factory Coming to the Bay Area

    We’re just minutes away from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s joint announcement with Tesla Motors, but we already hear that he will discuss how Tesla plans to build its electric sedan factory in the Bay Area, not New Mexico as previously expected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though Tesla will actually unveil the sedan itself. While New Mexico offered a $7 million… Read More

  • Update: Digg Recommendation Engine Confirmed For This Week

    Digg has released some materials around their new Recommendation Engine, which we wrote about last night, and say that it will be released this week. Two overview videos are below, including an interview with Digg Lead Scientist Anton Kast. We’ve also included the text of a white paper on the Recommendation Engine. Digg Recommendation Engine from Kevin Rose on Vimeo. Anton Talks About… Read More

  • Citizen Reviewer Opportunity: Steelseries Ikari Laser mouse

    Since the most I ever do with my mouse is scroll up and down looking at dolphin porn, I don’t consider myself the best judge of a high-end gaming mouse from Steelseries. The Ikari has a bunch of insane settings including CPI modification, high sample rate, and built-in macros. It’s basically designed for the people who shoot me in the head whenever I try to play Counter-Strike… Read More

  • Radio Shack ad confirms Xbox 360 price drop

    High res available here. This purported ad sent in by a Radio Shack employee to Joystiq backs up the last week’s ad from K-Mart that Microsoft will give the Xbox 360 a price cut during E3. Hold off a few weeks if you’re in the market, kiddies. Read More

  • Libido booster pills from Japan

    If you are never satisfied with your partner’s libido, these pills from Japan might do the trick. The so-called H na koto o shitaku naru kamo shirenai-kyandii [JP, pictured left] (I probably am going to get horny-candy) can be found in Amazon Japan’s “Toys and Hobby” category [JP]. In case you really want to get wild, you can try the Midarana kimochi ni naru kamo… Read More

  • Rhapsody, Verizon Wireless now have a mobile music subscription service

    Can you hear me now? No, I’m listening to music thanks to Rhapsody. That horrendous opening can mean only one thing: Verizon Wireless has joined up with Rhapsody to launch a mobile music subscription service, the first of its kind. The name, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, could use some work, but that’s to be expected. (That’s actually a good idea for an article: on terrible… Read More

  • Google Launches Affiliate Advertising Network, Courtesy of DoubleClick

    Amazon, watch out. Earlier today, Google launched an affiliate ad network. Or, rather, it rebranded Performics, the affiliate ad network that came along with its purchase of DoubleClick, as the “Google Affiliate Network.” As with other affiliate networks such as Amazon’s, participating Website publishers get paid a fee for each referral that results in a sale. … Read More

  • Leaked Rogers activation process points to in-store activation also could be BS

    An “anoymous user” sent in a document purporting to be an internal document from Rogers Canada detailing iPhone activation. There’s not much we don’t already know except that they’re using a secret version of iTunes for activation, which requires a special module. There’s one niggling problem, though. The terminology is fairly rudimentary take this, for… Read More

  • CBS Finishes Acquisition Of CNET; Leslie Moonves, Quincy Smith And Neil Ashe Address The Troops

    CBS announced the closing of its acquisition of CNET today. The deal, first announced last month, will bring CNET under the control of Quincy Smith’s CBS Interactive division, “the premier online content network for information and entertainment.” An email to all CNET employees from Smith and CNET CEO Neil Ashe (now CBS Interactive President) is below. It’s interesting… Read More

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen poster leaked?

    Is this purported TF2 poster real or fake? What is that thing? via Film School Rejects Read More

  • Creative Zen X-Fi has built-in Wi-Fi for streaming media (and instant messaging!)

    We eagerly await to hear what “perfection” sounds like. That is to say, we eagerly await to try out the Creative Zen X-Fi, a series of portable media players with built-in Wi-Fi. Aside from the usual set of features from every PMP ever, the Wi-Fi is used to instant message your dumb friends, presumably about what music you’re listening to or what video you’re watching… Read More

  • Dash GPS Receives First Wi-Fi Update

    One of the most compelling features of the Dash – Wi-Fi updates – is finally here. Dash users simply connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the Dash GPS unit will download and install the update automatically. Try doing that with your TomTom. After the update the devices will include a new feature called MyRoute, a system that maintains a list of your popular routes and adds… Read More

  • Rock Band II this September for Xbox 360 [Updated]

    Rock Band 2 will come out this year for the Xbox 360 in September, with other platforms—the PS3 and Wii—getting in on the fun later in the year. What that means, exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. But let’s focus: Rock Band 2 is coming. You’ll be able to use all of your Rock Band 1 accessories in the sequel, but new versions will be released alongside the game. Read More

  • Olympus develops 360° lens and camera prototype

    Today Olympus Japan announced [JP] the development of a 360° lens and camera prototype. The technology is a world first. The company started working on the prototype last year. The camera covers a vertical angle of 180° now, while the old version only covered 45°. A special kind of glass is used for the lens, which has a diameter of 3cm.
    The picture on the right shows a conference room… Read More

  • Lenovo announces its first desktop, IdeaCentre K210

    Today marks a new day for Lenovo with the announcement of its first desktop, the IdeaCentre K210. For all intents and purposes, it’s just a desktop but it pulls a couple things from the laptop line that are unique and cool, like Veriface facial recognition technology. It also includes an anti-microbial keyboard and “Bright Vision”, which detects how far you are from the… Read More

  • In New Deal With Tele Atlas, Google Maps Sends Data Back

    Google signed a five-year deal with Tele Atlas to keep getting the map data that helps power Google Maps. The deal extends to Google Earth and mobile apps, and covers 200 countries. Google also gets map data from Navteq, which is being bought by Nokia for $8 billion. Tele Atlas is owned by Dutch GPS-maker TomTom. Up until now, the deal between Google Maps and its data providers has been… Read More

  • Hands-on with Mitsubishi's iSP flat panel TVs

    Previewed last week for the press was Mitsubishi’s latest line of 120Hz flat panels with Integrated Sound Projector, which entails 16 speakers placed along the bottom edge of the set. The array is meant to reproduce 5.1 surround sound by varying the times in which the speakers fire off sounds. Mitsubishi is claiming the technology to be easy to use and fairly straightforward which I tend… Read More

  • Nikon D700 (supposedly) found in German magazine: 95% viewer, D3 sensor

    We’re led to believe this scan of a German photography magazine article about the D700 is real. Having “been had” last week, I reserve the right to remain suspicious. These are the specs that appear in the article. Maybe. D700: D3-Sensor, AF-Module but no phone/speaker, only 95% viewer, 200-6400ISO, 5FPS (8 with MB-D10), pop-up-flash (power 11), dust-removal on sensor… Read More

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