• iPhone 3G can now be purchased online but read the fine print

    Ah, how nice is it for Apple to bring back quasi-online iPhone purchasing option. When the jesusphone 3G launched, the option disappeared, forcing you to head down to your local Apple or AT&T store only to be at the mercy of their limited supply. Apple spun it saying that it was for your benefit, but here we are, praising the reborn online purchasing option. Bad news? Your iPhone… Read More

  • Whether you go Leica or Hasselblad, you're buying Kodak

    This is interesting. I really had no idea that Kodak was the sensor provider for both Leica and Hasselblad, whose near-medium-format professional DSLRs have been the talk of the town lately. Good for Kodak! I like it when companies are behind the scenes and don’t steal the thunder — companies like IBM and Broadcom that make the hardware that makes the hardware. I wonder then if… Read More

  • WinMo 7 delayed until the second half of next year?

    Imagine today, but a year from now. You might still be waiting for the next version of Windows Mobile. Apparently hardware vendors had been expecting the final version to arrive “by early next year” but were recently told that it wouldn’t be ready until the second half on next year, according to CNET. In other news, guess what’s white hot right now? Operating systems… Read More

  • Sylvania realizes it can’t make good netbooks on its own, rebrands MSI Wind as ‘MAGNI’

    Sylvania had the right idea when it rebranded the 7-inch Everex Cloudbook as the Sylvania “g” netbook except for the fact that the Cloudbook never really took off. Then came the 8.9-inch Sylvania MESO, which was a kinda-sorta rebranded Amtek Elego by Digital Gadgets, a licensee of Sylvania. Huh? Now, Sylvania seems to be on the right track by rebranding the 10-inch MSI Wind as… Read More

  • Twenty Startups Pool Resources To Recruit Developers

    Big tech companies may be preparing to downsize, but startups are still hiring like mad. Particularly engineers. It’s hard for one startup to get noticed above the crowd, but what if twenty of them pool their resources, hold a competition and throw a five day party for top recruits? That’s the goal of Gnip and 19 other Boulder, Colorado based startups who are pitching in $5,000 each… Read More

  • Honda's "singing" road sounds like crap, gets paved over

    Because nothing sells Civics like the William Tell Overture, some marketing master over at Honda decided to cut grooves into a Lancaster, CA road in such a way that the tune would play anytime a car drove by. Unfortunately, everyone hated it. It’s distracting, which is exactly what you don’t want on a 2 lane highway, and sounds nothing like the William Tell Overture (though it… Read More

  • Motorola Q11 spotted in the wild

    GPS! Bluetooth! WiFi! 3-megapixel camera! Windows Mobile 6.1 *sound of record scratching to a halt* Yeah, another Moto keyboard phone with Windows Mobile. Behold, the Q11 courtesy of Mobility Today. I honestly have no problem with how Moto builds these things – the Q9M was a really pretty phone – but I honestly wouldn’t get WinMo phone even if it came with a puppy and a back rub. Read More

  • Chronicle Your Life In Photos With LifeSnapz

    Because of the abundance of photo hosting sites available on the web, it can be hard to track down every photo from an event you’ve attended. Oftentimes they’re scattered across multiple user accounts, under generic album titles like “Party”, making them hard to find and virtually useless for future reference. LifeSnapz, a photo sharing site that launched at… Read More

  • John and Kate Plus Windows 98

    Matthew L found this funny screen on the side of a bus stop. CemUSA runs all of these and some of them have video screens embedded into them. Clearly J+K+8 didn’t agree with this one. Read More

  • Webble: Something you put your feet on

    This thing does look cool but I’m not sure the theory is sound. You essentially put your feet on it and roll it around under your desk while you work, encouraging circulation and wellness. BBG suggests that this might be a nefarious plot to bring skateboards into the workplace under the guise of ergonomics I’m more inclined to suspect that this is a device dedicated to eating up… Read More

  • Thousands of Radeon cards found faulty – who's to blame?

    When a serious hardware problem occurs, the buck always passes a few times before it finds a solid resting place. In the recent case of NVIDIA, it was remarkably simple, as the company itself (it seems) was responsible for pushing the bad solder that was cracking. But now we have several thousand Radeon 3800 cards that are faulty, and the finger is not quite so easy to point. Of course, first… Read More

  • Wario Land: Shake It advertisement breaks Youtube

    Wow. Whoever came up with this new ad for Wario Land: Shake it deserves a raise and a paid vacation to Cancun or something. They’ve taken a basic concept of the game and managed to make it into creative and effective marketing on a platform where even the most humdrum viral campaigns tend to flourish. Screenshots don’t really do it justice, so be sure to check it out… Read More

  • Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway: 2nd winner announced, but we've still got 3 more to come

    Round 2 of the 5-part Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway spree came to an end last night, and a winner has been drawn. Congratulations to Kevin H. We’ve still got 3 more 8GB SDHC kits to give away before October 2nd. How can you enter? Comment on any MobileCrunch post published between today (9/24) and Friday (9/26). Each post you comment on (including this one) is an entry. Comment on 5… Read More

  • paiTouch: Virtual boob simulator for the iPhone

    Although the iPhone didn’t turn out to be a superhit in Japan, some local programmers have come up with interesting ideas for the device in the last months, i.e. to use it as a futuristic tagging and information terminal. Now anonymous Japanese blogger technohippy [JP] (who just calls himself an oppai enjinia – boob engineer) comes up with paiTouch (boobTouch), a breast simulation… Read More

  • Happy birthday, Myst! You're 15!

    Join me in celebration of everyone’s favorite pre-rendered CD-ROM based point-and-click adventure game. Sure, games like King’s Quest and Monkey Island had better stories, dialogue, and gameplay, but Myst was ahead of the industry in that it understood what really sells games: being shiny. It’s testament to just how immersive the game was at the time that this glorified… Read More

  • Motorola Q11 caught on camera

    After the Q9, where was Motorola to go with the model numbers? Q10, you say? Heck no. Sequential numbering is for jerks. This new Motorola handset will be dubbed the Q11. Number skipping. That’s innovation right there, folks. All of squat is known about it so far, besides that it runs WinMo 6.1 and packs Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, GPS, and a 3 Megapixel camera (up from 2 on the… Read More

  • Imperial fortifications rusting away on the forest moon, Endor

    A long time ago, in a place far, far away there was a battle fought by an evil empire bent on total domination. This is all that is left. Read More

  • China: Office 2007 price drops 70% to combat piracy

    In the war against software piracy, it seems that the rule is: If you can’t beat ‘em, lower the price to almost nothing and hope to make at least a little bit of money. Such is the case in China, where last year’s software piracy rate was over 80% according to the Financial Times. In the hopes of actually selling some stuff over there, Microsoft has lowered the price of… Read More

  • Pitch your startup with TechCrunch at FOWA in London

    TechCrunch UK is going to run a “Techcrunch Pitch!” contest for startups at the upcoming Future of Web Apps conference in London, and you’re invited. All you need to do is submit an entry, and we will choose the best three to come up on the stage at FOWA and pitch to an “American Idol” style panel consisting of Mike Butcher (Techcrunch UK), Ryan Carson… Read More

  • New Gyration Air Mouse coming in October

    Prepare to commence hand flailing. Gyration’s new Air Mouse will feature “MotionSense” technology which apparently “delivers precise in-air cursor control,” allowing you to ostensibly pick the mouse up off your desk, point it at your screen, and click your way through web pages, documents, and more with the greatest of ease. Should you grow weary of in-air… Read More

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