• Guitar Hero: Aerosmith spotted in the wild

    How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows and this week’s episode featured Marshall shredding away at Guitar Hero, but not just any ole version of GH. If you look closely at the photo above or the thumbnail below you’ll see that the guitar cover is the Aerosmith version that’s set to launch sometime in the coming weeks. It’s not a leak or anything, but cool… Read More

  • MSI Wind to get US release, two versions available

    MSI is coming out swinging against you-know-who with the US to be the first place the company’s Wind notebook will be released. IDG News Service is reporting that… “The U.S. edition of Wind will come in two different versions, one for US$549 running Microsoft’s Windows XP. A few things set Wind apart from competitors, including the 1.6GHz Atom microprocessor, larger… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Freestyle Audio 512MB MP3 player

    The FA MP3 player I reviewed way back in August is on sale at Dogfunk for $30. Yeah, it’s only 512MB, but $30 is relatively cheap for a waterproof MP3 player. Read More

  • Bits of Sidekick Gekko manual leaked, confirms customizable shells, video recording

    The guys over at Hiptop3 managed to score some manual shots from the (Sidekick iD replacing?) Sidekick Gekko. Nothing too surprising, pretty much just serving to confirm rumors: Replaceable shells will allow for color customization similar to the iD’s replaceable bumpers, 2.0 megapixel camera, and it’ll be the first Sidekick to offer video recording abilities. Unless… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: MGS 4: 90-minute cutscenes, 4.6GB HDD install

    Here’s some fodder for the entertaining yet utterly pointless console wars. It seems, according to one lonely photo posted on Flickr, that Metal Gear Solid 4 requires a 4.6GB hard drive install. Horrors! Right? Oh, it gets better, haters! UK mag PSW, in its review of the game, says that it has cutscenes that border on the 90-minute mark. No, not a grand total of 90 minutes worth of… Read More

  • T-Mobile Sidekick Gekko manual leaked

    There isn’t anything new revealed in the manual pages that Hiptop3 managed to get a hold of for the upcoming Gekko aka Aspen Sidekick, but here it is anyway. Photos taken with the 2-megapixel camera can be stored on the device or microSD and videos (.3GP format) can only be stored on external memory. Nothing exciting. Read More

  • Video: Jumping locust robot

    Remember this little guy? Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, May 23rd Read More

  • Nokia locks N-Gage games to one handset, fans get angry, Nokia changes position

    On Wednesday, AllAboutNgage broke a story about the downfalls of the anti-piracy methods implemented on Nokia N-Gage handsets. The method, in short: When you purchase a game, you get an activation code. Upon use, this activation code is locked to the device’s unique IMEI code. If you bust your handset under warranty, Nokia can transfer the games to your new one. Upgrade to a new… Read More

  • ATTIGO TT: The touchscreen turntable that needs to be released ASAP

    Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo. This, the ATTIGO TT, is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, and I really mean that. Most of the time, meh. But this! It’s a touchscreen turntable created by one Scott Hobbs, a student at Dundee University. About the size of a regular turntable, this one is more Surface than Technics. The video says all that needs to be said. Read More

  • TheRarestWords: Intriguing Semantic SEO Project from Russia

    A mysterious yet intriguing project from Russia has come across our inbox. It is a search-engine optimization analysis tool for Websites called TheRarestWords. For any given URL, like Microsoft’s or Techcrunch’s, it shows you the rarest keywords on the homepage (i.e., the ones most likely to give your site some search-engine juice), other sites with related keywords, and a list… Read More

  • Oakley now offers an iPhone case

    This $30 chunk of Unobtainium rubber from Oakley can be yours to encase that soon to be out of date iPhone. Excited? Didn’t think so. Read More

  • CrunchBase Now Integrated With LinkedIn API

    We will shortly be releasing a new version of CrunchBase, the company and people database wiki that you often see linked to here on TechCrunch. In the meantime, though, we’ve added a few new features to the product, including integration with LinkedIn via their API. You can now click a button and see if you are linked to any of the employees at any particular startup. The image to the… Read More

  • SK Telecom successfully transmits HD video over WiBro

    SK Telecom will begin building out Wave 2 of the WiBro network in Seoul after successfully sending HD video across the network in real time. Under optimal conditions this new Wave could download at 37.44Mbps while uploading at 10.08Mbps. That’s insanely fast! That means you could download a SD video that’s 700MB in about two and a half minutes. The build out should be finished… Read More

  • Super Mario Kart, Javascript style

    Jacob Seidelin is fast becoming the Ben Heckendorn of Javascript games. You may remember that in early April, Seidelin programmed all of Super Mario Bros. into 14 Kb of Javascript code. This month, he’s tackled Super Mario Kart in about 11 Kb of code. It’s not the full game, however. “So far, it’s just racing. No weapons or any of that fancy stuff. At the moment, you… Read More

  • Microsoft To Shut Live Search Books

    Microsoft is shutting down its book digitization initiative, which launched in 2006, the company said in an email today (full text is below). The publisher site is already down, the books site itself will be shut next week, and Microsoft posted a blog post on it here. The company has digitized 750,000 books and indexed 80 million journal articles to date. Google’s competing product… Read More

  • Infectious: Custom stickers for your car

    I don’t think I have to tell you that 2 Fast 2 Furious is the single greatest movie in the history of American cinema. New Web 2.0 startup Infectious, founded by one of the original Twitter folks—downtime!—tries to capture some of that car, or whip, culture zeitgeist by giving users like you the opportunity to purchase custom designed car stickers. These stickers feature, in… Read More

  • Danny Sullivan Debates The Rest Of Us On Microsoft Cashback

    Search guru Danny Sullivan joined the Gillmor Gang yesterday for a long debate on Microsoft’s new search initiative, Live Search Cashback. After seeing the product launch at Microsoft earlier this week and testing it driectly I took a mostly positive position. Sullivan, not so much. Will Cashback help Microsoft’s search market share, which is less than 10% and falling? Is this… Read More

  • Video: Beer Pong for the Wii

    I love playing Beer Pong. It’s what I’ll be doing later tonight and all weekend once I get out of the city for the holiday weekend. Now, the blending of video games and drinking games is a tough act to pull off, but Frat Party Games may have done it with their upcoming WiiWare title. Like any other sport-related game on the Wii, I don’t see the mechanics being true to life… Read More

  • Prague CrunchNetwork Meet-up: Last call

    We’re fast approaching our super fun CrunchNetwork Prague Meet-up and getting ready for the big night. We’re going to have some surprises coming up so watch this space but until then feel free to RSVP by email or on Facebook. Remember the event is on Friday, May 23, 2008 from 7pm until ?? at Restaurace Zvonařka. The program will be fairly basic but I’m planning an elevator… Read More

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