• Another look at the HTC Touch Pro

    http://flash.revver.com/player/1.0/player.swf?mediaId=1106985&affiliate=160295 Our fearless leader took a quick look at HTC’s Touch Pro – the successor to the Touch Diamond – back at the end of June, but my fine English friend Matt, of TracyandMatt.co.uk, has a nice-looking unboxing video here. The video is about ten minutes long. I love, love, love the looks of that… Read More

  • Honda attacks Toyota in North America, wants to sell 100,000 low-priced hybrid cars

    Spy shot of Honda’s new hybrid car (unconfirmed) Honda yesterday announced they hope to sell 100,000 units in North America of a new hybrid car slated for release on April 22, 2009 (Earth Day). The five-door, five-passenger vehicle lower is planned to not only be cheaper than the current Civic hybrid model (base price in the US: $22,600) but also to outperform Toyota’s hybrid… Read More

  • Facebook Gets Slapped With Another Lawsuit Over Beacon, Wishes It Could Opt Out

    Facebook’s controversial and widely-disdained Beacon service, which it originally introduced in November, has led to the company being slapped with another class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that Facebook never sought user approval before collecting personal information, and was also keeping tabs on people who weren’t even signed up for Facebook. The class action lawsuit… Read More

  • Japanese DS owners get full-length anime movies, all others don't

    Japanese Nintendo fans are able to download digital manga on their Wii and their DS for a few weeks now. The DS service, called DSvision [JP], requires a special hardware add-on to view episodes of Japanese anime series downloaded from the DSVision web site. Now am3 [JP] and DaiNippon Printing are planning to launch a service that makes it possible to watch full-length animated features on the DS. Read More

  • Twitter cuts UK SMS – there goes another business model

    Twitter has killed its outbound SMS services outside of the United States, Canada or India, and with it a potentially highly lucrative business model in Europe. In the UK you’ll still be able to send Twitter an SMS to update your status, but you won’t be receiving them. Apparently rising rising costs made it impractical, and we have been getting those SMSs for free. In a blog… Read More

  • Build your own Atom-based desktop PC (or Car PC)

    Here’s a nice little weekend project. You can pick up a barebone MSI Wind system (not the netbook, the desktop version) from Newegg for $140. It’s one of the first desktop systems to use Intel’s power-sipping Atom processor (1.6GHz). You’ll need to add RAM (it uses laptop RAM) and a hard drive (or CF card) to this kit, and maybe even a little Wi-Fi card if… Read More

  • Samsung E200 Eco: Its corn-derived case is environmentally friendy

    Do you have eco guilt? That is, are you anxious that the planet is slowly dying like in every JRPG ever because of human activity? If that’s the case then Samsung has a phone for you. The E200 Eco is the company’s latest “eco-friendly” cellphone. What makes it so friendly to the environment is that its outer case is made out of bioplastic, a material that’s… Read More

  • Gartner says market for mini-notebooks will explode by 2012

    IT research and advisory giant Gartner predicts that worldwide shipments for mini-notebooks will reach 5.2 million units in 2008 and even 8 million units one year later. The company is expecting that by 2012 about 50 million of these PCs will be shipped (on a global level). Gartner says their findings are based on the fact that mini-notebooks are distinctive in factors such as size, weight… Read More

  • Terms of VC endearment – Forget the valuation, what's the deal?

    British, and by extension European, startups often talk heatedly about valuations. But across the pond where they’ve been doing this for many years, the talk is usually about how any deal is structured. Sean Glass, founder of Pikum!, has now founded a startup on both sides of the Atlantic, and lays it all out in a guest post. I was at the Always On Media conference in New York last… Read More

  • Nice try: Guild spends 18 hours trying to kill boss in Final Fantasy XI

    A guild in Final Fantasy XI spent 18 hours trying to kill a boss; the boss is still alive! The guild, Beyond the Limitation, did all the legwork, all the preparation in order to kill the boss Pandemonium Warden, considered the toughest boss in the game. Eighteen hours later, the guild gave up and cried just a little bit. Why, exactly, did the guild give up? People were passing out and… Read More

  • CO2Stats Compensates For Your Site's Pollution

    Yesterday Y Combinator backed CO2Stats announced the launch of a fully functional version of their emissions measuring service for websites. The launch comes nearly a year after the release of a prototype widget that was designed to test the market and gauge user response. The idea eventually attracted enough press and positive feedback for the founders to take their service and calculations… Read More

  • UK 2.0 – Why the UK can become the global hub for mobile

    This is a guest post by jamescoops from the mjelly mobile internet blog. 
    There’s been a lot of discussion on Techcrunch UK and elsewhere about how to make London and the UK a hub for Web/Mobile 2.0 startups and businesses.   However, London arguably has a much better chance of becoming the leading cluster for mobile 2.0 specifically, the new generation of mobile… Read More

  • Attention, Australia and New Zealand: Movies are now on iTunes

    Movies are now available on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand. There’s all the major studios, like Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, with awesome movies like National Treasure 2 and Cloverfield on there. Prices start at A$9.99 for movie purchases in Australia, and NZ$9.99. More than 700 movies are on iTunes down there, so there’s plenty of junk to choose from. And how about… Read More

  • Hello World! AppJet Opens Browser-Based JavaScript School

    AppJet, the Y Combinator-funded startup that lets users build web applications from their browsers, has opened a new set of lessons that guide novice users through the basics of programming. The lessons focus on JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and have been written to be accessible to students who have never programmed before. Co-Founder Aaron Iba… Read More

  • This robot has a rat brain

    Scientists in the UK (well, Reading) have developed a robot that has an actual brain. Like, the brain is made out of rat neurons. So already this robot is smarter than Biggs. The scientists, from the University of Reading, put together the robot so they can better study “how memories are actually stored in a biological brain.” That it may help them study diseases like… Read More

  • Keep It Simple: PhrazIt Offers 30 Character Long Reviews

    The web is teeming with user reviews on everything from movies to VC firms. But with so many detailed opinion pieces available, getting to the bottom line can be difficult. Today sees the launch of PhrazIt, a site looking to cut through the noise by offering users a tag cloud related to various topics on the web. Rather than employing a traditional star or numeric system to rate a topic… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Billie Jean Attic Edition

    Lexar Media Announces Crucial DDR3 RDIMM Memory Modules
    Real Bigfoot carcass to be shown this Friday…or not
    iPig: Not what you call Steve Jobs when he pinches your buttock
    DIY HDTV tin foil antenna
    Weight-sensitive floor lights up where you step on it, looks futuristic Read More

  • Another Brick in the Wall

    The battle for Tw*tter took another interesting turn as Identi.ca developer Brad Williams rolled out a bridge between Identi.ca and Twitter. Register for the beta service and all subsequent posts on Identi.ca will be reposted on Twitter, prepended with a user configurable flag that defaults to Identi.ca. I’ve been self-exiled from posting on Twitter for a month now, but the new service… Read More

  • HitMeLater: A Snooze Button For Your Email

    I complain about my email inbox problems endlessly, and even performed a major purge a couple of days ago that wiped out over 23,000 unread emails. I don’t know what the solution is, but I think it may ultimately involve an admin of some sort despite my stubborn hope for a software solution to make things right. While I wait for that startup/admin to fix my life, Philip Kaplan (my partner… Read More

  • Really damn cool: Photosynth team demos new version of compositing app

    Wow, this is really, really goddamn cool. I love how the “skeleton” created by all the photographs is visible, a ghostly meta-world based entirely on aggregate data and an insane amount of processing power. You can switch between day and night, rotate smoothly, zoom, it’s color-corrected, it looks fantastic. I’ll let the guys in the video explain just what is going on… Read More

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