• Wuh Oh: Orange UK halts BlackBerry Bold sales, citing "quality issues"

    According to a leaked internal memo, Orange has pulled the BlackBerry Bold from the shelves due to “reports of software issues”. Originally expected to hit AT&T here in the states months ago, the Bold has faced delay after delay. Could these issues be the reason for the endless postponement? The full text of the leaked memo: Internal Orange Statement on the… Read More

  • Lord of the Rings Online expansion pack dated: Mines of Moria on November 18

    Cloistered MMO fans, take note: the expansion pack to Lord of the Rings Online, entitled Mines of Moria, is due for release on November 18. That’s about a week after Wrath comes out, so you might as well cancel any and all social engagements through December. You can pre-order the game right now at the LOTRO Web site. Doing so will net you a few perks, including a special… Read More

  • This stupid economy has officially gone too far as Mother’s Cookies is going under

    Gadgets be damned for fifteen minutes, this is real news! Mother’s Cookies – makers of those delicious, delicious frosted Circus Animal Cookies – is going out of business, citing “rising prices for raw materials and fuel,” according to the San Francisco Examiner. This poor economy bullshit is starting to hit me where it hurts; the stomach. Mother’s… Read More

  • TunesRemote brings remote iTunes control to Android

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1919916&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=00ADEF&fullscreen=1 If there was ever any question as to how many days we’d have to wait after the release of the first Android handset before someone would crack out an iTunes remote application, we’ve now got the answer: Zero. By… Read More

  • SonicSwap Puts Your iTunes Library On The Web For Streaming And Sharing

    Since the launch of YouTube’s API and the release of Seeqpod, we’ve seen many sites emerge that allow users to create playlists of their favorite songs that can be streamed free of charge. Unfortunately, this can be a tedious task – oftentimes users are forced to recreate the playlists they already have in iTunes because the sites lack an upload function. SonicSwap, a… Read More

  • Fallout 3 gone gold, plus system requirements

    Goooooooold! Fallout 3 is ready to go and will be available on store shelves and online in North America on 10/28, in Europe and Australia on 10/30, and in the UK on 10/31. Take that, you limeys! I’m going to make it a personal goal to beat it by the time you lay down your pounds sterling at Ye Olde Games Shoppe or whatever. This is revenge for being more charming than me, so yes… Read More

  • Review: NBA 2K9 for Xbox 360

    Another year and another round of sports franchise games for consoles and PC. What is so compelling about these games that makes me want to purchase this year’s when nothing has really changed from 2006. Ok, maybe that’s being a bit sensationalistic, but I think you know what I mean. It’s sort of like Doug’s review of Tiger Woods for the Wii. What’s going to make… Read More

  • Class up your Amazon Kindle with a bit of crocodile skin

    Kindle owners can bring a little taste of the Aussie outback to modern New York just like Mic did years ago for only 50 bucks! The STYLZ Avantgarde cases are available in two different leather stains and should fit your Amazon Kindle like a glove – or a case. There are even button cutouts along with spots on the inside for business cards and such. Honestly, the cases are kind of… Read More

  • What's For Breakfast At Your House: Obama O's or Cap'n McCain's?

    This week’s award for best marketing promotion related to the election goes to AirBed & Breakfast, the peer-to-peer pad crashing site for travelers. (You list how much per night you want for travelers to stay on your floor, and they book through the site). Today, I received a package from AirBed & Breakfast containing the two boxes of cereal pictured above: Obama O’s… Read More

  • BrickCon Flickr set

    There are people that played with LEGO bricks and then there people that still play with LEGO bricks. This Flickr pool of last weekend’s BrickCon is for the latter. Read More

  • Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster pipes in on new MacBook pricing

    Mr. Munster released a report today that states Apple’s new MacBooks (the one’s that are being announced next week) will start out at $899 or $999. I wasn’t the biggest believer of an $800 entry point for Apple, so this seems to make a little more sense to me. The talk of the town the last few months has been a sub-$1,000 price point, which is more than likely, but not at… Read More

  • Gallery of public blue screens of death

    Week dragging on? Can’t wait until Friday? This soothing gallery of BSODs in public and unexpected places should ease your suffering. The funny thing is that although these can be taken as signalizing a fundamental instability in Windows, I think of them more as a sign of the ubiquity of Microsoft products and computing in general. It’s a sign of the times, however you want to… Read More

  • The DVR battle for control of the Web

    The stakes for control of the world economy have never been higher, and looking realistically at the prospects for technology pulling us out of the morass is Job One. Watching the market swan dive each day as it approaches the closing bell can be unnerving, but it says little about the fundamentals of the economy, or what can be done about it. If the tech bubble was the demo of what… Read More

  • Circuit City stock below 50 cents, loses credit agency's confidence

    Tough times at Circuit City, which you can now buy outright for something like $38 and doing the CEO’s dry cleaning, as a credit agency has just warned manufacturers about shipping merchandise to the store. Seems the credit agency, Bernard Sands, isn’t sure whether or not Circuit City would be able to pay the manufacturers on time. So… a store, which, by definition, is in… Read More

  • Video: Multiplayer footage of Call of Duty: World at War

    http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf Look! It’s footage of Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer. Also, agree or disagree: yes, this is a tired genre, but there’s something oddly comforting about hearing German yelled at you while hunched in front of your computer monitor. Read More

  • Onkyo launches the CBX-Z20 iPod sound system

    You know what the world needs? No, not more gadget blogs; more iPod docks and Onkyo is pleased to help the cause. The CBX-Z20 AERO sound system is going to be released later this month and seems to be your standard AM/FM, CD, iPod radio. With the Onkyo nameplate though, the 50,000 yen player’s ($497 USD) sound and build quality should be above par. Read More

  • UTStarcom Knick thankfully branded as Quickfire

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but “Knick” just seems like such a weird name for a mobile device. Well the UTStarcom Knick, which MobileCrunch briefly knicked a couple of weeks ago, is officially going to AT&T and will be branded as the Quickfire. Yeah! That’s more like it! It sounds like when a cowboy pulls a gun out of a holster and shoots it really fast! Alright! Read More

  • DVDO EDGE now shipping

    The latest scaler from Anchor Bay is now shipping at $799. I know, I know, the price seems a little high, but a quality scaler can improve your HDTVs picture dramatically by taking in all of your sources random resolution and presenting your the TV one, properly scaled image. Plus, the EDGE’s six HDMI inputs and four RCA-type inputs gives you some room to grow your… Read More

  • Apple sending out MacBook event invites for October 14

    Apple is sending out invites to an October 14 event to be held at its Cupertino campus. Yes, it’s for those much-rumored new MacBooks. God-willing, we’ll be there. Read More

  • Toshiba Portégé R600: 2.4 pounds, nine hour battery

    Toshiba has announced a handful of new notebooks to the Canadian market. Most bonerific is the new Portégé R600, which manages to weigh less than two and a half pounds while still sporting day-long battery life – nine hours according to Toshiba – and a built-in DVD Super-Multi drive. There’s 1GB of RAM built right into the system board, too, with the default… Read More

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