• Plastic Dating Cards? This Clearly Isn't Going To Work

    Any time you try to bridge the real world and the Internet, it’s going to be tough work. When you mix in a questionable business idea and a really poorly designed site, you’re probably heading for the Deadpool. Enter UK based First Move, which just emailed us. It’s a dating site where you create a private profile. You then buy black or hot pink credit-card type cards that… Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Babel Fish, I mean Windows Live Translator

    AltaVista (now owned by Yahoo) has had the Babel Fish translation service since the late nineties. The service, which is powered by a French company called Systran, takes bits of text and translates it from or into any of twelve languages. Entire web pages can also be translated by entering the URL. A few blogs today have noted the quiet launch of Windows Live Translator, which appears to be… Read More

  • Is Steve Jobs Sick Of The Cell Phone Industry Already?

    I haven’t been privy to the private conversations of Steve Jobs, but listening to his keynote the other day, it’s difficult not to pick up on at least some antipathy the man seems to hold towards the entire mobile phone industry. “Steve Jobs’ entire keynote was a series of middle fingers directed at AT&T and their carrier brethren,” says Sascha Segan, lead… Read More

  • Zune 2 On October 16th

    The guy over at iwantapinkzune.com isn’t an official source however this dude seems to be pretty sure that the Zune 2 will be out on October 16th. Obviously, bloggers are the most credible people on the internet so we are now fully expectant of a release on said date. Unfortunately for Microsoft no one will really care about any releases on the 16th what with everyone being out… Read More

  • MySpace: Sidekick Launch Event October 16th?

    Based on some MySpace snooping, a Sidekick launch event might be just around the corner. DJ AM –the guy who played at the last two launches– has listed a private shindig for T-Mobile on his page which is leading people to assume that it will be the unveiling of some sexy new hardware. This isn’t exactly the most exciting rumor but who cares, those are some purdy… Read More

  • Will Joost Address The Copycats?

    The Joost look and feel is being widely copied by others, even before the company officially launches. Last week the second Joost look-alike popped up: DNAStream. Like the first Joost clone, created by Paul Yanez, it basically appropriates the Joost look and feel and presents it in a web browser through a Flash interface (Joost itself is available only as a download). Unlike Yanez’s… Read More

  • Search For Steve Fossett Expands To Amazon's Mechanical Turk

    It’s been five days since adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in the Nevada desert. So far, searchers have found half a dozen previously unknown crash sites, but no sign of Fossett’s plane. Earlier we reported that his friend Richard Branson was using Google Earth to try to located him. Amazon is now involved as well, and has set up a Mechanical Turk project where volunteers can… Read More

  • Movie Rentals Coming To iTunes?

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Is Apple looking at renting movies via iTunes? It could be if David Watanabe’s find turns out to be legitimate. David was attempting to report a problem through iTunes when he was presented with this pop-up so that he could select his reasons when he noticed “RentalMovie” appeared in the list. This has yet to be confirmed, but we did… Read More

  • Virtual Worlds Are The Future Of Global Commerce: ICANN CEO

    In a wide ranging keynote address at the 2007 Influence Forum, ICANN CEO Paul Twomey told the audience that virtual worlds are the future of global commerce. Twomey used The Sims Online as an example of the sort of interface all companies in the future will be using, in fields including retail, client services, B2B and advertising. Twomey cited the interface behind Google Earth as another… Read More

  • Rumor: 3G, 16GB iPhone Set To Launch In November

    It looks like I won’t be eating my hat anytime soon if this purported ad from T-Mobile Germany is legit. Typically an ad like this wouldn’t be worth the time to report because we know the iPhone will be launched in Europe by the end of the year, but take a gander and you’ll notice two things of interest. Again, if this ad is legit then the Europeans will be getting an iPhone… Read More

  • Zune 2 Is Coming?

    It’s time to throw some Microsoft rumors around now that Apple has released the new iPod. According to the above photo sent to Zunearama by a GameCrazy employee, M$ could possibly be prepping the Zune 2 for launch. The accessories found on this price sheet have “V2″ marked on them and now the speculation can begin over whether or not this means the Zune 2 is coming. I, for… Read More

  • BidSL: eBay Style Auctions In A Virtual World

    Ohio based BidSL launched Friday with a product that offers eBay style auctions in Second Life BidSL allows any Second Life resident to put an item up for auction by renting an available auction device. The user can choose the number of days that the auction will run, and set a minimum bid as well. Items offered can be both virtual items (Second Life goods) or real world items. The cost of… Read More

  • Bose SoundDock Portable Review

    It’s just about universally agreed that the original Bose SoundDock was and still is one of the best iPod speakers on the market. My big gripe with it was always that it just isn’t truly portable because you have to plug it in. But no longer. The SoundDock Portable is surprisingly similar to the AC-only version in both sound and power; it’s the loudest and best-sounding thing… Read More

  • Motorola To Spread Self Thin, Promises New Products Next Month

    Over at the Times, they’re reporting that, in a rare admission of defeat, Motorola is acknowledging a deep slump stemming from their oft-reported inability to follow-up on the ridiculous success of a certain ubiquitous handset. Their response: “introducing a series of innovative new cellphones rather than a ‘one-hit wonder’ like the RAZR.” Read More

  • HotSwap Launches – Video Classifieds

    We covered Berkeley-based Hotswap last month during its pre-launch stage. Next week they launch officially and open up the site with full functionality. Hotswap is targeting the $370 billion/year U.S. used car market with a free, video-focused classifieds site. Listings are optimized to allow users to quickly upload video of the car with a camera phone or other low end video equipment. Both… Read More

  • Blue Raven Maestro 1070 Review

    Apple’s ill-received iPod Hi-Fi has been discontinued just in time for the folks at Blue Raven to copy it. The Maestro 1070 iPod speaker/dock is less expensive than the Hi-Fi was, and it’s not as well crafted, but it still sounds pretty good for a $199 iPod speaker. And at least they had the good taste to give you the option of a glossy black finish instead of the played out… Read More

  • Internet People

    The Meth Minute 39 reminds us of the fickle nature of internet celebrities. I’m still trying to find out what happened to Ze Frank, he doesn’t reply to emails. Rocketboom gets a mention as well. Read More

  • Skype Phishing Scam

    Like most people, I thought I’d seen everything in terms of phishing scams. Paypal and bank phishing emails are a regular occurrence in most people’s inboxes. Then I received this: Why in the world would a scammer want my Skype details? I have about $12 AUD in credit, which I suppose could be used to make calls, but it hardly seems worth the effort. Notably, Gmail did not pick… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Nuclear Winter Edition

    The USB Penguin Mouse Makes You Hollaback
    Fug City: Toshiba Enters Gaming Keyboard Market
    Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Remote Control: Far More Than Volume, Channel +-
    Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old ‘The King Of Queens’ Episodes (Really Well) Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

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