• NVIDIA's PhysX-on-GPU demos go live

    Those special PhysX-enabling drivers and demos we told you about a couple days ago are now live on NVIDIA’s site. If you have a GeForce card of any recent vintage (think 8-series and higher), go get set up now! I can’t from my MacBook Pro, but as soon as I get home I’m going to throw down on a little Warmonger; the new Red Faction whetted my appetite for destruction and… Read More

  • A little more about the Dell Latitude E4200 and E4300

    We got some more info on those new ultra portable Dell laptops, the E4200 and the E4300. I got some hands on time with the little guys at today’s press conference in San Francisco. Both are small, just 12.1” for the E4200 and 13.3” for the E4300. Lightweight for sure, weighing in at 2.2 lbs and 3.3 lbs, respectively. While the size difference may not seem like much, I found… Read More

  • What's eating the iPhone's 3G?

    When reception is low, the first one up on the ranter’s chopping plate tends to be the carrier. Such is the case for AT&T; since the iPhone 3Gs launch, much flack has been sent their way over lackluster 3G signal, slow speeds, and dropped calls on the device. Thing is, AT&T doesn’t seem to be the one we should be pointing a finger at. Complaints of poor 3G reception have… Read More

  • Car cigarette lighter with four USB connections

    Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. For $22.99 you can charge four USB-powered devices plus another regular DC-powered device in your car. It’s only $22.99 – roughly the cost of one or two device-specific DC adapters. Since just about everything charges via USB nowadays, this is a pretty obvious choice for any gadget fiend who spends a lot of time on the road. Car Charger with 4… Read More

  • Here’s a video interview with the new Lara Croft

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=251271 You know, the new Lara Croft that we told you about yesterday. Enjoy… Read More

  • ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ supporting actor suspected of stabbing girlfriend

    Photo Credit: Indophile.net Remember this guy from The 40 Year Old Virgin? Haziz? From the very Circuit City-like Smart Tech store? Apparently he’s been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of his girlfriend. His name is Shelley Malil in real life and he’s being held on $2 million bail after hopping on a train from Los Angeles to San Diego in order to meet with his lawyer. Read More

  • Plasma TVs face tough 'green' regulations down under

    Most gadgetphiles know that plasmas use more energy than LCDs but the Australian government want all of their citizens to know too. The government is rolling out a system currently in place for other household appliances but aimed this time at televisions. The vast majority of plasmas aren’t going to fair very well, and even some might be banned from sale. A Panasonic director indicated… Read More

  • Yahoo Fire Eagle Launches Geo-Location Platform To The Public

    Today at Yahoo’s Brickhouse, a team of developers, press, and Yahoo execs including co-founder David Filo converged for the release of Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s geo-location platform. Fire Eagle allows allows developers to include positional data in their applications with a minimal amount of work. The platform was originally announced in November, and has since been deployed by a… Read More

  • AMD taking the bullet train to Splitsville?

    Advanced Micro Devices is apparently getting set to split up into two companies, according to TG Daily. There are two fluffy, happy, candy-cane strategies currently in place, one called Asset Light and one called Asset Smart. It looks like each may become more than just a strategy, though, as they’re expected to split into two distinct companies in a matter of weeks. The two companies… Read More

  • Psystar shipping Leopard Restore Disk

    Pretty cut and dry. Persons that purchased one of Psystar’s OS X-equiped computers will receive a restore disk thus removing one of the large critizems of the companies systems. Previously, customers had to ship their Mac clones back to the company for OS re-installs. Oh, and the disks are free. Just fill out a form and either fax or snail-mail it back to Psystar. Details Read More

  • Blackberry Bold reviewed

    Apparently August 12th is a holiday for anybody in the mobile industry. At least, that’s what I derive from the fact that nothing is going on. What are you, the devoted mobile blog reader, to do for entertainment? You could go have a snackpack and watch some day-time soaps .. or, even better, you could read David Flynn’s BlackBerry Bold review over at APC Mag. It’s about… Read More

  • More info about the new Dell Latitude notebooks

    Here’s some more info about the new Dell Latitude notebooks that were just announced. We’re looking at four main categories that Dell’s trying to hit with these things; Ultra-portable, Mainstream, Essential, and Semi-Rugged. The Ultraportable line, to me, looks the most enticing with the E4200 at 12.1-inches and 2.2 pounds followed by the E4300 at 13.3-inches and 3.3 pounds. Read More

  • Vongo shutting down, paving way for Starz Play

    So long-o, Vongo. The $9.99 per month unlimited movie streaming site is no longer accepting new subscribers. The service will instead be replaced by the $5.99 per month Starz Play offering, powered by Verizon. Starz ran Vongo so it’s not really huge news either way – kind of a lateral move, except four bucks cheaper per month. While the idea of unlimited movie watching for one… Read More

  • Samsung Messager now available from Cricket

    Cricket is now offering Samsung’s new Messager, the bar-style handset with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, for easy texting and surfing. The Messager also features a 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 player, multiple Bluetooth profiles and a MicroSD slot. Scott Edwards, senior vice president of marketing for Cricket, said: “Cricket customers want attractive devices that enhance their… Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen sound coming to Mercedes-AMG cars

    We can’t think of a more fitting partnership than sticking ridiculous overpriced and over-engineered Bang & Olufsen speakers into a ridiculous overpriced and over-engineered Mercedes-AMG motorcar. The gadget gods above must be smiling down that two of their greatest creations are finally working together. B&O-equiped cars have been rolling around for a while now — notably… Read More

  • Slow iPhone 3G? Blame it on the chips

    Complaints about the not quite 3G-fast iPhone 3G may be due to issues with the chipset, according to Nomura Securities analyst Richard Windsor. In a research note he wrote: “We believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G supplier.” Users have posted complaints that their new iPhone 3Gs… Read More

  • The Smithsonian sends ad to your mobile

    The Smithsonian Institute is trying to encourage people to visit its galleries by sending messages to passersby’s mobile phones. The Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery are testing a system that sends a message from the Smithsonian to Bluetooth-enabled phones, messages will be sent from bus stops in D.C.’s most pedestrian-trafficked areas. If… Read More

  • Video: Bungie reveals latest Halo project via acceptance speech

    Bungie’s Halo 3 received the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation at EIF and Luke Smith revealed some exciting new things for their upcoming project in the video acceptance speech. I won’t spoil anything for you guys, so just watch and drool. Read More

  • If You Are A TechCrunch Reader Outside of California, Raise Your Hand.

    Which map above is a better representation of regional interest in TechCrunch? Before you answer that, first some background. Some blogs are putting up posts today based on maps and data generated by Google Insights for Search, a service that was launched a week ago. Just like with Google Trends, you can put in any keyword and Google Insights gives you a deep dive into search activity… Read More

  • Dell — The New Latitudes — Live from SFMOMA

    I’m at the Dell Event at SFMOMA, waiting for the fun to get started… We got some notebooks… The New Latitude Product Launch. …and here we go. Live updates after the jump. Read More

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