• SMS M500 Goes Into Production

    The SMS M500 is a watch. But not just any watch. It’s a quad band GSM/GPRS, touchscreen, Java and WAP enabled watch. It’s what Q would give Bond if MI:6 were really cheap instead of an Omega Seamaster. It’s basically a smartphone for your wrist. Instead of being the guy who’s constantly checking his phone for messages you can just look at your wrist, which is a little… Read More

  • CrunchImage: World's Tallest Man Dwarves Tiny Cellphone

    You think typing on your cellphone’s keypad is hard? Try making a call as Leonid Stadnyk. The world’s tallest man is 8-feet 5.5-inches. That is tall. That is very, very tall. He lives in the Ukraine and works as an animal surgeon. Cool. But just look at how hard it is for him to use a cellphone. Poor guy. Someone get him, like, 12 iPhone’s networked together, with each one… Read More

  • Street Fighter II Heads To Select Cellphones: AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Only

    It’s no secret that when it comes to video games, the fighting genre is my favorite. Of those games, I’m afraid Street Fighter is still my favorite, with Soul Calibur just behind it. Being that Capcom is celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary this year, it’s releasing umpteen different versions on every device imaginable to squeeze more money out of us. (It’s… Read More

  • Google News Announces Limited Comments. Everyone Needs To Calm Down.

    Google made an announcement of an “experimental new feature – they will soon be allowing comments on Google News stories. Comments will only be accepted from a “special subset of readers,” which includes people and organizations who are part of the story. The blogosphere, which is of course all about conversation, seems to think the second coming of Jesus Christ himself… Read More

  • Hallmark Movie Channel Goes HD Next Year

    Have an HDTV but bemoan the lack of high-def content for it? Hallmark hears your cries for help and will launch an HD movie network early next year. The network, to be called the Hallmark Movie Channel HD (what, was the name guy on vacation?), will showcase the company’s “family friendly” programming (read: incredibly boring and always with a moral told at the end), headlined… Read More

  • The Future Of Copyright Protection Is Here And It Costs $11 An Hour

    It’s no secret that video sites like YouTube benefited from added traffic generated by hosting copyrighted content. But as these sites get acquired, integrate advertising, or just want to avoid a billion dollar lawsuit, they seek to shed their seedy past to stay kosher with the big media giants they hope will feed them content and advertising dollars. There are a lot of startups… Read More

  • Pickle Purchased For $4.1 Million

    Photo and video sharing site Pickle.com has been purchased by Scripps Networks for a reported $4.1 million. Scripps is the company behind many lifestyles brands like DIY, the Food Network, HGTV, and Great American Country. This is their second web purchase after Recipezaar last month. We covered the site’s launch last June. Pickle is different from a lot of other sharing sites in that… Read More

  • Google Defines Web 3.0, Calls Web 2.0 'Marketing Term'

    Is Web 2.0 already on the way out? At a digital something or other conference in Seoul, Google’s CEO was asked what the company thought Web 3.0 will look like. After admitting that Web 2.0 is just a silly marketing term designed to make AJAX and related technologies seem chic, he let loose Google’s vision of a Web 3.0 world. Bottom line: Web 3.0 means pieced together… Read More

  • iWork '08 Trial: Fully Functional For 30 Days

    iWork ’08 went on sale yesterday and Apple has released a trial version out of the kindness of its heart. The free download is a little on the big side (468MB) but it’s the whole ham—for 30 days, you can use the software any way you see fit. Just don’t expect gigs worth of presentation templates. Also, a little birdie told me that serial numbers to unlock the trial… Read More

  • Macally's TunePro: For Those Of You Who Still Don't Have An iPod Speaker+Dock

    I cannot imagine the scenario where someone who wants to buy an iPod speaker+dock doesn’t already have an iPod speaker+dock, so it’s sorta weird that companies keep releasing them. Look at this TunePro one from Macally. Look familiar, I mean, aside from looking like all the other docks out there? Yeah, I thought so. In its defense, there’s a neat little LED display. Other… Read More

  • New Live.com Look & Feel, More Information On Windows Live SkyDrive

    Windows Live Director Tetuya Onoda apparently showed the above and below slides as part of a presentation yesterday to Japanese press. The slide above shows what the personalized Live.com home page may look like (compare it to the current version here). Still no sign of direct integration with Vista Gadgets (promised in early 2006), but there are are links to a number of Microsoft services… Read More

  • Canon EOS 40D Details Leaked

    The elusive and highly anticipated Canon 40D has just been leaked. The launch date and price, at least. September 2 looks to be the launch date according to the Best Buy spec sheet and it will retail for $1,599.99. The rest of the specs after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Brooks! Read More

  • Sonace Speakers Are Nearly Invisible Sorta, Kinda

    That nagging wife of yours refuses to let you install big, manly speakers in your living room? My first suggestion would be to file for divorce, but my second suggestion would be to check out these “invisible” Sonance Architectural Series speakers, specifically the Fascia Z8F. They recede into the wall and you’ll notice that there’s no grille, no visible screws, no NOTHING! Read More

  • Netflix Gets Hacked, Download 'Watch Now' Movies Now

    Netflix released the Watch Now feature at the beginning of the year and many hemmed and hawed over it. It’s a relatively neat idea and very appealing considering the fact that you can watch up to 20 movies a month if you include the three that you get in the mail and 17 hours worth of streaming video (3 DVDs per week and 8 streaming videos). That’s peachy keen, but you… Read More

  • Cooler Xbox 360s With HDMI On The Way

    Finally! Microsoft is addressing problems with broken and overheated 360s by supposedly releasing a new model soon that will feature built-in HDMI, 65nm CPUs, and quiet DVD drives. Also, heating issues that cause some 360s to break will be fixed, I’m guessing via an improved fan or something. Either way, this is a win for anyone with a 360 or planning to purchase one. No word yet on… Read More

  • AT&T Increases Fee For Using Grandfathered Plans

    Still on one of AT&T’s old school TDMA plans? AT&T wants you off and pronto. The new rate for using grandfathered plans that have been discontinued is now $9.99, a $5 increase over the old rate. Word is that AT&T is even decreasing service and coverage for these customers to lure them off of the old plans so they can start cashing in. If you want something done, just do it. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: BBC Getting in the Game, Doctor Who Title in Development

    Last week rumors began circulating that the BBC might be in the process of developing a video game based on the long running Doctor Who TV series. While the original series ran from 1963 until 1988, a new version of the sci-fi drama just concluded its third season on the BBC, and is currently running on the Sci-Fi Channel in America. This isn’t the first time the infamous Time… Read More

  • The Little Things In Apple's Designs

    Apple has really been paying attention in the design department lately. Have you noticed how the back of the iPhone resembles the new iMac? How about the iMac G5? That looked a lot like a white 5G iPod. It’s clear how Apple spreads similar design ideas throughout its product lineup, but is it done on purpose? Could be. Check out 37Signals’ point-of-view on the subject. I never… Read More

  • HTC Nike, Touch Who?

    Many of us on domestic soil are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the HTC Touch, but the rumor mill is abuzz with talks of the P5500 aka Nike. This has long been rumored to be the Touch II, but the specs put it in a class of its own. The common bond between the two may be the TouchFlo interface, but the Nike blows the Touch out of the water. An auto-sliding keyboard is the key differentiation. Read More

  • Wii Firmware Update Breaks Freeloader Disc, Nintendo Can't Be Bothered

    A firmware update for the Nintendo Wii rendered Datel’s Freeloader disc completely useless yesterday. Freeloader lets users play imported games on the GameCube and, until yesterday, the Wii. Following the update, the Freeloader… she is dead. Yup, now gamers who want to play imported GameCube titles on their Wii will have to get one of those warranty-voiding… Read More