• New CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the latest job postings on CrunchBoard. TechCrunch Intern here at TechCrunch in Atherton, CA. Senior Interaction Designer, Yahoo! Mash at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, CA. Director of Search Engine Marketing Product Management at Clickable in New York, NY. Ajax and GUI Developer at iVillage.com in New York, NY. Director, Product Development for Online Media Services at… Read More

  • Samsung LCD with HDCP support

    Samsung continues to lead the charge as the leading LCD manufacturer with the addition of the 24-inch SyncMaster 245T. The widescreen monitor features PIP and PBP (picture by picture) as well as Motion Picture Acceleration for clear and sharp images during high-speed scenes. Max resolution is set for 1920×1200 with a brightness of 300cd.m2, a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 6ms response time. Read More

  • Why people play as Paladins in World of Warcraft

    Before today, I never understood why people played as Paladins in World of Warcraft. They’re boring, get absolutely zero respect and are made to heal and heal some more. So when I fired up Digg and came across “The best reason to play a paladin”, I was skeptical as to what I’d be reading. Luckily, it was just what I needed to make this Columbus Day extra special. The… Read More

  • Glowing Mountain Dew

    http://view.break.com/377900 – Watch more free videos This reminds me of the time we were putting on The Pajama Game in high school and we drank a bunch of the Dew and we all peed this same color. It was nuts. Why were we all looking at each other’s pee? That’s a different story, one I’m working out with my analyst. Read More

  • The couch made from 20 old Macs

    Why should you recycle? If not to help the earth out, then to avoid the $100 fines the city charges you for screwing up plastic with paper. A Mac store in Maryland Heights, Missouri had 20 old Macintosh II computers laying around collecting dust. So instead of just chucking them in the dumpster, the store’s owner built a fully-usable couch out of them. Creativity at its best? Quite… Read More

  • Joost signs ITN News

    As Internet P2P broadcaster Joost begins going public with its beta software and signing deals with broadcasters, the latest is with number three UK news network ITN which will provide Joost with short news, sports, business and weather bulletins. ITN will also produce a Joost-only programme entitled Movie Buff, featuring movie news, reviews, and interviews, as well as two sports shows. The… Read More

  • Deluo intros mouse with GPS receiver

    Since today is Columbus Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to cover some news related to maps, cartography and/or GPS. I bet Columbus himself wished he had Deluo’s new travel mouse, which comes equipped with a GPS unit for some odd reason. Really, I have a hard time figuring out why someone would need this. Maybe a child who’s flying alone? Spying on your kids? The… Read More

  • Verizon release dates ahoy! BlackBerry 8130 on Nov. 1

    Interested in knowing when the light blue LG Chocolate comes on Verizon Wireless? What about the BlackBerry Pearl 8130? Then take a look at this Joint Photographic Experts Group image, which lists the release dates for several VZW cellphones. There’s no point in rewriting a chart (that’s why it’s a chart to begin with), so soak it in. Why does VZW refer to some phones as… Read More

  • The fall of Japan's tech hegemony

    Don’t you people have anything better to do? I had a few days to think over the malaise I felt on attending CEATEC and wandering the streets of Tokyo last week. I had last been to Japan in 2003 and I left feeling that they had their fingers firmly on the pulse of the future. They had cool phones, cool laptops, and MP3 players smaller than grapes. Their cameras were slim and sexy and… Read More

  • Slingo Quest Game goes Mobile with I-Play

    I-Play announced today that the popular game Slingo Quest will be available for mobile phone users. Slingo Quest is a combination of classic Slingo games, such as puzzle solving and casino type games, with an island hopping storyline that develops as the game is played. Slingo Quest has a lot of content. The game includes 60 levels, 300 rating stars to collect, and nine game achievements… Read More

  • Churches turn to Halo 3 for new recruits

    Shooting video game guns for Jesus (SVGGFJ) I remember when churches used to encourage young men to take up arms for the cross, telling them to raze faraway towns because their people prayed to a different man in the sky than they did. Now churches have to haul out Halo 3 just to get Johnny Runnynose to show up on Wednesday evenings. Yup, the Times sent a guy to the middle of nowhere to report… Read More

  • The More Gphones, the Better

    Rumors of an impending Google phone coming out early next year have been heating up since late summer. Google is thought to be in talks with several phone manufacturers, including HTC and Samsung, to create mobile phones around its platform. Search Engine Land has a handy timeline of most of the rumors up through late August. Today, the NYT weighs in, suggesting that Google’s large… Read More

  • Rubicon Project Launches: A Network of Ad Networks

    For those advertisers and Websites finding it difficult to keep up with the 300-plus ad networks out there, a new startup called the Rubicon Project promises to simplify the process of placing ads online. It provides one dashboard to manage all of a company’s ad campaigns, and tries to optimize across ad networks—from Google, Yahoo, and Tacoda (AOL) to AdBrite to… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone ads confuse, dismay us

    You know how it is when you wake up after having a barbecue at your place and you still feel drunk and your ears are ringing and you’re feeling pretty good — not too hung over, maybe an egg and sausage sandwich would get you back in sorts? And then you go out into the living room and something bad happened? Like your friend puked on the couch and then passed out in it or the dog ate… Read More

  • GPhone not a phone, but a free software suite, due next year

    Don’t call it a phone? Not even a GPhone? ‘fraid not, according to yesterday’s International Herald Tribune. Yes, Google is working on a mobile phone project, and has been for some two years now, but it’s not an actual phone. The GPhone, it turns out, will be a Linux-based software suite that will be able to run other companies’ cellphones. How does this gel with… Read More

  • Motorola to Supply Taiwan with WiMax Infrastructure

    Motorola has been hired by Far EasTone Telecommunications to supply Far EasTone with WiMax networking equipment for its Taiwanese venture. Taiwan has remote mountain villages and sparsely populated islands that makes land-line telecommunications and Internet service too expensive to invest in. As a way to combat this, the government started its M-Taiwan (Mobile) project which encourages… Read More

  • Loic Le Meur's New Startup Launches: Seesmic

    The rumors were correct. Loic Le Meur, a well known European entrepreneur that recently relocated to San Francisco, will unveil his new video startup, Seesmic, this morning into a closed beta. The service is very much in “alpha” and they’ve only given away a few test accounts. They’ll start to give more over the next few days – just sign up on the Seesmic home page… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Art Museum Edition

    ASUS Xonar U1 external USB audio scrubber
    Candle-like USB drive holder design, more than meets the eye
    The most delicious wrist-rest yet
    Zune 2 family launched: We’re digging Dad and the kids
    Belkin eyes PC gaming market Read More

  • Yahoo's Ian Rogers To Music Industry: "Inconvenience Doesn't Scale"

    Yahoo Music VP of Product Development Ian Rogers and I have different opinions on the future of the music industry. I think the price of recorded music will continue to fall towards free, whereas he thinks the industry can turn itself around and create enough value for listeners to make some money on recorded music. But on one thing we agree: For the last eight years the industry has been… Read More

  • New iPhone TV Ads: Where's The Phone?

    Apple posted three new iPhone television ads on their site this evening. Unlike earlier ads, where the star of the show was the phone itself (and the user interface), these new ads focus on three actors – all men – who are using the phone to solve problems. Doug likes the visual voicemail. Elliot is searching for a name on a website. And Stephano, who appears to be a mechanic… Read More

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