• A Swiss man just flew over the English Channel with a jet pack

      Seriously. His name is Yves Rossy and he’s a Swiss airline pilot by day and adventurer by night. The 22-mile flight took him only 10 minutes and he had hoped to reach 125 MPH. He started by jumping out of a small, French plane and quickly flipped on the jet pack. From there he attempted to follow the route Louis Blériot took 99 years ago when he became the first man to cross… Read More

  • LateCrunch: TechCrunchUK and Web2Expo create the mother of all parties for European startups

    One of the issues with the development of a tech startup scene in Europe is that we don’t have one single technology cluster in Europe like Silicon Valley. For us, our “Silicon Valley” is a state of mind, not a place. Each country on the continent of Europe has many city centres where startups are spread far and wide. But there is no reason why startups across Europe… Read More

  • Sony releases the BDP-350 Blu-ray BD Live firmware update

    Sony BDP-350 owners, I’ve got great news for you this Friday. Your Sony Blu-ray player can now play all the fancy-pants BD Live extras once you update your player’s firmware. The 56 MB firmware update can be downloaded directly via the players Ethernet port or you can download it on your computer and make an update disc. Either way you go, I’m happy for you. The BD… Read More

  • Robovie-X Lite: Japan gets another robot for home use

    http://blip.tv/play/ih_Pxg6J5FQ Osaka-based robot maker Vstone today started selling their newest two-legged model, the so-called Robovie-X Lite [JP]. Unfortunately, the robot is Japan-only. The Robovie-X Lite is powered by a total of 13 servomotors and can be controlled wirelessly. Vstone sells the robot for $950 on their company website. Not that it’s bad but I like the Gigantor… Read More

  • My Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy appearance

    Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy are a pair of wacky radio personalities who stream on-line and in Atlanta over the air. They like to have me on because a) I know about gadgets and b) I’m fat, so they can try some of their tricks on me. Last week I went on to talk about all sorts of things including the iPod Touch, the Fitbit, and how I look like a polar bear on land but glide like a seal in… Read More

  • Toshiba drops a 256GB laptop SSD hard drive

    Toshiba just stepped up to the SSD plate and knocked one out of the park with its 256GB solid-state hard drive. The laptop drive is understandably small, but also quick with 128MB maximum read speed and 70MB write speed via 3Gbps SATA interface. Mass production of the drive should start sometime in the coming months and should hit the consumer market shortly after that with a yet to be… Read More

  • Time Machine Scheduler: Stop with the freaking backups at 9am already

    Every morning I wake up to the sound of my backup drive churning away like a damn chop saw and I suffer a huge performance hit for the first few hours of my day. No longer, thankfully, because a little Googling found this handly little app allows you to schedule the backups at a sane interval. I’ve just set mine up to hit at 1am, noon, and 8pm and I’m sure it will be OK. Read More

  • The Pirate Bay back online in Italy

    The Pirate Bay is back online in Italy. I suggest grabbing Gary Unmarried, featuring the aggravatingly funny Jay Mohr. The Web site was blocked by Italian ISPs last month. In other Italy news, my money’s on Inter this weekend. Bwin, baby. Read More

  • Glam Media Turns German Counterpart Codex Media Into Glam Deutschland

    Editor’s Update: Glam actually acquired Codex Media back in July. What it is doing now is integrating Codex into Glam Deutschland. Glam Media, the content network that mostly targets females, may have acquired a large German content network aimed at females, called Codex Media. A tipster who has a connection to Codex Media first told TechCrunch about the possible acquisition this… Read More

  • iPhone 2.2 beta software seeded, still vulnerable to jailbreaking

    A beta release of the iPhone v2.2 software began seeding to developers yesterday. While much of the developer community is still digging to try to figure out what exactly changed in this release, the iPhone-dev team has already torn it apart. At least in its current state, v2.2 is vulnerable to the same jailbreaking methods already freeing handsets around the world. They do note that the… Read More

  • Palm begins to ship Treo Pro

    If you plopped your name on the list when Palm started taking Treo Pro pre-orders not too long ago, expect a visit from the delivery man soon. They’ve made the jump from pre-order to immediate sales on the unlocked, $549 obsidian black handset, and a bunch of’em are already rattling around delivery trucks around the nation. According to Engadget, at least one lucky pre-order scored… Read More

  • Nokia to debut its first touchscreen cellphone next week in London

    The highly anticipated (?) Nokia touchscreen phone, the company’s first, will debut next week at a big song and dance press event in London. The phone is codenamed “Tube,” and not a damn thing is known about it. Nokia has always stressed its commitment to making touchscreen phones, including both low-end and high-end devices. And now we endure about a week’s worth… Read More

  • Palm Treo Pro now available

    Palm fanboys can now order the Palm Treo Pro handheld directly from Palm. After months of leaks, previews, and finally an announcement, Palms latest is finally shipping. Thank goodness. The price is still ridiculously high at $549, but some of us think it might be the best Windows Mobile phone currently on the market. Oh, and Palm is even throwing in free shipping. How nice of ’em. Read More

  • uTorrent For Mac Makes Its Way to The Pirate Bay

    In what will surely make every BitTorrent lover jump for joy, a rough alpha version of uTorrent for the Mac has surfaced on The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent isn’t too happy about it. uTorrent, which was acquired by BitTorrent in 2006, has always been a Windows-only service. But ever since the acquisition, BitTorrent has promised that uTorrent would be coming to the Mac. For almost two… Read More

  • Why Twitter Needs to Do More

    In case you missed the news, Twitter announced a new election page that will help its users filter all the election tweets across its network so users can find what they’re looking for as soon as possible. Twitter claims it decided to launch the service after seeing a spike in the number of tweets surrounding the election and the candidates. The page is different than your… Read More

  • Are these photos of the BlackBerry Storm?

    There are entirely too many BlackBerries now. This here is the Vodaphone-branded BlackBerry Storm, currently thought to be on track for a November U.S. release. BGR pans the interface, saying it looks rather “text based” for a touchscreen phone that’s supposed to be on the vanguard of the new RIM. I would agree, but not before adding that, you know, it’s a BlackBerry. Read More

  • NEC's new technology makes gigahertz wireless chips smaller

    NEC Electronics today announced in Japan [JP] they managed to develop a technology which could lead to chips used for wireless applications that are 10% smaller than existing products. NEC is planning to use the new chips for indoor wireless communication under gigahertz-band frequencies and miliwave and UWB protocols. The company coats their chips with a ferrite layer that boosts the… Read More

  • Toshiba develops UV LED with extremely white lighting

    Toshiba Japan has developed an LED that emits UV light with 50% higher efficiency than conventional LEDs. The problem with existing white LEDs is that they are made by coating phosphors on blue LEDs and too weak to light bigger areas such as parking lots or supermarkets. Toshiba says their prototype UV LED is made by placing a layer of aluminum nitride between the sapphire substrate and… Read More

  • Cute gets an upgrade: The Tamagotchi goes color

    Yes, they are still around and today Bandai announced in Japan [JP] their Tamagotchis are soon even going color. The virtual pet toys became instant worldwide hits, selling around 75 million units between their debut in 1996 and today. Tamagotchis still must be fed, nurtured and played with by pushing buttons, or else they will die a virtual death. Buyers of the color version get new… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fresh Fish Edition

    Teach your fish tricks, make friends
    Lighter doubles as an 8GB flash drive
    Why not, DIY edition: Turn your iPhone into a fishing lure
    Solve your girl problems with DIY Smart Coasters
    Party Rats, the ultimate accessory for dancing poorly Read More

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