• Blockbuster set to announce streaming set-top box

    Hey what’s another box underneath your TV, right? Especially when it’s got movies streaming directly from Movielink and Blockbuster, yeah? According to Reuters, Blockbuster “is developing a set-top device for streaming films directly to TV sets and is expected to announce the offering sometime this month.” So we’ll have another Vudu-like hardware box just for… Read More

  • CG Exclusive: An Interview with James Dyson

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F822101&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Design guru James Dyson talks about design versus engineering. It’s was a little noisy at the event but getting opportunity to talk to the… Read More

  • AirPatrol’s WiVision Enterprise Sniffs out Cell Phones

    The cell phone is a wonderful piece of technology that makes life more convenient and productive. But with the good comes the bad. Mobile phones can be misused by criminals and terrorists to commit crimes. Vital information that is meant to remain confidential can be high jacked by an in intrusive cell phone left on to overhear sensitive conversations. A mobile phone’s camera can… Read More

  • Blockbuster Goes All Vudu With Plans For Its Own Set-Top Box

    From Doug Aamoth at CrunchGear: Hey what’s another box underneath your TV, right? Especially when it’s got movies streaming directly from Movielink and Blockbuster, yeah? According to Reuters, Blockbuster “is developing a set-top device for streaming films directly to TV sets and is expected to announce the offering sometime this month.” So we’ll have another… Read More

  • The Decline And Fall of Western Civilization Part III: The Twitter Years

    Are you feeling Twitter overload, or just sick of hearing about it? Blogger/Cartoonist/Ad Man Hugh McLeod feels the same way. He illustrated a post titled Why I Deleted My Twitter Account with the following cartoon: Kind of says it all. CrunchBase Information Twitter Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • National emergency text message alert system approved: You'll soon be getting txts from the president

    You could soon be getting text messages from the president about terrible things! Regulators yesterday approved a measure to create an emergency alert system using text messages. Cellphone users would have the option to opt out of the system, but if you chose to be a part of it, and if your wireless provider does, too, you’ll be on the receiving end of three types of text messages. Read More

  • Emergency Text Alerts Planned in the United States

    The United States plans to create a national emergency alert system that utilizes text messages that will be delivered to mobile phones. CTIA estimates over 48 billion text messages are sent each month, so regulators believe this is a good medium to use when there is a national or regional emergency. In 2006, the United States passed the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, which… Read More

  • Ustream.TV Takes $11.1 Million Series A

    Ustream.TV has taken $11.1 million Series A in a round that included Doll Capital Management and existing investor The Band of Angels. Ustream.TV was in the first wave of live broadcast sites that launched in 2007 along with Justin.TV, BlogTV and Mogulus. Ustream.TV took $2 million in angel funding in December and appointed General Wesley Clark to the board. Rumors surface in January that… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Street Vendor Edition

    Star Wars prop designer sued by Lucas over copyright
    ‘G108′ phone-watch could almost pass as just a watch
    Clockwork cuff-links, sadly sold out
    GelaSkins stickers: Inexpensive way to customize your laptop
    Holy crap, look at this weird-ass tandem bike Read More

  • Yahoo Goes Scorched Earth

    What a day. I can’t say neither side is throwing punches any longer in the epic fight over what’s left of Yahoo. Microsoft and Yahoo are done, for the most part, with sternly worded letters. Yesterday Yahoo made two announcements/leaks. First, that they were very close to agreeing to terms that would combine Yahoo and AOL as an alternative to the Microsoft deal. And second, that… Read More

  • WorldTV partners with Qik for live video

    WorldTV, an online TV startup which lets users mix clips from video sharing sites and their webcam, is adding interoperability with mobile video broadcast service Qik, which itself just raised a $3 million Series B round. Qik users will be able to stream live video to WorldTV channels and WorldTV users can now broadcast live video from their mobile phones simultaneously on Qik and their… Read More

  • Launching CrunchBase in Europe

    The keen-eyed reader will have noticed that we are now adding database-style information to the ends of posts about companies. This is a widget taken from CrunchBase, the global database of startups from TechCrunch. Today we are launching CrunchBase in the UK and Ireland, and, by extension, across Europe. We’d like to encourage startups to submit their details to the database for… Read More

  • AOL Regroups Blogs, Launches AOL Tech Network

    AOL launched what they’re calling the AOL Tech Network this evening. It’s a grouping of existing blogs – the Engadget sites, Switched, TUAW and Download Squad, under a new tech content group. Unike AOL Games, AOL Entertainment and other sub brands, AOL Tech is being branded without “AOL.” A new link on the AOL home page links to Switched, which will now syndicate… Read More

  • YouTube Updates Layout, Now With Tabs And Statistics

    YouTube has quietly launch a new layout on video pages with a new tab focused layout and video statistics (pic above). The first change in the consolidation of Share, Favorites, Playlists and Flag into a dedicated tab driven box. The share tab expands out to give a more extensive range of sharing options which includes social bookmarking and voting sites (notably including Mixx), the ability… Read More

  • Holy crap, look at this weird-ass tandem bike

    Believe it or not, I’m actually not into the tandem bicycling scene. Not at all, to be completely honest with you. I don’t know if I’ve ever ridden a bicycle built for two. I’ve seen them. I’ve read about them. I understand that there are two riders instead of one. But beyond that, I’m just not into the tandem bicycling scene. Not at all. If you’re… Read More

  • In Another Surprise Twist, AOL-Yahoo Deal Said to Be Close At Hand

    Things are moving fast in the Yahoo-Microsoft drama. All the different forces are aligning for an endgame. The latest twist: The WSJ is reporting that Yahoo is close to signing a deal to combine with AOL. This at the same time that Yahoo is doing a limited test to place Google ads in its search results. Meanwhile, News Corp, which Yahoo once hoped would be its white knight, is said to be… Read More

  • Meebo Can't Get Their Price, Goes For Fundraising Instead Of Sale

    Web chat startup Meebo has been working with investment bank Montgomery & Co. for the last few months to either find a buyer or raise a big new round of financing. The rumor was they were looking for a $250 million valuation. A couple of sources have told us that eBay, Fox/MySpace and AOL all took a long look at the company, but ultimately passed based on the price and the fact that… Read More

  • News Corp Talking To Microsoft About Joining Yahoo Bid

    News Corp is said to be in talks with Microsoft about joining its bid for Yahoo, according to sources quoted by the New York Times. News Corp entering the mix may allow Microsoft to raise its bid, putting even more pressure on Yahoo to accept it. It would also remove News Corp as a possible alternate bidder for Yahoo. A combined Microsoft/ News Corp/ Yahoo would marry Fox Interactive Media… Read More

  • Crucial announces DDR3 Laptop RAM

    Good stuff. Crucial’s the first on the market with this notebook RAM; probably it’ll be snapped up by lux retailers like Alienware. I opted not to get DDR3 for my new desktop rig because the benefits aren’t really there yet compared with the advanced DDR2 RAM on the market, but for a notebook the benefits might be real. It does after all require less power and while I doubt… Read More

  • Native iPhone Twitter app: Awful nice

    Twinkle is a new native Twitter app with location sharing for the iPhone. That means you can twitter folks nearest to you with your location and do all the regular twitter-jive from your handheld. It’s not available right now but JustAnotheriPhoneBlog has an exclusive sneak peek. Head on over and check it out. Read More

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