• A Google Phone in 2008?

    Rumors about Google jumping into the phone business picked up again today with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Google phones will be available by mid-2008. MobileCrunch reported last month (Google Rumors: GPay and GPhone) that Google powered phones may be in the works. While the company is unwilling to comment at this time, the Wall Street Journal thinks that an announcement is… Read More

  • Better Late Than Never: Pownce Gets A Public API

    The Kevin Rose/ Leah Culver Twitter meets file sharing network Pownce has finally launched a public API, 3 months after first announcing that an API was coming. Pownce launched in late June to a surge of interest based around the involvment of the ever-popular Kevin Rose (Digg, Revision3), however the popularity has not lasted. Both Compete and Alexa show big drops in traffic from Pownce as… Read More

  • AT&T adds slim Samsung slider* just in time for the holidays

    AT&T’s latest slider comes from…you guessed it…Samsung. The a737 is an ultra thin and lightweight device with features focused around multimedia and entertainment. The a737 is fastened with a 1.3-megapixel camera (1.3? Seriously?!), video share, stereo Bluetooth, and an external microSD port. Not sure how big the screen is, but it better be big because the features aren’t… Read More

  • PicksPal Takes $3 Million Series C

    Fantasy sports betting startup PicksPal has taken $3 million Series C in a round that included previous investors Bay Partners and Canaan Partners. PicksPal is a free sports site where people bet on upcoming games, but without the use of real money. Sports covered include boxing, NFL football, pro football, bass fishing, ultimate fighting, basketball and baseball with the site making money… Read More

  • Dig A Silicon Valley Girl: Exactly As The Name Suggests

    New site “Dig a Silicon Valley Girl” takes Digg cloning into the realm of hot or not with a geeky premise: it only covers Silicon Valley girls. User can submit “Valley Girls” for public scrutiny, although the definition of Valley girl is fairly broad; Desperate Housewives Star Terri Hatcher made the cut based on her being born in the Valley. Valley Girls currently on… Read More

  • NBC Universal Hires SinglePoint

    NBC Universal has hired SinglePoint, a wireless messaging service, to launch one of the biggest mobile marketing initiative ever conducted by a media company. SinglePoint will manage and execute multiple participation media campaigns such as mobile voting, sweepstakes, contests, and mobile text news alerts. By outbidding its competitors, SinglePoint has won the largest Interactive Television… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Brush Up Charge Up Edition

    THX + Razer = Mako (Bombass speakers)
    Oral Hygiene Monitor automatically tells your dentist if you’ve been flossing
    Sprint’s HTC Touch review [update]
    Car battery-charging stations for all within three years
    CrunchDeals: Crash the system again, if you’d like Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Team Fortress 2 IRL Natural Selector Are you sure they are nerds? I mean, honestly the idea and how they did it is just great! Or? Wait! Might I becoming a nerd? Read More

  • Zopa launches social lending feature

    Zopa, still (it would appear) the world’s first peer to peer online lending service, has launched Zopa Listings, allowing individual borrowers to post their own specific requests for loans for individual lenders to review and then bid against. Zopa already has a Markets product where lenders meet borrowers. The new Zopa Listings (to be found here) allows individuals to… Read More

  • MySpace Gets Some Razzle Zazzle

    MySpace has announced a music merchandise deal with Zazzle that will allow the “more than 6 million musicians and bands on MySpace” to sell unlimited music merchandise to the MySpace community. Under the deal, musicians and bands on MySpace will have the immediate ability to create products and sell merchandise by putting the Zazzle Merch Booth widget on their MySpace profile. Read More

  • Sprint's HTC Touch review [update]

    The Touch by HTC, which will be offered by Sprint on November 4, is hands down one of the best devices I’ve used in the past two years. That says a lot considering the number of devices that roll through the CrunchGear offices. But to each his own, I say. The Touch has been an integral part of my stay in the Bay Area and has saved me on more than one occasion. When I first saw the… Read More

  • Meebo Platform Launches With Big San Francisco Party

    After speculation from last week, Sequoia backed Meebo launches Meebo Platform this evening, allowing third party developers to create applications for the Meebo web chat service. They’re celebrating the launch with a big party in San Francisco with hundreds of the company’s closest friends. Like Facebook Platform and the recently announced MySpace Platform it consists of a set of… Read More

  • Yahoo Messenger for Windows Gets a Tune-Up with v9.0

    Yahoo is releasing version 9.0 of its popular instant messaging software, Yahoo Messenger, for Windows tonight. All in all, the update contains nothing revolutionary but does introduce some useful features. Most remarkably, you can now add embed objects – such as movies, images, and maps – into chat conversations. Also handy: you can synchronize the playback of online videos and… Read More

  • Fora.TV Raises $2 Million Seed Round From Adobe and Will Hearst

    Fora.tv, which wants to become the C-SPAN of the Web, closed a $2 million seed round from Adobe Ventures and Will Hearst. The site has about 1,500 hours of public speeches from people like Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker and neurologist and New Yorker contributor Oliver Sacks. It gets its videos through partnerships with organizations like the Aspen Institute, the Commonwealth Club… Read More

  • Automattic Spurns $200 Million Acquisition Offer

    Automattic, the company that created the WordPress.com blogging platform and oversees the WordPress.org open source project, has rejected a $200 million acquisition offer, say multiple sources. Half the price was to be paid in cash, half in stock in the buyer. The company, which has raised just $1.1 million in capital, has been on a tear lately. They acquired avatar startup Gravatar earlier… Read More

  • Free From iTunes Addiction, NBC Universal Seizes Control Of Digital Destiny

    Following the announcement of Hulu early this morning, reports came pouring in about NBC Universal President & CEO Jeff Zucker’s vocal disdain for Apple turning media revenues “from dollars into pennies”. Disputes over revenue shares caused the pair to split back in August, letting their contract lapse after this December. But positive reviews of Hulu seem to have made… Read More

  • AT&T's Duo official today

    The Pantech Duo (aka It’s-not-the-ocean) has been officialized today by AT&T. The Windows Mobile 6 smartphone is a true world phone, and will work in most countries supporting GSM. Like the Helio Ocean, the Duo has dual-sliding keypads, one T9, and one’s QWERTY. We’re big fans of the Ocean for its design, but it’ll be interesting to see how the form factor carries… Read More

  • DWT: what is it and how can we fight it?

    Texting while driving is a sure fire way to get a ticket or get in an accident. Just being back in California this last week makes me wonder why and how I ever used my phone while driving. It’s ridiculously stupid and unsafe, but I still do it. Heh. But things may change thanks to some fancy speech solutions from Nuance. Oh, yeah, DWT means driving while texting. Watch the video and see… Read More

  • THX + Razer = Mako (Bombass speakers)

    Mr. Biggs already informed you about the Mako speakers from Razer, but I gleaned a few more details over the weekend from some THX folks thanks to Don Julio. So, the Razer Mako 2.1 THX Certified Multimedia bi-amplified speaker system is hitting online retailers this December and brick & mortars in January. They may be labeled as a Razer product, but this is all THX’s work. Read More

  • Hands-on: Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Mobile Scanner

    How does one make the world’s smallest color ADF scanner sexy? Well, you really can’t so I’m not going to try, but I did get a look at the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 mobile scanner last week and it was pretty cool. It weighs about 3.1lbs and it may not be the tiniest device ever made, but it does a damn good job and makes scanning and storing files very easy. The ScanSnap’s… Read More

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