• Build-to-order zzzPhone is, well, something

    [photopress:btophone.jpg,full,right]Now this is an interesting concept we can’t believe we haven’t seen before. Well, we have a little bit, but not like this. USA’s zzzPhone lets you customize your next mobile phone like you might customize a computer: you choose a base model, then add the screen, camera, and other features as you see fit. The dual-SIM, GSM handsets can… Read More

  • Motorola Z12 leaked?

    Leaks, leaks and more leaks. The Czechs sure are busy. Co chystá Motorola do Barcelony? První fotografie modelu Z12 se Symbianem UIQThis time around it’s Motorola’s Z12 multimedia device. It appears the device has a touch sensitive controls and is said to be running the Symbian UIQ OS. The Z12 is also purported to have GPS, Wi-Fi, 2.8-inch screen and a super high-res camera sensor… Read More

  • Lenovo's slim power adapter: a taste of the future

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of big-ass power bricks. It’s like they put the entire computer in there and the laptop itself is just a convenient place for the keyboard and screen. Well, Lenovo’s had enough too! Their slim power “brick” is more like a power pita, although apparently they want you to carry around an entire zoo of adapters… Read More

  • NVIDIA snapping up physics modeler AEGIA

    [photopress:NvidiaBottle_080605.jpg,full,left]The makers of many a fine GPU, whom we shall call NVIDIA, yesterday announced it was buying AGEIA, a company centered around physics engines for games. GPU makers started putting physics chips, developed by companies like AGEIA, on their video cards, so it only makes sense that they would start snapping up said companies. We can only imagine that… Read More

  • Further proof that Marathon is better than Halo 3

    I feel like I could, and should, speak on this topic for a long time, but I don’t think I will. But this guy, the creator of a game I’m actually looking forward to, makes a particularly good point. One of the biggest problems with games these days is that you’re playing an insane badass, but only in the cutscenes; in the actual game, he’s a clumsy, fragile little flower… Read More

  • Vidoop Brings Aboard Chairman of OpenID Foundation

    Vidoop, an OpenID identity provider reviewed here that shuns usernames and passwords in favor of picture grids, has scored a coup by managing to hire the chairman of the OpenID foundation himself, Scott Kveton. Kveton will act as Vice President of Open Platforms for Vidoop, managing the myVidoop product out of Portland. His association with Vidoop should help the company to raise its… Read More

  • 3 girls 1 MacBook Air

    http://geeksugar.com/v/1014735 I know our recent poll shows you guys hate MBA posts, but I just had to do this one. There’s something highly erotic about three hot and geeky girls fondling the latest gadget to hit the masses. Sure, I like Apple products as much as the other fanboy, but the MBA isn’t for me. Maybe it’s the music that’s getting me all frisky, but this is hot. Read More

  • Who would buy Motorola's handset division?

    Woe is Motorola. Last Thursday it announced that it might (or might not) try to sell off its mobile handset division and then had to check how many bars it had because it seemed like nobody heard a thing. According to BusinessWeek, “Of the top five cell-phone makers, all but Motorola posted growth in revenue and sales last year.” Motorola is currently third worldwide, behind Nokia… Read More

  • UPDATE: 16GB iPhone confirmed to launch today in UK

    BREAKING NEWS: Apple just released a statement saying the iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model for £329 (inc VAT), joining the 8GB model for £269 (inc VAT). The iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for £329 (inc VAT), joining the 16GB model for £269 (inc VAT) and the 8GB model for £199 (inc VAT). My take on this is that this is not the move which will convince more UK consumers, who are… Read More

  • VoteOften Brings Political Focus to Social News

    Is Digg not satisfying your desire for political news on this Super Tuesday? A newly launched site called VoteOften wants to step in and fill the void. VoteOften is a social news site like Digg but with additional features that set it apart. In addition to user-submitted stories, the site algorithmically pulls in the top political stories from several reputable news sources. Stories are not… Read More

  • Hey developers, win an invite to the MySpace apps party (with beer)

    MySpace UK is having a launch party in London this Thursday (7th February) to get developers to talk about the launch of their new applications platform over a few beers at a swanky London location. And TechCrunch UK has been given 15 exclusive invitations to promote to the community. Speaking at the event will be MySpace CTO, Aber Whitcomb and Senior President of Technology, Jim Benedetto. Read More

  • Satin Silver PS3 announced for Japan

    I don’t really see the point of having different color consoles, but Sony Japan announced a satin silver PS3 that’s due out March 6. The 40GB version will retail for 39,980 Yen, which is roughly $372. A silver DualShock 3 controller is also being included in the bundle. That is all. New Satin Silver sku due in March [Game Industry] Read More

  • Discount for TechCrunch readers to Plugg

    The Plugg Web/Mobile tech startups conference in Brussels in March is offering 25% discount to TechCrunch readers which will knock off 25% (or 100 €) off the entrance fee for the event, valid until the date of the conference, taking the early-bird price to 300 €. The deadline to get in before the price goes up to 400 € is 23rd of February. The discount code you can use is sweet and… Read More

  • Mydeco borked at launch?

    Maybe mydeco’s strategy of releasing their whole strategy and site to the press all on the one day (the world’s, blogs, media and TechCrunch combined) was not such a good idea after all. I have been trying since yesterday to reach deep links into the site, but most appear to have a polite “try again later” message (pictured), reminiscent of Twitter’s usual… Read More

  • 'HiPhone' looks mighty familiar, almost iPhone-like

    All hail the new king of fake iPhones. It’s $239.00 (plus $15 shipping) direct from China, has two (count ’em, two) SIM slots, triband GSM, is unlocked and carries no contract, comes with two (count ’em, two) batteries, and I have no idea how much storage is onboard. Could be nothing, could somehow be a terabyte of flash memory. Check out this hot demo video, complete with… Read More

  • Church 2.0? Er, not quite

    The UK’s Church of England has launched a so-called social-networking campaign to encourage people to discuss how they can make the world a better place during Lent. The campaign site, livelent.net has more info but someone needs to tell these people that there is more to it than throwing up a few groups on Facebook, MySpace and Flickr (their group is empty). Perhaps they should talk to… Read More

  • 1.6 terabyte solid state drive drops my jaws

    BiTMICRO has apparently forgotten what decade we hare in and gone straight to the Star Trek era of storage. Their Ultra320 SCSI SSD holds a whopping 1,600 gigabytes of data and has sustained data transfer rates of 230MB/sec. That’s Star Trek, people. Too bad this thing is going to cost Star Trek prices too; a terabyte will run you about $250 now when you’re buying platters. Solid… Read More

  • Google Teams With Twitter For Super Tuesday Tracking

    Google has teamed with Twitter to provide a Twitter/ Google mashup for Super Tuesday. Tweets relating to Super Tuesday are overlaid on a Google Map, along with other data including YouChoose ’08 videos, Google News election headlines and primary state results. The site is live here. Google is also offering gadgets with the results as they come in. Google has tracked big events before in… Read More

  • Matt Hickey endorses the Col-Pop

    This is, hands down, the hottest convergence device I’ve seen in months. I loves me some chicken nuggets and pop, but I only have two hands and I’m usually multi-tasking so what the heck am I supposed to do? Enter the Col-Pop from BBQ Chicken. The South Korean chain is thinking ahead knowing the American public will want these immediately. You can pick from 20- or 32-ounce cups… Read More

  • Microsoft readying model-driven programming tools

    There’s an interesting (and somewhat long) read over on eWeek.com for those of you that get a little moist about declarative programming languages. Microsoft’s “Oslo” strategy, announced in October, has given way to a new programming language currently known only as “D” that’ll pass the “two-beer test” — as in, it’ll supposedly… Read More

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