• WipBox Adds Localized Mobile Search

    WipBox Adds Localized Mobile Search

    If you’re selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist a lot chances are you might have already heard of WipBox. This start-up, which works with DataUnison to access information for its users, is now going mobile, and will allow users to text “WipGBox” along with an item’s name and their zip code to 44636. This will in turn provide an average and high prices for items in their… Read More

  • Mobile Animal Companion Guide

    Mobile Animal Companion Guide

    If you’re out for a walk with Rover dog, do you know where you can stop and get a bite to eat without leaving him on the curb? What if you’re planning to take your kitty on the plane to go visit relatives, what does your airline allow when it comes to your furry friend? go2 Wireless, the publisher of sites like go2 Movies, go2 Dining, go2 Golf, and go2 Travel created go2 Pets for… Read More

  • Send Your Photos in for Processing… from your Phone!

    Send Your Photos in for Processing… from your Phone!

    In the old days you’d drop off that roll of film at the drugstore, or PhotoMat, for developing. Today you can still have your photos processed, but the difference is that you’ll just simply send them via your mobile phone. Pictavision Teleprints is a new camera phone tool from Exclaim Wireless that allows users to send pictures taken with a digital camera phone directly to any of… Read More

  • Motorola Road Trips

    Motorola Road Trips

    The days of Jack Kerouac and his book “On the Road” didn’t say anything about mobile phones. But welcome to the 21st century, where the idea of not getting SMS is about as close to roughing it as many of us would like to get. But this week Motorola has launched Motorola Road Trips, and interactive Web site that can help users maximize the use of their mobile phone features… Read More

  • RIAA Must Pay $68,685.23 After Losing to a Nice Mom

    RIAA Must Pay $68,685.23 After Losing to a Nice Mom

    You couldn’t ask for better PR! Anti-pirates sued Debbie Foster for owning stolen music. She decided to fight back, hired a lawyer, and began legal proceedings. Instead of backing down, the RIAA then decided to sue her daughter. Three years and lots of money later, the RIAA lost the case and now must pay Debbie for her trouble. The key phrase here is the judge’s ruling that there is… Read More

  • Someone Took the Cranky Pill This Morning: Maddox On the iPhone

    Someone Took the Cranky Pill This Morning: Maddox On the iPhone

    Those of you in an office: be glad I cropped this picture. Because our faces are all up Apple’s warm places, we rarely step back and examine competing viewpoints. For example, famous blogger Maddox thinks anyone who likes the iPhone is a huge moron and he believes the Nokia E70, with its flip out keyboard and hot appz, is the best thing since agape love. His article begins: Read More

  • CrunchGear Budapest Meet-up: The US Postal Service Eats Donkey Ween

    CrunchGear Budapest Meet-up: The US Postal Service Eats Donkey Ween

    So on July 9, 2007, Matt sent the iPhone. It arrived at some sort of station on the 11th then was returned to the station for “insufficient address.” Yes, friends, the US Postal Service doesn’t know where Poland is. I’m trying to figure this mess out and will be back with you shortly. I think I’m going to have to cancel the trip because, as handsome as I am, I… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Art Photo Edition

    Daily Crunch: Art Photo Edition

    DIY: Light Tents On the Cheap
    Pretty Much The Greatest Application Ever
    Hand Gestures Eliminate TV Remote Control
    Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom
    ION Audio Releases Two Snazzy Turntables
    CrunchGear’s Destroy Your Landline Contest Read More

  • Google Preparing Mobile Focused Search Site

    Google Preparing Mobile Focused Search Site

    Google is developing a new search service for cellphones that will be focused on mobile specific content such as ringtones and games, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The new search site is said to enable users not only to find a list of mobile content providers, but will also provide an easy purchase interface for selected sites, most likely through Google Checkout. Google… Read More

  • Connectbeam Lands $3.5million Series A

    Connectbeam Lands $3.5million Series A

    Social networking for the enterprise startup Connectbeam has closed a $3.5million Series A round lead by Gabriel Ventures and Startup Capital Ventures. Connectbeam social software for business provides a corporate focused product that includes support for social bookmarking, social networking, live profiles, project spaces and intranet search integration. Connectbeam launched in June 2006 and… Read More

  • Live 22: Who Wants to Call People When You Can TXT Microwaves?

    Live 22: Who Wants to Call People When You Can TXT Microwaves?

    No, not Live Earth or Live ‘Gear (our upcoming benefit concert), but Live 22, a new way of thinking about and using cellphones. The basic premise relies upon your utter disdain for calling people. Calling another person is but one of the concept’s three modes. The second mode is one in which you call actual inanimate objects like TVs, laptops and coffee pots. It’s more like… Read More

  • Mesmo.tv Discovers Videos You Like

    Mesmo.tv Discovers Videos You Like

    Social video has exploded into a wide variety of sites letting anyone share their videos across the net, bringing with it a great deal of fragmentation. Video search engines and bookmarking sites are trying to help sew those pieces back together, letting users draw from video content from across the web. Mesmo.tv is social video bookmarking tool launching today that lets you tag videos you… Read More

  • MeeVee Cuts 20% Of Staff

    Silicon Valley based online TV startup MeeVee has laid off approximately 20% of its staff, including three executives. The cuts were primarily in finance, sales and marketing, and 27 employees remain with the company. MeeVeee is an online TV guide that recently began to integrate video content directly into the site. They’ve raised $14.5 million in two rounds of venture capital. CEO… Read More

  • News Corp. & Dow Jones Very Close On Deal. Anybody Worried?

    News Corp. (parent company to MySpace) and the management of Dow Jones have agreed on a $5 billion purchase price. The next step is a vote by the board of directors of Dow Jones this evening. Following board approval, the deal will still need the approval of the Bancroft family, which controls 64% of Dow Jones’s voting power. The final decision should be made next week. I love the fact… Read More

  • Optimize Your Videos For Youtube

    CrunchGear has an excellent “how-to” post on getting the most out of your videos when you upload them to YouTube. If you are a regular uploader, check it out. CrunchBase Information YouTube Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Revlayer Launches Dead Simple Video Advertising Product

    Update: Revlayer was previously known as Prerollr Revlayer a new product that gives bloggers and other content site owners the ability to monetize embedded videos, launched today. The product focuses on creating revenue for the sites actually embedding video, as opposed to the creator of the video content or the service (Youtube, Veoh, etc.) hosting it. This is a space we’ve covered… Read More

  • Zune Joins Live Nation Concert Series

    Zune Joins Live Nation Concert Series

    If I had a Zune and felt the need to attend one of the 28 Live Nation concerts this summer then I, too, could join the Social. The Zune will have a major presence at the shows with Zune Spots that will let concertgoers try out the Zune and check out the hot, new, summer colors. The Zune Spots are actually converted freight containers, which maybe has some sort of recycling message to it… Read More

  • ValueClick Acquires Comparison Shopping Operator MeziMedia For Up To $352million

    ValueClick Acquires Comparison Shopping Operator MeziMedia For Up To $352million

    ValueClick has acquired MeziMedia for up to $352 million, in a deal consisting of $100million in upfront in cash, with an additional sum of up to $252 million to be paid depending on MeziMedia’s revenue and earnings performance through to 2009 LA based MeziMedia is a comparative shopping company that operates sites including Smarter.com and online coupon site CouponMountain.com. The… Read More

  • Oakley to Auction Off 18K Gold Lance Armstrong Sunglasses

    Oakley to Auction Off 18K Gold Lance Armstrong Sunglasses

    Oakley will be auctioning of a pair off solid-gold shades signed by Lance Armstrong. Bidding will begin at $9,999.99 on July 19 and run for 10 days. If you’ve got that much cash lying around and want to give a little (or a lot, as it were) to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, you can try to win these puppies on eBay by looking up item #160135266040 next Thursday. Read More

  • TiVo's Ratings Service Might Help Bury Bad Commercials

    TiVo's Ratings Service Might Help Bury Bad Commercials

    TiVo is introducing an interesting twist to the television-ratings game with a new service called Stop||Watch. Basically, the commercials that get watched and rewound the most win out over the commercials that get skipped the most. Results will be made available on a monthly basis. Categories include Top Total Viewing Commercials compared with Total Viewing of Top Programs, Time Shifted… Read More