• Review: Samsung Instinct

    We received the Instinct a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to write up my impressions on it after using it for just about a week straight. I’m happy to report that the Instinct on Sprint is a capable and powerful smartphone and, in a way, is a direct competitor to the iPhone generation 1 (iPhone 3G doesn’t fit into this equation, but I suspect I’d say the same… Read More

  • Video: How to replace a Super Nintendo cartridge's battery

    This useful, but out-of-focus, little production explains how to switch out the battery on your old SNES RPGs. When you think about it, you can’t really expect a little watch battery to hold a charge for 15 years. So if you buy a used copy of Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III (and please do so), there’s a risk that its little battery is going to croak. Like the NES’… Read More

  • Tripwolf launches in UK

    Tripwolf today launched out of public beta and a UK site. Backed by incubator i5invest and MairDumont, Central Europe’s largest publisher of travel guides and tourist information (sort of the Frommer’s or Fodor’s of Central Europe). Last week the site launched publicly in German (Germany, Austria and
    Switzerland). Tripwolf – which allows you to build and print your… Read More

  • TrustedPlaces and BView team up

    TrustedPlaces, the local reviews social network, is partnering with BView, the business listings directory. The idea appears to be to let each site play to its strengths but effectively join forces. TrustedPlaces gets an ad sales team from BVew and the latter gets promotion in a more consumer-focused sector than it normally plays in. The joint offer is a combination of free and premium access… Read More

  • Engadget's Ryan Block to step down

    TechCrunch is reporting that Ryan Block has plans to step down as editor of Engadget and begin a new start-up with former editor Peter Rojas. No timing has been confirmed. Writes MA: Engadget’s editor-in-chief Ryan Block will be leaving parent company AOL shortly, sources say, to launch a new startup. Partnering with him on the new company will be Peter Rojas, Engadget’s former… Read More

  • Electrocute bacteria with electric bandages

    An Arizona medical device manufacturer, Silverleaf Medical Products, applied to the FDA this week to expand the use of its electronic antimicrobial wound dressing. The firm makes what are like electronic band-aids that prevent bacterial and microbial penetration; the material is activated by the wetness of the wound. Silverleaf’s product page says: “PROSIT activates and generates… Read More

  • Plasma globe music: Not at all like the lilting strains of the lute

    The San Fran band The Bad Hand apparently think whatever squalling coming out of this Spencer’s Gifts plasma ball can be approximately linked to the making of music. While I’m very accepting of all sorts of musical genres, I feel that someone needs to kick this thing hard and fast, thereby releasing the tortured soul of Frank Zappa back into the Outworld. via MusicThing Read More

  • Ustream.tv Just Got a Redesign, But Justin.tv Is Still Beating Its Pants Off

    Who is winning the race to become the top site for live Web video? A quick check on Google Trends for Websites and comScore suggests that over the past four months Justin.tv is pulling ahead of the pack. According to Google Trends, Justin.tv is attracting more than 300,000 unique visitors a day, compared to only about 60,000 for both Stickam.com and Ustream.tv. Comscore measures visitors on… Read More

  • Handling bash shell history

    This might be a little OT for all of you, but it’s an interesting piece nonetheless. Allan Odgaard of TextMate put together an interesting little piece about the bash shell history system including how to remove duplicates from the history and how to access a command by event number rather than scrolling back through your history with the arrow keys. The first step in making a great… Read More

  • Honda tests walking instead of driving

    Honda announced it will begin testing its experimental walking assistant device today. The car maker will test the device, which was created to support people with weakened leg muscles but who are still able to walk on their own, in a collaboration with Shinseikai Medical Group and Kasumigaseki-Minami. Most commonly the device will be tested on elderly patients as part of their rehab… Read More

  • Shock, horror: Apparently SSDs don't save you any power

    Tom’s Hardware’s findings that SSD drives don’t actually save you any power is pretty surprising to me, especially following the experiment last week comparing an HDD Eee to a high-performance SSD Eee. Logic and reason seem to indicate that a passive drive solution with no moving parts would almost certainly have not just minor savings power-wise but possibly orders of… Read More

  • Sony has ‘no plans’ for downloadable PS2 games on PS3 Store

    Sony has shot down the “PS2 games on PlayStation Store?” rumor. For now. The rumor started after last week’s big Sony press conference where it announced a PlayStation movie store. Some of the screens on display showed PS2 games as being on the store, but Sony chalked that up to a mistake. At this point, we haven’t made any announcements, and there are no plans for… Read More

  • TechCrunch Pitch! Here it comes…

    It’s just over a week until TechCrunch Pitch! in London next Thursday and the excitement is building. People have been clamouring for tickets, VCs and investors are down to come and we have had a truckload of entries from startups who want to pitch. The startups selected by TechCrunch editorial (no-one will be paying to pitch, they come free) will be announced on the day (let’s keep… Read More

  • Dear Recruiters: Please Don't Call Us Asking For Advice On Where To Place Outgoing Executives – It's Too Tempting

    I’m just going to write this once, and point back to it in the future. If you are a recruiter representing an executive quietly looking for a new job, it probably isn’t the best idea to call and leave a voicemail with details on the person and asking for advice on which companies would be a good fit. Yes, we probably have a good idea of who’s hiring and might be interested. Read More

  • Microsoft Bets On Natural Language Search To Battle Google

    Techcrunch confirms that Microsoft has announced that they have acquired natural language search engine Powerset for a sum rumored to be around $100M. The acquisition is another key step in Microsofts efforts to gain market share in the online search market – currently dominated by Google and Yahoo. The search team at Microsoft said today in a blog post that they were interested in… Read More

  • AT&T's text messages cost $1,310 per megabyte

    Check out the prices for a text message plan on AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 3G in the United States. AT&T wants twenty cents ($0.20) per text message if you don’t sign up for a plan. A text message is nothing more than 160 bytes of data. The max is 160 characters, and one character equals one byte of data. Great. Again, AT&T is charging you twenty cents for… Read More

  • Japanese company presents heart-shaped digital photo frame

    Today Greenhouse announced they will start selling a heart-shaped digital photo frame [JP] from the middle of June. The Japan-only GHV-DF24HT will cost $56. The device features a 2.4-inch LCD screen with 320×240 resolution, a mini USB port, internal memory for up to 63 pictures, BMP/JPEG/GIF support, a clock and a slideshow function. If you think the pink heart is too cute, you can go for… Read More

  • Verizon head: I'll beat you all down to Chinatown

    Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg isn’t afraid of the iPhone or Google or nobody. He can lick anybody in this place. Anybody. You hear me, yuppie? Get outta here before Ivan Seidenberg punches your lights out. Hey, Ivan Seidenberg’s company experienced growth of 5.8 percent, right? And it kicked that bitch OUT for stealing his money. And Ivan Seidenberg is all like “Steve Jobs has… Read More

  • Nokia snaps up Warner Music Group for ‘Comes With Music’

    Nokia continues with its imaginatively named “Comes With Music” campaign, adding Warner Music to its list of record labels. That leaves only one of the so-called Big Four record labels left, EMI. EMI has said it would be on board, but still hasn’t made the official commitment. “Comes With Music,” if you don’t remember, is Nokia’s way of branching out… Read More

  • 25th anniversary sterling silver Leatherman

    For those men who need something a little more high-end when they try to install a freaking ceiling fan while their wife is on the couch yelling at them to call the contractor and they’re convinced that they’ll install this damned ceiling fan, contractor be damned, and the wife goes to do something in the kitchen and suddenly they feel a jolt of electricity running through the… Read More

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