• Yahoo Publisher Network's Trojan Horse

    Google has a hefty lead in getting small publishers to put Google-powered ads on their websites. There is no negotiated deal – advertisers agree to take whatever Google decides to give them. Revenue share terms are not disclosed to these small publishers. The publisher simply places a piece of JavaScript code in the code of their website, the ads appear, and a check comes in the mail. For… Read More

  • The Last Temptation of the iPhone

    Want some Zapruder-esque footage of the iPhone? Want someone to obsessively pore over the entire thing? Can’t get enough scrolling by Steve? Click away! via MyiPhone Read More

  • Imeem Blocked From MySpace. Who's Next?

    Imeem Blocked From MySpace. Who's Next?

    MySpace has been acting a bit odd all year. Last month all Flash embeds on the site were turned off for a few hours. Some people speculated that they were testing the waters, seeing what kind of backlash they would see from user complaints. MySpace PR flatly denied these speculations, however, saying it was nothing more than a bug. Still, some sites are seeing what look to be permanent bans from… Read More

  • Amazon Invests in Shelfari

    We’re hearing that Amazon has invested $1 million or so in Seattle based Shelfari, beating out at least one venture firm that competed for the deal. Shelfari is a website where users input all of the books they own, and have an online visual representation of their library to share with others. Users can share their library through the Shelfari website or via a widget, and make money by… Read More

  • Fonpods in DeadPool

    It looks like Fonpods, which allowed users to listen to podcasts over the phone, has become the latest victim of the big carrier lawsuits against startups leveraging a FCC regulation that provides kickbacks on incoming calls to rural phone companies. Like AllFreeCalls, which shut down on February 16 and is yet to come back online (and it probably won’t), Fonpods is now offline after being… Read More

  • Apple To Get Into Ringtone Business

    This video presents a fairly compelling case that Apple will be getting into the Ringtone business with the release of the iPhone. Ringtone sales are big business, accounting for 10% of so of the global music market, and well over $1 billion per year in sales (see this old study for 2003-2004 industry numbers). This news comes as others are talking about the price of the iPhone, which studies are… Read More

  • Patent Monkey:  Details on Alcatel's $1.5 B Win Against Microsoft

    Patent Monkey: Details on Alcatel's $1.5 B Win Against Microsoft

    Here’s some added detail on the biggest patent litigation settlement in history: Microsoft ordered to pay Alcatel $1.5 B based on its Windows Media Player infringing the French telecoms’ MP3 technology. The jury found Microsoft infringed the RE39,080 patent for a “rate loop processor for perceptual encoder/decoder” and US 5,341,457 on “perceptual coding of audio… Read More

  • Dodecahedra Speakers Ruin Marco Polo

    Dodecahedra Speakers Ruin Marco Polo

    The dodecahedra speaker is being developed at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The speaker has 12 sides, each covering 360 degrees of sound space in the room. The listener can move around the room and hear sound coming from any direction and any angle. One speaker might be able to replace a set of speakers for front, back and rear setups, effectively saving on total costs, according to the… Read More

  • Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop

    Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop

    Sweden-based Flux has a designer LED lamp made of aluminum and glass called Barry that uses a curvy mirrored surface in the upper hemisphere of the 7-inch diameter device to reflect light from about 70 white LEDs in the bottom hemisphere. Although the lamp might be good for outdoor parties, at $1,100, I’d settle for some cheap tikki torches. Barry(Swedish) [OhGizmo! via Crave] Read More

  • Egg Chair Unscrambles Spine

    Egg Chair Unscrambles Spine

    Designed by Swiss physicians and engineers, the ErgoChair is an egg-shaped ball that when sat in, does not compress discs in the spine like regular chairs do. The ball allows free movement of the body to help the sitter achieve the best possible posture, according to the product page. At $160, the easy-to-assemble chair includes an air pump and can be inflated or deflated to the desired height of… Read More

  • Knick-Knack Paddywhack, Give a Dog a Phone

    Knick-Knack Paddywhack, Give a Dog a Phone

    As if your dog isn’t pampered enough with expensive sweaters and fancy steaks, here’s another luxury item that actually sounds useful. On4 Communications is planning to release a cell phone for dogs. The PetsCell is a two-way, waterproof communication device with GPS. The phone allows owners to speak directly with anyone who finds their pet, and owners can track their pet’s… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Biodome Edition

    Daily Crunch: Biodome Edition

    Humpty Dumpty Death Sentence Scale A Glorious Toilet Paper Cutter Lightsaber Blade Runner Umbrella For Uberdorks Ikea Slabang Alarm Clock Good For Waking Up, Abuse Discovery Biosphere Terrarium Read More

  • Digg Upgrades Spam Armor, Unblocks Sites

    Digg Upgrades Spam Armor, Unblocks Sites

    Digg has started to unblock many sites that were previously banned for “bad behavior,” which usually consisted of a suspiciously high number of stories making it to the home page. If too many stories were buried by people voting it down, or too many users otherwise complained, a site was banned, most of the time permanently. But previously banned sites are now quietly being let back on… Read More

  • iPhone Too 'Spensive For Consumers

    iPhone Too 'Spensive For Consumers

    Looks like Apple may be in for some decreased sales come the release of the iPhone. According to a recent survey done with 379 people, the price of the iPhone is too expensive for most people’s tastes. In fact, only 1% of those surveyed said they’d shell out $500 for an iPhone. 42% said they’d pay $200 to $299, while 60% said they’d switch their carrier to get their hands… Read More

  • Robosapiens Infest McDonald's Kids' Meals

    , and now we see them proliferating into kids’ meals. Starting today, if your munchkin gets a kids’ meal at McDonald’s, it’ll get one of seven robosapien toys. Each of the toys have different functions, from lame ass wind-up action, to running, talking and chomping. Fun for the whole family. Collect the whole set, then bend over to be reamed by your new overlords. Meet… Read More

  • Moto RIZR Z3 Rises to the Occasion at T-Mo

    Moto RIZR Z3 Rises to the Occasion at T-Mo

    Having just cleared the FCC gauntlet, the Moto RIZR Z3 is set to launch on T-Mobile on March 12. The new version will feature a 2-megapixel camera, music playback, stereo Bluetooth, quad-band, speakerphone, voice recognition and a 220 x 176 resolution display. It has not yet been announced how much the RIZR Z3 will sell for, but given the proximity to launch, I’m guessing we’ll know… Read More

  • Discovery Biosphere Terrarium

    Discovery Biosphere Terrarium

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this Discovery biosphere is awesome. Aside from looking totally cool, it is a valid educational experience for children. It allows kids to control the environment within the sphere. The system has options to control temperature and humidity and can even simulate rain. Sort of like an ant farm, but probably neater. It’s available now for… Read More

  • 30Boxes Partners With PBWiki

    30Boxes Partners With PBWiki

    PBWiki is on a bit of a roll. After confirming a $2 million round of financing last week, they’ve just launched a partnership with 30Boxes that allows users to insert a calendar into a wiki. Actually getting the calendar into the wiki requires way too many steps, and I agree with 30Boxes founder Narendra Rocherolle that this should be made into a template option, as Jotspot did in 2006… Read More

  • Emotion Learning Robots

    Emotion Learning Robots

    They are being programmed to take sensory input and adapt responses accordingly. The researcher in charge of the operation says the behavior will be something akin to babies learning from external stimuli. I find this kind of horrifying. I’ve been hearing my entire life about how robots are going to take over the world and then “The Matrix” happened. I don’t want evil robot… Read More

  • Digg Users Calling Loudly for New Photos Section

    Digg Users Calling Loudly for New Photos Section

    Digg users have begun calling with increased volume for the creation of a special section of the site designated for photographs and pictures.  Two requests to this effect have received more than 6 and 8 thousand diggs in the past 2 weeks.  It’s hard to imagine that some sort of photo section of the wildly popular news site won’t be introduced soon. I’m looking forward to it. Read More