• Optimus Maximus keyboard video

    Well, the eagle has landed. What do you guys think? Was it worth the hype and wait? {democracy:29} Read Read More

  • IPhone SDK will be late, but there's seriously no reason to freak out

    We’re not one to cause a mass panic in the markets but listen — the iPhone SDK is late. People are already selling Apple stock in droves and this could mean that Steve Jobs has gone completely power-mad and is now “marrying” his employees to each other and buying conservative newspapers in D.C. but none of this is necessarily true and it would be unwise to think so, even… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: On the Moon Edition

    Google Lunar X Prize: Send your shoeboxes to the mooooooon
    What we decided were the best XBLA games of 2007
    Phil Torrone tours Mad Magazine, I wallow in nostalgia
    Ikea trash-can light tent
    Nintendo goes Bapey with Bape designed DS Read More

  • Nintendo goes Bapey with Bape designed DS

    [photopress:RTEmagicC_bape_nds.jpg.jpg,full,center] Like your Nintendo DS? Like the cute characters from Bape? Live in Japan? Check out the link below, all three of you. Bape x Nintento DS Lite [highsnobriety] Read More

  • Sprint's Hesse focused on customer service

    [photopress:sprint_logo_resized.jpg,full,center] Now this is how you run a company. Daniel R. Hesse is the newly appointed CEO of Sprint, a company not known for its customer service skills. At the first operations meeting he oversaw, he noted customer service wasn’t on the agenda at all. He made it the first thing they discussed. We’re hopeful Hesse can turn Sprint’s rep around. Read More

  • Fly's new cell phone brings lineup of Nintendo favorites with it

    [photopress:2162_about_coffee_black.jpg,full,left]Fly has a new handset, the MC100, that has built-in support for NES, SNES, and Gameboy games, along with built-in game downloading. It’s saying this is the first phone to ship with the support built-in, and we don’t doubt it. Really, though, shouldn’t all cell phones have built-in NES? Shouldn’t everything, really? I want… Read More

  • Bill Gates: Keyboards are going to lose out to speech

    [photopress:keyboard.jpg,full,center] Bill Gates was recently giving a speech at Canegie Mellon and said the following: “We say that there’ll be more searches done through speech than through the keyboard five years from now.” That’s five years from now. 2013. We’ll have jet packs and flying cars and push-button girlfriends by then, too. At least I will. Bill… Read More

  • DataPortability Turns That Frown Upside Down

    DataPortability cofounder Chris Saad, in the face of a nasty cease and desist letter over their logo, took our (and others’) advice – don’t waste time fighting it. Treat this as a press opportunity and hold a new logo contest instead. That’s exactly what they’re doing. Third parties are lining up to donate prizes, and an iPhone is already on the list. Read More

  • Kublax wins further funding

    Kublax, a startup site which syncs all your bank accounts, utilities, and loyalty schemes has won a further round of angel investment from Digitalents Capital, Five Ventures, Omnis Mundi Invest AG, The Accelerator Group (TAG). The amount was not released but we understand it was less than a million euros. Kublax was a winner of Seedcamp 2007, a Europe-wide initiative by Venture Capital firms… Read More

  • Han Solo Carbonite Desk: Exactly what it sounds like, as cool as it sounds

    [photopress:Desk2web.jpg,full,center] No, you can’t buy it, it’s a one-off that a design company made for a client, but don’t you want it? I can’t imagine why Jabba the Hutt hung his on the wall instead of doing something useful with it like this. Han Solo in Carbonite desk [The RPF, via Boing Boing] Read More

  • Yahoo Buzz Launching Soon

    Half of the country’s tech bloggers and journalists, it seems, are under embargo around next week’s launch of Yahoo Buzz. Word has still leaked, likely from recently layed off Yahoo employees. We’re under embargo, too, so I can’t say much. But the posters up all over Yahoo give a taste of what is. “We’re re-launching Yahoo! Buzz as a destination site where… Read More

  • Buzzspotr's location-based social networking

    Buzzspotr is a new site designed to mashup social messaging systems like Twitter with a user’s location and alow them to see their social network on a map. Currently in private pre-alpha, the site is spun out of the I-Together startup who are better known for their Blog friends Facebook application which has around 20,000 users so far. The Buzzspotr pitch is that it lets you find where… Read More

  • Apple updates iTunes to 7.6.1; Apple TV fixes, ninety-nine-cent rental specials included

    [photopress:itunes_1.jpg,full,center] Today marks the first update to iTunes 7.6, which brings it up to 7.6.1, promising better compatibility with Apple TV’s “Take Two” software and bringing special 99-cent Move Thursdays, where a movie may be rented for less than a buck Thursdays through Mondays, with a new featured movie each Thursday. Cool! Regular readers will recall… Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Req: honesty and transparency I am an attorney at law and here to introduce and solicit your consent to introduce a profiting joint venture in which you neither will spend money nor time in, rather, your… Read More

  • Facebook Targets FriendFeed; Opening Up The News Feed

    Facebook is planning on allowing users to add activities from third party social networking site directly into their Facebook news feed, we’ve confirmed. The goal is to centralize all that activity in one place. Third parties can already integrate directly today via the Facebook API, Beacon and the Facebook Platform, but adoption from these companies, which are indirectly also competing… Read More

  • Retailer lets customers exchange HD DVD players for Blu-ray ones

    [photopress:hdbrexchange.jpg,full,center] A retailer actually giving a damn about its customers? It can’t be an American one, right? No. It’s not. Japanese corp Edion, which owns a bunch of electronic stores over there, will exchange customers’ now obsolete HD DVD players for Blu-ray players. The corp will accept Toshiba players for one from Sony, Panasonic or… Read More

  • Sharper Image suspends gift cards

    [photopress:the_sharper_image_gift_cards.jpg,full,left]That Sharper Image gift card you got for Xmas that you’ve been holding on to, waiting for the newest version of the Spider-man ionizing foot-massaging Teflon ashtray? It’s bunk. Due to its current bankruptcy, Sharper Image is suspending gift cards, at least for now. When they’re done with their restructuring… Read More

  • Yahoo Sued Again Over Microsoft Rebuff

    Yahoo is being sued by the Detroit Police and Fire retirement system and general retirement system, as well as “all other similarly situated public shareholders,” over its rebuff of Microsoft. The new lawsuit follows a similar lawsuit filed February 13 by the Wayne County Employee’s Retirement System of Michigan. The lawsuit claims that Yahoo’s board is pursuing… Read More

  • Google Lunar X Prize: Send your shoeboxes to the mooooooon

    Google is sponsoring a $20 million prize to the first group that can drop a robotic spacecraft on the moon. Once its there it has to send video and data back to Earth and move 1500 feet. They expect the contest to end in 2012, just in time for a lame-duck President Obama to send out the first wave of attack ships against in the invading Zixron forces. Team Italia’s solution, shown… Read More

  • Meet GiFi, what could be our new ultra-fast wireless standard

    [photopress:gifi.gif,full,left]GiFi, you say? I feel dumb enough saying “WiFi”, but now I’m going to have to say “Gifi”? Okay, sure. It’s like WiFi, but faster. Way faster, actually, up to 5Gbps. It’s still in the development stage, and likely won’t be for networking, but imagine if you could wirelessly connect to your portable drive and copy… Read More

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