• Necklace reminds you to take your medicine

    There’s an experimental necklace developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology that reminds you to take your medicine. Users must first ingest a special pill, along with your other pills, that contains a small magnet, which then activates the necklace. The necklace then records when, exactly, you swallowed the pills. That way, your nurse or caregiver can know when, or if… Read More

  • The true story of an iRobot spy and a $300 million theft

    Who stole the sole? Noah “Red Hot” Shachtman wrote a great piece on an iRobot insider who stole the plans for the company’s military Packbot robot and recreated the robot himself, becoming a direct competitor to iRobot. The thief, Jameel Ahed, was frustrated because he wasn’t given full control over the project. He quit the company and, after reworking the design, was… Read More

  • Rumor: New Sidekicks on the way

    TmoNews seems to have the inside scoop that there may be two new Sidekicks being announced in late July. The SK Gekko is slated for July 27th and the Sidekick Aspen should surface on the 30th. It’s unclear whether or not these are new devices or anything else, really. So let’s all take a big chunk of salt with this one. But this gives me hope that the recent acquisition by… Read More

  • Review: SageTV HD Media Extender

    The SageTV HD Media Extender is a $250 ($200 if you already have a SageTV license)box that streams high-definition content from a PC over an Ethernet connection. Supported files include MPEG1/2/4, H.264, WMV, AVI, MP3, JPEG, PNG, and GIF and if you’ve got a TV tuner installed on your PC, you can watch and record television. It’s a nice option for fans of the SageTV media… Read More

  • Going Green: Orly airport relies on geo-thermal energy

    I’m a fan of geo-thermal energy. It’s almost free, available everywhere, and doesn’t pollute in any way. France likes it too, and is taking advantage of it to power a new airport. Geothermal power uses water and the Earth’s own internal heat to generate steam, which turns turbines and produces electricity. The only costs are those associated with pumping of the water… Read More

  • Wolpy – a simple socnet for travellers

    Coming out of Europe, Wolpy is a new social network for travellers to share their travel experiences. The basic idea is to create a map of the places you have visited and preview the places mentioned. You can share these places with your friends view their trips. You can view the map in full screen mode. It’s a nice clean design and has simple features, but other than a Google Mashup… Read More

  • Did you know that Facebook apps aren't 100 percent secure?

    Wow, breaking news from the AP today. It seems the news-gathering agency just found out that social networking sites are insecure, something we’ve known already for at least three months now. What’s even more troubling is that the particulars addressed therein—third-party applications have access to all info posted in your profile—is hardly anything to be concerned about. Read More

  • Brain pacemaker could keep us all happy

    A small device, implanted in the chest, can potentially treat depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder in most patients. The device, produced by Medtronic, prevents recurring feelings of depression or obsession by shocking the brain consistently. Seventeen patients, diagnosed as having major depressive disorder, were followed for a year and demonstrated overall improvement in mood as well… Read More

  • Robotic exoskeleton from Raytheon looks like an Aliens Power Loader or Exo-Squad suit

    This kind of exoskeleton has been around for a while in prototypes and blueprints; I remember seeing one in DARPA paperwork years ago, but I think that now they’re getting out of the prototyping stage. The article compares it to Iron Man because it’s timely but I think that’s quite a stretch; it’s much more like a power loader or a dude from Exo-Squad. It can lift… Read More

  • New Prince of Persia coming in time for Eid ul-Fitr

    PoP: Something to Do with War or Swords or Sand will be available this holiday season for all of those willing to wait for more red hot Persian on Persian action. Obviously I’m a big crank and haven’t enjoyed this franchise since the original PoP, one of the best action games for the Atari 800XL I’ve ever played. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Violence, hardcore-ness scared away female gamers

    Did violence, poetically, kill the female gamer? The co-founder of Atari and co-creator of small-time game Pong, Nolan Bushnell, says as much. Violence, along with gaming’s shift from short, fun little romps to long-winded epics—I do not have the time to play a 50+ hour game anymore, either—caused females to pack their bags and quit gaming altogether. Quoth the Raven: I like… Read More

  • I Want My MTV…Voki Playground?

    MTV has partnered with Oddcast to provide avatar-centric Voki Playgrounds for some of their most popular shows. Visitors to these so-called playgrounds (really just a fancy word for sub-sites) can create customizable avatars that mouth your recorded voice online. The avatars can be viewed on the sub-sites, emailed to friends, or embedded elsewhere like MySpace. Users are encouraged to create… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Bioshock coming to PS3?

    Several pieces of evidence point to an eventual port of Irrational’s magnum opus to the Playstation 3. Most compelling is the bit of code in the PC port listing PS3 settings. It’s expected to arrive in the fall, around the same time Bioshock 2 might be announced. There are murmurs of improved graphics, but I think that’s probably nonsense. Being a little behind the times, I… Read More

  • There’s Gold in them there Phones

    Recycling mobile phones has been in the news lately. You may not realize it, but there are a host of precious metals in that little handset that keeps you connected on-the-go. Gold and silver are just two elements that manufactures put into that magic box you talk into. Recovering these metals is called “urban mining”, and it’s becoming more profitable as the prices of… Read More

  • Going Green: What of hydrogen-powered cars? (Keep dreamin')

    Outside of the cesspool that is New York City, regular folk drive cars to and fro’. And while New Yorkers may get a bad rap for being “mean” or “high-strung” or “fancy,” by relying on public transportation (7 train~!) and our well-muscled legs to get around, we’re doing Mother Earth a big favor. As the rest of the country pumps CO2 and other… Read More

  • UPS employees pilfering GTA IV disks en route

    I’m not a fan of UPS, despite it starting in my hometown. They’re late, and when they show up at my apartment with a package (at least once a month) they knock so faintly my dog can’t hear it. Also, they apparently steal video game shipments. At least three UPS employees have been fired in the last 24 hours for stealing copies of GTA IV out of shipping boxes. I’ve… Read More

  • Review: GameNet Powerline Ethernet

    Jake Ludington here beat me to doing a video review of this product but I can safely say that it’s a pretty cool solution for those of you who might not want to poke along on a ratty Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is great if you’re in range and the connection quality is good. When I’m in my living room, where my Buffalo N router is sitting quietly, Wi-Fi is strong and fast. Read More

  • Zattoo adds UK channels to live service

    Zattoo, the live TV to PC platform, has extended its channel line-up to include BBC 1 & 2, ITV 1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 via its online streaming media player. Zattoo will also carry financial news from Bloomberg, children’s programming from the BBC’s Cbeebies and special interest channels such as AutoMoto TV and The Poker Channel. Zattoo completely replicates the traditional… Read More

  • 1,000 Wix Invites for TechCrunch Readers

    We’ve got even more to give away today. Wix has set aside 1,000 spots for TechCrunch readers who want to give its website/widget creation tool a spin. When I reviewed Wix last week, I called it cluttered and candy-coated. The promotional video below shows a tamer, yet still very colorful, side of the service. Get your account here. CrunchBase Information Wix Information provided… Read More

  • HTC confirms driver update forthcoming, not much else

    If you own an smartphone manufactured by HTC running Windows Mobile, you’re about to receive a free software update. We don’t know when it’ll hit or what it will do, but it’ll do something. HTC has been criticized by some for what they consider poor implementation of of graphics acceleration in certain handsets, saying that the devices are sluggish due to poor drivers… Read More

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