• CrunchDeals: Used Nintendo games for 25% off

    Happy Friday. Print this coupon and take it into your nearest GameStop for 25% off up to three used games for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, or Gameboy Advance. I tried using that coupon code online but it didn’t work, so it seems that this deal might only be good in stores. Even so, not bad if you’re looking to pick up a few games. The coupon expires next Thursday. [via dealnews] Read More

  • Picwing Debuts Their Social Digital Picture Frame

    Y Combinator startup Picwing launches today (see our coverage yesterday of the other Y Combinator startups launching this summer). Think of it as a social photo site with an associated digital photo frame. Once you set up an account you can set options that let others view and/or add photos as well. Photos are uploaded to the site via a unique email address. Photos can be viewed on the site… Read More

  • Hoaxy XBox story for your lunchtime perusal

    While we wait for Greg to come back with live photos of the Georgia Yeti we present you with what is most definitely as fake as my parent’s love for me. The story goes thusly: kids were being jerks while playing XBox. The father warned them repeatedly about their behavior. Finally, Dad takes a nailgun and whams the Xbox onto a tree. Mom says “Way to go,” ensuring that those… Read More

  • Nikon D90: first pictures surface, shot of video mode too

    It’s hurricane D90 up in here! I’m too poor to buy one, but this pic on the right excites me because now I no longer have to photoshop “D90” onto other Nikon DSLRs whenever some specs hit just to have a picture. Nikon Rumors, who got that picture there, also got a shot of the D90 in video mode. Looks pretty much like everyone thought it would. I wonder if they have… Read More

  • More Palm Pro pics surface

    More Palm Pro pics found in a Chinese Palm forum and WMExperts provides us with more tech specs. 400Mhz CPU , but snappy response 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM! (Other reports show “In use: 43.96mb, Free 57.72mb) 320*320 screen GPS Full Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM 2 Megapixel camera microUSB connector! 3.5mm Earphone connector 1500mah battery (this is looking like it might actually be… Read More

  • Fox buys rights to Cell mobiseries

    Fox International, in its quest to expand its mobile content offerings, has bought the rights to Mobstar’s made-for-mobile series Cell. First aired in the UK on O2, Cell consists of 20 two-minute ‘mobisodes’ about a man locked in prison with a mobile phone and a mystery caller. The show is produced by Endemol and was originally played in the U.S. on Sony’s… Read More

  • Latest Bond movie pimping a Ford Ka

    Nothing screams super-spy, gadget tech like a Ford Ka hatchback: 13-inch rims, 45 mpg, and sexy metallic gold paint job. The last Bond flix had a Euro-spec Ford Mondeo sedan cameo, but Bond’s female counterpart is expected to pilot this European Blue Oval in the Quantum of Solace. Who knows what gadgety is stuffed into the tiny car, but the grill is big enough to house at least four… Read More

  • Fixing video with Photographs

    Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo. This system, by students at the University of Washington, uses still photographs or one single frame of a video scene to automatically improve video. The improvements are amazing. Video might contain artifacts like overexposure and low-resolution imagery and this system takes cues from still images of the scene to… Read More

  • Patents for Sale: Dual-screen split keyboard eyesore

    Okay, here we go. This is a notebook comprised of a split keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard, if you will. When you separate the two halves of the keyboard, there’s a screen inside. There’s also a larger screen attached to hinges on the top of said keyboard. So you get two screens folded up into one keyboard. The company behind this design, EKI, is apparently looking to ship this… Read More

  • 'Extreme' National Geographic titles coming to Blu-ray

    National Geographic is bringing a collection of extreme sport clips shot entirelly on IMAX to Blu-ray. The film showcases snowboard, windsurfing, and rock climbing, all shot on high-def’s granddaddy. Blu-ray is the absolutely, perfect medium to showcase IMAX’s 70 mm stock, but how about World’s Wackiest Police Takedowns or When Animals Take Revenge instead of lame… Read More

  • Japanese university develops hose-shaped rescue robot, tests it in the US

    The University of Tohoku, located in Northern Japan, developed a hose-like robot specialized in rescuing victims in collapsed buildings. The robot is equipped with a camera at its tip and is able to snake through openings in ruins and rubble, which are inaccessible to humans or dogs. It can move forward via special bristle rings that are powered by tiny motors. The robot’s camera is… Read More

  • Ikea getting into cheap solar panels

    Everybody’s favorite gigantic furniture store filled with flat-packed boxes is getting into solar panels. Cheap ones, too. Ikea is apparently getting ready to pump $75 million into "as many as ten companies in five different areas: solar technology, energy conservation, water saving products, alternative lighting, and new product materials,” according to TreeHugger. The goal… Read More

  • Sweater Friends Episode 12: Mad Libs Game Plots

    Listen to the entire episode: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CrunchGear/2008/08/08/CrunchGear-and-Friends.mp3 New show today, live at 1:00 PM Eastern. Read More

  • Why pirates pirate, let us count the ways

    The developer who asked the question “Why do people pirate?” now has an answer. Several of them, actually. The developer, Cliff Harris, wanted to know why people pirate games so much. The reasons are the same ones we’ve heard for years: because of DRM on game discs; to try before you buy; because games are terrible these days and not worth the money. Only about 5 percent gave… Read More

  • Netflix shipping some DVDs again

    Per Reuters, Online DVD rental pioneer Netflix Inc resumed some shipping on Thursday after the most severe outage in its history stopped distribution to a third of its 8.4 million customers. Some centers began shipping late last night and the company hopes the rest of the centers will resume today. No word if subscribers are going to be compensated but those red-sleeved DVDs… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Meeses

    Good morning, Mr. Reader. What can we bring you? A cup of mead? Some coffee? Two Logitech v550 mice? What’s that? Certainly, sir. I’m sure she won’t mind being torn from Brad and her children and slathered in butter. * Clip-and-Go dock: Allows you to clip your mouse to your notebook—and go. Easy-to-attach, easy-to-remove dock is compatible with all notebooks. (To… Read More

  • Apple now has a higher market valuation than Google

    All hail Apple, king of something or other. Apple now has a higher market valuation than Google. Apple’s went up because of the success of the iPhone (and iPod and iMac), while Google’s went down because of the downturn in online advertising. Blame the economy for that one. The actual numbers put Apple at $158.8 billion, and Google at $157.2 billion. One odd sentence from the… Read More

  • Couch-fishing gets real with this new Japanese robot

    Here comes another robot fish from Japan. Starting today, toymaker Nakajima [JP] ships “Dynamic Fishing”, a toy kit that consists of an angling rod, a lure and a robotic fish. The set is Nippon-only, but If you are interested and live outside Japan, you can order it via Amazon Japan [JP/ENG] for $27 plus shipping. The fish is passably similar to a… Read More

  • ‘Coming up soon…’ New Archos portable media players

    Get ready for the next generation of Archos portable media players. A banner on the company’s Web site reads “Coming up soon…” There’s zero info other than that, and why would there be? It’s not like Archos fans don’t like to know the company’s plans from A to Z, right? via DAPreview.net Read More

  • Yup, T-Mobile will get the first Android phone this year (the HTC Dream)

    The New York Times now believes the HTC Dream will first be available on T-Mobile. That is to say, the first Android phone will be available on T-Mobile this year, perhaps as early as October. The phone will have a touchscreen as well as a slid-out keyboard. That phone seen in this video? Apparently it is the HTC Dream after all. All of that jibes with earlier reports. Good thing I… Read More

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