• Sagem's Bluetooth Headset is World's Smallest, Still Won't Make You Cool

    It’s no secret: walking around with a Bluetooth headset on just to walk around with a Bluetooth headset on means that you’re a douche. No, really. If you take offense to this, look in a mirror. See the Bluetooth thing on your head? Yeah, see, you’re a douche. At the very least a tool. Now then, does that mean that if you wear this uber-tiny Sagem Bluetooth headset that… Read More

  • Sprint Offering Unlimited Plans To Compete With MVNOs

    Sprint Offering Unlimited Plans To Compete With MVNOs

    Facing tough competition from MVNOs like Amp’d Mobile and Helio, both of which offer unlimited calling/data plans, Sprint will be testing out unlimited access plans in the San Francisco Bay area. One plan will offer unlimited voice calling, messaging, and phone-based Web browsing for $120 a month, while another plan will consist of the aforementioned plus unlimited PC data access for $150 a… Read More

  • Video Of Vista Gadgets Running On Windows Mobile

    Video Of Vista Gadgets Running On Windows Mobile

    Watch out iPhone! It looks like you’re not the only device in town running widgets. In this video, we see Windows Vista gadgets running on a Windows Mobile based phone thanks to Windows Mobile Developer Mel Sampat. Pretty sweet, though I don’t really see this becoming available to anyone other than Mel anytime soon. Also, who cares? Most of the things widgets do are available for… Read More

  • Clipmarks: A Highlighter for the Web

    Clipmarks: A Highlighter for the Web

    The NY-based team at Clipmarks just launched 2.0 of their product, a unique web clipping system that allows you to take just the paragraphs, sentences, or multimedia you want from a page while maintaining a link to the original document. Their CEO, Eric Goldstein, was a lawyer who was fed up with cutting and pasting citations into a Word file only to discover that the 100 page mess became… Read More

  • T-Mobile Not Cool With Your Downloaded Apps

    Looks like not all is going well in the land of T-Mobile. The company has changed its policies and have told customers with Java-enabled phones (read: almost every handset) and data plans that they’re not allowed to install third-party network applications. Why the harsh change in policy? T-Mobile claims security issues but we all know it’s a load of crap designed to prevent… Read More

  • Traveler's Concierge Goes Mobile

    Traveler's Concierge Goes Mobile

    Concierge Mobile is now online, giving the popular website branch of Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine added Mobile 2.0 functionality. The service itself is ingenious in its simplicity; if you find a listing you’re interested in, and feel like taking it to go for later, you click the small cellphone icon above the title. A txt message is sent to your phone containing the URL to a… Read More

  • Guitar Shaped Like Old School Famicom

    Guitar Shaped Like Old School Famicom

    Can someone give this guy a hand for craftsmanship? Not only did a Japanese guy take the time to recreate a Nintendo Famicom (aka NES) out of wood, but he turned it into a guitar, complete with a gamepad headstock. Some of the tiny details include a cartridge right behind the bridge, real, wood buttons on the headstock, and a second controller below the high E string. I’d love to kick out… Read More

  • Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

    Hello MobileCrunch readers. The guys at CrunchGear have been tasked to update and moderate MobileCrunch and we will soon be ramping up with a new lead reporter focusing on Mobile 2.0. Before we begin, however, I’d like to get your input on what you’d like to see here. We will definitely be running M2.0 profiles, just as the Oliver did, but we’d also like to bring some of our… Read More

  • StarTAC III: Back on the Streets

    Remember StarTAC? You might not, it’s been a good decade since the popular Moto hit the scene back in the days of analog phone service, but at the time, it was a big deal. It was the first “clamshell” cellphone to hit the US market, as well as the first to feature a “vibrate” function, and was so small and light that you could actually carry it in your pocket without… Read More

  • Ning Demo Video

    http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=3F34K2L1 If you haven’t taken the time to try out the new Ning today, Robert Scoble has filmed an excellent demo of the product (basically the same demo I saw yesterday) from CEO Gina Bianchini. There’s a lot of coverage from other bloggers as well. Read More

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  • Sony Internet Video Link

    Sony Internet Video Link

    Image courtesy of Gizmodo With Apple TV almost out, Sony knew it needed a competitor that was overpriced and flawed – just like plenty of other Sony products. Sony’s Internet Video Link aims to be just that, costing $300 and basically possessing the streaming media functions from a PS3. As far as content goes, there’s partnerships with AOL, Group, Yahoo!, and others. Sony… Read More

  • Sony's Three New Bravias

    Sony's Three New Bravias

    Are you lame? Do you always like to be one step behind the pack? An underachiever? Then we’ve got some TVs designed with you in mind. Sony has announced some thin, rear projection HDTVs that are supposed to be 22% smaller than your standard rear projection set. Lined up is the 50-inch KDF-50E3000, the 46-inch KDF-46E3000, and the 37-inch 37H1000. The first two drop in July, with the latter… Read More

  • Sony Cooks Up Stylish T-Series Cyber-Shots

    Sony today has introduced a new line of its digital Cyber-Shot cameras in the T-series, launching with a pair of decent-on-paper, slim point-n-shoots. Coming in black, silver, or red (pictured), the T100 is a mighty picture taking machine, with 8-Megapixels of resolution, a 3-inch LCD, and 5x optical zoom (of the Carl Zeiss variety, of course). The T20 is a slightly more pedestrian version of the… Read More

  • Goldman Sachs Says 14 Million iPhones Sold By 2009

    Goldman Sachs Says 14 Million iPhones Sold By 2009

    Truthfully, I didn’t expect Apple to sell 14 million iPhones by the end of 2008, but who am I to back up a claim like that? The investment firm Goldman Sachs is saying that by the end of 2008, Apple will sell more than 14 million iPhones total. Although 14 million is impressive, the firm predicts that only 4 million will be sold in 2007 alone. 2008 is where it picks up, with a total of 10.5… Read More

  • Sony Rear-Projections: Uber-thin

    Sony Rear-Projections: Uber-thin

    I was talking to some folks who knew people who worked at Sony and they are pissed. Essentially the marketing budget gets eaten up by things like this — a 1080p 3LCD TV with a slim-line design — and the rest of the company gets the shaft. This model, the KDF-46E3000, is a thin rear-projection that comes in 37-, 46-, and 50-inch models. Say what you want about Sony TVs, but this battle… Read More

  • Sony Bluetooth Headphones: Surpisingly Attractive

    Sony Bluetooth Headphones: Surpisingly Attractive

    I’ve seen a lot of Bluetooth headphones in my day including offerings from Koss and Plantronics but these are a pair that I could probably wrap my head into… errr… you know what I mean? Wrap around my head? The Sony DR-BT21G uses all the latest Bluetooth protocols and pairs with both phones and a whatever Bluetooth dongle you care to use. No price and it looks like Asia-only… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Web 2.0 Edition

    Daily Crunch: Web 2.0 Edition

    Self-Measuring Football Makes You Feel Like Peyton Gotcha! Spider Torture SnoopStick: A Big Brother for the Only Child Soundwave: Transforming, MP3 Playing Decepticon! New Version Of Wiimote Out In Stores Read More

  • Ning In Full

    Ning In Full

    I have to hand it to Ning – it took them well over a year after their initial beta launch to fulfill their promise of allowing “anyone” to create social applications, but they’ve done it. Ning relaunches tonight with new functionality and an interface that allows even the most novice of web users to create their own highly customized social network in moments. The site has… Read More

  • No Apple TV in February, March Looking Likely

    Waiting for your Apple TV? Yah, me too. The Apple store website has changed the shipping date from late February to mid-March, something disappointing. Reuters confirmed the change of date with Lynn Fox, a spokesperson from Apple, who said that “wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected, and we now expect to begin shipments mid-March.” That’s just in… Read More

  • MySpace: Why We Block Widgets

    MySpace: Why We Block Widgets

    MySpace PR has replied to our request for comment on the Imeem blockage that we reported over the weekend. Julie Henderson, SVP Corporate Communications at Fox Interactive (MySpace’s parent company), says: If a widget violates our TOS, we block them. Breaches would include any person, widget or software that violates copyright, poses security risks, distributes pornography or engages in… Read More