• Motorola May Spin Off Mobile Devices Unit: iPhone's First Casualty?

    Motorola is exploring spinning off its mobile devices unit “to recapture global market leadership and to enhance shareholder value.” The move comes in an ever increasingly tight market which has seen Apple capture 19.5% of the smartphone market in its first twelve months, a new iPhone style device announced by GPS provider Garmin, and a slew of Android powered phones coming later… Read More

  • HTC's upcoming interface might be named 'Manila'

      Are we looking at HTC’s next GUI? Could be! It might be called “Manila” too. Doesn’t it give you goose bumps? Oh really? It didn’t give me goose bumps either. I just said that because I figured there was something wrong with my feelings again. Here’s some more info from the::unwired, I have zero information if this screenshots are legit or just a… Read More

  • T-mo slapped with lawsuit over unwanted text messages

    [photopress:tmols.jpg,full,right] Text messages are both annoying and expensive. Lawsuits are both annoying and expensive. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself a “Risky Business” party. A lawsuit was filed in Washington state arguing that T-Mobile should let customers turn off text messaging altogether. As it is, T-Mo’s customers have to pay for text messages… Read More

  • Homeland Security: "Bloggers are dangerous!"

    [photopress:blogger.jpg,full,center] The US Governemnt is staging a terrorist-like War Game, called “Cyber Storm”, to simulate an attack against our country’s infrastructure, ala Die Hard 4. Attacks would be carried out against transportation and utilities, using hijackers, hackers, and bloggers. Wait, what? Apparently Homeland Security is worried that us troublesome… Read More

  • FCC Spectrum Block 4.6Billion reserve met L@@K

    The big auction is in full swing, and the anonymous bids are flowing in. After two weeks of bidding, the FCC is set to receive more than $12 billion for the various blocks of spectrum, with the valuable C block bringing in $4.7b of that with the most recent bid. Breaking the reserve means that the restrictions Google suggested — making the spectrum open to outside devices and… Read More

  • Cornerworld Acquires Sway For $30 Million

    Cornerworld has acquired social media marketing company Sway Inc for $30 million. The OTC listed Cornerworld is a relatively unknown social service provider that “combines social networking, content-sharing and business management tools to enable independent people to profit from their original digital works;” a full profile from DemoFall 07 can be found here. Sway offers a… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 controllers in March: $60 for Wii, $70 for the real game systems

    [photopress:guitarslash.jpg,full,center] You love Guitar Hero 3, admit it. It’s so much fun, especially after a few Sparks with your friends. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the game. You get to play when you go to your friend’s houses. But man, I really want my own axe, so I was glad when it was recently announced that Activision would be releasing controllers… Read More

  • AT&T BlackBerry users experiencing outage today

    Looks like Crackberry addicts on the AT&T network are experiencing some major outages and not receiving their precious e-mails. It appears that the majority of problems are in the Midwest around Chicago. I asked my roommate if her Curve was working and she said it was all good. Anyone care to share? Read More

  • What's the best HDTV for the big game?

    The Super Bowl is upon us and basketball fans are getting ready for Super Sunday. Charlie White over at DVICE posted a fairly thorough examination of HDTVs that you might want to look at before then, especially if you still have an old Sony Bravia from 2001. Take a gander and then head down to Best Buy with your knew-found knowledge. You don’t have to thank us. Just enjoy your… Read More

  • High OMG factor present in the tvCompass remote

    [photopress:tvCompass.jpg,full,center] I’m a fan of Logitech’s Harmony line of universal remote controls. I’ve got a pretty awesome home-theater set-up in my apartment, and thus I need a capable control center, and it does the job nicely. When I first discovered the remotes, I was excited: a learning remote with USB? What will they think of next? Enter the tvCompass SR… Read More

  • Do you really need a 16GB SDHC? Kingston thinks so.

    Don’t get me wrong here. Having more capacity is always a plus, but 16GB of space?! I can barely fill up my 8GB SDHC and Kingston comes out with a 16GB Class 4 SDHC memory card. What does Class 4 mean? Well, the minimum data transfer rate on this is 4MB/s. Not too shabby. That’s about all you really need to know, too. It retails for $231. Read More

  • Hide your shame, dirty iMac owner

    The LowKey Stand is a USB hub/keyboard cozy for those of you who feel that keyboards should be hidden away like your dirty, dirty pee-parts. The $59.99 stand complements the iMac’s staid design and is completely self-powered via USB 2.0. It’s shipping February 15, just after I refuse to let anyone touch me on Valentine’s Day. Not even my mom. Product Page Read More

  • Twitter and Joyent Split Amidst Downtime Travails

    Update: According to an ARIN lookup, Twitter appears to be hosted by Verio now. Update 2: Twitter has come out on their blog to say that they are now hosted by NTT America. According to Joyent’s corporate blog, the company stopped hosting Twitter late last night: Twitter has been officially off Joyent since 10PM last night. This may come as a surprise to some after yesterday’s… Read More

  • One year ago today: The Mooninite hoax that shocked the nation

    Let us not forget that it was exactly one year ago today that a couple of innocent marketing pranksters in Boston were confused with dangerous terrorists due to the DIY LED sign you see above. They placed a few all over the city, a nod to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a type of harmless techno-graffiti, but a type that was considered a bomb threat by the clueless Man. We’d like to take a… Read More

  • RIAA doesn't want ISP-level filtering to be legally mandated

    [photopress:peaceeee.jpg,full,center] Despite what U2’s manager original story titlesaid the other day, the RIAA doesn’t want ISPs to have to sniff your Internet connection for pirated content. It doesn’t want the government telling ISPs what to do, in other words. That said, the RIAA has no problem with what AT&T wants to do, to voluntarily filter your Internet connection… Read More

  • Garmin phone should have its 'answer' and 'ignore' buttons switched

    [photopress:garminphoneee.jpg,full,center] Before you ask, yes, I was a little tipsy when I came up with this theory yesterday. I get tipsy from time to time (to time). The Garmin phone that was announced last night—shouldn’t the “answer” and “ignore” buttons be reversed? You can test out my theory right now. If you’re right-handed, and at least 85… Read More

  • Slacker shipping today

    Was anyone really surprised that Slacker delayed shipment of their player multiple times? Come on! With a name like Slacker it was inevitable. Anyway, pre-orders began shipping today. In case you wanted to know. Read More

  • Yahoo To Announce Large Video Acquisition—Maven Networks For $150 Million.

    [Update 2/12/08: The deal has been confirmed. The price was $160 million.] We’ve gotten word that Yahoo will make an acquisition announcement of a video startup today or tomorrow. At first we thought the target might be Metacafe, which was almost acquired by Yahoo just following the Google/YouTube deal in 2006. Shortly after, it made a small acquisition in Jumpcut, a Web-based video editor. Read More

  • Kodak announces lightning fast 10-megapixel camera

    Today at PMA, Kodak announced the Easyshare Z1012IS, which is a 10-megapixel, 12x optical zoom wonder with OIS. It also has a lightning fast click-to-capture speed that’s best in class at 0.14 seconds with aufo-focus accuracy. ISO can be cranked up to 3200 for those fast action, low light situations. Kodak’s latest slew of cameras have smart capture technology that… Read More

  • Yarrr: Four 'Pirate Bay' captains in hot water

    About a year ago, I learned that just because you don’t store copyrighted materials on your server, “facilitating the transfer or consumption” of said material is still a no-no. I was considering building a sweet video player web app (using SopCast) that streamed the Sunday NFL games simultaneously next to each other in a clickable grid that would allow someone to watch all… Read More

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