• Justin.TV's Birthday Stats—57 Years Worth of Video and Counting.

    It’s been a whole year since the launch of live video streaming site Justin.TV , and there is no shortage of competitors (Ustream, BlogTV, Kyte, Stickam, Mogulus, Yahoo Live, LiveVideo). (See more of our coverage here). But Justin.TV looks like it is holding its own in this still-nascent part of the Web. “So far,,” notes CEO Michael Seibel, “Justin.tv has more than… Read More

  • Is OpenID Being Exploited By The Big Internet Companies?

    OpenID, a distributed single sign on solution that allows people to sign into different services with the same login credentials, gained significant momentum over the last year as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL all pledged their support for the initiative. There are two ways companies/websites can participate in the OpenID framework – as “issuing parties” or as… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Undersea Trench Edition

    Gigantic undersea trench-digging, cable-laying robot
    Rollei updates MiniDigi
    Wall-E trailer from Pixar
    Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight
    BigDog Robot: Imagine this thing coming at you through the woods
    <a href='“LittleDog,” the pint-sized alternative to the BigDog Read More

  • $100 Million Coming To Israeli Startup Modu

    Modu, an Israeli startup founded in 2007, is going to be adding $100 million to the $20 million in venture capital they’ve already raised, says Israeli newspaper The Globes. The company will create tiny modular phones that can be slipped into different device “jackets”— like an MP3 player, GPS, bigger cell phone, car stereo, or digital camera (see here for a demo… Read More

  • Samsung closer to opening mobile phone factory in Vietnam

    It looks like Samsung is getting closer to building a $670 million mobile phone manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Why the change of locale? Cheap labor, of course. Samsung submitted a proposal last month to authorities in the northern province of Bac Ninh, which is 19 miles NE of Hanoi and according to officials they’re close to sealing the deal. Nguyen Quang Thanh of the provincial… Read More

  • Former Australian WiMAX operator: "WiMAX may not work"

    The CEO of Buzz Broadband just shuttered his WiMAX network and, in a conference in Bangkok, called the technology worthless. He complains that out of line-of-sight with the antenna WiMAX degrades horribly, resulting in network failures. He is now using a number of standards including TD-CDMA to get about 10Mbps and will not be using WiMAX. Gulp! And we just bought a huge transmitter for the… Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile's Blackberry 8820

    [photopress:scaled.IMG_1703.JPG,full,pp_image] What isn’t there to love about T-Mobiles UMA VoIP Wi-Fi solution? Like mini-bar cashews and a nice upgrade to business class, T-Mobile knows what makes travelers happy, especially international financiers with a Spitzerian mistress in every port and a burgeoning Falstaffian gut. UMA to an international traveler is like finding a great… Read More

  • LongJump Wants You to Stop Pushing Paper Around the Office

    LongJump, a hosted applications environment that competes with the likes of Salesforce and Coghead, is introducing a new visual workflow system meant to streamline business processes. Companies will be able to set up this workflow system in conjunction with existing LongJump applications, such as those that track businesses’ assets or contracts. Before the introduction of this… Read More

  • Quotably: The Perfect Tool To Make Sense Of Twitter

    A new service called Quotably may be the best third party Twitter-related service so far. That’s because it reformats Twitter messages into threaded conversations, making it significantly easier to follow actual discussions that are occurring on Twitter. Until now, it’s been hard to follow conversations, even if you are in the middle of them. Sometimes responses come back tagged… Read More

  • Myka= Bit Torrent on your TV

    Myka is a nifty little device that comes in 80, 160 or 500GB units that connects directly to the Internet and your TV. The Bit Torrent protocol is built-in so it automagically downloads your videos or you can transfer videos from your desktop/laptop. Sort of like Sling, you can access your Myka from anywhere so long as you have an Internet connection. Prices range from $299 to $459 and are… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Heroic Maps for Halo 3 will be free to download this Tuesday

    Bungie’s Legendary Map pack is slated for an April 15th launch for 800 MS points and that means the Heroic Map pack will be free to download this Tuesday, the 25th of March at 2AM PST. Read More

  • Chrysler to offer in-car Internet this year

    The third largest US automaker, Chrysler, will be the first car company to offer in-car Internet access. Web service will be provided via subscription from a wireless carrier and dealers will add the feature to existing cars this year. Upcoming fleets will roll off the assembly line Internet-capable. It remains to be seen whether or not Chrysler will integrate the Web browsing service into… Read More

  • Some Retailers Oppose Google's Secondary Search Feature

    Google started offering secondary search boxes for major sites March 4, and TechCrunch readers split 55% for, 45% against the feature. Now the New York Times reports that some companies oppose Google offering secondary search. According to the article, objections are focused on Google selling adds against the secondary search results and potential customers being led astray, by both… Read More

  • Review: Imaginarium Spiral Train Set

    Dear Satan: Thanks for thinking of us this Easter. We purchased your Imaginarium Spiral Train Set on sale at Toys R’ Us and our wee one — you’ll feast on his soul soon enough, my old friend, just as you did on his mothers and mine — opening it this morning. Let me tell you about the fun we’ve had trying to keep it together! The tracks rarely stay put, the motion… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Preview of Devil May Cry 4 on Xbox 360

    I just received a review copy of DMC4 the other day and I haven’t been able to stop playing. I’m pretty new to the DMC series having only dabbled with DMC3 for a few minutes some time ago and I can already say how much better the fourth installment is over the previous release (I consulted DMC fans to ensure this was true). Gameplay is much smoother and the fighting mechanics are… Read More

  • 2,433 Unread Emails Is An Opportunity For An Entrepreneur

    Consider this response that I just received (identifying information removed) from a venture capitalist I emailed to discuss a new investment: Thank you for your message. I apologize in advance if I do not reply. I admit it. My email response rates are lame. I have tried many different approaches and techniques, yet I fail. I read everything that comes in, and I swear I have the most… Read More

  • Microsoft rectifies erased Xbox 360 and then some

    You remember Nathaniel, right? Well, Microsoft has made good on their word and, hopefully, made Nathaniel one happy kid because they sent him a treasure trove of goodies for having wiped clean his autographed 360. So what’d he get besides an autograph from Bill Gates. * 1 Xbox 360 console (signed by original RT signers, new artwork by Luke McKay, signatures from Xbox 360 team… Read More

  • Portable TVs to be used at F1 races for real-time video

    I went to the Grand Prix in Monaco one year and heard the entire race. That’s about it, though, as the cars were moving too fast and my view was obstructed by annoyances like “other people” such that I couldn’t see much of anything. A device called Kangaroo TV is looking to remedy that type of problem. Here’s more… The gadget is about the size of handheld… Read More

  • Photos of the iPhone AppStore leaked?

    Take this with a grain of whatever delicious condiment you most enjoy but we have what appears to be a screenshot of the upcoming iPhone AppStore — the place where you’ll be able to download applications created using the software development kit that was recently released. The T-Mobile logo in the upper right left hand corner seems to be causing some concern for certain skeptics… Read More

  • Microsoft to hire Johnny Knoxville as Vista pitchman?

    Hey there, cool dudes. Looks like Microsoft’s fixing to jazz things up a bit with the hip and fun Johnny Knoxville. What a crazy guy, huh? Isn’t he neat? That oughta show those squares over at Apple who’s got the snazziest commercials around. An anonymous focus group participant apparently sent an e-mail to a blog called Cajun Boy in the City detailing that “Microsoft… Read More

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