• BAPE, Nintendo gold DS Lite for sale

    Who knew BAPE was struggling this bad in Japan. The once iconic label has seen its popularity dwindle in its homeland and apparently the only way to get kids back in stores is to release these special edition DS Lites with Milo plastered all over it. Whatever works, I guess. The white version sold like hot cakes smothered in crack and it appears that the gold edition is available for sale. So… Read More

  • Goldman Sachs analyst predicts 30 million iPhone users by the end of 2010

    Oh, Apple. I originally brushed off your iPhone for its lack of (legitimately) addable applications, and now you’re the only ones with the right idea in mind. Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey expects Apple’s iPhone App Store, which should be coming sometime near the end of June on the back of the iPhone 2.0 software, to play a huge part in tripling the iPhone userbase to 30… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Samsung F480 Tocco

    SlashGear has a great hands-on with the super-cool F480 Tocco from Samsung. Will we ever get it? No, but at least we can stare at it while idly touching ourselves. Once through the unusual outer packaging (which I don’t believe will be standard!), the Tocco’s box is discrete and elegant. It’s a theme that’s carried over to the handset itself; it feels sturdy and… Read More

  • Video: Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS is jaw-dropping

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=222607 This is a joke, right? I’m not even talking about the d-bag singing in the background. I was wondering how this would work on the DS and now I’m a little bit disappointed. I think I’ll pass, I prefer the console version. Read More

  • Microsoft to be main sponsor of Seattle Sounders soccer team

    Microsoft will be the main kit sponsor of the Seattle Sounders FC MLS expansion team. A “kit,” for you Yanks, is the name for the uniform footballers wear, of which a logo of Microsoft’s choosing will be on the front. Right now, it looks like the Sounders will be wearing the slogan “Xbox 360 LIVE” on their shirt, for which Redmond has to pay $4 million. The… Read More

  • Toilet aboard International Space Station is broken

    Whuh oh. Seems the only toilet on the ISS is busted and they can’t get a plumber out there until next week. Astronauts aboard the space station have been able to impose upon the nearby Russian Soyuz spacecraft, using its limited-capacity toilet in a pinch, and have now apparently rigged some sort of sack-like contraption to the toilet on the ISS. Sounds delightful. The good news is that… Read More

  • Sad but true, Intel delays Montevina until late summer

    Yesterday we brought news that Intel may be delaying the launch of the Montevina chipset and today PC Mag has confirmed the rumors to be true. Ah well. “There were two minor issues we found during final testing – one with our integrated graphic chipsets, which we have found a workaround for but need to re-screen our parts, and second around our wireless wi-fi chip, which was a… Read More

  • Live From I/O: Android Pulls An iPhone, App Engine Goes Public, and Google Embraces the Open Web

    We’re here at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Google I/O, where the Mountain View-based search giant is covering a broad range of topics – from Android to App Engine, OpenSocial to Web Toolkit – in front of an audience of developers. VP of engineering Vic Gundotra is kicking things off with a keynote, which will be streamed and live blogged below. Also see our gallery… Read More

  • Amazon Ready To Unbox Video Streaming For Digital Movies

    Jeff Bezos leaked a little nugget of news during an interview on stage at the D conference this morning: Amazon is getting ready to release a pay-per-view streaming service for movies. Buried in Eric Savitz’s notes from the interview: Next topic: music and video downloads. Bezos says he is “very serious” about the business; he says it is in some ways harder because there are… Read More

  • Further details on BioShock's PS3 debut revealed

    Not the actual cover art I still play BioShock during the day with all the lights on. It’s a freaky game that continues to make my heart beat like mad. As a 360 owner I can brag to my friends who own a PS3 that MS’s console has at least two exclusive titles that blow anything the Sony platform has to offer. That number will soon dwindle down to one and leave Gears of War to… Read More

  • Blu-ray sales see massive increase, finally outselling DVD

    Blu-ray isn’t dead yet. Sales of Blu-ray players in Japan topped sales of regular DVD players for the first time last month, an indication that consumers are finally warming up to the high-def format. Spun a different way, sales of Blu-ray alone in April were three times the amount of both Blu-ray and HD DVD combined in January. Reasons for the sudden uptick in sales include people… Read More

  • MySpace Shows Facebook How It's Done: Google Gears To Power Messaging

    The Google I/O conference in San Francisco kicks off today with a really welcome announcement: MySpace has integrated Google Gears into its messaging system, which will back up all messages to a user’s local machine and allow for very fast search and sorting. This is the largest third party implementation of Gears and the first time a search and sort mail functionality has been made… Read More

  • MSI Wind PC: Ride the Wind

    Umm… I’m going to try to be professional here and not make a joke out of MSI’s motto “Ride the Wind.” What you see here is a little PC running MS-7314 Wind motherboard running… ummm… boobs. It is Energy Star compliant, plays back 720p video and is very small and might be nice to take out for noodles and then maybe take back to your hotel bar and maybe… Read More

  • Samsung's latest S60 device, L870, claims Safari browser

    Yes, it’s another stainless steel bodied slider from Samsung. The S60 device features a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, MP3 player with stereo Bluetooh, a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio with RDS, and a handful of apps to keep you more productive. Seems fine and dandy, but the spec sheet reveals a “Safari” browser. It’s not Apple’s Safari browser. It’s actually the… Read More

  • Griffin molding iPhone 3G cases?

    At this point I couldn’t care if the damn 3G iPhone sports a prehensile tail and can carry a family of five to mars, but just in case you cared, Griffin is apparently already molding silicone cases for some sort of next gen iPhone with a front camera. Woot. Read More

  • ASUS announcing 10-inch Eee on June 3rd?

    To quote the lovely and vivacious Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity!” Apparently ASUS is getting set to announce a 10-inch version of the super-popular Eee subnotebook on June 3rd at Computex 2008 in Taiwan. According to an invitation received by UMPC Fever, “ASUS is looking forward to welcoming you during Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, for the ASUS’ 08 Computex… Read More

  • Wi-Fi could beat WiMax to the long-distance punch

    An older technology, InspiAir was supposed to be the Wi-Fi of its day. It cost less than Wi-Fi and offered a 1 mile signal radius and considerably lower power at about 1MBps. A Dutch company, KMC Systems, bought the rights to the technology, renamed it Max-Fi, and could be rolling it out in the next few months in Europe. Max-Fi gear was recently chosen by the Port of Antwerp, which has covered… Read More

  • RIM to meet with Indian Officials over Security Issues

    Research In Motion (RIM), the company that brought us the BlackBerry, will be meeting with Indian official tomorrow over security issues raised by government agencies. India fears that e-mails sent by the BlackBerry can’t be traced or intercepted. This creates security risks for the government. For years, India has been a target for terrorists over issues like the ownership of… Read More

  • TiVo to get Disney movie rentals later this year

    TiVo and Disney-ABC have forged an agreement to allow users to rent movies from the Walt Disney Studios catalogue later this year. Some of the movies will be available in high definition, although it’s unclear just how much of the catalog will be hi-def versus standard definition. Rentals will be facilitated through CinemaNow and will work on all Series 2 and Series 3 TiVo boxes. Read More

  • 3G iPhones At Any Cost? Cell Tower Deaths on the Rise.

    Is AT&T pushing tower-climbing workers too hard as it rolls out its 3G data network in preparation for the launch of the next iPhone? Philip Elmer-Dewitt at Apple 2.0 notes a curious rise in cell-tower deaths over the past five weeks. Since April 12th, six cell-tower technicians have fallen to their deaths, and at least three of them were working on AT&T projects. During the four… Read More

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