• Welcome to CrunchGear's All About Linux 2008

    As a service to you, our dear readers, and to us, the clueless morons, we’re going to explore Linux in all its guises this week, deciding once and for all if this crazy, hippy-dippy thing they call “Linux” is ready for prime time. Just joking, fanbois. We know Linux kicks ass. It runs most web applications, powers millions of desktops, and is gaining traction in the average… Read More

  • Caterpillar eats message into leaf, heralded as green printer

    [photopress:catpr.jpg,full,center] This caterpillar printer, if you can call it that, is sorta tech-related, depending on what your definition of “is” is. The inventor explains that you can get caterpillars to eat messages into wayward leaves by leaving a trail of honey in the shape of whatever. Leave a honey trail, as this picture shows, of the words “Love Me” and… Read More

  • Contest: Win this Geeks.com 2GB hunk of garbage

    Want to win a 2GB MP4 player? Head over to BFF and post exactly what you’ll do with this damn thing once you get it. The more shotguns, rabid raccoons, and bodily fluids involved, the better. Please put “EXPLODE PIGBOAT” somewhere in the title. The entry with the most comments and votes by Monday, noon EST, will win the player. Warning: the player may cause herpes, loose… Read More

  • Flash animator wanted

    Hey, CGreaders, like animation? Like Flash? Like to work for next to nothing or nothing? Drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com to discuss some lucrative yet almost completely probably unpaid opportunities at your favorite website. Read More

  • Can Google Fix Its MySpace Problem With Demographic Targeting?

    After years of telling advertisers that the way they place ads is totally wrong, Google is finally coming around to accommodate Madison Avenue on its own terms. By perfecting paid-search and contextual ads, Google has done a lot to reinvent advertising. But old habits die hard, and advertisers still like to target ads based on good old demographics. Google will be doing a lot more of that… Read More

  • 'Hybrid Dual Portable Computer' does XP and Linux

    Coming to Korea in July is the MIU HDPC, which stand for Hybrid Dual Portable Computer. The “dual” part comes from the fact that it can run Linux Qplus or Windows XP/Windows CE 5.0 — which I’m going to read as Windows XP Embedded, but don’t quote me on that. She’s a brick-like beast but that just means there’s more to love. Read More

  • LIP Watches: The French is for quality

    LIP is a 150-year-old French watch company that launched a series of Mach 2000 watches back in the boogie nights of 1973. The odd styling and off-center face speak of a simpler time when men were men and watchmakers were on acid. This retooled Mach 2000, called the Dark Master, uses a Swiss ETA quartz movement and includes a rubber strap. It is water resistant and features jolly candy buttons… Read More

  • Fujitsu to release 7,200rpm 320GB notebook drive

    Fujitsu is planning on releasing a 320GB notebook hard drive spinning at 7,200rpm by late June and hopes to sell two million units by March of next year. The 2.5-inch Serial-ATA hard drive will be part of the “MHZ2 BJ” series and will consume close to the same amount of power as conventional SATA notebook drives — about 2.3 watts. No word on pricing yet but the current… Read More

  • Survey Says: Tech Workers Also Like McCain and Obama

    Back in January, TechCrunch endorsed presidential candidates John McCain on the Republican side and Barack Obama on the Democratic side. We are not alone. From a survey of 600 IT professionals released on March 18 from the Computing Technology Industry Association: If the 2008 Presidential Election were held today who would get the vote: McCain 29%
    Obama 29%
    Clinton … Read More

  • iPhone version of 'Mario Kart'-ish game

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32045 No telling how really real this is because it’s just a teaser video, but we have what appears to be a Mario Kart-like game for the iPhone. It’s apparently being developed by France’s int13, but I found no mention of the game itself on the company’s site. The steering wheel looks interesting and the little cursor… Read More

  • Justin.TV's Birthday Stats—57 Years Worth of Video and Counting.

    It’s been a whole year since the launch of live video streaming site Justin.TV , and there is no shortage of competitors (Ustream, BlogTV, Kyte, Stickam, Mogulus, Yahoo Live, LiveVideo). (See more of our coverage here). But Justin.TV looks like it is holding its own in this still-nascent part of the Web. “So far,,” notes CEO Michael Seibel, “Justin.tv has more than… Read More

  • Is OpenID Being Exploited By The Big Internet Companies?

    OpenID, a distributed single sign on solution that allows people to sign into different services with the same login credentials, gained significant momentum over the last year as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL all pledged their support for the initiative. There are two ways companies/websites can participate in the OpenID framework – as “issuing parties” or as… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Undersea Trench Edition

    Gigantic undersea trench-digging, cable-laying robot
    Rollei updates MiniDigi
    Wall-E trailer from Pixar
    Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight
    BigDog Robot: Imagine this thing coming at you through the woods
    <a href='“LittleDog,” the pint-sized alternative to the BigDog Read More

  • $100 Million Coming To Israeli Startup Modu

    Modu, an Israeli startup founded in 2007, is going to be adding $100 million to the $20 million in venture capital they’ve already raised, says Israeli newspaper The Globes. The company will create tiny modular phones that can be slipped into different device “jackets”— like an MP3 player, GPS, bigger cell phone, car stereo, or digital camera (see here for a demo… Read More

  • Samsung closer to opening mobile phone factory in Vietnam

    It looks like Samsung is getting closer to building a $670 million mobile phone manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Why the change of locale? Cheap labor, of course. Samsung submitted a proposal last month to authorities in the northern province of Bac Ninh, which is 19 miles NE of Hanoi and according to officials they’re close to sealing the deal. Nguyen Quang Thanh of the provincial… Read More

  • Former Australian WiMAX operator: "WiMAX may not work"

    The CEO of Buzz Broadband just shuttered his WiMAX network and, in a conference in Bangkok, called the technology worthless. He complains that out of line-of-sight with the antenna WiMAX degrades horribly, resulting in network failures. He is now using a number of standards including TD-CDMA to get about 10Mbps and will not be using WiMAX. Gulp! And we just bought a huge transmitter for the… Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile's Blackberry 8820

    [photopress:scaled.IMG_1703.JPG,full,pp_image] What isn’t there to love about T-Mobiles UMA VoIP Wi-Fi solution? Like mini-bar cashews and a nice upgrade to business class, T-Mobile knows what makes travelers happy, especially international financiers with a Spitzerian mistress in every port and a burgeoning Falstaffian gut. UMA to an international traveler is like finding a great… Read More

  • LongJump Wants You to Stop Pushing Paper Around the Office

    LongJump, a hosted applications environment that competes with the likes of Salesforce and Coghead, is introducing a new visual workflow system meant to streamline business processes. Companies will be able to set up this workflow system in conjunction with existing LongJump applications, such as those that track businesses’ assets or contracts. Before the introduction of this… Read More

  • Quotably: The Perfect Tool To Make Sense Of Twitter

    A new service called Quotably may be the best third party Twitter-related service so far. That’s because it reformats Twitter messages into threaded conversations, making it significantly easier to follow actual discussions that are occurring on Twitter. Until now, it’s been hard to follow conversations, even if you are in the middle of them. Sometimes responses come back tagged… Read More

  • Myka= Bit Torrent on your TV

    Myka is a nifty little device that comes in 80, 160 or 500GB units that connects directly to the Internet and your TV. The Bit Torrent protocol is built-in so it automagically downloads your videos or you can transfer videos from your desktop/laptop. Sort of like Sling, you can access your Myka from anywhere so long as you have an Internet connection. Prices range from $299 to $459 and are… Read More

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