• AT&T will subsidize 3G iPhone: As low as $199 for subscribers

    Apple and AT&T will cut $200 off the price of the iPhone 3G when it arrives this summer. The phones should hit at $399 and $499 for 8 and 16-gigabyte versions and the subsidy should drop the price to as low as $199. Fortune has also pseudo-confirmed a GPS chip inside the new phone. Read more iPhone coverage here Read More

  • EA-Land (The Sims Online) Joins The Deadpool

    EA-Land, the service previously known as The Sims Online will shut August 1, despite a much hyped revamp announced late February. The Sims Online was generally regarded to be a failure for EA, with the company unable to turn the success of The Sims franchise into an online hit. The service wasn’t helped by a complete lack of customizable features (outside of the usual Sims… Read More

  • Weplug Social Network Launches: Where's the Beef?

    Weplug is a new social networking site out of France that aims to combine the best parts of Twitter, Facebook, and geo-location. The site has just entered public beta, and is available on the iPhone at the same URL. Weplug has a clean interface and full featured (if somewhat generic) social networking functionality. Users can add their current status and location to a… Read More

  • Social Networking Goes Open Source With Insoshi

    Insoshi wants to be WordPress for social networks, except built on top of Ruby on Rails instead of PHP. We covered them in March when they presented at the Spring Y Combinator demo day. Now they’ve officially released their software for public download so anyone can install it on-premise to run their own social networks. Insoshi is not the first company to release its social networking code. Read More

  • Judge: "Making available" is not copyright infringement

    This is bad for the RIAA, but good for file sharers. Yet another judge today disagreed with the RIAA’s assertion that making copyrighted works available — say, on a P2P network like BitTorrent — is not copyright infringement. This marks the second time the law has sided against the RIAA on this exact same issue. The judgment basically says, “leaving something out… Read More

  • Chumby: Casual gaming platform?

    I’ve just wrapped my head around the Chumby as sort of a clock radio with a brain and now they want to add games? Albino Blacksheep and Everybody Panic! are offering accelerometer-based “casual games” for the Chumby. When they come around on the screen you pick up the Chumby and swing it around, moving balls and whatever else you need to manipulate on screen. I really like… Read More

  • Wishpot Takes $1 Million Series A

    Social shopping site Wishpot has taken $1 million Series A in a round led by Monster Venture Partner that included H-Farm and Adrian Hanauer. Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets you collect and and share information about items you find online and in stores. By creating a common space in which users can browse, recommend products, get advice, and find new items they’re… Read More

  • Video: Dark Knight, Why so similar?

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1813453&fullscreen=1 We’re supposed to get a new Dark Knight trailer on Sunday, and I’m excited. We’ve had the teaser for a few weeks now, but one thing I’ve wondered since seeing it the first time is why so many scenes look like they were ripped out of Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989. I guess… Read More

  • Google Relaunching Measure Map

    Those of you who remember MeasureMap are long time readers of this blog. It was a blog-centered analytics service that first surfaced in August 2005. The service was created by San Francisco based Adaptive Path. The first details emerged in October 2005. It was Google Analytics but just for blogs. It told you stats based on posts and other key blog features. By November 2005 Google had copied… Read More

  • AT&T to Sell 3G iPhone for As Low as $199 in U.S.

    Apple and AT&T will cut $200 off the price of the iPhone 3G when it arrives this summer. The phones should hit at $399 and $499 for 8 and 16-gigabyte versions and the subsidy should drop the price to as low as $199. Fortune has also pseudo-confirmed a GPS chip inside the new phone. Read more iPhone coverage here Read More

  • Spammer sentenced to 21 months

    Where there is crime, there is a victim, or so the adage goes, and in this case, you’re likely one of the victims yourself. Eddie Davidson was the spam king of Louisville until he was caught in 2007, and he was sentenced today to 21 months in a federal PMITA prison. Davidson sent out millions of spams, from fake rolexes to junk stocks. He was convicted on tax charges and for… Read More

  • IndoChino Offers Tailor-Made Suits

    Canadian online retailer IndoChino offers a traditionally offline product, tailor-made suits. In 2006, founder and then university student All Heikal Gani wanted a suit that looked good at a reasonable price but couldn’t find anything he liked. “Designer suits were way too expensive, but the polyester suits he could afford were of poor quality and just didn’t fit” is… Read More

  • Weirdo fake Zunes circulating

    Some folks at Zunerama found an odd Zune with a shoddy box and weird engraving on eBay, causing us to wonder a) is this fake and b) why would anyone fake a Zune? just received my 8GB Zune from Ebay.
    When I saw the box first I was kind of shocked. Text and Printing not aligned to the center of the packaging, no sticker with serial number and Barcode. As well there were no manuals and the… Read More

  • Oh. My. God. Marvel Moves To Shut Down Our Iron Man Screening

    Marvel has sent us a cease and desist letter demanding that we cancel the Iron Man event tomorrow at the AMC Metreon in San Francisco. We are not canceling the event yet – stay tuned as our lawyers work this out. Just to be clear, we paid the full ticket price for every seat and are fully authorized to do this. This is unbelievable and stupid in so many ways, and goes right to the top of… Read More

  • Coldplay proves that free music is… popular

    Last.FM has got in touch to say that since the new Coldplay single ‘Violet Hill’ was released for free on Coldplay’s website this morning, Last.FM has been tracking the number of times it’s been listened to. And it’s a lot: 10,000 times in the 5 hours since the track was released. That’s 1 play every 2 seconds. Apparently the last time a track was listened… Read More

  • Rumor: Game lock-ups on many copies of GTA IV?

    How’s your GTA IV day going? We know many of you are skipping work and school and court dates to play the game, and that’s fine. We’re getting in varied reports of people getting lock-ups during the title screens. If you’ve got the game, is it working for you? Locking up? Have you had a virtual blow job yet? Let us know in the comments. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Orientation: Emulators

    Part 1: Which emu is right for yu? I love old games. They’re a part of my history and there are a ton that really do hold up years later. I’m playing through X-COM and Chrono Trigger right now, and regularly test my skills at Kung Fu, Mega Man 2, and Ninja Gaiden. Friends, co-workers, and strangers, when they catch me in the act, are always seized by a strange mix of revulsion… Read More

  • Razer Deathadder: Gaming mouse for Macs

    Hey, Mac game player. Your prayer has been answered. Not the prayer for the unlocked 3G iPhone. The prayer for a gaming mouse for OS X. Oh, wait. You never prayed that… well who the heck… wait a minute. Windows people are laughing at us! They made Razer launch this $60 gaming mouse for the Mac — even though it obviously also works with Windows — and are now giggling… Read More

  • Automatic XP and Vista updates temporarily stopped

    Apparently the service packs for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems aren’t playing nicely with another one of Microsoft’s products; Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System. The incompatibility is a big enough problem that the automatic updates for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 have been shut down for a… Read More

  • Video: Lenovo's humorous take on the MacBook Air

    Lenovo pretty much sums up my opinion of the MacBook air in this very clever, very cheeky parody of that Air commercial you’ve been seeing for the last two months. In it, an Air is taken out of an manila envelope, just as Steve the Great did at MacWorld in January. Then, all the components it’s missing (optical drive, 3G wireless, etc.) are plugged into a hub, which is plugged into… Read More

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