• Mac trojan horse spotted, installs malicious DNS server

    A shiny new Mac trojan was discovered yesterday, so best be careful when you’re surfing shady Web sites looking for “Disney” or other innocent-sounding things. The trojan, named OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan Horse by Intego, installs itself on your Mac disguised as a video codec. Once installed, it changes your machine’s DNS server to redirect all Web inquiries to malicious… Read More

  • Omnifone’s New MusicStation Available in UK

    Omnifone’s MusicStation, a music service that allows unlimited downloads, became available today in the Untied Kingdome through a partnership with Vodafone. Vodafone’s UK consumers are the first mobile users in Britain to have the freedom to download, play and share unlimited amounts of music, direct to their phone. This comes one week before Apple’s iPhone launches in… Read More

  • Wal-mart Black Friday deals leaked

    We received a tip today that Wal-Mart would be selling a $98 HD DVD player. Sure enough, the retailer will be offering some amazing deals this holiday season. Only problem is that there is no date on this hidden Wal-Mart website. It just says the big sale starts this Friday at 8AM. Now, I’m going to assume that they are referring to Black Friday and not November 2nd considering that this… Read More

  • iLounge's 2008 iPod+iPhone Buyer's Guide takes me back, still looks good

    Before I got involved in this wacky world of tech writing, I was a big fan of iLounge’s holiday buying guide. (I think they were still called iPodlounge back then.) The buying guide fairy is back and she brought a copy of the 2008 iPod+iPhone Buyer’s Guide with her. 120+ pages of alarmingly detailed information on everything iPod and iPhone related, from the devices proper to… Read More

  • Interview With Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney On Technology Issues

    Last week I wrote asking for reader input into the questions we would ask Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate for President in 2008, in an upcoming interview. Thanks to the great feedback in the comments, we were able to put together a list of questions to use for the Romney interview, as well as future podcasts with other candidates we are scheduling now. The interview is below. Due… Read More

  • Google PC At Wal-Mart for $200

    Our Crunchgear colleague John Biggs has an item in the NYT today about Wal-Mart’s $200 Google PC that runs a version of Linux called the gOS (which does not stand for the Google Operating System, but rather is a version of Ubuntu). Excerpt: What makes it stand out, however, is GOS, a version of Linux specially made to run Google applications like GMail and Google Documents. It also… Read More

  • Beta Invites For Social Music Site Jango

    Say hello to Jango. No, not Jenga, though, that’s a bitchin’ game to play when you’re having a few tasty beverages, but I digress. Jango is a fresh and interesting spin on streaming radio. It brings a social networking dynamic that can be found elsewhere, but it sets itself apart from the rest of the pack because of its music-centric nature. The social network is just an… Read More

  • Comeks Introduces Avatars for Mobile Text Messaging

    Avatars are becoming pretty standard on IM clients these days, so why not on mobile text messages as well? Finnish startup Comeks, which is backed by Accel Partners and works with Swisscom, recently launched a beta for Comeks Shorts. It turns your plain-text SMS messages into cute characters talking in comic balloons. Both parties have to have the software downloaded to their phone for this… Read More

  • More Ad Network Deals—Specific Media Raises $100 Million, AOL Close to Buying Quigo For $300 Million

    The frenzy around online ad networks never stops (maybe because there are so many of them). This morning, Specific Media, announced a whopping $100 million investment by private equity firm Francisco Partners. This follows a $10 million venture round last June led by Enterprise Partners. Specific Media is the fourth largest ad network in terms of audience reach, according to comScore… Read More

  • AdMob Offers First Facebook Mobile Advertising Solution

    San Mateo based mobile advertising solutions provider AdMob has announced AdMob for Facebook Mobile, a mobile advertising solution for developers of third-party Facebook applications. AdMob has enabled optimized mobile ads for Facebook Mobile, which developers can use to monetize their mobile applications. Developers can start showing ads and earning money immediately. AdMob for Facebook Mobile… Read More

  • KitchenBug Brings the Ultimate Social Recipe Application, 1000 invitations

    Food and recipes are a big thing on the internet. If you were unfamiliar with that vertical just think of the manyrecipe directories (like Allrecipes), recipe finders (like RecipeMatcher), social networks (Like BakeSpace or OpenSourceFood), user created cook books, and even online video plateforms (CookShow, iFood or Rouxbe) not mentionning the hundreds of cooking blogs some of which… Read More

  • Murdoch To Turn WSJ Into Quasi Reuters/ AP

    The News Corp owned The Australian newspaper is to start syndicating content from the Wall Street Journal complete with WSJ branding. According to The Guardian, the deal comes before the finalization of the News Corp takeover of Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal’s parent company, however may indicate a sign of things to come. The Australian previously syndicated content from the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Post-Halloween Mess Edition

    And now for something truly frightening
    Cruel Halloween animal costumes
    Awesome Party Guy Vid!
    Lonely tonight? Try the soup!
    Dough-nu-matic makes mini donuts in under a minute Read More

  • $5 million More For 5Min, Following A Painful Angel Round

    Rumor has it that Israeli video startup 5Min, which has user-uploaded “how to” videos, has raised another $5 million in cash, from Spark Capital. We covered the startup recently – think YouTube with special features like slow motion to make the videos more useful. Our original profile is here, and our coverage of competitors is here. Ouch! How Not To Do An Angel Round The… Read More

  • Big Fat 404 Error At Hulu

    Awww…their first outage. It’s more of a rite of passage than anything. Newly launched Hulu is showing a big, fat 404 error on their home page right now. It’s too bad, because I’ve become somewhat hooked on it over the last few days. Despite my constant criticism over the summer, I really like the service they launched. Hulu videos seem to be streaming just fine at… Read More

  • Print Continues To Decline: PC World Australia To Shut

    The Australian version of the well regarded print magazine PC World is to cease publication in an offline form as off January. PC World Australia is printed under license by IDG Communications, the same company that prints the antipodean versions of Computer World and GoodGearGuide, amongst other titles. IDG Communications managing director Don Kennedy said that there would be no immediate… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Everex’s gPC: A $199 PC with a half-baked “Google” OS Jarett Wow. Wal-Mart, the epitome of contemporary capitalism, is stocking a PC running Linux, the epitome of contemporary communism. Does the ground feel cold to… Read More

  • Life After Text Links: ScratchBack

    Since the Google crack down on text link ad sales this month many in the blog related advertising industry have been scrambling to introduce new offerings. Text-Link-Ads.com (a TechCrunch sponsor) launched ShoppingAds.com this week, a nice looking CPC advertising system geared for blogs. New comer ScratchBack, led by well regarded online marketer Jim Kukral, offers an online… Read More

  • Pringo Powering Social Network From Yokohama

    LA based white label social networking networking startup Pringo has announced the launch of a new social networking site that is focused on saving the planet and tires. The site, “Eco Treadsetters” comes from the Yokohama Tire Corporation and is focused on reinforcing Yokohama’s online branding, increasing its user base and enhancing the company’s position as… Read More

  • Court case decides bloggers are really journalists (except Cory Doctorow)

    Gentle readers, congratulate us. We, as bloggers, are now legally protected as “journalists”. Or at least we’re getting there. Take that, legitimate press. Phillip Smith has just won an important case that sets a precedent that we’re going to use at some point. He’s a blogger. He was an angry blogger due to some bad experiences working with an eBay listing company. Read More

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