• One for the real geeks

    Quite possibly the SQL joke of this century We try to keep a broad spectrum of coverage here at CrunchGear, but ultimately, we’re all geeks inside. For those of you who program or are dorks in the true sense of the word, I present to you an xkcd comic with a hell of a SQL joke. If you don’t get it, read this tidbit of information. Should help. xkcd Read More

  • Myvu Universal Edition review

    It’s hard being NinjaMan, Ninja of the Future. Just ask the stewards on my last flight. They had to put up with me looking like a total moron and loving every minute of it. Why? Because I was wearing the Myvu Universals, a pair of video glasses for the iPod — or any other device with a video output — that basically turns you into the coolest guy on the plane. These glasses… Read More

  • AniBoom Gets Its Own Channel on Joost

    Israeli-startup AniBoom just went live with an animation channel on Joost to launch, the peer-to-peer Internet TV service. AniBoom is an animation site with 30,000 videos, contributed from about 3,000 animators around the world. AniBoom, which competes with MyToons, currently splits advertising revenues with animators who contribute to the site, and holds an annual $50,000 contest to attract… Read More

  • Samsung announces dos music phones

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Music phones are all the rage and they’re not going to die anytime soon. We’ve covered a lot of them before and lately it’s been Samsung running at the front of the pack. There’s the Beat and the Juke and now the SGH-F330 and SGH-i450. Samsung is all about bringing you, the consumer, perfect duality in a blend of… Read More

  • Toshiba Portable DVD Player AC Adapters Recalled

    Toshiba has recalled about 142,000 AC adapters sold with its SD-P1600 portable DVD player due to a potential defect wherein the adapter causes the DVD player to overheat, resulting in a burn hazard. The DVD players were sold in retail stores between January 2005 and April 2006 for between $200 and $230. If you have one of these players, you should stop using it and call Toshiba at (877)… Read More

  • Exclusive preview of upcoming Halo title

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=26200 The video about is gameplay footage up Bungie’s yet-to-be-titled Halo game for the Xbox 360. Hit play and let the fun begin. After the jump, more details on what the game will be like. Read More

  • Why Windows users don't like Macs: They're ignorant!

    I always try to be generous and kind when the mentally deficient come to my doorstep selling candy or trying to convince me Windows is great. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes III Esq., a ZDNet blogger, tries to inform us why Apple is better than Windows and/or vice versa and just ends up confusing us all. In the end, however, he believes that people don’t switch to Macs because of the time it… Read More

  • Vocal Joystick video sounds like the Konami Code

    Click the Giz link below and watch the videos. Up. Up. Left. Faster. Very fast. Slower. Up. Mouse-click. This is how one controls the Vocal Joystick, a device developed at the University of Washington. Its purpose is to help disabled and paralyzed people use computers in a much more efficient way. The way it works is that a microphone in the joystick samples your voice 100 times a second and… Read More

  • Motorola's latest devices revealed in all their blurred glory

    I wouldn’t exactly say that Motorola ‘leaked’ these four new devices during a presentation in Amsterdam because…well…how the hell do you accidentally leak four devices? It’s not like they fell out of your bag and every douchemonger there snapped pics of it. If it’s in your presentation then they weren’t leaked. Some people are just morons. *Looks… Read More

  • Wikimedia Is Moving Out West

    The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, along with Wiktionary, Wikibooks, WikiNews, Wikispecies, and other peer-produced content sites, is moving its headquarters from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco in January. It should have an easier time recruiting Web developers and engineers, and will be closer to its for-profit sibling, Wikia, which is based in San Mateo. Founder… Read More

  • Smart shopping carts headed for London supermarkets?

    Shopping carts rigged up with a touch screens and barcode scanners might find their way into London supermarkets soon, according to Reuters. You’d simply scan an item and get a readout of how many calories, fat, and whatnot it contains. It’d be similar to looking at the back of item with your eyes except with a few more steps involved. Read More

  • Got a video startup?

    I’m planning a review of online video startup companies in the UK and Ireland. I think I have a fair idea of who to look at but I just want to make sure I haven’t missed anyone. If you have a project which falls into the video category then either submit your company or contact me. Thanks in advance. Read More

  • Samsung SPH-9200 UMPC with folding keyboard

    Nice. The keyboard in the above video makes typing on a UMPC look almost bearable. No word on pricing or availability yet but the unit itself features a VIA C7-M processor, WiFi, WiBro, HSDPA, and a compact foldable body. Looks to be about the size of a smaller portable DVD player when it’s all folded up. Samsung SPH-9200 UMPC On Video Read More

  • Apple to offer webapp "download" page

    Apple is extending an olive branch — albeit dipped in stinky, runny, rancid cheese — by creating a website full of web apps for use on the iPhone. Now remember — web apps suck, especially the ones that are ostensibly offering IM access. Like Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eatin’, once you’ve tried the sweet, sweet taste of a native, localized compiled… Read More

  • Logitech keyboard for the Wii

    Because you do so much surfing on your Wii, Logitech has announced the Classic Keyboard 200. The full-sized USB keyboard is spill-resistant so when you knock over your grape soda in a fit of rage while waiting for the damn dialogue to finish during Paper Mario you’ll be okay. I realize you won’t be using the keyboard during game play, but it’ll be close enough to suffer from… Read More

  • Free HD DVDs*

    *Just ahead of the holiday push the HD DVD camp is at it again with another offering of five free HD DVDs with the purchase of an Xbox 360 HD DVD player, Toshiba DVD player and Toshiba HD DVD computer. The list of titles seem decent this time around, but they’re free so who really cares. If you haven’t already picked up a 360 console and you love Frank Miller’s 300 then… Read More

  • How-to: Automatic Coffee Maker

    Every morning, I need at least a couple cups of hot, black coffee. Normally I’d insert some joke about how my tastes in coffee and my women are similar, but I’m waiting for it to cool off a bit. Did you know though, that you can turn any old bullshit coffee maker into an automatic brewing machine? Allow me to explain how: Read More

  • SnapLayout: The Profile Editor MySpace Should Have Made

    Changing around the style of your profile is a big part of MySpace’s culture. Heavy users change their profiles daily, leading to over half a million threads in MySpace’s forums from users asking how they can customize their profiles. Yet after four years of operation, profile design still consists of CSS hacked together through third party sites or an allegedly ripped-off… Read More

  • Wii Fit due out Decemebr 1st

    …in Japan of course. Meaning that the Japanese have no concept of exercise, because when it takes a goddamned video game to get you in shape, something is wrong. Wii Fit will be available for 8800 yen or ~$75 at Japanese retailers when December 1st rolls around and for that exorbitant price, you’ll scoop up a game disc and some weird-ass exercise pad. Seems a bit expensive to… Read More

  • Firefox Coming To Your Phone

    Get ready to throw out that WAP browser on your mobile phone (if you haven’t already). The iPhone, with its fully-functioning Safari browser, showed us that mobile browsing need not be a compromise. Now, the folks at Mozilla are working on a mobile version of Firefox. A Firefox Web browser already exists for the Nokia N800, but this effort will expand Firefox’s mobile reach to… Read More

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