• Got any suggestions for dealing with IT bullies?

    Eric Spiegel’s got an interesting article about an IT bully at his previous place of employment along with three tips about how to deal with IT bullies. The first tip is to try to establish a conversational relationship — connect with the other person on a non-work level. The second tip is to wow this person with a flash of IT brilliance — gain a little geek… Read More

  • Google Maps + YouTube Videos = Local Video White Pages

    Google has long been using Google Maps as a way to show local business listings. When you search for hotels in a given city, for instance, each digital pushpin that appears on the map can be clicked on to reveal more information, including photos, reviews, and Web links. Now YouTube videos associated with each listing will also appear. For instance here is a video that is embedded in the… Read More

  • Gallery: Revenge on the gear you hate

    Sometimes our technology just doesn’t do for us what we want it to. Whether it’s the software going haywire or the hardware malfunctioning, our gear can sometimes be frustrating. Most of us have had fantasies about throwing our laptop out of a window or shooting that smartphone with a gun, but leave it to Wired to put together a collection of people who’ve done just that. Read More

  • Revision3 And VideoClix Team For Clickable Videos

    Revision3 has partnered with VideoClix to offer viewers clickable web videos. VideoClix’s technology allows viewers to click on different objects within a video, including show hosts and products, for more information and facts on what they’ve clicked on. The product is pitched as offering curious TV viewers seeking more information on what they’re seeing on the screen the… Read More

  • Indeed Now Lets You Search for Jobs by Salary

    Salary is one of the most important criteria when hunting for a job. Unfortunately, finding compensation information amid the countless job postings online can be a daunting task, and few employment sites have done anything to make this easier. To remedy this problem, leading job-aggregator Indeed has released a unique feature that will allow users to narrow their job search results by salary. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless offers overpriced data-only plans

    Verizon Wireless has announced some new data-only plans that “are designed to meet the needs of customers who primarily rely on messaging to communicate with others.” Now replace “customers” with “Verizon” and “communicate with others” to “make an ass-load of money.” Far be it for me to tell you how to spend your hard-earned cash, but… Read More

  • FatDoor Closes Its Doors. Reopens as Centerd.

    Maybe it is just because it had a really bad name. Or maybe it is because nobody really likes their neighbors. Or, if they do, they actually prefer to talk to them in person. Whatever the reason, FatDoor, a social network for neighbors, is closing its doors. We are placing it in the deadpool. Visitors to the site, which sadly never even emerged out of private beta, can now see nothing… Read More

  • Not A Misprint: AOL's Platform A Is The Top Advertising Network By Reach

    New figures released by comScore show that AOL’s Platform A advertising network is the top advertising network in the United States by reach (unique visitors). According to the figures, Platform A reaches 90.7% of all American internet users, ahead of Yahoo on 85.3% and Google on 80.9%. AOL’s figures include ads served from Advertising.com. Erick covered rumors of an AOL… Read More

  • Two new phones coming from E-TEN

    E-TEN — now part of the Acer family!!! — is coming out with two new phones. Wanna know when? Me too, buddy. We’ll find out soon enough. One will be called the M810 and one will be called the M750. The M810 will leverage the wonderment that is HSDPA technology, while the M750 will utilize the same technology as the too-cool-for-school one-word name of the lead guitarist for… Read More

  • RecommendBox secures angel round

    RecommendBox, the new UK startups built around recommendations instead of reviews, has secured angel funding from Brendan McLoughin, the co-founder and CEO of Fubra, who joins the team as a non-executive director. The amount was not disclosed but is believed to be in the five-figure range. McLoughin, according to his blog, considers his stake a “conservative” investment compared… Read More

  • China says no to iPhone, states "Oh, we already have plenty of fake ones"

    Apple and China Mobile have stopped discussing launching the iPhone in China this year. The carrier has 380 million customers (T-Mobile has 28 million and AT&T has 62.2 million, just to show you what kind of numbers we’re talking) and is always willing to reopen dialog provided, oh, I don’t know, Apple caves? Read More

  • What's 5K anyway? RED Cameras resolution comparison chart

    So maybe you’re excited about Red’s sudden announcement of two new cameras earlier today (the 5K Epic and the 3K Scarlet) but you’re not really sure why. What are these “K”s everyone is talking about, and why would anyone care whether they had two, three, or a hundred? Well, Red’s handy chart above should clear things up for you. You can see how basically… Read More

  • Theater Owners org chief: We need more digital 3-D projectors, but the industry's dragging its feet

    Excited for the explosion of 3-D films set to hit in 2009? You can suck it, accordin gto NATO (Nation Association of Theater Owners) president John Fithian, because not enough theaters are outfitted with the proper gear to project the 3-D images. It isn’t the technology, really, or even the price, it’s the organizations involved. The theater owners want one standard for 3-D… Read More

  • Second Life on an Apple II+

    In a truly amazing feat of computer mastery, Joshua Linden of Linden Labs managed to get Second Life to run on an Apple II. OK, so it’s not exactly running on the Apple II, it’s actually streaming a Windows desktop, but it is a pretty accurate representation of what it would be like to run Second Life on an Apple II. Read More

  • Phillie Phanatic p0wns Darth Vader

    My buddies Tim and Eric from Geekadelphia sent this over and I just couldn’t stop laughing like a hyena for five minutes. Storm Troopers invaded the field and Darth took on the Phillie Phanatic in a deadly lightsaber duel. Why can’t Storm Troopers show up to everything? Read More

  • CrunchArcade Retro: Entire 1981 Atari catalog online

    OK, it’s not news, but it’s sweet: someone scanned an entire Atari catalog from 1981 and posted it on the Internet for posterity’s sake. Strange man with a strange mission, we salute you! My favorite is for sure Space Invaders. Read More

  • Australia doesn't care about your privacy

    The Australian government has proposed legislation that would allow employers to spy on their employees’ e-mail and IM conversations in order to prevent terrorism. The legislation was spurred by Estonian cyber-attacks, which was actually the work of a single 20-year-old student, and not a terrorist organization. Currently, the Telecommunications (Interceptions) Act allows security… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Standout examples of HD gaming

    You’re wasting your shiny new HDTV if all you do is watch Leno in high-def. Why not see what your display can do and play one or two of these standout video games on it? The list, compiled for High-Def Digest, includes both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, so there’s no need to worry whether or not your system is represented. Xbox 360 games include Gears of War, BioShock and… Read More

  • Papa NEC's got a brand new 22.5" 120Hz LCD HDTV

    This is a nice-looking piece of tech, but I’m afraid it’s not high resolution enough to be a desktop monitor, and it’s a bit small to be a main TV. That said, it’s got the 120Hz technology that everyone’s excited about (I don’t really trust the interpolation yet but hey), 1920×1080, and pretty great color reproduction. Great for a smaller apartment… Read More

  • Red announces new Epic 5k digital cinema camera out of nowhere

    As if Scarlet wasn’t enough, Red today surprised many by launching a new flagship digital cinema camera known as the Red Epic. It’s fairly similar to the Red One in most respects, except that instead of shooting in 4k, it shoots in 5k, which is fairly nuts. It works with all current 35mm lenses the current Red One supports, as well as most of the other hardware. It’s… Read More

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