• Study on video card failures: "It's the solder, stupid"

    A couple weeks ago we posted about allegations of widespread solder failure in NVIDIA graphics cards. This is further confirmation of that, as a study done at my alma mater comparing high-lead (90% lead, 10% tin) and eutectic (60% lead, 40% tin) found that under controlled circumstances, “…plastic energy produced in the high-lead layer is about 100 times larger than in the… Read More

  • Mitsubishi sets new record for solar cell efficiency

    Mitsubishi Electric today said it has produced a polycrystalline-silicon solar cell that converts light energy to electrical energy with an efficiency of 18.6%. According to the company, the previous record stood at 18.3%. The protoype is sized at 150x150mm and has a thickness of 180 microns. Mitsubishi structured the surface like a honeycomb in order to reduce reflections of sunrays. In… Read More

  • Video: Accomplished rapper Soulja Boy wants to get into video game design!

    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/e/16711680/wshheDY08ihGTJyiS7mR Soulja Boy is a self-described Superstar. The kid knows his stuff when it comes to hip-hop (“straight fire,” says CrunchGear’s John Biggs), but did you know that he also fancies himself as a game designer? He admits as much in his latest video blog, which you can view right up there. Bonus points if you… Read More

  • Wok-Fi DIY Wi-Fi extender

    Peter Ha recommended this technique that he learned while working in his Uncle’s Tex Mex/Chinese Take Out place in Queens – actually I found it on Instructables. It’s called the Wok-Fi and it’s simply a dumpling strainer attached to a Wi-Fi dongle. If you’re hurting for Wi-Fi, this might be worth a try even though you’ll look like a total freak. Apparently… Read More

  • LG KC780 promo shots make their way out

    Believe it or not, that LG KC780 we saw last week isn’t just a really blurry looking handset. GSM Arena managed to scrounge up the above promo shot, offering a much sharper look at the KC780 in all of its 8 megapixel glory. While their source wasn’t able to share any new specs, they did mention that LG is internally acclaiming the handset as the slimmest of the 8-megapixel bunch. Read More

  • Carbon Diem tracks your carbon footprint on your cellphone

    A company has developed software for your cellphone that automatically calculates your carbon footprint. The program, called Carbon Diem, uses your GPS to calculate how fast you’re moving. It then interprets that data to calculate your carbon footprint. If you’re traveling by car you’re killing Mother Earth; if you’re walking about you deserve a gold star. Carbon… Read More

  • Ukrainian Startup MP3Count Springs Up To Sell Music For Pennies

    The legal travails of Russian music download service AllOfMP3, which sold music for a few cents per download, are well known. Whether or not it was legal under Russian law, the site was shut down after massive U.S. government pressure on the Russian government and a $1.65 trillion RIAA lawsuit. AllOfMP3 lives on through an affiliated site called MP3Sparks, although the site is often down for… Read More

  • Fable II to ship without working online co-op mode

    Would-be Xbox 360 killer app Fable II comes out on October 21, but it’s now emerged that the game will ship without a functional online co-op mode. That’s right, after you make the long, lonely drive back from GameStop that Tuesday, you won’t immediately be able to hop on Xbox Live to play with your friends. That said, you won’t have to wait very long for online co-op. Read More

  • YouTube Gets More Competitive With Upload Redesign, Larger File Sizes

    YouTube has been criticized in the past for not offering the experience already being offered on services like Viddler or Vimeo where users can upload large file sizes and input video information while it’s being uploaded. But in an announcement that should make its users happy, YouTube has finally seen the light and has started offering a new Upload process redesign that will more… Read More

  • Sprint may throttle BitTorrent/P2P for XOHM users

    Right as it leaves the starting gate, there might already be a bit of controversy surrounding Sprint’s 4G WiMax offering, XOHM. Silicon Valley Insider did a bit of digging through the XOHM policy agreement, and came across this little gem: “To ensure a high-quality experience for its entire subscriber base, XOHM may use various tools and techniques designed to limit the… Read More

  • Three Pioneer Blu-ray players earn DivX cert.

    DivX is making its way into more and more CE devices. Pioneer’s latest Blu-ray players couldn’t withstand the DivX invasion and the BDP-LX71, BDP-LX08 and BDP-51FD all earned the certification that states the unit can playback high-quality DivX material. These players are already shipping worldwide, so just because yours doesn’t carry the logo on the front bezel… Read More

  • Nissan unveils mobile robot that can dodge like a bee

    Nissan Motor, in cooperation with the University of Tokyo, has developed a two-wheeled mobile robot [JP] that can avoid collisions with objects in its path. The French/Japanese car maker said the so-called BR23C employs an avoidance mechanism similar to that of a bee (which avoids collisions even when flying with other bees in a swarm). The technology is being developed to prevent car… Read More

  • Apple stock falls thanks to financial panic, down 14%

    If I had bought Apple stock back in 1985… AlleyInsider is reporting that AAPL is down to $110 – 14% – due to stock downgrades by Morgan Stanely and RBC. Why? Because folks aren’t buying stuff – it’s “the weakest [90-day electronics spending] ever seen” – and Kathryn Huberty points out that Apple isn’t in the sub-$1,000 laptop… Read More

  • WowWee launches new RS Tri-bot robot

    Just in time for Christmas commercial bonanza, WowWee unveiled the latest robot in its Robosapien line: RS Tri-bot. The little guy seems to sport Rovio-ish ‘legs’ but also an interactive talking feature that is sure to amuse your little sister – or, for our ‘grown up’ peeps, your cat. The whole thing is controlled via a tilt-sensor equipped remote that gives… Read More

  • Free Phone Calls At IconDial. If Only The Business Model Would Work

    A new service popped up today called IconDial. It’s about as simple and straightforward as possible. Go to the site, which has a phone-style dial pad, and dial any phone number in the world. After a 3-5 second advertisement, your call will be put through. There is no restriction on who you can call – all countries are supported, and you can call both land lines and mobile… Read More

  • Sanyo invests $80 million in new solar plant in Oregon

    Today Sanyo announced in Tokyo that it will more than triple its solar cell production in the US by investing $80 million in a new plant in Salem, Oregon. The plant will begin operations in October 2009 and is scheduled to be at full capacity by April 2010. Sanyo said maximum annual production is set to hit about 70 MW of solar ingots and wafers. This means the company’s total solar… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: AMEX rewards programs giving away Pentax, Nikon and Sony DSLR camera goodies

    I don’t understand the equivalent of these AMEX points to real money, but if you’re looking to upgrade from your crummy point and shoot and you have some extra points then now is the time. I’d suggest going with either Pentax over the Nikon D60 because the feature set on both kick the crap out of the Nikon. The K10D may be older, but it’s prime choice of the bunch. Read More

  • And the WickedLasers winner is…

    To recap, I ran a giveaway in my WickedLasers Elite review asking for folks to tell me how they’d use the laser. The response was tremendous and now we have a winner. Read More

  • $21 Million For Mr. China

    Liam Casey, a Cork, Ireland-born entrepreneur, traveled to Taipei in 1996 on a whim to attend an electronics trade show. Within a year he had started his own supply chain manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China called PCH International (PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway, a famous highway in Southern California where he lived for a while in the 90s). Jump to 2007. PCH International rode… Read More

  • DropSend sold – but how easy is it to flip a web app these days?

    I’m a little late to this, but it is worth noting that events guru Ryan Carson – co-founder of the Carsonified conference and training company which does the rocking FOWA – recently sold his web app DropSend, some two years after putting it on the block. The buyer is Webminds who, I understand, picked the app up for an undisclosed amount, though I gather it was in the low… Read More

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