• Starting today you can leave your laptop in a bag at airport security

    As you know, the Transportation Safety Administration has decided to allow laptop-carrying airline passengers keep their laptops in specially approved bags at security checkpoints. It’s actually the most revolutionary decision in United States bureaucracy history. To that end, the TSA has finally posted details on its Web site how all this is going to work. That handy graphic shows the… Read More

  • Does Google want to expand Android to non-cellphone platforms?

    Approximately 23 people are looking forward to the release of Android-based cellphones, but word on the street today is that Google has a lot more in mind for Android than powering some HTC device. Apparently Google wants to expand the operating system to other devices, including portable media players and set-top boxes. That’s what VentureBeat says, though its story is so… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Biggsfoot Edition

    Live at the Bigfoot press conference
    My day with Bigfoot
    Hidden camera clock brings out the spy in all of us
    Turn your old NES into an 8-bit lunchbox
    Hoaxy XBox story for your lunchtime perusal
    Couch-fishing gets real with this new Japanese robot Read More

  • Great Review Site For iPhone Apps

    I came across AppVee this evening, a new site that is creating written and video reviews of iPhone apps. We continue to write about iPhone applications that we find interesting and include them in Crunchbase, but we aren’t doing the kind of in-depth, categorized reviews that AppVee is taking the time to create. AppVee rates each application based on a variety of factors depending on the… Read More

  • Real Football invading England through Sky HD

    Brits? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! Real football. Not that wussy, chase a ball around and get penalized if someone bumps someone else football. No, we are talking Monday Night, hard hitting, hail mary football and it’s about to hit via Sky HD. Plus, the network is going to show Super Bowl XLIII along with the Chargers vs the Saints from London’s own Wembley Stadium… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Friday, August 15th

    Today’s Top Posts: 10 Days of CrunchGear: Meeses CrunchGear Live Podcast First Batman game screenshots: No sign of Batman punching his mom Hidden camera clock brings out the spy in all of us Turn your old NES into an 8-bit lunchbox New Senseo machines use milk for fancy coffee drinks 10 Days of CrunchGear: Start Me Up Samsung Instinct getting firmware updates Netflix shipping some… Read More

  • My day with Bigfoot

    The alarm goes off, and my daily routine begins. Out of bed, into the shower, wash, brush, dress. From there, it’s straight into the Crunchgear writer chatroom. Greg K. has entered the room
    Greg K. Good morning, party people.
    Doug A. happy Bigfoot day, Greg Crap. Today was the day of Bigfoot press conference. I wanted to use Qik to share the conference with the world, but I still… Read More

  • Shadow botnet puts itself out to pasture

    Two Dutch brothers are charged with operating the Shadow botnet, which infected upwards of 150,000 computers. After the botnet takedown was secured, The Dutch High Tech Crime Unit enlisted the help of Kaspersky Labs to help dismantle the network. The Russian lab not only wrote up instructions for removing Shadow, but used Shadow itself for notifying users that their computers were infected. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Star Trek Today!

    Come and get you some Vuzix AV920. Why? Because you can be the coolest dude on the Greyhound. Watch your favorite movies on the go and play your favorite video games, all in the privacy of your own virtual movie theatre. The AV920 from Vuzix features our best mobile experience yet: a wearable virtual 62” big screen compatible with almost any audio/video device. Ditch your small screen… Read More

  • The Bearhug

    Dave Winer used the bearhug to wrap his arms around Netscape’s version of RSS and not let go until a merged RSS was born. With Twitter’s announcement of “a minor change to the API that should have a major impact on the Twitter community” the time may be here to bearhug Twitter and unify the microblogging architecture. The tweak “allows API clients to specify… Read More

  • Picwing: a socially-connected digital photo frame

    TechCrunch has highlighted a startup called Picwing, one of Y Combinator’s many web services demoed yesterday. Some look pretty cool, and that praise may extend to this picture frame, which is essentially a social, cloud-based slideshow viewer at this point. Basically, you set up the service and set options for allowing friends and family to add photos to the mix. The idea of having a… Read More

  • Monster Deer Block is not made by Monster Cable

    Monster Cable has a history of suing companies with the word ‘monster’ in their name. An indoor glow-in-the-dark mininture golf company named Monster Golf felt Monster Cable’s wrath last May. This time, it’s Denco’s apple or sweet corn flavored Monster Deer Block. Why anyone would confuse an overpriced, AV cable and hunting bait is beyond us. So thankfully… Read More

  • Quick Look: Gateway P-7811FX

        Here’s a quick look at the P-7811FX, a desktop replacement from Gateway that puts the media back into media PC. Luckily, I didn’t have my video camera so now I shot myself with a huge meat beard. Read on for the press release. Read More

  • You're Doing It Wrong

    Today Randall Munroe’s webcomic XKCD features an amusing clip mocking Premier Election Solutions, formerly known as Diebold Election Systems, for installing anti-virus software on their voting machines. For those unfamiliar with the subject matter, the comic suggests that there should be absolutely no need for security software on such devices, and if there is then Premier… Read More

  • A look inside Latitude On

    Dell has joined the instant-on generation by adding the capability to its upcoming line of laptops. What they have dubbed Latitude On, is a method to get instant access to email and other basic tasks. Users will not be able to add applications to the flash memory, however Dell is planning on continuing development by adding features such as IM, and browser support for Flash and Java. The… Read More

  • Fixing Video with Photographs

    This system, by students at the University of Washington, uses still photographs or one single frame of a video scene to automatically improve video. The improvements are amazing. Video might contain artifacts like overexposure and low-resolution imagery and this system takes cues from still images of the scene to bring almost the entire video up to photographic quality. Can’t wait for… Read More

  • McCain, technology, and you

    John McCain’s technology plan was released yesterday. Since the plan is from a politician, obviously you might want to approach with skepticism, but click through for our summery. In no way does this reflect the views and/or opinions of Crunchgear, we’re just summarizing the long-ass article for you. Read More

  • Hot-wiring cars for fun and profit

    Wired’s How-To Wiki has detail instructions on hot-wiring your – or someone else’s – car in a pinch. The information is pretty straightforward and familiar: remove the cover, identify the starter wires, strip, zap. But with RFID blocks and mechanical theft systems in place you’re pretty much going to get zilch out of a modern vehicle. Use these only on your old… Read More

  • Our Weekend Social Experiment

    Our weekend social experiment: Upload a picture, win a TechCrunch Tshirt. You may have noticed our post on Picwing earlier today. While we’re waiting 6-8 weeks for the damn picture frame to arrive, I’ve decided to create a new album that allows anyone to upload photos. Email an image to TCR@picwing.com and it will appear in the widget below. See the whole album here. Whoever… Read More

  • EA shacks up with Epic, People Can Fly

    Ah, Epic: the town bicycle. Microsoft wants to buy them, EA wants to milk them, and Yahtzee wants to make sweet love to them. Well, with People Can Fly, anyway. Shurikens and lightning! Anyway, Epic has signed on with EA to deliver some delicious new original IP via their sub-studio People Can Fly. With Gears of War providing a constant cash flow and the talented team behind Painkiller… Read More

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