• AT&T Rebate Form Hints At New Releases

    A Mr. Kyle Albanese tipped us off about the new rebate form which was just slipped onto AT&T’s servers. Being the geek I am, I knew the Cingular rebate form ended yesterday and low and behold they upload a brand new rebate form including the following new phones: Tilt
    Pantech Duo
    Rim 8820
    Moto q9
    Curve 8310
    AT&T Rebate Form [.pdf] Read More

  • New Nano's Feature Crooked Screens

    A few people have turned on their Nano’s for the first time to be flabbergasted at the one to two millimeter slant on the media players screen. Now you can say we’re nitpicking if you want, but that’s the kind of thing that would annoy us to within millimeters of insanity. Hopefully this is a bad production run and the more cautious buyers will have perfectly straight… Read More

  • Intel To Acquire Havok

    Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Havok , a provider of software and services used by digital media creators in game development. Havok’s 3D software powers online worlds including Linden Lab’s Second Life, as well as a variety of console games on Xbox, Wii and PlayStation. According to Intel, the acquisition will enable developers in the digital animation and… Read More

  • Squidoo Gets Into People Search

    We’re not sure when it launched, but Fred Wilson has discovered that Seth Godin’s Squidoo has quietly entered the people search field with a new product called Squidwho. Squidwho provides similar features to competitors including Wink, Spock, PeekYou, WikiYou and Zoominfo. Pages include a short biography, Amazon products (where applicable), YouTube videos, Flickr shots, latest news… Read More

  • Screencast: Early Look At 'Grooveshark' Music Service

    Click here to download a high-quality AVI of this screencast… I’ve been playing around with the previously-reported Grooveshark music service for a little over a week now and I can safely say that, even though it’s still in the very early stages, I like it and I think it’s got a chance… Read More

  • Amazon Killing ECS Access From Mobile Services (Updated)

    This is coming in late on a Saturday, so we only have one side of the story so far. But Canadian startup TXTReviews, which allows people to get book and movie user ratings via text message, says they’re being shut out of Amazon web services. In a message on their website, the company is actually saying Amazon has banned all mobile startups from accessing web services, but I can’t… Read More

  • New iPods Won't Sync Under Linux

    So this is a bit uncool of Apple to do. Basically the new firmware asks your computer what kind of software you’re using and prevents syncing on platforms for which iTunes doesn’t exist. A healthy chunk of people use Linux based operating systems on a daily basis and most of them will have absolutely no trouble switching media players if their iPod isn’t compatible with… Read More

  • The Ten Dimensions

    Time now for a mind numbing analysis of the ten dimensions. This is pretty insane and if you can understand it past the 3 minute mark you are smarter than I. Off topic but very cool. Imagining The 10th Dimension [OhGizmo] Read More

  • Play A Real Claw Machine Online

    No one can withstand the temptation which accompanies a pocket full of quarters and a claw machine in the vicinity. Well we ran out of quarters, and the claw machine didn’t fit in the lime green VW Beetle. This seems to be the next best thing to actually owning your own claw. Some guys in Arizona hooked up seven claw machines to some webcams and the interwebz to bring you good wholesome… Read More

  • First iPod Touch Dissection

    It never takes long for anxious geeks to tear into the latest piece of technology, even one that hasn’t completely made it to stores yet. One thing that is pretty cool is the method which is used to connect the WiFi antenna, instead of crowding the area with wires Apple went with two contacts which touch when the device is closed. The dissection clouded the Bluetooth rumors even further… Read More

  • Prince Flips, Sues Everyone

    Long story short Prince is flipping out on YouTube, eBay, and The Pirate Bay because he isn’t making as much money as he used to. Prince isn’t exactly the most stable person what with collapsing on stage after he was kissed by a fan and all. The man needs to get his priorities in order as this is the first time an artist has lashed out against Google, and lets face it everyone… Read More

  • Space Invaders Welcome Mat Deters Visitors

    This animated light up welcome mat is definitely a good way to express your nerdiness and/or keep that pesky mother in law at bay. The mat features a pressure sensor which activates the display when an intruder is present, and notifies said persons that a stereotypical geek lies within. We’d buy this since none of us have a social life anyway. Space Invaders Door Mat via [RandomGoodStuff] Read More

  • Nintendo Wee DVD Player

    It was adorable when Nintendo renamed the “Revolution” to the more playful Wii, but at least it was spelled differently than the ever popular phrase for taking a piss. We love laughing at knockoffs and this time it’s no different. Apparently those dudes in China aren’t even trying anymore, their marketing department is nothing short of a 5 year old with with a speak… Read More

  • iPhone Unlocking: Open Source Solution

    You can finally stop jumping through hoops to get that JesusPhone unlocked. The ever dedicated open source community has just unleashed a free GUI based iPhone unlocking app under the name of anySIM. We all knew it was coming and this pretty much seals the deal. It hasn’t been tested much yet so there is obviously a risk with slapping this onto your “investment” but in… Read More

  • Male Chastity Belt On The Loose, Be Afraid

    Yeah this isn’t exactly tech related but we figure we’d warn you of what to expect just in case your wife “accidentally” discovers you had that vasectomy reversed. For only about the price of a high end MacBook, you can discover the joys of life without temptation. Features include silicone molding and proper channels for all your bodily functions. A sturdy stainless… Read More

  • Firefox Isn't Bloated, DRM Will Die: Mozilla Europe CEO

    TechCrunch UK’s Michael Butcher has an interview up with Mozilla Europe CEO Tristan Nitot that covers Firefox, DRM and Microsoft. Nitot certainly doesn’t appear to be shy in his views on a number of topics. On DRM: “I don’t think DRM has a future. Treating your customers like thieves is bad business practice. Today the customer is not ‘king’, they are… Read More

  • An Offline Gmail Client: Sweet

    A report from India’s Hindustan Times indicates that Google is prepping an offline version of Gmail. It’s claimed that a client has already been designed, is in testing, and runs (not surprisingly) on Google Gears. Google has previously offered an offline version of Google Reader using the Gears browser plugin. Other companies embracing the Gears platform include Zoho. Although… Read More

  • Will Europe's Free Mobile Service Blyk Finally Launch?

    From TechCrunchUK: Europe’s Blyk, the much anticipated and much delayed advertising supported mobile service, may be gearing up for launch very soon. They’ve scheduled a press conference for September 24. The service has also recently said they are “on track for launch.” The service will be free for users and targeted to 16-24 year olds. Presumably that age group will… Read More

  • IdeaFestival 2007: Attack Of The Woz

    I left his speech early to be sure I was first in line I was fortunate enough to live out a geek’s dream last night at the IdeaFestival here in Louisville, Kentucky, which is certainly the last place I’d imagine myself meeting such an important icon to geeks worldwide. The Woz aka Steve Wozniak gave a rousing speech about his rise to cult icon from his childhood to the start of Apple. Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. LaCie Announces 500GB Golden External Hard Drive Shayna Wedding anniversary around the corner, wonder if I could convince dh to get me this bling! Read More

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