• Facebook's Acquisition of Oculus, Microsoft's New iPad Apps & YC Demo Day

    Crunchweek: Facebook’s $2B Bet On Virtual Reality, Office For iPad, And YC Demo Day

    In this special “Between Two Co-Editors” edition of Crunchweek, I was joined by my fearless bosses, co-editors Matthew Panzarino and Alexia Tsotsis at the White Table. We tackled Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR, and Zuck’s aggressive acquisition strategy in 2014; Microsoft’s release of Office for the iPad, and tales from Y Combinator’s recent Demo… Read More

  • The Improbable Rise Of Roku

    The Improbable Rise Of Roku

    In 10 years, when we look back and think about which companies fundamentally changed the way viewers get their TV shows delivered to them, will Roku be a part of the conversation? Based on what the company has done to date, and where it’s going, it seems likely. Read More

  • After Stepping Aside From Y Combinator, Paul Graham Hands Over The Reins At Hacker News

    After Stepping Aside From Y Combinator, Paul Graham Hands Over The Reins At Hacker News

    As part of his departure from day-to-day operations at Y Combinator, Paul Graham announced today that he’s also handing over the reins of Hacker News, the technology and entrepreneurship-focused social news website that he built and has run through YC since 2007. In a simple and straightforward blog post, Graham announced that YC outreach director Kat Manalac and YC partner Garry Tan will be… Read More

  • Neil Young’s PonoPlayer Passes $5m In Kickstarter Pledges

    Neil Young’s PonoPlayer Passes $5m In Kickstarter Pledges

    The portable music player is alive and well. Pono Music's PonoPlayer just crossed the $5 million milestone on Kickstarter, making it the fourth most funded project in the site's history. Twelve thousand backers have pledged enough to pre-order the device. And there is still 16 days to go on its campaign. Read More

  • Box's Aaron Levie Talks NSA, Microsoft, and Everything Else

    Box CEO Aaron Levie Takes To Quora About His (Sorta) Small IPO Stake: It’s All Gravy

    Reporters and industry watchers go nuts when an S-1 is filed for an initial public offering because there are always a few surprises to be found while digging through the numbers. The Box IPO filing this past week was no exception. Along with details on Box’s revenue (growing quickly) and bottom line income (still in the red), the filing revealed that Aaron Levie, Box’s well-known and… Read More

  • Matterport's 3D Indoor Mapping Camera

    Watch How Matterport’s Camera Captured A 3D Model Of TechCrunch HQ

    Historically, creating an accurate 3D model of a physical space has been a time-consuming and expensive process that cost tens of thousands of dollars and required teams of people and days, if not weeks, to complete. But a startup called Matterport has dramatically changed that, with a $4500 camera that the company says can capture fully immersive 3D models of physical objects and spaces in a… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Sign Language

    Gillmor Gang: Sign Language

    The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor — barely came out of the gates before John Taschek let Comcast have it, and really you need to see the visual on this one. After the salute to the internet provider, talk circled around Microsoft's release of Office for iPad. Is it important? Well, no one on the show seemed to use Office any more… Read More

  • Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Whaling Is The New Harlem Shake

    Have you whaled yet today? It's the new thing. Whale at the club. Whale at school. Whale in your cubical. Just don't whale at a funeral. That would be doing it wrong. As the Vines below show, the premise is to act like a whale breaching the water behind an unsuspecting observer. Bonus Internet points are awarded for twisting in the air. Read More

  • Pre-IPO Imperative: Know Your Customer

    Pre-IPO Imperative: Know Your Customer

    The IPO window is currently wide open. Riding the wave of strong IPO performance over the past few years (the classes of ‘12 and ‘13 IPOs have on average returned 234 percent and 78 percent, respectively, according to Deutsche Bank data), a growing number of high-growth, venture-backed companies are filing for IPOs. In fact, five venture-backed IPOs have been completed already this year, and… Read More

  • The 11 Memes That Define Oculus Riftbook (NSFW)

    The 11 Memes That Define Oculus Riftbook (NSFW)

    Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to have a little fun. Virtual reality itself used to be a punchline. Now, Facebook and its latest purchase of Oculus Rift is the joke. But can Facebook raise and nurture Oculus Rift into the virtual reality device of the future? As the following memes show, not everyone trusts Zuckerberg and team to raise and nurture Oculus VR into the chosen one. Read More

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