• The Four Horsemen Of The Cyber Apocalypse

    The Four Horsemen Of The Cyber Apocalypse

    If 2014 did anything good for cybersecurity, it showed us just how exposed major corporations, governments and militaries are to cyber attacks. From vulnerabilities in our power grids to our cash registers, cyber attacks have become the $400 billion problem. And while the attacks differ in motive and method, there are four consistent perpetrators charging at us at full speed – and we need… Read More

  • Canary Launches To Bring The Uber Experience To Medicinal Marijuana

    Canary Launches To Bring The Uber Experience To Medicinal Marijuana

    Pot is great. Having pot delivered to you, Uber-style, legally, is even better. Canary (not to be confused with the home security system) has launched in Seattle to do just that. Read More

  • 13 Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    13 Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

    So far, 2015 has given us one monster of a week in the tech world. Most of our staff has been in the middle of CES 2015 covering some of the best – and not so great – startups and hardware the market has to offer. But that doesn’t mean the news cycle stops turning. We give you our best stories of the week (1/3-1/9). 1. The winner of the CES Hardware Battlefield is Voltera… Read More

  • IEEE Racecars

    We Attempted To Control These Cars With Our Minds, And It Kind Of Worked

    It’s not like EEG is breakthrough technology. We’ve been able to read the electrical activity of the brain for quite some time, but the clever folks at IEEE are thinking up new and creative ways to leverage those read-outs into something a bit more fun. Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Kind of Clue

    Gillmor Gang: Kind of Clue

    The Gillmor Gang — David Weinberger, Doc Searls, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. The first show of 2015 marks the return of New Clues, a dynamic updating of the famed Cluetrain Manifesto by two of the four, Doc Searls and David Weinberger. Read More

  • Getting More Cash Out Of SaaS: Timing Is Everything

    Getting More Cash Out Of SaaS: Timing Is Everything

    Much has been learned and written about the significant cash consumption associated with high-growth SaaS companies. But just how does one achieve rapid growth in a SaaS business while maintaining capital efficiency? The answer: by focusing on the timing of cash collection, not just cash spend. Read More

  • Decentralize All The Things!

    Decentralize All The Things!

    They gave us a fully decentralized Internet and we used it to build web services–Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, iCloud–so massively centralized they verge on being quasi-medieval fiefdoms. Now we’re building the Internet of Someone Else’s Things, wherein every room of every home will contain devices controlled by servers the homeowners don’t know, control, or understand. Read More

  • Preventing Digital Memory Loss

    Preventing Digital Memory Loss

    Editor’s Note: Kevin Skobac is a senior vice president for innovation, digital and social at SS+K and the co-founder of SS+K Labs, an in-house incubator of creative technologies.  For many years we’ve been blissfully riding a personal digital media revolution.  Better technology has solved more problems, enabling us to do more, consume more, and create more. The excitement… Read More

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