• HTC One M9 | Hands On

    Hands On Video With HTC’s New Android Flagship, The One M9

    It’s evolution not revolution for HTC’s new top-of-the-line smartphone, the One M9. But the predecessors in the range set a high quality bar so HTC evidently feels its flagship handset isn’t in need of radical revisions in the design department. Read More

  • HTC And Valve Partner To Make A VR Gaming Headset Called Vive

    HTC And Valve Partner To Make A VR Gaming Headset Called Vive

    HTC has just dropped another tidbit of news here in Barcelona, on the eve of the Mobile World Congress trade show. Namely that it’s gearing up to compete in the gaming wearable space, announcing a partnership with games publisher Valve to bring a virtual reality headset to market, called the HTC Vive — to compete with the likes of the Oculus Rift. Read More

  • The Huawei Watch Brings Serious Style To Android Wear

    The Huawei Watch Brings Serious Style To Android Wear

    A somewhat unlikely suspect might just have revealed the best-looking Android Wear-powered device: The Huawei Watch, from the gadget-maker of the same name, made its official debut onstage today at Mobile World Congress, and it’s easily one of the best looking devices ever to sport Google’s wearable software platform. Read More

  • Bargain Hunt For Tech Amid The Wreck Of Russia’s Economy

    Bargain Hunt For Tech Amid The Wreck Of Russia’s Economy

    Editor’s Note: Jeni Mayorskaya is an entrepreneur working in product management and business development with tech companies in the USA, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Russia and Europe; Kirill Belov is an angel investor, mentor and managing partner in Impulse VC based in Moscow. Over the last 6 months, Russia’s image as a lucrative investment target has been wrecked along… Read More

  • Toward Our 3D Future

    Toward Our 3D Future

    If the past couple of years have been about one theme for me investment-wise, they have been about exploring the bridge between bits and atoms with a series of bets aimed to make a path between the digital world and the physical one we populate. And no, I am not talking about ordering a pizza from my smartphone or getting a maid-on-demand to come clean my house within an hour, but rather… Read More

  • Tinder Plus Will Launch On Monday

    Tinder Plus Will Launch On Monday

    Tinder Plus, the dating app’s first step into the wonderful world of freemium monetization, will launch on Monday for $9.99, according to sources familiar with the matter. Tinder Plus includes at least one highly requested feature and a few others that are meant to add broader functionality to the service, which essentially boils down the usual online dating experience into a simple… Read More

  • A Brief History Of Yik Yak

    Yik Yak, launched back in fall of 2013, isn’t even two years old. And still, the anonymous, location-based messaging app is available on almost any campus in the United States and has raised more than $73 million to date. But how did they go from two college guys in South Carolina to being the tech sweetheart of the South? Read More

  • Dogfish Head Brewery | TechCrunch Makers
  • The WebRTC Race Begins Today

    The WebRTC Race Begins Today

    As recently as 2012, it seemed that Web Real-Time Communication, or WebRTC, was so clandestine that the technology was a skunk works project, hidden in a back office somewhere in Silicon Valley. It is now an emerging standard of web communication which makes high definition, high resolution, low bandwidth video, audio, chat and peer to peer data transfer as simple as a single browser link. Read More

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