• OMG LOL SSL FUD Crunch Network


    Bad enough when some scrappy little startup comes to town and disrupts your profit margins into oblivion. Even worse–to any right-thinking capitalist–when a motley crew of idealistic do-gooders sneaks into your barn and sets one of your cash cows free. But what can companies do when faced with this sad and eternal truth: why buy your cow when they can get its SSL certificates for free? Read More

  • A Eulogy For Dead Standalone Apps

    A Eulogy For Dead Standalone Apps

    Session lengths started to be counted not in hours or even minutes, but in seconds. Software had to blend into our life, augmenting it rather than supplanting it. Speed and simplicity became the keys to success. And it all came down to nailing something specific. The shift to mobile was a philosophical one, not just a matter of shrinking functionality to fit a smaller screen. The tech… Read More

  • This Week On Bullish: Building An Empire On YouTube

    Hello and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This is our first international report, taped at Disrupt London 2015 in the Copper Box Arena. This week we dug into YouTube, the video platform, and how people use the product for far more than cat videos. In fact, some popular channels on the service are businesses in and of themselve Read More

  • This War On Math Is Bullshit Crunch Network

    This War On Math Is Bullshit

    The smoke had barely begun to clear from the horrific attacks in Paris, in a neighborhood where I used to live, before the usual suspects started trying to twist the facts to fit their authoritarian agenda. CIA director John Brennan was only one of many posturing grandstanders hoping to use the slaughter as a political tool to attack secure encryption. Read More

  • Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft has put out a TV commercial for the holidays. In it, some things happen…mostly singing. There are employees, kids and other things going on in a New York City setting. Apple’s back yard on 5th Ave, to be specific. My colleague Alex and I hopped into Slack, watched it together and shared our thoughts. We think that Microsoft is trying to say that they’re friends, or… Read More

  • My Wrong Turns And Right Thinking In 2015 Crunch Network

    My Wrong Turns And Right Thinking In 2015

    Good Lord. I have been a TechCrunch columnist for five years now, filing a piece every week, rain or shine or hail or flu, for 260 consecutive weeks. (Well–I might have missed one week when I was in Myanmar.) Can you believe it? Me neither. And so it is time, once again, for my annual self-flagellation column, wherein I itemize all the mistakes I made over the last year. Read More

  • Money For Nothing For Everyone Crunch Network

    Money For Nothing For Everyone

    “There is something more powerful than the brute force of bayonets: it is the idea whose time has come.” And so last weekend I visited the Basic Income Createathon–held, appropriately enough, at Brigade in San Francisco–to witness the early stirrings of a movement whose central goal may seem strange and radical … but which I expect to eventually transform the life… Read More

  • The Samsung Gear VR Is Your Window Into The Future

    The Samsung Gear VR Is Your Window Into The Future

    Virtual reality is a reality…in the sense that the hardware, software and content stars are finally aligning to make the platform approachable by more than just hardcore developers, gamers and hobbyists. There’s always a set of early adopters who take on the heavy lifting and Facebook’s Oculus has been doing just that. Since being acquired by Facebook, Oculus has been working… Read More

  • How Much Technology Is Too Much Technology?

    How Much Technology Is Too Much Technology?

    There are many visions of what our hyper-connected future might look like. We’re packaged countless variants on the shiny-techie-future vision theme every day as marketing departments lay it on thick to try to put gloss on their latest product and restless grease on the wheels of consumption… Read More

  • The Culling Of The Herd Crunch Network

    The Culling Of The Herd

    I don’t care about valuations. But I do care about the tech industry as the most powerful means for the promulgation of new / cool / interesting / important technology; and the tremors running through the industry of late, as the so-called “unicorns” begin to tremble and quake, are hard to ignore. Evernote. Dropbox. Square. Theranos. Snapchat. IPO down rounds. Read More

  • Let’s Have A Chat About Virtual Reality

    Let’s Have A Chat About Virtual Reality

    “Virtual reality” according to Wikipedia: Virtual reality (VR), which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated life, replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds and lets the user interact in that world. Virtual realities artificially creates sensory experiences, which can include sight… Read More

  • Tor Wars: The Signal Awakens Crunch Network

    Tor Wars: The Signal Awakens

    The long arm of the law wants ever more eyes, if you’ll pardon the gruesome metaphor. The UK government recently unveiled an attempt to legalize “draconian state surveillance powers.” US voices keep calling for a mythical “secure golden key” for government access to encrypted messages. Canadian police describe encryption plus legal decisions favoring online privacy… Read More

  • CrunchWeek: Diversity, Candy, And Books Of Faces

    Welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech. This week we’re chatting about Twitter’s issues with diversity, Activision paying a lot of billions for the maker of the addictive game Candy Crush (hear Megan talk about her recovery), and Facebook’s earnings. They crushed it. So: As our resident… Read More

  • Twitter Found Love In A Fave-Less Place

    Twitter Found Love In A Fave-Less Place

    It’s a function of Twitter’s largely unfiltered feed. It zips by so quickly that even great content can get lost. Your closest friends and sparring partners might easily miss your tweets. And unless you have some level of offline celebrity or an online soapbox, you might never gain enough followers to get your tweets seen before they’re pushed down the timeline. The result… Read More

  • Liquid Bitcoin Crunch Network

    Liquid Bitcoin

    Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about the scariest thing in the tech world today. No, no, not bubbles, drones, or unicorns: Bitcoin. Seriously. (Mostly.) Whether you think it’s a boondoggle scam, a libertarian Trojan horse that threatens governments, the scourge of Wall Street, or the thin edge of the post-capitalist wedge, you face two scary prospects: what if you’re right? Read More

  • Google’s Lack Of Product Isolation Would Support A Chrome OS And Android Merge

    Google’s Lack Of Product Isolation Would Support A Chrome OS And Android Merge

    Chrome OS, the “cloud” operating system that Google introduced for laptops, and Android, the operating system on phones and tablets, may become one, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The “folding” could happen as early as next year…could be introduced at next year’s I/O…or not. Read More

  • The Problem With Chase Pay, The Bank’s Forthcoming Apple Pay Competitor

    The Problem With Chase Pay, The Bank’s Forthcoming Apple Pay Competitor

    Big retail is looking to carve out a piece of the mobile payments pie, where competitors like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Square and others now battle. This week, the retailer-backed mobile payments consortium MCX announced it would be the premier partner for the newly unveiled mobile payments platform Chase Pay from JP Morgan Chase. Read More

  • Facebook Here, Google Now

    Facebook Here, Google Now

    Google doesn’t know who your friends are, who you chat with, or what news you care about. Just like how Facebook doesn’t know what’s in your email, what directions you map, what you web search for, or what’s going on in your Android phone. That’s why the two have huge but very different opportunities when it comes to building a personal assistant. Read More

  • When Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself Crunch Network

    When Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

    Every time you log in to Facebook, every time you click on your News Feed, every time you Like a photo, every time you send anything via Messenger, you add another data point to the galaxy they already have regarding you and your behavior. That, in turn, is a tiny, insignificant dot within their vast universe of information about their billion-plus users. Read More

  • YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don’t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal

    YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don’t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal

    YouTube made its top video creators an offer they literally couldn’t refuse, or they’d have their content disappear. Today YouTube confirmed that any “partner” creator who earns a cut of ad revenue but doesn’t agree to sign its revenue share deal for its new YouTube Red $9.99 ad-free subscription will have their videos hidden from public view on both the… Read More