• CrunchWeek: Jack Has A Moment, Microsoft Goes Big, And Pandora’s Selling Tickets

    It’s Friday, Friday, gotta crunch down on Friday. Welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech. This week we’re chatting about Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter and the launch of Moments, Microsoft’s massive hardware event and Pandora scooping up TicketFly. Also, our host Matt Lynley continues… Read More

  • The (Predictable) Misunderstanding Of Twitter Moments

    The (Predictable) Misunderstanding Of Twitter Moments

    Twitter Moments launched this week, which caught none of Twitter’s most hardcore users by surprise. We knew it by the name of “Project Lightning,” I refer to it as “Project Glacier” because it slows things down for folks who aren’t use to drinking from the water hose. One of the most talked about aspects of Moments is the lack of… Read More

  • This Is How Most Of The World Uses Twitter

    This Is How Most Of The World Uses Twitter

    Blah blah blah, Twitter has 316 million users or whatever and they’re not growing. Can it grow? Will it grow? Yes, there are a lot of questions that Twitter has to start answering if it wants to get some sort of momentum going with consumers and rebuild trust with its investors. General awareness isn’t Twitter’s problem. Plenty of people who aren’t on Twitter, and may… Read More

  • I Do Not Want Your Stupid App Crunch Network

    I Do Not Want Your Stupid App

    I do not want your stupid app
    I will not use this siloed crap.
    I do not like them, Sam-I-am.
    I do not want this mobile spam! Read More

  • The Super Tweet

    The Super Tweet

    Twitter is about nine years old and has a little over 300 million monthly active users. It’s a killer real-time platform. You know what it’s for, I know what it’s for, and even most of our moms know what it’s for. What it will become, or more to the point — contain, is what none of us know. But it needs to grow. Those of us who are hardcore users shook in our boots… Read More

  • I Like To Block It Block It Crunch Network

    I Like To Block It Block It

    And lo, on the day of the ninth release, the Lord Cook did cry ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of flamewars, and permitted ad blockers in iOS; and there was much rejoicing, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth, because freaking everyone had a strong opinion on the subject. Who would have thought that the chattering classes had so much passion in them? Read More

  • Twitter Polls Are An Awful Idea

    Twitter Polls Are An Awful Idea

    They’ve done it. Twitter has cracked the code. No, it’s not a new CEO. Nope, it’s not a new way to deliver content with context that you might be interested in. It’s polls. Read More

  • It’s Raining Donuts, Or, The Limits Of Exponential Decline Crunch Network

    It’s Raining Donuts, Or, The Limits Of Exponential Decline

    In 1913, in what is now an affluent suburb of Cairo, Egypt, an American engineer named Frank Shuman built the world’s first solar thermal power station, which pumped 100 gallons/second of Nile water into nearby cotton fields. He later declared in the New York Times: “After our stores of oil and coal are exhausted the human race can receive unlimited power from the rays of the… Read More

  • It’s Now Officially Sundar Pichai’s Show At Google

    It’s Now Officially Sundar Pichai’s Show At Google

    Welp, journalists got some inbox candy on a Friday from Google — an invite to an event on September 29. What will the event be about? Is it hardware? Has to be hardware! Is it software? Has to be software! Is it…yes. It has to be that, too. My point is that it doesn’t even matter what they launch: Google has had hundreds of product launches, and it will have hundreds more. Read More

  • Write As Many Words As You Need To

    Write As Many Words As You Need To

    Heya, this is the web, welcome. There is a lot of room here for activities. So much room, in fact, that you could write as many words as you want and it would literally never fill up all of the space inside.* You could write a 50,000 word review of an operating system. You could write a zero-word commentary piece on an acquisition or a currency. And you could even write something about… Read More

  • Facebook Is Building An Empathy Button, Not “Dislike”. Here’s How It Could Work

    Facebook Is Building An Empathy Button, Not “Dislike”. Here’s How It Could Work

    The Dislike button has long been the most requested feature from Facebook users. So when Mark Zuckerberg today said in a public Q&A that the company was working on a way to show empathy for victims of tragedies and other things that are inappropriate to Like, news outlets around the world sprung into action saying the masses would soon get their wish. But don’t hold your breath for… Read More

  • Surviving The Technical Cambrian Explosion Crunch Network

    Surviving The Technical Cambrian Explosion

    I’ve been doing a lot of recruiting lately. My employers HappyFunCorp are in the midst of another growth spurt. One of my most illuminating questions is: “What’s your strategy for keeping up-to-date with the Cambrian explosion of technical frameworks, languages, databases, templating systems, and so forth?” Everyone has a strategy — but nobody seems to feel… Read More

  • The Nest Is Being Robbed

    The Nest Is Being Robbed

    Another day, another Tweetstorm by Chris Sacca about Twitter’s CEO situation. His tune is the same, with the volume turned up ever so slightly. Most importantly, the signal he’s sending out is very similar to an S.O.S. Since July 1st, Twitter’s interim CEO has been Jack Dorsey, and the chatter around who would be the next permanent CEO, succeeding Dick Costolo, has been nonstop. Read More

  • Apple Gets Hardcore About Its Hobbies

    Apple Gets Hardcore About Its Hobbies

    The iPad wasn’t versatile enough for business. The iPhone camera wasn’t sharp enough for photographers. And none of Apple’s products were fast enough for diehard gamers. Until today. The resounding theme of Apple’s big press event was that it got serious about making its mainstream products powerful enough for professionals. Read More

  • Obligatory Burning Man Think Piece Crunch Network

    Obligatory Burning Man Think Piece

    Larry, Sergey, and Eric are burners. So are Zuck, Dustin Moskovitz, and the Winklevii; so are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Shervin Pishevar. Every year thousands of techies flock to ephemeral Black Rock City, Nevada’s 10th largest urban area during the week it exists. So many imagine Burning Man as a kind of summer camp for the tech industry. They could hardly be more wrong. Read More

  • Kill The Password

    Kill The Password

    There are a myriad of problems with the password in the modern computing context. We are no longer signing onto a single mainframe. We have multiple applications in use across various platforms. That means we are forced to remember far too many passwords. This causes people to use silly ones like 1234 or the same password across multiple sites, not even attempting to be secure. Think… Read More

  • App Release Notes Are Getting Stupid

    App Release Notes Are Getting Stupid

    “Bug fixes.” “Jam packed full of Super Amazing Things.” “Every 3 weeks, we polish up the Pinterest app to make it faster and better than ever.” “To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store every 2 weeks…Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability. As other new features become… Read More

  • The Honeywell Bubble Count Revisited Crunch Network

    The Honeywell Bubble Count Revisited

    I am a tall straight white cisgendered Canadian man in excellent health, i.e. I won pretty much every available lottery on the day I was born. People expect me to excel at things, or at least they don’t expect me not to. Concierges at five-star hotels are eager to help me, and rarely even ask me whether or not I am a guest. Read More

  • The Internet Is Failing The Website Preservation Test

    The Internet Is Failing The Website Preservation Test

    The other day I was writing an article and I wanted to link to a piece I wrote when I was at CITEworld in 2013 — just two years ago. I went searching for it, but soon discovered that IDG, the publication’s owners had taken the site down — and all of its content with it. While this was one small example, it illustrates the issues we have around content preservation on… Read More

  • Why Angry Birds Games Aren’t Enough For Rovio

    Why Angry Birds Games Aren’t Enough For Rovio

    Earlier today, Rovio said it would lay off 260 employees. This was fascinating news to the Internet, given Rovio’s status as one of the vanguards of mobile gaming as the iPhone and Android exploded. But in reality, all games eventually fade into obscurity, and even viral phenomenons like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille become distant memories among the… Read More