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  • Mobile Hang Ups Down Under

    A new study suggests that Australian mobile phone users have hang ups, and this isn’t just a disconnect either. This first in its kind study, led by a team of professors from around Australia, suggests that users just feel comfortable carrying their mobile handsets, even if they don’t use them. Additional findings suggest that Australians feel they work harder because they can… Read More

  • T-Mobile Riders Out of the Tour

    From Eurosport comes a bit of mobile-related news. It has been a sad day for the T-Mobile sponsored pro-cycling team. German Patnik Sinkewitz has pulled out of the Tour de France after a collision with a spectator. The grueling month long race, which began in London just over a week ago before heading to France, has few barriers to keep fans away, but ironically this accident occurred… Read More

  • SANYO Introduces Katana DLX

    Today SANYO unveiled the Sprint Power Vision KATANA DLX, which operates on the Spting Mobile Broadband network. The phone provides easy access to Sprint’s multimedia content including the Sprint Mobile Store, which allows over-the-air song downloads for 99 cents with the Power Vision data pack. The Katana DLX features a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a microSD card slot with support for up… Read More

  • MTS Music Stores Gets in the Groove

    Last Friday Groove Mobile, a mobile music service provider announced an alliance with communications company MTS Allstream Inc., to bring mobile music to the more then 300,000 customers on the digital network. This is the sixth carrier partner for Groove Mobile. “As part of our commitment to growing the mobile music market globally, we are happy to expand our presence in Canada with… Read More

  • As our sister site at CrunchGear is already reporting, the iPhone has given AT&T a huge boost since the arrival of the new Apple handset last month. About 25% of iPhone buyers actually made the switch from another service. The iPhone isn’t the only handset to have this sort of impact however; as analysts have pointed out that the Motorola RAZR drew a large number of users as well. But… Read More

  • CTIA Calls for Veto of ITC Chip Ban

    Today the CTIA-The Wireless Association president and CEO Steve Largent has issued a statement in response to a new report by The Brattle Group. The report indicates that the International Trade Commission (ITC) order banning the importation of new broadband wireless devices will cause up to $21.1 billion in economic harm to American consumers and product producers. Steve Largent’s… Read More

  • AdSense for Mobile

    We’re hearing a lot about AdSense for Mobile this week. Basically this new service allows publishers to place adsense contextual advertising on WAP sites to help form a revenue stream for the traffic. The service, which is currently in beta, is being aimed at publishers looking to take advantage of the fast-growing mobile advertising market with targeted Google ads. So what does this mean? Read More

  • NextWave to Acquire IP Mobile

    U.S. telco startup NextWave Wireless Inc., a technology and equipment provider, has announced that it will purchase a 69.23 percent equity stake in IP Mobile. This would make it the first foreign mobile phone carrier in Japan after the pull out by Britain’s Vodafone Group last year. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is expected to approve this acquisition. If… Read More

  • User Research Study Tests iPhone Interface

    The iPhone has been out for a couple of weeks now, so apparently that’s been enough time for someone to look into how the new “revolutionary” handset is being used. Chicago-based usability consultancy User Centric, Inc. has announced that it has conducted a test with iPhone customers who purchased the mobile phone on the first day it was released. This study was conducted… Read More

  • Paying Too Much for Mobile? Move to Canada!

    It seems everyone complains about the cost of their wireless plan, despite the fact that compared to the early days of cellular calls the costs are reasonable. Plus the service providers keep in throwing in all sorts of free extras, and making it affordable to do just about everything on your phone. But of course we like to complain. So if you’re feeling that your mobile service is… Read More

  • PayPal Mobile Checkout Lets You Pay While On the Go

    As a frequent traveler, and eBay addict I’ve been faced with a small problem. I can watch the auctions for those rare vintage maps, international DVDs and other “junk” that fills my apartment from my mobile phone. I can even place bids for the items. But paying for the stuff was a pain. And many sellers have strange, and even demanding rules on how quickly they want to be paid. Read More

  • Masabi Launches World’s First Mobile Java Security App

    This week Masabi, the UK-based secure mobile apps company, has announced that BT has validated the cryptographic algorithms used in EncryptME. This is the world’s first mobile Java security application and can provide Web commerce level security for the vast majority of existing mobile handsets. The 3K code footprint allows fully secure transactions from any Java-enabled phone. The first… Read More

  • Cellfish Media Launches Mobile Threat Channel

    There is a lot of music tunes and videos available for mobile devices, but much like in the 1980s when there were plenty of top 40 radio stations and few “alternatives,” the state of mobile music is all about the big hits. That has left those looking for something “harder” out in the cold. Metal heads and punk rockers rejoice! Cellfish, the mobile and Web… Read More

  • Blueapple WAP Portal to Video Content

    Searching for mobile video, and being able to watch content from multiple Web sites, has just gotten a little easier thanks to Blueapple, a WAP portal that lets users search for video content. From the WAP site the service will provide a list of relevant videos, which can then be either streamed or downloaded depending on the operator parameters and type of mobile handset being used. The… Read More

  • Japan Knows How to Sell Mobile Phones

    It seems that this is the time for those in the mobile scene to hit the road. While I am sorry to report that I didn’t bring back any images of mobile phone stores from England or France (I must have been busy trying to actually enjoy a vacation), I’m seeing that James Quintana Pearce over at mocoNews did take some time to snap photos of mobile stores in Japan. Having been to Japan… Read More

  • Pass and Go Securely

    Keeping information secure is a rising concern with mobile devices, especially as things get more and more connected. So it comes as welcome news that Secure Computing Corp. has released a new software authentication tool that can generate one-time-use passwords for mobile devices as well as laptops. Information Week is reporting that this new solution, called Safeword MobilePass, is designed… Read More

  • France is into Mobile Games

    Having just returned from Paris, the new report from GfK doesn’t seem the least bit surprising to me. It says that some 2.7 million mobile phone games were downloaded in France in the first quarter of 2007, and the average selling price was EUR 4.29. As with other markets, mobile gaming seems to be on the rise and phone games were being played just about everywhere in the City of Lights. Read More

  • Borders Going Mobile

    Big box bookseller Borders will be promoting its wares via mobile phone content, reports Marketing Week. Prior to the release of upcoming titles, Borders will send a chapter or two to customers who can check out the verbiage and then buy the book in-store for a discount. Borders plans to promote 30 titles each month in this fashion. Still unclear: Will the discount be applicable to their… Read More

  • Q&A: Ojas Rege on Yahoo! Mobile

    Mobile Crunch chatted with Ojas Rege, Yahoo’s vice president of global mobile products to talk about mobile content, advertising and the significance of the iPhone (for which Yahoo provides Yahoo Mail, a push email service, OneSearch and financial and weather applications). Mobile Crunch: What impact, if any, will Read More

  • iPhone Coming to T-Mobile in Germany

    Starting Nov. 1, T-Mobile will offer the iPhone exclusively in Germany (with a T-Mobile contract) for approximately 450 euros (roughly $612), Reuters reports. Also according to Reuters, Vodafone Group in Britain, Telecom in France and Telefonica in Spain have the leg up for partnering with Apple in their respective countries. via Reuters Read More