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  • Mobixie App for User-Generated Content

    Israeli developer Mobixie has introduced a new java mobile application that will provide users with access to a large library of user-generated content for games, videos, ringtones, screensavers and graphics. You can share content with friends and upload your own content to private and public storage spaces. The Moxbixie app is free, and features a PC-styled graphical interface that is… Read More

  • Pandora WiFi Player Coming

    Pandora went mobile last night, and in another announcement, released a new WiFi device produced by the same guys that brought us Yahoo’s WiFi music player, SanDisk. As TechCrunch reports, CTO Tom Conrad demoed a prototype of device pictured below. There’s a lot up in the air about the details of the player. Will it have a hard drive? How much will it cost? When will it be released? Read More

  • Pandora Goes Mobile

    At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Pandora has just announced their new mobile client for Sprint phones. TechCrunch has more details on the announcement. The client will let Sprint customers stream their Pandora radio stations to their phones. For the next 30 days the client will be free by going to on your mobile phone. After that, you will need a Pandora premium… Read More

  • V CAST Names that Tune

    What do you do when you hear a song you like, but have no idea who it is by? Well, the old school way was to sing it at the record store, but that is as sorry as trying out for American Idol. In the 21st century you have ways to name that tune without having to belt into song. The Verizon Wireless V CAST Song ID will allow you hear a song, hold the phone toward the music and then capture a… Read More

  • Jamba Gets A (Artificial) Life

    Award-winning mobile 3G technology and applications provider Artificial Life has formed a partnership with Jamba. This will make the Hong Kong based Artificial Life branded games available to Jamba and Jamster users in North America, South America and Europe. Among the first titles to arrive from the Far East will be V-Girl and V-Boyfriend. Artificial Life, Inc. Cooperates With Jamba/Jamster… Read More

  • French Mobile TV Delayed Until Summer 2008

    Citizens of France won’t be won’t be watching TV from DVB-H on their mobile phones this fall. While the launch of broadcast mobile TV was planned to kick off this autumn in time for the Rugby World Cup, a conflict between French mobile operators and broadcasters has led to a delay. Recent complications, which have resulted in a stand still over the business model will likely push… Read More

  • AT&T Name Games

    The commercial with the hook from that Oasis song says AT&T is the new Cingular, or Cingular is the new AT&T? It is hard to keep track. But it is more or less a moot point, because as our sister site at Crunchgear is reporting, AT&T is going to use the launch of the iPhone to push the official name change. With the launch of the iPhone next month AT&T is going to drop the… Read More

  • Cellphone Warning System for Lightning in the Works?

    They say lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, and even that were true it’s only going to keep you safe if you knew where lightning actually hit. A better way of playing it safe when you’re outdoors on the golf course and caught in a sudden thunderstorm is to know when lightning is heading your way. Nokia has proposed a warning system that could alert you to take… Read More

  • Quadruple-Play From Verizon

    Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that Verizon Communications has announced plans to offer quadruple play telecom services, which would include voice, broadband, Intenet and wireless in a single package. This four services assault would allow Verizon, which is currently the second largest incumbent telephone operator in the US, to gain an advantage over cable operators such as… Read More

  • FROG Interface

    Want a new homepage for your mobile handset or other portable device that makes it easier to get to the mobile Web sites you use the most? Hop over to FROG, where you can add direct access to mobile Web sites to your phone. This new homepage is free, and offers customizable links and colors. Users register online at, and do the initial set up from a PC, selecting which sites… Read More

  • V Cast Mobile Expands to Eight Cities

    The Verizon Wireless V Cast Mobile TV service has expanded to eight additional markets, reports Telecommunications Industry News. The wireless TV service launched in 20 markets on March 1, and major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia can now tune in to see programming. Currently the service, which is based on Qualcomm’s MediaFlo tech and costs $15 for… Read More

  • Hear It N' Get It Developer Gets Funding

    Opus Capital Ventures has provided Hingi with $3.5 million in the first round of funding, reports mocoNews. The Israeli mobile apps developer has created a service called “Hear It N’ Get It,” which can be used to identify broadcast music and let users download related content, including ringtones and MP3 tracks. Users can send an SMS with the name or a short-code of the radio… Read More

  • FuelFinder Helps You Find Cheap Gas

    As gas prices continue to soar with the arrival of summer, finding cheap gas is going to get harder and harder. Driving around is basically counter-productive. So before you drive around the block hoping to find a cheaper price, try looking up for affordable fuel on your mobile phone. can help you save money during your next fill-up. This national service is now… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Goes Unlimited

    Long talkers can soon gab it up without the worry of going over in their minutes, as Sprint Nextel extend its unlimited voice and data plan. WirelessWeek is reporting the carrier is now extending this plan to three new metropolitan markets including Philadphia, Tampa and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Two plans are available and include one for $120 a month, which includes unlimited voice, text and… Read More

  • Former Disney CEO Sees Minute and a Half Programming

    Can you spare about 90-seconds to watch something on mobile phone? If so former Disney CEO Michael Eisner might just have something to fill that minute and a half. mocoNews is reporting that Eisner’s new company Yuguru has plans to create a new series, titled Prom Queen, which would be delivered over some online video stores and via Verizon’s Vcast service. Speaking at Sign On… Read More

  • The Most Convenient Bank Offers Mobile Version

    Commerce Bank, which bills itself as America’s Most Convenient Bank, has launched a Virtual Private Bank reports Mobile Weblog, making it the first Web-based private banking platform. Commerce customers will be able to access their accounts from PDA smartphones such as a Blackberry or Treo, or the upcoming iPhone. According to the company’s press release, “this technology… Read More

  • 3jam Widget for Web to Mobile

    Need to send and receive text messages from the Web to SMS? Tyler let us know about a nifty little tool from 3jam. This new widget lets you exchange messages, but you don’t even have to give out your mobile number. By putting the free widget on your Web page you can send and receive messages to your mobile, which still remains completely masked. 3jam Launches a Web Widget! [via Tylersworld] Read More

  • NBC2GO to Air Preakness Stakes

    While the Preakness Stakes doesn’t get quite the hype of the Kentucky Derby, this race at Pimlico Race Course is still a big event in horse racing. It is also the second leg for Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense on his quest for the elusive “Triple Crown” of the famed Thoroughbred racing series. And this year’s event will serve as the debut event for NBC Sports, as… Read More

  • Nancy Drew’s Mobile Mystery

    To help promote the upcoming Nancy Drew movie, AOL has launched “Nancy Drew and the AOL Mobile Mystery,” a new micro-site where fans can go to solve a mystery worthy of the teen sleuth. Those would be junior detectives who might need a bit of help can send an instant message from their Mobile AIM service to the Nancy Drew IM “Buddy.” By writing to this screen name fans… Read More

  • China Approves use of European and American 3G Standards

    Today Telecomasia is reporting that the China’s Ministry of Information Industry has approved the use of foreign 3G standards for 3G cellular phones, including European and American standards, which are rivals to the China’s domestic TD-SCDMA standard. According to Yang Peifang, secretary general of the ministry’s telecommunication economist panel, “the three world… Read More