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  • HTC Hero for Sprint spied, kind of

    Looks like EngMo has more or less confirmed the HTC Hero for Sprint. Unless, of course, the image above is a complete photoshop, which we doubt since Hesse has pretty much confirmed that the Hero is coming to Sprint. We’ll know more later, maybe tomorrow, if the Hero will launch on October 11. EngMo Read More

  • LG GM750 "Layla" gets Wi-Fi certified, details leak

    It’s becoming a standard process at this point: First, BigPhoneCompany submits their new handset to the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi Alliance approves it, and throws it into their big list of Certified Products. Eagle eyed mobile mavens prowl the newly granted certification for a model number, and then turn to BigPhoneCompany’s own records for more information. The latest gem… Read More

  • TeleNav coming to the Sidekick LX, as well

    Jeez, TeleNav. Leave some for the rest of the GPS-making-folk. We barely just got the chance to mention that TeleNav was bound for the T-Mobile myTouch, and now they’re announcing a TeleNav Navigator port for the Sidekick LX ’09. Same deal here as with the G1: 3D maps, Turn-by-turn voice directions, automatic rerouting, and speech recognition, all for $10 bucks a month. We… Read More

  • Quick Look: T-Mobile BlackBerry 8520

    Me: A normal guy, no issues, really into BlackBerry Curves. You: A BlackBerry Curve with a similar build quality as the 8900 with a lot of class and great UI. Let’s meet for drinks, dinner, movie? Be prepared to spend time in my pocket. When I ran that personals ad on Craigslist I didn’t quite expect the 8520 to answer. This inexpensive phone will cost $48 at Wal-Mart (!!) and… Read More

  • TeleNav GPS Navigator hitting the T-Mobile myTouch tomorrow

    If you’re surprised by this, you haven’t been paying much attention. TeleNav is the first GPS house to really get messy with mobile (well, except for Garmin, who is just doing it entirely wrong), having already launched full-fledged Turn-by-turn apps on both the iPhone and the G1. With their Android port already up and navigating, you can bet that they’re itching to get on… Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2 to hit VZW in November

    Remember last year when everyone was stoked about the new touchscreen BlackBerry called the Storm? Oh man, the hype was huge. There was iPhone-ish lines, media coverage, the works. But then the first reviews came out and we all realized the truth: the phone sucked. It’s now a lot better thank to firmware updates, but the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 will hopefully recapture some of… Read More

  • Love fraggin' dudes and checking out graphs? Treyarch's COD: World At War app is for you

    If you’re constantly getting into intense debates with your closest compadres over who has the most headshots or the best Kill-to-Death ratio in Call Of Duty: World At War (and really, who isn’t? I mean, besides normal people), Treyarch’s got a little surprise for you. This morning, the folks behind CoD: World At War (otherwise known as the first WWII shooter that anybody… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Sprint)

    Short Version: Unless you’re shopping specifically for the Palm Pre, this is the smartphone to buy for Sprint customers. The weight is right, the speed is right, the OS is at the perfect point in its evolution. Read More

  • iPhone users: This virtual girlfriend will never leave you (video)

    There are a number of Tamagotchi-style apps for the iPhone out there, but now Tokyo-based Xtone gives us Amamiya Momo, a virtual catgirl girlfriend that lives in your iPhone, speaks to you and expresses emotions (there are English subs for when she speaks Japanese). You can use the GPS function in your iPhone to let Momo know when you’re home and when you’re out. She will act cuter… Read More

  • Motorola Clutch now in "Graphite" on Boost Mobile

    Lets face it: one look at the Motorola Clutch i465 is all it takes to know if it’s your thing or not. It’s not the prettiest handset on the block by anyone’s take, but it is the only one packing both iDEN (Push-to-talk) and a QWERTY keyboard. Its target audience was already fairly small; take everyone who wants a cell phone, then strip that down to those who want a… Read More

  • Apple bans App Store's 3rd-most prolific developer

    Over the past few weeks, Apple has been much-maligned for keeping apps such as Google Voice off the App Store. These weren’t some random garbage apps; there was no farting, or baby shaking. Google Voice apps are utilities which many have come to rely on, and thus many (including TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington) are none too happy with Apple’s blockade. But what if Apple deleted… Read More

  • Bacon and Egg iPhone case: If cute things raised cholesterol, we'd be doomed

    If I know our readers, most of you are probably wondering two things: “Why the hell would someone make an iPhone case that looks like bacon and eggs?”, and “Why the hell would MobileCrunch post about this?”. Two questions, one answer: “Because they can.” Actually, the main reason we’re posting about this is because its inching closer to lunch time and… Read More

  • One part NES. One part iPhone. All parts awesome.

    Ol’ Nintendo probably isn’t going to be too excited about having their controller’s likeness and console’s name audaciously sprinkled throughout some random iPhone app, but then they’ll hear the sweet siren song pumping from the speaker and forget all about it. Take various NES chiptune effects, and jam them into an iPhone app. Skin’em up with various… Read More

  • Gaming on the Throne: Review of Ten Pin Championship Bowling for iPhone

    Of course, nothing can really ever compare to the two bowling extravaganzas forever etched into my memory. These would be Shawnee Lanes and the inconceivably named Mr. Bill’s Bowling Center. Edificial landmarks that stain the Midwestern memory of my youth. I was no bowling champion. I was no bowler at all really. In fact, I don’t even like bowling. So when I was asked to review… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless slashes most smartphone prices to $99

    Huzzah! Verizon knows what’s up. The prices of its smartphones have been slashed, cut, and discounted down to iPhone 3G levels. Every single smartphone – expect for the new BlackBerry Tour and Samsung Saga – can be had for $99 or less on-contract. This means that the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, and Samsung Omnia are now only $99 straight up. It’s like Verizon… Read More

  • HTC Click to launch in China

    Images of the Click first appeared on the Interwebs a few weeks back and PC World is reporting that Dopod will launch the low-end Android device later this year in China. However, Dopod has plans to launch the Hero this month before the Click goes live in Q4. The Click will come with two interchangeable faceplates and sell for 3400 yuan ($500). A couple of changes are coming to the Chinese… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $99 for a Palm Pre today only

    If you weren’t one of the lucky ones that happened to snag a Palm Pre for $99 at Best Buy the other weekend thanks to a pricing snafu, has a deal for you. The website has managed to drop the price of the Palm Pre down to only $99 through a combination of instant and mail-in rebates. Read More

  • The Palm Pre is now available on Amazon

    There is probably a good chance that if you wanted the Palm Pre, you already snagged it at a Sprint store or Best Buy. Amazon now has the smartphone in case though. The on-contract price is the same at $199, but the off-contract price is surprisingly low at only $499. That’s a heck of deal considering the boys in blue have it listed at $749 sans contract. The only kicker is that it will… Read More

  • App Roundup: Lost in translation

    There I was. On a train from Paris to Barcelona, passing the time by playing Roulette on my iPhone. Someone sits down next to me; I think nothing of it. Probably another bumbling tourist excited to go see Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. “Perdon, Senor, que hora es?” I look up to identify the voice. There she was: a beautiful Spanish girl in a short skirt; the warm sun shining on… Read More

  • Windows Phone's Zune-like interface demoed on video

    All the improvements rolling out with Windows Mobile 6.5 (the new UI and set of tools is now “Windows Phone,” though the name Windows Mobile is not completely gone) are coming along quite nicely. This video has many of them being demonstrated — some you’ve seen (My Phone) and some you haven’t (Zune interface, alerts, Windows Marketplace stuff), and I have to say… Read More