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  • HTC beefs up the Touch line with the Diamond2, Pro2

    As much as we wanted HTC to announce the G2 at MWC, we knew it would be too much to ask. But if you’re into Windows Mobile (6.1) or, more importantly, TouchFlo 3D then you’re in luck. It looks like HTC took a page from Palm’s playbook on these updated Touch devices, but more on that later. The Diamond2 (4.25 X 2.09 X 0.54 inches) features a 3.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with a… Read More

  • Nokia makes the E75 official

    It was just about undeniable at this point, but Nokia has officially announced the E75. It will be available in March at the unsubsidized price of 375 euros (roughly $483 USD), with pre-orders beginning today. Nokia has yet to release the full specs, but the previously leaked (and most likely accurate) specs are as followed: Read More

  • Nokia unveils the E55 at MWC09

    Today at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Nokia’s “Dean of Devices” Kai Öistämö announced the Nokia E55, their slimmest QWERTY (SureType) device yet. It will be available in Europe this summer for roughly $340 USD. Amongst the details currently announced is an incredibly impressive one month stand-by time. Update: We got the deets. Read More

  • Hands on with the Garmin M20: Meh.

    This may give you an idea of how crazy Mobile World Congress can get: the first hands on demo of our trip went down when we were still at the airport. Well, in a car right outside of it – but still. Garmin/Asus offered us a ride to our hotel along with a hands-on of their newly announced nuvifone M20; a free ride and a product demo? We couldn’t resist. While we appreciate them… Read More

  • Adobe Is All Flash. Announces Vaporware For Several Mobile Phones, Except The iPhone.

    Adobe wants everyone to know that its fully-featured Flash Player, not the dinky lite version, will be available on many mobile phones . . . in 2010. So hang tight until then. The phones that will support Flash 10 include the Palm Pre, Nokia S60 models, Android phones, and Windows Mobile (but we already knew about those last two). Seriously, Adobe has been working on this for how long now? Read More

  • Video: Palm Pre's calendar gets demoed

    Take that iPhone fanboys! Read More

  • Hands-on: T-Mobile Samsung Memoir

    If you’ve been paying attention, the Samsung Memoir might seem like old news now, with word of it first leaking out over 2 months ago. Though essentially undeniable, Samsung has remained mostly mum on the topic until tonight in Barcelona, where it made its official debut. It may not be the first time we’re hearing about it, but as it’ll be the first 8-megapixel camera phone… Read More

  • T-Mobile dates, prices the Samsung Memoir

    Today at MWC, T-Mobile unveiled the Memoir (again) and announced that it will be available February 25th for $249.99. You can find all the details you want on the Memoir here. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson sort of announces the 12.1 megapixel "Idou"

    Want to know something I learned today? If you forget the power adapter required for making US style plugs play friendly with the outlets in Spain and happen to have arrived on a Sunday, you are screwed. All the stores are closed and, if your hotel is like mine, the “concierge” dude sitting at the front desk watching spanish Futurama doesn’t give a crap. Oh, and I also… Read More

  • We're off to Barcelona

    Mobile World Congress in Barcelona kicks off in just 3 days, and we’re headed out the door for the first leg of our trip. We’re still a car, train, and plane ride away – but Barcelona, here we come! So what can we expect? Too much to list. Samsung is bringing all kinds of stuff (but no Android, and no 12MP camera phone, according to SamsungCentral). All sorts of Android… Read More

  • Ocean 2 gets pictured in black

    All throughout the Ocean 2’s development cycle, pictures of it kept popping up in a silver and black motif. When it actually launched, however, everything silver had been turned red. The color change made sense, with the Helio-brand now under the parental guidance of Virgin Mobile (who’s primary color is red) – but it was one of the things we didn’t like. We said in… Read More

  • Samsung goes green with the solar-powered Blue Earth

    Throwing down some sort of Captain Planet voodoo, Samsung has managed to take a bunch of plastic bottles and recycle them into the Blue Earth, a solar-powered touchscreen phone backed to the brim with eco-friendliness. Read More

  • Rumor: Apple releasing matte black iPhone 3G [Update]

    Here we go. Again. The Mac Observer has a shot of a 16GB iPhone with a new model number, A1303, and what appears to be a matte black finish. Who really knows if this is true, but if that matte finish comes with a metal backing then I may have to bite. It sure looks legit. What do you think? Is this the new iPhone? I mean, it’s not like they’re going to completely overhaul the… Read More

  • Telefónica in Spain to get a slightly sightlier HTC Dream

    Lipstick on a pig? Still a pig. A bit of makeup and some chin surgery on the G1? It’s.. significantly more attractive. Though they’re not saying when, Telefónica has announced that they’ll be carrying the G1 – albeit under the name it was originally known by before T-Mobile went and rechristened it: the Dream. In addition to the name change throwback, it’s… Read More

  • Court sides with FCC's "porting" decision, rejects Verizon's (whiny) arguments

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has upheld (pdf) a FCC decision finding that Verizon’s use of proprietary information of rival companies for marketing purposes violates federal law. Read More

  • Sidekick 2009 rumors heating up, already in the wild

    Looks like Ed at HipTop3 has been exchanging e-mails with someone claiming to have already manhandled the Sidekick 2009. If you recall, the first true whispers of the new Sidekick popped up a couple weeks back about the Sidekick LX 2009 that was spotted in an online survey. Turns out that device is the “Blade” or as T-Mobile calls it, “Montreal.” Blade is apparently… Read More

  • Skyfire bumped up to 0.9, learns to be social

    Skyfire, a mobile browser for Windows Mobile and S60 which quickly became a favorite around these parts for its abilities to playback Flash video and a number of other rich media formats, has just gotten the update treatment. While it brings the obligatory bug fixes and optimizations that any pre-1.0 release should, the biggest new feature is what they’re calling the “real-time… Read More

  • Verizon picks up Alltel's My Circle, redubs it "Friends and Family"

    Looks like Alltel’s finally beginning to rub off on Verizon, with the latter adopting one of the finest features of their new found property. Earlier this morning, Verizon announced that they’d be taking on Alltel’s My Circle option, but under the name “Friends and Family”. The new plan option will make its way to Verizon customers on February 15th, allowing any… Read More

  • Acer parties like it's 2003 with new DX650, X960 smartphones

    Somewhere in the heart of Mount Fuji, Acer’s crack team of designers are listening to Hail to the Thief and pounding back Zima because they have finally gotten the world’s attention. You see, Acer’s smartphone division has been completely forgotten within the company – someone tasked them with creating a touchscreen phone back in 2003 or so and then forgot to let them… Read More

  • Telenav turn-by-turn for Android coming in 2 weeks

    Were you disappointed by this mornings news that the other nuvifone wouldn’t be sportin’ the droid? So were we. Then we realized it wasn’t so much because we cared for the new nuvifone, but because we just wanted turn-by-turn navigation on an Android phone. Turns out, we don’t have much longer to wait. According to their new product page, we should be using… Read More