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  • START MOBILE to Pimp Out Your Phone

    Yo, yo, yo! Independent mobile content company START MOBILE announced today the launch of their new mobile widget, which is powered by XLR8 Mobile’s WapItUp! Mobile commerce platform and will deliver mobile content from any Web site to mobile phones anywhere. This is done through their proprietary commerce system that features a micro-site widget storefront. “The START MOBILE… Read More

  • Fox Soccer Scores Mobile Rights to Premier League

    In America most of us think of soccer as that game kids play, and moms go to watch. Well, at least that use to be the case, as interest in the game the rest of the world calls football is rising. Now U.S. fans of the English Barclay’s Premier League will be able to tune in to catch the long matches with low scores on their mobile handsets. This newly signed deal gives the Fox Soccer… Read More

  • This Rules? Not Really

    If you live in NYC then you rule… at least accordingly the latest ad campaign from Virgin Mobile. Various billboards and other signs praise the various New York neighborhoods. Devised by ad agency Havas McKinney, most find it to be confusing, insulting and overly stereotypical. One ad highlights the “liberal views” of the Upper West Side. I think I want to be sick! I’m going… Read More

  • Pac Man Fever Comes to AT&T Windows Mobile

    Did you spend your allowance at the arcade back in the 1980s? Do you remember arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug? If so then here is some news that is better than a Duran Duran reunion! Namco Networks has announced that several of its arcade classics are being made available for AT&T’s line of Windows Mobile smart devices. These smart phone games can… Read More

  • YouTube to Distribute Content to Mobile

    You Third Screen? Is that the future for You Tube? According to AP that’s exactly what YouTube’s co-founder Steve Chen may have in mind. Bringing the video-sharing site to the mobile platform by next year could be the next frontier for the company, but what this means for the YouTube service already offered by mobile carriers such as Verizon and Vodafone is a lot less clear. Read More

  • InfoSpace Unloads Moviso

    InfoSpace has announced that it has sold off its InfoSpace Media Studios (formerly Moviso) to mobile content tech firm FunMobility, reports mocoNews. This isn’t exactly the first sale for the guys at Moviso. The company, which was among the very first mobile content providers, was launched in 1999 and then sold to Vivendi Universal before being bought by InfoSpace in 2003. Under this… Read More

  • Mobile Game Audio Needs Some Faith

    While mobile gaming is getting better despite the small size of the third screen, and even control issues are adapting, one thing is still missing, namely the audio. Mobile gaming sounds like something straight out of the days of the Atari 2600. Turns out all you need is some Faith, or more accurately Faith West. This month the mobile content technology developer will introduce the first… Read More

  • China Mobile Signs Billion Dollar Deal with Ericsson

    China Mobile has signed a deal with Swedish telecom company Ericsson to the tune of a billion dollars, reports TechWhack. This deal would have Ericsson supply China Mobile with the equipment to expand their coverage in the growing Asian sector, both with network capacity and performance of the service. Under this deal Ericsson will supply China Mobile with the necessary core and radio… Read More

  • Disney Launches Donald Duck Content

    It isn’t always about Mickey when it comes to the Mouse House after all. Walt Disney Group announced that they’re going to launch special mobile content to celebrate the birthday of the Donald Duck cartoon. The catch is that this content is available to mobile subscribers in India. The unique “Donald Zone’ has been created on Reliance Mobile World, Plantehutch and… Read More

  • Mobile Phones Used by the Youth!

    File this under, “tell me something I didn’t know.” A new Harris survey shows that cellular phones are being widely used by those under age 30! Seriously, it took a survey to find this out? Most of the findings are pretty much what we expected. The survey shows that 18 to 29 year olds are the largest group that are only using cell phones, or the Internet for making phone calls. Read More

  • Party over at French MVNO

    And you thought things looked bad for Amp’d Mobile! Well, French MVNO Ten Mobile is out of cash and accordingly to rumors was last seen holding a sign on the French highways that read “fournira le service mobile pour la nourriture” (“will provide mobile service for food”). OK, so it isn’t that bad, but the company, which has about 15,000 customers, has… Read More

  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inks Deal with MobiTV

    Mobile and broadband network provider MobiTV has signed a deal with Sony BMG that would make more than 2,500 music videos available to the MobiTV service. These videos will be put into immediate rotation on the various existing, branded music channels, which will now contain a library of more than 7,000 music videos in total on the mobile service. The two companies will also collaborate on… Read More

  • Decline in Mobile Sales in Taiwan Expected

    Technology pundits typically look East to see the latest trends, so could we see sales of mobile phones decline in the months to come? While probably unlikely to hit the U.S., sales of mobile phones are actually expected to decline this in Taiwan. The Taipei Times is reporting that mobile sales may falls slight as local service providers reduce efforts to boost new 2G subscriptions due to… Read More

  • In-A-Bin Brings News First

    The beta version of has launched, and this is one of the first sites that promotes citizen journalism from mobile users. “It’s News, Again, Before It’s News” is the idea (and motto) behind “In-A-Bin,” whcih was designed to be a portal where anyone with a mobile phone can publish news instantly with a mere push of the button. This can include… Read More

  • GotVoice Adds to Uber Voicemail

    GotVoice has added two new features to their web based voice mail product: group voice messages from your mobile, and visual voice mail. See our coverage for details on the previous version. The new group messaging feature lets you recorded a message from your phone and play it back over a call to multiple contacts or dump it directly in their email. Previously users could only use the website… Read More

  • Ban on 3G Handsets With Qualcomm Chips

    The U.S. International Trade Commission has ordered a ban on new 3G handsets that contain Qualcomm chips, as these infringe on a Broadcom patent. It gets a little confusing… see phones that have already been sold in the U.S. are exempt, and this includes future sales of the same model. Further, current handset brands don’t need to change either. But any new 3G devices will have to… Read More

  • InfoSpace Goes With Virgin Mobile

    If you’re a Virgin Mobile subscriber you’ll be doing your searching with InfoSpace. The two companies announced that InfoSpace would supply Virgin Mobile with its suite of mobile platform services including integrated search. This will allow subscribers access to search the Web, WAP sites and of course Virgin Mobile’s own portal and storefront to find ringtones, games and… Read More

  • Hard Wired Handsets

    Mobile handsets are like snowflakes, no two models perform in the same way and require developer adjustments. So how does developer of mobile content from ringtones to games, news, to viral videos. How do programmers know if their games or WAP sites will look consistent across all phone manufacturer models, OSs, and carriers? The savvy ones use Mobile Complete’s Device Anywhere service. Read More

  • EU To Slash Mobile Roaming Rates

    The European Union has agreed that calls are just costing too much money! The 27-member bloc has adopted new rules that will reduce the price of mobile phone calls, and the European Commission has agreed to cut mobile roaming charges to a quarter or a fifth of what subscribers are currently paying. Maybe their crazy socialist systems do have benefits! [via Australia IT] Read More

  • Mobile Web Usage on the Rise

    Mobile Web use is steadily rising in the United States. WebPro News is reporting that Bango has released statistics that show that in America the use of the mobile Web has tripled since last year, and is now only trailing the U.K. in usage. And mobile search is what is driving this mobile Web usage. The other countries that are accessing the Web via handsets and the third screen is… Read More