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  • IceBreaker Gets $7.2 Million For Social Mobile App

    Mobile software company IceBreaker just announced a $7.2 million round co-led by Frazier Technology Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. IceBreaker is putting the money into marketing marketing and expanding their Beijing development office. IceBreaker’s main offering is their mobile dating applications, “Crush or Flush”, which is like a WAP version of Hot or Not. You… Read More

  • Verizon To Turn Down the Amp’d

    Could things get worse for Amp’d Mobile? Well things can always get worse. But today, the word is that Verizon could make things very bad indeed. Over at sister site Crunchgear they’re saying that Verizon might be about to turn off the service to Amp’d Mobile. Verizon asked Amp’d to come up with $4.5 million within 10 days or face a shut down. This could leave the… Read More

  • EA Mobile is Just Wild About Harry

    Move over Spidey, look out you Pirates, Harry Potter is coming your way. With the upcoming release Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the big screen EA Mobile, a division of Electronic Arts, has announced a game for the third screen. Mobile consumers will be able to download the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix mobile game, along with personalization content, including… Read More

  • Games Bigger than Ringtones in the U.K.

    Mobile gaming is big business in the U.K. according to market researchers at GfK M² GameDaily is reporting today. According to GfK’s data consumers in the British Isles are spending more to download games to their mobile phones than on ringtones, music or video content. The mobile gaming market is almost four times the size of the market for full music tracks, and eight times the… Read More

  • Space Shuttle Launch on Mobile, Like Watching Paint Dry?

    On July 20, 1969, the country paused to watch the first man walk on the moon. Just under 40 years later, and the space shuttle launch raises little more attention than a regularly scheduled flight on a commercial airline. Can mobile change all that? German mobile software company Dynetic plans to stream the next NASA launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Friday, June 8, at 7:38 p.m. Read More

  • Mobile Web 2.0, an Overstatement?

    It’s one thing to call social networking and commerce sites with advanced features Web 2.0, but to put the Mobile Web — which is in its infancy — in the same bucket may be overstretching definitions. mocoNews is reporting Google’s Sumit Agarwal, a product manager in the mobile division, is calling it “Web 0.5.” Form factors like small screens and tiny… Read More

  • Ccube Expands Free Click-to-Call

    Staying connected while staying private has just gotten easier. Ccube today unveiled their new click-to-call feature, which will allow members of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to get connected while maintaining their privacy. The click-to-call widget can be placed in the user profile to enable communication with other Ccube members, but without revealing personal… Read More

  • Users Touchy About Touchscreen Interface

    A report by Strategy Analytics “Positive Learning Curve for Touchscreen Devices” finds visual feedback and durability to be key to the success of touchscreen interfaces on mobile phones. While it’s OK to include a stylus for the phone’s operation, by definition and research, a touchscreen must respond to finger gestures. “Durability of the screen remains the… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging Revenue Exceeds $1 Billion in Q1

    Mobile messaging through VeriSign’s digital infrastructure brought carriers topped $1 billion in the first quarter. The provider trafficked an excess of 17 billion messages, up from eight billion in the first quarter of 2006. The messaging peak occurs in the early evening hours, no doubt when plans are being made, or texting teens are (supposedly) doing their homework. At that time, as… Read More

  • Motricity Powers Musician Storefronts

    With the launch of Linkin Park’s mobile storefront, Motricity, a provider of mobile content services and solutions, announced this week that it now powers more than 400 mobile storefronts, including nine of the top 10 sites. “Mobile is now a standard component for album releases,” said Jud Bowman, CTO and general manager of media and entertainment for Motricity. “Inserts… Read More

  • Photo Sharing with Burstcast

    Want to share the photos you’ve taken on your mobile phone? While it is easy enough to send them via e-mail, you can use Burstcast to send to one online location for all to see. Burstcast is an online image viewer that lets you e-mail your photos directly from the camera where they are then posted to a Web page. Your phone number and other personal information remains secure as well, so… Read More

  • Sticky Entry-Level Services Could Mobile

    Research analyst firm Berg Insight’s recent study suggests that the rise of Web 2.0 is fusing the fixed and mobile Internet into a single entity. The findings report that the wireless Internet will likely evolve just as the wired online world, and that moving forward the mobile communications sector should not be treated as a separate business. Entry-level sticky services, such as… Read More

  • AT&T Going All Out With iPhone

    AT&T will pulling out all the stops later this month when Apple’s iPhone makes it debut. And while Apple will be making an aggressive launch of the product, AT&T is taking the phone’s arrival very seriously. Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s new CEO, told Reuters this weekend, “We are putting a lot of money behind the launch as well, to drive traffic to the Apple… Read More

  • Pirates Go After Mobile

    You won’t need an “E Ticket” to experience the latest version of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the latest installment of the Walt Disney Pictures franchise. mDisney, the mobile publishing unit of the “mouse house” announced last week a launch of a suite of mobile content based on the hit film. This includes a movie-based game titles (aptly… Read More

  • Roger’s Hearing Voices

    File this one under the “There I said it” category. Or more accurately the “Roger said it” category. Finally someone has spoken up about the direction that this next generation of handsets is taking, and I couldn’t agree more. Do we really need touch screen phones such as the Prada or the iPhone? What’s happening on the voice centric side asks Roger? Good point. Read More

  • AT&T Wireless Goes International With SMS

    Text messaging might just be the way to stay in touch with friends and relatives in far off lands. And while U.S. carriers have lagged behind Europe and Asia in SMS services that could be changing. Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that AT&T has announced America’s first widely available international text messaging plan. For as little as 10 cents a message users will be… Read More

  • Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

    Are things really over for Amp’d Mobile? As our sister site at TechCrunch is reporting the word is that the company has burned through $360 million in the last two years, and is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Amp’d had attempted to market mobile phones to the youth market, a sector that has plenty of options. Since in many cases it is the parents footing the bill, maybe the… Read More

  • Sony to get in on the Mobile Game

    Sony is looking for a new gaming arena it seems. While the company has dominated in the living room with the PlayStation 3, there have been struggles with the PlayStation Portable handheld system. Now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking to make a different move for the portable space, with a move into mobile games. The company has hired Balir Blugan, former THQ Wireless executive… Read More

  • Consumers not Embracing Mobile Banking

    Banking isn’t catching on with U.S. consumers reports PC World. Speaking at conference in Boston on Thursday Tower Group Inc. analyst Bob Egan said that the idea of doing banking on a mobile phone, whether it is moving funds or paying bills is still a novelty. Only some 400,000 people in the country, out of nearly 240 million mobile phone users, are actually doing banking on their handsets. Read More

  • iLoop Mobile and Third Screen Media Partnership

    Mobile innovator iLoop Mobile, a technology and services company for interactive, text-based mobile marking and content distribution, has announced a strategic partnership with Third Screen Media, provider of mobile advertising software and services. This agreement will allow marketers, content owners and enterprises using the iLoop Mobile mFinity platform to have access to Third Screen… Read More