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  • BIO-key To Provide BART with Mobile Data Software

    Today BIO-key International Inc., a wireless public safety solutions provider, and its partner CYRUN, announced a contract award with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Department for BIO-key’s mobile data software. Under this contract the MobileCop solution from BIO-key will be incorporated into CYRUN’s Alliance PD Central Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System. Read More

  • Chinese Mobile TV on the Rise

    Let the games begin! Next summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing will likely be the catalyst of mobile TV service in the land of the Dragon. Juniper Research predicts that mobile TV will grown from about $36 million in 2007 to nearly $100 million during next summer’s Olympic Games. The study’s findings suggest that sports related content will be the prime attraction for mobile TV… Read More

  • Amp’d Mobile Offers Some Answers

    We’ll be watching the Amp’d Mobile site very closely today. The MVNO has posted an FAQ page detailing its closure and offering some options for its current customers. What we do know is that the site might be shutting down tomorrow (July 24), and customer service will likely be hanging up later today. Amp’d Mobile FAQ Read More

  • Amp’d Shutting Down?

    This could be the final week for mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Amp’d Mobile, which had previously filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. Last week Verizon Wireless, the carrier that provides the network services for Amp’d, had petitioned a judge to allow it to cease services to the MVNO. Amp’d had been behind on the charges it owed to Verizon, and it is the… Read More

  • Memory Card Compatible Handsets on the Rise

    Israel-based mPortico has conducted a survey that shows the global penetration rates of handsets with mobile memory cards has increased dramatically in the past 24 months. The research is based on 990 phones currently available in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The initial data further confirms that mobile devices with MicroSD and MiniSD expansion-slots currently make up the largest share of… Read More

  • moblog:tech Seeks Funding

    Last week moblog:tech announced that the company, which runs and, is going into a funding acquisition round, and is seeking initial investment. The company currently offers mobile technology to let users take photos and videos with a camera phone and then post them to the Internet. To date the company is 100% management owned and debt free. [moblog:tech] Read More

  • Living in the 80’s!

    Did you love the skinny ties, new wave music and the era of Ronald Reagan? If so then you might enjoy the Bodacious 80’s Challenge, a new trivia game that will come out in August from Time Lapse Mobile for major North American carriers including Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular and Bell Mobility. The game features more than 1,500 questions and images from the 1980’s from more than 100… Read More

  • CTIA Responds to Google

    Today the CTIA – The Wireless Association responded to Google’s letter to the Federal Communication Commission. President and CEO Steve Largent issued this statement: “The veil has been lifted. Google’s letter to the FCC this morning highlights the Internet giant’s scheme to have the 700 MHz auction rigged with special conditions in its favor. If Google is willing… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA IPO Is Up

    Things are looking up for Virgin Mobile’s U.S. business, which is a joint venture of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group Ltd. and Sprint Nextel. Virgin Mobile USA Inc. has raised its IPO offering to $506 million five times the original target. Part of the appeal is that the youth market has really embraced this MVNO brand, which was formed in 2002, and has successfully targeted… Read More

  • Google Wants 700 MHz Spectrum

    Today Google announced that should the FCC adopt a framework that would require greater competition and consumer choice, then the company would bid in the federal government’s upcoming auction for the wireless spectrum in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band. Google has urged the FCC to consider several rules, regardless of who wins the spectrum, and encouraged the FCC to adopt four types of… Read More

  • IMGA Seeks Entries

    The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), an annual awards program and competition, is now open. Headquartered in Marseilles France, the group is inviting entries from mobile gaming studios, individual developers, groups of individuals, students, researchers and companies involved in mobile games to submit their titles. Established in 2004, this is the fourth edition of the… Read More

  • Ericsson Reports 12% Rise in Second-Quarter Net Profit

    Driven by growth in emerging Asian markets and a continued strong performance from its Sony Ericsson mobile-phone joint venture, Swedish teleco handset maker Ericsson reported a 12 percent increase in profits for the second quarter. Despite this increase it is lower than analysts had expected, in part due to softer than expected numbers from Europe and continued delays with some large… Read More

  • Life is Good Indeed

    LG Electronics likes to say that “Life’s Good” and for their mobile phone unit, this couldn’t be more true. LG Electronics earned its largest-ever quarterly operating profit in the mobile phone sector, while rival Samsung Electronics actually suffered a decrease in sales. LG’s growth is attributed to an increase in sales of its GSM handsets in Europe as well… Read More

  • Motorola Looking to Turn it Around

    Motorola has vowed to return to profitability, win back customers from Samsung and most importantly sell new phones reports Bloomberg. The company, which as we reported earlier this week, has reported a second-quarter loss of $28 million, but yesterday forecast that its mobile-device unit will make a turn around this quarter and next. Even with new and upcoming mobile handsets that focus on… Read More

  • South Korean 3G Users to Pass 23 million by 2010

    By the year 2010 there could be more than 23 million 3G mobile phone users in South Korea, according to a new research report by ROA Group. And 41.95 million South Koreans, or roughly 85% of the total population, will be using some form of mobile handset. The report forecasts significant growth for the WCDMA (3G) mobile standard. The prepaid mobile phone market, which is currently quite low… Read More

  • Oasys Mobile Operates Under Chapter 11

    Raleigh, N.C.-based Oasys Mobile filed for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware after it was unable to pay senior secured debentures in the principal amount of $8 million. The mobile content company plans to continue with business as usual and has secured a post-petition credit facility to fund operations. Oasys Mobile creates and sells ringtones… Read More

  • Turn Your Camera Phone Into a Digital Scanner

    There has already been talk about “digital shoplifting,” this is where a camera phone user snaps a photo of an image in a magazine for purposes of haircut styles, recipes, etc. Well now Qipit might make the process of “scanning” text on the go a little easier, not that digital shoplifting should be considered its own purpose. In fact there are times when you might… Read More

  • Mobile Advertisers Looking at Gaming

    Is the big convergence for Mobile 2.0 going to be with gaming and advertising? That’s a possibility say some experts, as the number of mobile users double to four billion over the next five years. For mobile marketing campaigns to be effect these need to be unobtrusive and relevant. So how do you do it? By making the marketing campaign part of a game. Sprint recently conducted a survey… Read More

  • Ministry of Sound Plots MVNO Launch

    If you’re hitting the U.K. dance clubs until the sun comes up, then the best way to reach you might be on a Ministry of Sound branded phone. And this could be in the cards, as the popular U.K. based independent record label and dance club brands considers becoming a mobile virtual network operator. Fans of the electronica music brand will have the option to make calls, send text messages… Read More

  • ESPN Employees Can’t Have Verizon

    According to a leaked memo, which is circulating online, ESPN employees can’t get a corporate phone that is on Verizon, despite the fact that Verizon features a branded ESPN MVP. This comes after ESPN closed down its own MVNO, only to relaunch again on Verizon. What’s the reason? Here is what the memo says: Question: With the switch to Verizon for ESPN phone content, will our… Read More