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  • Palm Pre now tether-friendly, depending on your definition of "friendly"

    We’re not sure if there’s a direct connection here or not, but here’s the way we saw it: PreDev Wiki opens the floor to anyone looking to discuss tethering the Pre, then nixes the topic at the request of Palm. Just hours later, the first tethering solution has gone up. Coincidence? Did someone get a spark of motivation after the discussion got pushed under the rug? Either… Read More

  • iPhone app review: MovieLingo

    I’m not a huge movie buff, but I have a pretty good memory and do well enough at movie trivia games. I am also often able to repeat lines verbatim from movies I saw years ago, and usually enjoy doing so. So I was pretty intrigued when I saw Avalinx’s new app, MovieLingo. It’s a simple app, but I think it’s a good example of how to use mobile computing and always-on… Read More

  • Samsung B7610 enters the fray, officially

    Today at an event in Singapore, Samsung Korea officially launched four new handsets to the market. The flagship of the four phones introduced was the Samsung B7610, a part of Samsung’s Omnia brand of smartphones. The B7610 comes with a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display (800×480 resolution), a slide-out keyboard, a 5.1-megapixel camera, 1GB of memory, FM tuner, Wi-Fi, TV Out, and… Read More

  • Q3 2009: Nokia E72, XpressMusic 5530

    There’s two more Nokia phones for you to choose from. Well, soon there will be. There’s the E72, which has been shot-teased for a few months and is billed as “swift, slim, and resourceful”; it’s sentient, too. That’s a new feature this year. Then there’s the far simpler XpressMusic 5530, which, as the name implies, is built around its music-playing… Read More

  • Verizon to get the Samsung Omnia 2

    Get ready Verizon subscribers for the Samsung Omnia 2 is coming your way. The Omnia 2 boasts a 3.7-inch AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution, TouchWiz 2.0 (more widgets!) and WinMo 6.5 when available (ships with 6.1). Pricing and availability are unavailable. Read More

  • AT&T FAQ reveals no extra charges for MMS

    AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra for MMS when it rolls out, according to an FAQ (PDF) that iLounge found online. Just thought you should know. I was worried about that and now it looks like I’ll be dumping my BlackBerry Curve and heading to AT&T for the 3G S. Will AT&T offer MMS and tethering? Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make… Read More

  • Belkin announces a cornucopia of iPhone 3G/3G S cases

    What would a Monday morning be without an iPhone accessory post? I don’t know because it seems like we do them all the time! With today’s announcement, Belkin has covered the whole gamut to meet everyone’s needs. A variety of silicone and leather cases with various graphics will adorn your iPhone and there’s even a douchey horizontal holster for you belt. Oh… Read More

  • Dell's Android phone pictured?

    Is this Dell‘s upcoming Android-powered smartphone? Hmmm? It does sport a Dell logo on the bottom chin. And it does seem to be running Android. Still, there isn’t anyway of verifying this pic’s authenticity so we’ll just add this bad boy to Mr. BlurryCam’s portfolio. Read More

  • BlackBerry Messenger update in the wild

    It’s not available yet, but BGR got his hands on the latest build of RIM’s upcoming update to BlackBerry Messenger. The following are new features to the PIN-based messeging system: Avatar support, GPS location integration, Proximity sensor, Set conversation subjects, and Homescreen support. Hit the jump for details. Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash 3G spotted by Mr. Blurry Cam

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the upcoming T-Mobile Dash 3G and earlier today TmoNews posted a shot of the device that’s expected to launch on July 1. Read More

  • VZW CEO confirms Palm devices, multiple BlackBerrys, and others coming in six months

    It hasn’t been a secret for months, but Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam has confirmed that a multitude of devices from RIM, Palm and Android-based devices are coming to the nation’s largest network in the next six months. Read More

  • iPhone App Roundup: Week 3

    That’s right folks – it’s iPhone App Roundup time again. During past weeks, we’ve only showcased 3 iPhone apps during each Friday Roundup. But this week was special. What with the iPhone 3G S being announced and all, we decided to throw in a few more. Contain your excitement, please. Read More

  • Reminder: How to take screenshots on the Palm Pre

    Nearly two months before the Pre hit the shelves, one of our Pre-toting compadres gave us the run down on how to take screenshots on the device. Now, that wasn’t all that useful two months ago. Outside of the hundred or so people running around with a pre-release Pre, no one would be taking screenshots for quite some time. With the device now on the shelves, however, we’ve been… Read More

  • Review: StarDefense supplants Fieldrunners as iPhone's best tower defense game

    It has been said time and time again, but really: the iPhone is a damn good gaming device. It’s the perfect platform for tower defense games. Never played one? In tower defense games, players build towers that fire an endless barrage of artillery at an onslaught of enemies. The goal is to kill the enemies before they reach a given target. The classic iPhone tower defense game is… Read More

  • Best Buy to offer Geek Squad's Black Tie Protection on the iPhone 3G S

    AI is reporting that Best Buy will be offering insurance on the iPhone 3G S when it goes on sale next week. Current Black Tie Protection plans range between $7 and $10, but protection for the iPhone 3G S will be significantly more. You’ll have to shell out $15 per month or $180 a year to protect your precious against drops, spills and whatever else you can throw at it. So who’s… Read More

  • Apple patent reveals plans for Emergency Mode

    Consider this: you’re stranded on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard, and you find yourself hopelessly loss amidst a sea of white. You glance down at your iPhone, to see you only have about a few minutes of battery life left. Looks like a pretty grim situation, right? Well, thanks to a recently revealed patent filed by Apple, you may just be alright after all. Apple’s… Read More

  • IRS moves to collect taxes on your work-provided cellphone

    Another potshot aimed at the working man, friends. The IRS is looking to collecting more taxes on your work-provided cellphone, something the wireless industry—think CTIA, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, etc.—will fight tooth and nail. The industry thinks that if companies and/or employees have to pay more for their phones, they may cancel the service altogether. Read More

  • Yup, Doom runs fine on the Palm Pre

    If you were wondering the age ol’ question of “Will it run Doom?” about the Palm Pre, the answer is yes. We’re kind of thinking though that more would be surprised if the Pre wouldn’t run Doom. But anyway, one dude took it upon himself to reprogram an open-source version of the game to use WebOS’s DirectFB graphics library. So what we have here is a… Read More

  • Bigfoot Spotting: Photo of T-Mobile's upcoming Android-powered Samsung leaked

    Okay, seriously. We love us some Android, but we have to wonder: Do these manufacturers have some secret pact that requires them to make every Android phone ugly as hell? BoyGenius managed to dig up this shot of Samsung’s upcoming Android release, currently known only as “Bigfoot”. According to their source, Bigfoot will tote a 3 megapixel camera alongside a 3.0″… Read More

  • Samsung announces the solar-powered Crest Solar E1107

    By common definition, the new Samsung Crest Solar is about as far from a smartphone as you can get – but if you’re going somewhere where electric outlets are scarce, it’s probably a smart idea to carry one. Available later this month in India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and Latin America, the Crest Solar will be Samsung’s first solar-powered cell phone to… Read More