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  • Google Working On Super Double Secret Mobile Phone

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been investing “hundreds of millions of dollars” in a cellphone project. Reports of a “Google phone” are not a particularly new revelation, but this latest report comes with some added details. The Journal reports that Google has made mobile phone mock-ups, courted carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon), and continued working… Read More

  • Wired: Why Cell Phones Are Bad

    Cell phones are loved by millions, and probably hated by just as many. This reporter is in the first group. I love my cell phone probably more than any electronic device after my TV. Being able to always be in touch… love it! Being able to chat with people while I’m walking back to the office from a meeting… what could be better? But some people don’t feel the same way. Read More

  • MojoBaby Let’s SOE Fan Faire Attendees Share The Experience

    If you have your mojo on for Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire, the largest gathering of its kind devoted to SOE’s popular online roleplaying games, then you’ll probably want to share the experience not fortunate to get out into the real world. But fortunately this year MojoBaby is helping fans stay connected during the August 2-5 event at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Expands NBCU Offerings, Brings AC/DC Catalog to V CAST Music

    While NBC dropped the “Must See TV” tagline a few years ago, the network still has a lot of programming worth watching. And now V CAST subscribers will have access to a bit more of it. Verizon Wireless and NBC Universal (NBCU) have announced that V CAST cusomters can view short video on demand from an entire suite of NBC channels, including NBC News, NBC Sports, “Access… Read More

  • MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge

    Do you have what it takes to be the next big mobile game developer? You have until August 10 to try to make it big. Motorola and I-play are asking independent game developers across the world to submit their mobile game apps to the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge. Together with Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, I-play and Motorola encourage developers to enter unpublished games in one of… Read More

  • Prexar Mobile Picks Up the Amp’d Pieces

    Yesterday Prexar Mobile, a provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services, announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the strategic wireless assets of Amp’d Mobile. Customes will continue to get uninterrupted wireless service. “Amp’d Mobile worked diligently on an agreement that would guarantee continuity of service for their former customers and a way… Read More

  • Future of Mobile Event Announced

    Registration has opened up for Future of Mobile, which will be held on November 14 BFI IMAX Theatre in London. This one-day meeting of the minds will include some of the biggest names in mobile site and application development, program chaired by Brian Fling of Blue Flavor and hosted by Carson Systems, the team behind the Future of Web Apps Conference and the upcoming Future of Web Design… Read More

  • CTIA Responds to Latest Rules for 700 MHz Auction

    Yesterday the CITA – The Wireless Association responded to the latest rules regarding the upcoming 700 MHz auction. From CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent: “The FCC’s considerable deliberation over the 700 MHz auction rules has left us pleased in a number of respects and still concerned in others. Specifically, we believe the Commission has taken the appropriate approach… Read More

  • AdME Let’s You Become a GuitarStar

    Music-based games are all the rage on the latest video game consoles, and now they’re about to invade the mobile gaming platform. AdME, a provider of music-driven entertainment products, announced the release of GuitarStar, a next-generation mobile game for the AT&T Wireless network. The game uses “beat-matching” technology that transforms a mobile handset into a… Read More

  • Dynetic Transcoding Music Solution

    Dynetic Mobile Solutions has announced a partnership with Neurotic Media to “mobilize” its brand campaigns for independent and major record labels. Dynetic’s “emoveo” software platform makes easily transcoding and optimization of rich media files such as those for music and videos, and for delivery to more than 4,800 types of mobile devices worldwide. Read More

  • MyDomain: Web Not Optimized for Mobile

    File this one under information we already know: According to MyDomain, Mobile Web users continue having to deal with poor access speed and sites that are just plain hard to view. MyDomain, a Web site hosting company, has jumped on the .mobi bandwagon. And sometimes it is interesting to hear what those who are a little late to the party have to say. “More and more companies, from… Read More

  • Can you Survive Hollywood? Vivendi Games Mobile Will Let You Try

    If you’ve seen HBO’s “Entourage” or “The Player,” Robert Altman’s inside look at movie industry, you know that Hollywood can be anything but kind. But soon you can learn for yourself with “Surviving Hollywood,” a new game from Vivendi Games Mobile, which arrives on all major wireless carriers next week. This story-based simulation game… Read More

  • Half of all Calls in Europe Will be Mobile

    Soon more people will be doing their talking on mobile handsets than landlines in Europe. According to a new report from Analysys, a European consulting telecommunication and IT firm, the migration to mobile continues to replace traditional landlines. Even in Germany, where landlines still dominate, nearly a quarter of all calls originate on a mobile handset, a rise of six percent during… Read More

  • AT&T Partners with eMusic to Allow Customers to Preview and Purchase Music

    Today AT&T announced the launch of an over-the-air music download service with eMusic, the largest retailer of independent music. This new service will AT&T subscribers the ability to preview and purchase music via their mobile handsets from a catalog of 2.7 million songs. This new service, which is par of the AT&T Mobile Music Platform, is among the nation’s largest… Read More

  • iBloglines, the Deluxe Mobile Reader

    Bloglines has created the “Ultimate Pro” edition of iBloglines for the iPhone audience. It’s got added functionality like a “pin” to save posts or feeds until you’re on the fixed Web, the ability to e-mail articles, search for content, auto-refresh, personalized preferences and it automatically hides images to compensate for EDGE’s slogginess. I swear… Read More

  • Conference Calls Via Cellular Phone

    Calling in to a conference call has been easy enough from a mobile phone – and nothing beats soaking in the rays on a roof garden while listening to a long boring call (just don’t tell my editors). But now foonzMobile from RPM Communications will let mobile users take part in a conference call that will cost nothing other than the minutes sued for a regular call. Users simply send… Read More

  • Roaming Charges Cut in EU

    Calls between EU countries may just get a little cheaper this week. Under new EU rules, telecom companies have until the end of July (as in today) to offer customers a new pricing structure that means cheaper “roaming” fees. And users have two months to say whether they want to move to the new plans or stick with their existing contracts. The European Commission calculated that… Read More

  • Mobile Campus Survey: Budget Blues on Campus

    Budgets are something that many college students have to deal with, and students will look for ways to make ends meet. This week Mobile Campus, a provider of mobile communications, information and transactional services for university students, announced the findings from their recent Vizu poll. According to the survey, students frequently look to save money by utilizing the exclusive… Read More

  • Today’s Cool Phone is Tomorrow’s Toxic Waste

    Yesterday we reported that according to a recent Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) study, very few mobile handsets are actually being recycled. So what is happening to them? Well, landfills are probably where a lot of them are ending up, making for a future environmental disaster. Even if, as the report suggests, people are actually keeping the phones as backups for now… Read More

  • The Bad Girls Club 3G Mobile Game Details

    Last week we reported that Oxygen Media was working on mobile game based on the reality TV series The Bad Girls Club, and this week additional details were announced. The game, which is being developed by Hong Kong-based Artificial Life, Inc., will be able for the 3G platform later this August. In addition to the 3G game, Oxygen and Artificial Life will also launch several other 2G games based… Read More