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  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 4 now available

    Man, they’re just cranking these things out. Just two weeks after iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 (which was, in turn, two weeks after iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 2), we’ve got another Beta. Beta 4 of iPhone OS 3.0 is now available for developers, as long as they’ve downloaded the brand spankin’ new iPhone 8.2 pre-release. It just went live, so we’re not quite sure what’s new here. Read More

  • Majority of author's new novel written on his smartphone

    Over a period of three years, fantasy author Peter Brett wrote 100,000 words on his HP iPaq during his long subway commute. And here I get all excited when I manage to post a new word I learned to my blog, while sitting at a bar. Given the length of most epic fantasy novels (or cycles) I would have thought it an impossible task to thumb out more than, say, 5-10% on something like a smartphone. Read More

  • Gameloft's sales up 22% in Q1 2009

    Gameloft, the folks behind Oregon Trail for the iPhone and countless other mobile and console games, have just released their earnings report for the first calendar quarter of 2009. Though sales saw a dip from quarter-to-quarter, they’re up significantly from the same quarter last year. In the first three months of this year, Gameloft pulled in a total of €30.8 million ($40.2 million… Read More

  • Verizon and Microsoft to go "Pink," give Apple a run for its money?

    Fresh on the heels of all the Verizon+Apple hoopla is talks of a Verizon+Microsoft partnership working to create a true iPhone competitor. According to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies are discussing the launch of a “touch-screen multimedia cellphone on the carrier’s network early next year.” Perhaps the best part of this rumor is the projects code-name –… Read More

  • Get your Google Voice On: VoiceCentral and GV Mobile finally hit the App Store

    Nearly a month after we dabbled with these two iPhone Google Voice solutions, VoiceCentral and GV Mobile have finally made it through Apple’s torture chambers and onto the e-shelves of the App Store. While we haven’t spent enough time with either post-release to recommend one over the other, we can say that VoiceCentral has gone and fixed every qualm we had with it in its early days. Read More

  • HTC Magic for Vodafone gets deboxed on video

    Bam! It’s official, folks: the second Android phone to go to a major carrier is now hittin’ the hands of consumers. Vodafone launched the HTC Magic a few days ahead of schedule in a few countries yesterday, and it looks like the first units are starting to arrive. Sascha of Mini-PC-Pro managed to scrounge one up, and has given it the customary strip-down. Everything within those… Read More

  • Zoho Now Fully Mobile

    Zoho, the creators of a web-based software suite made up of document, project and invoicing management tools, has launched the availability of its comprehensive webtop productivity products on mobile devices. Zoho previously had basic mobile support for its applications on iPhone and some limited capability on Windows Mobile but now fully integrates Zoho Applications with several mobile devices. Read More

  • Contest: We're Giving Away 2 tickets To The Big Cowboys/Giants Game In September

    We tend to give away a whole lot of stuff on the TechCrunch network. Phones, DVDs, laptops, TVs – you name it, we’ve probably given it away at some point. That said, I think this is the first time we’ve given away sports tickets. FuzzyCube Software, the folks behind the iPhone game iQuarterback, just dropped us a pair of tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants… Read More

  • Samsung i7500 gets covered in fingerprints, photographed

    Sure, it was official this morning. But now it’s real. It looks like someone had a Samsung i7500 tucked away in their pocket, patiently waiting until just after this mornings announcement to share it with the world. Outside of the fact that it’s by no means fingerprint-proof, there’s not much to be gleaned from these shots (obtained by Mobile-Review) that wasn’t… Read More

  • HTC Magic con Google now available from Vodafone Spain

    That’s right, folks. Earlier today, Vodafone Spain officially launched the highly anticipated HTC Magic (con Google, for you Español speaking readers). While it may not be got for free (read: 139€ for the phone on the cheapest plan w/ mandatory 18 month contract) like its UK sibling (expected to launch in early May), the real point is that it is here, now (in Spain at… Read More

  • Samsung I7500: Android finally arrives in Korea

    Samsung finally went ahead and did what we’ve expected them to do today with the announcement of their first Android powered handset, the I7500. Better late than ever, I say. The I7500 is no slouch in the feature department with a 3.2-inch AMOLED touch-screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, and 8GB of internal memory. It’s also an HSDPA capable device with a 5-megapixel AF camera with Power LED (no… Read More

  • Contest: Win The Ultimate iPhone Application Package

    digg_url = ‘’; Last week, we held an absolutely massive iPhone App Giveaway spree. Over a span of about 12 hours, we gave away hundreds and hundreds of promo codes across 50+ different iPhone applications. It was a blast, but all good things must come to an end – but it’s not over just… Read More

  • LG Renoir KC910 goes pink

    Whoa! A pink phone! We haven’t written about a pink phone in months. It seemed like every company on the planet was re-releasing all of their popular handsets in pink for a few months there – then nothing. Looks like LG wants to kickstart the trend back up. Because nothing makes old things new again like a fancy paint job, LG is re-releasing the six month old Renoir KC910 in… Read More

  • Cupcake coming in May, says T-Mobile Germany

    Still anxiously awaiting a release of the Android v1.5 “Cupcake” build sometime this month? It looks like it’s time to uncross your fingers and take a breath. We’re running out of days in April, so we were already a bit skeptical – but T-Mobile Germany has gone ahead and confirmed a May roll out. While T-Mobile US has been slightly reluctant to talk about it… Read More

  • Apple doesn't like offensive apps – but offensive and pretty? Approved!

    After Apple announced that roughly 98% of applications that came there way were being approved within 7 days, there was a lull in the barrage of App Store submission horror stories bombarding our inbox. We thought that perhaps Apple had figured things out on their end, and that everyone was just happy; alas, it seems like everyone was just waiting for something like Baby Shaker before they… Read More

  • More Palm Pre in the wild photos

    So, Laurence Toney or @lo_toney as he likes to be called on Twitter decided to flaunt the Pre he presumably has in his possession on Twitpic. I don’t know who he is and why he has a Pre but he’s a “busy Internet exec” and is some VP of Product and Marketing at Cake Financial. Anyway, he took some craptacular photos on his iPhone of the YouTube client and what appears to… Read More

  • Review: 2XL's Supercross for the iPhone

    Quick Version: Very few developers have pushed out games for the iPhone that are AAA titles, but even fewer developers have produced AAA iPhone titles their first time around. 2XL happens to be one of them and it’s no surprise that Supercross is one of the best selling titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They’ve managed to translate their console and PC experience that dates back… Read More

  • Skyfire for BlackBerry Alpha gets exhaustively leaked

    We’re big fans of the Skyfire browser around these parts, largely due to its ability to chew up and spit out Flash video on Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets. When we heard that Skyfire was coming to BlackBerry a few months ago, we got all kinds of giddy. With this latest leak, we’re even more excited. Read More

  • Tighten Up Those Apps Or Android 1.5 "Cupcake" May Break Them

    Android developers are obviously excited about the new 1.5 version of the SDK. The so-called “Cupcake” update features several new features and overall improvements. But, “don’t get too excited yet,” a post on the Android developers blog reads today. Apparently, the new release is going to break a number of current apps. And these aren’t just random apps. Read More

  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230, now with more Alltel

    Research In Motion, as the name implies, is always on the move. In today’s breaking BlackBerry news, Alltel Wireless will begin selling a CDMA flavor of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 for a recession-proof $79.99 (after $70 MIR) come May. However, this reasonable price is not sans strings. Read More