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  • HTC: No, seriously, we'll have an Android phone in 2008

    It seems like every week, some analyst firm comes out and declares that HTC is going to miss its fall 2008 Android handset launch date. Each week, HTC then comes along and calls shenanigans on the claim, reassuring the masses that the handset is still on schedule. Rinse, lather, repeat. This week’s naysayer is Global Equities Research, who claims that technical and minimum payment issues… Read More

  • Verizon pinks out the BlackBerry Pearl, too

    Just yesterday, we mentioned that the BlackBerry Curve would be joining the mile long list of handsets being re-hashed in pink. Turns out, it’s bringing a buddy. Verizon announced today that they would begin shelling out pink BlackBerry Pearl 8130s alongside the new pink Curves starting this morning. If you’re lookin’ to put some pink in your life, you can find the Pink Pearl… Read More

  • Gartner sees handset market continuing to grow, change

    Gartner is predicting the global sales of mobile phones will increase 11% this year; that’s 1.28 billion phones, compared to 1.15 billion sold in 2006. But while the overall market looks pretty good, certain regions will experience declining sales this year, as ‘mature’ markets such as Western Europe, Japan and North America are reaching saturation. Given this, the firm… Read More

  • Samsung releases i900 Omnia update, in Singapore

    IntoMobile is reporting that Samsung Singapore has released the first ROM update for the i900 Omnia Windows Mobile 6.1. The firmware update fixes some bugs and includes new stuff like widgets for Samsung’s ‘Today’ screen and a new text input method for Chinese characters. While we’re thrilled about updates and new stuff, don’t get too excited, so far the update… Read More

  • Blackberry Curve pink'd for Verizon

    Especially as of late, pink is just about obligatory as a color choice for handsets. Even if it’s offered in 23 other colors, there remains a surprisingly huge group of people who just won’t buy it if it isn’t pink. Well, anyone who has been holding out for a pink Curve is in luck: According to Engadget, Verizon will be offering the pinked out BlackBerry for $99 bucks… Read More

  • Mobbler update brings Last.FM streaming for S60

    S60 users now have a reason to scream stream thanks to the latest update to mobbler. Version 0.2.1 now includes streaming from and ‘scrobbles’ tracks played on your handset to your profile. Adonismobile gave the updated app a spin and said: “there is a new interface with some extra controls and menu options, and you have the option of streaming via Wi-Fi or 3G… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson announces the T700

    The T700, Sony Ericsson’s latest candybar, has been known (and seen) under it’s codename “Remi” for a few weeks now. Nothing too groundbreaking or exciting here, but that’s become a bit of a trend with all of the SE announcements since the C905. The Specs: 2″ TFT display Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) with UMTS/HSDPA 2100 Mhz Stereo Bluetooth 3.2… Read More

  • Verizon and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional Sponsor Latino Scholarship

    Verizon has partnered with Hermandad Mexicana Nacional to contribute nearly $10,000 to the Latino Angelino Scholarship Fund. The scholarships are available to students of Latino decent and will be awarded based on financial need and academic achievement. The $1,000 scholarship is meant for high school graduates and community college students who plan to attend an accredited four-year… Read More

  • 3G iPhone Coming to Latin America this Month

    Latin America’s largest cell phone operator, America Movil, will launch the 3G iPhone in ten countries starting August 22. The popular handset will go on sale in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. America Movil operates in 16 countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and in the United States. It currently has over… Read More

  • Openmoko publishes handset schematics

    More on the open source mobile front, Openmoko announced that it will freely publish electrical schematics for its Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner mobile phones. Openmoko began its renegade opensource tactics when it first started shipping its Neo FreeRunner handset with a free, open source operating system and open applications on July 4th. The company said its initial supply has sold… Read More

  • Sprint caps data users

    Sprint has finally executed on its threat to cap EVDO wireless broadband usage at 5GB per month, (300 MB if roaming). Reports have been coming in from Sprint customers who are seeing a note attached to their bill saying that roaming caps will begin in 30 days. “Effective in 30 days, Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred and to deny… Read More

  • AT&T thinks global

    AT&T has expanded its international wireless offerings. New traveling perks include: new international data discount plans; increased voice and data coverage; international data roaming coverage in 150 countries, up from 145; discounted data packages available in 67 countries, up from 41; international roaming coverage on 120 major cruise ships, up from 75; and global GPS navigation… Read More

  • T-Mobile shuts down phone traffickers

    More from T-Mobile USA, the carrier announced that it has obtained final judgments and two permanent injunctions against handset resellers, who’s practices it said “can be harmful and misleading to consumers.” Both cases were in Texas: one in Houston against Rafiq Wazir Ali, who also used the business name Fone Xchange, and the other in Dallas against ASPAC and its… Read More

  • T-Mobile's 3G now live in Vegas

    I can’t believe its really here! Yeah 3G! Well for T-Mobile at least, 3G is still news, the carrier announced availability of the ‘next-generation’ network in Las Vegas today, and confirmed plans to expand the service to at least 20 additional markets by the end of 2008. Even as the last carrier to roll out 3G, faster speeds are always a welcome addition to any market. Read More

  • India’s Airtel to launch 3G iPhone August 22

    India’s top mobile service provider will launch Apple’s 3G iPhone in India on August 22. Details at this time are sketchy and pricing details have not been revealed yet. Two other companies, Estonia’s EMT and the Czech Republic’s Telephonica O2, will also launch the popular handset in their respective countries. Airtel doesn’t have the exclusive right to sell… Read More

  • Aline Yu and Gregg Brown Join mSpot Team

    Mobile music and entertainment company mSpot announced today that it has hired Aline Yu and Gregg Brown to help mSpot market its music, ringtone, live radio and video products to a public hungry for mobile entertainment. Aline Yu has hired on as the VP of Marketing and Gregg Brown as Director of Product Marketing. Yu brings experience from two mobile businesses, Kodak Mobile and SkyGo. Read More

  • Everything you need to know about the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro for Sprint/Verizon

    <center With the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro finally on their way to the states for both Sprint and Verizon, its gettin’ tough to keep track of which carrier-specific model will have what. Which will have an accelerometer? Which packs more ram? Who the hell is Victor? Fortunately, PhoneArena‘s gone and done all the digging you need. It’s all summed up nicely on… Read More

  • Moto announces more reasons to ROK

    Motorola has expanded its ROKR line, introducing three new music-centric handsets including the candybar EM30, the EM28 clamshell and the EM25 slider with FM radio sharing capabilities. Steve Lalla, corporate vice president of Mass Market Products, said: “Following the path of our award-winning ROKR E8, the newest additions to our ROKR family make listening to and discovering new… Read More

  • Live NASCAR on MediaFLO

    ESPN and Qualcomm’s mobile TV unit MediaFLO USA have agreed to bring a series of live NASCAR events to a mobile phone near you. From August 5th to the 31th, subscribers to AT&T’s Mobile TV with FLO service and Verizon Wireless’s V CAST Mobile TV service will be able to catch live NASCAR coverage on ESPN’s mobile channel. Live races include the NASCAR Nationwide… Read More

  • HTC about to sell its millionth Touch Diamond

    HTC says it’ll sell over a million Touch Diamonds by the middle of this month…iPhone, who? Even though Apple sold a million iPhone 3Gs in just 3 days, HTC says its still gonna celebrate. Launched in June, the Touch Diamond is HTC’s latest touch-based smartphone, and an HTC representative told PC World that the Touch Diamond is HTC’s fastest selling handset ever. So far… Read More