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  • Nokia’s N95 8GB Device Ships Today

    Nokia’s N95 series got a memory boost with today’s shipping of the N95 8GB, which is being touted as a handheld multimedia computer. The 8 GBs of memory allows the user to save 20 hours of video or up to 6000 songs. The handset includes a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, built-in A-GPS, WLAN, HSDPA and a two-way slide. The N95 8GB also has a luminous 2.8” (230 x… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This week saw the first ever national mobile gaming championship that took place at the AT&T Plaza in Dallas, Texas. 48 thumb calloused competitors pounded their mobile keys while they played The Fast & The Furious: Fugitive. Ian Estes sped seamlessly through each level to take first place and… Read More

  • Attend Mobile Ad Degree Educational Series

    It was announced today that Ad Infuse and M:Metrics will be hosting an educational series called Mobile Ad Degree. The purpose of the series is to explain how the rapidly growing mobile advertising ecosystem operates. The first event in the series will be held October 18, from 11 a.m. to 2p.m., in New York City at the W Union Square.
    Scheduled panelists, including Maria Mandel, partner and… Read More

  • Lawyer Sues Apple Over iPhone Restrictions

    The controversy over Apple’s locking the iPhone has moved from the realm of hackers and pirates to the courtroom. It has been said that one lawyer with a briefcase can take more money than ten thugs armed with guns. Apple’s treasure chest may lose some pierces-of-eight if the suit is successful.

    Lawyer Max Folkenflik filed a class action federal suit in Northern California… Read More

  • Vringo Wins Award

    Congratulations go out to Vringo for winning this year’s “Best Mobile Service for Social Community & User Generated Content” Award given at the 23rd MIPCOM conference in Cannes. MIPCOM Mobile TV and Internet awards are given to the most compelling projects in each category and are judged by a panel of industry experts. Vringo was able to beat out 180 companies and 280… Read More

  • Is AT&T’s Bid to Buy 700 MHz in Jeopardy?

    The Associated Press reported today that AT&T is willing to pay $2.5 billion for Aloha Partners share of the 700 megahertz spectrum. The deal would give AT&T access to 196 million people in 281 markets around the United States. The company could use the old analogue television spectrum to expand wireless phone and data services or to add video content for mobile phones. But there may be… Read More

  • Ad Infuse Continues to Grow

    Ad Infuse, a company that delivers personalized mobile handset advertisements, announced today that it has closed 14 new mobile advertising and marketing deals and 22 new publishing deals so far in 2007. Ad Infuse hopes to finalize several more contracts by the end of the year. The company added that inventory across its content channels will exceed 160 million impressions per month as of… Read More

  • NEAT WIRELESS Files Antitrust Complaint against AT&T Mobility

    NEAT WIRELESS, a Wireless telecommunications company based in Northeastern Arkansas, filed a complaint against AT&T Mobility, which alleges that AT&T Mobility engaged in illegal conduct and behavior that resulted in NEAT WIRELESS failure to compete in markets it acquired from AT&T Mobility which facilitated AT&T Mobility’s merger with AWS in October 2004. NEAT… Read More

  • Nokia and Telefonica Collaborate on Mobile Internet

    Nokia and Telefonica announced today that they are working together to provide Telefonica customers with new Internet services on mobile phones by providing customers with simplified access to both Telefonica and Nokia Internet services. Telefonica, which has a strong subscription base in Spain, Europe and Latin America, will collaborate with Nokia in areas such as menu customization… Read More

  • Slingo Quest Game goes Mobile with I-Play

    I-Play announced today that the popular game Slingo Quest will be available for mobile phone users. Slingo Quest is a combination of classic Slingo games, such as puzzle solving and casino type games, with an island hopping storyline that develops as the game is played. Slingo Quest has a lot of content. The game includes 60 levels, 300 rating stars to collect, and nine game achievements… Read More

  • Motorola to Supply Taiwan with WiMax Infrastructure

    Motorola has been hired by Far EasTone Telecommunications to supply Far EasTone with WiMax networking equipment for its Taiwanese venture. Taiwan has remote mountain villages and sparsely populated islands that makes land-line telecommunications and Internet service too expensive to invest in. As a way to combat this, the government started its M-Taiwan (Mobile) project which encourages… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Looking for new Chief?

    Gary Forsee, the chief executive who headed Sprint’s merger with Nextel in 2005 may be in trouble with the Sprint Nextel Board of Directors. It is rumored that the board hopes to replace Mr. Forsee by December of this year. Poor stock performance, less than expected profits and low subscription rates are given as reasons for making an executive change. The board may be looking… Read More

  • Trakware Teams with Xora to Improve Mobile Workforce Management

    Adams Bros. Cabinetry is the first company to take advantage of the collaboration between Trakware and Xora. Trakware Systems is a provider of manufacturing and project execution solutions for complex engineer-to-order environments. Xora provides location-based mobile workforce management solutions. Trakware specializes in lean business-critical functions such as estimating, advanced… Read More

  • Make a Phone Call from Mt. Everest

    MobileCrunch reported yesterday that mobile networks now cover 80% of the world’s population and the coverage is expected to reach 90% by 2010. (See: dotMobi Advisory Group to Help Developing Countries). Soon, mobile coverage will come to the world’s highest mountain. If you have ever wanted to call someone from Mt. Everest you may be able to in the near future. China Mobile has… Read More

  • Play Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader on your Phone

    Fox has partnered up with Capcom to bring all the excitement and fun of the television show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader to your mobile phone. The game has hundreds of questions and simulated students to create the charm, humor and deceptively difficult questions that feeds the popularity of the television game show. Like the television show, the mobile game asks a series of questions… Read More

  • dotMobi Advisory Group to Help Developing Countries

    As mobile phone use in developed countries reaches the saturation point, the developing world is looked to for new markets. These countries have unique problems developed ones don’t. To help overcome these obstacles, dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG) announced the creation of the Mobile Internet in Developing Countries task force. The goal of the task force is to bring valuable new… Read More

  • Mobile Phone Pictures as Art?

    A newly launched social network came to my attention today. The service, Pixophone, allows people to share the photos they took with their mobile phone camera. This isn’t a new idea, but Pixophone is trying to differentiate itself by claiming a more artistic content. Pixophone promises that in the near future it will provide prizes for the best photos it posts. This started me thinking… Read More

  • Mobile Game News 9-26-07

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This Week’s Headlines: GOSUB Goes for the Bullseye; I-play Rolls Out Q4 Line Up; Eidos Lights the Way; Castlevania: Order of Shadows Now Available; D3Publisher Developing Connected Games With SNAP Mobile Platform; Artificial Life(like) Top Model; Alltel Customers Can Now Axcess Games Read More

  • Is Apple Fighting iPhone Pirates?

    Apple announced today that iPhone customers who use programs to unlock their handsets may cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software when Apple supplied software is updated, and an upgrade is coming this week. Users who make unauthorized changes to the iPhone software violate their software license agreement and void the warranty. Those people who gleefully unlocked their… Read More

  • Tailgate on Your Mobile Phone

    Emdigo announced that NFL Team Tailgate 3D is now available to Verizon Wireless and Alltel Communications customers. If you are a true football fanatic, Tailgate 3D is the application for you. Users can show the world that they aren’t just fair weather fans. All 32 professional teams and their players are featured on Team Tailgate. Users can get their favorite players to perform… Read More