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  • Myxer Works with AmieStreet on Ringtones

    Myxer has been at this weeks TechCrunch conference (the flagship of all the Crunches) showing its wares, when it announced yesterday that Myxer has been hired by AmieStreet to create and distribute mobile ringtones. The Myxer platform simplifies the delivery of any professional or user-generated content (including ringtones, images, audio and video) to mobile devices, no matter which carrier… Read More

  • Google Adds Adsense to Mobile

    It is everywhere… advertising, and escaping ads and marketing campaigns might just get a little harder. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Because, while Google may not have invented online advertising, its efforts certainly brought ads to sites that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to sell any sort of banner ads or generate other forms of revenue. Now the mobile Web… Read More

  • iPhone Goes British on November 9

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today that the iPhone will be available to British customers on November 9 of this year. The O2 network has the exclusive carrier rights to the iPhone brand in the British Isles. As MobileCrunch reported last month, Apple to Share Operators Revenue, it is believed that other European carriers are working on exclusive licensing agreements for the iPhone brand. Read More

  • Text Message Favorite Artist on Stage with Pocketfuzz

    The last concert I went to was a Black Sabbath reunion at Oz Fest. When Sabbath came on stage lighters flickered in the night and the air was filled with the aroma of oregano incense. The crowd swayed to the music and sang along with the lyrics. Bras flew onstage and television cameras captured the perky woman bouncing on their boy friend’s shoulders. No one there could afford a mobile… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Buy Roaming Partner SunCom Wireless

    T-Mobile announced today that it will pay cash and assume the debt of SunCom Wireless, a company that T-Mobile is using as a roaming partner. The merger will cost T-Mobile $2.4 billion in cash and assumed debt. Under the agreement, sanctioned by both boards, SunCom shareholders will receive $27 per share. This purchase price represents 22.7% over the closing price of SunCom common stock on the… Read More

  • Mobile Dating Revenue on the Rise

    Juniper Research, a company that assesses the current and future status of mobile user-generated content, predicts that revenue from mobile dating and chat room services are expected to surpass $1 billion worldwide by 2010. As the world population increases, it looks as though people are being choosier with whom they date. Mobile phones are a perfect platform for dating services. If a match… Read More

  • Virgin America and AirCell Head to the Friendly Skies

    As a frequent business traveler – actually a little less frequent these days – flying is seldom fun. I’m not the kind who likes to make small talk with the passengers around me, and watching the in-flight movie on a lousy six-inch 4×3 screen is not my idea of entertainment. And listening to other passengers talk turns even a short flight into an epic journey to the… Read More

  • Avatar Meets Mobile Ringtone

    Meez, an avatar (which literally means a descent of a Hindu god in visible form) service and Vringo, a company which specializes in video ringtone sharing, announced today an alliance to fully integrate Meez 3D avatars into Vringo’s video ringtone service. The gods are pleased; though appear much smaller than in stories past. Nearly 3 million people around the world have created their… Read More

  • Mobile Game News 9-12-07

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This Week’s Headlines:
    Gameloft Dealt In; Greystripe Allows Gamers to Get Hands-On Titles; Pandemonium at Eidos; I-play Plays It Casual, Glu Sticks To Inc 5000 Read More

  • The Wireless Association Unhappy with Last Night’s FCC Vote

    The Federal Communications Commission (Commission) last night adopted a Report and Order (Order) which clarifies that wireless carriers must meet the Enhanced 911 (E911), Phase II location accuracy requirements at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) service-area level. To accomplish this, the Order requires carriers to meet interim, annual benchmarks over the next five years in order… Read More

  • Mobile Art Museum

    The famous, and seldom attributed quote “I don’t know art, but I know what I like” probably holds true for most of us. I run into very few professional art critics in my daily grind, but everyone and their brother will tell me why opinion on art is wrong. But in fairness I’m more likely to head to the Arms and Armor Gallery at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art… Read More

  • AdMob Hired by ESPN’s Cricinfo

    ESPN’s Cricinfo, the world’s largest cricket content source, has hired the mobile advertising network AdMob to turn its Internet traffic into gold. Unlike the unsuccessful attempts by alchemists of old to make gold out of base metals, AdMob has a proven track record of turning Internet traffic into advertising money. AdMob will deliver ads globally for Cricinfo, while allowing… Read More

  • Veeker 2.0 In Beta

    We’re no stranger to Veeker, the mobile multimedia messaging technology. A new version of Veeker, fittingly called Veeker 2.0 is able to have a beta launch next Monday. Veeker 2.0 will enable users to create video, photo and TXT messages with their mobile phones, Web cams and digital cameras and almost instantly deliver these messages to friends’ phones or send via e-mail to… Read More

  • Do Brains Like Mobile Phones?

    A recently published study exploring the effects of frequent mobile phone use on the brain claims long-term exposure slows brain functions. But at the same time, frequent mobile phone users showed better focused attention. No conclusions can be drawn as to whether these effects are adverse to health or not, but data has been collected from more that 20,000 people to replicate this study… Read More

  • Americans Wary of Mobile Banking

    Research from Sybase 365 finds that Americans aren’t yet convinced that mobile banking is as safe and easy as internet banking. Many Americans are highly conscience of bank account numbers, with over 70% being able to quote their bank balances to the nearest $200. To keep numbers up-to-date, U.S. consumers check their balances frequently. 61% admit to checking their bank balances every… Read More

  • Wales Bags Biggest Mobile Phone Recycling Facility in Europe

    Excel Fortune Holdings announced that Europe’s largest mobile phone recycling facility will be built in Wales, UK. Excel has committed GBP (Pounds) 6million for the venture with an estimated total start-up investment, including capital turnover, of GBP15million. A 120,000 sq ft facility will become Excel’s European hub and headquarters. Once finished, the complex will be able… Read More

  • Apple May Buy Analog T.V. Spectrum

    Going once, going twice, sold to the company with the highest bid. On January 16, 2008, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will sell the rights to the spectrum that American analog T.V. broadcasters have used for years. This lucrative spectrum will revert back to the government in 2009. Minimum bids start at $4.6 billion. According to Business Week, Apple may jump into the… Read More

  • Berg Insight Sees Future of Mobile Maps

    Berg Insight, a company that provides analytical services and business intelligence to the telecom industry, predicts growth in mobile navigation services. These services are to be driven by GPS-technology in smartphone handsets and the bundling of navigation and map content with mobile devices and service plans. Revenue from subscriptions and advertisement is expected to grow at nearly 40%… Read More

  • Mobile Game News: EA Mobile SCRABBLE F-U-N; Konami Receives Excellence Awards; Hudson Takes the Field; CelluFun Back in the Casino

    This week’s mobile gaming news has E-A M-O-B-I-L-E making a big score with SCRABBLE, which is now available for download in North America and Europe. The EA Mobile version is officially licensed from Hasbro, Inc., and brings the classic board game of wordplay to the mobile phone with simple controls and challenges for all skill levels. “”SCRABBLE is one of the world’s… Read More

  • Mobile Video not always Cellular Video

    Mobile operators are spending billions of dollars to provide the infrastructure and new technology necessary to provide customers with mobile phone video capability. But a recent report from In-Stat says that competition from other mobile device video providers may cut deeply into the cellular providers’ expectations of huge video profits. In-Stat’s report could portend another… Read More