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  • Blueapple WAP Portal to Video Content

    Searching for mobile video, and being able to watch content from multiple Web sites, has just gotten a little easier thanks to Blueapple, a WAP portal that lets users search for video content. From the WAP site the service will provide a list of relevant videos, which can then be either streamed or downloaded depending on the operator parameters and type of mobile handset being used. The… Read More

  • Japan Knows How to Sell Mobile Phones

    It seems that this is the time for those in the mobile scene to hit the road. While I am sorry to report that I didn’t bring back any images of mobile phone stores from England or France (I must have been busy trying to actually enjoy a vacation), I’m seeing that James Quintana Pearce over at mocoNews did take some time to snap photos of mobile stores in Japan. Having been to Japan… Read More

  • Pass and Go Securely

    Keeping information secure is a rising concern with mobile devices, especially as things get more and more connected. So it comes as welcome news that Secure Computing Corp. has released a new software authentication tool that can generate one-time-use passwords for mobile devices as well as laptops. Information Week is reporting that this new solution, called Safeword MobilePass, is designed… Read More

  • France is into Mobile Games

    Having just returned from Paris, the new report from GfK doesn’t seem the least bit surprising to me. It says that some 2.7 million mobile phone games were downloaded in France in the first quarter of 2007, and the average selling price was EUR 4.29. As with other markets, mobile gaming seems to be on the rise and phone games were being played just about everywhere in the City of Lights. Read More

  • Borders Going Mobile

    Big box bookseller Borders will be promoting its wares via mobile phone content, reports Marketing Week. Prior to the release of upcoming titles, Borders will send a chapter or two to customers who can check out the verbiage and then buy the book in-store for a discount. Borders plans to promote 30 titles each month in this fashion. Still unclear: Will the discount be applicable to their… Read More

  • Q&A: Ojas Rege on Yahoo! Mobile

    Mobile Crunch chatted with Ojas Rege, Yahoo’s vice president of global mobile products to talk about mobile content, advertising and the significance of the iPhone (for which Yahoo provides Yahoo Mail, a push email service, OneSearch and financial and weather applications). Mobile Crunch: What impact, if any, will Read More

  • iPhone Coming to T-Mobile in Germany

    Starting Nov. 1, T-Mobile will offer the iPhone exclusively in Germany (with a T-Mobile contract) for approximately 450 euros (roughly $612), Reuters reports. Also according to Reuters, Vodafone Group in Britain, Telecom in France and Telefonica in Spain have the leg up for partnering with Apple in their respective countries. via Reuters Read More

  • LG to Get YouTube

    Later this year, select LG phones will allow users to shoot and upload video directly to YouTube. Of course we all know that video shot on cell phones spells quality. Did I say ‘quality’? I meant ‘empowerment.’ LG has also come to terms with both Google and Yahoo for their email services plus Google Maps and Yahoo Messenger. Check with your carrier to find out which… Read More

  • GOOG 411 Adds Maps

    Google’s recently launched Free 411 competitor, GOOG 411, has added maps to their directory assistance. Customers will now have the option of getting a hyperlink to a map SMSed to them by saying “map it” for any listing in the directory. It’s not as clean as TellMe’s solution, which lets you interact with listings through a map or the voice interface, but is a… Read More

  • Dismantled: Inside the iPhone

    Smashy smashy! Besides the YouTube video making the “check this out!” email rounds Monday morning in which some dudes use the highly precise hammer and nail technique, others were not as lucky in their quest to make Apple fanboys cry. The folks at Smash Some Stuff missed launch date. They’re still $375 behind on their goal. Meanwhile, Smash My iPhone has only raised a… Read More

  • 500,000 iPhone units sold

    What do I do after posting about how iPhone has gotten too much coverage? I post more iPhone coverage. According to Reuters, half of Apple stores on the U.S. West Coast sold out as Apple purportedly sold 500,000 units of its trendy high-end gadget. According to TechCrunch, that amounts to $250 to $300 million in revenue. Unsurprisingly, Apple shares were up a percent before Monday’s… Read More

  • iPhone Round-up

    I was tired of hearing about the iPhone weeks ago. Nevertheless, the march towards 6pm goes on. The folks at our sister site are working feverishly to get you every single possible angle on people waiting in lines. Just kidding. There’s more to their coverage than that. Check out all the iPhone news on CrunchGear. Highlights include Playboy’s new backgrounds for the mobile… Read More

  • Free iPhone?

    Nice piece on ArsTechnica about how all Apple employees who’ve been with the company for more than a year are getting a free iPhone in July. Well, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the part technophiles will drool over first. In the company-wide meeting, Apple honcho Steve Jobs called iPhone the third leg on the Apple chair (Mac and iPod being the first two). A… Read More

  • BlackBerry Gets Juicier, an online newspaper kiosk, is now available on BlackBerry devices. The service, which sports more than 500 newspapers and magazines from around the world, allows viewers to read the publications in their entirety. Daily alerts use keywords to notify users of relevant news updates. The service costs $29.99 per month. A demo of the service is on YouTube. Read More

  • Hollywood Targets Cell Phones

    As the summer blockbuster season heats up, so too is Hollywood’s use of ads targeting mobile consumers. Users who click ads for Paramount’s Transformers, Universal’s Knocked Up, and Warner’s In the Land of Women go to a mobile Web page to select theater times and locations. “AdMob helped us deliver an innovative, cost-effective campaign to help us reach our… Read More

  • MizPee: Mobile 2.0 for Toilets

    MizPee, just reviewed on TechCrunch, is a web site devoted to help you find a toilet when you need to go. To find a toilet that fits your needs, just turn your mobile browser to or SMS 415-350-2290 and enter a location. Mizpee will spit out the toilets in your area along with details like disabled access or a diaper-changing station. It may sound a little absurd, until nature… Read More

  • Smartphoners Tap Google

    Google tops the list of Web destinations by smartphone users in M:Metric’s April 2007 report. Google held a nine point advantage over the second place Orange in the United Kingdom and a whopping 29 percentage point lead over Yahoo in the United States. United States Company Total Google Inc. 62.48% Yahoo! Inc. 33.54% Microsoft Corporation 33.36% AT&T Inc. … Read More

  • First iPhone Display

    Peter Ha at CrunchGear has a nice update about the first iPhone display in Seattle. Check it out.
    Then don’t forget to eyeball his amusing post about Apple employees brandishing their iPhones. Read More

  • High Awareness of iPhone

    The majority of U.S. and U.K. mobile phone users know about the iPhone, according to M:Metrics, a data research company. In other news, dogs bark. Fourteen percent of U.S. users who had heard of it intended to purchase it. Mark Donovan, senior vice president and senior analyst of M:Metrics, called that “an impressive figure, when you consider that the installed base of most high-end… Read More

  • GSM Calls for More Coverage at 900MHz

    Deployment of networks in the lower spectrum band would potentially add 300 million new mobile broadband customers, says the Groupe Speciale Mobile (GMA) Association, a global trade organization for the mobile phone industry. Tom Phillips, the chief government and regulatory affairs officer of the GSMA, calls 3G technology at 900MHz, “a cost-effective way to provide valuable… Read More