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  • Meet Greg Kumparak, the new MobileCrunch editor

    Introducing yourself is always kind of awkward, isn’t it? It’s tough to try to explain who you are without coming off as cocky or arrogant. I usually tend to go straight from my name to how incredible I am at skee-ball, which for some reason turns people away. My name’s Greg Kumparak, and I’m the new editor for MobileCrunch. I hail from San Luis Obispo, land of… Read More

  • Get you a free eee PC

    PowerupMobile in the UK is offering an Asus eee PC with their T-Mobile broadband package, an extremely interesting move from an industry that usually focused on subsidizing cellphones. Sadly, the models they’re offering don’t have WWAN — you use the T-Mobile USB dongle, though, so it’s basically the same thing — but it’s definitely something to consider… Read More

  • Cablevision to Build Wireless Broadband Network in U.S.

    With much of the buzz these days about WiMax wireless broadband, Cable TV provider Cablevision Systems announced plans today to offer high-speed wireless Internet service to its customers. The network will use existing infrastructure but instead of building WiMax it will use Wi-Fi technology. It will cost the company about $100 per customer in its largest coverage area, on Long Island and… Read More

  • Intel Wins Piece of Swedish Spectrum

    Intel won a piece of the Swedish airwaves and announced today that it plans to develop a nationwide WiMax network. Intel paid $26 million for a 15-year license and hopes to make money by selling microchips that a WiMax network will need. Intel business developer Carl-Daniel Norenberg said the company is looking for partners to build and operate the network, but that Intel will rent out the… Read More

  • Pope Will Text Message to Reach the Youth

    Pope Benedict XVI will text message thousands of young Catholics this July during World Youth Day (WYD) in Sydney, Australia. It is hoped this will help the pontiff communicate better with a younger audience. It is estimated that 225,000 young Catholics will attend the World Youth Day that starts on July 15 and continues for six days. The Pope will send daily inspirational messages during the… Read More

  • Clearwire and Sprint Nextel to Create New Company

    Clearwire and Sprint Nextel announced today that the two companies will collaborate to create a new telecommunications company with assets starting at $14.55 billion. The venture is to be called Clearwire and will receive a $3.2 billion investment from Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House Networks. Sprint Nextel will control 51% of shares in the new company. Existing… Read More

  • HTC’s Diamond may Rough-up iPhone

    High Tech Computer (HTC) announced the HTC Touch Diamond today. The Touch Diamond utilizes 3G (third generation) mobile technology. The device runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and has a touch screen that can be used one-handed. Apple hasn’t said when it will launch a 3G phone, but the company is expected to do so later this year. Starting this June, the Touch Diamond will… Read More

  • Two Companies to sell iPhone in Italy

    Telecommunications companies Vodafone and Telecom Italia will sell the Apple iPhone in Italy. Previously, Apple only allowed one company to sell its popular device in any national market. Exclusive franchise deals that lets Apple share service provider profits were struck with AT&T in the United States, O2 in Britain, Orange in France and Deutsche Telekom in Germany. Vodafone and… Read More

  • T-Mobile’s 3G Hits New York City

    T-Mobile USA has launched its 3G wireless network in New York City today. Other major markets will get 3G coverage later in the year. The service is currently restricted to four models, Nokia’s 3555 and 6263, and Samsung’s t819 and t639. These phones allow Web browsing and downloading at speeds twice that of non-3G T-Mobile phones. Later this year T-Mobile will launch handsets that… Read More

  • T-Mobile and Nokia Partner-up in Europe

    T-Mobile and Nokia are forming a partnership in Europe to provide new Internet services and social communities to handsets throughout Europe. All of their European customers will have access to T-Mobile’s web’n’walk and Nokia’s Ovi Internet services. Mobile social networks will be upgraded by offering T-Mobile’s MyFaves application. The partnership will also… Read More

  • AP’s Mobile News Network Available for iPhone and Others

    The Associated Press, along with more than 100 member newspapers, launched the Mobile News Network today. The service was geared to run on the iPhone but will also work on other mobile phones. Mobile News Network will deliver local news based on the user’s ZIP code from local participating news organizations. National and international news will come from the Associated Press. The… Read More

  • 10 TV Channels from AT&T

    This Sunday, AT&T will launch a new video service that will allow select handsets carry 10 television channels for a fee of $15 a month. The service, called AT&T Mobile TV, is an attempt by the company to compete with Verizon Wireless’ V Cast Mobile TV. AT&T has a mobile video service, CV, which works on a different principle than AT&T Mobile TV. Mobile TV, which uses… Read More

  • Bluepluse named as one of FierceWireless’s Fierce 15

    Bluepulse, a free mobile social messenger, was named to the annual FierceWireless “Fierce 15” list, designating Bluepulse as one of the top wireless companies of the year. FierceWireless editors looked at hundreds of organizations and determined that Bluepulse was among the “fiercest,” based on their creativity and innovations. FierceWireless is a daily email… Read More

  • Alcatel-Lucent Posts First-Quarter Loss

    Alcatel-Lucent, a telecommunications equipment maker, announced today that it posted its fifth straight quarterly loss. The company lost 181 million euros ($282 million) compared to a loss of 8 million euros a year earlier, when profits were boosted by the sale of businesses to Thales SA. Revenues were down 3.86 billion euros ($6.02 billion) compared with 3.88 billion euros from last… Read More

  • Marchex Enters Mobile Advertising Market

    Marchex, a company that delivers local online advertising and local content, announced today that it has extended its advertising strategy to the mobile market. Marchex has entered into agreements with mobile advertising providers AdMob, Ringleader Digital and 4INFO. Marchex’s VoiceStar subsidiary will deliver call tracking services to all three companies. VoiceStar will enable the… Read More

  • Glu Launches Speed Racer mobile Game

    The Movie Speed Racer, which is based on a cartoon series from the 1970’s, hits theaters on May 9. In tandem with the movie’s release, Glu Mobile launched a game based on the movie today. Speed Racer is the first title Glu has developed and published through its strategic partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “The team at Glu has done a remarkable job of… Read More

  • Order CinemaNow Movies with your Cell Phone

    The digital movie provider CinemaNow announced today that customers can use their cell phones to view movie trailers and order full-length titles to watch on their home television or computer through its mobile website. The new service allows customers to buy or rent a movie while they are out and about with friends or family. “It definitely makes discovery a little more social when you… Read More

  • There’s Gold in them there Phones

    Recycling mobile phones has been in the news lately. You may not realize it, but there are a host of precious metals in that little handset that keeps you connected on-the-go. Gold and silver are just two elements that manufactures put into that magic box you talk into. Recovering these metals is called “urban mining”, and it’s becoming more profitable as the prices of… Read More

  • Nokia Reveals Three New Handset Models

    Nokia, the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturer, revealed three new handset models today. The new models were designed to compete in the very active market of mid-priced phones. This market is highly competitive. Nokia will start shipping the new models in the third-quarter of this year. The new mid-priced phones include the Nokia 6600 Fold, the Nokia 6600 Slide and the Nokia 3600 Slide. Read More

  • Motorola First-Quarter Sales down 21%

    Motorola, the company that manufactured the first commercially available cell phone, saw its overall sales drop 21% in this year’s first-quarter. Sales dropped to $7.45 billion from last year’s first-quarter sales number of $9.43 billion. Motorola’s cellphone division dropped 39% compared to the sales numbers from first-quarter 2007. The mobile phone division lost $418… Read More