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  • MyDomain: Web Not Optimized for Mobile

    File this one under information we already know: According to MyDomain, Mobile Web users continue having to deal with poor access speed and sites that are just plain hard to view. MyDomain, a Web site hosting company, has jumped on the .mobi bandwagon. And sometimes it is interesting to hear what those who are a little late to the party have to say. “More and more companies, from… Read More

  • Can you Survive Hollywood? Vivendi Games Mobile Will Let You Try

    If you’ve seen HBO’s “Entourage” or “The Player,” Robert Altman’s inside look at movie industry, you know that Hollywood can be anything but kind. But soon you can learn for yourself with “Surviving Hollywood,” a new game from Vivendi Games Mobile, which arrives on all major wireless carriers next week. This story-based simulation game… Read More

  • Half of all Calls in Europe Will be Mobile

    Soon more people will be doing their talking on mobile handsets than landlines in Europe. According to a new report from Analysys, a European consulting telecommunication and IT firm, the migration to mobile continues to replace traditional landlines. Even in Germany, where landlines still dominate, nearly a quarter of all calls originate on a mobile handset, a rise of six percent during… Read More

  • AT&T Partners with eMusic to Allow Customers to Preview and Purchase Music

    Today AT&T announced the launch of an over-the-air music download service with eMusic, the largest retailer of independent music. This new service will AT&T subscribers the ability to preview and purchase music via their mobile handsets from a catalog of 2.7 million songs. This new service, which is par of the AT&T Mobile Music Platform, is among the nation’s largest… Read More

  • iBloglines, the Deluxe Mobile Reader

    Bloglines has created the “Ultimate Pro” edition of iBloglines for the iPhone audience. It’s got added functionality like a “pin” to save posts or feeds until you’re on the fixed Web, the ability to e-mail articles, search for content, auto-refresh, personalized preferences and it automatically hides images to compensate for EDGE’s slogginess. I swear… Read More

  • Conference Calls Via Cellular Phone

    Calling in to a conference call has been easy enough from a mobile phone – and nothing beats soaking in the rays on a roof garden while listening to a long boring call (just don’t tell my editors). But now foonzMobile from RPM Communications will let mobile users take part in a conference call that will cost nothing other than the minutes sued for a regular call. Users simply send… Read More

  • Roaming Charges Cut in EU

    Calls between EU countries may just get a little cheaper this week. Under new EU rules, telecom companies have until the end of July (as in today) to offer customers a new pricing structure that means cheaper “roaming” fees. And users have two months to say whether they want to move to the new plans or stick with their existing contracts. The European Commission calculated that… Read More

  • Mobile Campus Survey: Budget Blues on Campus

    Budgets are something that many college students have to deal with, and students will look for ways to make ends meet. This week Mobile Campus, a provider of mobile communications, information and transactional services for university students, announced the findings from their recent Vizu poll. According to the survey, students frequently look to save money by utilizing the exclusive… Read More

  • Today’s Cool Phone is Tomorrow’s Toxic Waste

    Yesterday we reported that according to a recent Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) study, very few mobile handsets are actually being recycled. So what is happening to them? Well, landfills are probably where a lot of them are ending up, making for a future environmental disaster. Even if, as the report suggests, people are actually keeping the phones as backups for now… Read More

  • The Bad Girls Club 3G Mobile Game Details

    Last week we reported that Oxygen Media was working on mobile game based on the reality TV series The Bad Girls Club, and this week additional details were announced. The game, which is being developed by Hong Kong-based Artificial Life, Inc., will be able for the 3G platform later this August. In addition to the 3G game, Oxygen and Artificial Life will also launch several other 2G games based… Read More

  • GameDaily: Bejeweled Arrives for iPhone

    Our friends at GameDaily have gotten the scoop on the arrival of PopCap Games new free Web version of Bejeweled for the Apple iPhone. This popular puzzle game is available via the Safari browser. This version of Bejeweled was developed for PopCap Games by Polish game creator Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk, one of the first coders to take advantage of the device’s gaming abilities with the… Read More

  • Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy Hang on Mobile

    Namco Networks announced today that Peanuts flying ace Snoopy will now soar onto mobile handsets. Woodstock’s nest has fall and he needs Snoopy’s help in Snoopy the Flying Ace, the latest mobile game from Namco Networks. The game will let Snoopy fly him Sopwith Camel fighter plane (which we’ll see as his dog house) deep into enemy territory to capture balloons and raise… Read More

  • Beowulf on the Third Screen

    At this past weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego Paramount Pictures and Shangri-La Entertainment offered a peak at the upcoming Beowulf movie to enthusiastic crowds. Now comes word that a mobile game will arrive in time for the November 16 movie release. Gameloft has announced that it will publish the mobile handset version of the game, which will coincide with the release of the Xbox… Read More

  • Gartner Predicts Mobile E-mail Will Overtake SMS by 2010

    By 2010 a fifth of all e-mail could be wireless. So says a study by analyst firm Gartner, which predicts that 20% of all e-mail will be accessed wirelessly. This rise will see e-mail take over from other messaging services including text messages and MMS, although it might be some time until mobile e-mail completely overtakes SMS. The key to this all, according to the Gartner study, is… Read More

  • Recycling of Mobile Devices Remains an Issue

    Here is a number we didn’t want to see… In Australia only three percent of discarded mobile phones ended up being recycled last year. And with 8.7 million phones being shipped to the land down under that’s a lot of handsets that could be ending up in landfills, as the average user is upgrading their phones every 18 months to two years. According to recently released figures from… Read More

  • Expands Mobile Dating Service will soon let you keep track of your dates from your mobile handsets with MatchMobile, which will be available to users in the United States, the U.K. and Canada later this summer, and then to nine additional countries by the end of the year. The service will provide subscribers with text messages to their phones when they receive an e-mail from other users. For an extra… Read More

  • Customize Your Streaming Content With Buzzwire

    Today Buzzwire, Inc. (formerly 4th Media) announced that its streaming mobile media service is available as a public beta. This upcoming service will let users create their own customized program lineup and access it on their mobile phones. A formal launch with select carriers is scheduled for the fall of 2007. “Consumers are living mobile lifestyles and should have their media… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile to Lose Mobile TV Offerings

    As we reported last week Virgin Mobile was pulling the plug on Movio, the under-performing Mobile TV branch that was launched through a partnership with BT using the DAB TV standard. Now with the partnership dissolved it seems that Virgin Mobile will likely discontinue sales and production of the Lobster 700TV mobile handset, which had been the carrier’s flagship mobile TV device. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Goes Rural

    Today Verizon Wireless announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Rural Cellular Corporation to further enhance the Verizon Wireless’ network coverage in markets adjacent to its existing service areas, and increase coverage by 4.7 million, and customer base by more than 700,000. The terms of the deal would have Verizon Wireless acquire Rural Cellular for approximately… Read More

  • Next Gen Mobile Tech To Boost European Growth

    A new report from research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that next generation mobile networks, customized multimedia content and user-generated content could drive growth in Europe’s saturated mobile communications market. According to the study’s findings mobile operators investing strongly in next generation mobile networks and deploying HSDPA networks across Europe. Read More