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  • Apple and AT&T 4EVR? Naw

    Some analysts have said the obvious and informed the world that the iPhone won’t be on one carrier for much longer. Why? Because Apple will ravage AT&T until it is a dark husk fill with bile and sputum, take as many customers wishing to use GSM and AT&T coverage as possible, and then move on like the chitinous, swart beasts from The Dark Crystal. And that’s the upside. Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 out already

    What’s that? You finally just got around to installing Beta 4 of iPhone OS 3.0? Sorry – it’s update time again. Breaking their normal stride of every 2 weeks, Apple has just pushed Beta 5 to the Developer Center. Does this slight speed up mean anything? Could 3.0’s public release be right around the corner? We’re not expecting any dramatic changes or new features… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 owners to get Android v1.5 Cupcake update next week (For real this time)

    After a somewhat steady stream of T-Mobile USA customers reported that the Android “Cupcake” update had hit their G1s last week, all went silent. Not everyone had gotten their updates, and it seemed as if the rollout had suddenly stopped. Whether this first batch of updates was a mistake, we’re not sure – but at least now we know when it’s coming for… Read More

  • The Nokia E52 just keeps going, and going, and going

    What has 8 hours of talk time, 23 days of standby time, noise cancellation, and comes from Espoo? If you guessed the Nokia E52, you’re psychic. Or you just read the headline and assumed. Whatever – either way, you’re right. Read More

  • Sprint employee spills more details on the Palm Pre

    Sprint employees may be getting fired for piping up about the Pre, but that hasn’t stopped this guy. Blasting away at a keyboard “deep within customer care”, InsideSprintNow has a few previously unearthed details to share about the Pre. Don’t have time to read all that? Here’s everything in one neat little package: Read More

  • T-Mobile + Samsung = One big leak

    Samsung tends to have a hard time keeping things secret, and T-Mobile’s pipes have been pretty leaky lately as well. Put the two together and the best plumber in the world couldn’t plug the holes. Such is the case here. For some reason, an unnamed camera carrying employee got some time with T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung lineup and was able to document the whole thing. Read More

  • The Big Kindle Revealed (Liveblog)

    Amazon is revealing its third Kindle today at a jam-packed press conference in New York City. The new Kindle, which we first caught wind of last year, is expected to have a larger screen to be used for reading newspapers, magazines, and textbooks. (Don’t expect it to save the newspaper industry, though). Arthur Sullzberger, Jr. of the New York Times is in the house I’ll be… Read More

  • Sprint employees fired for talking about the Palm Pre

    Everyone, take notice: Sprint is very serious about not letting any tantalizing details leak about the upcoming Palm Pre. Apparently, the struggling wireless carrier cannot afford having any good, free press wrote about them. From what we hear, at least three retail employees have been let go for speaking about the Palm Pre outside the store’s walls. Read More

  • AT&T Finally Releases What Should Have Been The First iPhone App

    Say you’re a wireless carrier with an exclusive deal on the hottest wireless device with the most popular application store. What do you do? Well, up until now, AT&T’s answer has been basically nothing. It had released zero apps taking advantage of the fast growing iPhone platform. Today, it finally got around to releasing one. AT&T myWireless Mobile (horrible name… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Dash 3G (Snap) & HTC Touch Pro 2 dated, Visual Voicemail confirmed?

    Jeez, now that’s a leak: 1 little sheet of paper, 6 device launch dates, and 1 confirmation of a previously unannounced service. TmoNews managed to scrounge up the gem up above, and it’s jam packed full of goodies. On the major hardware front, we have the T-Mobile Dash 3G (otherwise known as the HTC Snap, though it purportedly lacks the Inner Circle favorites feature) and HTC Touch… Read More

  • Does iPhone OS 3.0 take better photos than 2.2.1?

    You can’t up a camera’s megapixel count without a hardware change, but there are a good number of things that can be done in the software to improve photo quality. You can tweak the color filters, or polish up auto-exposure for example. We’re not quite sure what Apple changed in the iPhone 3.0 firmware camera settings, but it looks like it was for the better. Read More

  • LogMeIn Coming Soon To The BlackBerry Storm

    Another day of WES2009, another day of BlackBerry news. This morning brings an announcement from LogMeIn, makers of the remote desktop access software of the same name. For those unfamiliar with the concept, LogMeIn allows you to control a Windows or Mac computer from another terminal across the internet. Previously, the term “terminal” here was limited to meaning any PC or system… Read More

  • Unreleased Android-running HTC Hero caught on camera

    Lookie, lookie. It seems that HTC’s next Android handset couldn’t avoid the geek paparazzi. We hear that this phone is the rumored HTC Hero and might get a release sometime in Q3 of this year, which sounds ’bout right if working handsets are already in the wild. Read More

  • New version of iTunes will control the PR0N apps

    The new version of the iPhone firmware and the new version of iTunes will include parental controls that allow Mom and Dad to restrict application content on the iPhone. Sadly, you can be absolutely certain that the average kid will be able crack these restrictions, but hey, Apple is trying. Read More

  • Myst for the iPhone: Now smaller, less groundbreaking

    Way back in the olden days, Myst was known colloquially as the “shiznit.” In 1993, a video game with rendered, ray-traced graphics that brought the reader through a magical world of Steampunk-inspired puzzles and mysteriously-worded letters from your uncle. The game was launched the same year as Doom and I assure you that Myst was on par with that proto-FPS in terms of… Read More

  • Google Apps Will Soon Play Friendly With BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    Getting Google Apps to work properly on a BlackBerry smartphone has never been the easiest process. Take Gmail, for example: you could use POP or IMAP, but it won’t sync the read status of each message. That’s no big deal, until you go absolutely insane from a status light that never, ever stops blinking. Now you’re stuck using the Gmail for BlackBerry app. Want your… Read More

  • Update on T-Mobile Sidekick LX pricing

    Folks, just wanted to keep you abreast on pricing for the 3G Sidekick LX (2009) from T-Mobile. It was originally slated to be $200 after a MIR, but that only applies to existing T-Mobile customers. New customers will have to fork over $250 for the new hotness. That is all. Read More

  • BlackBerry Partners Fund announces 2009 BlackBerry Developers Challenge

    The 2009 Wireless Enterprise Symposium for BlackBerry Users hasn’t even officially started yet, but news from the event has already started making its way out. The BlackBerry Partners Fund has just announced their second annual BlackBerry Developers Challenge, offering up a hefty cash prize to the developer who brings the best BlackBerry app and business plan to the table. Read More

  • Supposed leaked T-Mobile roadmap shows G2 in Summer, G1 v.2 in Fall, black boxes year round

    We have absolutely no idea what’s going on with all those shady black boxes in this leaked T-mobile Android roadmap, so the whole things a little iffy to us. CellPhoneSignal posted the image originally, though it only showed the Samsung Houdini and G2 launch dates you see up above. Just a few hours later, TmoToday posted the image with one more box uncovered, revealing the supposed G1… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile with a horrible name?

    Oh, inventory systems. You’re the source of countless pre-release confirmations, open to anyone with a polo bearing the proper logo. T-mobile hasn’t (officially) confirmed the HTC Magic was heading to their shelves, but it’s been pretty much undeniable for the past few weeks. Now, according to this leaked shot obtained by TmoNews, it’s already in the inventory… Read More