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  • Vivee Adds Dimension to Talking E-mail

    As we reported earlier this week, texting while driving is almost as bad as drunk driving. And we’ve also been hearing about a lot of solutions to the problem. Maybe waiting until get to where you going to send or read an e-mail is the best option, but who are we to tell people to be a little more patient! Besides, no one would listen to us anyway. They’re too busy talking on the… Read More

  • Vodafone Goes to the MAX

    Today Vodafone announced that it has become a principal member of the WiMAX Forum, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and certifying interoperable WiMAX products. This technology is et to allow high-speed Internet access from mobile devices over greater distances than previous technologies, such as Wi-Fi. “Our membership of the WiMAX Forum will complement our existing… Read More

  • NME Brings World of Music to Handsets

    Chances are if you remember the “shoe gazer” bands of the 1990s, followed the rise and fall of the Happy Mondays or just like to read what’s happening with “dead-man walking rock star” Pete Doherty, you know these three little letters: N – M – E. The British music magazine has been making and breaking news on the U.K. music scene for decades, and now… Read More

  • Pop Goes the Mobile Ad

    Remember the early days of pop-up ads on the Internet. They were interesting at first, and then become downright annoying about… oh, five seconds later. Well, get ready for round two. Pop-up ads are headed to a third screen near you. Some startups are already on starting to push technology that will deliver pop-ups to mobile phones. Worse the ads won’t necessarily pop when using a… Read More

  • CellTrust Announces Relief for Hazard Fliers

    Those of use who frequently fly well know the hazards of flight delay. The psychological stress incurred by crowded airports and uncertain departure times can put unwanted miles on an overtaxed body.The good people at CellTrust have created a new piece of technology that may help lower those taxes. As of today, FlightAssist 1.0 is available free of cost for a limited period. FlightAssist… Read More

  • Motorola Betting On Linux

    Will Motorola go open source? The company wouldn’t be at LinuxWorld just to take in the sights. In fact, Motorola will be betting on Linux by installing the operating system on 60 percent of its mobile handsets over the next two years. Already a Razr phone for GSM networks is on sale in Asia using Linux, and this model could arrive stateside as the Razr2 V8 within the next two… Read More

  • Age Verification Problem for Content on the Go

    Porn is extremely powerful. Some hate it; others can’t get enough of it. It is also one of the factors that made DVD the success story that it is today. Porn is among one of the reasons why VHS beat out BetaMax. But pornography is also something many people don’t want to see in their neighborhoods or around their kids. On TV it is easy enough to “lock out” those… Read More

  • Age of Heros IV Mobile Gameplay Demo Available

    There are still a few weeks until the release of Age of Heroes IV: Blood and Twilight, but to build interest Qplaze has posted video demo of the game. From here you can see the changes to the gameplay engine, and this includes improved graphics along with new heroes to command. This fantasy action game will let you raise the dead, so you can build an army of zombies, shadows, cadavers, liches… Read More

  • Street Fighter II Goes Mobile for 20th Anniversary of Series

    Twenty years ago I was beset by two hardcore muggers. Just coming from the arcade, I had learned some new martial arts moves from Street Fighter. I Kunged one thug and Fued the other. Taking their wallets, I went back into the arcade for even more fist-foot furry. Now I’m older, wiser and soon I can play Street Fighter on my mobile handset. Capcom’s classic, Street Fighter II… Read More

  • Mobile Linux Evaluation Kit Released

    At this week’s LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, ACCESS CO, LTD, announced the availability of a mobile Linux evaluation kit based on the ACCESS Linux Platform. This is optimized for the Marvell PXA30x and PXA31x application processors, and allow OEMs, ODMs and mobile operators to evaluate the benefits of the platform and Linux applications for mobile… Read More

  • GoLive Text2WAP

    A couple of weeks ago we posted about GoLiveMobile’s MobiCart plug in, and now we’re looking at their Text2WAP technology. This allows users to send a text message to 23907 and get back some useful information. The service basically has you text to the number, while sending a message with “about [XXXX]” as the message (with XXXX being your query of course). You then… Read More

  • Third Quarter Dividends for Sprint Nextel

    Any Sprint Nextel shareholder of record at the close of business on Sept. 7, 2007, has a quarterly dividend coming. The board of directors announced that a share of Sprint Nextel Common Stock returns 2.5 cents, payable Sept. 28, 2007. According to the Baltimore Business Journal, Sprint Nextel’s second quarter earnings dropped 94% because of costs associated with the company’s… Read More

  • Celunite First to Join LiMo Foundation

    Linux mobile software developer, Celunite, has become the first mobile phone operation system provider to join the LiMo Foundation. LiMo is a nonprofit organization that lobbies to increase the adaptation of Linux within the mobile industry. Giants Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodapone are founding members of the LiMo Foundation. The goal… Read More

  • Hitachi and Alarion Working on Mobile WiMAX Jointly

    Japanese and other oversea markets will soon enjoy the collaborative efforts of Hitachi and Alvarion at 2.5 MHz. The Hitachi and Alvarion project will develop a Broadband Mobile Wireless Access System using WiMAX technology. WiMAX technology needs both a base station, which transmits broadband data, and mobile management technology, which handles handover between base stations. Thus the… Read More

  • U.K. Smoking Bans Equals More Texting

    Seems that people who would normally light up might be using those fingers to text instead. With no cigarettes to hold it seems that text messages are what smokers might be doing more of in the U.K. following the smoking ban, which went into effect on July 1. Texting across the Orange network of 17 million mobile phone users shot up by 7.5 million texts! The theory is that smokers need… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Upside Down?

    What goes up must come down, and when you’re a billionaire known for high flying – including high flying in hot air balloons you better be use to falling. But that doesn’t explain so easily why Virgin Mobile, once the darling of MVNOs, has fallen from grace. More so Virgin Mobile’s fall comes after being acquired NTL:Telewest? According to The Independent this was… Read More

  • A Billion Mobile Ads Served

    All that’s missing is the golden arches: “Over 1 Billion Served.” Except this isn’t hamburgers, this is mobile ads and that’s the monthly figure. AdMob announced that it had served up more than five billion targeted ads since its launch in December of last year, and that one billion of those ads were in July alone. “AdMob’s growth is a testament to… Read More

  • Scientific American Launches Mobile Web Site

    Need to search for daily news in science, technology, space or find interesting science related trivia… and need to do this while on the go? Now all this is as close as your mobile browser. Scientific American has launched a new mobile Internet site. Designed with mobile searches and browsing in mind, the search offers a listing of current articles in the newsstand issue, as well as links… Read More

  • T-Mobile: Cash for Old Cell Phones

    Last week we reported that mobile phone could be the toxic waste of tomorrow, but now comes news that some mobile companies are looking to do something about it. T-Mobile has launched a new initiate in the U.K. to get people to recycle their old phones. Under this effort T-Mobile is asking Britons to send their own phones, whether they work or not, and possibly even get some cash for doing so. Read More

  • Alliance for Fair Roaming’s Statement on FCC Action

    Yesterday the Alliance for Fair Roaming Access issued a statement on the FCC action regarding roaming obligations of wireless carriers. This was in response to the Federal Communications Commission unanimous vote to require automatic roaming services for voice, SMS and push-to-talk at “just, reasonable and non-discriminatory rates in agreements of wireless providers.” The… Read More