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  • Samsung Knack keeps it basic and.. patriotic?

    Sometime around early 2006, I decided to kill a spare half hour my loitering around in a Verizon store. I know – coolest hang out spot ever, right? Anyways – at some point, an older gent stomped into the store, cherry faced and steam-eared. We’ll call him Bob. Being the nosey curious person I’ve always been, I eavesdropped on Bob’s conversation with a VZW employee. Read More

  • Google co-founder says Chrome on the way for Android

    The browser-bearing world was atwitter yesterday with the announcement of Google’s Chrome browser. Just about overnight, they’ve managed to convince hordes of people that Chrome is the way to browse on your PC. Next step? They’re taking it mobile. According to an interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the two projects will start working together more closely now that… Read More

  • RBC Analyst predicts Apple is working on a sub-$100 "iPod/phone"

    Analyst for RBC Capital Markets, Mike Abramsky, is suggesting that Apple is working on a sub-$100 pre-paid iPhone-alternative (or “iPod/phone”) limited to music playback and phone calls, though he doesn’t necessarily believe they’ll announce it at their event next week. Our call? Buuuuuullcrap. Won’t happen. At least, not any time soon. If anyone thinks this is… Read More

  • Find the fun around you with buzzd on Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile USA today announced that they had sealed the deal to bring buzzd’s location-based services directly to the WAP deck of all VirMo handsets. buzzd uses your location to find local happenings, doubling as a way to quickly find reviews for restaurants in your immediate area. This is really more of an extension than some brand new deal. Helio partnered with buzzd back in… Read More

  • Xperia X1 SDK: It's like Windows Mobile's SDK but with panels

    I was about to eat some fiber today but I basically cleaned myself out after reading about the Xperia X1 SDK that enables programmers to add panels to their X1 and be “be spoilt for choice” in the ability to add and remove those panels at will. If you recall, the X1 runs Windows Mobile and has panels. These panels are ways of looking at information – you could have a… Read More

  • Blackjack II officially gets upped to Windows Mobile 6.1

    While the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the Blackjack II first peeked its head up a few days ago, the download links didn’t actually, you know, work. That’s all fixed now, fortunately. If you’re rockin’ a Blackjack II and have been itchin’ to get it up on 6.1, head over here. Read More

  • AT&T grabs the Samsung a237

    While Samsung’s a237 may not be the most exciting or feature-packed handset they’ve ever released, it’s easy on the eyes and likely to be dirt cheap, so you’ll be seeing it around. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see it in the hands of some cute girl at the bar. Girls love guys who can name phones by their model number. Besides bringing some brightly colored curves to… Read More

  • Samsung accepts Nokia's offer for Symbian buyout

    In preparation for taking Symbian open-source and royalty free for Symbian Foundation partners, Nokia has spent the last few months buying out all of the other shareholders. As of this morning, the job is done; Nokia has announced that the last shareholder involved, Samsung, has accepted their offer. The cumulative total for all of the buyouts will set Nokia back around $410 million. Read More

  • AT&T users getting BlackBerry OS 4.5 and Curve 8320 this month

    The leak-devouring beast that is the Boy Genius managed to get his hands on a few slides from an internal AT&T presentation, packed with a handful of tasty BlackBerry morsels. First up is the BlackBerry OS 4.5. Currently set to launch around the middle of September, the update brings browser/media player/email UI improvements, HTML email support, Office document editing, calendar lookup, and… Read More

  • Sprint gets dirty with two new rugged handsets: Moto V950, i365

    Sprint has just announced that they’ll be adding two more Motorola handsets to their rugged lineup: the Renegade V950 (on right), and the i365 (on left). Both are iDen/Direct Connect compatible, and meet mil-spec requirements for durability against blowing rain, dust, shock, and vibration. For military folk and construction workers, that means it’ll come out unscathed after a day… Read More

  • Nortel tests LTE 4G wireless at 60 mph

    Note the BS The biggest issue with 4G networks is handover. When you’re speeding down the highway, your cellphone and wireless devices constantly hop from station to station, picking up connectivity as you go along. In a perfect world, this handover is seamless but, as we all know, in the real world it isn’t poifect. Nortel just tested their LTE standard with vehicles moving… Read More

  • Motorola officially launches the silver MOTO Q Global

    Remember that Silver MOTO Q we mentioned had found its way into a few AT&T stores last week? Its made the jump to the land of the official, available immediately as an AT&T exclusive. As mentioned before, it’s pretty much a MOTO Q9h pre-flashed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and given a flashy silver makeover. Same quad-band radio, UMTS dual-band 3G, 2.0 megapixel camera —… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct $99 at Radio Shack

    Starting tomorrow, Radio Shack will be selling the Samsung Instinct to new Sprint customers for $99. If you’re an existing Sprint customer looking to upgrade, it’ll cost you the normal price of $129. The sale is going on through Labor Day, so if you’re going to Radio Shack anyway, why not pick up a new Instinct? What am I saying? Nobody goes to Radio Shack. What I meant to… Read More

  • Dual-band Verizon gear coming soon: Travelers rejoice.

    The Samsung SCH-u810 and the SCH-i770, both from Samsung, should offer red hot roaming capabilities to those stuck on CDMA networks in the states. These two phones, along with a Novatel USB dongle and internal WWAN adapter for laptops, will make up Verizon’s Q3 global offerings, ensuring you won’t go phone-less when you travel. The i770 is a BlackJack-esque QWERTY with quad-band… Read More

  • Review: Palm Treo Pro

    So we return to the Palm Treo Pro, a $549 unlocked Windows Mobile Treo aimed squarely at the business set. It’s been about a week and I’ve used this guy off and on. It kept a nice charge – two days, for the most part, without much data use – and fit nicely in the pocket. But is it the Treo of which we all incessantly dream? Is it the Treo that will bring us closer to… Read More

  • JuiceCaster rolls into beta on BlackBerry

    There are really only three things you need to know about JuiceCaster: JuiceCaster is a free application which lets you upload videos, pictures, and status updates (where appropriate) to a wide variety of popular social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Photobucket, and a handful of others. It also acts as a bit of a social network of its own, with custom groups for sharing… Read More

  • Target leaks Motorola i776, the ugliest handset ever created

    So, pretend you’re Motorola’s handset division for a second. You’re constantly under fire from the vast majority of the blog-bearing internet for failing to create anything vaguely interesting since 2003 1996. Your future existence relies on the success of two handsets. What do you do? Apparently, you strive to create the ugliest handset the world has seen in a really… Read More

  • Free tetris clone Tris removed from App Store

    EA Games pushes out an iPhone port Tetris, and sells it for $9.99. An independent developer goes and makes his own Tetris clone (as has been done on just about every single electronic device ever created since the dawn of man) called Tris and offers it for the world for free. This is all going to go perfectly smooth, right? Of course not. Tris’ developer Noah Witherspoon has received… Read More

  • Newest PwnageTool brings iPhone 2.0.2 jailbreaking to OS X

    While Windows users got a few days of exclusivity on the firmware 2.0.2 jailbreaking front with the release of QuickPwn, Mac users are now free to get in on the fun. The iPhone Dev Team released PwnageTool 2.0.3 this morning, which should be able to crack iPhones/iPod Touches running firmware 2.0.2. It comes pre-loaded with the most recent version of the Installer beta (b6) and German… Read More

  • MediaFLO adds three new all-news-all-the-time channels

    Qualcomm’s mobile TV arm, MediaFLO has expanded its news coverage, just in time for the U.S. presidential race. The mobile TV service will now include three new 24/7 news channels: CNBC and MSNBC from NBC Universal and FOX News. MediaFLO said the news services were timed to launch for the political party convention season. MediaFLO USA’s mobile TV service is available to… Read More