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  • Russia's HTC Max 4G gets reviewed in-depth

    Perhaps it’s a little bit insensitive to post this; We already know the US isn’t getting the Touch HD, so chances are we’ll also be missing out on its WiMax enabled big brother, the Max 4G. It’s like rubbing salt on a fresh wound – but when said salt sports a 3.8″ WVGA screen and WiMax, we just can’t help ourselves. You’ll have to tough it… Read More

  • iPhone Nano rumor restarted with a case mockup

    Macworld is mere weeks and there really hasn’t been any substantial rumors besides this one involving a iPhone Nano. Ever since the original iPhone launched, Mac fanboys have been dreaming of a complete iPod-ish lineup that includes a small, nano version. It is widely known, and the source of many leaks, that iPhone/iPod case manufacturers receive basic specs and dimensions of upcoming… Read More

  • Garmin Nuvifone gets FCC greenlight, reminding everyone that it still exists

    Oh, Garmen Nuvifone; how relevant you would have been when you were announced back in January. A handful of bug-filled demonstrations at trade shows and nearly a full year later, we’ve sort of stopped caring. Fortunately, the FCC still cares. Sure, it’s their job to care – but as long as someone’s listening, why sweat the technicalities? They’ve now given the… Read More

  • Unreleased (and now cancelled) Helio-branded Samsung F400 captured on camera

    Long before Virgin Mobile acquired Helio, we started hearing whispers that the Samsung F400 was destined for the carrier’s lineup. With its vertically dual-sliding design featuring a number pad on one end and dual speakers on the other, it would have been a pretty snazzy little handset for music fans on everyone’s favorite MVNO. Alas, things got a bit crazy in the months leading up… Read More

  • Contest: Give us an interview question for a shot at a $50 gift card

    (Thanks to Virgin Mobile for passing the $50 dollar gift cards our way!) In the series of $50 gift card giveaways we’ve had so far, this is our third. Well, actually, if you count the one we gave away on our Twitter feed last night, it’s our fourth. Congrats to Chance (Contest 1), Zulay (Contest 2), and Bernardo (Contest 3, via Twitter) on walking away with 50 greenbacks just in… Read More

  • Best of: Stupid Android Market comments by slightly stupid people

    One of the great things about Android Market is that you can see what everyone has to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. Very useful in figuring out if you should really download that app called “Alien Blood Bath” or just avoid it all together. The system, however, is slightly flawed. It appears that no one is really moderating these comments, and they usually end… Read More

  • Pull My Finger is back in the App Store, signifies new genre of Apps

    After being rejected by Apple for its obvious supposed “limited utility” back in September, the infamous Pull My Finger app has returned. According to its developer (via MacRumors), Apple informed him that his app would be the first of a “whole new genre of apps,” and that “more apps will follow that may have been previously not allowed.” Clearly, the real… Read More

  • Interview with Qik Co-Founder Bhaskar Roy: Competition, iPhone, and Android

    This morning I had the opportunity to have a chat with Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder and VP of Product Management of Qik, a popular live video casting application available on most major mobile platforms. It’s not the first time we’ve interviewed him but, with competition at an all time high, I figured it was time to check back in. The interview was conducted over IM and later formatted… Read More

  • Estonia becomes first nation with mobile voting

    Estonia has become the world’s first nation to recognize mobile suffrage after passing legislation to allow its citizens the ability to cast their votes in the 2011 parliamentary elections with their cell phones. This is the second time Estonia has adopted such an innovative, pro-tech law, having given Estonians the ability to vote in the parliamentary elections over the Internet for… Read More

  • Get the new Motorola AURA for just an arm and a leg

    Move over LG Prada and Co., there’s a new outrageously priced (mobile) sheriff in town – the (previously mentioned) Motorola AURA.  For just shy of $two grand (unlocked), Motorola’s high-society handset can be yours, complete with its very own 62 Carat Sapphire Crystal Lens. But wait, there’s plenty more where that came from.  With stainless steel housing, the… Read More

  • Barbie P520: It's face-meltingly pink

    This one goes out to you, pink fans. I know you’re out there; every time I push a story about the latest Samsung phone being rereleased in pink, my inbox gets attacked with requests for more info. You want pink? The Barbie P520 is about as pink as they come. Seriously, look at it. That thing burns the eyes a little. Read More

  • Lenovo OPhone, the most gorgeous Android handset you can probably never have

    Unless you happen to be one of the few reading MobileCrunch from China, look away. The gorgeous little piece of Android-powered fun you see up above isn’t leavin’ the People’s Republic, so don’t torture yourself by falling in love with it. Purportedly a work-in-progress by Lenovo, this one’s carrying the name “OPhone” behind closed doors. It’ll… Read More

  • working on mobile streaming app to take on Qik, Kyte, FlixWagon

    (Clarification Update on the video: The above video was sent in to us – not produced by us. While the source indicates that the devices were both running on 3G, there’s no way for us to positively verify that one wasn’t running WiFi while the other ran on 3G or EDGE.) With Qik, Kyte, and FlixWagon all battling for their share of the live mobile broadcasting market, is there… Read More

  • Christian Sejersen confirms Mobile Firefox for Symbian in the works

    After dashing the hopes of iPhone/Android fanboys and girls everywhere with last month’s news that Mobile Firefox (Fennec) would not be ported to the two popular/emerging platforms due to licensing and technological reasons, Mozilla has instead turned to the widely adopted (mostly abroad) Symbian platform. Christian Sejersen, charged with heading up the engineering efforts for Mozilla… Read More

  • Sprint hoping Android will help to bring customers back

    Sprint Nextel Corp. wants to regain the 3 million customers it has lost this year (probably due to the iPhone) with the help of a new Android phone. It is ready to release a phone based on Google’s operating system within a year, and is hoping that a high-profile handset might help get back those lost customers. It might be too little, too late, but we’ll soon find out. Sprint is… Read More

  • South Korea to open the mobile floodgates, lift platform restrictions

    The Korea Communications Commission announced on Wednesday that it would no longer require mobile device  manufacturers to include a S. Korea-only technology, Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI), in handsets after April 1, 2009. Why is this such a big deal? Well, prior to yesterday’s announcement, the mandatory inclusion of WIPI had effectively precluded numerous… Read More

  • Red/Silver, Black E71s caught on film

    More than a week after Nokia World 08, shots of two unreleased and unannounced E71 color variations that were lurking around the showroom floor have made their way out. How’d they manage to stay off the radar for so long? In the sprint of craziness that is a convention, it’s easy to dig so hard for the goods that you miss what was in your face the whole time. First of the duo is… Read More

  • AT&T now offering iPhone at-home activation

    It seems that Apple has loosened its iron grip on the iPhone by letting AT&T not only sell the phone online, but also allowing consumers to self-activate it at home. Crazy, I know. Previously, the phone could purchased online, but you still had to trek to a AT&T or Apple location for activation. It actually works out well for gift giving. Good luck trying to activate on Christmas Day. Read More

  • Pantech gets back to the basics with $40 C630 for AT&T

    Looking out for all those crazies (read: the majority of people) who don’t seem to think that dropping a few hundred greenbacks for a phone is a good idea but still want their handset do to a few cool tricks, Pantech has announced the C630 candybar. For $30 after a 2-year contract and mail-in rebate, you’ll walk out with a bit of 3G, aGPS and AT&T Navigator, Bluetooth, a 1.3… Read More

  • Contest: $50 Giftcard Giveaway #2

    Long story short, Virgin Mobile sent us an envelope full of $50 dollar gift cards, and we’re passing them on to our readers. (If you really want the whole back story, here you go.) The only catch is that they expire at the end of 2008, so if you nab one you’ll have to spend it quick. This is the second one we’ve given away so far. As a bit of a bonus, we’re extending… Read More