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  • Samsung delaying Android offering until late 2009

    If you were holding your breath until MWC to see if Samsung would drop its promised Android-based phone, you can exhale. It seems that the Samdroid will have to wait, as they’re still in negotiations with carriers and no hardware has been put forth. Shucks! It’s bad news for Samsung lovers, but there’s still a chance that HTC will give us a glimpse of the G2 (not this… Read More

  • Pre specs show up on, new details emerge

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Sprint just updated their site with the Palm Pre’s specs. This news alone isn’t anything special as the specs have been available for quite some time, but we now know a few details about the Pre’s internal storage and some service details. Does this mean the Pre is coming soon or did Sprint and Palm just finalize some details? Read More

  • iPhone Game Review: LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games

    (For the record – Batman would kick Superman’s ass.) I was excited for Warner Bros., DC Comics and CobraMobile’s LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games for the iPhone. Then I finished it within 10 minutes. Read More

  • More BlackBerry Storm firmware updates leak out

    Man, BlackBerry Storm users are gettin’ the unofficial goods left and right as of late. While the rest of us get to wait for updates to pass through weeks of carrier certification, it seems like someone is leaking these Storm firmware updates every time the code looks stable. This latest leak bumps the (unofficial) version numbers up to OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 (GSM) and… Read More

  • Western Europe Stimulates Worldwide Growth In Mobile Porn

    Juniper Research released a report today that claims that the global mobile market for adult content grew by around 36 percent, to an estimated $2.2 billion, in 2008. Juniper also estimated that the market will be worth $4.9 billion by 2013, largely dominated by increased demand for video-chat services. Demand for mobile adult content seems to growing at a fast pace since the research… Read More

  • BES 5.0 bringing Email Flagging, remote Windows file access, more

    Photo via AppScout Don’t the words “BlackBerry Enterprise Server update” just send a shiver of excitement down your spin? They do? Really? You’re kind of weird. Whether you’re awkwardly excited about BES 5.0 or not, it’s on its way – and RIM has dropped some details on whats in store for you, the end-user. Read More

  • Alcatel's LEGO(ish) phone looks like a horrible idea

    After many occasions during my childhood in which I sat down on LEGOs that I’d mindlessly jammed into my pockets during one of many amazing architecture sessions, the last thing I want is a LEGO phone. Seriously, if the brick’s little nubs don’t get you, the ridiculously sharp corners will. Alas, Alcatel is apparently crackin’ away at a LEGO-inspired phone, complete… Read More

  • White BlackBerry Pearl Flip coming soon?

    Kevin over at CrackBerry spotted this white Pearl Flip during RIM’s BES presentation today and posits that RIM could be releasing it sometime in the near future. Makes sense considering the bazillion colors they have for the candybar Pearl. Read More

  • App Store surpasses 20,000 iPhone Apps

    After smashing through the 10,000 app mark back in November and 15,000 as of Apple’s Q4 earnings call, it appears that the App Store has breezed on through to 20,000 apps. Apptism, an iPhone app monitoring site which updates their tally each hour, puts the current count at 20,410. Apple has yet to comment, though we’d expect an official acknowledgment of this landmark to come… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile (Fennec) released in early form for HTC Touch Pro

    It’s by no means a complete product and the overall experience might be all kinds of shaky, but the Fennec (that’s Firefox Mobile, if you missed it) team has released a “Milestone” version of their Windows Mobile browser. It requires a bit of beef in the processor/memory departments and is designed for 300 dpi at VGA resolution, so don’t expect a lesser phone than… Read More

  • Nokia cutting phone production

    And there goes the mobile cell phone market. Nokia is slowing the Finnish production elves ahead of financial loss. It seems that the company isn’t in dire trouble, but is taking a responsible stance and cutting before things hit the fan in the form of 0.08 Euro expected loss per share. And so Nokia is laying off 20 to 30 percent of the main assembly facility on a rotational basis… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8900 now available from T-Mobile

    The day has finally arrived, folks. RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 8900 is officially available for the masses from T-Mobile here in the States. You’ll have to shell out $300 but there is a $100 MIR bringing the grand total to $200 with a 2-year contract. Well, what are you waiting for? Product Page Read More

  • Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry is in the system

    Blackberry users will soon have one less thing for iPhone people to tease them about. Visual voicemail, which we’ve seen in leaked shots, should be coming soon to AT&T customers that have RIM handsets. Currently, in the account management system, you can try adding Visual Voicemail, but the system returns an error message. So even though it isn’t here yet, its appearance… Read More

  • NAM Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming later this month for 400 bucks?

    We weren’t huge fans of the 5800 XpressMusic when we first laid hands on it, and that probably won’t change when they slap North American-friendly radio in it. But if you’re aching to put your own paws all up on Nokia’s first touchscreen phone, this latest news might please you. Read More

  • Upcoming Sprint handset launch windows leaked, Treo Pro now aiming for March 15th

    If yesterday’s news that the Treo Pro’s launch date had slipped from February 15th to “TBD”, this latest bit of hearsay probably won’t help: “TBD” apparently means a full month later, with Sprint now hoping to get the Treo Pro onto the shelves by March 15th. Worse yet, that’s not even set in stone – it’s just Sprint’s hopeful… Read More

  • Qik and Boingo Wireless to announce partnership today

    Like all mobile video broadcasting solutions, Qik works at its best when it’s granted access to a nice fat WiFi pipeline. But beyond their living rooms, their local coffee shop, and that one street corner where they can pick up WiFi signal if they hold their laptop just right, most people don’t have a very wide array of WiFi spots available to them – not without… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson announces the W395 to get it out of the way

    Joining Samsung in the mentality of “Lets announce small stuff before MWC so that people don’t notice our gigantic leaks” is Sony Ericsson, who has gone ahead and announced the W395 Walkman phone. It’s not quite the beastly beaut we’re expecting to see next week at Mobile World Congress, but it might be just enough to tide over the desire for more leaks in the… Read More

  • Why no multitouch on the G1? Because Apple said so.

    When the G1 launched back in October, a common question clanged through the halls: wheres the multitouch? When a few clever minds managed to patch in their own multitouch support, proving that the hardware could handle it, things got even more perplexing. Had Google just not ironed out the multitouch workings enough to support it in this first device, or had Apple’s patent… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson releases C903 Cyber-shot in a pre-MWC explosion of phones

    It’s stirring. Even in this harsh economy, SE is still launching two phones for MWC, a move that shows SE’s dedication to the status quo and an understanding that consumers want more of the same. In a way, Sony Ericsson is telling the world “Yes, we’re still alive and kicking. Yes, we still have phones. And yes, one is is a mid-level cameraphone for Europe.” The… Read More

  • Yet more WinMo 6.5 screenshots

    It is probably safe to say that this is what Windows Mobile 6.5 will look like with this many screen shots. No one can deny the Zune-ish feel to ’em either. Mobile World Congress starts next week and purhaps Microsoft is reading the upcoming OS for a preview or soft launch. Previously we learned that 6.5 will hit manufacturers in April with the devices hitting consumer’s hands… Read More