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  • Huawei Android phones coming later than previously expected

    Wuh oh – Looks like China’s Huawei Technologies might have spoken too soon when they announced that they’d have an Android-powered phone ready in the first half of 2009. According to CNET, a Huawei spokesman has confirmed “that their first Android smartphone is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2009.” Read More

  • InPlay unveils WriteSense digital pen technology

    InPlay Technologies, developer of human interface devices for computing and communication products, introduced its latest endeavor – WriteSense digital pen technology – in a press release earlier today. The patent-pending technology couples active RF pen input with capacitive touch systems (an iPhone’s screen, for example) thereby: eliminat[ing] the need for a separate… Read More

  • Beejive IM for iPhone to go on sale tonight at midnight

    As the proud owners of some of the most callused thumbs you’ll ever see, we’re pretty fond of the landscape keyboard and overall stability offered up by Beejive for the iPhone. What we’re not so fond of, however, is the $16 dollar price tag. For the sake of the folks out there looking to give away copies of BeejiveIM as e-stocking stuffers (and, presumably, as an effort… Read More

  • Sprint opens their location-based platform to third party developers

    This morning, Sprint is announcing a partnership with WHERE and WaveMarket to allow third-party developers to make location-aware sites, WAP, SMS campaigns, and mobile applications for Sprint customers. Read More

  • Obama's Inauguration expected to overwhelm DC, mobile networks

    In 33 days, President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the USA.  What does this have to do with mobile?  Well, with a ginormous-sized crowd expected to attend Obama’s inauguration, a spokesman for the CTIA warns that cellular phone systems around the National Mall in Washington, DC could be overloaded under such conditions. Read More

  • Pic of upcoming Motorola phones that at least look hot

    2009 is a new year for Motorola. The firm’s sales are tracking down, the RAZR might be dead – hopefully – but these four upcoming phones look uncharacteristically good. Little is known beside about the mobiles besides what can be gathered from the pics. The branding indicates that they are Verizon-bound and at least three of the four are touchscreens. And none of the phones… Read More

  • Internal Wal-Mart memo indicating price, release date; It's not $99, folks

    A Wal-Mart communiqué is showing that the iPhone3G will sell for $197/$297 and not $99 hoped by some despite Amy Poehler’s crack reporting. (video after the break) The 8GB and 16GB versions, with their $2 discount, will go on sale December 28, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. Will there be a line of soccer moms and dead beat dads waiting to get their dirty hands on the Wal-Mart iPhone? If so, we… Read More

  • Looks like Ustream is headed for the iPhone, as well

    When we broke the news last week that is working on a mobile streaming application, the only device we could verify support for was the Nokia N95. A few days later, we’ve received photographic proof that they’re cracking away at a client for at least one other popular handset: the iPhone. Continuing a tradition long established in the world of pre-announcement… Read More

  • Just kidding: Radiation-fighting E-Waves Phone Chip no longer for sale

    It’s been just one week since Omega Pharma (part of the LOST conspiracy, anyone?) announced the availability of its magical radiation-fighting E-Waves Phone Chip.  And, guess what?  Today, the Belgium firm has withdrawn the chip from sale because, according to the company: After the launch… a storm of protest broke out during which scientific proof of doctors and professors… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Shadow II to drop 1.28.09

    The recently outed (thanks FCC) HTC Shadow II is apparently making its way to T-Mobile shelves on January 28, 2009.  Pretty exciting, huh.  Another boring uninspired slider phone coming stateside. A recap of the (questionably) noteworthy features includes: WinMo 6.1, WiFi w/ UMA @Home functionality, 2.6″ display, MicroSD slot, 2mp photo/video cam, stereo Bluetooth, slide-out keyboard… Read More

  • Samsung Memoir (T929) for T-Mobile passes through FCC

    Just last week, we passed along a few shots of an 8-megapixel Samsung garnished with a T-Mobile logo. While there wasn’t much reason to doubt its authenticity, the FCC has gone and verified it for us anyway. Yesterday evening, the FCC spilled the beans on a Samsung-made, 8 megapixel camera phone running on T-Mobile’s 1700mhz 3G. That’s about as concrete as it gets short of… Read More

  • Pandora now available for Windows Mobile

    More than two years ago, Pandora began working on a Windows Mobile client for their personalized music streaming service. Right as that project was entering alpha, they penned distribution deals with AT&T and Sprint, who both had one requirement: it needed to work on their standard, run-of-the-mill feature phones. With their relatively small development team, Pandora shifted their efforts… Read More

  • Dev-Team jailbreaks the iPhone3G and suggests fixes for 10.5.6 PwnageTool issues

    iPhone owners have been foaming at the mouth for an iP3G unlocking solution since its release and it seems that hack is right around the corner. The Dev-Team has announced that they have successfully done the seemingly impossible and will make the hack available via PwnageTool and QuickPwn sometime around the New Year. Which is just in time for Steve Jobs to announce something new at Macworld… Read More

  • Leaked shots of long forgotten BlackBerry Application Suite for WinMo unveiled

    Waaaaay back in April of 2007, RIM announced that they’d be bringing a virtualized version of the BlackBerry OS to Windows Mobile handsets. In other words, it was pretty much the BlackBerry OS running as a Windows Mobile application, complete with support for BlackBerry services and applications. It would be made available “later this year” (again, this was 2007), said RIM. Read More

  • Palm gets in on the app store game, launches Palm Software Store

    With Apple and Google’s on-device application stores already peddling the wares and RIM’s BlackBerry Application Center just around the corner, Palm’s making an effort to not get left behind. This evening, Palm launched an official on-device application store for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS powered handsets. With “App Store”, “Market”, and… Read More

  • Wikipedia finally (and officially) joins the mobile cloud

    Wikipedia, one of the greatest collaborative volunteer collective knowledge projects of all time and one of the most visited sites on the web, has finally released a mobile-formatted site –  Although it may have already existed in some unofficial capacity, the mobile site is now officially available. The official mobile Wikipedia offers text-only results in… Read More

  • Visa Mobile Android app arrives, available for select G1 owners

    On Dec. 10, Visa released its first official Android Market app – Visa Mobile – giving (“select Chase Visa cardholder”) T-Mobile G1 owners “near real-time alerts, offers, and useful tools to help navigate life in today’s fast moving world.” More specifically, users will receive card transaction updates, be able to keep track of spending, get deals… Read More

  • Palm looking to "bridge the gap" with Nova OS and device(s)

    Looking to revive the once-mighty Palm smartphone brand, the struggling company turned to Jon Rubenstein in mid-2007, a former Apple SVP who was instrumental in the development of the iPod and now Palm’s executive chairman in charge of product development, to help turn things around. More than a year later, it looks like we’re finally about to see the fruits of Palm’s… Read More

  • Nokia applies for Pivot Display patent, wants best of both worlds

    Nokia’s latest USPTO application for a “Pivot Display” provides possible insight into a future mobile form-factor.  Manufacturers, on a never-ending quest in search of the mobile holy grail (i.e. combining maximum screen real-estate and a tactile QWERTY keypad in a pocket-size device), continue to push the (patent) boundaries. Read More

  • Samsung Pixon passes through the FCC with AT&T 3G in tow

    Uh oh, T-Mobile Memoir – looks like you’re not the only 8-megapixel camera phone en route to a US carrier. After what I’m sure was a lengthy bout of torture and humiliation (and, knowing the FCC, a bunch of poorly taken photos), the FCC has graced the Samsung Pixon with its stamp of approval. Now, the Pixon is nothing new – parts of Europe and Asia have had it for… Read More