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  • AT&T buying Alltel territories from Verizon

    I pity the poor rural cellphone owner. First Verizon snapped up Alltel and something called Rural Cellular and now AT&T grabbed those 1.5 million subscribers in a $2.35 billion deal. Read More

  • The Samsung Alias 2 launches today

    Ready for an e-ink cell phone? If so, head down to a VZW store and pick up the Samsung Alias 2 starting today for only $79. The phone sports a keyboard that, through the magic of e-ink, changes to meet the phone’s usage. It displays a standard number keypad when in normal phone mode and a QWERTY keyboard when in texting mode. Amazing. Too bad the phone comes with a horrid… Read More

  • Verizon HP Mini 1151NR netbook launching May 17th?

    May 17th is shaping up to be a big day for Verizon if this rumor is correctly stating the launch date of upcoming netbook. That day is also the launch date of the portable hotspot, MiFi. The HP Mini netbook comes packing integrated 3g wireless for Internet connectivity and will be available for $199 with a two-year data contract. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey. Read More

  • T-Mobile's CTO, Expect Android devices from 3 manufacturers this year

    T-Mobile is betting big on Android this year. Cole Brodman, T-Mobile’s CTO, We are looking to launch multiple Android-based devices in the second half of this year with three partners, Three he says? HTC and Samsung have already been confirmed by the leaked Android roadmap, but who is the third? Read More

  • Palm Pre Contacts Podcast

    We’re not entirely sure if this is some sort of Sprint training video or something aimed at the general consumer, but it looks genuine. The video clearly demos webOS’s contact capability. It’s really nothing new, but hopefully more of these videos will leak and shed some more light on webOS and the Palm Pre. Read More

  • T-Mobile "Bigfoot" G1v2 pictured?

    We learned the other day from a slightly shady-looking leaked document that the second version of the G1 will be hitting T-Mo some time in the fall. Believable, but the picture for the phone looked all wrong — a little too Ocean-y for us (though we love that phone) [Greg says: I was totally right about the G1v2 image in that document being a fake placeholder]. But BGR appears to… Read More

  • Android v1.5 widgets demoed on video

    Even after a three minute presentation by an Android engineer, some of the things lurking around in the Android v1.5 (which should hit your G1 next week, if it hasn’t already) haven’t seen much exposure thus far. Take the new Widgets system, for example: while Android has had Widgets since launch, the related APIs and the marketplace have both been made widget-friendly, allowing… Read More

  • Nokia's Very BigHuge Giant App Store! (TM)

    Nokia is planning an app store that could explode your head out of your ears and make your bladder explode in delight. Called the Ovi Store, this amazing app store will have 20,000 apps on launch, enough for all the men, women, and children in Scranton, Pennsylvania to enjoy an app a day for fifteen years. I’m not quite sure why Forbes sees the Ovi Store as the second coming of the… Read More

  • Nokia N97 up for pre-order

    The Nokia N97 is almost here, but those that can’t wait to fork cash over to Nokia can now opt for a pre-order. There seems to be some sort of fire sale going on too ’cause Nokia has the flagship unlocked handset marked down $174 and coupon code CARTP409N brings the price down to $454. Read More

  • It's 3.0 Or Die For New iPhone Apps

    Apple has just sent out an email alert to iPhone developers that any new app submitted to the App Store will have to be ready for the iPhone 3.0 software, which is due shortly (probably around Apple’s WWDC event in June). Beginning today, any app submitted that isn’t 3.0 compatible will be rejected. Here’s the key part of the email: Beginning today, all submissions to the… Read More

  • Facebook Connect For The iPhone Has Been Borked Since Yesterday

    Facebook Connect is an absolute boon for iPhone developers who want an easy way to add a social layer to their apps. And the service is great for users because it allows them to use the social elements of apps without having to create yet another account with yet another service. It’s a win-win — except when it goes down. As it has today. Based on several tips and various… Read More

  • 2010 World Cup tipped to be mobile TV's coming of age

    Mobile TV—that is, live TV on your cellphone—is still sorta “meh,” it’s fair to say. That’s why the news that the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is seen by some, including Nokia, as the event that will bring the technology to the forefront, is certainly welcome. After all, nothing attracts eyeballs quite like the World Cup—sort of in the same way that… Read More

  • Rumor: Palm Pre launch prep schedule leaked, lacks editing

    We’re going to go ahead and ignore the glaring “Employee Benfits” typo and the fact that “LAUNCH LUNCH!” is in almost deliberately over-the-top caps, and just skip right to assigning this thing its properly sized grain of salt. June 7th was one of the (many) rumored release dates for the Pre, so the dates fit. Plus, Sprint is banking their future on this one… Read More

  • Samsung Alias 2 and Motorola Rival A445 get pictured in the plasticky flesh

    There it is folks, in all of its e-ink keypad glory: the Samsung Alias 2. Rumors indicated that this guy was set for release on May 11th, and the fact that shots of it have started to trickle out lead us to believe that the retail spots have begun to receive their units. Expect to see this guy hit shelves next week. PhoneArena has a few more shots, along with a couple blurry cam shots (one of… Read More

  • Video: Google demos Android 1.5 (Cupcake)

    Sure, Android v1.5 has been fleshed out in excruciating detail in the past few weeks, but there are plenty of people who didn’t get Cupcake early and are clamoring for more. Plus, everyone loves an awkward Google engineer video – though we must say, this guy is a lot less awkward than most of’em. Check out the unintentional Pirate Bay shoutout about 30 seconds in. Read More

  • AT&T to discount iPhone service plan?

    According to Cote Collaborative, AT&T is pondering a price cut on monthly service charges for iPhone owners when Apple will purportedly announce new hardware at WWDC in June. Apparently Apple and AT&T are under enormous amounts of pressure to sell more iPhones and there’s a “strong possibility” of a $10/month discount on the entry-level $69 plan. If this is true then… Read More

  • The Verizon MiFi 2200 EV-DO portable WiFi router

    We’ve had a special place in our hearts for the Novatel Wireless MiFi ever since we played with one at CES. Verizon let it leak via the MiFi’s online manual that the carrier was getting the portable EV-DO router sometime soon, but now we have info to fill in the blanks. The Verizon MiFi 2020 appears to be all of the hotness that the pre-production Novatel was with ability to share… Read More

  • Apple and AT&T 4EVR? Naw

    Some analysts have said the obvious and informed the world that the iPhone won’t be on one carrier for much longer. Why? Because Apple will ravage AT&T until it is a dark husk fill with bile and sputum, take as many customers wishing to use GSM and AT&T coverage as possible, and then move on like the chitinous, swart beasts from The Dark Crystal. And that’s the upside. Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 out already

    What’s that? You finally just got around to installing Beta 4 of iPhone OS 3.0? Sorry – it’s update time again. Breaking their normal stride of every 2 weeks, Apple has just pushed Beta 5 to the Developer Center. Does this slight speed up mean anything? Could 3.0’s public release be right around the corner? We’re not expecting any dramatic changes or new features… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 owners to get Android v1.5 Cupcake update next week (For real this time)

    After a somewhat steady stream of T-Mobile USA customers reported that the Android “Cupcake” update had hit their G1s last week, all went silent. Not everyone had gotten their updates, and it seemed as if the rollout had suddenly stopped. Whether this first batch of updates was a mistake, we’re not sure – but at least now we know when it’s coming for… Read More