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  • Amp’d Get 25 Percent Stake in Prexar

    It is almost a done deal. Prexar Mobile will buy Amp’d Mobile, and in exchange the bankrupt MVNO will get a 25 percent stake in Prexar. A Delaware judge has approved United Systems Access (serving under PrexarMobile brand name) purchase of the Amp’d Mobile customers. As part of the cash and stock return Amp’d will be paid based on many of its many of its customers make… Read More

  • Bourne’s Mobile Conspiracy

    While many of Robert Ludlum’s best-selling novels about secret agent Jason Bourne were written before widespread adoption of mobile phones, the movie adaptations often have the spy who can’t remember his past relying heavily on his mobile. So it is fitting that now fans of the series can get in on the action with their handsets as well. Vivendi Games Mobile announced that The… Read More

  • Sky Sports Delivers Football to Mobile

    In Europe they take football – what we Americans know as soccer – as seriously as many Americans take football – what we Americans call football. So when U.K. satellite service Sky Sports announced that it plans to offer all of its 92 Barclays Premier League matches on mobile this is big news indeed! Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 will be available via the Sky Mobile TV series as… Read More

  • Windows Media for iPhone from Glide Mobile

    Despite all the hype a few things have been missing from the iPhone… notably some support for Windows Media formats, but this week Glide Mobile announced that it would now offer new format support the iPhone including Windows Media Video and Audio. Among the formats supported for the iPhone: wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .divx, .mov, .mp4 and .3gp. Glide supported audio formats for the iPhone… Read More

  • Google Phone Rumors Increase

    Well the genie is pretty much out of the bottle, the cat is out of the bag and the news about a Google mobile phone is all but confirmed. But despite the recent story in the Wall Street Journal we still have no solid confirmation. Of course this is just a replay of January when the Apple iPhone was all but released. What does this mean about the way secrets are kept? It is a good thing the boys… Read More

  • London Olympics May Feature Open Wireless Games

    Will the London 2012 Olympics embrace the mobile media? Could be. While many sporting organizations have banned use of mobile and digital reporting from venues – notably major rugby, football and cricket matches – the Olympics could be the turning point. So will the Olympics allow real time blogging and reporting via mobile? We reported recently that the Chinese officials are… Read More

  • Samsung Mobile Closing in on the Top

    This week Strategy Analytics reported that the Samsung overtook Motorola for the first time to become the world’s second largest handset vendor. Sales for the global mobile shipments also grew a modest 11 percent from year-over-year and reached 258 million units in Q2 2007. “Total global cell phone shipments have continued to slow down this year, but Samsung is speeding up,”… Read More

  • First Live Mobile Generated Artwork Collective Launched

    Imagine cellular phones serving as a digital canvas. That was how last week’s event in New York City has been described., an online mobile entertainment portal, conducted the first mobile generated live group blog in partnership with Betty K Mix Studio, a fusion painting workship, which gathered 24 painters from all over the world.’s Fusion Art channel… Read More

  • Hudson Entertainment Makes a Big Blast

    Today Hudson Entertainment announced that Gravity Blast will be available for all major BREW and Java handsets. Based on the space arcade game you’ll be tasked with repelling an alien invasion. “Mobile gaming fans are looking for new gaming experiences, not just sequel after sequel, and we are pleased to showcase a game like Gravity Blast,” said John Lee, Vice President of… Read More

  • SMS Forum Disbands

    This week the SMS Forum, a non-profit organization devoted to the developing and promoting SMS to benefit the wireless industry, announced it will be disbanding. The group will take down its Web site by the end of this year. Originally founded as the Short Message Peer to Peer Forum, the group changed to SMS Forum and had been going strong sine 2001. Since its founding, the SMS Forum… Read More

  • Daily HooQs Content Portal For Your Video Needs

    We’re following the beta launch of HooQs, which is a portal for all your video needs. The company has been partnering with various media companies for distribution of mobile video content. This includes Daily HooQ, which is a mobile opt-in service where users register with their topics of interest and get clips that are handpicked and proactively pushed to their device. HooQs has been in… Read More

  • Holes in iPhone Security Patched

    It seems that some Apple users like to point out that their rivals always seem to have security holes? So what do those Apple users have to say now? This week Apple Inc. issued a software patch for the newly released iPhone to address a few small security holes. This software update was released late Tuesday, and it addressed the security issues as well as few bugs. It also is meant to fix… Read More

  • Text in Translation

    The evolution of the digital world has lead to the use of acronyms such as LOL, K, and even BFF, but when your kid starts typing A/S/L, PRW, or MorF, you need to refer to a glossary for translation. has provided A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Online Acronyms with just such a glossary. It applies to IM and sites like FaceBook as well as text messages sent and… Read More

  • People’s Liberation Army As Mobile Wallpaper

    We can only guess what Chairman Mao would think, but he’d probably not be amused. The Xinhau News Agency is reporting that subscribers to China Unicom don’t have to settle for butterflies and kittens for their mobile wallpaper. Instead, they can rely on images from the Korean War, while also being offered downloads that include clips of the Korean War and military anthems. This is… Read More

  • AOL Offers Customized Mobile

    Several search engines on the Web offer, or soon will offer, customized Web pages with widgets to tell you the time and weather, and pull up the latest headlines. AOL Mobile is giving personalized treatment to user homepages in an effort to increase its stickiness on handsets everywhere. Users can select preferences for the page to include hyperlinks, include images, optimize linked pages… Read More

  • In-Stat: Bluetooth Market Grows but at Slower Rate

    Bluetooth penetration into mobile handsets is still on the rise. That’s the word from a new report by research firm In-Stat. 2006 was a good year and 2007 will bring more success for the technology named after Danish King Harald Blåtand. But something is rotten, and not just in Denmark. The growth for Bluetooth products is also beginning to slow. “The Bluetooth silicon market… Read More

  • CBS Mobile Partners with Multiple Mobile Ad Companies

    One you can’t say about CBS is that that their mobile division only phoned it in when it came to working with a mobile ad company. Yesterday CBS Mobile announced partnerships – that’s plural as in multiple deals – with mobile ad companies AdMob, Millennial Media, Rhythm NewMedia and Third Screen Media in efforts to build a one-stop mobile advertising platform for its… Read More

  • EA Mobile… It's Not in the Money Game

    Electronic Arts released their second quarter 2007 revenues this week, and things were essentially flat from its mobile division. The Q2 numbers were flat at $33, which was the same as the same quarter last year, and down from Q1 of 2007, which had revenue of $36 million. Mobile gaming makes up about eight percent of EA’s total platform revenue. It wasn’t much better at rival… Read More

  • Spigit Lets Professional Show Their Stuff

    Last year MobileCrunch looked at IPSwap, which was focused on connecting consumers with software developers. The shop closed up in December, but now they’re back and in beta as spigit. The site has launched as a platform that provides professional with the ability to showcase new ideas and innovations and in the process build their professional network. The company hopes to have… Read More

  • Google Working On Super Double Secret Mobile Phone

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been investing “hundreds of millions of dollars” in a cellphone project. Reports of a “Google phone” are not a particularly new revelation, but this latest report comes with some added details. The Journal reports that Google has made mobile phone mock-ups, courted carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon), and continued working… Read More