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  • HTC Dream clears the FCC

    When a new HTC product going by “DREA1000″ hits the FCC, there really isn’t much question what it may be. Of course, the product description goes on to outright call it “Dream”, but hey – it’s more fun to pretend that this took some hardcore sleuthing. Now that this much talked about first-ever Android handset has made its way through the FCC’s… Read More

  • Skyfire gets Silverlight support

    If you’re one of the small pack of people that found their way into the Skyfire browser beta, pop open your copy – they’ve just added support for Microsoft’s response to Flash, Silverlight. Only a handful of sites are making use of Silverlight at the moment, but more support should be on the way. Netflix has demoed Silverlight versions of their “Watch… Read More

  • Are You Ready to Drop Kick Your 3G iPhone?

    Reports of dropped calls are coming in from around the world. It seems as though there is a serious flaw with the new iPhone that is causing connection failures during calls. A loss of connection occurs when the iPhone attempts to move from a 3G network to a non-3G network. USA Today is reporting that the problem may be with the 3G chipset manufactured by Infineon Technologies. AT&T and… Read More

  • Miles Flint Joins Sharpcard’s Board

    Sharpcards announced today that Miles Flint has been appointed to its board as a non executive director. Sharpcards is a mobile messaging provider that is known for its entertaining greetings. The company also develops screensavers, themes, videos and personalization applications. Mr. Flint worked as President of Sony Ericsson Mobile from 2004 to 2007. Before that he spent 13 years at Sony… Read More

  • This Week on MobileCrunch

    Lots can happen in a week. Sometimes it gets tough to keep up. Have a busy week, and feeling left behind? Here are some of the biggest MobileCrunch stories from the week of 8/10/2008 – 8/16/08: Pwnage 2.0.2 now available Steve Jobs talks App Store: 60 million downloads, $30 million in the first month Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17 Sprint’s roadmap for the next… Read More

  • Treo Pro live shots, details continue to leak

    Just a few days ago, no one really knew anything about the Treo Pro. Hell, it wasn’t even called the Treo Pro before Friday. Just two days later, we know just about all there is to know about Palm’s pretty little unreleased WinMo handset. The purported specs thus far: Qualcomm 7201 chipset 400Mhz CPU 320×320 screen GPS Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM 32GB MicroSDHC support… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA to sell Kyocera TNT! for only 20 bucks

    Starting Aug 20th, Virgin Mobile USA will be selling Kyocera’s TNT! handset for just $20; the “soft to the touch” handset is already available from Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack. Virgin Mobile says the TNT! flip phone is both stylish and durable and “perfect for consumers who like the simple things in phones.” Simple like talking and texting, (TNT… Read More

  • Polo Ralph Lauren enables mobile shopping

    Polo Ralph Lauren is jumping on the mobile phone bandwagon. No, its not launching its own line of little horse branded mobile phones, instead its offering shoppers the chance to buy little horse branded clothes using a mobile phone. While using a mobile to pay for things has been common in Japan for awhile now, the U.S. is behind on the trend. David Lauren, son of the Ralph Lauren and senior… Read More

  • Two more lower-end media handsets from Moto

    Along with the ZN200 making Motorola’s global site, the handset maker has also announced two new, lower end media centric phones: the W388 and the W396. The candy bar W388 includes a music player with Moto ID, FM radio, microSD slot with 2GB card support and promises a 9 hour talk time, 16 day standby time battery, (too good to be true?). The basic W396 flip phone includes an MP3… Read More

  • AT&T partners with Rock The Vote, FunMobility to bring politics to young people

    AT&T announced a partnership with Rock The Vote and FunMobility earlier this week for new civic-minded mobile content. Rock The Vote and AT&T will launch a mobile campaign to encourage young people to vote; the campaign hopes to bring together “popular music, artists and mobile technologies to engage today’s youth with the political process.” And FunMobility will offer… Read More

  • China Mobile, Apple still talking

    China Mobile confirmed today that it is still in talks with Apple about bringing the iPhone to China; the carrier also confirmed that nothing has been decided, again. China Mobile and Apple have been in on-again, off-again talks about releasing the iPhone in China for over a year. The most recent round of talks began about a month ago. via Dow Jones Newswire Read More

  • Samsung Instinct getting firmware updates

    Sprint started pushing firmware updates to Samsung Instinct users yesterday; applications as they are opened will prompt users to download the update. Though Sprint warns that “applications are updated by the vendor, and vendors set their own schedules.” Update highlights include: reduced system busy errors for large picturemails; better browser access to Yahoo, Hotmail, Best Buy… Read More

  • Fox buys rights to Cell mobiseries

    Fox International, in its quest to expand its mobile content offerings, has bought the rights to Mobstar’s made-for-mobile series Cell. First aired in the UK on O2, Cell consists of 20 two-minute ‘mobisodes’ about a man locked in prison with a mobile phone and a mystery caller. The show is produced by Endemol and was originally played in the U.S. on Sony’s… Read More

  • Palm accidentally leaks shots of the Treo 850, now Treo Pro

    Every once in a while, someone at a handset company uploads somethings that just aren’t meant to be seen by the public yet. Sometimes, if we get reaaaaally lucky, someone else stumbles across these before they get taken down. Such is the case with the Treo Pro, previously seen in a leaked live image as the Treo 850. Forum member “Scottymomo” from WMExperts [Via… Read More

  • Nokia requiring their suppliers to be AMOLED-ready?

    Citing oh-so-ambiguous industry sources, Digitimes is reporting that Nokia may be requiring its display suppliers to be capable of pushing out AMOLED panels. According to their source, the move is as much of a test of their suppliers R&D departments as it is preparation for the future. What is AMOLED, you ask? Check out the labcoat-filled video after the jump. Read More

  • Motorola ZN200 goes global

    After a month long exclusive premier in Brazil, the MOTO ZN200 has made its way to Motorola’s global site. Know what that means? Motorola will be releasing the ZN200 …somewhere else! Hurray! We’ll have to wait to see exactly where it pops up, but it oughtta hit someone’s shelves in the next month and a half or so. It’s like an easter egg hunt, where first person… Read More

  • The Samsung Eco E200 – it's (kinda) made of corn!

    Fine – it’s made of bioplastic, which is derived from corn. Same thing, right? Plus, it’s better than the other title I was considering: “The Samsung Eco E200 – it’s corny!” While the definition of bioplastic varies widely depending on who you’re talking to, the important part is that it’s a material made (at least partially) of some sort… Read More

  • Snap2Face Facebook client released for Windows Mobile

    When Snap2Face first poked its head into the Facebook game, its only purpose was to allow Facebook users to upload photos to their account. Then came Macrospecs’ FriendMobilizer, which offered the remaining chunk of the Facebook experience: notifications, status messages, wall and inbox messaging – but no photo uploads. Not to be outdone, Snap2Face has gone and more or less… Read More

  • ‘Simplify Media’ free for the first 100,000 downloads

    This should help with those of you who feel that your iPhone or iPod Touch doesn’t have enough storage space. Now a legit App Store program (used to be Jailbreak-only), Simplify Media allows you to stream all of the songs in your iTunes collection over Wi-Fi or cellular connections. Plus, you can add up to 30 friends and listen to all their music too. The program is free for the… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile/Helio merger starts wrapping up

    As part of the $39 million dollar merger agreement between Virgin Mobile USA and Helio back in June, Helio is contractually obligated to cut down their costs by around 70 percent. According to Virgin Mobile USA’s CEO, Dan Schulman, such reductions are already well underway. During last night’s VMUSA Q2 2008 earnings conference call, he announced that over two-thirds of the staff… Read More