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  • BlackBerry Storm 2 gets caught on camera

    Love it or hate it, the BlackBerry Storm is getting a followup. This thing has been spending a whole lot of time around the rumor mill as of late, and now it’s made its on-camera debut. Read More

  • 13 things that bug us about Android – cupcake or no cupcake

    We like Android. But let’s be honest, even without that little tag, we know this is a work in progress. Having had a chance to use our Android phones regularly for several months now, we’ve come across all the issues one would expect in a massive rollout of a mobile OS. Sure, battery life is way better now than it was at launch, and I don’t have to reboot my phone to free… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint to launch the HTC Willow, entice Madmartigan-types

    Another day, another forum full of leaked images. A member of a forum posted obligatory blurry pix of what is being called the HTC Willow for Sprint. Seem familiar? It should – this thing looks to be a twin of the HTC Snap, though the genes seem to have been altered a bit (Note the bigger battery and lack of a trackball.) Rumor has it that this QWERTY-equipped, non-touch… Read More

  • Google Product Search For Android Adds Barcode Scanning, Just As We Predicted

    Just weeks ago, Google unveiled a polished up version of Product Search for Android handsets. Near the tail-end of the post, we postulated that Google would add barcode scanning support to Product Search soon. Such services have already proven quite popular on Android already, with the success of applications like ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere. Sure enough, Google is announcing this morning… Read More

  • Long video: WinMo team explains why interface is sorta rubbish

    Whoa whoa, Internet. Let’s not get carried away here. Forty-two minutes of the Windows Mobile team pouring its heart out, explaining the whos and whats of WinMo 6.5? If you’re waaay into WinMo, sure, maybe, but for the rest of us, only a few bullet points are needed Read More

  • We're looking for tipsters and interns

    MobileCrunch, often called The Best Mobile Blog On The Internet TechCrunch Network, is growing at an incredible rate. All of the numbers across the board are rocketing from month to month. That said, we’re not the type of people that like to sit around and hope what we’re doing just keeps working. We’re looking to kick things up a bit. Want to be a part of it? We’re on… Read More

  • Palm Pre "price" and "launch date" kind of revealed

    You may have gotten something in your inbox lately from Sprint giving you the chance to win a Palm Pre on launch. Two interesting tidbits are buried in the contest rules – first, the phone will cost $542.01 (presumably for an unsubsidized model with accessories) and second they’re drawing a winner on May 26 which suggests that the Pre will be launched around then. Read More

  • AT&T announces the Samsung Jack, available on May 19th

    Just announced by AT&T and Samsung, the Jack will be available on May 19th for $99 with a new contract and after rebate. If the device looks familiar it’s no coincidence. The Jack is basically the BlackJack III. The Windows Mobile 6.1 device comes equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera, aGPS, 3G and Wi-Fi. Hit the jump for the full release and a video unboxing by the AT&T goons. Read More

  • eBuddy, The Swiss Army Knife For Instant Messaging, Now Available On Android

    The Netherlands-based eBuddy, which markets a comprehensive application that lets users handle multiple instant messaging accounts from the web or their mobile phones, is today releasing an application for the Android platform a couple months after Meebo made its similar product available on there (November 2008). The eBuddy application for Google’s open mobile OS is now available for… Read More

  • Review: Verizon MiFi 2200 – We love everything but the bill

    Short version: We’ve loved the MiFi mobile router since we first laid eyes on it back at CES. After a few days of playing with the Verizon MiFi 2200, we still love it just as much – but with one hangup: the nasty monthly bill. After a trivial hiccup with the activation, we had 4 computers up and running in minutes. Speeds in our area are about average for the local EVDO Rev-A… Read More

  • Video Review: Movaic iZel Smartphone Stand

    Short Version: It does everything we’d expect of a cell phone stand, and it does it well. It snaps into two different positions for holding your smartphone in landscape or portrait mode, grips the desk well, and the viewing angle can be adjusted quite easily. Plus it could totally double for a Batarang in a pinch. $25 bucks seems a bit pricey to us, though. Read More

  • Can't wait for iHulu? NBC mobile has got you (partially) covered

    I don’t know about you, but the novelty of watching random YouTube crap videos on my iDevice wore off pretty quickly. And with iHulu (a.k.a. an official Hulu app) nowhere to be found, there aren’t too many other quality alternatives for viewing free content on your iPhone or iPod touch…until now. CNET points out that NBC’s mobile site – –… Read More

  • Sprint releases the MiFi portable mobile hotspot

    We at CrunchGear love us some MiFi. From its first appearance at CES this year to the Verizon launch, we’ve been all like “I love you MiFi.” Now you can love the MiFi even more because it’s available on Sprint. Here’s the important stuff: Sprint plans to launch the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 intelligent mobile hotspot device for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate… Read More

  • ViewSonic to use Taiwanese/Chinese OEMs, launch handsets in Q3?

    It was only yesterday that Viewsonic announced that they’d be dabbling in handset sales, and the rumors have already started. Cell phone gossip is becoming like celebrity gossip sans the sex tapes. According to Digitimes’ always vague “industry sources” (whether that means someone close to the matter or some dude who bought a cellphone once, we’ll likely never… Read More

  • iLike launches custom iPhone apps, syndication platform to help artists connect with fans

    iLike, the popular music discovery site with a huge presence on social networks, is launching a set of new syndication services for musicians. Beginning tonight, iLike now offers extensive integration with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, allowing artists to distribute content to each of their online presences from a single control panel. In addition to these, the company is also… Read More

  • Microsoft links to wrong Twitter account, account owner makes fake announcement

    Late last night, someone going by “officethemovie” on Twitter indirectly announced a Zune phone, suggesting a release date of June 2009. By this morning, a ton of blogs had ran with it. It seemed legit enough at first glance – even Microsoft’s own Office 2010: The Movie site linked to it. Still, something seemed a bit off to us. I mean, sure – HTC might use… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 3 specs leaked

    We’d love it if there was some glaring omission in this screenshot that flagged the whole thing as fake, but we’re not seeing it if it’s there. Some lucky tipster on a chinese forum claims to have obtained a production model of the next iPhone and has already rattled out all the specs, backing up his claims with the screenshot to the right. According to AppleInsider, the… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint to get social network crazy with the Samsung M550 Exclaim!

    Ex•claim (verb): To cry out suddenly or vehemently, as from surprise or emotion: god, I love social networking!. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but if Sprint has its way with this rumored Samsung M550 Exclaim device, that’s exactly what all the kids will be shouting. Based on these supposed leaked images found in a Sprint Gurus forum, the Exclaim (so exciting!) is to feature… Read More

  • Follow MobileCrunch on Twitter!

    We want you to follow us. Well, not in real life. That would be a bit creepy – plus, it’d be boring as all hell for you. You’d be sitting behind us as we sat in front of a monitor all day. You could count the number of protein bars we eat in a day. That’d be fun, right? At long last, @MobileCrunch has been fired up and is ready to be your e-BFF. All our headlines will… Read More

  • ViewSonic moves from monitors to mobiles

    So, lets say you’re one of the top display makers in the world. Congratulations! Except you’ve grown bored of making all these monitors – you want to mix it up a little. What do you make? Toaster ovens? Nah. Hello Kitty kitchenware? Hell no. You make cell phones. The jump is oh-so obvious, isn’t it? Well, not really – but James Chu, CEO of ViewSonic, thinks it… Read More