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  • OpenClip framework brings cross-application copy/paste to iPhone

    Not too long ago, Proximi gave iPhone users a glimpse of how copy and paste could work on their handsets with the release of MagicPad. Unfortunately, the copy and paste functionality only went as far as the limitations of Apple’s SDK allowed; while you could copy from one MagicPad document to another, you couldn’t copy from a MagicPad document to Safari. It wasn’t exactly… Read More

  • Motorola Q9h gets revamped in silver, comes with WinMo 6.1

    Fanfare? What’s that? Out of the blue, AT&T stores have started receiving shipments of newly renovated Motorola Q9h. Sure, it’s just a new chrome & silver body wrapped around the same hardware, pre-flashed with WinMo 6.1. But man, does it look better in silver or what? Word is that they’re just demo units for now, so don’t hike over to your local AT&T spot… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold headin' to Canada on August 21st

    Jeez – after hearing about the Bold for over 3 months, it’s hard to believe this thing still hasn’t touched down in North America. Only 2 more days to wait, according to Canada’s Rogers Wireless. Those of us south of Saskatchewan are still on hold until AT&T pushes it out the door, but everyone on the other side of the border will be able to pick one up on August 21st. Read More

  • Samsung Omnia unboxing goes viral

    You’ve set the bar high for yourselves, Samsung. If a parade of tiny exploding people doesn’t rain out while I unbox my Omnia, I will be sorely disappointed. (Thanks, David!) Read More

  • Apple kills the MobileMe status blog, starts up MobileMe News

    We mentioned last week that the MobileMe blog had been awfully silent lately, which lead us to wonder if it had been nixed. Sure enough, ol’ David G. updated the blog one final time to let everyone know that, after just three posts, they’d be flipping the switch. They’re not killing communications all together, however – they’re just making the jump from bloggers… Read More

  • goes native on the BlackBerry

    Addicted to the Wall Street Journal, but the BlackBerry browser just isn’t doing it for you? They hear you. To help satiate your needs, WSJ has just released a native BlackBerry application purposed for perusing their offerings. The Features: Tabbed design, stories seperated by category Customizable category listings Stock quote tracking through “My Stocks” RSS feeds… Read More

  • Palringo brings free Push-to-Talk to the iPhone

    Palringo, a free multi-protocol (MSN, Yahoo IM, AIM, Google Talk, Gadu Gadu, and Jabber) IM application not unlike Pidgin on Windows or Adium on OS X, has added a Push-to-Talk solution to their iPhone client. It’s pretty simple, as Push-to-Talk should be – select the contact, record the message, and it’s on its way. If the recipient is also on Palringo, the message can be… Read More

  • Apple Releases Software to fix Dropped Call Problems

    MobileCrunch reported yesterday that complaints from around the world are reporting that the iPhone 3G is having connection troubles. Dropped calls and inconsistent Internet speeds are plaguing some iPhone users. Being quick to the draw, Apple has released a software update which may be meant to fix the problems. T-Mobile, which has exclusive iPhone rights in some European countries… Read More

  • Cell Phone Market Slows in the United States

    The NPD Group, a market research firm which specializes in the wireless industry, is reporting that handset sales in the United States has totaled 28 million units in this year’s second quarter, down 13% over last year’s numbers. This is the third quarter in a row in which sales have declined in the U.S. and marks the lowest number of phones sold since NPD began counting sales… Read More

  • Android video walk-through [Updated]

    Here is a quick walk-through of the Android OS. Put on some headphones – the voiceover is a little low – but this gives you a fairly clear look at what’s going on inside the new OS. Update: Audio should be a lot better now. Read More

  • iPhone software updated to version 2.0.2

    Hurray! It’s bug fix Easter egg time! Apple has pushed a minor software update (2.0.2) to the iPhone, citing only “bug fixes” in the release notes. If you’ve got an inquisitive itch, go pop open iTunes and get’cho update on. Let us know if you spot anything. Personally, I’ll be waiting until word comes ’round that jailbreaking is working unless Apple… Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 Image Gallery

    Wanna see Android v.9 in all of its not-quite-final glory, but don’t feel like downloading the big ol’ SDK? Check out our screen shot gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 released, along with '08 Developer Roadmap

    We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. The good news: After a five month stretch without a publicly available update to the Android SDK, Google has finally pushed a new release. They’ve also released a Developer Roadmap for the rest of ’08 which, amongst other things, re-re-re-confirms that device(s?) are on the way for Q4 ’08. The bad news: Android 1.0 will… Read More

  • HTC Dream clears the FCC

    When a new HTC product going by “DREA1000″ hits the FCC, there really isn’t much question what it may be. Of course, the product description goes on to outright call it “Dream”, but hey – it’s more fun to pretend that this took some hardcore sleuthing. Now that this much talked about first-ever Android handset has made its way through the FCC’s… Read More

  • Skyfire gets Silverlight support

    If you’re one of the small pack of people that found their way into the Skyfire browser beta, pop open your copy – they’ve just added support for Microsoft’s response to Flash, Silverlight. Only a handful of sites are making use of Silverlight at the moment, but more support should be on the way. Netflix has demoed Silverlight versions of their “Watch… Read More

  • Are You Ready to Drop Kick Your 3G iPhone?

    Reports of dropped calls are coming in from around the world. It seems as though there is a serious flaw with the new iPhone that is causing connection failures during calls. A loss of connection occurs when the iPhone attempts to move from a 3G network to a non-3G network. USA Today is reporting that the problem may be with the 3G chipset manufactured by Infineon Technologies. AT&T and… Read More

  • Miles Flint Joins Sharpcard’s Board

    Sharpcards announced today that Miles Flint has been appointed to its board as a non executive director. Sharpcards is a mobile messaging provider that is known for its entertaining greetings. The company also develops screensavers, themes, videos and personalization applications. Mr. Flint worked as President of Sony Ericsson Mobile from 2004 to 2007. Before that he spent 13 years at Sony… Read More

  • This Week on MobileCrunch

    Lots can happen in a week. Sometimes it gets tough to keep up. Have a busy week, and feeling left behind? Here are some of the biggest MobileCrunch stories from the week of 8/10/2008 – 8/16/08: Pwnage 2.0.2 now available Steve Jobs talks App Store: 60 million downloads, $30 million in the first month Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17 Sprint’s roadmap for the next… Read More

  • Treo Pro live shots, details continue to leak

    Just a few days ago, no one really knew anything about the Treo Pro. Hell, it wasn’t even called the Treo Pro before Friday. Just two days later, we know just about all there is to know about Palm’s pretty little unreleased WinMo handset. The purported specs thus far: Qualcomm 7201 chipset 400Mhz CPU 320×320 screen GPS Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM 32GB MicroSDHC support… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA to sell Kyocera TNT! for only 20 bucks

    Starting Aug 20th, Virgin Mobile USA will be selling Kyocera’s TNT! handset for just $20; the “soft to the touch” handset is already available from Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack. Virgin Mobile says the TNT! flip phone is both stylish and durable and “perfect for consumers who like the simple things in phones.” Simple like talking and texting, (TNT… Read More