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  • Metal Gear Solid Touch now available

    Ahoy hoy, MGS fans, who might also happen to own an iPhone and/or iPod Touch, Konami has pushed out Metal Gear Solid Touch today. So, go download the 87.3MB game and pony up $7.99. The game already has over 50 reviews with a 4.5 star rating, so it must be good! iTunes Read More

  • March 26 brings "No-Commit" iPhone 3Gs to existing AT&T customers

    Attention existing AT&T customers who have been eyeing an iPhone 3G. Stop whatever you are doing, grab a red Sharpie, and circle March 26, 2009 on your calendar. Why? Because according to BGR (who got their hands on some internal AT&T slides), that is the first day you will be able to purchase a “No-Commit” iPhone 3G for the economy-boosting price of $599 (8GB) / $699 (16GB). Read More

  • Aircell now offering mobile phone pricing for Gogo service

    Aircell has reduced the price of their in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo to $7.95 for users who just want to connect their handheld devices. Let’s face it, when you’re stuck in coach on an American flight, you don’t want to pull out your laptop only to have it crushed by the passenger in front of you. Gogo is currently available on American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America… Read More

  • Pandora available for BlackBerry, but not T-Mobile BlackBerrys

    Pandora has finally arrived for BlackBerry users, but if you’re on T-Mobile, like me, you won’t be to install the app. Why? I’d assume it’s because T-Mobile doesn’t have a 3G BlackBerry available. But if you’re on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T then stream away, friend, stream away. *silently curses all of you* Pandora Read More

  • Gallery: New, Unannounced Podcast features in iPhone OS 3.0

    The more our guys play with the the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware, the more little gems they’re finding. Tucked away within the Podcast playback screen are a few subtle changes that went unmentioned during today’s announcement. Apple did say there were some 100 new features in the new OS, so it’ll probably be awhile before we see them all. New Podcast Features: The Repeat… Read More

  • Gallery and Initial Impressions: iPhone OS 3.0

    Just announced this morning, iPhone OS 3.0 is the talk of the town. Though Apple’s SDK distribution servers had a rough time handling the initial rush this morning, things have since stabilized and developers are starting to flash their handsets to the first beta copies of the new software. In turn, the first screenshots and early impressions have started to trickle in to our… Read More

  • Hands-on: LG Rumor 2 for Sprint

    We just got a couple Rumor 2s into the CG office and in the short time we’ve had with the device, we can say that it picks up where the first one left off. The hardware feels sturdy and the keyboard is quite nice. The camera seems like it takes decent pictures (test shot: Canon lens box) when there’s enough light available as well, but we’ve only taken one test shot and… Read More

  • iPhone 3.0 wrap-up: Cut and paste, MMS, Push, and more

    We’ve just finished liveblogging the event, and the iPhone 3.0 press conference has definitely yielded some delicious morsels of functionality. Here is pretty much everything you need to know, though as things get more clear throughout the day, we’ll update this post. You guys will probably be seeing these features sometime this summer. Read More

  • FCC authorizes use of Kyocera's 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System

    Not quite 4G, but better than 3G, Kyocera’s 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System (MBWA) has received a Grant of Equipment Authorization from the FCC’s certification arm – the American Telecommunications Certification Body. Read More

  • Live from Apple’s iPhone 3.0 Press Conference

    We’re live at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. MobileCrunch’s Greg Kumparak is posting right here for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to print out your play-along-at-home scorecard. Read More

  • The iPhone OS 3.0 Announcement Scorecard

    Tomorrow morning the sun will rise, and tech writers from near and far will descend upon Cupertino. The steady rattle of fingers flying across laptop keys will sound like rain on a windshield, drowned out only by the endless assault of cameras firing at the stage. All that typing, all those photos, all with just one subject: the 3rd iteration of the iPhone OS. Guys in button up shirts and… Read More

  • Bad news: your cellphone is probably a bacterial paradise

    If you were a bacterium (assuming you’re not), where would you like to live? How about a nice dark place constantly being touched (never cleaned) and covered in new bacteria, food, and constantly being moistened by a warm, wet breeze? Sounds great, right? Prime real estate. I call it a “mobile phone.” Now, “bacterial paradise” is a bit of an understatement by… Read More

  • Study: Americans Want To Customize Their Phones, But Don't Want To Pay Extra For It

    Do most people view their phones as portable computers? According to a recent international survey conducted by Zogby and Skype that looks at how people perceive their mobile phones, the answer seems to be a resounding “no”. But it’s clear that many of the features now associated with smartphones, like custom app stores, are now desired by the huge number of people who use… Read More

  • Reminder: We'll be liveblogging the iPhone OS 3.0 event tomorrow!

    As if the Crunch folk have missed an opportunity to cover an Apple event any time in the recent past, a surprising number of people have been asking whether or not we’ll be liveblogging tomorrow’s preview of iPhone OS 3.0. The answer? Of course we are. We’ll be at the Apple campus bright and early tomorrow morning, and we’ll be blogging away as soon as the WiFi juices… Read More

  • Sprint's device lineup for Q1-Q3 leaks

    Secrets, Secrets, are no fun. Well, unless said secrets have to do with a ridiculous number of unannounced devices and details, and said secrets leak all over the internet. Then they’re a blast. PhoneNews managed to get their hands on Sprint’s entire device roadmap for Q1 through Q3 of 2009, and each page packs a bit of fun – so be sure to look through them all. Update… Read More

  • Cupcake in April? Maybe not. But probably.

    Uh oh, folks – looks like the “Cupcake” Android update for the G1 might not be coming out of the oven as soon as we’d heard. Last week, the folks over at PocketLink declared that they’d managed to get a T-Mobile spokesperson on the record saying that the G1 would be getting the Cupcake update in April – but now another T-Mobile spokesperson is calling… Read More

  • Venezuela shows off their $14 phone

    Last week, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez spilled the beans on the country’s plans to offer a $14 cell phone they’d call El Vergatario. Curiously absent at the time were any shots of the handset itself. Two things have since changed: Read More

  • Video: First look at the BlackBerry 9630

    If the Internet rumors are correct, and when are they not, the BlackBerry Niagara 9630 should be hitting VZW stores sometime this Spring. After the break is the first video we can find of the hardware in action. Word to the wise though, the OS is an early build and is a little buggy. In fact, it never starts up. But the hardware, oh the hardware. It looks great. Read More

  • BeeJive IM for iPhone to see an update "any time now"

    At $16 greenbacks, Beejive IM for iPhone is one of the App Store’s swankier offerings. Fortunately, Beejive makes up for the steep entry fee with regular updates, each with at least a few notable features. According to our friends at Beejive, one of these updates should be hitting Apple’s e-shelves at any time now. The update has just been submitted for approval, so it’ll… Read More

  • Video: Cut and Paste confirmed for iPhone 3.0, says Kevin Rose During the SXSW taping of Digg Nation, Internet darling Kevin Rose confirmed that cut and paste were coming in 3.0 and that everything the Pre can do, the iPhone will be able to do as well. However, there won’t be any background app action or video recording this go-around. But like Alex said, at least it has “something I wanted seven… Read More