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  • Paid Apps for Palm App Catalog coming September 24th?

    Considering Palm’s lag in getting free apps into their store (there are right around 80 right now), we’re not exactly expecting an onslaught once they open up the doors to paid apps. Either way, more apps are more apps, and we’re always fans of anything that might make developers some change. After Palm accidentally leaked out v1.2 of their OS a few weeks ago, it was clear… Read More

  • Video: LG BL20 gets done up with techno, fancy animation

    Ready for your daily dose of electro music blasting while a cell phone floats around the screen? You better be. PhoneArena just managed to scrounge up a promo video for the LG BL20 that somehow managed to fly under the radar on YouTube for more than a week. While we’ve already got a pretty good idea of the specs inside this thing, this video packs a few new gems: that 5 megapixel camera? Read More

  • WinMo 6.5 powered HTC Imagio coming to Verizon Oct. 6?

    Nothing like a hot rumor to get your Friday going. Word on the street is that a new WinMo 6.5 packin’, HTC smartie named Imagio is coming to Verizon on October 6. As this is the very same day WinMo 6.5 is officially hitting the mobilesphere, the speculation seems all that much more legitimate. Read More

  • AT&T Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2) coming on Oct. 18th?

    AT&T may be a few weeks behind Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in launching the Touch Pro 2, but it seems they’re not holding off without good reason: Windows Mobile 6.5. As is well known by now, October 6th is the big day for Windows Mobile 6.5 – the day in which the first 6.5 handsets (and ROM updates for older handsets, presumably) will hit the shelves. According to a… Read More

  • Omnia II Millionaire Pack: For people who like to pay a little more to pretend they paid a lot more

    We’ll come right out and say it: we’re not entirely sure why this Samsung Omnia II Millionaire Pack exists. For roughly $957, you get what is essentially the same phone plus a leather case, a copy of Millionaire magazine, and.. a box. “Why wait? Get the millionaire feeling”, it reads. Er – what? Look: We loath “luxury” phones as much as the next… Read More

  • Apparently Sprint and Verizon have refuted the BlackBerry Tour high return rate claim

    The story goes like this: A TownHall Investment Research director was quoted by Barron’s as saying that Sprint is seeing almost a 50% return rate on the BlackBerry Tour primarily because of trackball issues. We ran a simple poll where 36% of participants said they have returned a BlackBerry Tour because of trackball problems and another 16% have returned the phone for other reasons… Read More

  • Palm on WinMo: Sorry, it's over.

    Palm just got off the phone with Windows Mobile (well, actually, they just got off the phone with a bunch of members of the press – but roll with it.) “You know, we’ve been on again and off again for a while. We’ve seen other people, I’ve kinda gone and done my own thing.. and, well, you’re just holding me down. It’s.. it’s over.” Yeah… Read More

  • Comcast plans to take On Demand Online mobile

    Yesterday, cable behemoth, Comcast, announced plans to make its emerging On Demand Online service available to cable subscribers on their mobile devices in the near future. Read More

  • Jajah Brings Voice Calls To Twitter

    Starting today, Jajah is rolling out a brand spankin’ new service – Jajah@call, a Twitter user-to-user phone call solution. That’s right, ladies and gents. Jajah, the self-proclaimed “world’s most innovative IP communications company,” is bringing this new feature to the wildly popular microblogging service. Read More

  • Mobile contacts backup solution IDrive Lite gets an upgrade

    IDrive Lite is easily one of my favorite iPhone applications. It backs up my contacts to the cloud so I don’t have to worry about losing that vital information were I to lose the device or accidentally drop it into a river (don’t ask), it works like a charm and it’s absolutely free. And today the company behind the app, Pro Softnet Corporation, made the tool even more… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct HD coming to Sprint September 27

    Sprint may not be the number one mobile carrier, but it sure does seem to be picking up the slack in the handset department recently. The Now Network is expected to get yet another new mobile in the form of the Samsung Instinct HD. Read More

  • Ribcage pulled out by a bear? Theres an app for that.

    You know, we don’t often post comics here on MobileCrunch. We’re big web comic dorks around here – but they don’t usually fall within the scope of our content. Plus, people always threaten to e-break up with us by deleting us from their feeds every time we post something wonky. But you know what? Today’s Cyanide and Happiness is just too damned perfect. The fact… Read More

  • WinMo 6.5 coming to the Samsung Omnia i900?

    Mobile phone manufacturers are usually not the most generous when it comes to providing OS updates for older smartphones. That fact didn’t stop a curious Samsung Omnia i900 owner in the Netherlands from contacting his local Samsung branch about the upcoming release of WinMo 6.5. Read More

  • T-Mobile: Give us an old phone, we'll give you a rebate

    Let’s try a little something here: dig into your trousers and pull out your cell phone. Does it work? If the answer is “yes”, then congratulations — T-Mobile wants to give you a price break on a new phone. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 coming in January?

    Go ahead – grab your bag of salt. Pull a grain out, and have it at the ready. While we’re still digging for independent confirmation of this, we just got it on good word that Sony Ericsson’s first big jump into Android, the XPERIA X3, is tentatively set for a launch in January. This seemed a bit strange to us, at first, considering that the X3’s sequential predecessor… Read More

  • iTwinge tactile keyboard for iPhone

    The $30 iTwinge keyboard may be able to grab some brand new iPhone owners who have a bit of trouble adjusting to the on-screen keyboard, but most people will tell you that you get used to it in about a week. Although with a potential customer base of however many bajillion iPhone owners there are out there, Mobile Mechatronics (the company behind the iTwinge) probably has a leg up by being… Read More

  • It's time for Donut! Android v1.6 launched for developers

    Starting to feel like Android’s “Cupcake” update (v1.5) from May is getting a bit stale? Google’s got a new treat for you. They’ve just launched version 1.6 (which, under Google’s pastry-oriented naming scheme, is known as “Donut”) of Android to developers, which packs a hefty handful of new features and polishes up much of what was already… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal to begin charging for on-the-go access

    Like the Wall Street Journal? Enjoy catching up on the latest business news while on the go via your iPhone, CrackBerry, or other mobile device? Love to spend money? Well then you are in luck! The Wall Street Journal is preparing to charge users for mobile access to its content according to Rupert Murdoch, owner of the paper and everyone’s favorite news mogul. Read More

  • Palm Pixi specs pour out

    Since the Pixi has been announced, there’s been much curiosity about how it’s going to be different from the Pre. Looks like we’re finally getting some (leaked) information on what exactly is going to be inside. Read More

  • JAGTAG brings 2D barcode reading to Twitter

    JAGTAG announces today that they are now able to utilize Twitter’s network to decode their proprietary 2D barcodes and then easily broadcast the resulting links and media via Twitter’s re-tweet function. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has hooked up with the company to promote their new Blu-ray/DVD launch of X-Men Origins: Wolverine via this method. It’s an… Read More