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  • Android v1.5 “Cupcake” Release Pushed Back One Week

    Dying to prove to the world that your buddy can down four Chipotle burritos in one sitting? If you’re waiting on T-Mobile to roll out Cupcake and all of its video-shooting, Youtube-uploading abilities, you’ve still got a while to go. T-Mobile just announced on its online forums that the release of Android v1.5 “Cupcake” is going to be delayed yet another week. The… Read More

  • Got an iPhone? You can start a band.

    When Malaysian wireless carrier Maxis went to go throw a big iPhone promo event in Penang, they decided to get some live entertainment. Being that it’s an iPhone event, what band would be better than one using nothing but iPhones as instruments? These 4 guys managed to dig up 4 iPhones and learn to play a handful of popular songs in a week for the event, so we figured we should show… Read More

  • Leaked: Nokia Bringing Maemo To Phones, Could Be Ad-Supported

    If your carrier offered to take a hefty chunk of change off the cost of a mobile handset be it that you let them put advertisements on the home screen, would you take the deal? Nokia thinks you might. Our source deep within Nokia’s headquarters has just leaked us a bunch of information about the company’s future operating system release, Maemo “Harmattan”. Read More

  • Apple Begins Stress Testing Push Notification Servers

    And so it begins. With WWDC and presumably the release of iPhone OS 3.0 just around the corner, Apple has deemed it time to begin stress-testing their Push Notification servers. We just received a letter from a (very) trusted source, in which Apple invited them to download a pre-release version of the Associated Press iPhone application, specifically tuned to make a high number of background… Read More

  • The Pre Will Indeed Launch Days Before A Likely iPhone Buzz Saw

    The Palm Pre’s official launch date is set to be unveiled tomorrow in the Wall Street Journal. But it looks like the New York Times may have one-upped its rival with a story today giving a launch window for the device. While it doesn’t give an exact date, NYT reports that Sprint will be released in the first week of June, citing people briefed with the company’s plans. And… Read More

  • Android goes to the hospital

    A pack of medical applications was just released for Android, and it set me a-thinkin’. Although our phones are far from tricorders at this point (but getting closer), Android has a bit more of a versatile position. A powerful smartphone OS and (possibly) a passable netbook or tablet one, it seems like it may be a really good fit for embedded systems. I don’t even want to think… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Big Sale at NY and Chicago Nokia Flagship Stores

    If you live in New York or Chicago and are lookin’ to save some ducats on a Nokia device, this weekend is the time to buy. We just got word that from Saturday, May 16th at 10:00 AM to Sunday, May 17th at 6:00 PM, the Flagship stores are holding a big ol’ discount bonanza. What’s on sale: $100 bucks off the E75, bringing it down to $429 20% off all other devices, as long… Read More

  • Fennec (Firefox Mobile) Alpha 1 For Windows Mobile Goes Live

    After the slightly shaky launch of their ultra-early milestone one release, Mozilla is back with more Fennec (otherwise known as “Firefox Mobile”) goodness. This morning, the company began distributing Alpha 1 of Fennec for Windows Mobile. As with all Alphas, this release is by no means intended for every day use by the general public, but it gives us a sneak peak at what’s… Read More

  • Elvis gets his own iPhone app, is probably still dead

    If you’re an Elvis fan who happens to carry an iPhone and be partially insane, do we have good news for you! This week, the King joined the likes of P Diddy in having an iPhone application solely dedicated to all things them. Features: Are you crazy as hell and see Elvis everywhere you go? Now you can share your crazies with other crazies by submitting Elvis Sightings! Tired of… Read More

  • GoPhone! $3 per day unlimited AT&T prepaid service

    AT&T now has a $3 per day prepaid cellphone service. For $3 per day, you can make as many cellphone calls as you want. It’s that simple. Read More

  • Yes, the HTC Magic supports Microsoft Exchange

    There’s really no need to complicate this. The HTC Magic, now in the hands of a number of lucky ducks, supports Microsoft Exchange right out of the box. Google says Android, which powers the HTC Magic, doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange without third-party applications. Conclusion: HTC included an Exchange application on the phone. Why do we need to be all, “Hey, Google, can… Read More

  • Japan to get its first Android cell phone next month

    Just like the iPhone, it took a while to reach Japanese shores, but now Android finally goes Nippon as well. The country’s largest telecommunications company, NTT, has picked up the rights to distribute the first mobile phone that uses the Android OS in Japan. Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm 2 gets caught on camera

    Love it or hate it, the BlackBerry Storm is getting a followup. This thing has been spending a whole lot of time around the rumor mill as of late, and now it’s made its on-camera debut. Read More

  • 13 things that bug us about Android – cupcake or no cupcake

    We like Android. But let’s be honest, even without that little tag, we know this is a work in progress. Having had a chance to use our Android phones regularly for several months now, we’ve come across all the issues one would expect in a massive rollout of a mobile OS. Sure, battery life is way better now than it was at launch, and I don’t have to reboot my phone to free… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint to launch the HTC Willow, entice Madmartigan-types

    Another day, another forum full of leaked images. A member of a forum posted obligatory blurry pix of what is being called the HTC Willow for Sprint. Seem familiar? It should – this thing looks to be a twin of the HTC Snap, though the genes seem to have been altered a bit (Note the bigger battery and lack of a trackball.) Rumor has it that this QWERTY-equipped, non-touch… Read More

  • Google Product Search For Android Adds Barcode Scanning, Just As We Predicted

    Just weeks ago, Google unveiled a polished up version of Product Search for Android handsets. Near the tail-end of the post, we postulated that Google would add barcode scanning support to Product Search soon. Such services have already proven quite popular on Android already, with the success of applications like ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere. Sure enough, Google is announcing this morning… Read More

  • Long video: WinMo team explains why interface is sorta rubbish

    Whoa whoa, Internet. Let’s not get carried away here. Forty-two minutes of the Windows Mobile team pouring its heart out, explaining the whos and whats of WinMo 6.5? If you’re waaay into WinMo, sure, maybe, but for the rest of us, only a few bullet points are needed Read More

  • We're looking for tipsters and interns

    MobileCrunch, often called The Best Mobile Blog On The Internet TechCrunch Network, is growing at an incredible rate. All of the numbers across the board are rocketing from month to month. That said, we’re not the type of people that like to sit around and hope what we’re doing just keeps working. We’re looking to kick things up a bit. Want to be a part of it? We’re on… Read More

  • Palm Pre "price" and "launch date" kind of revealed

    You may have gotten something in your inbox lately from Sprint giving you the chance to win a Palm Pre on launch. Two interesting tidbits are buried in the contest rules – first, the phone will cost $542.01 (presumably for an unsubsidized model with accessories) and second they’re drawing a winner on May 26 which suggests that the Pre will be launched around then. Read More

  • AT&T announces the Samsung Jack, available on May 19th

    Just announced by AT&T and Samsung, the Jack will be available on May 19th for $99 with a new contract and after rebate. If the device looks familiar it’s no coincidence. The Jack is basically the BlackJack III. The Windows Mobile 6.1 device comes equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera, aGPS, 3G and Wi-Fi. Hit the jump for the full release and a video unboxing by the AT&T goons. Read More