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  • Is this the shape of the 3G iPhone?

    Case manufacturer XSKN just pushed a rainbow of iPhone cases they’re saying are for the (hopefully) soon to be released iPhone 3G. While these could easily be based around dimensions found around the internets, the page says “now shipping”; seems like a bad idea to ship a case without any official insight on how the device will be shaped. If these shots do indeed reflect… Read More

  • Sequans announces tiny WiMax chip that brings it all together.

    Sequans Communications just announced their new sixth WiMax chip, the SQN1170. It packs baseband, RF, and memory into one tight package, squeezing in at about the size of a penny. The chip comes in at .47x.47 inches² and uses less than 600 mW at its peak, making it perfect for WiMax on mobile handsets. It will make its first appearance in Matsumi’s new SDIO module, which they’ll… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA offers its first Samsung Handset

    Virgin Mobile USA is now offering the Samsung handset, Slash, for $79.99. This is the first collaborative effort between the two companies. Slash comes equipped with a VGA camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, and full messaging capabilities; including IM, text messaging and email. Features include an integrated speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and a color display. The memory can hold up… Read More

  • Secure iPhone e-mail from Sybase

    Sybase spokesman John Chen told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York that his company will soon start selling software that allows businesses to securely send e-mail to the iPhone. It is hoped that this technology will help the iPhone gain popularity among the business community. When asked for a specific time for launch, Chen simply said, “It will be… Read More

  • Boost Mobile opens their first retail stores

    While consumers have long been able to grab Boost Mobile’s prepaid offerings at Wal-Mart, 711, and a huge number of other retail outlets, the company has yet to have any stores to call their own. That changed this morning, when Boost Mobile cut the ribbon on three Boost-exclusive locations: Huntington Park, California, Hialeah, Florida, and Houston, Texas. Each “home base”… Read More

  • This week on MobileCrunch

    Android vs LiMo: What’s the difference? A look at TwitterFone’s accuracy (and we’re giving away beta keys!) Car vs iPhone: Who shall win? Schmap launches city guide web app for iPhone and iPod Touch Eye-Fi adds two new wireless memory cards to their product line-up South Koreans Save on Paper with their Cell Phones Talk about the world around you with GeoGraffiti Read More

  • This just in: Free ringtone spam might be a scam.

    If I’ve learned one thing from the internet, it’s that unsolicited offers of free stuff are, more often than not, bad news. Believe it or not, Nigerian princes do not actually want to give you 12 million dollars. Nor do any of those obnoxious advertisers actually want to give you a bunch of free stuff for your cell phone. Sure, you may get a free Flo-Rida ringtone, but chances are… Read More

  • Video coming to Sidekick LX/Slide?

    In the above screenshot of this help page, T-mobile is kindly helping visitors figure out how to navigate through their Sidekick LX’s menus to determine how much memory is available for pictures and videos. Thing is, the Sidekick LX doesn’t support videos at this point. Nor does the Sidekick Slide, which now has a similar mention of video on its help page. While it could well be… Read More

  • A look at TwitterFone's accuracy (and we're giving away beta keys!)

    With TwitterFone rolling out local numbers for a bunch of countries yesterday, the service seems to be quickly moving toward the end of its private beta phase. I figured it was about time to put TwitterFone’s voice-to-text tweet abilities to the test. To test it out, I put TwitterFone through a handful of situations it might be used in regularly and compared what I said to what… Read More

  • AT&T Lifts one iPhone per Customer Limit

    On Wednesday of this week, AT&T issued a sales restriction of one iPhone per customer. By Thursday the restriction was lifted. The carrier has gone back to its old policy of selling up to three iPhones per customers. Yesterday, AT&T made a statement explaining the reversal: “Our No. 1 concern is to make sure that every customer who wants an iPhone gets one,” an… Read More

  • Orange to sell iPhone in over 10 new Markets

    The French wireless company Orange announced today that it has struck a deal with Apple to sell the popular iPhone in the Middle East, Africa, Central America and several European countries. In a short statement the company said it will sell the iPhone in Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and African markets. Sales will… Read More

  • Android vs. LiMo: What's the difference?

    With LiMo’s recent announcement that Verizon had hopped onto their Board of Directors, things are starting to heat up between the LiMo platform and Google’s competing product, Android. Both are open-source Linux-based platforms, and both are aiming to rock the handset market sometime in the next year or so. LiMo is Linux-based. Android is Linux-based. But they’re far from… Read More

  • deviantART launches iPhone/iPod Touch Web App

    Launched in 2000, deviantART is an online artist community with over 7 million members. Anyone can sign up and upload (and potentially sell) whatever they deem as “Art”. Some of it is awesome. Some of it, er, isn’t. If you don’t mind filtering out a bit of poorly drawn anime and a few suggestively posed video game characters, it’s not hard to find some really… Read More

  • Microsoft adds features to Live Search for Windows Mobile

    Back in April at CTIA, Microsoft was showing off a few new features on the way for their search application, Live Search for Windows Mobile. They announced this morning that these features would be available to users starting today. The new features: Map your friends: Grabs addresses from your contact list, puts them on the map, and provides directions. View Virtual Earth collections: Lets… Read More

  • Samsung and LG enter Mobile TV Competition

    As you know, after Feb. 17, 2009, all analog television broadcasts will end and the U.S. will go digital. Companies are competing with one another to set the standard for mobile TV, which will allow mobile phones to receive and display digital signals from local broadcast stations. Samsung Electronics and LG are joining the arena where only one standard comes out the winner. Video… Read More

  • Apple’s iPhone Selling Well in Germany

    Since its German launch last November, the iPhone has sold more than 100,000 units. T-Mobile, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, has the exclusive contract to sell the popular device in Germany. Chief executive Rene Obermann, while speaking at an annual general meeting, said the iPhone is the most popular multimedia device sold by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile cell phone… Read More

  • FlyTunes adds new channels, video and podcast support

    FlyTunes, a free radio streaming application for the iPhone/iPod touch, just got some upgrade love. They’ve added over 200 new channels to the list, bringing the number of available streams up to around 350. Not bad for free, when you consider that subscription satellite services like XM and Sirius only manage to offer about 70 channels each. They’ve also added support for video… Read More

  • New Jawbone headset released, simply called "new Jawbone"

    Apparently, Aliph isn’t a big fan of model numbers or extraneous branding. They’ve already managed to re-associate the word “Jawbone” with “really friggin’ good headsets”, so there isn’t really any reason for them to call a new one “Ultra Jawbone Facerocket Plus” or something. As such, Aliph’s newest Jawbone is simply going… Read More

  • Android vs. LiMo: What’s the difference?

    With LiMo’s recent announcement that Verizon had hopped onto their Board of Directors, things are starting to heat up between the LiMo platform and Google’s competing product, Android. Both are open-source Linux-based platforms, and both are aiming to rock the handset market sometime in the next year or so. LiMo is Linux-based. Android is Linux-based. But they’re far from… Read More

  • Exclusive: New international features coming to Twitterfone beta today

    TechCrunch recently took a look at Twitterfone, Pat Phelan’s new voice to text transcription service for Twitter, mentioning that it should be available in more countries soon. We just got word that local support has been added for 13 more countries, bringing the list up to 17. Any Twitterfone user can dial into any of the numbers, making it perfect for firing off tweets while… Read More