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  • Wireless Contracts Ironclad but Starting to Rust

    The Washington Post reported that Corey Taylor of Chicago was sick of his wireless provider’s poor service. He didn’t want to pay the $175 early termination fee so Taylor’s sickness became terminal. With the help of a friend, his mobile phone provider received a forged death certificate. “I thought, ‘What have I got to lose, besides a cell phone I… Read More

  • British Text for Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza has made it simple for the British to order pizza from the 470 outlets in the country: text it. There is no need to search for the nearest Domino’s in a directory. By texting your order, the nearest Domino’s will find you. Before this service is available, a customer has to register with Domino’s Pizza online and set up a “favorite (favourite)… Read More

  • Nokia in Trade Dispute with Chip Maker Qualcomm

    The world’s largest mobile phone maker, Nokia, has asked the United States to ban imports of chipsets made by Qualcomm Inc., along with phones and other products made with those chipsets. Nokia has told the International Trade Commission that the San Diego based company Qualcomm has not properly compensated Nokia for its technology. As the mobile phone industry grows and provides… Read More

  • Big Brother 8 Goes 24/7 on Verizon Wireless

    If you can’t get enough of CBS’s show, Big Brother 8, now you can get all there is on your mobile phone. The last four weeks of the show, from August 19 through September 18, will be broadcast live on V CAST Mobile every hour of every day. This is the first time a major U.S. primetime show will go 24/7. “We are thrilled to provide Big Brother’s passionate and… Read More

  • Learn Mandarin on your Mobile Device

    If you plan on going to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing next summer, or you want to curse out the people who put dangerous chemicals in your toothpaste, you may want to learn Mandarin. For those non-linguists out there, Mandarin is a group of closely related Chinese dialects that are spoken in most of China. Fluenz is a company that provides interactive language learning software that… Read More

  • Bling Software Follows MobileCrunch Closely

    Bling is defined as, “flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth.” The good people at Bling Software have a wealth of knowledge about the mobile phone business through their following of MobileCrunch. Bling Software was founded in January 2007 by CEO Roy Satterthwaite. In just eight months, the company has delivered the first Ajax-based (Asynchronous, JavaScrip and… Read More

  • Textango’s Innovative Music Billing

    In the information age, small startup companies are able to compete in the marketplace through innovative thinking. Giants like Apple and Google started as great ideas that were backed by little capital, but grew into huge successes. A young company, Textango, may have found a market with huge possibilities. Textango is a mobile billing and music delivery platform that lets customers… Read More

  • Free Wireless Roaming Around the World

    One of the stresses when I go on a business trip, especially overseas, is that I will be out of touch. I like being able to call the office and checking in with my family. Vacations are no different, and in a recent trip to Europe earlier this summer we bought cheap mobile phones just because we’re the kind of people who need that mobile handset tucked away in our pockets. But we also… Read More

  • iPhone Couture

    If the glow of your iPhone is starting to wear off, it’s time to accessorize. “Project Runway” season two winner Chloe Dao teamed up with Pacific Design to create designer cases for the iPhone, a few Motorola handsets like the RAZR, and some generic bags. The designs are basic, but the fabrics are bold and eye-catching. The line also includes iPod cases, laptop bags, and… Read More

  • Click-to-Video Mobile Advertising

    Advertisers looking to deliver the mobile video ad campaigns can now use the Click-to-Video landing page service from Nexage, a mobile video solution provider. This service will make ad campaigns accessible to 550 million mobile phones, including 450 phone models operating on more than 350 wireless networks worldwide. This self service tool enables advertisers to create mobile Web pages… Read More

  • Irish Law Bans Mobile Use by Prisoners

    According to breaking news from the Belfast Telegraph, three prisoners have been sentenced to one month for unlawful use of a mobile phone while in custody. On May 1st of this year, the Irish passed legislation that makes the possession or use of a mobile phone by inmates a criminal offense. Six men are currently under incitement under this law. Other countries should consider following… Read More

  • Eight Ball in the Side Pocket

    The combo I-play and IPA World Pool Championship have knocked in a crisp bank shot with, World Pool Championship 2007. Big name pool sharks like Phil Harrison, Neil Raybone and Chris Melling are featured in this latest mobile phone game. Developed by, Blade Interactive, this game will have you practicing your ball-racking skills while remaining on the go. David Gosen, CEO, I-play commented… Read More

  • Mobile Phone Sales Increase 14 Percent

    Mobile phone sales to consumers in the United States reached 33 million units in the second quarter of this year, a decline of nearly 17 percent compared to the unit sales during the previous quarter according to The NPD Group, a consumer and retail information company. However, reports NPD Group, the second quarter is typically a slow sales quarter for mobile phone retailers… and there was… Read More

  • 2shop4 Mobile Shopping Service

    Who needs a personal shopper when you can save the trip to the mall, and browse on your mobile handset instead? Dialogue Communications has just announced the launch of 2shop4, the U.K.’s first mobile shopping mall, where users can buy products through the mobile Web using simple text codes. Send a keyword or code to 84777 and you can receive a Buy-Now WAP advert, which will allow you… Read More

  • iPhone Now a Book Reader for HarperCollins Titles

    Apple’s iPhone is now an iBook-reader, as HarperCollins Publishers announced that it will make digital book content available for the iPhone platform. There will be an initial 14 new titles, which will debut throughout August and September, and will be made available online in an iPhone-compatible format. “Reaching consumers on mobile devices and the Internet is increasingly… Read More

  • There’s a New Mobile Greeting Card Service for U.S.

    AG Interactive began a new e-card service today. Users can send e-cards via mobile phone over most U.S. wireless carriers. The innovative people at AG Interactive and Image Semantics have fine-tuned the e-cards so that they correspond to the parameters of the receiving device and destination carrier. This greatly increases the chance that full-color, animated greetings will be properly… Read More

  • Win Chance to Carry Olympic Torch

    Sometimes I dream of competing in the Olympics but then I look in a full length mirror and realize that they wouldn’t even let me tryout. If you or someone you know has had their dream of gold crushed, perhaps Samsung’s Mobile Phone Samaritan contest is one way to catch Olympic glory. To enter, go to Samsung’s contest Web site and tell a story about how someone (you may… Read More

  • Why Dial 911 When You Can Ring Your Local Constable?

    In America there is a joke that if you want to reach the police call the local donut shop. But in Wales, you don’t need to call the station house. You can now call officers directly on their mobile handsets. The phone numbers of more than 100 police officers in Swansea have been published in the Welsh city’s Evening Post newspaper. The South Wales Police provided the names and… Read More

  • Boost Mobile Subscribers Get Crushed or Flushed

    Boost Mobile’s 4.5 million subscribers will be happy to learn today that Crush or Flush is available to them for the low price of 69 cents a day. If you are over 25 you may not know what Crush or Flush is, so read on ancient one, read on. Crush or Flush is a safe and simple way to social network using a mobile phone. Since IceBreaker Inc. launched it in January 2007, over 250,000 people… Read More

  • Actress Bipasha Basu Becomes Mobile Game Heroine

    According to the, Times of India, mobile gamers and fans of Bipasha Basu will see the starlet in three upcoming mobile phone games. In the Bollywood realm, Bipasha Basu oozes glamor. Today, software publisher Jump Games announced a two-year, worldwide contract with her to create and distribute mobile games featuring Bipasha Basu. The first game to be released is, Bipasha Basu Jet Ski Champ. Read More