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  • Ericsson Bags $1.44 billion in China

    Ericsson announced today that it has signed contracts with China Mobile and China Unicom. Ericsson is a wireless equipment maker. The two contracts will expand Ericsson’s Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks and bag the company a hefty profit from the $1.44 billion sale. The sale to China Mobile is by far the larger of the two, coming in at $1.3 billion. This will… Read More

  • The Smellphone

    Matching smells with media has been tried in the past. There were movies that provided the audience scratch-and-sniff packets, and some experimentation with smell-o-vision. Neither became popular and the idea was dropped. But it seems the Japanese company NTT DoCoMo is giving this idea new life. New mobile phones from the company will be equipped with fragrance cartridges that release… Read More

  • AirPatrol’s WiVision Enterprise Sniffs out Cell Phones

    The cell phone is a wonderful piece of technology that makes life more convenient and productive. But with the good comes the bad. Mobile phones can be misused by criminals and terrorists to commit crimes. Vital information that is meant to remain confidential can be high jacked by an in intrusive cell phone left on to overhear sensitive conversations. A mobile phone’s camera can… Read More

  • Emergency Text Alerts Planned in the United States

    The United States plans to create a national emergency alert system that utilizes text messages that will be delivered to mobile phones. CTIA estimates over 48 billion text messages are sent each month, so regulators believe this is a good medium to use when there is a national or regional emergency. In 2006, the United States passed the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, which… Read More

  • Universal Roaming SIMcard from Adepto Telecom

    Travelers who frequently cross national boarders have to deal with a myriad of costs when using their cell phones. Costs for making and receiving calls can vary greatly between boarders. Adepto Telecom announced a Pay As You Go service that allows customers to use their mobile phone when they are abroad without incurring roaming, calling or texting charges. The One SIMcard system works in… Read More

  • Troubled Motorola to name David Dorman as Chairman

    Motorola, a company that helped bring the cell phone to fruition, has been struggling lately. To recapture world market share, Motorola will name former AT&T chief executive David Dorman to the position of chairman next month. Dorman will be named to his new position on May 5 of this year, after Ed Zander retires at the company’s annual meeting. Dorman will have plenty of work to do. Read More

  • Nokia to Close Plant in Bochum Germany

    When Nokia announced in January that it planned to close its manufacturing plant in Bochum Germany, many union leaders and politicians were upset with the world’s largest mobile phone maker. To make the closing easier on workers, Nokia will spend $314 million and set up a transfer company that it will help staff for one year. The agreement means the plant can close on June 30 of this… Read More

  • Cloudtrade Launches New Mobile Sharing Platform

    Cloudtrade is looking to register 10,000 people to help test its new mobile sharing platform. Testers will look for kinks and share their thoughts with the developers on how best to improve the service. The beta test supports all Windows-based mobile phones and a select group of Blackberry and non-Windows smart phones. The free, ad-supported social media networking application features 1GB of… Read More

  • Cloudtrade: Mobile content sharing

    CloudTrade is a new mobile media sharing platform that is offering 1GB of storage for free. You can share music and video with your friends and upload all your stuff over mobile. The above video shows how it works, but in a way that makes us ant to cry. Since when do girlfriends laugh at you for doing pilates? It’s mostly mobile web based and has a weird advertising model that makes you do… Read More

  • Glu to Develop and Publish the Price Is Right and Family Feud Mobile Games

    Glu signed a deal with FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) to bring two popular games shows your mobile phone. The agreement gives Glu a multi-year and exclusive rights contract to develop mobile games based on The Price Is Right and Family Feud franchise. The games will be released in North and Latin America. Drew Carey took over hosting The Price Is Right from Bob Barker recently. The Price… Read More

  • EU Lifts Restrictions on In-Flight Cell Phone Use

    The European Union (EU) decided to lift restrictions on in-flight cell phone use today. Passengers flying over European airspace will be able to talk, text and send e-mails with their cell phones. In-flight service may be available this year on some airplanes using European GSM technology. Most other countries around the world prohibit in-flight mobile use because of the fear cell phones… Read More

  • Zumobi Wins E-Tech Award at 2008 Wireless Conference

    Zumobi was awarded top honor in the CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards in the Consumer Mobile Widgets category at CTIA Wireless 2008. Zumobi’s open mobile widget platform is free and supported by advertising. “We are thrilled that Zumobi has seen such success at Spring CTIA 2008, and are equally proud to be recognized at the same event we launched at a year ago,” said… Read More

  • Verizon to Build Broadband with its Acquisition of 700 megahertz

    Verizon was the recent winner in the FCC’s auction of the 700 megahertz spectrum. (See: Bids in.) The company plans to use the spectrum to build a faster wireless broadband network to deliver high-speed services. Verizon will hold a webcast later today to discuss the plans for the spectrum’s use. AT&T, the second big auction winner, has already said it will use the spectrum… Read More

  • CrossLink Media Awarded Exclusive Contract with US Army and Air Force

    CrossLink Media announced yesterday at CTIA Wireless 2008 that the company was awarded an exclusive contract with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) to provide text-based mobile coupons across military installations throughout the United States. AAFES is a multi-channel retailer offering merchandise and services via retail stores, catalogs and online to active duty, guard and… Read More

  • Pinger Releases Pingercast Service to All

    If you are an entertainer or just someone who wants to get your message out to the world, you may be interested in Pinger’s beta release of Pingercast. In the past, Pingercast messaging was only available to major media companies but now even the small time operator can build awareness with fans who use mobile phones. Pingercast allows any entertainment promoter to connect with the… Read More

  • iPlayboy: for the iPhone

    Doug Aamoth and Peter Ha here in Hugh Hefner’s private loft on the 34th floor of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Nine girls will be competing for the title of “Miss Mobile Playboy” as a kickoff to Playboy’s second generation of mobile content. Read more… Read More

  • Nearly Half of U.S. Consumers Don’t Know if they have Mobile TV

    QuickPlay Media released the results of a national survey that measured interest in mobile TV and video content. The survey found that 47% of consumers don’t know whether or not their carrier offers such services. It seems as though service providers aren’t getting the word out about the wonders of mobile TV and video. “Mobile operators have done an excellent job addressing… Read More

  • V-ENABLE and buzzd Partner to make you King or Queen of the Nightlife

    V-ENABLE, a local mobile search and directory assistance service is partnering with buzzd, a location-based mobile entertainment service that provides real-time information for bars, clubs and restaurants. This partnership will combine V-ENABLE’s local search with buzzd’s (see MobileCrunch post on buzzd) user generated content and all the best listings from CitySearch, Flavorpill… Read More

  • Liveblogging the CTIA 2008 Keynote

    CrunchGear is liveblogging the CTIA 2008 keynote as we speak. They’ll be covering the show from a gadget and service perspective and if you’d like to get in touch with the boys, drop them a line at tips @ Live from the CTIA Wireless 2008 Keynote Read More

  • Developing Continents Help Soften Mobile Sales Slowdown

    As the mobile phone market in Europe and North America slows down the slack is being picked up by Africa and Asia. Handset manufactures sold 238 million phones in the first quarter of this year, up 10% from a year ago, but down 15% from 2007’s fourth quarter. Fourth Quarter sales are usually up because of Christmas sales. Texas Instruments, a large chip maker for the mobile industry… Read More