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  • Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry is on the way

    It’s been 17 long months since the Facebook application launched for BlackBerry, and not much has changed since. A stability update here, bug fix there – but that’s about it. The BoyGeniusReport got their hands on the upcoming 1.5 release of the BlackBerry application, and it’s bringing a few new features to the table. Nothing earth-shatteringly huge and… Read More

  • LG recalls 30,000 handsets because they suck at calling 911

    If you’re an owner of one of the 30,000 LG 830 Spyder handsets running OS versions T83LGV03 or T83LGV04, you have two options: A) Get in touch with your wireless carrier for a software upgrade, or B) Don’t get into any situations in which you require 911 assistance. Read More

  • Sprint ups their referral bonus to $125

    When you’re bleeding out around a million customers per quarter, what do you do? Give people money. At least, that’s Sprint’s plan. From now until March 31st (the end of the first quarter of 2009. What a coincidence!), Sprint has increased the chunk of change they give you when you sell out convince your friend to hop on a contract. Previously, they’d give both of you… Read More

  • Rumor: Rumor has it this is the LG Rumor 2. (Rumor.)

    It only took typing the word “Rumor” four times before it stopped looking like an actual word. That word might look fake, but this leaked shot purported to be the LG Rumor 2 certainly doesn’t. Read More

  • Watchmen MMO coming for the iPhone, looks kind of lame It’s hard to judge a game based off of 30 seconds of footage – but when just about everything in said 30 seconds of footage seems broken, it’s probably safe to assume the game isn’t going to be great. Read More

  • Nokia responds about 5800 XpressMusic issues (again)

    The launch of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic North American model hasn’t been too smooth. First they had trouble getting the things out the door due to a broken inventory system at the flagship stores. Right as they patched that up, word got out that a whole lot of 5800’s had faulty speakers, and it wasn’t (and still isn’t) clear whether or not this problem plagued the… Read More

  • That N95 running Windows 3.1? Pft! Check out the iPhone running Mac System 7

    Did you hear? Putting old operating systems on new, expensive gadgetry is all the rage. First up was that N95 running Windows 3.1 last week, and now they’ve gone and plopped System 7 (OS 7) onto an iPhone. It’s a beautiful pairing of new and old, like grabbing a piece of toast and applying butter that has been in your fridge for 18 years. Delicious. Like the Windows 3.1 N95, the… Read More

  • Samsung SPH-M810 clears the FCC, is probably the Instinct Mini

    Just weeks ago, word got out that a fun-sized version of the Instinct was on the way. It looks like it might have just cleared the FCC. How can we assume that its the Instinct Mini and not just any random Samsung? Read More

  • New details revealed for Dexter iPhone game

    Rumblings of a Dexter iPhone game emerged last March and Icarus Studios is still twirling on its thumb a year later. We just got word that it will hit the App Store this summer. This slasher game will utilize the accelerometer to control Dexter by tilting left and right and using the on-screen forward and backward buttons. Or there’s a virtual joystick in the corner. You’ve… Read More

  • T-Mobile rolls out $50 unlimited calling plan nationwide

    Yeah, so, that unlimited nationwide calling plan for $50 from T-Mobile is rolling out nationwide. The Unlimited Loyalty Plan sounds like a steal considering you don’t have to tack on any extra time with T-Mobile for opting for it. Read More

  • mSpot launches browser-based ringtone creator (and we've got 1,000 ringtones to give away)

    Let’s say that, for some kooky reason, you’re dying to get the hook from that new Fergie track as your ringtone. No problem – there are half a dozen ways to get it done. But what about if you don’t want the hook, but some obscure bit 77 seconds in? Oh, and you don’t want to download any software, nor enter any sort of legal gray area? Your options have slimmed down… Read More

  • Full details on Asus' P835 smartphone

    Last we saw of this thing, it was also being called the Galaxy 7, but all of the specs were already in place. Well, Asus has finally granted the P835’s wish and made it a real boy. Wait, no — they’ve just made an official announcement. We knew all this stuff months ago, but it’s good to check in: last-minute tweaks to the UI or, say, built-in storage can have a… Read More

  • 8 Little Things We Still Can't Stand About the iPhone

    The iPhone is like the bacon-wrapped scallop of the mobile world. Both are quite visually pleasing relative to their peers, easy to use, and generally liked by the masses. Spend a little too much time with either, however, and you start to see the flaws. With the scallops, the grease and animal fat that was oh-so delicious on the way down begins to clog your arteries and slow your saunter. Read More

  • iVerse Comic Reader for iPhone and Android looks sweet, if limited

    Carrying around a little screen at all times means — what else? — that you can read comics all over the place while looking as if you’re checking your email. The iVerse app, for both iPhone and Android, lets you read comics that have been customized for viewing on a small screen. Instead of having you zoom around a full-sized page, they’ve cut the pages into smaller… Read More

  • BlackBerry Niagara is really the 9630, still coming to Verizon

    BG just dropped a bomb about the 8230 that’s actually the 9630, but has the codename Niagara. It’s still going to be a World Edition, which means it will support CDMA 1x, EV-DO Rev. A, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS. No Wi-Fi, but that’s what you should expect from Verizon by now. The 9630 may or may not have a camera, but if it does it’ll be a 3.2-megapixel shooter. And… Read More

  • Uh-oh: A ton of Nokia 5800 XpressMusics are going to break [Updated]

    You remember those 1 million 5800 XpressMusic handsets that Nokia proudly announced they’d shipped back in January? Yeah, most of those are probably going to break. Read More

  • CDMA-flavored BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 clears the FCC

    We still think the Pearl Flip is the ugliest phone to ever rear its head from Waterloo – but it’s a butt-dial-free BlackBerry, and that’s worth something, we suppose. When the CDMA variant made its way to the FCC’s testing dungeons, they were able to look past the Pearl Flip’s unsightly hinge and remember that it’s what’s inside that counts –… Read More

  • Your horses? Hold them. NAM Nokia 5800s not for sale afterall [UPDATED]

    If you packed your picnic basket, loaded the family into the car, and hauled over to the Nokia flagship store yesterday as a result of our post yesterday on the Nokia 5800 going on sale, we officially apologize. Chances are, you were turned away. As of this morning, Nokia 5800s aren’t actually on the shelves; they have them in stock, mind you – they just can’t sell them… Read More

  • Review: Nokia N85

    Somewhere out there there is someone lusting after the N85. For some reason the rest of the world loves these lumpen little phones. Perhaps the Nokia N-series calls up memories of the old phones that we once clung to in the dark ages of cellular communication. The Nokia is the ur-phone, the manufacturer of dreams, the Campbellian original Hero With a Thousand Faces. It can do anything… Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo pulls BlackBerry Bold

    Well, well, well. Yesterday I mentioned that Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo had begun selling the BlackBerry Bold last week and today there are reports that they’ve pulled the device due to overheating. Approximately 4,000 Bolds have been sold with 30 reports of the keyboard area getting a little too hot while it’s being charged. RIM doesn’t think it’s a battery issue, but… Read More