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  • Samsung goes green with the solar-powered Blue Earth

    Throwing down some sort of Captain Planet voodoo, Samsung has managed to take a bunch of plastic bottles and recycle them into the Blue Earth, a solar-powered touchscreen phone backed to the brim with eco-friendliness. Read More

  • Rumor: Apple releasing matte black iPhone 3G [Update]

    Here we go. Again. The Mac Observer has a shot of a 16GB iPhone with a new model number, A1303, and what appears to be a matte black finish. Who really knows if this is true, but if that matte finish comes with a metal backing then I may have to bite. It sure looks legit. What do you think? Is this the new iPhone? I mean, it’s not like they’re going to completely overhaul the… Read More

  • Telefónica in Spain to get a slightly sightlier HTC Dream

    Lipstick on a pig? Still a pig. A bit of makeup and some chin surgery on the G1? It’s.. significantly more attractive. Though they’re not saying when, Telefónica has announced that they’ll be carrying the G1 – albeit under the name it was originally known by before T-Mobile went and rechristened it: the Dream. In addition to the name change throwback, it’s… Read More

  • Court sides with FCC's "porting" decision, rejects Verizon's (whiny) arguments

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has upheld (pdf) a FCC decision finding that Verizon’s use of proprietary information of rival companies for marketing purposes violates federal law. Read More

  • Sidekick 2009 rumors heating up, already in the wild

    Looks like Ed at HipTop3 has been exchanging e-mails with someone claiming to have already manhandled the Sidekick 2009. If you recall, the first true whispers of the new Sidekick popped up a couple weeks back about the Sidekick LX 2009 that was spotted in an online survey. Turns out that device is the “Blade” or as T-Mobile calls it, “Montreal.” Blade is apparently… Read More

  • Skyfire bumped up to 0.9, learns to be social

    Skyfire, a mobile browser for Windows Mobile and S60 which quickly became a favorite around these parts for its abilities to playback Flash video and a number of other rich media formats, has just gotten the update treatment. While it brings the obligatory bug fixes and optimizations that any pre-1.0 release should, the biggest new feature is what they’re calling the “real-time… Read More

  • Verizon picks up Alltel's My Circle, redubs it "Friends and Family"

    Looks like Alltel’s finally beginning to rub off on Verizon, with the latter adopting one of the finest features of their new found property. Earlier this morning, Verizon announced that they’d be taking on Alltel’s My Circle option, but under the name “Friends and Family”. The new plan option will make its way to Verizon customers on February 15th, allowing any… Read More

  • Acer parties like it's 2003 with new DX650, X960 smartphones

    Somewhere in the heart of Mount Fuji, Acer’s crack team of designers are listening to Hail to the Thief and pounding back Zima because they have finally gotten the world’s attention. You see, Acer’s smartphone division has been completely forgotten within the company – someone tasked them with creating a touchscreen phone back in 2003 or so and then forgot to let them… Read More

  • Telenav turn-by-turn for Android coming in 2 weeks

    Were you disappointed by this mornings news that the other nuvifone wouldn’t be sportin’ the droid? So were we. Then we realized it wasn’t so much because we cared for the new nuvifone, but because we just wanted turn-by-turn navigation on an Android phone. Turns out, we don’t have much longer to wait. According to their new product page, we should be using… Read More

  • Garmin-Asus outs the latest and greatest nuvifone – the impressive G60 & cute M20

    In light of MWC next week, Garmin-Asus has made a full announcement about the upcoming nuvifone product line. Which, btw, isn’t nearly as fun as spy shots and rumors, but we’ll take it. The original G60 that we have been hearing about for nearly a year seems like it will finally be released and might be a solid contender judging by the specs. Garmin-Asus is announcing a new… Read More

  • Samsung delaying Android offering until late 2009

    If you were holding your breath until MWC to see if Samsung would drop its promised Android-based phone, you can exhale. It seems that the Samdroid will have to wait, as they’re still in negotiations with carriers and no hardware has been put forth. Shucks! It’s bad news for Samsung lovers, but there’s still a chance that HTC will give us a glimpse of the G2 (not this… Read More

  • Pre specs show up on, new details emerge

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Sprint just updated their site with the Palm Pre’s specs. This news alone isn’t anything special as the specs have been available for quite some time, but we now know a few details about the Pre’s internal storage and some service details. Does this mean the Pre is coming soon or did Sprint and Palm just finalize some details? Read More

  • iPhone Game Review: LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games

    (For the record – Batman would kick Superman’s ass.) I was excited for Warner Bros., DC Comics and CobraMobile’s LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games for the iPhone. Then I finished it within 10 minutes. Read More

  • More BlackBerry Storm firmware updates leak out

    Man, BlackBerry Storm users are gettin’ the unofficial goods left and right as of late. While the rest of us get to wait for updates to pass through weeks of carrier certification, it seems like someone is leaking these Storm firmware updates every time the code looks stable. This latest leak bumps the (unofficial) version numbers up to OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 (GSM) and… Read More

  • Western Europe Stimulates Worldwide Growth In Mobile Porn

    Juniper Research released a report today that claims that the global mobile market for adult content grew by around 36 percent, to an estimated $2.2 billion, in 2008. Juniper also estimated that the market will be worth $4.9 billion by 2013, largely dominated by increased demand for video-chat services. Demand for mobile adult content seems to growing at a fast pace since the research… Read More

  • BES 5.0 bringing Email Flagging, remote Windows file access, more

    Photo via AppScout Don’t the words “BlackBerry Enterprise Server update” just send a shiver of excitement down your spin? They do? Really? You’re kind of weird. Whether you’re awkwardly excited about BES 5.0 or not, it’s on its way – and RIM has dropped some details on whats in store for you, the end-user. Read More

  • Alcatel's LEGO(ish) phone looks like a horrible idea

    After many occasions during my childhood in which I sat down on LEGOs that I’d mindlessly jammed into my pockets during one of many amazing architecture sessions, the last thing I want is a LEGO phone. Seriously, if the brick’s little nubs don’t get you, the ridiculously sharp corners will. Alas, Alcatel is apparently crackin’ away at a LEGO-inspired phone, complete… Read More

  • White BlackBerry Pearl Flip coming soon?

    Kevin over at CrackBerry spotted this white Pearl Flip during RIM’s BES presentation today and posits that RIM could be releasing it sometime in the near future. Makes sense considering the bazillion colors they have for the candybar Pearl. Read More

  • App Store surpasses 20,000 iPhone Apps

    After smashing through the 10,000 app mark back in November and 15,000 as of Apple’s Q4 earnings call, it appears that the App Store has breezed on through to 20,000 apps. Apptism, an iPhone app monitoring site which updates their tally each hour, puts the current count at 20,410. Apple has yet to comment, though we’d expect an official acknowledgment of this landmark to come… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile (Fennec) released in early form for HTC Touch Pro

    It’s by no means a complete product and the overall experience might be all kinds of shaky, but the Fennec (that’s Firefox Mobile, if you missed it) team has released a “Milestone” version of their Windows Mobile browser. It requires a bit of beef in the processor/memory departments and is designed for 300 dpi at VGA resolution, so don’t expect a lesser phone than… Read More