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  • Unexpected Surge in Google Mobile this Summer

    Traditionally, Google mobile and non-mobile web surfing declines in the summer months as people go on vacation. (At least in North America). This year traffic on mobile devices utilizing Google has increased 35%. Mobile devices looking at Google Maps has increased as much as 50%. This appears to point to a trend, in which people use their mobile devices for information while taking time off… Read More

  • Windows Live on your Nokia

    Giants Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up today to provide Windows Live on S60 compatible devices. This service will be available to Nokia Series 40 compatible handsets next year. Windows Live is a comprehensive set of personal Internet services and software. It is designed to bring together in one place all the relationships, information and interests people care about. Safety and… Read More

  • Not Paying Lypp Service

    A new group-calling service is under development that allows conference-type calling from virtually any wireless device (including phones) and your desktop. This new application is called Lypp. When the service launches, users won’t have to pay a monthly fee and the first 500 minutes are free. No installation of software will be required so the service can be used instantly after… Read More

  • Tell Them MySpace Friends

    A new mobile phone service is available for those of us who want to stay in contact with our MySpace friends. Tell Them is a service that lets the user send pictures and text via a mobile device. The service is free and simple to use. First, go to the Tell Them site on your phone. Enter your MySpace E-Mail password and select the friends you want to contact. Write a message and attach a picture… Read More

  • Apple to Share Operators Revenue

    AT&T has the exclusive carrier license in the Untied States for the iPhone. It is too early to tell how profitable this will be for AT&T. The licensing agreement between the two companies includes a payout to Apple from AT&T’s revenue generated from iPhone calls and data functions. Some rumblings in Europe may be a clue as to what it takes to get an exclusive iPhone… Read More

  • Former Dark Continent Brightens with Mobile Internet

    Many people who live in Africa don’t have personal computers but do have mobile phones. Mobile phone providers are fulfilling the thirst for knowledge and connectivity the internet provides. The company Celtel-Sierra Leone has unveiled plans to offer internet access and downloads to an inquisitive nation. In case you’ve forgotten, Sierra Leone is a small country on… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA Goes Social

    If you’re the sort of mobile user who has Virgin Mobile service then you’re probably the type who likes to show off your individuality. You run with a different pack, and you can’t even be bothered with the whole iPhone thing. At least that’s what the Virgin Mobile ad campaign had to say earlier this summer. Virgin Mobile USA users can now share their feelings with… Read More

  • Mobile Shop with mShopper

    Shopping from your mobile phone now got a little easier with mShopper’s release of a new platform for mobile phones. All aspects of shopping online are now available to bargain hunters with a mobile phone. Users can make secure purchases in seconds. But as every good shopper knows, there is more to shopping than just buying. Research into price and quality has to be utilized before… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless to Battle iTunes

    As our sister site Crunchgear is reporting Verizon Wireless has gathered some powerful allies in its war with iTunes. MTV and RealNetworks have joined forces with Verizon in a formation called “Rhapsody America.” The idea is to create an integrated digital music service that users can access by way of their PC, portable music device and mobile phone. Former Urge subscribers and… Read More

  • Yahoo and Actionality

    Mobile Entertainment reported this morning that Yahoo has acquired Actionality. Actionality is a company devoted to mobile phone marketing technologies and solutions. The company is based in Munich Germany and is considered to be a pioneer in the field of ad-funded mobile content. Actionality specializes in putting ads in mobile games at the point of download. To date, this rumor hasn’t… Read More

  • Some People Talk Too Much

    The BubbleTALK service from Bubble Motion has some devoted users. The most talkative sent 3201 messages last month. The top five BubbleTALKers averaged 67 messages a day. I don’t know if these prodigious yackers said anything intelligent in their scramble to rank number one in BubbleTALK’s hall of fame, but I doubt it. BubbleTALK is touted as a “Voice SMS.” Voice SMS is… Read More

  • Germany Snaps To

    Nokia announced today that SNAP Mobile Games will be available to German customers in the fall. SNAP games are currently sold in Asia and North America. Popular handsets will come with free demo games installed. To download a full game, a user only needs to click the ‘buy’ link. A text message is then sent with link information. Antoine Doumenc, head of SNAP Mobile stated… Read More

  • T-Mobile wants Orange Netherlands

    T-Mobile wants to acquire Orange Netherlands, a branch of France Telecom. France Telecom has been trying to sell Orange Netherlands since February. European Union regulators have given the go-ahead for T-Mobile Netherlands to buy Orange Netherlands. According to the Houston Chronicle the European Commission said the deal would “not significantly impede effective competition” in… Read More

  • Study: Ads and Voice Improve Mobile Search

    Ad-support mobile search is actually favored by mobile search users, who also prefer voice search to text search. These are the results of a new independent user experience benchmark on mobile search that was conducted by Usable Products Company. Participants in the survey preferred voice-enable mobile search solutions more than text-based options, and 79 percent of participants favored… Read More

  • David Letterman on your Phone

    Starting tonight the “Late Show with David Letterman” and the “Late Late Show”, will be available to V Cast subscribers commercial free. CBS is the first broadcast network to offer V Cast customers access to full-length on-demand programming. V Cast breaks the programming into convenient segments for viewing ease. The shows are available following their nightly… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming on the Increase: Other Services Slide

    Continental Research has released a survey that claims gaming services are on the increase in the mobile industry, while other services are on the decline. Service providers that push features like web browsing and video viewing may be selling products that mobile phone users don’t want. Since last year, the number of people who accessed the internet on mobile phones declined by 2%. Read More

  • Print on the Go with Cloudprint

    Have you ever been on the go and needed to print something you left behind? In today’s fast moving world it is easy to forget something as you scurry out the door. Road warriors need not fear anymore, as Hewlett-Packard has come up with an application that allows you to print documents worldwide via your mobile phone. This innovation is called Cloudprint. Cloudprint is a free service… Read More

  • Hudson Entertainment Rings-up Slip-N-Slide Records

    When I first heard the term hip-hop, I thought it had something to do with Peter Rabbit and the Easter Bunny. It turns out; Hip-hop is one of the most lauded forms of popular music today. Hudson Entertainment is taking advantage of this trend by teaming up with Slip-N-Slide Records, and providing customers ring tones, ring backs, and voice tones that feature popular artists. Big names like… Read More

  • Zagat Survey on the Go

    Zagat Survey launches an advertising supported (free) Web site, Zagat Survey is known the world over as the “burgundy bible.” If you are in a strange city and want to get information on restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment, Zagat Survey has up-to-date ratings and descriptions of all these amenities. Major cities around the world are listed and ranked by… Read More

  • Future N-Gage Platform to Feature I-play Games

    Nokia’s new N-Gage platform, which launches this fall, will feature game entertainment from the fun people at I-Play. The first available games from I-play will be, World Rally Championship, and Super Mah Jong. As the importance and profitability of games gets realized in the mobile industry, more device launches are bound to be tied with entertainment software. “I-play brings… Read More