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  • AT&T Mobile Backup has Your Back(up)

    Losing your phone means losing everything you have on your phone. But now you can make sure your data is safe, at least if you’re using AT&T. This week AT&T announced that users will be able to store, update and even access their contact information on their mobile handsets through a downloadable handset application. This new service, AT&T Mobile Backup will be available on… Read More

  • Helio Ocean Adds Microsoft Exchange and File Viewer

    For the next 60 days, during the beta trial period, Mail for Microsoft Exchange will be available free to Helio Ocean users, and $9.99 per month after world. The app brings full synchronization of e-mail, contacts and calendar entries to the handset. This is just one of two new apps that are now available for the handset. The other, Helio File Viewer, launched in conjunction with the Mail… Read More

  • Very BIG Deal for Mobliss

    Mobliss closed the deal last year when they released the mobile version of the hit quiz show Deal or No Deal. Mobliss has announced that the mobile game version of the Endemol show has been downloaded more than a million times in the United States. Mobliss, which also partnered with FremantleMedia to launch the mobile TV channel Atomic Wedgie, isn’t done deal making either. John… Read More

  • Oxygen Targets Women Gamers For Mobile

    There remains a common misconception that video games are just something guys like, but LimeLife and other companies have proven that theory wrong. And now Oxygen, the cable channel for women, is making the leap to interactive-gaming. Among the first titles is a game based its hit series Bad Girls Club, which is being developed in conjunction with Artificial Life, will available in late… Read More

  • Catch mywaves With Alltel Wireless

    Alltel Wireless users can now browse thousands of Web videos and watch them via the phones with the new mywaves mobile video service. Available for $3.99 per month this newly launched service lets customers easily download the app, which allows for users to browse through various genres including comedy, sports, health, business, music, technology and more. Alltel users can also choose for a… Read More

  • Developer Conference 2007 Kicks Off with Focus on Mobile

    The rains, which continue to fall over much of the U.K., haven’t dampened the mood at The Developer Conference 2007 in Brighton, which kicked things off this week with a one-day focus on mobile, notably mobile gaming. Games on mobile handsets continues to be on the rise in the U.K., and strong annual growth was predicted. But with the clouds came some negative news too. Among the… Read More

  • Wells Fargo Browser Based Mobile Banking

    This week Wells Fargo & Company launched Wells Fargo Mobile, a browser based mobile banking solution, which is available to all of its customers nationwide. This new service allows customers to access their Well Fargo account through a mobile-enabled Web browser. “With Wells Fargo Mobile service, customers can act immediately no matter where they are, whether they want to make sure… Read More

  • Motorola Teaming with Microvision For Mobile Phone Projectors

    Earlier this year Toshiba came out with a so-called “palm-sized” video projector, but soon we might be seeing projectors built-in mobile handsets. Imagine the idea of using the phone to watch mobile TV and projecting the image on a white wall. What was mere science fiction could be fact as Motorola has teamed up with Microvision to bring laser-projector technology to mobile… Read More

  • UnWired Buyer Let’s You Do the Talking

    As a self-confessed eBay junkie, being in front of the PC in those final seconds is crucial to my well being. There are snipe programs, and I can monitor the auctions on my mobile handset or Blackberry. But the problem is that the interface in many of these devices is just too slow for those times when I need to quickly enter a last minute (second) bid. I find myself yelling at the phone…… Read More

  • THQ Wireless Puts You Behind The Wheel With Three New Titles

    One of the first major video game publishers to embrace mobile gaming was THQ Wireless, and the company continues to deliver quality titles. This week THQ Wireless announced three new games that put you in the driver’s seat, including Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Stuntman Ignition, and MotoGP ’07. Juiced 2 focuses on officially endorsed street races in some of the world’s… Read More

  • AT&T Launches Video Share in 160 Markets

    If you’re using AT&T, and are in the top 160 markets in the country, you’re going to be able to share live video during voice calls. AT&T has announced the nationwide launch of AT&T Video Share, which is the first ever service in the United States that allows users to share live video over their mobile handsets. “AT&T Video Share will be groundbreaking in the… Read More

  • In-Stat Report: China Smartphone Adoption on the Rise

    Smartphone adoption is on the rise in China. This is the results from a new study by research firm In-Stat, which found that 10.46 million smartphones had shipped in China in 2006, which is double that from just a year prior. Entertainment functionality seems to be among owner’s preferences over productivity as well. “The most important three factors respondents would consider… Read More

  • Mobile Tickets Might Be the Last Minute Way to Get into Secret Garden

    If you were opening to score tickets for the Secret Garden Party, the U.K. music festival, which is being held July 26-29, can still get tickets via tixmob. Buying tickets from your mobile handset will cost a two percent commission, but that’s far less than dealing with scalpers. “Having fun shouldn’t be hard work so we set up tixmob to provide easy, reliable and… Read More

  • Floods in U.K. Force Vodafone to Evacuate HQ

    It hasn’t been a good summer for Northern and Central England, where weeks of rain have caused massive flooding. The rain picked up again last week, and we’ve heard that it was so bad in the Newbury, Berkshire region that Vodafone had to evacuate the company’s global headquarters. An ornamental lake that runs through the center of the complex turned into a torrent. Power was… Read More

  • Amp’d Not Down Yet

    Amp’d Mobile customers had gotten a reprieve yesterday, and the company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1, said service will continue until at least July 31. As of Tuesday the youth-oriented service, which leases its network from Verizon Wireless to which it owes more than $30 million, posted on its Web site that will potentially suspend service in the U.S. on July… Read More

  • T-Mobile May Drop Tour Sponsorship

    The biggest sponsor of the Tour de France could be pulling out, and it could be happening as soon as the conclusion of the race this weekend. The T-Mobile Team will learn on Sunday if the mobile phone carrier will withdraw its sponsorship. “We will consider things and make a decision at the end of this year’s race,” said T-Mobile’s communications director Christian… Read More

  • CTIA Dispels Wireless Myths

    Today the CTIA – The Wireless Association filed an ex parte communication with the Federal Communications Commission, which continues the heated dialog that the trade organization has with the FCC. According to the CTIA the purpose of the ex parte communication is to refute myths that European wireless users enjoy better service, choice or pricing than American consumers. Among the… Read More

  • Novarra Provides Mobile Web Transformation for Yahoo!

    Today Novarra, a provider of next-generation mobile Internet services, announced that the Novarra’s Vision server version 6.5 platform for provide Web transformation for Yahoo!’s oneSearch service. Links from the oneSearch will be transformed for mobile handsets using the Vision server technology, which is built on open standards. This service is already up and running in Asia… Read More

  • Digital Chocolate to Publish for N-Gage… Wait, the N-Gage is Still Around?

    The surprise news isn’t that California based mobile game developer Digital Chocolate would publish titles for the N-Gage platform, but rather that the N-Gage was around. The hybrid gaming device, mobile phone launched what seems like ages ago, and never caught on quite as much as Nokia expected. But apparently the platform is doing well enough to entice Digital Chocolate, which will… Read More

  • Legendary Lara Croft Coming to Your Pocket

    Today Eidos Interactive announced that Lara Croft will soon be making its way to the mobile platform, and available for “your pocket” later this summer. The first title, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend, an adaptation of the 2006 console version, will be released on major carriers and MVNO’s in North America. “Eidos is planning to take their core brands to mobile over… Read More