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  • Microsoft's ZenZui Launches Mobile Widget Browser

    Microsoft's ZenZui Launches Mobile Widget Browser

    TechCrunch has covered the release of a new mobile widget platform, ZenZui, who launched their mobile widget browser this morning. The browser has lets users search through a grid of 36 widget tiles by panning and zooming around the grid by touchscreen or keypad. Each of the widgets in the browser serves as a mobile optimized interface to a website like Zillow or Amazon. It’s essentially… Read More

  • Gemini eXplo: Like Second Life for Your First Phone

    Gemini eXplo: Like Second Life for Your First Phone

    I’ve been scouring CTIA for MobileCrunch worthy material and I think I’ve found something. What do you get when you meld Second Life with mobile ad serving with Japanese teenagers? eXplo. EXplo is an odd 3D environment that runs on almost any handset and allows you to chat, share photos, and view video and stream music in a simulated world. The world I saw was fairly small &mdash… Read More

  • MC at CTIA Wireless

    I’m headed to Orlando tomorrow for CTIA Wireless. If anyone is looking for me, you can bug me at john @ or call me at 6468270591. For those so included, CrunchGear and Jellyfish are holding a smack shopping event to coincide with the festivities. What is this “smack shopping” you ask? The site offers a limited number of products at a deep discount. The… Read More

  • Adds Anonymized Phone Numbers to Classified Listings Adds Anonymized Phone Numbers to Classified Listings

    Without a doubt, the most popular classified ads site on the Internet is Craigslist. The simple, utilitarian site is a shining example of how the p2p Web can work, and one of the secrets to its success is the anonymization of its users by email forwarding and masking. Many people who wouldn’t want their real email addresses published can use an anonymous, temporary address… Read More

  • Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    At some point this week, the wheels of commerce may be set to turn over, changing the logo on forthcoming Treos to that of Nokia or even Motorola. The two have been bidding on Palm, maker of the Treo, for a few weeks now, and a couple of private equity firms have entered the fray, and the rumors are that things will finish up this week. Nokia wants the Treo name recognition, and Motorola wants… Read More

  • Yahoo! Debuts oneSearch Mobile Portal

    Yahoo! Debuts oneSearch Mobile Portal

    Yahoo! is being aggressive with its new mobile portal, called oneSearch, and it shows. As a portal, Yahoo! knows that content is king, and that getting to said content is what Mobile 2.0 is all about. Enter oneSearch, a new page (at on your handset) that aggregates a large number of Yahoo!’s features onto one easy-to-use page, including Y! Messenger, Y! Movies, and even a… Read More

  • EMoze: Push Email For Free

    EMoze: Push Email For Free

    Emoze is a dream come true for business folk out there who are still holding out and refusing to accept that corporate issued Blackberry. Emoze claims the free push email service will work on any mobile phone that has email functionality. It even works behind corporate firewalls, has military-grade encryption and its been designed to support all cellular and wireless networks. So how does it work? Read More

  • Kajeet: You Know, For Kids

    Kajeet: You Know, For Kids

    The Sanyo Katana – Could a kid step on it and break it? Mine almost did! I just got in a phone from an interesting MVNO, Kajeet. The service is aimed at kids and their parents and offers a few basic features that Mr. or Ms. Mom and Dad might like. Read More

  • Sprint Drops Sirius

    Sprint Drops Sirius

    Sprint Nextel is dropping Sirius Hits, its streaming audio service, to bring 10 new channels of mobile music. The carrier will also add video from CNN, the Weather Channel, E!, NFL, and Fox Sports. No details on pricing or, mor importantly, why they decided to drop Sirius but perhaps their retooling their offerings to use the new WiMAX service they’ll be selling in select… Read More

  • MyStrands Mobile: Now With Community

    Hot on the tail of Slacker comes another social music service, MyStrands Mobile. This S60 application offers music discovery as well as music sharing and builds on a library of 6 million tracks. You and your friends can share your current playlists and collects your playback history on your own MyStrands page. It’s officially available now and the video above gives you a good idea of what… Read More

  • First-Ever Mobile GPS Widget Platform Debuts

    First-Ever Mobile GPS Widget Platform Debuts

    Publishing your location-based wireless applications to your handset just got a whole lot easier. That’s because of location-enabled mobile applications developer uLocate Communications’ new mobile GPS widget platform, WHERE.
    Now available on several Sprint phones as of today, WHERE works with GPS location technology to enable WHERE Widgets to be placed on these handsets.
    The… Read More

  • NewsGator Go!: Java and Blackberry RSS

    NewsGator Go!: Java and Blackberry RSS

    NewsGator Go!, previously only available for Windows Mobile, is now available for Blackberries and Java-capable phones including models from Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung. This version synchronizes with your online NewsGator account and caches articles for later, offline consumption. You can also send stories via email through the program’s interface. This is somewhat similar to… Read More

  • Mundu IM V4: Mobile IM On the Cheap

    Mundu IM V4: Mobile IM On the Cheap

    Mobile IM is the number four cellphone killer app — the other three are, in order, voice, SMS, and Snake — but, surprisingly, it’s the hardest to use. Of all the IM programs I’ve tried, only Danger has managed to make it seamless as possible. Mundu, a new product from Indian developers Geodesic is coming in a close second. The product supports AIM, MSN Messenger… Read More

  • Yahoo! Go for WinMo

    Yahoo! Go for WinMo

    Yahoo! Go for Mobile is now available — in gamma version — for Windows Mobile devices. This version includes everything the Symbian folks are already crowing about including email, oneSearch (Yahoo’s mobile search product), photo sharing, and RSS/news ticker-type feeds. Check Yahoo’s mobile site for more information on compatibility but if it runs WinMo, it probably… Read More

  • reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

    reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

    Today mapping veteran AtlasCT (est. 1987) is launching a new mobile photo geotagging application for Java ME called reLive!. It seems similar to Yahoo!’s geotagging program for Flickr, Zonetag. However, reLive! is not meant to only geotag individual photos, but also connect them on the map in the context of a trip. When paired with a GPS system, reLive! lets you automatically map… Read More

  • InTouch: Medical Advice Via Cellphone

    Now whenever you have access to a cellphone you’ll have access to Mayo Clinic-approved medical advice. Digital Cyclone has developed InTouch, an application for cellphones that stores all sorts of useful, everyday medical tips, such as where to find the newest medical care facility to how to treat minor injuries. The application costs $2.99 per month and works on Verizon, Cingular… Read More

  • Mobio Expands from Movies to Everything Else

    Mobio Expands from Movies to Everything Else

    A few months ago, we told you about Mobio, a service that used XML mashup-theory to bring about an easy, handheld way to find movie times and related tasks. Mobio, in the intervening time, has been busy, and now offers a full-on army of “widget”-style mini-programs for your Java-enabled phone. Take, for example, the Gadgethilia widget. The tool mashes up RSS feeds crom CNet and… Read More

  • Mobeam: Barcode Scanning With the Backlight?

    Mobeam: Barcode Scanning With the Backlight?

    I was never big on those “take a picture of a barcode and buy Britney tickets” schemes so popular with mobile solutions providers, but this sort of turns that whole concept on its head. Mobeam, created by Ecrio, provider of streaming mobile apps for NTT DoCoMo, flashes any light source on the handset to simulate a barcode for any laser scanner. That’s right. The clerk at… Read More

  • Cellblock: Fast Video and Image Vlogging

    Cellblock: Fast Video and Image Vlogging

    I’m actually quite intrigued by this simply because it could be a great way to put out “breaking news” at shows or events. This is nothing new: you take some video or an image and it pops up in a Cellblock window almost immediately after sending, without transcoding or other nastiness. The service uses a standard email address – presumably you could just email content… Read More

  • Traveler's Concierge Goes Mobile

    Traveler's Concierge Goes Mobile

    Concierge Mobile is now online, giving the popular website branch of Conde Nast’s Traveler magazine added Mobile 2.0 functionality. The service itself is ingenious in its simplicity; if you find a listing you’re interested in, and feel like taking it to go for later, you click the small cellphone icon above the title. A txt message is sent to your phone containing the URL to a… Read More