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  • 46 Million Mobile Video Users By 2010

    46 Million Mobile Video Users By 2010

    California based market research and consulting firm Infonetics Research predicts that the number of mobile video subscribers will jump to 46 million by 2010. Their latest report, Mobile Video Devices, Services, and Subscribers shows that service provider revenue from mobile video services jumped 317 percent to almost $200 million worldwide from 2005 to 2006. That number is expected to triple… Read More

  • Comic Creator Available on Verizon

    Comic Creator Available on Verizon

    If you’re looking to send more than a mere text message, you’ll now have the ability to create your own comic on a mobile phone. Verizon Wireless has announced the availability of Comic Creator by AMA, a Get It Now application that will allow customers to create their own personalized comics, which can be sent to other mobile phones or e-mail addresses. Developed by Advanced… Read More

  • AbMob and Mywaves To Offer Mobile Video

    AbMob and Mywaves To Offer Mobile Video

    Mobile ad network AdMob and video company mywaves have teamed up to offer a user-initiated video ad format, which will appear on AdMob partner sites. The ad will appear as a banner unit on a mobile Web page, and it will lead to a landing page containing a mywaves-branded embedded played, which will offer video content selected by the advertiser. Coca-Cola is the first company to sign up for… Read More

  • Mobile Workforce Possibly More Productive Away from Desk

    Mobile Workforce Possibly More Productive Away from Desk

    According to a new report from Yankee Group going mobile can make workers more productive. So, just because your colleague spends more time on the road than at his desk, don’t think he’s not getting any work done. According to the report from the Yankee Group Attitude & Behavior Surveys 43 percent of the most valuable employees are mobile. About half of employees today are… Read More

  • Ericsson to Buy Motorola?

    Ericsson to Buy Motorola?

    The rumor mill is working overtime. mocoNews has posted that Ericsson may be looking to acquire Motorola, and possibly restructure the company with Ericsson-Motorola devoted to a network kit, while a spun-off Motorola could focus exclusively on handset design. At this point it is just a rumor, but still an interesting rumor for sure. Rumor: Ericsson Looking To Buy Motorola [mocoNews] Read More

  • TV & Music Soar as Game Market Slows on Mobile

    TV & Music Soar as Game Market Slows on Mobile

    The market for mobile gaming is going to slow down, while mobile TV and music services take off, predicts research firm Screen Digest. GameDaily is reporting today that a new report on mobile content suggests a shift on focus to music and TV services, and less on mobile gaming. TV could be the strongest performer globally in the mobile space with 140 million subscribers by 2011. Screen… Read More

  • Third Screen Serves Up Mobile Ads

    Third Screen Serves Up Mobile Ads

    Third Screen Media, a mobile advertising network serving ads on 185 sites in its group including Accuweather,, Fox News, the Gannet Network of newspapers, Maxim, Wapipedia, and WWE, reports serving 225 million advertising impressions monthly. The volume generated by TSM’s network indicates adoption of mobile Internet, which will only increase as more subscribers start using… Read More

  • Study: Kids Have Cell Phones

    Study: Kids Have Cell Phones

    A newly released study by iGR finds 50 to 70 percent of kids aged 12 to 14 have a cellular phones. The percentage of 15 to 17 year-olds with mobile phones is even higher. The reasons for having a cell phone cited in the study were to keep in touch with friends and parents. But “the ‘cool’ factor and peer pressure also ranked highly,” the study said. Older kids… Read More

  • Showtime for Universal on Mobile Phones

    Showtime for Universal on Mobile Phones

    The best seat in the house could be on a bus or train, or just about anywhere else where you can take your mobile phone. TG Daily is reporting that mobile entertainment company I-Play has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to provide streaming video clips from dozens of features films to cellular handsets. While you still won’t be able to watch full films, these clips will be from… Read More

  • Pilot Program Launched for French Transit System

    Pilot Program Launched for French Transit System

    Global wireless commerce solutions provider Scanbuy, Inc. and consulting firm faberNovel have created a pilot program with Regie Autonome Transports Parisiens (RATP), the major transit operator in Paris and its environs, to offer commuters and travelers easy access to information using their mobile phones and other handheld devices. The first program of its kind to be launched outside of Japan… Read More

  • Twitter Goes Mobile

    Twitter Goes Mobile

    While there hasn’t been as much buzz about Twitter lately, we’re starting to see things pick up, as the “blog of consciousness” has finally launched with an official mobile interface that will make twittering even easier. Twitter Mobile [via Laughing Squid] Read More

  • WHERE is What You Need

    WHERE is What You Need

    Need to find local weather, driving directions or a ski report? Where do you look? How about on your cellphone with WHERE GPS widgets? Developed by uLocate Communications and currently available for handsets on the Sprint/Nextel network, WHERE GPS widgets can be managed from a drag-and-drop Web interface. Subscription to the widgets costs around $3 a month, and range from weather… Read More

  • Microsoft Buys Mobile Ad Firm

    Microsoft Buys Mobile Ad Firm

    Microsoft’s interests in the mobile space have just increased. ClickZ News is reporting that the Redmond giant has snapped up ScreenTonic, with the intention of integrating its capabilities into adCenter. ScreenTonic’s core competency lies in mobile display advertising, and the firm’s offerings include fixed, animated and video banners; text links, ad words, interstitials… Read More

  • Surf with Squace

    Surf with Squace

    Trying to navigate the Web with a mobile phone might have just gotten easier thanks Swedish developer Squace. Their program, which is now in beta, makes for an easy and fast way to navigate, store and personalize the content from mobile handsets. The start screen, or My Page in Squace manages your links to favorite sites and services and RSS feeds. Each of these can be accessed through a… Read More

  • Filter Your Mobile Music

    Filter Your Mobile Music

    We’ve already been impressed with how The Filter can help put together playlists from your existing music library with iTunes, but the service is also compatible with Nokia mobile phones, including the Series 60, Nokia E60, N93 and N80. Currently in Beta, The Filter can be downloaded to your PC and used to fill your mobile phone by building playlists from your MP3/AAC files. Users… Read More

  • XLR8 to X-Tend with Brickhouse Mobile

    XLR8 to X-Tend with Brickhouse Mobile

    Content originator and distributor XLR8 Mobile has signed a multi-year deal with Brickhouse Mobile to extend XLR8’s brands. This deal will help bring original and acquired content from XLR8 to mobile phone users around the world, including such offerings as Bikini Cocktail Videos featuring “top celebrity models” providing bartending tips with what the companies call… Read More

  • Comeks Gets Funded

    Comeks Gets Funded

    The mobile user generated tool Comeks may be about to hit the big time, as the Finnish-based company just received a first round of funding from venture capital firm Accel Partners. The first Comeks product is an application that allows users to create rich visual messaging in the form of stories for mobile camera phones. This content is targeted for users between the ages of 10 and 18, and… Read More

  • Social Networking Goes Mobile

    Social Networking Goes Mobile

    Chatting it up isn’t the only way to stay social on your mobile phone. GotZapp, a mobile social networking platform from Trivantis, will let you use the Page Zapper to copy profile pages from MySpace and Facebook and send the information to a Java-enabled mobile handset. The GotZapp technology will let you import your information, including text and photos, from a variety of social… Read More

  • Metrics Show Top Mobile Domains No Surprise

    M:Metrics released a report today outlining the top mobile domains for March 2007, and they look strikingly similar to the top web domains overall. Existing brands have shown an ability to leverage high positions on the mobile web. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft are jockeying for first, second, and third. However, on mobile, Google holds a 30% lead for the month over Yahoo, compared with… Read More

  • Call of Duty Goes Mobile

    Call of Duty Goes Mobile

    One of the biggest World War II shooter franchises will soon be reporting for duty on your handset, as Activision and Glu Mobile has announced a partnership to develop an upcoming Call of Duty title for mobile phones. The series, which is known for it cinematic styled take on the Second World War, has been popular on the PC and console systems including the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will be… Read More