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  • AT&T Wireless Goes International With SMS

    AT&T Wireless Goes International With SMS

    Text messaging might just be the way to stay in touch with friends and relatives in far off lands. And while U.S. carriers have lagged behind Europe and Asia in SMS services that could be changing. Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that AT&T has announced America’s first widely available international text messaging plan. For as little as 10 cents a message users will be… Read More

  • Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

    Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

    Are things really over for Amp’d Mobile? As our sister site at TechCrunch is reporting the word is that the company has burned through $360 million in the last two years, and is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Amp’d had attempted to market mobile phones to the youth market, a sector that has plenty of options. Since in many cases it is the parents footing the bill, maybe the… Read More

  • Sony to get in on the Mobile Game

    Sony to get in on the Mobile Game

    Sony is looking for a new gaming arena it seems. While the company has dominated in the living room with the PlayStation 3, there have been struggles with the PlayStation Portable handheld system. Now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking to make a different move for the portable space, with a move into mobile games. The company has hired Balir Blugan, former THQ Wireless executive… Read More

  • Consumers not Embracing Mobile Banking

    Consumers not Embracing Mobile Banking

    Banking isn’t catching on with U.S. consumers reports PC World. Speaking at conference in Boston on Thursday Tower Group Inc. analyst Bob Egan said that the idea of doing banking on a mobile phone, whether it is moving funds or paying bills is still a novelty. Only some 400,000 people in the country, out of nearly 240 million mobile phone users, are actually doing banking on their handsets. Read More

  • iLoop Mobile and Third Screen Media Partnership

    iLoop Mobile and Third Screen Media Partnership

    Mobile innovator iLoop Mobile, a technology and services company for interactive, text-based mobile marking and content distribution, has announced a strategic partnership with Third Screen Media, provider of mobile advertising software and services. This agreement will allow marketers, content owners and enterprises using the iLoop Mobile mFinity platform to have access to Third Screen… Read More

  • E-Mail Service Providers Consider Mobile Delivery Standards

    E-Mail Service Providers Consider Mobile Delivery Standards

    E-mail standardization is an issue that still needs to be addressed reports ClickZ News today. The growth of the mobile Web, the story adds, has many implications that e-mail service providers must consider, such as how the actual e-mail appears on mobile devices. The lack of standards continues to cause problems for rendering HTML and rich media, meaning that mobile users must get readers… Read More

  • Oberon Media Buys I-Play

    Oberon Media Buys I-Play

    New York-based Oberon Media has acquired London-based mobile game provider I-Play, reports mocoNews. Details of the transaction have not been disclosed, but the deal is expected to close at the end of June. I-Play’s business model involved porting games across different handsets and carriers, and will this will likely be integrated with the Oberon’s own platform. The New York… Read More

  • AskMeNow Mobile Search for Wikipedia

    AskMeNow Mobile Search for Wikipedia

    Ask and thou shall receive, especially if the information you’re looking for happens to be on Wikipedia. AskMeNow, Inc. has announced an agreement with Wikimedia Foundation to provide mobile search for Wikipedia, the user-generated online encyclopedia. The companies have announced a preliminary agreement to introduce a natural language desktop search, and following this will also launch… Read More

  • Third Screen Cinema Looks for Mobstars

    Third Screen Cinema Looks for Mobstars

    Sure you can shoot video footage with your handset, but what are you doing with it? If you’re in South Africa, you could show your stuff as the ultimate indie filmmaker. This month a new contest is running, called Mobstars, and it is aimed at innovators in the mobile video space. Submissions can be made online, where the field will be narrowed to the 10 best mobile filmmakers, whose… Read More

  • Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

    Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

    There are already plenty of methods for getting photos off a handset and onto the Web or PC, but what if you want to go the other route? Everyone takes along a phone, plus if you have a really good photo of your kid, cat or car it’s likely to be better than what most camera phones can take. Pictavision MediaShare from Exclaim is a new handy-dandy browser plug-in application, which gives… Read More

  • First Single From New Prince Album Available From Verizon Wireless

    First Single From New Prince Album Available From Verizon Wireless

    The man in purple has announced that his first new single, “Guitar” from the upcoming “Planet Earth” album, has arrived. Fans can get the single starting today when they use Verizon Wireless’ free new V CAST Song ID to identify the single. To get the track you’ll have to download the Song ID app to a V Cast Music-enable phones, then from your PC go to… Read More

  • Read the Web

    Read the Web

    FreeRange Communications has just released FreeRanger WebReader; a new downloadable app that provides news, blogs, stock prices and other information for mobile consumption, and runs in the background, pulling down quick bites of information or full stories. Internet information is tracked and downloaded automatically for reading at a later time, so the content can be browsed even when there is… Read More

  • Earn Bucks With Your Buddies

    Earn Bucks With Your Buddies

    Remember those “save a buck or two” commercials? With MOBIVOX you won’t just save a dollar, you can actually earn bucks too. The Mobile VoIP service, which works from just about any cellular phone, is running a viral promotion where users get $1 of MOBIVOX credit for each friend they get to sign up. OK, this might not be the same thing as a dollar in your pocket, but it will… Read More

  • Ad-Funded Mobile the Future?

    Ad-Funded Mobile the Future?

    Are ads going to pay for mobile content? That’s the analysis coming from Red Orbit, which reports that the UK mobile network market has taken its first fully-fledged steps towards the ad-funded model. And other European carriers, such as Blyk, a pan-European network, will soon offer free mobile phone calls and text messaging services for free in return for accepting advertising on handsets. Read More

  • Legacy Mobile Switching Vendors Will Remain Vibrant

    Legacy Mobile Switching Vendors Will Remain Vibrant

    A new report from Visant Strategies finds that the market for legacy mobile switching vendors will remain strong, even as there is a move to I/P-based switching. The report suggests the continued deployment of CDMA EV-DO, WCDMA/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE base stations will lead to a market for all mobile network components at an ever-increasing rate. Global softswitch sales could reach more than… Read More

  • Verizon Best With Game Downloads

    Verizon Best With Game Downloads

    Who has the best mobile game load process? According to Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab the honor goes to Verizon Wireless, beating rivals AT&T/Cingular, Helio and Sprint. This new study found that Cingular — we mean AT&T – received the lowest rating in four categories including: ease of task completion, process logic, time take, and ease of task duplication. Read More

  • SEGA To Become Serious Mobile Player

    SEGA To Become Serious Mobile Player

    Sega of America has appointed former Electronic Arts veteran Linda Chaplin to lead the company’s mobile gaming expansion in North America reports GameDaily today. Sega is looking to “become a serious player” in the mobile arena in the West, as the company already has a large mobile gaming business in Japan and Korea. In the last year Sega’s console software business… Read More

  • Study Says UK Mobile Being Used in WC

    Study Says UK Mobile Being Used in WC

    Smoking might not be the only reason for long bathroom breaks in the UK. Cellular News is reporting that many Brits are using their handsets in toilets to bypass office rules on Internet usage. The nationwide study by T-Mobile found that more than one quarter of the UK’s workforce is still deprived of Web access and are turning to the Internet on their mobile phone. The study also found… Read More

  • Japanese Mobile To Add Quake Warnings

    Japanese Mobile To Add Quake Warnings

    Japan’s two biggest mobile operators, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, have announced that they are working on an advanced quake warning system reports AFP. This system would notify customers of an earthquake before it even strikes. This system is expected to go into operation within a few months, and will pass on information from the Japanese meteorological agency. No word has been announced on… Read More

  • Game Companies Come Together in the UK

    Game Companies Come Together in the UK

    Cooperation is the buzzword of the day with the UK video game industry. Mobile Entertainment is reporting that a new era of cooperation in the mobile game sector is beginning as EA, Glu Mobile, Gameloft and I-play have agreed to release individual games simultaneously across all five UK operators. The deal came together thanks to the efforts of the industry trade body the ELSPA… Read More