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  • Fake Nokia Handsets Seized in India

    It isn’t uncommon to find counterfeit goods coming out of India, but last weekend Indian policed seized fake Nokia mobile phones worth approximately $40,000. The Indian government received a tip-off from the Nokia staff, and a total of ninety handsets were found at a warehouse in the Watgunge, just outside Kolkata. The investigation suggests that the mobile handsets may have come from… Read More

  • Yodlee Announces SMS Banking Solution

    SMS can now be used for mobile banking and to make payments. Today Yodlee Inc. announced that it launched a new SMS banking capability for its Yodlee Mobile Solution. Yodlee Mobile SMS alerts can help customers avoid overdraft fees, while users can use the service to check balances, review transaction, view spending reports and even make emergency bill payments. ”It’s clear that… Read More

  • 4×4 Monster Trucks Drives to Mobile 3D Platform

    Time to put the pedal to the metal. Micazook has announced the release of 4×4 Monster Truck, which is the latest in a series of mobile game titles developed on the 3D blade engine. This game features four terrain types, along with three mission styles that let you race against the clock and other trucks. 4×4 Monster Truck is available now, and is supported on a variety of J2me… Read More

  • Blast SMS From ClearSMS

    If you have a legit reason to send out bulk SMS messages, there are a few tools you can use. One new one is ClearSMS, which will allow you to promote a new product, send out announcements to your friends and of course collaborate with employees. This service from ClearSMS is a Web-bases SMS system, and because you do need to sign up this means that we shouldn’t have to worry too much… Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mobile Network Expansion

    Massive unemployment, decades of sporadic civil war and other economic hardships aren’t enough to keep people from wanting to stay connection. Thus Zimbabwe, the landlocked southern African nation once known as Rhodesia, is looking to increase mobile subscriber capacity in the next six months. Zimbabwe’s Econet is in the process of expanding the nation’s cellular networks… Read More

  • The World (of Warcraft) Comes to Mobile

    Beginning today gamers will have the chance to keep track of their World of Warcraft characters wherever they go. GoWare has released a plug-in for the its DoMo HomePage personalized mobile portal, and it will give players of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game the ability to access and share their WoW character data from a mobile handset. With the DoMo HomePage Snapshot… Read More

  • Four Arrested in Burma for Having Illegal Mobile Phones

    In the United States we complain if we can’t bring our mobile handsets into a movie screening, and flip out when we are told we can’t use the phone in a hospital. How would we feel if our phones landed up in jail? In Myanmar – what was previously known as Burma – four people were arrested recently for simply having mobile handsets! In Myanmar, where the news and all… Read More

  • Rush to Get Chris Tucker Mouth Off

    Time to “rush” out and get Chris Tucker mouthing off, as only Chris Tucker can of course. In anticipation of the August 10 release of Rush Hour 3, is releasing “truetone” ringers that are recorded lines form the movie. These are available now for download for nearly all U.S. mobile handsets. And if that’s not enough for you Chris Tucker fans, you… Read More

  • IDC: Mobile Phones Shipments Are Slowing

    This happens with just about every type of consumer electronics products: sales start out brisk, pick up as demand increases and then slow as the market saturates. Of course some companies probably never expect the gravy train to stop running, but it always does. So it comes as no surprise that mobile phone sales are starting to slow a bit. Research firm IDC is reporting this week that… Read More

  • Mobile Tour Guide

    Having been in Europe last month with my family I noticed that most visitors carried tour books. For decades these have been the handy-dandy way to get information, maps, directions and other factoids. But Allovisit, a Web travel guide Web site, thinks that is so 20th century. This service is offering tour information via a mobile handset, with versions in English and French for all the… Read More

  • Amp’d Get 25 Percent Stake in Prexar

    It is almost a done deal. Prexar Mobile will buy Amp’d Mobile, and in exchange the bankrupt MVNO will get a 25 percent stake in Prexar. A Delaware judge has approved United Systems Access (serving under PrexarMobile brand name) purchase of the Amp’d Mobile customers. As part of the cash and stock return Amp’d will be paid based on many of its many of its customers make… Read More

  • Bourne’s Mobile Conspiracy

    While many of Robert Ludlum’s best-selling novels about secret agent Jason Bourne were written before widespread adoption of mobile phones, the movie adaptations often have the spy who can’t remember his past relying heavily on his mobile. So it is fitting that now fans of the series can get in on the action with their handsets as well. Vivendi Games Mobile announced that The… Read More

  • Sky Sports Delivers Football to Mobile

    In Europe they take football – what we Americans know as soccer – as seriously as many Americans take football – what we Americans call football. So when U.K. satellite service Sky Sports announced that it plans to offer all of its 92 Barclays Premier League matches on mobile this is big news indeed! Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 will be available via the Sky Mobile TV series as… Read More

  • Windows Media for iPhone from Glide Mobile

    Despite all the hype a few things have been missing from the iPhone… notably some support for Windows Media formats, but this week Glide Mobile announced that it would now offer new format support the iPhone including Windows Media Video and Audio. Among the formats supported for the iPhone: wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .divx, .mov, .mp4 and .3gp. Glide supported audio formats for the iPhone… Read More

  • Google Phone Rumors Increase

    Well the genie is pretty much out of the bottle, the cat is out of the bag and the news about a Google mobile phone is all but confirmed. But despite the recent story in the Wall Street Journal we still have no solid confirmation. Of course this is just a replay of January when the Apple iPhone was all but released. What does this mean about the way secrets are kept? It is a good thing the boys… Read More

  • London Olympics May Feature Open Wireless Games

    Will the London 2012 Olympics embrace the mobile media? Could be. While many sporting organizations have banned use of mobile and digital reporting from venues – notably major rugby, football and cricket matches – the Olympics could be the turning point. So will the Olympics allow real time blogging and reporting via mobile? We reported recently that the Chinese officials are… Read More

  • Samsung Mobile Closing in on the Top

    This week Strategy Analytics reported that the Samsung overtook Motorola for the first time to become the world’s second largest handset vendor. Sales for the global mobile shipments also grew a modest 11 percent from year-over-year and reached 258 million units in Q2 2007. “Total global cell phone shipments have continued to slow down this year, but Samsung is speeding up,”… Read More

  • First Live Mobile Generated Artwork Collective Launched

    Imagine cellular phones serving as a digital canvas. That was how last week’s event in New York City has been described., an online mobile entertainment portal, conducted the first mobile generated live group blog in partnership with Betty K Mix Studio, a fusion painting workship, which gathered 24 painters from all over the world.’s Fusion Art channel… Read More

  • Hudson Entertainment Makes a Big Blast

    Today Hudson Entertainment announced that Gravity Blast will be available for all major BREW and Java handsets. Based on the space arcade game you’ll be tasked with repelling an alien invasion. “Mobile gaming fans are looking for new gaming experiences, not just sequel after sequel, and we are pleased to showcase a game like Gravity Blast,” said John Lee, Vice President of… Read More

  • SMS Forum Disbands

    This week the SMS Forum, a non-profit organization devoted to the developing and promoting SMS to benefit the wireless industry, announced it will be disbanding. The group will take down its Web site by the end of this year. Originally founded as the Short Message Peer to Peer Forum, the group changed to SMS Forum and had been going strong sine 2001. Since its founding, the SMS Forum… Read More