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  • T-Mobile announces 8 new 3G markets

    If you happen to be a T-Mobile subscriber who lives in one of the 8 newly announced markets, get excited! 3G is coming to town! As you can see above, 3G network access is rolling out in Columbia, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, N.C.; Greenville, S.C.; and Escondido and Oceanside, CA. Better late than never, we say. Read More

  • Jabra wants you to be excited about their Stone headset

    Unless it’s expensive or otherwise unique, it’s tough to get people pumped about Bluetooth headsets. We get press releases for at least 3 of them a day – all of them more or less the same. Looking to generate a bit of hype around their new and as-of-yet unannounced “Stone” headset, Jabra is going with the ol’ mystery-and-intrigue routine. They’ve got a… Read More

  • South Korea issues exemption, gets iPhone in return

    In the same way that the FCC acts as the Black Gate of Mordor for US-bound mobile devices, the South Koreans have their own Hobbit-deterrent regulatory body to oversee mobile communications and devices, the KCC. As luck would have it, the orcs kind folks working at the KCC have had a change of heart regarding Apple’s darling. Read More

  • Rumor: LG VX8575 coming October 18th?

    We’ve got a pretty good idea of what we should expect of LG’s upcoming Chocolate Touch, the VX8575 – at least, we’ve got a better idea than we did a week ago. We know to expect a 3.5mm jack, 3″ touchscreen, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. We (sadly) know that it won’t look like the yardstick-esque LG BL40. Pretty much the only things we don’t know are… Read More

  • HTC: Only Android phones will rock the chin.

    Oh, the infamous chin of many HTC Android phones – how controversial it is. At least, it’s about as controversial as things get in the geeky little world of the phone-obsessed. Done one way (as with the G1), it finds itself on the wrong end of an endless train of mockery. Done almost identically on another, generally more appealing handset, and people like it so much that more… Read More

  • Microsoft threatens 30 million WinMo 6.5 devices by 2010

    Like it or not, Windows Mobile is a predominant mobile OS. It rules the roost, along with Symbian, and although Android will shortly beat its butt – I’d expect it to reach parity in about 2012 – we’re still going to have to live with up to 30 million WinMo 6.5 devices by the end of the year. Read More

  • Two Non-Fat, No-Whip Starbucks Apps, Coming Right Up.

    Now that Starbucks has at least one store on every corner, where are they to go? To the iPhone, of course. In true Starbucks fashion, they’re not rolling out just one app – oh, no! They’ve got two apps. Next thing you know, there will be a Starbucks app within your Starbucks app, fighting tooth and nail to bring in more than the Starbucks app across the street. The first… Read More

  • How should Net Neutrality affect the mobile Internet?

    The Big Deal yesterday was the FCC’s announcement of two additional proposals to its enforcement of Net Neutrality: non-discrimination (ISPs can’t play favorites when it comes to network traffic), and transparent management (ISPs should be upfront with their network management practices, like blocking BitTorrent during peak hours). That’s all well and good—I… Read More

  • Sprint goes full bore with Android dev support

    Motorola’s been at it for a while now with their Android developer resources, but with Sprint poised to launch what is undoubtedly one of the most impressive Android phones to date, they’re jumping on the support bandwagon pretty hard. Sprint has announced today that they’re rolling out the red carpet for Android devs looking to do some good with the Hero. Alright, granted… Read More

  • Intel announces Moblin 2.1

    So, you read that headline. First word: Intel. Got it. Second word: announces. Easy. Third word? Moblin. “What the hell is a Moblin?”, you wonder. We feel your pain. All the jargon, all the model numbers – it gets tough to handle. So, here’s a recap: a Moblin is a bulldog-esque enemy from the early Zelda games. Surprised that Intel would have anything to do with such… Read More

  • FCC approves Android-packin' Samsung InstinctQ

    Great news, fandroids! The one and only FCC has just approved Sprint’s (rumored) second foray into Android – the Samsung InstinctQ. Read More