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  • GrandCentral Guide

    GrandCentral Guide

    TechCrunch has had running coverage of telephone management startup GrandCentral since their debut in September of last year. MobileCrunch covered the release of their mobile client recently. Today they’ve come out with a useful guide to the service. Here’s our summary: GrandCentral is telephone management service that connects all your phones and adds some new features. To add… Read More

  • Facebook To Add Mobile Video Uploads

    Facebook To Add Mobile Video Uploads

    Lots of news this week from the Facebook front, including a post over at mocoNews that the social networking site has announced Facebook Platform. This app should allow third-party development of applications with Facebook, including Video. This will let users share personal videos between friends within the site, well also now allowing the creation and sending of video messages to and from… Read More

  • Vivendi to Launch European Mobile Entertainment Portal

    Vivendi to Launch European Mobile Entertainment Portal

    French multimedia giant Vivendi could soon be launching a multimedia Web site for the third screen, reports Les Echos. The company has set up a new unit, Vivendi Mobile Entertainment with the goal of developing this new portal, which is being compared to Myspace or YouTube, and will offer music, video, film and game content from Vivendi and other partners. The service will be a paid site, and… Read More

  • Google Calendar Goes Mobile

    Google Calendar Goes Mobile

    Need to check your calendar on the go? Well if you use Google Calendar you’ll be able to check on your events and maintain your schedule from your mobile handset via WAP. The good folks at the Google Calendar team have realized that more people have mobile phones than computers, and now you can visit from your phone to get see what you have planned. It works just like… Read More

  • Reminder Via Twitter

    Reminder Via Twitter

    “What was it I suppose to remember to do?” If I had Twitter I probably wouldn’t be forgetting right now. I could use the Twitter bot, which they’re calling “timer” to send me a reminder. The way this works is that you send a message and you’ll be send a reminder at the time you desire. This uses SMS to remind you of important upcoming events, such… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Helps For Safe Travel

    Verizon Wireless Helps For Safe Travel

    Verizon Wireless is offering some aid to travelers this summer. Verizon is offering several add-on options to ease your summer travel plans when you hit the road, including the VZ Navigator, a GPS-enabled Get It Now app that transforms the handset into a navigation device. VZ Navigator is available for $9.99 for unlimited monthly access or $2.99 for one-day use on select Get It Not-enabled phones. Read More

  • Sign Up to Receive Free Wireless AMBER Alerts

    Sign Up to Receive Free Wireless AMBER Alerts

    This Friday, May 25, is National Missing Children’s Day, and the wireless industry, in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the U.S. Department of Justice, is reminding consumers of the role that they can help play to aid in the recovery of abducted children, by signing up to receive free Wireless AMBER Alerts. Any wireless subscriber capable… Read More

  • Measuring of Mobile TV Viewing

    Measuring of Mobile TV Viewing

    So how many eyeballs are actually tuning in to the TV on their mobile devices? Rentrak has signed a deal with mobile TV provider Hiwire to find out reports mocoNews. According today’s post, Rentrak, a company that specializes in measuring TV viewing, will provide Hiwire with figures on just how many viewers of video programming and of video ads there are on mobile handsets today. Hiwire is… Read More

  • Napster and Motorola Enter Agreement

    Napster and Motorola Enter Agreement

    Are we seeing an effort from Motorola to take on the upcoming iPhone? The Napster on demand music subscription service will soon be heading to mobile phones according to The site is reporting that Napster and Motorola have announced a marketing agreement that will provide easy access to Napster’s music library and other content through Motorola’s line of… Read More

  • Mobile Web Could See Better Pricing

    Mobile Web Could See Better Pricing

    Advertising dollars aren’t flowing on the mobile Web in a significant way reports ClickZ News. And the reason could be the barriers put in place by US carriers. This was one of the opinions stressed at this week’s “Goin’ Mobile,” a Yahoo Summit Series event held in New York. European service provider Vodafone is embracing a “de-walled” strategy, and… Read More

  • Regional Cell Phone Buyouts Coming Soon?

    Regional Cell Phone Buyouts Coming Soon?

    Will mid-sized rural carriers be on the block for sale? That’s the speculation after the $27.5 billion acquisition of Alltel Corp., the fifth largest wireless provider in the United States, by two private equity firms. Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that this buyout is giving rise to speculation that other regional mobile carriers could be bought up as well. The… Read More

  • Sony’s PSP to become a Mobile Phone

    Sony’s PSP to become a Mobile Phone

    The Sony PlayStation Portable is a good gaming system, but it could soon be a mobile phone. Just don’t plan on making calls stateside. As our sister site at Crunchgear is reporting, the PSP could become a mobile phone in the UK. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has teamed up with British Telecom to transform the PSP into a mobile communications device. Under this deal users will be… Read More

  • ClairMail to Power Stockton Mobile Banking

    ClairMail to Power Stockton Mobile Banking

    California’s oldest bank operating under its original charter is also a leader in banking technology innovation. The Bank of Stockton has announced that it will work with ClairMail, Inc., a provider of 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction. Customers of the Bank of Stockton will be able to use their mobile phones to check balances, view account history and even conduct… Read More

  • London Calling (or anywhere else) On the Cheap

    London Calling (or anywhere else) On the Cheap

    Calling London or just about anywhere else internationally has always been pretty expensive. VoIP services, including Skype, have helped ease the pain of those massive ultra-long distance bills, but this just meant you were tethered to a computer. EQO Mobile could be the answer to affordable international long distance. This new service promises to reduce the costs of international calls by up… Read More

  • Mobile Search Tool

    Mobile Search Tool

    Have you found a mobile-friendly site that you’d like to share with others? One site that will let you find new sites is, a user driven Web site that lets you submit, rate and even discover Web pages that are formatted for viewing on cellular phones and PDAs. The site also offers a preview window that displays what a site will look on the mobile device. Users can create… Read More

  • Mobixie App for User-Generated Content

    Mobixie App for User-Generated Content

    Israeli developer Mobixie has introduced a new java mobile application that will provide users with access to a large library of user-generated content for games, videos, ringtones, screensavers and graphics. You can share content with friends and upload your own content to private and public storage spaces. The Moxbixie app is free, and features a PC-styled graphical interface that is… Read More

  • Pandora WiFi Player Coming

    Pandora WiFi Player Coming

    Pandora went mobile last night, and in another announcement, released a new WiFi device produced by the same guys that brought us Yahoo’s WiFi music player, SanDisk. As TechCrunch reports, CTO Tom Conrad demoed a prototype of device pictured below. There’s a lot up in the air about the details of the player. Will it have a hard drive? How much will it cost? When will it be released? Read More

  • Pandora Goes Mobile

    Pandora Goes Mobile

    At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Pandora has just announced their new mobile client for Sprint phones. TechCrunch has more details on the announcement. The client will let Sprint customers stream their Pandora radio stations to their phones. For the next 30 days the client will be free by going to on your mobile phone. After that, you will need a Pandora premium… Read More

  • V CAST Names that Tune

    V CAST Names that Tune

    What do you do when you hear a song you like, but have no idea who it is by? Well, the old school way was to sing it at the record store, but that is as sorry as trying out for American Idol. In the 21st century you have ways to name that tune without having to belt into song. The Verizon Wireless V CAST Song ID will allow you hear a song, hold the phone toward the music and then capture a… Read More

  • Jamba Gets A (Artificial) Life

    Jamba Gets A (Artificial) Life

    Award-winning mobile 3G technology and applications provider Artificial Life has formed a partnership with Jamba. This will make the Hong Kong based Artificial Life branded games available to Jamba and Jamster users in North America, South America and Europe. Among the first titles to arrive from the Far East will be V-Girl and V-Boyfriend. Artificial Life, Inc. Cooperates With Jamba/Jamster… Read More