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  • BSQUARE reportedly porting Flash technology to Android devices

    Let’s be honest. When companies talk about providing “complete” Internet access on their mobile devices, they are really only speaking a half-truth. That is, at least until Adobe Flash comes to mobile browsers. Love it or hate it, Flash has become an integral website component, be it for video playback, games, or interactive animations. Its absence is very noticeable… Read More

  • to charge for streaming, cuts off third-party mobile streaming apps

    And so it goes., which just went to a pay-to-play model, is shutting down mobile streaming due to “licensing agreements.” This means unofficial scrobbling and streaming apps will now be verboten – although for how long and to what degree are not clear. The service will now cost 3 euros per month to users outside of the UK, US, and Germany and current… Read More

  • Sprint rolling out Clearwire slowly but surely

    DSLReports is reporting (HA!) that Sprint’s 4G WiMax service, called Clearwire, to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Honolulu, Vegas, Philly, Portland and Seattle this year. Then, in 2010, expect Boston, Houston, NY, SF, and DC. Chicago is currently live but you cannot purchase subscriptions in that market. Read More

  • Palringo IM released for Android

    Uh oh, Meebo – it looks like you might finally have some decent competition in the Android IM client space. Palringo, makers of the iPhone IM client of the same name, has released the first beta of their Android port. Like the iPhone application, Palringo for Android supports MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, Jabber, Gtalk, Gadu-Gadu and Facebook chat. It’ll also allow you to send picture… Read More

  • What, if anything, can be done to stop ‘sexting’?

    There’s a rather sad story out of Cincinnati where a high school girl hanged herself because a nude photo she sent to her boyfriend via cellphone ended up spreading around the school, if not the town itself. It’s called “sexting,” and it’s apparently a big deal on high school campuses. And because of this legitimate tragedy‐why on Earth would kids tease… Read More

  • iPhone Makes Up 50 Percent of Smartphone Web Traffic In U.S., Android Already 5 Percent

    The iPhone now accounts for 50 percent of mobile Web traffic from smartphones in the U.S., according to an AdMob Mobile Metrics report released this morning. Over the past six months, the iPhone has taken share from Blackberry and Windows Mobile. In August 2008, the iPhone made up only 10 percent of mobile Web traffic from smartphones. During the same time, Blackberry’s share has… Read More

  • Balloonimals iPhone app, you know, for kids

    OK, it’s a pretty lame app, but I’m sure your kids will love it. Grab it off iTunes here if you’re interested. There’s one more video after the jump. Read More

  • Find Love On Your iPhone With

    Online dating site is releasing a native iPhone application for its 15 million members to date on the go. The app allows users to edit their profile, upload photos, and even has an opt-in to a location based feature that allows them to see singles in their area. The last feature seems to be the most innovative one – there is definitely a market for location based dating on… Read More

  • Gaming service nixed for Nokia's N73

    Although Nokia had previously promised to bring its gaming service to the firm’s hot N73 (they’ve sold roughly 20 million of these badboys), as of today, all bets are off. Citing the phone’s “limited computing power,” Nokia has decided to pull the gaming plug on the N73 before someone gets terribly hurt disappointed. Now back to your regularly scheduled mobile… Read More

  • Motorola kills the Alexander

    Immediately after the Motorola Alexander took its first steps into the internet’s oh-so-harsh light, things looked bleak. Purported to be Moto’s “last stand” in the mobile hardware biz, folks were expecting it to be some valiant effort to change the world (or at least the world’s opinion of Motorola’s post-RAZR handset lineup); instead, it ended up being… Read More

  • Video: Where baby Nokia 7205 Intrigues come from

    When a Nokia 7205 with a silver keyboard and a Nokia 7205 with a pink keyboard love each other veeeeerry much, they … dance. Then they spin around while showing off their features. It’s an odd mating ritual, but it’s about as sensual as phones can get without, you know, goodie bits. We’re not sure if this video is headed for the airwaves any time soon, as it was sent to… Read More

  • 3rd generation iPhone details trickle out

    Let us all for a moment believe that last week’s rumor of new iPhone hardware is true. With that in mind, let’s all settle in for the latest batch of rumors regarding the new hotness from Apple according to the Boy Genius. BGR’s sources within AT&T have revealed a slew of tasty morsels about the upcoming handset announcement. Read More

  • Verizon and Nokia launch the 7205 Intrigue

    The only Nokia handsets Verizon ever picks up are the flip phones, and now they’ve got a new one on top of the chain: the Nokia 7205 Intrigue. It’s your basic flip at its core, but they’ve wrapped it up in an ultra-slick shell and tossed in a new “Habitat Mode” screen. On this new Verizon-exclusive screen, “contacts are presented in chronological order… Read More

  • Better luck next time: Dell goes back to the (smartphone) drawing board

    Attention-grabbing rumors of a Dell smartphone began to surface this past January, and then again in February. Now, more than 2 months since the web-wide guessing game first began, there is fresh speculation regarding Dell’s secret handset. Read More

  • Sparkle: The iPhone Gets Its First Virtual World (And It's Completely 3D)

    The number of apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch is nearing the 30,000 mark but hardly any application takes advantage of the network effects that lie within the Apple ecosystem. Most developers simply ignore the fact that all iPhones and iPod Touches are interconnected globally and roll out stand-alone applications. This is one of the major reasons why the vast majority of fun apps lack… Read More

  • Palm: yeah, so we lost $100m – who cares, here comes the Pre!

    Palm’s third quarter earnings have been reported, and they’re as bad as anyone might have expected. But with the Pre just around the corner and everything on track, according to CEO Ed Collligan, nobody should be worrying about that. It’s a fair assessment, really: it’s like a boxing match where you know your fighter’s got a win in him. He’s battered… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone with video recording coming later this year?

    Disappointed that the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement didn’t bring video recording? Sure – you’re not alone. With jailbreak-only applications like Cycorder having been recording videos for months now, many iPhone users are having a hard time understanding why Apple has yet to make it official – or why they haven’t allowed video recording applications in the App… Read More

  • Review: Locavore for the iPhone

    The term Locavore is one that I’m not very familiar with – and to be honest, I was under the impression that throwing out a blanket term like “eating organic” was good enough. The whole organic movement hit the mainstream as I was making an exodus from the west coast, so concrete and constant car honking have muddled my green/hippie roots. The thought of going to a… Read More

  • Photobucket teams up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile apps

    Understatement of the day: Apps are in. Having already released an iPhone app, it should come as no surprise that Photobucket has teamed up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile Photobucket apps for select T-Mo handsets and Danger’s Sidekick. Read More

  • Sekai Camera: Mobile social tagging is coming to Android phones, too

    Does Android dream of Sekai Camera? The answer is yes. The augmented reality app, which was unveiled for the first time during TechCrunch 50 last September, isn’t iPhone-only anymore. Sekai Camera is supposed to make it possible for phone users to tag objects and locations in the real world by using their camera phones. Read More