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  • Sprint Launches loopt, First Social Mapping Service

    Sprint Launches loopt, First Social Mapping Service

    Are your friends avoiding you? Are they really getting together without you? Well, Sprint probably didn’t have tracking in mind when they announced loopt, but this first-ever social mapping service on a major U.S. carrier will help you know if you’re being given the brush-off. More importantly it will help make sure you don’t miss your friends, as the service uses GPS… Read More

  • T-Mobile Tour Woes Continue

    T-Mobile Tour Woes Continue

    OK, this isn’t a sports blog, but we are following the Tour de France over at MobileCrunch, and since T-Mobile has a team this is worth reporting. The team’s smiles (right) have all but disappeared as yet another of their riders has taken a spill. Today during the ninth stage German rider Marcus Burghardt has crashed after hitting a Labrador as it crossed the road about 50km after… Read More

  • EU to Announce Standard for Mobile TV

    EU to Announce Standard for Mobile TV

    One of the upsides for bringing all the nations of Europe under a single banner is that we’ve managed to see a (mostly) continental-wide currency, easier access between countries and more consistent standards when it comes to technology. OK, there are some holdouts, and a few nations that like to do their own thing (don’t change U.K., we love you just the way you are). Read More

  • Google From Your Handset

    Google From Your Handset

    The big G has dominated search from the desktop, and now Google Inc. is developing a new search service for mobile phones. The Wall Street Journal Online is reporting today that this service is being developed to help users find and buy ringtones, games and other mobile content. And while Google already offers mobile users a version of their search engine, the company has its sights on becoming… Read More

  • CTIA – The Wireless Association Letter to FCC

    CTIA – The Wireless Association Letter to FCC

    Yesterday the CTIA – The Wireless Association, sent a letter to the FCC. This letter, which was signed by approximately 139 small and regional wireless operators, expresses the wireless operators’ opinions on the open access conditions that the FCC is considering in its 700MHz service rules. Read More

  • Field Service Mobile Survey

    Field Service Mobile Survey

    Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks company, is conducting a survey of field service organizations and how they address work-order management, scheduling, service call management and other critical service elements. Aberdeen will provide a complimentary copy of the full report, which it charges $399 for otherwise, to respondents to the survey. The study’s goal is to: Benchmark your… Read More

  • MobiCart Plug-In Enables Mobilization of Web Sites

    MobiCart Plug-In Enables Mobilization of Web Sites

    Web sites can now “mobilize” to be compatible with mobile handsets. This week GoLive! Mobile, a provider of mobile content delivery and billing solutions announced the launch of the MobiCart Web site plug-in. This can be used to enable traditional Web or WAP with the sale and distribution of mobile content. This turnkey solution plug-in allows content providers to enhance existing… Read More

  • WipBox Adds Localized Mobile Search

    WipBox Adds Localized Mobile Search

    If you’re selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist a lot chances are you might have already heard of WipBox. This start-up, which works with DataUnison to access information for its users, is now going mobile, and will allow users to text “WipGBox” along with an item’s name and their zip code to 44636. This will in turn provide an average and high prices for items in their… Read More

  • Mobile Animal Companion Guide

    Mobile Animal Companion Guide

    If you’re out for a walk with Rover dog, do you know where you can stop and get a bite to eat without leaving him on the curb? What if you’re planning to take your kitty on the plane to go visit relatives, what does your airline allow when it comes to your furry friend? go2 Wireless, the publisher of sites like go2 Movies, go2 Dining, go2 Golf, and go2 Travel created go2 Pets for… Read More

  • Send Your Photos in for Processing… from your Phone!

    Send Your Photos in for Processing… from your Phone!

    In the old days you’d drop off that roll of film at the drugstore, or PhotoMat, for developing. Today you can still have your photos processed, but the difference is that you’ll just simply send them via your mobile phone. Pictavision Teleprints is a new camera phone tool from Exclaim Wireless that allows users to send pictures taken with a digital camera phone directly to any of… Read More

  • Motorola Road Trips

    Motorola Road Trips

    The days of Jack Kerouac and his book “On the Road” didn’t say anything about mobile phones. But welcome to the 21st century, where the idea of not getting SMS is about as close to roughing it as many of us would like to get. But this week Motorola has launched Motorola Road Trips, and interactive Web site that can help users maximize the use of their mobile phone features… Read More

  • Indonesian Mobile TV Based on DMB Technology

    Indonesian Mobile TV Based on DMB Technology

    Handset users in Indonesia will get their mobile TV on the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) technology. This same broadcast technology is used for transmitting digital TV to mobile handset users in Japan and Korea, and today Indonesia’s PT Agis announced that it has formed a partnership with IPTV systems integrator Broadband Network Systems (BNS) and Toshiba. Together the… Read More

  • Koreans Make the Best Entertainment Phones

    Koreans Make the Best Entertainment Phones

    A new report on mobile entertainment devices suggests that LG and Samsung make the best entertainment phones in the United States. This report by Parks Associates has the Korean powerhouses out on top, with 12 percent of LG owners and 11 percent of Samsung owners reported to having mobile TV features, while Motorola came out at eight percent and Nokia zero percent. To date Nokia… Read More

  • Vodafone to Buy Verizon?

    Vodafone to Buy Verizon?

    Is there going to be a merger of the big V’s? That is the rumor circulating the Web. As our sister site CrunchGear posted, Vodafone has expressed interested in Verizon Communications. The two companies are already partners, but a merger could be a truly massive mobile phone giant. And as Vodafone’s 3G network is dominant in the U.K. and Verizon has their own “Most… Read More

  • Open C Challenge to Mobile App Developers

    Open C Challenge to Mobile App Developers

    Today Nokia announced the first “Open C Challenge,” a global contest for mobile app development for the S60 on Symbian OS smartphones. This contest was started to encourage open source and freeware developers to use the Open C environment from Nokia. Cash prices for the contest total more than $20,000. “Nokia’s global invitation to millions of developers to take the Open… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel $1million Prize

    Sprint Nextel $1million Prize

    Race fans start your engines, and your mobile phones. Yesterday Sprint Nextel launched the SprintSpeed Million presented by Motorola. But you don’t need to be in the race to win the $1million price. This promotion will give on fan a million dollars! “We are always looking for ways to get fans closer to the sport,” said Dean Kessel, director of NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series… Read More

  • War over Airwaves: AT&T Vs. FCC and Google

    War over Airwaves: AT&T Vs. FCC and Google

    Today the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that an all-out war could break out between some of the largest telecommunications companies and biggest technology brands over the mobile Internet. And the battleground could become the airwaves that are currently used to broadcast UHF television channels. So why is this suddenly happening? Well, if you’ve been following what’s… Read More

  • Mobile Hang Ups Down Under

    Mobile Hang Ups Down Under

    A new study suggests that Australian mobile phone users have hang ups, and this isn’t just a disconnect either. This first in its kind study, led by a team of professors from around Australia, suggests that users just feel comfortable carrying their mobile handsets, even if they don’t use them. Additional findings suggest that Australians feel they work harder because they can… Read More

  • T-Mobile Riders Out of the Tour

    T-Mobile Riders Out of the Tour

    From Eurosport comes a bit of mobile-related news. It has been a sad day for the T-Mobile sponsored pro-cycling team. German Patnik Sinkewitz has pulled out of the Tour de France after a collision with a spectator. The grueling month long race, which began in London just over a week ago before heading to France, has few barriers to keep fans away, but ironically this accident occurred… Read More

  • SANYO Introduces Katana DLX

    SANYO Introduces Katana DLX

    Today SANYO unveiled the Sprint Power Vision KATANA DLX, which operates on the Spting Mobile Broadband network. The phone provides easy access to Sprint’s multimedia content including the Sprint Mobile Store, which allows over-the-air song downloads for 99 cents with the Power Vision data pack. The Katana DLX features a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a microSD card slot with support for up… Read More