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  • Review: Nokia N85

    Somewhere out there there is someone lusting after the N85. For some reason the rest of the world loves these lumpen little phones. Perhaps the Nokia N-series calls up memories of the old phones that we once clung to in the dark ages of cellular communication. The Nokia is the ur-phone, the manufacturer of dreams, the Campbellian original Hero With a Thousand Faces. It can do anything… Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo pulls BlackBerry Bold

    Well, well, well. Yesterday I mentioned that Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo had begun selling the BlackBerry Bold last week and today there are reports that they’ve pulled the device due to overheating. Approximately 4,000 Bolds have been sold with 30 reports of the keyboard area getting a little too hot while it’s being charged. RIM doesn’t think it’s a battery issue, but… Read More

  • IM Wars: AIM for iPhone grows up, gets paid version

    While there may still be a lot of confusion surrounding the future of AOL, that didn’t stop the folks in Northern Virginia from recently overhauling their popular AIM instant messaging app for iPhone (and iPod touch). Available in two tasty flavors, free (“AIM Free”) and paid (“AIM Paid”), AIM 2.0 for iPhone now provides SMS notifications, has location-aware… Read More

  • Dysentery in motion: Oregon Trail for iPhone gets a trailer We got a big fuzzy feeling when we first saw stills of the Oregon Trail port coming to the iPhone, so seeing it in smooth, buttery action is like being hugged by the physical embodiment of pure nostalgia and happiness. It looks like they’ve captured the original spirit of the game pretty well, building up the foundation rather than… Read More

  • Google blocks unlocked G1s from downloading for-pay applications, upsets developers

    Looks like Google is now preventing anyone with an unlocked G1 from downloading for-pay applications from the Android Market. Google says this is to prevent piracy (but only in the most abstract sense, in my [worthless] opinion), but some developers don’t like the idea. Welcome to the Situation Room, I’m Wolf Blitzer. Read More

  • Video: Windows CE and Android running simultaneously on a Nokia N800

    What’s this? Windows CE and Android running on the same device? Is the universe collapsing into a black hole? Oh noes! Read More

  • Japan gets a quad-band BlackBerry Bold

    Guess what fellow T-Mobile subscribers?! Japanese DoCoMo subscribers just got themselves a quad-band BlackBerry Bold. Sure, we’ve got ourselves UMA on the 8900, but who needs 3G speeds when Wi-Fi is readily available EVERYWHERE. RIM,
    Thanks, jerks. T-Mobile,
    You better have something in the pipe. RIM Japan via BGR Read More

  • Verizon Wireless announces the versatile LG Versa

    I guess Versa stands for versatility since the latest LG phone has an attachable QWERTY keyboard. So clever Verizon and LG are. Today, VZW announced that the touchscreen LG Versa would be available on March 1. This, too, has the fancy new 3D interface, but the most exciting feature is the detachable keyboard. The 3-inch screen is nice, I guess. But is it plastic or glass? Probably plastic. It… Read More

  • Nokia thinking about dabbling in the laptop biz

    Earlier this morning on Finland’s YLE (think BBC, but Finnish), Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo was asked if the company had plans to expand into the laptop market. Sure enough, his response: “We are looking very actively also at this opportunity.” Yeah. Weird, right? Nokia, making laptops? It seemed strange to us at first, too. Then we thought about it a bit more – and… Read More

  • Top 10 Most "Popular" U.S. mobile phones in Dec. 2008

    Disclaimer: The following information is based on “popularity,” as in not cold hard sales stats since that info is not made available by either mobile carriers or manufacturers (and therefore, the rankings below are subjective). The ranking information (below) is provided by AvianResearch L.L.C. and is culled from its Monthly Retail Store Survey where it surveys 100 service reps… Read More

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic finds its way to North America

    It’s been a long time since we saw the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic sneak into 10 seconds of The Dark Knight. At long last, Morgan Freeman isn’t the only North American who can get one. As expected, the North American model (with the proper 3G bands, of course) of Nokia’s first touchscreen has hit US soil. While it’ll likely trickle out to other retailers in the coming… Read More

  • Why the AT&T Quickfire got knicked: People weren't plugging it in correctly

    A few days ago, we found out that AT&T had decided to pull all of their Sidekicktastic Quickfire units from the shelves, citing a failure to meet “performance expectations” as the sole (and rather ambiguous) reason. While we’d gone ahead and assumed they’d come to the shocking revelation that the Quickfire was painted with pure lead or the radiation levels were… Read More

  • Review: Samsung Memoir for T-Mobile – Not dumb, but not quite smart enough.

    At long last, one of the many 8-megapixel cameras to be announced in the past few months has made its way to a US carrier. But megapixel count isn’t all that matters here by a long shot – does the $249 Memoir carry itself well enough across the board to come at such a price? And, as I’d imagine most people reading this review are wondering: can it replace my traditional… Read More

  • Details on the Sidekick 2009's camera revealed

    Details and specs on the Sidekick 2009 are slowly emerging and today we’ve got some info on the camera. It’s getting a bump up to 3.2-megapixels for a max resolution of 2038×1536. Danger and Sharp (assuming they’ll manufacture the 2009) have finally included a flash. Direct uploading to MySpace, Photobucket (What about Flickr?) and YouTube have been enabled and video… Read More

  • Gresso Skeleton Gold costs $4,400 ridiculous dollars

    Hah! And we thought the LG watch phone was expensive at the paltry price of $1,400. Showing how absurd pricing should really be done, Gresso has announced the Skeleton Gold, a sub-par spec’d candybar they’re looking to peddle for a cool $4,400. Read More

  • Party like its 1992 (by installing Win 3.1 on your Nokia N95)!

    One thousand nine hundred ninety-two – what a year: Bush, Sr. booted in the Japanese Prime Minister’s lap; Boris Yeltsin announced that Russia would no longer (publicly) target the United States with nuclear weapons; the Washington Redskins (Go Hogs!) beat the sad Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI;  Microsoft released Windows 3.1, complete with Minesweeper; EuroDisney opened in… Read More

  • Rumor: I won't be able to afford the LG watch phone.

    (This is the picture we use when we talk about the LG watch phone, because LG staffers made things difficult.) Would you want a watch phone? Of course you would. It’s a little tiny wrist worn box of the future. It’s a childhood sci-fi idea made real. Oh, but do you have over $1,400 bucks to drop on one? Anyone? Hello? Read More

  • Samsung Armani Winmo 6.5 device coming this fall?

    Samsung wants to make waves in the high-end mobile market that’s filled with dreams of extreme mark-up and high profits. Burried deep in an interview with the president of Samsung Electronics’ Taiwin, there is a brief mention of a Giorgio Armani phone powered by Windows Mobile which is enough to get our imagination crank’n. Read More

  • AT&T douses the Quickfire

    Photo on screen by Emrank We didn’t like the AT&T Quickfire when we first saw it, and we didn’t really like it once we’d given it a full review, either. Turns out, AT&T doesn’t like it too much, either. We’re not sure if some horrible flaw was discovered or if they’re just not selling well enough, but AT&T has killed the product indefinitely… Read More

  • HTC uses Twitter to confirm Touch Pro2 coming to North America

    Last time HTC used Twitter to confirm something, it was to let everyone know that the HTC Touch HD wouldn’t be coming stateside. This time, they bring good news! Read More