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  • Nokia Claims Qualcomm Patents Paid in Full

    Court papers filed by Nokia claim Nokia has paid Qualcomm around $1 billion over 15 years to gain access to the chip maker’s early mobile technology patents. The papers, filed in a Delaware court, say the patents are now paid up and royalty-free, according to the terms of 1992 and 2001 agreements with Qualcomm. A technology license pact expired on April 9, 2007, and the two companies… Read More

  • Apple’s iPhone SDK Downloaded 100,000 Times

    Software developers have downloaded the iPhone software development kit (SDK) 100,000 times since it was made available last week. “Developer reaction to the iPhone SDK has been incredible,” said Philp Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing. Schiller said a million people watched the video of last week’s SDK launch, which demonstrates… Read More

  • VoIP for Small Business from BT

    BT and partner RingCentral will offer an Internet-based phone system in Great Britain that’s easy for small and medium sized business to configure and maintain. U.K. businesses will get a 0844 or 0844 main phone number, and calls can be routed to up to 50 extensions. RingCentral’s software will allow businesses set up their own phone system with a professional feel without needing… Read More

  • Faster Network Technology from Nortel

    Nortel Networks will soon launch new technology that allows telecom companies to quadruple the capacity of their networks. This will help with the data intensive requirements that Internet video, high-definition programming and mobile video phones demand. Nortel is North America’s largest maker of telephone equipment. It will launch optical technology that delivers speeds of 40 gigabits… Read More

  • Grace Digital’s New XLink Cellular Gateway

    Grace Digital, a manufacturer of audio and telephony electronics, is now shipping its new line of XLink Cellular Gateway. This device allows consumers to integrate their cellular phone service with their home phones via a cell phone’s built in Bluetooth connection. Integrating your cell phone and home phone together will help you never miss a cell call while relaxing at home. If the… Read More

  • Bell Labs Device to help Analyze Cell Data Traffic

    The way wireless carriers handle data traffic in the future may change with a device Alcatel-Lucent announced yesterday. (Bell labs is owned by the French company). The 9900 Wireless Network Guardian measures how different kinds of traffic tax a wireless network. This may lead to new price structures for the various types of data that travel over networks in the future, or how that traffic… Read More

  • Cell Carriers Fight FCC over Backup Power

    Past disasters like Hurricane Katrina knocked out wireless communications and impacted emergency crews and victims when they needed to talk. To avoid similar losses of communications in the future, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants most cell phone transmitter sites in the U.S. to have at least eight hours of backup power in the event main power fails. Regulators claim this… Read More

  • Sprint Offers Phone with Faster Download Speed

    Sprint Nextel will offer a cell phone models that can connect to a faster data network. Download speeds will double and upload speeds will increase up to eight times. Sprint and Verizon Wireless operate EV-DO Rev. A networks, but use them only for laptop communication cards. Their fastest phones have used the older and slower EV-DO Rev. 0 network. Sprint announced today that it was releasing… Read More

  • Monema's TamTam: Virtual PBX

    I’d been meaning to post about these guys a few weeks ago but my schedule didn’t allow it. However, this is an interested hosted PBX company that offers a drag and drop phone interface for larger companies. The entire system uses a web front end for building your office. You add numbers, message boxes, and response trees by clicking a few buttons and the entire system is… Read More

  • Coaches Samsung/Adidas take on Apple/Nike

    Samsung and Adidas are competing against Apple and Nike to offer people a device that plays music and keeps track of users’ workouts. Samsung’s miCoach is a music playing mobile phone that encourages people as they workout. The device tells users to “speed up” if they aren’t keeping pace, and gives them updates on their heart rate, time left in their run, and… Read More

  • Live Blogging of Apple iPhone SDK Event Begins Soon

    Head on over to CrunchGear to follow our live coverage of the Apple iPhone SDK event, which is being held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino and will begin at 10am PT. Read More

  • RIM Offers’s Dipdive on BlackBerry

    Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry, is partnering with singer to help merge social networking and multimedia. This is seen as a move by RIM to gain more market share in the consumer retail market.’s Dipdive online community and content will become wirelessly available on the BlackBerry, said RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. “Probably the two hottest… Read More

  • Bangladesh Sees Large Growth in Mobile Subscriptions

    In January of this year, Bangladesh added over 2 million new mobile phone subscribers. This poor nation of 140 million now has 34.4 million subscribers. The Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission said 2007 saw growth of 58% due mainly to price cuts made by the country’s six competing cell phone carriers. A number of market surveys predict that the number of mobile phone users will… Read More

  • Dick Tracy Never Cheated on an Exam

    The age of Dick Tracy may be here, but instead of fighting crime, a student in Thailand was caught cheating on university entrance exams with a mobile phone that is worn as a wrist watch. Education Ministry officials are banning exam takers from wearing watch phones and other wristwatches. Photographs of the phone watch will be sent to exam centers around the country and students will have to… Read More

  • Open Source 3-D Printing from OpenMoko

    OpenMoko, a developer of open source mobile devices, is offering its phone case CAD files to the world. With these files and a 3-D printer, anyone can make plastic parts for their mobile phone. Users will be able to customize handsets to unique specifications. “We want people to create their own flesh for their phone,” said Steve Mosher, VP of marketing at OpenMoko. OpenMoko CAD… Read More

  • Yahoo! onePlace: Mobile content storage

    Yahoo’s onePlace is a new service from Yahoo! which allows you to dump bookmarks into a dedicated folder where you can view and arrange it on the fly. The example they give is a trip: you add your flight info, the weather, your hotel, and some things you’d like to see. You can also drop in video, audio, and pictures. You can group items as “Collections,”… Read More

  • Global Version of Tapatap Launched Today

    Tapatap, a provider of social mobile gaming, launched its global version of today. This service allows Tapatap members to vote, enter and win in daily and monthly photo contests via their web-enabled cell phone while meeting others in the community. Today’s launch allows members anywhere in the world on any mobile operator to upload photos from their mobile phones, share… Read More

  • Handango Receives $9.5 Million in Seed Money

    Handango, a provider of smartphone content, raised an additional $9.5 million in its Series C round of financing. The money will be used to support the company’s new distribution deals, improve the scalability of its infrastructure and expand globally. Handango also plans to enhance the consumer experience to make smartphone content easier to brows, find and purchase online, and… Read More

  • Yahoo’s New Bookmarking Tool OnePlace

    Yahoo revealed its new bookmarking tool today. OnePlace is an application that lets users keep track of their favorite Web topics on their cell phones. OnePlace, which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year, allows users to mark links, news feeds or search results that lead them to fresh information on favorite topics when clicked. While bookmarks are not new, Yahoo says… Read More

  • Google Gears is mobile

    Google Gears, the programming framework designed to allow users to run apps in Firefox and IE while offline. The new framework only works with Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 5 and 6. At launch, several partners, including Zoho and Buxfer, will introduce mobile apps that can run on Pocket IE even when not connected to the network. Zoho Writer (which first went offline with Google Gears in August)… Read More