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  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inks Deal with MobiTV

    Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inks Deal with MobiTV

    Mobile and broadband network provider MobiTV has signed a deal with Sony BMG that would make more than 2,500 music videos available to the MobiTV service. These videos will be put into immediate rotation on the various existing, branded music channels, which will now contain a library of more than 7,000 music videos in total on the mobile service. The two companies will also collaborate on… Read More

  • Decline in Mobile Sales in Taiwan Expected

    Decline in Mobile Sales in Taiwan Expected

    Technology pundits typically look East to see the latest trends, so could we see sales of mobile phones decline in the months to come? While probably unlikely to hit the U.S., sales of mobile phones are actually expected to decline this in Taiwan. The Taipei Times is reporting that mobile sales may falls slight as local service providers reduce efforts to boost new 2G subscriptions due to… Read More

  • In-A-Bin Brings News First

    In-A-Bin Brings News First

    The beta version of has launched, and this is one of the first sites that promotes citizen journalism from mobile users. “It’s News, Again, Before It’s News” is the idea (and motto) behind “In-A-Bin,” whcih was designed to be a portal where anyone with a mobile phone can publish news instantly with a mere push of the button. This can include… Read More

  • GotVoice Adds to Uber Voicemail

    GotVoice Adds to Uber Voicemail

    GotVoice has added two new features to their web based voice mail product: group voice messages from your mobile, and visual voice mail. See our coverage for details on the previous version. The new group messaging feature lets you recorded a message from your phone and play it back over a call to multiple contacts or dump it directly in their email. Previously users could only use the website… Read More

  • Ban on 3G Handsets With Qualcomm Chips

    Ban on 3G Handsets With Qualcomm Chips

    The U.S. International Trade Commission has ordered a ban on new 3G handsets that contain Qualcomm chips, as these infringe on a Broadcom patent. It gets a little confusing… see phones that have already been sold in the U.S. are exempt, and this includes future sales of the same model. Further, current handset brands don’t need to change either. But any new 3G devices will have to… Read More

  • InfoSpace Goes With Virgin Mobile

    InfoSpace Goes With Virgin Mobile

    If you’re a Virgin Mobile subscriber you’ll be doing your searching with InfoSpace. The two companies announced that InfoSpace would supply Virgin Mobile with its suite of mobile platform services including integrated search. This will allow subscribers access to search the Web, WAP sites and of course Virgin Mobile’s own portal and storefront to find ringtones, games and… Read More

  • Hard Wired Handsets

    Hard Wired Handsets

    Mobile handsets are like snowflakes, no two models perform in the same way and require developer adjustments. So how does developer of mobile content from ringtones to games, news, to viral videos. How do programmers know if their games or WAP sites will look consistent across all phone manufacturer models, OSs, and carriers? The savvy ones use Mobile Complete’s Device Anywhere service. Read More

  • EU To Slash Mobile Roaming Rates

    EU To Slash Mobile Roaming Rates

    The European Union has agreed that calls are just costing too much money! The 27-member bloc has adopted new rules that will reduce the price of mobile phone calls, and the European Commission has agreed to cut mobile roaming charges to a quarter or a fifth of what subscribers are currently paying. Maybe their crazy socialist systems do have benefits! [via Australia IT] Read More

  • Mobile Web Usage on the Rise

    Mobile Web Usage on the Rise

    Mobile Web use is steadily rising in the United States. WebPro News is reporting that Bango has released statistics that show that in America the use of the mobile Web has tripled since last year, and is now only trailing the U.K. in usage. And mobile search is what is driving this mobile Web usage. The other countries that are accessing the Web via handsets and the third screen is… Read More

  • Let the Games Launch HSPA

    Let the Games Launch HSPA

    The arrival of high-speed wireless connectivity in China will coincide with next summer’s 2008 Beijing Olympics reports Telecom Asia. China Mobile will launch HSPA next year, and that China will have a 3G network in place in eight cities, while also deploying WLAN and WiMax during the Olympic Games. A range of mobile applications including live broadcast of events, mobile multimedia… Read More

  • Qualcomm To Save Amp'd… Probably Not

    Qualcomm To Save Amp'd… Probably Not

    Will Qualcomm step up and be the knight in shining armor for Amp’d Mobile? Our sister site Crunchgear doesn’t think Qualcomm is eyeing Amp’d, even if In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee thinks it could happn. OK, so Qualcomm already offers MediaFlo mobile TV service to carriers, and it also is the developer of many mobile applications. So Amp’d could prove to be a good… Read More

  • Sprite Yard Launches as Mobile Social Networking Site

    Sprite Yard Launches as Mobile Social Networking Site

    As a soft-drink brand Sprite hasn’t been quite on the cutting edge of rivals such as Mountain Dew, but the beverage has taken the leap to the always-on mobile community, with a mobile-based social networking site called “Sprite Yard.” This site, which is set up with modules divided into six areas, acts as a mobile portable for users to connect with friends, share photo and… Read More

  • China Mobile Content to Top $21 billion by 2012!

    China Mobile Content to Top $21 billion by 2012!

    There is an old saying, “not for all the tea in China.” Well, by 2012, that saying could be changed to, “not for all the mobile content in China.” According to a new study by Juniper Research the Chinese market for Wireless Value Added Services will expand to $21 billion by 2012, up from $15 in 2008. The Asian nation has a lot of people so it comes as no surprise… Read More

  • Mobile Search & Shopping Service from Sprint Nextel

    Mobile Search & Shopping Service from Sprint Nextel

    Sprint Nextel has unveiled their new mobile search and GPS service reports our friends at mocoNews. Called Slifter, this service is offered by GPShopper LLC and lets users locate products in the stores, save items to their shopping list and share the list with friends via SMS. Delivered as a downloadable app Slifter costs $1.99 for Sprint subscribers with data plans. The service draws from… Read More

  • Mobile Content Needs Better Mobile Search

    Mobile Content Needs Better Mobile Search

    File it under: they had to say that! More mobile content creates the need for better mobile search services, that’s the findings of a new report from Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Mobile Search Initiative. These findings further suggest that consumer awareness is still low and there is a need for an established industry-wide metrics, plus mobile content could improve in the way of… Read More

  • VidZone Digital Media Gets Sony BMG UK’s Catalog for Mobile

    VidZone Digital Media Gets Sony BMG UK’s Catalog for Mobile

    Justin Timberlak and Beyonce are getting in the mobile zone… the VidZone actually. VidZone Digital Media, the leading music provider to mobile networks in the UK, has signed a deal that will grant it full access to Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK’s digital catalog for mobile and PC use. The provider will make this music available for streaming and downloading in audio and video… Read More

  • MeetMoi's Gets $1.5 Million for Mobile Hookups

    MeetMoi's Gets $1.5 Million for Mobile Hookups

    Venture Beat and the Wall Street Journal are reporting mobile dating startup MeetMoi has closed $1.5 million in financing from Acadia Woods Partners. MeetMoi works like Dodgeball for dating. After verifying your phone, you fill out a basic profile consisting of a picture, the kind of relationship you want, and personal description. When you’re in the mood for a meetup, you text your… Read More

  • Nielsen Wireless Launches Mobile Vector

    Nielsen Wireless Launches Mobile Vector

    Nielsen Media Research may soon be measuring what types of content people are using on their mobile handsets. mocoNews is reporting that the Nielsen Wireless unit has launched its first product, called Mobile Vector, and this service is designed to track mobile content such as mobile Internet and mobile video, while also quantifying the impact that this has on a consumer’s overall… Read More

  • Global Mobile Advertising to Reach $14.4 billion by 2011

    Global Mobile Advertising to Reach $14.4 billion by 2011

    Advertisers are going to spend a lot of money mobile media this year, but it pales to the amount of cash they’ll be spending in just a few years. According to a new Strategy Analytics report, “Global Mobile Advertising Update: Outlook Bright as Inventory Expands,” advertisers may spend $1.4 billion on mobile media this year, and the firm predicts that mobile media… Read More

  • Digital Coupons Have Arrived

    Digital Coupons Have Arrived

    Coupons aren’t what they use to be. And while it is hard to think about coupons as part of direct advertising and marketing, that’s exactly what they’ve always been. The coupon industry is actually an $8 billion a year sector that distributes more than 342 billion coupons a year, and processes more than 3.3 billion coupons. These instant saving “devices” have… Read More