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  • iPhone App Roundup: America, F&$% yeah! edition

    Ahh, 4th of July. A welcome day off work in the midst of summer. Seems like everyone’s on vacation these days and that means grueling airplane rides and long road trips with the family. If you aren’t lucky enough to be on JetBlue or Virgin, you’re probably stuck without in-flight entertainment, meaning you’ve got nothing but your iPhone and a book to keep you from… Read More

  • Samsung Glyde 2 spy shots leak, headed for Verizon

    What’s black, red, wears a Verizon badge, and looks just like the Samsung Glyde? The Samsung Glyde 2, of course! Presumably in hopes of losing a friend or getting someone fired, HowardForums user StandardsDT waited for his in-the-know buddy to leave the room before going camera crazy. Here’s what we know so far: Read More

  • Virginia Apple Store closes after shooting

    Tip #1: If you’re going to be a huge wanker and rob a retail store, don’t rob an Apple store. You know those little fancy handsets they carry around? Thats so they can avoid doing much with cash.
    Tip #2: Don’t friggin’ steal stuff or shoot people, unlike this guy at the Arlington, Virginia Apple Store. One female victim was shot in the shoulder before the suspect fled… Read More

  • LG is delusional: plans to be #2 in 2012, new Black Label coming, iPhone killer coming, too

    What in the hell is LG Mobile’s president smoking because this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever read. Becoming the #2 mobile phone maker in three years is one thing considering the fact that Samsung could and would destroy them at any time. But a new Black Label device to compete with the iPhone? Or a luxe brand on par with Nokia’s Vertu? Keep dreaming, Ahn. via Unwired Read More

  • Hotz does it again, releases jailbreak app for iPhone 3GS

    George Hotz, the 20-year old hacker who originally unlocked the iPhone, has released a jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS codenamed “purplera1n.” It’s currently Windows-only (Windows 7 not supported), and requires the latest iTunes installed, and an iPhone 3GS with the 3.0 firmware. Hotz mentions in a blog post that the jailbreak for Mac is “coming soon.”… Read More

  • HTC Hero soars through the FCC

    Well, that’s a surprise. Rumors had pointed at Sprint to be the home of the Hero here in the states – but there it sits in the FCC database, packed to its big ol’ chin with AT&T-friendly 850/1900Mhz bands. [Via EngadgetMobile] Read More

  • Verizon succumbs to the pressure, offers BlackBerry Tour to everyone

    I think the image is pretty self explanatory. VZW via BGR Read More

  • A few iPhone patents for you: Karaoke, fancy haptic feedback

    Oh, patents. Companies file you all the time, often coming to nothing, yet you still mystify us for some reason. A few iPhone-related patents have been floating around the Internet this morning; they’re sure to interest you for dozens of seconds. Take this one, which describes a karaoke application. Read More

  • O2 confirmed as Palm Pre carrier in the UK, again

    While it was reported in late May by the Guardian that O2 had all but locked up the Palm Pre, the UK rag is once again claiming that O2 will be the exclusive carrier for the webOS device. Earlier rumors that Palm would announce a carrier next week seem to be holding water according to this report by the Guardian. It seems that you’ll be able to pick up a Pre at your local Carphone… Read More

  • iPhone App Prices Fluctuate As Developers Adjust To OS 3.0; Nav Apps Gain Pricing Power

    Ever since OS. 3.0, the latest operating system for the iPhone, launched on June 17, prices among the top 100 apps in the iTunes App Store have been fluctuating wildly as developers push out apps taking advantage of all the new features in the OS. Some of the new features we are starting to see in apps include push notifications, turn-by-turn navigation, cut-and-paste, embeddable maps, access… Read More

  • Review: ColorSnap for iPhone by Sherwin-Williams

    So I’m going through my twitter stream a while back and I see several links from some former colleagues of mine, pointing to a new iPhone app called ColorSnap, by Sherwin-Williams. So what right? There are a million (ok, fifty thousand) iPhone apps out there—what’s so interesting about this one? Well, two things. One, it was developed by my former employer, Resource… Read More

  • Rumor: Everyone's trying to buy T-Mobile UK

    When we mentioned yesterday that Vodafone was considering snatching up T-Mobile UK, we figured that’d be the last we heard of it for a while. They’d go quiet for a while, do some negotiation, and then they’d either make a big deal about the purchase or just pretend the whole thing never happened. As it happens, it’s a bit more heated than that. According to… Read More

  • Rumor: GSM Pre being announced next week?

    Oh, Palm Pre. You’ve got style. You’ve got grace. You’ve even got a PlayStation emulator! But what you don’t have, young one, is a SIM card slot that makes you friendly with the vast majority of popular carriers around the world. That won’t be a problem much longer, or so say the rumor mill. Now, we’ve known a GSM Pre has existed for months now, but Palm… Read More

  • Sprint will also offer the BlackBerry Tour (9630) on July 12

    Not to be outdone by Verizon, Sprint announced today that the BlackBerry Tour would start selling on my birthday, July 12. The final cost of the Tour will be $200, but there’s a $100MIR and a $50 instant rebate. In case you forgot, the Tour is the Curve’s (8900) 3G counterpart. Sprint Tour Read More

  • Toshiba launching the TG01 next week in London

    Yay! Toshiba is officially unveiling their Windows Mobile Snapdragon-powered TG01 in London on July 9th. Yeah, I’m about as impressed as you are. The only redeeming quality I find in this device is the 4.1-inch WVGA touch-screen. Who cares about Snapdragon when Tegra is coming in a few months? And let’s not forget about the fact that it’s a Windows Mobile device. Do whatever… Read More

  • Japanese cell phone commercial: Brad Pitt plays disgruntled sumo champion's butler (video)

    Brad Pitt has been shooting TV commercials for Japan’s third biggest cell phone carrier SoftBank for a few years now, and more often than not, he plays a total moron. In this new spot, currently in heavy rotation on Japanese TV, he tries everything to please sumo champion Musashimaru. Read More

  • Microsoft's Project Pink gets a new agency

    Ah, Project Pink, I haven’t heard anything from or about you in quite a long time. But it looks like Redmond made some key changes to its agency roster and McCann picked up the “Pink” account. McCann also handles Windows Mobile. According to ZDnetter Mary Jo Foley, Pink will be built on top of Windows Mobile 7, which MS plans to release the code for this fall when WinMo… Read More

  • Review: Don't get yourself too hot and bothered by Warpack Grunts

    I was pretty excited about Warpack Grunts when I first started playing it. The game seemed to have promise. And for $0.99, I had inklings that it may have been the biggest steal to come to the iPhone since the OS 3.0 launch. While it still lived up to its $1 price, I can’t say that it quite met my expectations. Though the graphics, the gameplay and the level of difficulty were all… Read More

  • Palm Pre gets a PlayStation emulator

    Oh boy. I’ve found a reason to charge my Pre back from the dead. ZodTTD, purveyor of iPhone emulators galore, has struck again by installing psx4all on his Palm Pre. Surprisingly enough, Zod says the Pre’s hardware runs the emulator way better than the iPhone 3GS. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Read More

  • What's new in the iPhone OS 3.1 Beta?

    Well, iPhone OS 3.1 Beta just went live on Apple’s developer center and, as usual, it’s a quest to figure out what has changed. Our lovely developer friends have already started tearing it apart in search of that hidden gem detailing the iPhone 4GFP (The FP stands for “Face punch”), and we’re keeping tabs on what they find. Read More