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  • Everything you need to know about the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro for Sprint/Verizon

    <center With the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro finally on their way to the states for both Sprint and Verizon, its gettin’ tough to keep track of which carrier-specific model will have what. Which will have an accelerometer? Which packs more ram? Who the hell is Victor? Fortunately, PhoneArena‘s gone and done all the digging you need. It’s all summed up nicely on… Read More

  • Moto announces more reasons to ROK

    Motorola has expanded its ROKR line, introducing three new music-centric handsets including the candybar EM30, the EM28 clamshell and the EM25 slider with FM radio sharing capabilities. Steve Lalla, corporate vice president of Mass Market Products, said: “Following the path of our award-winning ROKR E8, the newest additions to our ROKR family make listening to and discovering new… Read More

  • Live NASCAR on MediaFLO

    ESPN and Qualcomm’s mobile TV unit MediaFLO USA have agreed to bring a series of live NASCAR events to a mobile phone near you. From August 5th to the 31th, subscribers to AT&T’s Mobile TV with FLO service and Verizon Wireless’s V CAST Mobile TV service will be able to catch live NASCAR coverage on ESPN’s mobile channel. Live races include the NASCAR Nationwide… Read More

  • HTC about to sell its millionth Touch Diamond

    HTC says it’ll sell over a million Touch Diamonds by the middle of this month…iPhone, who? Even though Apple sold a million iPhone 3Gs in just 3 days, HTC says its still gonna celebrate. Launched in June, the Touch Diamond is HTC’s latest touch-based smartphone, and an HTC representative told PC World that the Touch Diamond is HTC’s fastest selling handset ever. So far… Read More

  • Leaked photos of the Moto VE240, eh

    Photos have appeared of Motorola’s latest entry-level handset the VE240, rumors are its slated for release from no contract carriers MetroPCS and Cricket. Based on the photos (thanks Phonearena), we’re guessing the VE240 is a low-end, music-centered, candybar style handset. No news on the release date yet. But we’re guessing this isn’t part of the company’s… Read More

  • Matching your handset to your handbag

    More from ABI Research, following Dior’s recently introduced line of mobile phones, the firm predicts more high-end fashion houses are looking to mobile phones as the latest design frontier. ABI says mobile phones “take on a powerful symbolism” for brands as “personal items used frequently in public,” and representations of a user’s “social status… Read More

  • Mobile Linux to rule MIDs

    According to the latest report from ABI Research, Linux is set to be top dog in the mobile OS wars by 2013. The research firm predicts that Linux, led by Moblin, LiMo and Maemo, will be the OS for more than 50 million mobile Internet devices (MIDs) in five years. ABI calls the MID market the “first real example of a greenfield situation” in that its believes all mobile OSs will… Read More

  • Delta Air Lines Embraces Wi-Fi during Flights

    The U.S. company Delta Air Lines announced today that it will sell broadband wireless Internet access on its entire domestic mainline fleet. The service is expected to be up and running on all domestic flights by the middle of 2009. Wi-Fi will be offered to passengers flying throughout the continental United States. Aircell, an airborne communications provider, will install the network on… Read More

  • Updated iPhone Software Now Available

    Apple released iPhone software 2.0.1 yesterday, an update to the original software that comes with the iPhone 3G. Apple isn’t saying why the update is needed at this time, only that the new software fixes bugs that have troubled the mobile device. I suppose it is only natural to want to keep such problems as secret as long as possible, due to potentially bad publicity or security risks… Read More

  • Steve Jobs admits MobileMe is "not up to Apple's standards"

    Lambasted by bloggers around the globe for its laundry list of issues, MobileMe hasn’t had the best start. Turns out the critics aren’t alone in thinking it wasn’t ready for prime time. In an internal e-mail that was pretty much guaranteed to leak, Steve Jobs acknowledged that MobileMe was “not up to Apple’s standards” after a rushed and improperly… Read More

  • AT&T to Extend iPhone Exclusivity Contract in U.S.

    USA Today is reporting that AT&T has reached an agreement with Apple to extend AT&T’s exclusive rights to carry the iPhone in the United States. AT&T will remain the exclusive retailer of the iPhone through 2010. AT&T subsidizes the price of the iPhone to the tune of about $300, which keeps the handset’s retail price at $199. AT&T hopes to make up for the subsidy… Read More

  • First Impressions: Callpod Dragon V2 Bluetooth headset

    Revamping their bluetooth headset of 2007, CallPod is just about ready to ship the Dragon V2. Coming in at just 5 cents short of $100 bucks, they’ve managed to pack a bunch of features into a box $20-$30 bucks cheaper than other high-end headsets: 100 meter range, dual-mic noise suppression, 8 hour talk time, “Dragon to Dragon” (Walkie-talkie-esque) communication… Read More

  • Bic and Orange team up to make Bic Phone, fill landfills

    After so many years with them glued to our ears, being stuck without your cell phone sucks. Pay phones are getting harder to find (plus, you’ll catch the herp), and pre-paid cell phones require a night of charging before they’re ready to go. Looking out for forgetful travelers and those of us who just lose crap a lot, Orange France and Bic have partnered to create the Bic phone… Read More

  • Bad reception on your Nokia E71? Just don't touch it.

    According to BGR, the Nokia E71’s signal catchin’ abilities aren’t exactly meeting expectations. In places where signal generally flourishes, they’re reporting little to no service. The problem purportedly stems from the placement of the cellular antenna. Tucked behind the only plastic part of the phone, the antenna hangs out down near the bottom of the rear side of… Read More

  • James Bond will carry Sony Ericsson C902 in next flick

    Oh, come on. Lets say, for some crazy reason, Sony Ericsson was the only company that made phones in the Bond universe, nullifying all non-SE options. You really think Bond would sport a half-year-old candybar over, say, the Xperia X1 in the next movie, Quantum of Solace? Bollocks. However, the C902 gives them an advantage the unlaunched Xperia X1 does not: tie-in promotions. Timed with… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless goes on tour with Linkin Park

    Verizon Wireless has announce dates and premium content for its Projekt Revolution summer tour featuring Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, The Bravery, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights and more rock. The tour will kick off this Thursday at the Cricket Wireless Pavilion in Phoenix, Ariz. Along with a chance to see their favorite band, fans will also have an opportunity to meet Linkin Park and take a… Read More

  • LiMo foundation gains 11 members

    The LiMo Foundation, “the global consortium of mobile leaders delivering an open handset platform for the whole mobile industry”, announced this morning that 11 more members had hopped on the Linux-lovin’ party bus. With this latest addition, the Foundation has cracked the 50 member mark. Joining the roster today are: Cellon, Esmertec, Freescale Semiconductor, Longcheer… Read More

  • Motorola appoints new mobile device head

    Motorola has appointed Qualcomm executive Sanjay Jha to head its flailing mobile phone business. Jha, who’s been with Qualcomm for 14 years, has been credited with “growing Qualcomm into the No. 1 wireless semiconductor supplier,” and apparently Motorola hopes he’ll be up to the challenge of turning the tables at its handset unit. Following the success of the Razor… Read More

  • 7 new LiMo handsets announced

    The LiMo Foundation announced the latest wave of LiMo-based handsets. Seven new handsets based on the open mobile platform have started shipping worldwide today from Motorola, NEC and Panasonic Mobile Communications. Morgan Gillis, executive director of LiMo Foundation, said in a statement: “The combination of LiMo’s transparent governance model, balanced development model… Read More

  • Nokia working with Remond on Zune phone?

    Word from Zunescene is that not only is Microsoft working on a Zune phone, but its getting some help from Nokia. Well, really the report says that that two are working to integrate Zune Marketplace content. But one thing could lead to another, right? Nokia doesn’t even make any Windows Mobile smartphones, so is Nokia working with Microsoft to integrate Zune’s music store with… Read More