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  • HTC Magic gets spotted in black

    Not diggin’ the vanilla look of the HTC Magic that was shown during the announcement? Looking for something a bit more stealth? Like the yin to the white model’s yang, an all black model of the HTC Magic has hit the floor at this week’s CeBIT show in Germany. Like the model we saw at MWC, this version isn’t quite final – the narrow buttons will be replaced with… Read More

  • Yahoo’s Inquisitor Makes Search Shine On The iPhone

    Last May, Yahoo acquired a startup called Inquisitor which offers a search plug-in for all the major browsers. Today, Inquisitor is available as an iPhone app and it shows how certain features, such as Yahoo’s Search Assist, really shine on a mobile device where you want to keep your typing to a minimum. When you start typing a search in Inquisitor, a list of suggested keywords… Read More

  • The other football: Fox Soccer Channel starts text message alert service

    Starting tomorrow, Fox Soccer Channel boldly enters the year 2004, figuring out this whole “text message thing.” The channel, of which I’m a huge fan, will start a text message service that will remind fans of upcoming matches, team news, etc. It’s your standard sports news service, but one tailored to FSC’s niche. Imagine things like “Don’t miss Inter v. Read More

  • Palm Pre delayed?

    Some guy over at some blog is spouting off about the Pre being officially delayed. He says a Palm design employee tipped him off “that the Pre is officially delayed.” Palm went on the defensive this morning on Twitter and said it was still on track for first half of 2009. Yeah, because the Pre was dated in the first place, right? Tinycomb via ZDnet Read More

  • First images of the BlackBerry 9630 aka Niagara emerge

    Well, there it is, kids. The image is real small so, we’re not able to dissect it, but there she be in between a Bold and 8900. Get excited Verizon subscribers. You won’t have to deal with that craptacular Storm much longer. via CrackBerry Read More

  • Blackberry App World minimum paid price set at $2.99

    RIM took the wraps off of App World yesterday and now we are getting the first taste of what’s to come. It seems that the minimum paid tier (apps can be free, btw) for an app is $2.99, which is catching some of us off guard as Apple’s App Store has been widely successfully with $.99 and $1.99 apps. That extra dollar might make people stop and think about purchasing the app rather… Read More

  • 280 North's Atlas bridges the gap between Web Apps and native iPhone applications

    Back when the iPhone first launched and the App Store was still a twinkle in Apple’s eye, the only way to get your goods onto the platform was to develop them as an iPhone-optimized web page – otherwise known as an iPhone Web App. Unable to make use of much of iPhone’s functionality (like the GPS, camera, etc.), Web Apps were quickly considered the inferior option when… Read More

  • Loopt adds "Friends you may know" and advertisements to their iPhone app

    Social networks suck if you can’t find friends that use them. This is especially true for those social networks oriented around sharing your location; for the most part, you end up knowing where you and three other people are before you get bored and give up. Following a trend made popular by Facebook, the mobile social mapping service Loopt has added a “Friends You May… Read More

  • Sprint getting ready to launch the Palm Pre?

    Starting next week, the 12th to be exact, Sprint and Palm are inviting press folk to a series of webcasts to showcase the Palm Pre. This may or may not be an indication that the Pre is getting closer to a launch date, but we wonder if they’ll show us anything new. I mean, if it’s close to launching, why even bother? Fared Adib, Vice President, Device Operations & Logistics… Read More

  • BlackBerry Application Center redubbed as BlackBerry App World

    Way back in October of 2008, RIM announced that they’d be joining in on the App Store game with the launch of an application outlet of their own. While it has yet to see the light of day, RIM is announcing that at least one thing has since been finalized: the name. The temporary “BlackBerry Application Center” moniker has been abandoned, with RIM instead opting for… Read More

  • HTC 2009 Lineup Leak: Now with more specs!

    Just a few weeks back, a massive packet of unannounced HTC handsets spilled out across the internet. Each one would have required far too much work and talent to be fake. When the HTC Magic jumped straight off this list and into our hands, any inklings of doubt were blown away. So, the images were real – but they lacked specs. This morning, specs (or at least details) for around half of… Read More

  • iPhone burninates while charged

    This is an iPhone that just gave up. Apparently this phone, owned by a fellow in Rome, overheated and fused two metal leads together, resulting in a fiery mess and a dead iPhone. There’s only one other report of this happening in Sweden. Read More

  • Palm Treo Pro for Sprint gets dated

    The Treo Pro was supposed to launch in January on Sprint and then it was rumored to launch on the 15th of February, but that never happened either. Then we realized the Pre was coming, so the Treo Pro didn’t matter at all. However, BGR was claiming that a Palm device, presumably the Pre, would be launching on March 15th according to a leaked memo. The Treo Pro was also on that list and… Read More

  • Vodafone To Start Shipping HTC Magic In April

    A tipster points out to Phandroid that the Vodafone website confirms the Android-powered HTC Magic, recently announced, is arriving in April. Here are some of the specs: * HSDPA
    * Built in GPS Navigation
    * 3.0 -4.0 megapixel – (meaning 3.2)
    * GPRS
    * Games
    * Calendar
    * WiFi
    * Full Touch Screen More after the jump. Read More

  • Amazon launches Kindle application for the iPhone

    Not looking to drop $360 bucks on a gadget purposed almost solely for book reading, but still want to partake in Amazon’s new found love for eBooks? You’re not alone – and if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’re in luck. As we’d assumed they would, Amazon has just launched a free Kindle application for Apple’s much-lauded touchscreen. Read More

  • Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry is on the way

    It’s been 17 long months since the Facebook application launched for BlackBerry, and not much has changed since. A stability update here, bug fix there – but that’s about it. The BoyGeniusReport got their hands on the upcoming 1.5 release of the BlackBerry application, and it’s bringing a few new features to the table. Nothing earth-shatteringly huge and… Read More

  • LG recalls 30,000 handsets because they suck at calling 911

    If you’re an owner of one of the 30,000 LG 830 Spyder handsets running OS versions T83LGV03 or T83LGV04, you have two options: A) Get in touch with your wireless carrier for a software upgrade, or B) Don’t get into any situations in which you require 911 assistance. Read More

  • Sprint ups their referral bonus to $125

    When you’re bleeding out around a million customers per quarter, what do you do? Give people money. At least, that’s Sprint’s plan. From now until March 31st (the end of the first quarter of 2009. What a coincidence!), Sprint has increased the chunk of change they give you when you sell out convince your friend to hop on a contract. Previously, they’d give both of you… Read More

  • Rumor: Rumor has it this is the LG Rumor 2. (Rumor.)

    It only took typing the word “Rumor” four times before it stopped looking like an actual word. That word might look fake, but this leaked shot purported to be the LG Rumor 2 certainly doesn’t. Read More

  • Watchmen MMO coming for the iPhone, looks kind of lame It’s hard to judge a game based off of 30 seconds of footage – but when just about everything in said 30 seconds of footage seems broken, it’s probably safe to assume the game isn’t going to be great. Read More