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  • Yahoo! Adds Nine New Mobile Operators in Asia Pacific

    Yahoo! has added nine new mobile operators to its list of service providers who carry the company’s mobile search engine, oneSearch. Yahoo! now has distribution partnerships with twenty mobile operators around the world and is available in nineteen countries. Yahoo!’s oneSearch has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of mobile customers. The new partnership agreements… Read More

  • Disney Mobile Turns to Japan

    Disney plans to end its U.S. mobile phone service in December and to compensate will turn to the Japanese market early next year. The company is hoping that the demand for its online content will be able to compete in the world’s biggest market of third-generation phones. Disney will use local mobile phone carrier Softbank Corp’s network. The two companies have plans to develop… Read More

  • Alltel Wireless to Launch Parental Controls Application

    Alltel Wireless has partnered up with Bytemobile to create the Alltel Parental Controls application, which will be available free of charge beginning in February 2008. This application will allow parents to filter inappropriate sites that may contain pornography, gambling, weapons or violence. This service will be available to both pre-paid and post-paid accounts. “Through our… Read More

  • EU Regulators to Tackle Large Telecoms

    The European Commission is expected to create a new regulatory body that it hopes will spur telecommunications competition in Europe with the goal of reducing costs for consumers. This new body will have the power to separate telecommunication networks and access providers. It is believed that the large companies that now control these aspects of European telecommunications retards growth… Read More

  • New Mobile Video Advertising Platform from MoPhap and Vantrix

    MoPhap, a mobile ad serving company, and Vantrix, a company which works with mobile video, announced the launch of a new mobile video ad insertion platform. The best of MoPhap’s SparkMobile ad serving and campaign management tools are combined with Vantrix’s Ad Booster advertising insertion and optimization platform. This partnership allows content providers to insert highly… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming Revenue Down

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This week’s mobile gaming news isn’t good. According to research firm iSuppli, worldwide mobile gaming revenue was down 9% during the three months ending in June. It seems some in the mobile gaming community are sitting on their thumbs instead of pounding the pads. David Carnevale, iSuppli… Read More

  • Vonage Discusses $39 Million Settlement with AT&T

    Vonage, an Internet phone company, is in negotiation talks with AT&T to settle a lawsuit involving patent infringements. Vanage is asking to pay $39 million over the next five years to put things right. In October, Vonage settled with Sprint Nextel for $80 million and with Verizon Communications for between $80 million and $120 million, the amount to be determined in a future court… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 Browser now Available

    Opera announced the release of its new mobile web browser Opera Mini 4, yesterday. This new version of the company’s browser allows users to view web pages exactly as they appear on desktop computers. All your favorite Web sites and services can be cradled in your gentle hands with loving care. Opera Mini 4 automatically reduces the size of the transferred pages, so Web sites load… Read More

  • Sliding-Scale Termination Fees for T-Mobile in 2008

    Signing a contract with a mobile phone provider can be a tricky thing and requires the smart consumer to take the time to read and ask questions about the contract before signing. Early termination fees (ETFs), fees paid to end the contract before it is fulfilled, is one aspect that a conscientious buyer is aware of. There are a myriad of reasons why a buyer may want early termination of a… Read More

  • U.S. Cellular has Strong Third Quarter

    U.S. Cellular reported a strong third quarter yesterday and shows good growth over last year’s numbers. Service revenues of $954.5 million are up 16% compared to last year. The company recorded operating income of $101 million, up nearly 31% from the third quarter of 2006. This year’s net income and diluted earnings per share were $63.6 million and $0.72. Last year’s net… Read More

  • Nokia Partners with Vodafone in Mobile Web Deal

    Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, and Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile phone company, announced plans today to provide easier and faster access to the Internet on selected handsets. Nokia will provide Vodafone users some of its top-end models, which allow high speed, third-generation (3G) connectivity. Few details were given and no financial information was disclosed. Read More

  • YouMail Receives $4.5 Million from VantagePoint Venture

    YouMail, a company that provides free cell phone voicemail service, raised $4.5 million from VantagePoint Venture Partners. VantagePoint is a Firm that invests in entrepreneurial companies at all stages of development in the CleanTech, HealthCare and Information Technology sectors. Craig Cooper, a venture partner at VantagePoint, will join the YouMail Board of Directors. Mr. Cooper is a… Read More

  • No Gphone: Google Software to go Mobile in 2008

    Google’s long awaited conference call announcing the Internet company’s mobile phone intentions came at noon today, est. Many of the rumors that have created a buzz can now be laid to rest, at least for awhile. There is no Gphone (Google phone) in the immediate future. The Gphone was supposed to be a low cost mobile device with the hardware and software of a military… Read More

  • A Cashless iPhone Society

    Apple isn’t trying to create a communist worker’s paradise but the electronics maker is no longer accepting cash for the popular iPhone. Apple now only accepts credit and debit card purchases at its stores. Carl Marx must be rolling in his dustbin. IDC tech analyst Chris Hazelton says this is the latest example of Apple trying to keep tight control of the iPhone. Apple… Read More

  • Mobile Devices Replacing PC’s Importance in Japan

    Mobile devices are slowly replacing the importance of a PC for Japanese consumers. While businesses may want the latest personal computer, average households are looking to devices like mobile phones and game consoles for entertainment and connectivity. PC shipments in Japan have fallen for five straight quarters, the first ever drawn-out decline in PC sales in a key market. In the second… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. I-play released the findings of its mobile game survey this week. It seems a lot of us can’t put those magic handsets down. The survey revealed that 38% of casual online games customers play games on their mobile phones and almost half, 45%, would play their favorite online games if they were… Read More

  • Nokia’s Ovi Hits a Snag

    Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer, is having problems with its Ovi service. Ovi allows users to download music, games and maps to their handsets. The gaming service has been delayed due to software testing problems and Warner Music withdrew its song titles from Nokia’s music shop. MobileCrunch reported on Ovi in August. See: Ovi Knocking at the Door. Warner has withdrawn its… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel has poor Third Quarter

    Sprint Nextel, the United State’s third largest wireless provider, posted poor third quarter numbers as the company lost customers and revenue. Sprint Nextel earned $64 million, or 2 cents per share, compared with earning $379 million, or 9 cents per share, during the same period a year ago. Quarterly revenue declined 4.2 percent to $10 billion, missing analysts’ predictions of… Read More

  • Omnifone’s New MusicStation Available in UK

    Omnifone’s MusicStation, a music service that allows unlimited downloads, became available today in the Untied Kingdome through a partnership with Vodafone. Vodafone’s UK consumers are the first mobile users in Britain to have the freedom to download, play and share unlimited amounts of music, direct to their phone. This comes one week before Apple’s iPhone launches in… Read More

  • Alcatel-Lucent Posts Third-Quarter Loss

    Alcatel-Lucent, the French-American telecommunications equipment maker, reported a third-quarter loss of $373 million today. To help the bottom line, the company plans to layoff another 4,000 employees beyond the February announcement of 12,500 layoffs. This amounts to a 20% reduction in payroll. It is hoped this move will save the company an additional $578 million by 2009. CEO Patricia… Read More