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  • Opera Mobile 9.5 delayed for a few more days

    A few weeks ago, I said that Opera Mobile 9.5 would roll out on July 15th. Well, Opera’s gone and made a liar out of me, but not by all that much – the release date has been pushed back 2 days to July 17th. As anyone who has rotted away the last night before a release date knows well, setting concrete release dates on beta software tends to mean face palms and angry yelling once… Read More

  • Adam Sexton Hired as Skyfire Lab’s CMO

    Skyfire Labs, the developers of the mobile Web browser Skyfire, has hired Adam Sexton to be the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Skyfire Labs has been recruiting some solid players lately as it prepares to make Skyfire generally available later this year. (See: Mike Rowehl Joins the Ranks of Skyfire Labs). Adam Sexton has over 16 years of experience marketing and managing in… Read More

  • Mobile Phone Sales Predicted to Slow Down

    The sale figures for Apple’s new iPhone is taking most of the headlines this week, but a worldwide economic slump may impact global cell phone growth. According to research firm Gartner, 1.15 billion handsets were sold in 2007. A 16% increase over 2006’s numbers. But this year, growth is predicted to slow. In May of this year, Gartner forecast that global sales would increase by… Read More

  • New Smart Phone from Palm

    Smart phones are all the rage today. Not wanting to fall behind in the technology race, Palm announced today that its new smart phone, the Treo 800w, is now available on the Sprint Nextel network. This is Palm’s first major new model since the Centro was launched last year. The Treo 800w runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and can access the Internet with Sprint’s broadband network or through… Read More

  • Live iPhone 3G unboxing and review Read More

  • Live iP3G unboxing and review tomorrow at 7am

    Get thee to the computer screen bright and early tomorrow for we will have a live unboxing and review on CG at 7am EST. Read More

  • Space Monkey Travels to Apple App Store Today

    Glu Mobile started selling gaming titles for the iPhone and iPod today with the launch of Space Monkey. Apple’s App Store is now selling the popular mobile puzzle adventure game that has you cleaning up trash and fighting monsters across the cosmos. “The launch of the Apple App Store allows consumers to easily discover and download games for their mobile devices,” said Jill… Read More

  • Apple App store rolls out a bit early, Apps available now

    Just a few hours before the iPhone 3G starts trickling out around the world, the App store has made an appearance. It hasn’t officially launched yet, so it’s still not linked to directly within iTunes – however, with a bit of digging around, you can explore it early. You’ll need the 2.0 software to actually run anything, but it’s still fun to peek around. To get… Read More

  • Cell Tower backup Rule put on Hold by Appellate Court

    After Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005, many cell towers failed because they didn’t have backup power supplies. A panel of experts appointed by the Federal Communications Commission found that backup power should be required to be installed at all cell towers. In May of 2007 the FCC ruled that all cell towers in the United States must have a minimum of eight hours of… Read More

  • Gameloft Launches NFL 2009 Today

    Gameloft’s NFL 2009 launches today. Gameloft has a mobile licensing agreement with the National Football League (NFL) that allows the company to create an authentic NFL experience by featuring all 32 NFL teams, NFL players, NFL stadiums and detailed stats. “We are proud that the NFL recognized Gameloft’s signature titles and granted us the license to develop NFL 2009,”… Read More

  • European Mobile Market Predicted to Grow 2.35% over next four Years

    Industry researcher RNCOS predicts in its report, “European Mobile Market Scenario 2012”, that the mobile subscriber base in Europe will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of nearly 2.35% from 2008 to 2012. Young people and city dwellers make up the largest mobile phone demographic. Mobile penetration among European consumers aged between 12 and 24 reached 84% in 2006. Read More

  • DeviceAnywhere rolls out remote Nokia application testing

    If you’ve done much developing for mobile handsets, you’ve probably come across DeviceAnywhere. Through a top-secret combination of pixie dust, unicorn hair, and good old fashion hardware hackery, DeviceAnywhere acts as a remote lab for mobile handsets. After signing up, you can pull up virtual versions of a variety of phones right on your screen, all tied to actual handsets in… Read More

  • CTIA Hires Lobbying Company Madison Group

    CTIA, the Wireless Association, has hired the Madison Group to represent them before the U.S. Congress and Executive Agencies. The Madison Group is a bi-partisan, minority-owned lobbying and consulting firm that specializes in tax, tech, telecommunications, trade and transportation issues. Madison Group represents its clients and attempts to solve complex public policy issues while working to… Read More

  • Olympic Team USA Soundtrack from AT&T

    Every workout enthusiast knows that a good soundtrack can make a sweat session go better. Endorphins flood the body to the beat of the music as fat melts away and muscle stretches to new lengths. To inspire and support the U.S. Olympic Team at this year’s summer games, AT&T will record a soundtrack with some of today’s top talent. Team USA Soundtrack will include music from 3… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9500 Thunder media player shots leaked

    Thanks to the bar-raising done by that-other-touchscreen-device, any touchscreen box wishin’ to take a big chunk of the market is going to need a rockin’ media player — the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder included. BlackberrySync managed to get their hands on what are purported to be shots of the 9500’s media player running on OS 4.7. Doesn’t look too shabby at all, albeit… Read More

  • Paragon Lake Raises $5.8 Million To Help You Make Custom Jewelry

    Paragon Lake, a startup that aims to make the custom jewelry design process more efficient, has raised $5.8 million in a Series A funding round led by Highland Capital Partners and Canaan Partners. The company, which was founded in 2006, has been developing a web-based jewelry design tool for independent jewelers that it hopes to release in the next few months. The online software aims to… Read More

  • Google rolling out Voice Search for Google Maps Mobile

    Further cementing Google Maps Mobile as one of the most useful free mobile applications ever, Google has added Voice search to its repertoire. It’s an experimental feature at this point, so it’s only on select handsets; if you’re using a Blackberry Pearl 8110, 8120, or 8130 – go update! The new feature seems pretty easy to use: hold the left soft key, say your… Read More

  • Telus bringing HTC Touch Diamond to Canada

    As if Canada doesn’t already have enough good stuff goin’ for it already, Canadian wireless carrier Telus has announced that they will be carrying the HTC Touch Diamond in its CDMA form “later this summer” (presumably by the end of September.) This’ll make Telus the first North American operator to carry the handset. Both hardware and software-wise, the Touch… Read More

  • Openmoko Neo Freerunner to launch July 4th

    Man, I loves me some Openmoko Neo Freerunner. Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing on the planet. Sure, a completely open source mobile device may be a bit ahead of the times for all but the most dedicated gadget geeks amongst us. But man oh man, have I been drooling about this for a while. For the uninitiated, Openmoko is a project aimed at creating a series of open source mobile phones. Read More

  • UTStarcom offloads its handset division

    We don’t really hear much about Audiovox UTStarcom these days. In all the time I’ve spent staring at other peoples phones, I’ve come across but a handful of UTStarcom handsets. Am I in the minority here? Regardless – someone out there thinks UTStarcom’s phones are worth a chunk of change. A group of private investors from AIG Investments has snatched up… Read More