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  • CTIA 2009: Novatel Ovation MC935D USB Modem on the way in Q2

    It’s certainly not the main Novatel device we’re hoping to see announced while we’re here in Vegas, but they’ve gotten the announcement party started a bit early with this morning’s debut of the Ovation MC935D. Read More

  • Verizon-branded MiFi 2200 leaks out

    It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen the Novatel MiFi, or even the second – but they can keep cranking these things out in all sorts of different flavors and we wouldn’t mind a bit. A few weeks back, we found out that Sprint would be getting a MiFi of their own sometime in the next 3 months, and this latest leak indicates that Verizon will be getting one as well. Read More

  • Nokia confidently releases 5800 XpressMusic software update

    It’s not all that often you see a company issue a press release for a firmware update (that is, except for our lovely iFriends in Cupertino – iPhone 3.0 overkill anyone?), but after all the bad press the 5800 got at launch, Nokia’s probably tryin’ its best to appease its loyal fanboys and girls. Read More

  • Comverse offers carriers visual voicemail solution for BlackBerry devices

    Earlier last month, we caught wind of a possible visual voicemail service for AT&T BlackBerry users. Now, on the eve of CTIA Wireless 2009, Comverse has announced its own BlackBerry visual voicemail solution for carriers. Read More

  • Skype for iPhone is out in Japan: First screenshots and impressions

    The Japanese App Store already offers Skype for the iPhone (v1.0.0.63) and we have some screenshots. Japanese bloggers say the contact list takes some time to load after logging in. Group chat is possible. In chat mode, users have three options: “Bookmark”, “Leave Chat” and “Close Chat”. Read More

  • Motorola announces Evoke QA4, evokes memories of the iPhone

    Today, like everyone else, Motorola announced a brand new handset to showcase at CTIA this week. The Evoke QA4 features a 2.8-inch touch-screen, slide-out 12-key pad and a touch-screen QWERTY. The handset is enhanced with widgets for RSS feeds, MySpace or YouTube. Also equipped with a full HTML browser and accelerometer, the Evoke evokes memories of all the other touch-screen handsets to come… Read More

  • Nokia E71x, Samsung Propel Pro, other stuff coming to AT&T

    Good morning and welcome to AT&T’s omnibus launch of multiple phones, including the Nokia E71x and the Samsung Propel Pro. The E71x, essentially one of Nokia’s best QWERTY phones, costs $99 with contract and the QWERTY Propel Pro costs $149.99. The Impression is also coming out with an AMOLED screen for $199 and two LG lumps, the Xenon and Neon, will be popping off the… Read More

  • Rumor: Palm Pre coming on 4/30, says some guy on Twitter

    In what I’d assume was some sort of Twitter follower-hording publicity stunt if it weren’t for the fact that their account was set to private, some gent named Jim Van is claiming (Via Twitter) to not only have a Pre in hand, but to have some inside info pointing toward a release on April 30th. Could the Pre be coming on April 30th? Sure. It is a date in the first half of 2009, and… Read More

  • Samsung plops out a Wimax MID

    The Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi is the first Wimax device in the U.S. and hopes to pick up where Nokia’s Wimax tablet, now discontinued in the U.S., left off. Read More

  • Noby Noby Boy coming to iPhone

    Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi’s weirdo follow-up game has made, well, not exactly waves in the game community, but perhaps expanding circles of confusion. Guiding your stretchable “boy” around a bizarre world, the goal is to become as long as possible in order to help your girlfriend (who is much bigger) grow out to the outer planets. Sound weird enough? Well, now… Read More

  • Blackberry BLAPP World coming April 1?

    Imagine this is an analog to the BLAPP Store. Each jacket is an app. Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM, will be announcing the BLAPP World at CTIA this year, adding one more app store to an already healthy app-store market. BusinessWeek calls the BLAPP store “much anticipated” and explains that it will be “chock-full of software programs.” Yes, that’s right: they… Read More

  • MS could charge for MS Mobile App submissions in rare cases

    Everybody panic! IDG is reporting that MS might charge users who send 5 or more mobile apps to the Microsoft Mobile App Bazaar in one year or update their apps too often. Why? Maybe the depression? Read More

  • Verizon to replace Samsung Alias with dynamic keypad-equipped Alias2

    It’s been almost a year since we first got our hands on Samsung’s updated (u740) Alias, and whadoyaknow, Samsung is getting ready to launch the Alias2 on the Verizon Wireless network any time now. Funny how that tends to work. Just as you get comfortable with yesteryear’s technology…BAM, the next generation hits the scene. Read More

  • Rumor: RIM to launch downloadable TV show service

    Here’s a spicy rumor for you all to enjoy. Apparently RIM is planning some sort of BlackBerry TV store/service/thing, and may launch it as early as CTIA next week. (CTIA is like CES, but just for cellphone stuff; actually, a more accurate comparison would have been with Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress; thank you.) It’d be a subscription service, and the TV shows download over… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 7 to have Zune functions

    Not that you particularly care, but WMPowerUser is reporting that Zune functionality is coming to Windows Mobile 7 and will allow operators to charge phone users for music purchased in the Zune store, thereby opening the Zune experience up to a millions upon millions of unwitting customers. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson T707: Maria Sharapova likes it

    There’s a reason you can’t really see the phone in this picture. Let’s start with a little gem from the press release for this new S-E phone, shall we? Maria knows that all eyes will be on her this season and thanks to her new T707; she can rest assured that whatever she does, she will look stylish, glamorous and be in control of her life with just the wave of a hand. Now… Read More

  • T-Mobile's My Account app hits Android Market

    Guess what G1 users? T-Mobile has released its first Android app – My Account – to the Android Market. Now you have the ability to check pertinent account information right from the ‘droid in your hand. According to Android and Me, T-Mo’s free My Account app provides “current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery… Read More

  • BlackBerry Media Sync updated with Windows Media Player support

    Research in Motion has released an update for its BlackBerry Media Sync app this afternoon. The new version adds Windows Media Player support (PC only) to accompany its existing iTunes syncing tool. If you’ve already got Media Sync installed on your BlackBerry, you should have received a notification that an upgrade is available. Otherwise, you can grab Media Sync for free over at… Read More

  • BSQUARE reportedly porting Flash technology to Android devices

    Let’s be honest. When companies talk about providing “complete” Internet access on their mobile devices, they are really only speaking a half-truth. That is, at least until Adobe Flash comes to mobile browsers. Love it or hate it, Flash has become an integral website component, be it for video playback, games, or interactive animations. Its absence is very noticeable… Read More

  • to charge for streaming, cuts off third-party mobile streaming apps

    And so it goes., which just went to a pay-to-play model, is shutting down mobile streaming due to “licensing agreements.” This means unofficial scrobbling and streaming apps will now be verboten – although for how long and to what degree are not clear. The service will now cost 3 euros per month to users outside of the UK, US, and Germany and current… Read More