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  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G launching next week?

    The HTC Magic. The T-Mobile G2. Or, if you prefer to use T-Mobile’s horrible name for it, the myTouch 3G. Call it what you will, but it’s launching soon. Read More

  • iPhone 3G S video sample makes its way to the tubes

    Do you get your mitts on your iPhone 3G S yet? No? Don’t worry – neither did we. Neither did most people, really. But somewhere out there, some guy did – and he’s already crackin’ away at helping people make informed decisions one video sample at a time. We can’t say for absolute certain that this video comes from an iPhone 3G S, but it all seems to fall… Read More

  • Cellphone matrioshka

    It starts with the big one, a huge Motorola phone that once amazed it all. It ends with the iPhone. This clever cellphone matrioshka takes us through the history of cellphones in highly stylized plastic. Obviously this isn’t available to buy – you could feasibily make your own, I suppose, out of cardboard – but it’s a clever project nonetheless. Read More

  • Apple UK shows off MMS functionality, forgets to edit out the error alerts

    Apple is really, really excited about iPhone OS 3.0’s ability to send and receive MMS messages. So excited, in fact, that they didn’t even notice the glaring red error icons lingering in their promotional screenshots. See, when you’re sending a text or picture message on iPhone OS 3.0 and something goes awry, a little red icon pops up next to the failed message. Its… Read More

  • Turn your iPhone into an art gallery, for cheap

    Up until now, if you wanted to have artwork as a background on your iPhone, it was necessary to buy clipart, which was generally pretty amateur and expensive. It was convenient to get them via the iTunes store, of course, but not very economical. Mobile art site “Start Mobile” is changing all this. Read More

  • Yellowsn0w becomes ultrasn0w, iPhones everywhere swoon

    iPhone OS 3.0? Pah! Baseband 2.30.03? Ain’t got nothin’. This evening, the iPhone Dev Team displayed their inimitable talents with a live video demonstration of yellowsn0w’s
    big, bad, unstoppable brother: ultrasn0w. They’re keeping mum on the details to make sure it’s all still working come Friday’s iPhone 3G S launch, though there’s no saying for… Read More

  • Review: Quantum Collapse brings quality Real-Time Strategy to the iPhone

    We’ve been waiting for this. Finally, a developer creates a quality Real-Time Strategy app for the iPhone. No, it wasn’t one of the big iPhone game developers. Instead, it was made by a team of just 5, led by Javier Davalos, who don’t even have their own website (they use this Facebook page for now). Quantum Collapse brings Starcraft-like real-time strategy gameplay to… Read More

  • Symbian not in a hurry to take on smartphones

    Apparently they’re not too worried over there among the Symbianites. Despite growing pressure from ever-more-inexpensive smartphones, they don’t seem to care much about competing. Maybe it’s overconfidence from years on the top, or maybe they have an ace up their sleeve. I think it’s a little of both; they don’t think they need an ace, because they’ve seen… Read More

  • iPhone carrier bundle updates iTunes 8.2 are but one command away

    If you’re looking to get MMS/Tethering up and working right this second on an iPhone running the developer’s release of OS 3.0, you’re going to need to manually update the carrier file. In past builds of iTunes, performing this update was a matter of holding the shift key and pressing the “Update” button on the iPhone screen. In iTunes 8.2, however, Apple decided… Read More

  • Google Maps for Android robustified: voice search, transit directions, and more

    Google Maps for Android has been functional since its release, but now it’s actually catching up to the real thing, and sports some features that integrate it more completely with Android while also increasing its usefulness. Personally, I’m excited about public transportation being included in directions; you’re most likely to need that when you’re out and about and… Read More

  • iPhone app review: Taptu, the alternative search machine

    Everyone moans about the lack of Flash on the iPhone, right? Let’s face it: if someone makes a solid Flash implementation for the iPhone there would be substantially less interest in making native iPhone apps. You could create a rich user environment in the browser, and the iPhone App Store would be less and less relevant. As things stand now, I prefer native apps over browser apps… Read More

  • After the G60, Garmin's devices will only run Android and WinMo

    The Garmin nuviphone G60 will come out one day, friends, most likely during the second quarter of this year. And when it does come out, there will be much rejoicing: it’s the last time the Garmin-Asus operating system will be used on a device. From there on out it’s Android and Windows Mobile all the way. Read More

  • Sprint announces the BlackBerry Tour 9630 for $199

    Not to be outdone by Verizon, Sprint went live with their BlackBerry Tour 9630 site and with it came details of pricing for the 3G variant of the 8900 Curve. If you’re not down with the Pre then I suggest getting this badboy for $199. Sprint Read More

  • Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour 9630 goes live

    Looks like McAdam was telling the truth after all, I just hope for VZW customers sake that he was telling the truth about everything, too. Earlier today, Verizon went live with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 teaser site and we’d assume its launch is imminent, but you can never tell with these sorts of things. Read More

  • Brightkite For Android Coming Soon, Beta Access Open Now

    The Android userbase may not be quite as big as that of iPhone OS – but man, they are one loud bunch. More so than any smartphone platform past, users of these two operating systems tend to consider themselves rivals of sorts; if you release an application for one, users of the other will begin to clamor almost immediately. It’s been about 8 months since the launch of their iPhone… Read More

  • Samsung preps the Jet for takeoff

    That’s right folks, Samsung is on fire today. Hot on the heels of the all the other handsets that they’ve rolled out so far, the Jet looks poised to fill in that crucial gap between feature phones and smartphones. Support for ActiveSync via Microsoft Exchange is huge here, and it means the Jet can sync with your data remotely to make sure everything you need is up to date when you… Read More

  • Palm Pre now tether-friendly, depending on your definition of "friendly"

    We’re not sure if there’s a direct connection here or not, but here’s the way we saw it: PreDev Wiki opens the floor to anyone looking to discuss tethering the Pre, then nixes the topic at the request of Palm. Just hours later, the first tethering solution has gone up. Coincidence? Did someone get a spark of motivation after the discussion got pushed under the rug? Either… Read More

  • iPhone app review: MovieLingo

    I’m not a huge movie buff, but I have a pretty good memory and do well enough at movie trivia games. I am also often able to repeat lines verbatim from movies I saw years ago, and usually enjoy doing so. So I was pretty intrigued when I saw Avalinx’s new app, MovieLingo. It’s a simple app, but I think it’s a good example of how to use mobile computing and always-on… Read More

  • Samsung B7610 enters the fray, officially

    Today at an event in Singapore, Samsung Korea officially launched four new handsets to the market. The flagship of the four phones introduced was the Samsung B7610, a part of Samsung’s Omnia brand of smartphones. The B7610 comes with a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display (800×480 resolution), a slide-out keyboard, a 5.1-megapixel camera, 1GB of memory, FM tuner, Wi-Fi, TV Out, and… Read More

  • Q3 2009: Nokia E72, XpressMusic 5530

    There’s two more Nokia phones for you to choose from. Well, soon there will be. There’s the E72, which has been shot-teased for a few months and is billed as “swift, slim, and resourceful”; it’s sentient, too. That’s a new feature this year. Then there’s the far simpler XpressMusic 5530, which, as the name implies, is built around its music-playing… Read More