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  • Motorola appoints new mobile device head

    Motorola has appointed Qualcomm executive Sanjay Jha to head its flailing mobile phone business. Jha, who’s been with Qualcomm for 14 years, has been credited with “growing Qualcomm into the No. 1 wireless semiconductor supplier,” and apparently Motorola hopes he’ll be up to the challenge of turning the tables at its handset unit. Following the success of the Razor… Read More

  • 7 new LiMo handsets announced

    The LiMo Foundation announced the latest wave of LiMo-based handsets. Seven new handsets based on the open mobile platform have started shipping worldwide today from Motorola, NEC and Panasonic Mobile Communications. Morgan Gillis, executive director of LiMo Foundation, said in a statement: “The combination of LiMo’s transparent governance model, balanced development model… Read More

  • Nokia working with Remond on Zune phone?

    Word from Zunescene is that not only is Microsoft working on a Zune phone, but its getting some help from Nokia. Well, really the report says that that two are working to integrate Zune Marketplace content. But one thing could lead to another, right? Nokia doesn’t even make any Windows Mobile smartphones, so is Nokia working with Microsoft to integrate Zune’s music store with… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve Sunset launching today

    Rumor had it that the Blackberry Curve Sunset would be hitting the shelves on August 4th – sure enough, the official confirmation just came down the pipes. Besides the paint job and fancy new sub-name, it’s still the same old Curve we know and love. Same 2 megapixel shooter, stereo bluetooth, with support for T-Mobile Hotspot Calling and up to 4 gigs of microSD. If you’ve… Read More

  • CellSpin adds iPhone support

    Constantly jacked in, but drowning under the weight of a million social sites? CellSpin can help. Whether it’s text, photos, or video, CellSpin lets you simultaneously post multimedia content to a chunk of the internet’s favorite websites. CellSpin’s gone and added the iPhone to their hefty list of supported handsets, giving iPhone/iPod Touch users yet another way to get… Read More

  • Rid your iPhone/speaker set-up of the GSM buzz blues

    Nothing kills a freeway Pandora jam session faster than the freaky-deaky alien speak that is GSM interference washing out your tunes. Once the pulsing of a GSM phone’s RF transmitter finds its way to a poorly shielded speaker, all hope of actually enjoying the music is lost. If you’re only using the iPod functionality of your iPhone, switching the phone into airplane mode is… Read More

  • This week on MobileCrunch

    The most popular MobileCrunch stories from 7/27/08 – 8/2/08: US lawmakers permaban cell phones in flight iPhone 3G has a crack problem T-Mobile launching 3G in 27 markets on October 1st Carmack on iPhone: “More powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined T-mobile lets your parents control your phone Read More

  • Nokia unveils pricing for Files On Ovi

    Launched in July of this year, Files on Ovi is a service from Nokia which allows you to access files on your Windows-powered computer from your mobile handset (or any web browser, really.) While the application and base service are free, it requires your computer to stay on back at home. If it’s off (or your net connection dies), your files become inaccessible. For those special files… Read More

  • Nokia 5610 finally set to launch on T-Mobile, new color scheme spotted

    Almost a full year after the Nokia 5610 was announced, T-Mobile will finally be adding it to their line up on August 11th. So, why’d it take so long? According to Cell Phone Signal, reception issues are to blame. Those problems (hopefully) fixed, the phone will launch for $150 bucks before a 50 buck mail in rebate, dressed in red/black, blue/black, or a brand spankin’ new… Read More

  • Nokia might be getting into the movie biz

    Though they’re completely open about the fact that their source is a bit peculiar, BGR is reporting that that Nokia may be looking to start up a movie download service. Rather than a pay-per-view or rental service, the new service is tentatively all-you-can-eat. One lump sum per month garners you unlimited access to a catalog of 320 x 240 H.264 movies, streamed straight to your handset. Read More

  • NetShare iPhone tethering app goes up, then down, then back up

    With many a smart phone, tethering (sharing your phone’s internet connection to another device, generally a computer) is a standard option. Not so on the iPhone 3G, which generally a requires good bit of hackery and finagling to tether. When NullRivers’ $10 iPhone tethering application NetShare hit the App Store on Thursday, the iPhone-bearing internet rejoiced. Finally, tethering… Read More

  • Nokia cuts handset prices

    According to a report in Reuters, Nokia has cut prices on many of its handsets worldwide, by as much as 10%. The largest cuts are on the Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610 music phones and the 8GB Nokia N81. As the handset market faces increasing pressure from slowing economies in the U.S and Europe, Nokia’s price cuts are seen as a move to put pressure on its smaller rivals such as Sony… Read More

  • Samsung and AT&T have a summer Krush

    Samsung and AT&T kicked off their exclusive music tour last night with a free Mariah Carey performance in Hollywood. The Summer Krush tour presents seven one-night only private music events, with tickets only available from radio promotions, street teams and online registration. This summer’s acts include: Gavin Rossdale in Seattle, on August 7; LeAnn Rimes in Dallas, on August… Read More

  • Carmack on iPhone: "More powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined"

    During QuakeCon 2008, Game development icon and id co-founder John Carmack shared some insight on working with the iPhone SDK. A complete turnaround from his stance with previous iPods, Carmack’s got nothing but good to say about game development for the iPhone. While he states that he doesn’t believe it’s the definitive answer for mobile gaming, he mentions that the handset… Read More

  • US lawmakers permaban cell phones in-flight

    US Lawmakers are sick of people sitting on airplanes, talking about all sorts of private matters while waiting for the plane to taxi. After a round of story-telling on conversations they’ve overheard in the past, the House of Representatives has voted to upgrade the FAA’s ban on in-flight cell phone usage to “Permanent” status. On one hand, I’ve felt their pain: a… Read More

  • Nokia N96 droppin in the UK on October 1st?

    Just a few months after the N95’s first birthday, Nokia’s prepping to launch it’s big bad brother, the N96. According to rumors floating around the intertubes, this little puppy might be in the hands of Nokia fans as early as October 1st – at least, in the UK. No word yet on US pricing or availability, though past reports have pinned it around $800-$1000 US ducats. Read More

  • Apple seeds background app tools to select iPhone developers

    Oh background push, how I yearn for you. You bring tidings of fun and communication, whether the application is in the foreground or not. Imagine: the ability to receive instant message notifications, even when the application is off screen. This is the future, people. Our jet packs arrive next week. As of last night, select developers have begun receiving the tools required to create… Read More

  • Google Maps for Mobile 2.2 brings transit directions to WinMo and S60

    When Google announced that they’d added transit information to the Google Maps for Blackberry application, I was beyond pumped. A lingering artifact of a time when pen-and-paper was the only option, transit maps make me angry. Now Google’s gone and freed S60 and Windows Mobile users from ever having to deal with transit maps either. With the release of version 2.2, both platforms… Read More

  • Samsung Soulb (U800) gets pink'd up

    When the Samsung Soul went pink back in June, we were a bit surprised that it’s younger brother, the Soulb, wasn’t getting the same treatment. Turns out, it was – it’s just a few months late to the party. The UK’s Phones4u has announced that they will be exclusively offering a pink Soulb starting in October. It’s all the same inside (HSDPA, 3 megapixel… Read More

  • T-Mobile lets your parents control your phone

    T-Mobile announced its new ‘Family Allowances’ service, to promote ‘responsible’ use of cell phones by children, or whoever’s phone you are paying for. Available starting in August, the new service allows parents to easily control and how their family members use their T-Mobile phones and service. Using the online tool, parents can set and change limits for… Read More