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  • The LG Chocolate is now official!

    The LG Chocolate is now official. (That sound you just heard is the sound of millions of people breathing a sigh of relief.) The specs are, in fact, the same as those found in that leaked promo video from a few days ago. Read More

  • iPhone Devs: Lite/Free mobile apps really pay off

    The creator of iCombat wrote an analysis of his experience making and giving away a free “lite” version of his app alongside his paid, full version. The result? It makes economic sense to create a lite version early on and update it often to goose the users into downloading – and paying attention to – your app. His global conversion rate was 9% which meant that a… Read More

  • Geodelic releases Sherpa into the wild

    G1 owners- Direct your device to the Android Market and download Sherpa (it’s official now)! Read More

  • Windows Mobile now called "Windows Phone" – no, really

    Apparently, it’s been leaked by some loose-lipped presenter at a Microsoft event that “Windows Mobile” is out, and “Windows Phone” is in. Well, Microsoft, I try to get your back now and then when you’re misunderstood or wrongly accused, but this is beyond the pale. I can’t think of a worse name to call your operating system. Let me count the reasons why: Read More

  • Facebook coming to Android

    Well, we never thought it would happen because of its intense rivalry with Google, but Facebook is almost ready to launch an official app for Android phones. Hints are already popping up here and there, but I’ve been able to confirm it. The app could hit the Android Market (its version of the App Store) as soon as the end of this week. Facebook’s Android app will launch with a… Read More

  • Is the iPhone causing Apple to lose the plot?

    Is Apple losing the plot? I ask this because, having just read this bollocks (Apple wants to make jailbreaking illegal because it supposedly threatens our nation’s cellphone tower infrastructure, and thereby threatens our national security), I’ve read nothing but well-reasoned, anti-Apple invective. Come, let’s explore the phenomenon. Read More

  • T-Mobile to sell HTC Touch Pro2 in August

    We know it was coming but so soon! To recap it’s a WinMo 6.1 phon with WiFi, 3.6-inch touchscreen, and 3.2-megapixel camera. It will, as rumored, be available in mocha. T-Mobile USA Debuts HTC Touch Pro2 in the U.S.
    New Tilting Touchscreen Device Available to T-Mobile Customers in mid-August Bellevue, Wash. — July 29, 2009 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., and HTC Corp. today announced… Read More

  • WiFi-enabled BlackBerry 8530 headed to VZW

    Hopefully Verizon has changed it tune for good on WiFi. Generally the carrier doesn’t allow WiFi-toting devices to be sold with a Verizon Logo affixed – there are a couple of small Winmo exceptions- but it seems that the BlackBerry 8530 will be 802.11 b/g enabled. Not only that, but it might be the first Verizon BlackBerry to come loaded with OS 5.0. Pricing or availability… Read More

  • Video: LG GD910 Watch phone does video

    Dick Tracy, eat your heart out. Better yet, do it whilst having a live video chat with someone on the LG GD910. So, yes – the LG GD910 Wrist phone does video chat. Unfortunately, all signs point at this thing costing roughly the same as a down payment on a new Honda, and it’s pretty likely that the video chat feature will only play friendly with other GD910s. Unless you’ve got… Read More

  • Booyah Society: Level Up in Life! with your iPhone

    Keith wasn’t as boisterous during our second filming of the app as he was the first time. Hopefully you guys get the idea. So what is Booyah and what does it bring to the iPhone that no one else has done? Before we dive into that here’s a little background info on the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup. Founded by three former videogame industry vets from Blizzard, Activision and… Read More

  • Google Realizes That Short Links Are Smart Links In Mobile Gmail

    Google is finally figuring out that short links are just easier to deal with, especially on a mobile phone. No, it is not rolling out its own URL shortening service just yet (, stand down). But today it is introducing what it calls “smart links” to the mobile version of Gmail. When it recognizes a super-long link like one for Google Maps, it will shorten it to the… Read More

  • Sidekick Sync app brings push email, Exchange support, and more to the Sidekick LX '09

    Yo, Sidekick LX ’09 owners. Check out the Download Catalog. You should find the Sidekick Sync app somewhere in there and guess what? The app brings push email, attachment viewing, syncing, and Exchange support to your beloved Sidekick. Tits, right? (If you don’t see the app right away, check back a little bit later today) Read More

  • This August, the HTC Touch Pro 2 & Samsung Gravity 2 head to T-Mobile

    You’ll have two more T-Mobile cellphones to pick from beginning next month. There’s the HTC Touch Pro2, which still doesn’t have an AT&T release date (so T-Mo can lord that over AT&T), and the Samsung Gravity 2. Read More

  • VZW now pushing Slacker Radio to the BlackBerry Tour

    Last week Verzion pushed Slacker Radio onto the BlackBerry Storm. This time around, the BlackBerry Tour is getting the same treatment. Why you ask? Well, Slacker Radio has put a little icon within the app that links available songs to the VZW V-Cast music store. So when a tune plays through Slacker Radio, customers will be able to purchase the song right there. If for some reason Slacker… Read More

  • Hey LG BL40 – Why the long face?

    The more we look at this thing, the more we wonder if we’ll need a special pair of pants to carry it around. Will we need LG Chocolate BL40-certified pockets? Or will we need to carry it around in some sort of sling? We still haven’t touched it, but some lucky reporter over at got the opportunity to paw at it briefly. They didn’t say much we didn’t already… Read More

  • Sprint puts $483 million on the table for Virgin Mobile USA

    In what looks to be shaping up to be another healthy week for M&A activity, Sprint Nextel is putting more of its focus on the prepaid cell phone service market with a $483 million deal to buy out Virgin Mobile USA. The acquisition, which was announced earlier this morning, calls for Sprint to pay $5.50 in stock for each Virgin Mobile share, a 31 percent premium to the MVNO’s… Read More

  • Sprint set to acquire Virgin Mobile

    Sprint and Virgin Mobile sitting in a tree, m-e-r-g-i-n-g. Well, not merging per se. More like Sprint is acquiring Virgin Mobile. Seems as though this whole “pre-paid, no contract” thing is a hit and Sprint, looking to gain some ground in the mobile arms race, wants in on the action. Read More

  • That's a mighty generic-looking Android phone you got there, Philips

    It may be that we’re entering an era of lozenge-shaped phones with little to distinguish them from one another, but that doesn’t mean phone makers shouldn’t even try. Honestly, if your phone looks and acts like every other phone and its specs are for the most part the same, why did you put it out? Philips’ V808 is their first Android-based smartphone, so I guess you… Read More

  • Samsung, Intrinsity unveil Hummingbird to rival Snapdragon

    Alright, so Samsung wasn’t exactly the first kid on the block to break the mobile gigahertz barrier, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of effort. It looks like they’re ready to put that behind them, as they and partner Intrinsity have unveiled their first foray into the realm of high performance mobility: the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. The Hummingbird itself is based on… Read More

  • Resident Evil 4 now available for the iPhone

    Get it now for $8 from the App Store. [PSGallery=348318hbdf] Read More