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  • Review: TeleNav for the G1

    The GPS Navigation system has become a utility that is essential to travel, whether it be daily commute or cross country excursion. Once seen a luxury, this now-necessity has been a sweeping success all around the globe, allowing the world’s atlases right at your fingertip with near surgical precision in tracking and guidance. TeleNav, established veteran of the GPS marketplace, has… Read More

  • ‘iPhone 32GB’ briefly appears on Austrian T-Mobile site

    Something called the “iPhone 32GB” was spotted on T-Mobile Austria’s Web site; it has since been removed. This is huge news because… well, it’s probably not huge news, no. Read More

  • Locate a Sprint store that will stock the Pre with this handy tip

    Now that we know that the Pre will be in very short supply at Best Buy, you may want to try a Sprint store. But, in Sprint’s and Palm’s infinite wisdom, not every store will stock them right away. At least you can use the Store Locator tool on Sprint’s website to figure out which stores will stock the phone on June 6th. Read More

  • Best Buy stores to only stock 4 Pres on launch day, better bring your sleeping bag

    We knew that the initial stock of Palm Pres was going to be light, but only 4 per Best Buy store seems down right suicidal. The total amount of Palm Pres in Best Buy’s inventory will be 4,250, which works out to be 4 per store according to one source. Better go dig out the sleeping bag and lawn chair now if you were planning on getting a Pre on June 6th Read More

  • Palm Pre will be blind: no Visual Voicemail upon launch

    Well, Twitter has become the pinnacle of gossip, grapevine chatter, and frankly, just good ol’ breaking news.  Yesterday, Palm made a very subjective statement through the company’s Twitter account in response to the question about Visual Voicemail: “Palm Synergy presents integrated messaging in lots of useful ways, but not that particular way”. From the statement, it… Read More

  • Palm Pre now on – for $849 (?!?)

    Whhaaa? This must be some sort of pre-release nonsense ’cause we already know that Best Buy will sell the Palm Pre for $199 without a rebate and the off-contract price will be $549. Still, why wouldn’t the correct price be set on the Palm Pre product page from the getgo? More as we get it. [Thanks for the tip, Nate] Read More

  • Not safe: Poll finds 1-in-4 Americans text while driving

    A new survey shows that 1 in 4 Americans text while driving. That’s not good news for road safety, no sir. Read More

  • Yahoo! Chases After Google, Adds Voice Search To iPhone App

    Not too long ago, Google added voice recognition to their iPhone search application. Not one to be behind the times, Yahoo! has gone and done the same. Well, that’s what we should have been able to say. Instead, Yahoo’s voice recognition add-on comes nearly 6 months after Google’s. Of course, Yahoo’s application is a bit more complex than Google’s, being that it… Read More

  • Boost Mobile opening 50 new stores by 2010

    Boost Mobile, the refreshed and rambunctious pre-paid arm of Sprint-Nextel, has some news that may shock some people: Even with the economy teetering, Boost hasn’t folded it’s hand. Turns out, they may be sitting with a full house. They’re doing well, well enough to be expanding on a solid scale with 50 exclusive stores nationwide. The first of the bunch opened up May 8th… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hitting AT&T On Friday, Will Set You Back $200

    So you want a BlackBerry on AT&T, but not the Bold. We get it; the Bold is a bit expensive, a bit chunky, and seriously – who really needs three Gs? You’d be perfectly fine with one or two Gs, but no one seems to offer that. If that sounds like you, you should be set come Friday. On May 22nd, AT&T will be releasing the slightly less portly, slightly less expensive, and… Read More

  • New Zealand Telco Seems To Further Verify New iPhone — On Twitter

    Yes, there is very likely a new iPhone coming very soon. Probably to be unveiled at WWDC and launched sometime in July. But it’s easy to forget those are all still rumors because Apple obviously won’t comment on anything and so the information is based on leaked reports, second-hand whispers, inferences and digging through software code. But it’s one of those situations… Read More

  • Review: EA's Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone, iPod Touch

    For whatever reason, I can’t stop playing the iPhone version of EA’s Need for Speed Undercover, which is why it’s taken me this long to review it. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a big fan of the console series, but EA nailed it on the head with the handheld port. Everything about this game from the graphics to the cut scenes to the handling of cars is… Read More

  • Samsung's SGH-t349 now official, still bright green

    Emerging from the rumor mill this morning in all of its limey goodness is the SGH-t349, Samsung’s 20-key partial QWERTY candybar phone for T-Mobile. This guy has by no means proven camera shy thus far, so it’s no real surprise – but hey, lets see you make a cell phone without anyone finding out about it. Coming in at a few bucks shy of the price of a good meal ($14.99 on a… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson needs $135 million

    Sony Ericsson will need a hot cash injection of 100 million euro ($135 million) to survive after March 2010. Sony and Ericsson will both be raising cash in order to keep this dog afloat for a while longer and the company is cutting “one in five” jobs. The real question: Will they be missed? Read More

  • Review: Terminator Salvation for the iPhone

    There are few iPhone games that I would label as a ‘premium’ title or as a ‘must have’ and one would expect a $10 title to garner such a nod, but Gameloft’s Terminator Salvation unfortunately falls short of receiving such accolades. That’s not to say the game is horrible. Far from it, actually, but I just expected more than two hours of gameplay. At the… Read More

  • Docomo's cell phone line-up for this summer (part 2: PRIME and PRO series)

    NTT Docomo not only announced eight new cell phones in their SMART and STYLE series today but also presented nine other models that are part of the so-called PRIME (top row in the picture) and PRO (the three devices on the right in the bottom row) series. Here is the complete rundown of the PRIME and PRO models. Some of the specs are unbelievable. Read More

  • Video: A rosie future for Android

    Android hacker extraordinaire Haykuro is at it again. Just days ago, he ported a build of Android from the HTC Hero to the G1, showing off a handful of features we’d never seen before. This time around, he has managed to get his hands on a build that looks to have seen a ton of visual polish – but by who? We don’t know if the visual overhaul is an official act of Google for… Read More

  • Docomo rolls out 17 (partly awesome) cell phones in Japan (part 1: STYLE and SMART series)

    Following Softbank, Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier NTT Docomo announced its summer cell phone line-up [JP], consisting of a total of 17 new candy bars. Docomo breaks down the handsets into four series: STYLE (top row in the picture), SMART (the two phones on the left in the bottom row), PRO and PRIME. And some of the models just look awesome (sales begin this month). Read More

  • Softbank's cell phone lineup for this summer (part 2: Armani and other models)

    SoftBank today not only announced six new cell phones made by Sharp but also 10 other models from companies such as NEC, Panasonic, Samsung and Armani (well, the Armani handset is really made by Samsung). The carrier will start rolling out the handsets between May and October this year. Read More

  • Softbank floods Japan with 15 new cell phones (part 1: all Sharp models)

    Big news from Japan’s cell phone market today as Japan’s No.3 telecommunications company SoftBank and the No. 1, NTT Docomo, presented their new cell phone line-ups for the summer. Softbank announced a total of 19 new models [JP] (sales start within this month), and many of them are made by Sharp. Read More