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  • Unnamed Sony Ericsson QWERTY phone spotted in the wild [Updated]

    I’ll go ahead and say it: the fact that this unnamed, mostly undetailed Sony Ericsson touchscreen/QWERTY handset is running Symbian S60 5th Edition rather than Android is a travesty. Read More

  • Video: iPhone hacked to support the Magic Mouse

    Those gifted gents over at the BTStack might just be too clever for their own good. First they blow our minds by sneaking Wiimote support onto the iPhone, and then tickle our productivity-loving souls by hacking in Bluetooth keyboard support. It’s a bit awkward to be typing away on a physical keyboard, only to have to reach over and poke the screen whenever you want to do something… Read More

  • Kleiner-backed GOGII Releases textPlus for Android

    Why pay for text messaging anymore when you can send texts for free? That’s the message GOGII is trying to send to users via its textPlus application, which has been wildly successful on the iPhone with over 3.2 million downloads. As with many other successful iPhone applications, textPlus is moving to Android and bringing free texting along with it. UPDATE: As noted by some commenters… Read More

  • Weeks after Marrying Pinch Media, Flurry Gets in Bed with comScore and Starts Revenue Machine

    Flurry Analytics has been real busy this holiday season. They recently merged with Pinch Media to create the biggest (in terms of user base) mobile analytics platform on the market. Today, Flurry is announcing a partnership with comScore, Inc. to provide mobile analytics for comScore clientele. This will provide Flurry with a fresh new revenue stream and comScore with the ability to stay… Read More

  • AppMakr Transforms App Store Landscape, Enables Anyone To Make Their Own iPhone App

    Every once in a while, a startup comes around with a product that we not only cover, but actually want to use ourselves. PointAbout, a Washington, DC-based self-funded startup, has done just that. AppMakr is absolutely ridonkculous. Basically, AppMakr allows you to create your own iPhone app – for $199. You can include feeds from any RSS-enabled website, and the apps are completely native. Read More

  • Six New Years Resolutions For Apple And The iPhone In 2010

    Last night, as we waited for Carson Daily to tell us that it was time to make a lot of noise, I found myself laying on my buddy’s lawn with glass number one-too-many of something toxic in my hand. As I stared up at the stars, I pondered something I’d imagine most of the country was pondering as well: Does Steve Jobs make New Years Resolutions? I mean, really; outside of continuing… Read More

  • Top 10 MobileCrunch Posts of 2009

    Ever wonder what stories of 2009 the people of the Internet found most interesting? I can’t really help you there, but I can tell you which stories on MobileCrunch got the most pageviews. Now, you might assume that most of our popular stories involved the iPhone, but — well, actually, you’d be right. The iPhone isn’t alone on the list, of course; Android makes a handful… Read More

  • Rumor: Samsung Mobile to launch absolutely nothing at CES?

    Remember the last time Samsung went more than a few days without launching a new phone? Yeah, neither do we – so you’ll have to pardon us if we sound a bit skeptical here. When we got word that Samsung Mobile was holding their CES press conference at the ungodly hour of 7:30 A.M on the Day 2 of CES (otherwise known as Day 1 of being hungover), my curiosity was piqued. I mean, who… Read More

  • Leaked: The Motorola Mirage might just be the best Android phone yet

    Oh, Android – how good you have been for Motorola. It was only months ago that they were teetering on the edge of obscurity; one 350-person Android task force later, they’ve got the most popular Android handset in the lands and are being name dropped on a nearly daily basis around the rumor mill. A Chinese leakster managed to get his mitts on this (confusingly obscured) shot of… Read More