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  • Samsung cracking away at an 800mhz Armani 2?

    When it comes to “luxury” brand handsets, the original Samsung Armani is one of the less ridiculous choices you could make. It is, in every sense, the exact opposite of the Dior phone. It has actual features that people might want, isn’t mindblowingly ugly, and doesn’t cost 5-friggin’-thousand dollars. We’re not sure how well the original Armani sold, but… Read More

  • Boost drops all unlimited plans down to $50

    Just months ago, Boost unveiled their mega-cheap “UNLTD By Boost” package. By picking one of three plans on their tiered system, you could get just the features you wanted. $50 bucks got you Unlimited Talk, $60 bucks scored you Unlimited Talk & Text, and for $70 you’d walk away with the whole shebang: Talk, Text, and Data. It was already a pretty sweet deal. Well… Read More

  • Storm 2 dummies show up in Verizon's inventory

    Verizon has been blabbing all over the place about the fact that a Storm 2 is on the way, so they don’t really need to shroud the whole thing in secrecy at this point. That’s right, folks. No top secret codenames in the inventory system, no shipping crates sealed shut with a declaration of all the ways they’ll eat your face if it’s opened too early; just an entry in… Read More

  • Verizon's own app store to launch too late and for no good reason

    So Verizon is putting out a call to developers to get excited about the upcoming Verizon application store. A little late, guys! You expect developers to turn around and say “sure buddy!” while they’re busy scrambling to get their apps working on platforms that aren’t built from the ground up to screw them over? Because I can only assume that bringing your app to… Read More

  • In the cards for Android: more payment options, better social capabilities

    Just as we can look forward to the “two major, two minor” updates a year for Android, it looks like we can count on them to respond to pressure from both users and competitors when it comes to feature inclusion. At a recent T-Mo/Google event, Google’s Andy Rubin discussed some future capabilities for Android, although nothing was set in stone. Increased social networking… Read More

  • BlackBerry App World launching in 10 new markets later this month

    Attention European BlackBerry Owners- Later this month the following 10 countries will be able to enjoy the awesomeness that is RIM’s BlackBerry App World. Cheers to you, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxemburg, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. For everyone else, RIM promises that new categories are on the way. Read More

  • Nokia Mako becomes Nokia Surge, launches on AT&T next week

    Here’s the Nokia timeline so far: 1987: Nokia releases the Mobira Cityman 900, one of the world’s first handheld cell phones 1994: Nokia releases the 2100 series, which is the first to feature their signature ringtone. The song is forever burned into our brains. 2003: Nokia releases the Nokia 1100 and sells 200 million units, making it one of the best selling handsets of all… Read More

  • Video: LG is marketing the GM730 with… puppets?

    So, let’s say you’re really digging the LG GM730. It was perfect: you loved the look of the KM900 Arena, but needed something with a bit more Windows Mobile – bam, the GM730 fit the bill. Same 3″ screen, same 5 megapixel camera, and they’ve even thrown a bit of that S-Class interface on top of WinMo for good measure. But you’re still on the edge, unsure… Read More

  • Product shots for T-Mobile Samsung T559 Comeback revealed

    Don’t call it a Comeback! Wait, no. That other one. Do call it a Comeback – because that’s what its called. We saw this thing in all of its QWERTY-sliding meatiness way back in May, though we didn’t have a name for it then. With the purported July 15th launch date just days away and Samsung’s terrible leak track record, we’re surprised its taken this long… Read More

  • Sprint launches the LG LX290, no one notices

    You know, we would write a nice, well thought out post about the LG LX290. We’d make a joke or two at its expense for being a bit on the ugly side, point out the 1.3mp camera, and then come up with some way to make this thing sound intriguing. But the LG LX 290 has a 2.5mm headset jack which, as we’ve covered before, automatically means the phone is garbage. Hey – at… Read More

  • LG launches app store mostly for Asia

    LG is making life good for people in Asia who want an app store for LG phones. The manufacturer, #3 worldwide, has added 1,400 applications and 100 free programs. The service is available in Pac-Rim countries like Singapore and Malaysia and will hit Europe by the end of this year. No mention of a US launch. Read More

  • Video: The LG Chocolate returns, this time with a multi-touch screen

    This here video shows the new edition of the LG Chocolate, the fine-for-what-it-is cellphone that placates the I’m-not-spending-$300-on-a-phone crowd. It officially goes by the name of the LG Chocolate BL40, and it’s “coming soon,” probably around August, probably on Verizon Wireless. Probably, probably, probably. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless releases two BlackBerry Tour 9630s

    Without a doubt, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is the nicest BlackBerry to date. It’s the perfect size (in between the Bold and Curve 8900) and has the best keyboard of all time. Anyway, Verizon unleashed two variants of the latest BlackBerry yesterday- one with a camera and one without. They’re both priced at $200 and available now. Verizon subscribers should get this and not that… Read More

  • Droid Comic Viewer rocks every Android platform (plus the DS)

    While not every comic is suitable to be read in mobile form (full-page art is hard to appreciate on a sub-3″ screen), it is nice having a few comics around for subway or bus reading. I recently downloaded a huge pack of Four Color Comics, the original home of later hits like Dick Tracy and Donald Duck, and they are perfect for carrying around with you. Droid Comic Viewer reads .zip… Read More

  • App Roundup: four apps that try to make a good game better

    When you can’t think of your own original game, steal someone else’s and make it better (or don’t). That’s the motto of this week’s app roundup, where we feature four games that attempt to improve on an existing classic. App #1: The iPhone is just perfect for racing games, and so many have been made for it. The accelerometer allows you to use the device as a… Read More

  • NFL to stream live games on the iPhone, but doesn't want anyone to watch

    Excited about the NFL streaming live football games on the iPhone? I was, too, until I heard the “but.” Announced today, the NFL has partnered with DirecTV to stream live games via an iPhone app during the 2009 season. Great news if you’re a DirecTV subscribers willing to pay $280 on an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and a $100 Sunday Ticket SuperFan subscription and be in… Read More

  • T-Mobile US isn't getting the Hero, but T-Mobile UK is

    There’s no doubt about it: T-Mobile isn’t getting the HTC Hero. At least, not in the US. In the UK, it’s a whole different story. The word just came straight out of T-Mobile UK’s mouth (well, their Twitter account – but that’s the closest thing to a mouth they’ve got): the HTC Hero is coming to T-Mobile UK at the end of this month, and will be known as… Read More

  • Unboxing: Toshiba TG01 gets the customary unrobing

    The TG01 has arrived, folks. The swoon-worthy 1Ghz Snapdragon processor is now flying free in the UK and Japan, decoding 720p video without even breaking a sweat. As with any landmark handset release, it was only a matter of time before someone stripped this thing of its box and took pics along the way. Slashgear managed to scrounge one up, and have done the dirty deed with haste. For… Read More

  • From Tokyo: Demo of "almost finalized" augmented reality tagging app Sekai Camera (videos)

    I attended the inaugural event of the AR Commons in Tokyo today, a new initiative that’s supposed to help set “standards of augmented reality as a public environment”. In other words, the symposium is an attempt to understand what augmented reality, the mixing of the real world with computer data, really is and what consequences the concept will have on the society. And one… Read More

  • Palm Pre owners complaining about the lack of touchscreen keyboard

    Oh this is just stupid. A Strategy Analytics study has found that some Palm Pre users are complaining about the lack of an on-screen keyboard. Unbelievable. Read More