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  • Adobe Flash 10.1 to support just about every mobile OS (except the iPhone's)

    Adobe took the wraps off its latest and most versatile version of its Flash Player to date earlier today. The newly announced Flash 10.1 software will be available “for smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks, PCs and other Internet-connected devices, allowing content created using the Adobe Flash Platform to reach users wherever they are.” It’s kind of a big deal. Version 10.1… Read More

  • T-Mobile rolling out Wi-Fi calling for corporate BlackBerry users

    T-Mobile is set to begin offering corporate customers the ability to use BlackBerry devices to make calls over office Wi-Fi connections without using up cell plan minutes. Calls initiated via office Wi-Fi would automatically switch over to T-Mobile’s network when the caller left the office, too. Read More

  • Behold! The Samsung Behold II with Android

    What do you get when you add Android to TouchWiz? WizDroid! Samsung’s new Behold II is running a nicely modified version of Android with some unique UI improvements. We’ve known about this old girl for a few weeks now but it’s finally been announced on T-Mo. No pricing or availability date. Following the success of its predecessor, the Samsung BeholdĀ®, the Behold II will… Read More

  • Oops: AT&T sells Windows Mobile 6.5 phones a little early

    So WinMo 6.5 is just about to break, and of course, like any company launching a new product, Microsoft would like all the news and handsets and what have you to hit at the same time — overpowering your senses and causing you to speak in tongues. But that won’t happen, first because most of the details of the new OS and phones are pretty well-known, and second because an… Read More

  • Palm defies USB authorities, restores iTunes compatibility for Pre

    Wow, it’s on. I thought that Palm was going to work out an alternate solution after that official reprimand from the USB Implementers Forum, but they’re going right ahead with iTunes compatibility again. I suppose they feel that it’s more of a crime for Apple to restrict device access than it is to spoof a device’s maker. At any rate, the conflict just got escalated. Read More

  • Google Maps for iPhone now serving up ads

    The free ride is over, ladies. Go ahead and fire up the Google Maps Apps for your iPhone (or iPhone touch), and you may well run into something you’ve avoided for so, so long: an ad. That’s right: Google Maps now shows advertisements. Things fall apart. Read More

  • Sprint LG Lotus 2 coming in January, will rock a touchscreen face?

    Be honest: the first time you saw the somewhat-short, somewhat-stout LG Lotus, did you think it would be successful enough to get a sequel? Looks like it was. One of our sources just spilled the beans on what we’re tentatively calling the “Lotus 2”, for lack of a better name. It’s sounding a whole lot like the original so far, with just a few little tweaks thrown in… Read More

  • iPhone 3GS with 3.1 added to pwnable items list

    If you’ve been dealing with a non-jailbroken 3GS running 3.1, now’s your chance to redeem it. The Dev-Team has upgraded PwnageTool to allow the 3GS (and the newest iPod touch) to be busted wide open, provided it was previously pwned in 3.0 or 3.0.1. So if your iPhone had 3.1 out of the box, you’re still out of luck. That is all. Read More

  • Man threatens to shoot his iPhone in the middle of the Apple Store

    Okay, everyone. Time for a pop quiz! Lets say your iPhone is totally ruining your day. Maybe the battery is flaking out; maybe you dumped a gallon of soda on it just to see what would happen. Regardless, you pop into the Apple Store to try and get things worked out. Now, what would you do next? Do you:
    A) Calmly ask for assistance, spend some time at the Genius Bar, and most likely walk away… Read More

  • ProCamera takes the iPhone camera that much closer to the real thing

    iPhone OS 3.0 finally brought video functionality to everyone’s favorite Apple phone. It also enabled developers to add graphic overlays to the iPhone’s camera views thereby opening the door to new features such as augmented reality and other camera “tricks.” Thus, it’s come as no surprise that many new camera-focused apps have emerged, such as ProCamera, that… Read More

  • T-Mobile UK Pulse: Pay Now or Pay Later

    Announced almost exactly one month ago, the world’s first “affordable” Android phone, the Pulse, is now available via T-Mobile UK. Read More

  • Verizon HTC Imagio gets caught on video

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve got two things going through your mind right now: 1) Why the hell is HBO waiting until June of 2010 to air season 3 of True Blood? and 2) What’s the HTC Imagio like in action? Actually, we’re lying about that second one. We got a chance to play with the Imagio a few weeks ago – we just weren’t allowed to film it, shoot… Read More

  • The GeeksPhone One comes out of left field but still impresses

    Another day, another Android handset. The One comes to us from Spanish start-up called GeeksPhone. No word on available, planned market, or price, but so far the specs are looking good for the quadband GSM and 2100MHz UMTS HSPA phone. Read More

  • TXTBlocker allows parents to block kids from texting while driving

    Texting while driving is incredibly unsafe (and making calls, for that matter). Even more so than drinking and driving, which YOU SHOULD NEVER DO, EVER. California knows it. The Obama Administration knows it. And apparently, the folks responsible for TXTBlocker know it. What is TXTBlocker, you ask? It is a new service that “lets parents and employers customize cell phones to… Read More

  • Smule sells 300k copies of I Am T-Pain, celebrates with a new song and a huge contest

    The second we laid eyes on Smule’s autotuning, pitch-changing iPhone app, I Am T-Pain, we knew it was going to be a huge hit – and it has been. We just got some details from Smule’s CEO, Jeff Smith, on how things are going so far. In the first 3 weeks alone, the application has seen 300,000 downloads. The average user spends around 66 minutes within the application —… Read More

  • iPhone calculator app takes steps to save the children

    Oh, TLA Systems, you clever, clever bastards. As we all learned from that one awkwardly-mature kid in our first grade class, there is a glaring fault in nearly every calculator ever made: they double as a means of smuggling smut into the classroom. In an otherwise sterile and pure environment, these tools allow for children (CHILDREN!) to be corrupted (and to subsequently corrupt each other)… Read More

  • Leaked LG 2010 Q1 roadmap reveals 7 new phones

    Hello. What do we have here? Apparently, it’s a leaked image of LG’s 2010 Q1 roadmap! Yippee! Unfortunately, other than the diverse collection of LG handset names – Wine2, Wine Jr., Goya, Stage, Mini, Sweet, and Cookie2 – there really isn’t much more to talk about at the moment…other than LG’s obsession interest with food-related names (think LG… Read More

  • Motorola is indeed holding an event next week – but it's probably not for Tao

    Here’s the good news: Motorola is throwing an event next week, right as one of the biggest mobile shows of the year, CTIA San Diego, kicks off. And the bad news: it may not be the announcement everyone is hoping for. Read More

  • T-Mobile confirms that Android v1.6 (Donut) rollout is underway

    Rumors were abound last night that T-Mobile would begin sending out the Android v1.6 update (known amongst the geekdom as “Donut”) today, and sure enough: they’ve just confirmed it. The big changes here include a fix for a bug that would reset your phone after dialing 911 (Oops!), the new (and much prettier) market, improved voice search, a new camera interface, and… Read More

  • Verizon to announce Moto Tao next week? Phone to drop Dec. 1?

    First came the rumors. Then came the leaked images. And now, 3 all-knowing (conveniently unnamed) analysts have predicted that Verizon’s long awaited foray into Android will happen some time next week with the announcement of Motorola’s Sholes/Tao smartphone. The timing seems feasible, especially considering that Motorola is holding a MOTODEV Android-related press event next… Read More