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  • Zannel Gets Ripe

    Zannel, a company that specializes in mobile phone social networking has teamed up with Ripe Digital Entertainment, a provider of photo and video clips. Zannel users can now watch and share favorite clips and videos with friends by utilizing Zannel’s Send-To-Phone player. “The demand for instant entertainment on mobile phones is at an all-time high and Zannel is dedicated to… Read More

  • Truphone Tones In

    Truphone Tones In

    This week Truphone introduced their new InTones service, which is free for both callers and recipients. This new feature offers a selection of ringtone sounds that their calls where hear. The choices are rock, jazz, bluegrass, hip-hop, ska, disco, Euro house, “standard” and something called Truphone. These InTones are played by the Truphone servers before the call is… Read More

  • Action Engine Shifts into Mobile High Gear

    Action Engine Shifts into Mobile High Gear

    There are more than 700 wireless devices on the market in U.S. today estimates the CTIA, and that means a lot of options for mobile content providers. So is now the time for action? Well it is according to Action Engine Corporation of Bellevue, Washington, which announced support for Windows Mobile 6.0 powered devices including the T-Mobile DASH and WING phones. “Device support is the… Read More

  • 3D Legos for your Mobile Phone

    When I was in grade school I had a friend who had a set of Legos that we played with for hours at a time. When I asked for my own set for Christmas, I was disappointed to open a set of cheap knockoffs called Lock Blocks. Thanks to the good people at Emdigo, I can finally overcome my disappointment with LEGO 3D Action Screens. Emdigo is a company founded by a group of graphics and video… Read More

  • Step Aside 700 MHz 60 GigaHz Approaching Fast

    Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working with extremely high radio frequencies that have already achieved broad bandwidth and high data transmission rates over short distances. The hope is that within three years 60 gigahertz (60 GHz) can be broadcast over vast networks like lower frequencies that are now being utilized. This could create a revolution in new mobile… Read More

  • Pirates take iPhone as a Prize

    MobileCrunch reported earlier this month that Chinese Pirates Copy (the) iPhone. Not to be undone by China, American pirates have unlocked the iPhone booty chest. 17-year-old George Hotz spent 500 hours this summer with a twelve-pounder soldering iron and a T-Mobile SIM card grappling hook to steal AT&T’s and Apple’s pieces-of-eight. Other pirates also claim to have… Read More

  • Vodafone Adds Internet Service

    Vodafone Adds Internet Service

    Want better mobile Internet access? Well, moving to the British Isles might be in order, or at least a trip to Ireland and the U.K. Vodafone has announced that has teamed up with Google, Myspace, eBay and YouTube in an effort to provide a more enhanced and robust service with those sites. Additionally Vodafone mobile Internet users will access compressed and rearranged content of these and… Read More

  • Linux Mobile Moves towards Standardization

    Linux Mobile Moves towards Standardization

    The free operation system Linux is gaining more support in the mobile handset industry. Entities like the LiMo Foundation and the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum met recently at the Linux World Conference to support Linux as a mobile phone operating system. Supporters from around the world have made Linux a major player in the mobile phone business. While supporters like the LiMo Foundation… Read More

  • War and Peace or iPhone Bill

    Prodigious iPhone users have been receiving itemized bills from AT&T that can number hundreds of pages long. And every thing is itemized. Even a small 1K text message shows up. Some bills are so large they had to be sent in boxes. The size of the bills have enraged some customers, and not just because of their cost. Paper producing trees take years to grow and if this trend continues… Read More

  • Mobile Web Buyers Better than SMS Buyers?

    New research from Bango shows that consumers who buy content on the mobile web buy more content, and require less support and fewer refunds than users who buy content through Premium SMS. The mobile web also has three times as many add-on sales. This gives marketers a greater return for advertising costs. “The mobile web gives consumers a payment experience they are already familiar with… Read More

  • 84% of Americans to have Mobile Phone by 2017

    SNL Kagan, a company that provides revenue projections for various communication outlets, predicts that in the next 10 years 84% of Americans will have a mobile phone. Mobile subscriptions are supposed to grow at a rate of 3% despite the fact that the American population is only projected to grow at a modest 1% rate. This growth rate is attributed to an increase in mobile data use, including… Read More

  • Unexpected Surge in Google Mobile this Summer

    Traditionally, Google mobile and non-mobile web surfing declines in the summer months as people go on vacation. (At least in North America). This year traffic on mobile devices utilizing Google has increased 35%. Mobile devices looking at Google Maps has increased as much as 50%. This appears to point to a trend, in which people use their mobile devices for information while taking time off… Read More

  • Windows Live on your Nokia

    Giants Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up today to provide Windows Live on S60 compatible devices. This service will be available to Nokia Series 40 compatible handsets next year. Windows Live is a comprehensive set of personal Internet services and software. It is designed to bring together in one place all the relationships, information and interests people care about. Safety and… Read More

  • Not Paying Lypp Service

    A new group-calling service is under development that allows conference-type calling from virtually any wireless device (including phones) and your desktop. This new application is called Lypp. When the service launches, users won’t have to pay a monthly fee and the first 500 minutes are free. No installation of software will be required so the service can be used instantly after… Read More

  • Tell Them MySpace Friends

    A new mobile phone service is available for those of us who want to stay in contact with our MySpace friends. Tell Them is a service that lets the user send pictures and text via a mobile device. The service is free and simple to use. First, go to the Tell Them site on your phone. Enter your MySpace E-Mail password and select the friends you want to contact. Write a message and attach a picture… Read More

  • Apple to Share Operators Revenue

    AT&T has the exclusive carrier license in the Untied States for the iPhone. It is too early to tell how profitable this will be for AT&T. The licensing agreement between the two companies includes a payout to Apple from AT&T’s revenue generated from iPhone calls and data functions. Some rumblings in Europe may be a clue as to what it takes to get an exclusive iPhone… Read More

  • Former Dark Continent Brightens with Mobile Internet

    Many people who live in Africa don’t have personal computers but do have mobile phones. Mobile phone providers are fulfilling the thirst for knowledge and connectivity the internet provides. The company Celtel-Sierra Leone has unveiled plans to offer internet access and downloads to an inquisitive nation. In case you’ve forgotten, Sierra Leone is a small country on… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA Goes Social

    Virgin Mobile USA Goes Social

    If you’re the sort of mobile user who has Virgin Mobile service then you’re probably the type who likes to show off your individuality. You run with a different pack, and you can’t even be bothered with the whole iPhone thing. At least that’s what the Virgin Mobile ad campaign had to say earlier this summer. Virgin Mobile USA users can now share their feelings with… Read More

  • Mobile Shop with mShopper

    Mobile Shop with mShopper

    Shopping from your mobile phone now got a little easier with mShopper’s release of a new platform for mobile phones. All aspects of shopping online are now available to bargain hunters with a mobile phone. Users can make secure purchases in seconds. But as every good shopper knows, there is more to shopping than just buying. Research into price and quality has to be utilized before… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless to Battle iTunes

    As our sister site Crunchgear is reporting Verizon Wireless has gathered some powerful allies in its war with iTunes. MTV and RealNetworks have joined forces with Verizon in a formation called “Rhapsody America.” The idea is to create an integrated digital music service that users can access by way of their PC, portable music device and mobile phone. Former Urge subscribers and… Read More