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  • Nokia posts first quarterly loss in a decade and why it matters

    Nokia’s shares are down 6.02 percent today on news that Nokia suffered an $834 million loss due to falling handset sales. In this environment it’s easy to wave this away as a crisis blip but there may be something more afoot. Nokia blamed the loss on component shortages, a valid concern. Apple has been buying up all the flash it can eat and companies like LG and Samsung are blowing… Read More

  • Mossberg and Vodafone spill all the beans on the BlackBerry Storm 2

    The BlackBerry 9520 Storm 2 has probably the best pre-release coverage of any cell phone in history. We’ve seen previews and videos and pictures and more videos of the upcoming cell phone for months. RIM and Verizon haven’t released a thing about the phone yet though so some key details hadn’t been revealed. That is, of course, until Walt Mossberg posted his Storm 2 review… Read More

  • Review: Motorola CLIQ

    The Short Version Motorola has released the phone it should have released a few years ago to compete with phones like the Helio Ocean and feature phones from LG and Samsung. Android brings this phone into the 21st century and the QWERTY keyboard and BLUR UI tweaks will please those looking for a keyboard Android phone with social networking features. The Long Version
    This last half-decade… Read More

  • Verizon officially confirms they're getting the Moto Sholes/Droid via Twitter

    Considering that this thing has been spotted rocking the VZW branding countless times and Big Red’s own execs have been seen with them in hand, there should be all of zero doubt in anyone’s mind that the Motorola Droid (otherwise known as Tao, or Sholes) is destined for the carrier. With that said, it’s always nice to see official confirmation, and it just came. Was there a… Read More

  • Augmented reality browser Layar now available for the iPhone

    Half an hour ago, I just had an iPhone 3GS. Now, I have an iPhone 3GS with Layar installed. It was one of the main questions I had for the Dutch company, which markets an augmented reality browser, when they launched at the Mobile 2.0 Europe event in Barcelona last year. When would they be complementing their Android program with an application for the iPhone? They said it’d come in the… Read More

  • Verizon's BlackBerry Storm2 Competitive Comparison chart leaks out

    Man, you’ve gotta love these things. I’ve yet to see one of these leak out showing any shortcomings for the primary device – but I guess that’s really the point. It’s not so much a comparison chart as it is a “You should probably avoid talking about stuff outside of this list” chart. Read More

  • Is the HTC HD2 heading for T-Mobile?

    Windows Mobile 6.5 or not, we’re still pretty pumped about the HTC HD2. It’s just so damn pretty. We’ve known since early last week that the HD2 would find its way stateside by the first quarter of next year – and now we’ve got a good idea of which carrier might be nabbing it. TmoNews just got tipped a photo showing the HTC HD2 flying high on a T-Mobile slide. Read More

  • Rumor: Apple to 'unlock' for iPhone and iPod touch?

    9 to 5 Mac has received word that Apple is working on bringing FM radio capabilities to its iPhone and iPod touch lines. More specifically, (as it is known) will purportedly have permission to operate in the background (because Apple’s apps are better than the 80,000 other apps that don’t get to run in the background, or something) and “will offer the same… Read More

  • Acer introduces new 'Liquid' Android + Snapdragon smartphone

    Starting all the way back in December of 2008, Acer let it be known that it was working on a self-branded smartphone. Then, this past June, Acer up and joined the Open Handset Alliance and said that it would release its first Android device by Q4 of 2009. Well what do you know. Q4 is here and Acer has actually put its money where its mouth was with the announcement of its first… Read More