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  • Dell Mini 3i gets shot up exhaustively

    Man – Chinese infotainment portal Sina has really had things locked down lately when it comes to getting crystal clear shots of unreleased devices. They got a full hands on gallery with the LB40 Chocolate two days before it was announced, and now they’re following up with an exhaustive (as in 39 blur-free snaps) gallery of Dell’s Android-powered Mini 3i. It looks like… Read More

  • A Pair of Mystery Palms show up in Sprint's inventory

    Wuh oh – things just got real. Just last week, two mysterious Palm devices showed up in Verizon’s inventory: the P101, and the P121. The P100 is the Palm Pre, so it’s a pretty safe bet that the P101 is a VZW-branded version of the same handset. But the P121? It may well be the Palm Eos, but no one knows for sure. Making things that much more complex, a Sprint version of… Read More

  • FlyScreen lands on Android (1,000 invites)

    Israeli startup Cellogic, makers of the fine FlyScreen software, have spent the last 8 months or so developing a custom version for the Android platform to complement their currently Symbian-exclusive version. Today, the company is debuting the private alpha version of the Android-compatible program, and we have 1,000 invites to offer for those carrying around HTC phones running Android 1.5… Read More

  • Verizon cuts the BlackBerry Storm down to $50

    The BlackBerry Storm may finally have found its pricing sweet spot. The phone definitely was overpriced at $200 last year and even the $100 price cut a few months ago didn’t seem right, but $50?!? Yeah, I wanna throw mine into a wall and piss on the remains daily, but VZW isn’t going to have any trouble at all clearing out the inventory. You know why it’s only $50 right? Read More

  • IM+ 3.4 to support Speech Recognition for Twitter and IM (for a price)

    Unlike some people around these parts, I loves me some Twitter (psst, follow me.) Thing is, just about every time I get a chance to tweet, I can’t. Maybe my hands are covered in grease as I’m stuffing my face with a delicious burger; maybe I just don’t want to come home from a long day of blogging and have to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters with my iPhone’s… Read More

  • Rising to the Top: 5 ways indie developers succeed on the App Store

    It’s no secret: there’s some Benjamins to be made on the App Store. In fact, the App Store is now a $2.4 billion dollar per year business, according to AdMob’s monthly mobile metrics report. Here’s another fun fact you probably already know: most app developers fade into the App Store abyss long before they ever find fame and fortune. Even if you ignore the junk apps… Read More

  • FCC expands wireless industry inquiries

    Here, in this glorious land of the free and home of the brave, there is generally one thing that most all Americans can agree on: the major mobile wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) suck leave much to be desired. As more and more people come to depend solely on their cell phones and the related services (voice, data, multimedia), it becomes that much more important for… Read More

  • TomTom's iPhone Car Kit guides itself through the FCC

    It has been a good two months or so since TomTom announced that they were making a GPS-boostin’, speaker-totin’ car cradle for the iPhone, and we’ve heard a whole lot of nothing since. Aside from a UK retailer preorders indicating that the cradle might cost £99.00 (roughly $161), TomTom has been pretty quiet on the matter. It looks like we might be hearing more soon, though. Read More

  • Storm 2, Touch Pro 2, Omnia II, Samsung Convoy, and two mystery Palms show up in Verizon's inventory

    We’ve got good news, and we’ve got not-so-good news. The good news: PhoneArena just got their hands on 6 screen shots showing off a handful of devices making their first appearances in Verizon’s inventory system. The not-so-good news: They don’t really answer any questions. In fact, they raise more questions than they answer – but we still love us a good… Read More

  • Second place in the App Store brings in $6,300 a day

    There are few things more coveted in the iPhone developer world than the top spots on the App Store sales chart. Sure, there’s only one way to go once you’ve hit the top; but while you’re there, you’re riding high. You get to sit back, relax, and watch as Cupertino’s little talkbox prints out money. But how much are those spots worth, exactly? How much do these… Read More

  • Major shake-up in Japan's mobile world: NEC, Hitachi and Casio to merge cell phone businesses

    Big news from Japan’s mobile phone industry today (Friday afternoon Japanese time). Various Japanese media are reporting that NEC, Hitachi and Casio are in talks to merge their cell phone operations to become Japan’s second biggest manufacturer, following Sharp. Reportedly, NEC plans to integrate its cell phone business into a tie-up that already exists between Hitachi and Casio. Read More

  • Re-Re-Confirmed: Virgin confirms they're getting the Rumor2

    After we heard from a trusted source that Virgin Mobile was getting the Rumor2 a few weeks ago, there was pretty much zero doubt in our mind. After mentionings of the Rumor2 popped up on Virgin’s own site this morning, it was pretty much concrete. We don’t think there’s a single soul out there who would stand up and say Virgin’s not getting the Rumor2 at this point… Read More

  • Samsung has sold 5 million of these so far – can you name it?

    Take a look over at that phone to the right. Can you name it? Yes, yes – it’s obviously a Samsung. But can you name the model? We haven’t covered this phone much here at MobileCrunch; no mobile blog outside of the Samsung-specific blogs have, really. But that hasn’t kept it from being a raging success. Samsung announced this morning that this phone – which, by… Read More

  • Verizon, T-Mobile, and Alltel are best in the West, says J.D. Power and Associates

    “The West is the best,” exclaimed The Doors front man, Jim Morrison, many moons ago. Now, according to J.D. Power and Associates (can’t forget the associates!), “the best in the West,” regarding wireless call quality, include Verizon, T-Mobile, and Alltel. Ok, so Jim Morrison and cell phones have about as much to do with one another as peanut butter and Jupiter. … Read More

  • Zeemote JS1 finally available for standalone purchase

    The Zeemote JS1 controller has always intrigued us. Mobile handsets are getting more and more powerful, and the games are bordering on beautiful – but the controls are still terrible. Attempting to control a game with a virtual, onscreen D-pad is like threading a needle with your feet. That’s where the JS1 comes in. As a standalone Bluetooth game controller, it theoretically… Read More

  • Rumor: Best Buy to start accepting orders for Sprint's HTC Hero on September 13

    Having just recently been spotted riding the FCC approval express, it comes as no surprise that Sprint’s version of HTC’s Hero will soon be on its way to Android-fiending girls and boys across these United States. Now, according to Engadget, it sounds like “soon” may be as little as a couple weeks as Best Buy is expected to begin accepting $50 deposits for the… Read More

  • Confirmed: Virgin Mobile is getting the LG Rumor 2

    It’s a big ol’ day of scoop confirmation for us. First the Nokia N900 turns out to be an exact spec-for-spec match with what we said it would be back in May. Just a few hours later, we’re seeing confirmation that Virgin Mobile is getting the LG Rumor2 – just as we said they would back in July. Yeah, the second one isn’t quite as huge as the first one – but… Read More

  • Palm Pre launches in Canada, celebrates with new apps

    Attention Canadian Pre aficionados: your time has come. For 199.95 of your bizarre Canadian dollars, Palm’s WebOS-running, full QWERTY-sporting, Synergy-syncing handset is yours for the taking. Of course, you’d only be able to get that price if you commit to a lengthy 3-year contract with Bell, but that hasn’t kept some of you from taking the plunge already. In their… Read More

  • Nokia N900 gets official, hitting Europe in October.

    Waaaay back in May, we put up just shy of 750 words jam-packed with details on Nokia’s unannounced N900 Internet Tablet. This morning, Nokia finally pulled back the curtains on the device – and man, we absolutely nailed it. Though we would have expected Nokia to announce this at next week’s Nokia World event, they’ve gone and verified all of the details we’d… Read More

  • Apple finally enters the world's biggest mobile market: China to get the iPhone in October

    Major Chinese news portal is reporting [Google machine translation] that Apple has finally signed a deal with China Unicom to bring the iPhone 3G to mainland China in October. This is huge news for Apple, which is now to enter a market with around 700 million mobile phone users, the biggest in the world (US: around 270 million). Following months of negotiations between Apple and… Read More