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  • iPhone 3G S available through AT&T Premier?

    Word on the web is that Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone 3G S has been sporadically popping up on AT&T’s Premier business customer site. A few folks on the MacRumors forums have reported spotting it on the Premier customer site as early as yesterday afternoon, and a few users got very close to putting a preorder in, before being rejected right at the very end. Read More

  • Palm's Pixie flitters into view past Castle

    Hacksters at PreCentral have found some shell script that points to future Palm phones called “castle” and “pixie.” We well know that the Pixie will be the EOS and the Castle is the codename for the Pre. Read More

  • What is this iPhone 3G S/AT&T upgrade pricing brouhaha really about?

    There has been plenty of ink spilled over the 3G S upgrade (“Now faster with oleoresistant skin!”) and it’s abundantly clear what folks are trying to do here. Early adopters have always chafed at having to pay outrageous fees for upgrades inside of a contract period. Be it the latest RAZR a few years ago or the latest iPhone today, the same obsessives who are ranting about… Read More

  • Ready for the Pre's SDK? Not unless you know the Konami Code.

    If you have a Palm Pre, try this: at the home screen, type “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart“. Yep, it’s true – punching in the Konami code allows you access to the Pre’s Development Mode. Once it’s activated on the Pre, connecting it to a PC that has the Mojo SDK installed and running would allow you test work-in-progress apps on live hardware. Read More

  • BillShrink: iPhone 3G S vs Palm Pre vs T-Mobile G1

    As always, BillShrink breaks it all down for us. Anyone want to guess how much cheaper the Pre is compared to the upcoming 3G S? Hit the jump to find out. Read More

  • Verizon's EXILIM hits stores, but it'll cost you.

    It’s been spotted a few times before, but Verizon has chosen today to officially push their new EXILIM phone out the door. Technically dubbed the C721, Casio has managed to pack quite a bit into their latest swiveller: the 5.1 megapixel camera is prime among them, and hopefully it lives up to the EXILIM pedigree. We’re talking flash, auto focus, 3x optical zoom and video… Read More

  • The Motorola Rival A455 is now available – that is, if anyone wants it

    Looking for a basic QWERTY slider? Well, there are about a million and a half candidates, but Verizon now has the latest: the Motorola Rival A455. We got a sneak peak at this guy a while ago in a spy shot, and it doesn’t seem anything has changed. Read More

  • Palm Pre coming to Verizon in January?

    According to the WSJ, Verizon Wireless will begin stocking store shelves with the Palm Pre in January of 2010. That is all. Read More

  • Video: David Fincher's iPhone 3G S TV commercial

    Apple has hired David Fincher, director of movies such as Fight Club, Zodiac or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to direct a TV commercial for the iPhone 3G S. The 30-second spot is supposed to push the phone’s video recording feature. Fight Club cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth took over the camera work for the commercial, which was released today. Commercial after the jump. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA offers Broadband2Go service with no contract

    Using Sprint’s EVDO Rev. A network, Virgin Mobile USA announced today the launch of their wireless broadband service, Broadband2Go. When the service goes live later this month you’ll be able to purchase a Novatel Ovation MC760 USB dongle for $150 sans contract. Pay-as-you-go VM Top-Up cards can be purchased in the following increments: 100MB, 250MB, 500MB and 1GB. Here’s where… Read More

  • Pre root image leaks with recovery tool

    It was bound to happen eventually: the recovery tool used by, presumably, Palm and Sprint employees to breathe life into dead Pres has leaked onto the internets — I’m thinking maybe some techno-Robin Hood did it and jacked a copy of Snow Leopard on the way. Included with the tool is a full root copy of webOS. Inconceivable! While this doesn’t mean anything for the lay Pre-user… Read More

  • When It Comes To Getting Local Content On Your Phone, The Mobile Browser Is Still King

    Despite the avalanche of mobile apps that let people access local information, the mobile browser is still the king when it comes to finding out what’s going on in your city or neighborhood. People across the board are using their mobile phones to look up local info. ComScore reported today that the number of people in the U.S. who sought local content on mobile devices grew 51… Read More

  • You got your cube in my WinMo

    Is it just me, or is that cube that comes up at about the minute mark totally ridiculous? Supposedly this UI feature will be in the Omnia II and possibly other Samsung WinMo handsets, but I’m really not feeling the magic. The gallery was pretty nice, though. I liked the visual indicator for zoom. [Mobile Port via Phone Arena] Read More

  • T-Mobile USA finds no evidence of being hacked

    Here’s an updated statement that T-Mobile just released regarding the possible breach of servers that may or may not have occurred over the weekend. “Following a recent online posting that an alleged hacker apparently accessed T-Mobile servers, the company is conducting a thorough investigation and at this time has found no evidence that customer information, or other company… Read More

  • Round-up: Every iPhone 3G S Compatible Accessory Ever.

    When Apple announced the iPhone 3G S yesterday, some folks were shocked — or disappointed, even — that the new one was a spitting image of the last one. Width, height, depth – besides being 2 whole grams heavier, the physical specs were a perfect match. We’ve been reminded of this fact roughly 300 times this morning, as every case manufacturer and battery-pack maker… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S gets the FCC treatment

    You would think this is planned, but there is no way that the FCC is efficient enough to release documents detailing the iPhone 3G S on the same day as the announcement. No way. But here they are anyway. Read More

  • 30cm: The world's biggest cell phone strap is a cute husky

    Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is currently running a summer marketing campaign [JP], using gift certificates, coupons and (almost certainly) the biggest cell phone strap on the planet to attract customers. The strap, a stuffed husky standing 30cm tall, is limited to 30,000 units. Read More

  • Nokia To Pre-load Qik On S60 Phones

    With all of the collaboration going on between Qik and Nokia over the past few months, it seemed like it wouldn’t be too long before Nokia went ahead and put the live mobile video broadcasting service onto handsets right out of the box. Sure, enough: Beginning with this morning’s release of the North American N97, Qik will come preloaded onto all Nokia S60-based phones. Read More

  • The Nokia N97 hits Nokia Stores for $700 today

    We knew it was coming this month and sure enough, the Nokia N97 is now available for $700 at Nokia Stores everywhere. 700 bones will net you Nokia‘s flagship touchscreen device, unlocked and ready to make iPhones jealous everywhere. Well, maybe not the last part, but it’s still a solid device and worthy successor to the N95/N96. Read More

  • Real Racing: electrifying gameplay, jaw-dropping graphics – a must-buy

    WOW. I can’t put my iPhone down. Seriously — I’ve stopped writing this review two three times now to go back and play another race in Firemint’s recently debuted Real Racing. With truly electrifying gameplay combined with jaw-dropping graphics, Real Racing provides a rich, gripping and realistic experience for anyone who is blessed with the chance to play it. Ok… Read More