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  • FCC confirms that a 3G Sidekick is on the way

    At this point, it’s not really a secret that a new Sidekick is on the way. The rumors have long indicated that the next ‘Kick would be 3G-enabled, and no one really doubted it – but the FCC has gone ahead and confirmed it anyway. Smack dab in the middle of their approval lays mention of 1700 Mhz AWS support, perfectly suited for T-Mobile’s budding 3G… Read More

  • The Samsung Formally Known as OmniaHD gets thumbs up from FCC

    Just yesterday we learned that Samsung had dropped the Omnia moniker from its upcoming HD-capable smartphone. Despite this last minute name change, the Samsung currently known as i8910 has just received approval from the phone-reviewing folks down at the FCC. According to its official Certificate of Compliance, the US-bound i8910 will include the following radios: 850/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE… Read More

  • T-Mobile Customer Survey hints at alternative HTC Magic names

    With T-Mobile-branded Dreams making accidental appearances and FCC filings abound, it’s pretty much inarguable that the HTC Magic is coming to ol’ Magenta. Seeing as it’s the second T-Mo Android phone and borrows much of its aesthetics from the G1, you might assume that T-Mobile would be branding it the G2; call the HTC Magic the “G2″ around an HTC rep, however… Read More

  • Rumor Redux: Storm 2 has Wi-Fi, better text input

    So now some Dutch guy who seems to represent RIM in some vague sense now says that the Storm 2 will have an improved text input system, which seems to suggest a slide-out keyboard. Read More

  • Samsung OmniaHD loses its name

    What’s in a name? That which we call a Samsung OmniaHD, by any other name would look just as sweet. That’s a good thing for Samsung, because the OmniaHD is gettin’ a name change. Well, we should say, a name drop. It has always been alternatively known by its model number, the i8910 – but now they’re dropping the OmniaHD moniker all together. From here on out… Read More

  • Gmail for Mobile Gets a New Web Interface for iPhone and Android

    Until iPhone OS 3.0 hits our handsets this summer, the built-in Mail application is disappointingly inadequate for those that live within their Gmail inbox. There are just too many places where it fails to meet the functionality granted by the web version (search and batch management, to name a few). Even with a bit more functionality on its side, however, Web Apps tend to feel a bit… Read More

  • Rumor: Sony Ericsson Idou coming in October. Or November. Maybe.

    Since the day it was announced, Sony Ericsson has been saying the 12.1 megapixel beast that is the Idou would be launching in the second half of 2009. Sweden’s thinks they’ve managed to narrow down the window a bit. According to the Sony Ericsson rep they spoke to, the Idou is lookin’ at launch sometime in October or November. Read More

  • Samsung Impression hits the shelves at AT&T

    Samsung promised that the Impression would hit on April 7th – and sure enough, they’re just starting to trickle onto the shelves. Besides havin’ a nice, roomy QWERTY keyboard, the main sell here is the 3.2″ AMOLED Touchscreen. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s the first AMOLED screen in the US. Not sure what AMOLED is? It’s yet another acronym… Read More

  • iPhone Video Recording Screen Found

    If there were any lingering doubts that Apple would soon bring video recording to the iPhone in one way or another, let them be cast away. By tweaking a configuration file tucked away in the depths of the iPhone 3.0 SDK, a MacRumors user was able to coax the Camera app to load a slightly different interface. See that slider in the bottom right? I’m pretty sure it’s safe to… Read More

  • Tap Tap Coldplay released right on time

    As we predicted last week, Tapulous has just released the Coldplay-edition of their amazingly popular iPhone music game, Tap Tap Revenge. The game features 11 tracks out of the box; as we’d heard before, the majority of these are from their newest material, with two of them being remixes. Five bucks buys you all the screen-poking Coldplay goodtimes you could ever want. Check out the… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson releases S312, W205 Walkman phone

    Don’t worry: these won’t come out here. The S312 is a 2-megapixel camera phone with dedicated “camera” button for taking impromtu snaps of your friends and relations. It should be available in Q3 2009. The W205 (shown here) has a 1.3-megapixel camera and FM tuner and supports up to an amazing 2 gigabytes of Memory Stick Micro storage. It should be available in Q3 as… Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2 coming in September, has WiFi

    Outside of the iPhone and the G1, very few phones fuel the forum flamewars like the BlackBerry Storm. As the first touchscreen BlackBerry, it was bound to have some haters. Whether you’ve been enamored since day one or a zealous skeptic since the beginning, the phone has one fault that is undeniably unfortunate: no WiFi. There’s nothing that can be done on the WiFi front for… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia still looking at netbooks, going with Foxconn as the OEM?

    Remember back in February when Nokia’s CEO went on the record saying they were “looking very actively” at pushing out some Nokia-branded laptops? It looks like they may have moved past the “looking” stage. Read More

  • Stroke Dialer makes number dialing relative and blind-friendly

    It has only been a few months since Stevie Wonder was at CES to ask the phone industry to make the handsets more accessible to the blind, but it looks like it’s starting to catch on. Read More

  • Openmoko scraps next-gen FreeRunner, shifts to "Plan B"

    Although HTC was able to realize its Dream (aka G1), for many hardcore mobile enthusiasts, Openmoko’s open source and ultra-hackable smart device – Neo FreeRunner – was the real dream. Running on Openmoko’s open source Linux platform, the FreeRunner was arguably the first smartphone made specifically for hackers (er, developers) who, according to the Openmoko Wiki… Read More

  • Specs of three upcoming BlackBerrys leak out

    Well, well. What do we have here? It seems that we might have specs of some upcoming RIM BlackBerrys: Onyx, Driftwood, and Magnum. Don’t get too excited as release info and pricing haven’t been released, but these specs are enough to drool over for a bit anyway. Read More

  • Nokia N97 gets some quality time with the FCC

    The talented shutterbugs at the FCC recently got their hands on a sexy Nokia N97 ahead of the phones US release. Not only did the government suits photograph a previously unannounced color scheme, but also published all the details about the phone. We kind of already know most about the phone after spying it at Nokia World ’08 last December. Really, all we wanna know about is… Read More

  • T-Mo's full 2009 line-up leaked

    For those of you in high school, be prepared to get your mind blown. The Sidekick 2009 is coming May 13, the Wing II is coming on July 22nd and the HTC Snap is coming July 1. A few other models are rolling out of T-Mo this summer, but those are some of the greats. The folks at have found the full summer line-up including a prepaid Nokia 1661. Boring feature phones aside, I’m actually… Read More

  • Review: Cake Mania 3 for the iPhone/iPod Touch

    It’s no secret that my favorite Nintendo DS game is Cake Mania 2 (published by Sandlot) and my favorite Xbox game is Fuzion Frenzy. What these two games from two separate platforms have in common is Hudson Entertainment. And bless their hearts for bringing Cake Mania 3 to the iPhone. Read More

  • Review: Daniel X: Alien Hunter A Graphic Novel by James Patterson for the iPhone/iPod Touch

    A lot of folks have been declaring the iPhone as a worthy eBook reader and to them, I say, “Go take a long walk off a short pier.” No, it does not compare to the Kindle or Sony eReader or anything else. It’s tiny, harsh on the eyes and just plain sucks. With that being said, let’s check out ScrollMotion’s Daniel X: Alient Hunter, a graphic novel by James Patterson. Read More