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  • Megan Fox introduces Motorola DEVOUR and looks face-slappingly good

    For me, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. And after you see this one, you may have to agree. Just note that you’ll have to play the video several times over before you realize there’s a phone there – the Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR, to be exact. So, what happens when Megan Fox uses her DEVOUR to send out a hot, wet image via a social network? Read More

  • HTC Incredible leaks, is as red as Mr. Incredible's suit

    This is the so-called HTC Incredible running on Verizon. It has a Snapdragon CPU with 256RAM and a bold and beautiful screen a la the Nexus One. Interestingly, it has two rear LED flashes and appears to be clad in a red backplate which reminds me of butterscotch pudding although a video, now unavailable, shows it is really red. Click through for a UI shot. Also, can I just say that I am more… Read More

  • Google working on smartphone software to automatically translate foreign languages into your native tongue

    Check your calendar, friends, for the first time in a long time I was just wowed by a tech story. Google says it’s working on smartphone software that would automatically translate foreign languages into your native tongue. So, if you’re talking to your Venezuelan pen pal, and he says, “No me gusta el fĂștbol americano,” you can react in horror as you try to explain to… Read More

  • Linux creator says, 'Nexus One is a winner'

    Since we all know that Android runs a modified version of Linux, you’d think that the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, would absolutely love Android handsets. Nope. As a matter of fact, the man hates cell phones. Torvalds says that he got the G1 when it came out but rarely used it because of his distaste for the distracting gadget. So why does he call the Nexus One a winner? Read More

  • Traveling with batteries and ordering gadgets online could soon get pricey

    Here are two totally unrelated things I like to do: order gadgets and smartphones online, and travel with loads of spare batteries. Well, perhaps they’re not all that unrelated. Both offer a lot of convenience and save a good amount of cash, but with a new proposal from the U.S. Department of Transportation, that could all soon change. Read More

  • HTC patent shows a new, spring-loaded clamshell design

    HTC’s no stranger to stuffing ridiculous mechanisms into smartphones. I mean, have you seen the HTC Tilt — or better yet, the HTC Universal? Looks like they’re at it again, if this just unearthed patent is any indication. Read More

  • Please take our reader survey

    Two things. First of all: No, the image has absolutely nothing to do with the post. It was between “Stock photo of a bunch of survey check boxes” and this picture of a cat with a human smile – which would you have chosen? Second: Please take this reader survey. We’re working on some awesome new stuff moving forward, and knowing a bit more about our readers would… Read More

  • Apple & Google clash over "Android" in the App Store

    And the Apple-Google war continues. This time, instead of just bad-mouthing each other, Apple is running with a strategy that they’re no stranger to: censoring words in the App Store. Instead of just “boobs” and “booty”, which they don’t seem to have a problem with anymore, Apple’s new target is the word “Android”. Now, Apple only seems to… Read More

  • Motorola Droid gets multitouch, but only in Google Maps for now

    When Nexus One owners were suddenly blessed with multi-touch support on their handsets, we saw the same comment posted just about everywhere we looked: “Great! Now when will the Droid get it?” The answer, it seems, is today. Read More