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  • Nokia E71 on Rogers for $50 with 3-yr contract

    I have to say, as interesting a phone as the E71 is, I’m not sure a three year contract is something I’d be willing to agree to. I mean, who does anything for three years? Well, laying out only $50 for all the capabilities of the E71 — full HTML browsing, GPS, tons of stuff available for the S60 OS — is a pretty good deal if you’re already into that Symbian thing. Read More

  • QiGi 6 offers Windows Mobile 6.1 or Android – but not both

    Looking to dabble with Android, but the T-Mobile G1’s wonky banana-chin just doesn’t fit the bill? Well, how about a random touchscreen handset from an obscure Chinese manufacturer, instead? As an added bonus, this one actually comes in two flavors: Android, or Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro. Unfortunately it’s a one-or-the-other setup – there’s no dual booting to be… Read More

  • Verizon looks at what everyone else is selling, drops Omnia to $199

    Step one of pricing a product: look at what the competitors are getting for theirs. Now, let’s see here: AT&T has the iPhone 3G, which is blessed with the insta-hype generating Apple logo on the back, selling at $199. T-Mobile has the G1, an object of much desire to many a geek as the first Android handset to hit the market, for $179. So when Verizon was finally ready to push out… Read More

  • XOHM and Clearwire merger finalized

    Just under a month after the FCC gave them the go ahead, Sprint’s XOHM WiMax service and mobile broadband provider Clearwire are now one. There’s nothing new actually going on here – just the finalization of a deal that has been in the works for months. Miss something along the way? Here’s what’s going on: XOHM is Sprint’s WiMax service, which launched… Read More

  • Pair of BlackBerry Storm firmware updates leaked

    As if Thanksgiving left-overs and a bit of time off weren’t enough, Storm owners got a bit more to be thankful for over the weekend. After a somewhat shaky launch and a whole lot of complaints about some fairly rough bugs, RIM is set to release the first firmware update some time this week. Fortunately for those ready to throw their Storm out to sea, some folks at RIM (or Verizon… Read More

  • The BlackBerry Storm has issues – at least six of them, in fact

    With hype comes scrutiny. Build consumer interest in a device up to that which Verizon has built the BlackBerry Storm, and you’re bound to hear the complaints. The Storm has been on the shelves for less than a week, and forums around the web are already littered with word of reproach. A list of the issues that RIM has recognized as software flaws has been passed out to Verizon employees… Read More

  • Want to listen to some music on the AT&T Quickfire? Good luck with that.

    It’s not all that uncommon for handset manufacturers to forego the simplicity of a standard 3.5mm headset jack, instead opting for some clunky proprietary port. To take off a bit of the sting, they’ll generally include some sort of crappy-port-to-3.5mm adapter – or at the very least, they’ll stick a cheapo pair of compatible headphones in the box in hopes that no one… Read More

  • Motorola Hint QA30 launched; where's the rest?

    Overheard in the Motorola mobile development building: “Sanjay! I’ve got it! I’ve got the idea that will be our next RAZR-level success!” “.. Let’s hear it.” “Okay, spec-wise, nothing too spectacular. 2.5 inch screen, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD support, QWERTY keyboard, blah blah blah. Here’s the stunner.. you ready for this? Drum roll… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm online orders to ship earlier than expected

    After braving the cold air and riotous enviromnents of the BlackBerry Storm launch only to go home empty-handed, many Storm-hopefuls returned to try to get their new handset online. Sure, they’d have to wait a day or two for it to be shipped to them but how bad.. wait, what? They wouldn’t arrive till December 15th? Shenanigans! RING THE ALARM!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. If people… Read More

  • Verizon Omnia announced, coming December 8th

    At long last, the Samsung Omnia has made its away across an ocean, through the torture labs of the FCC, and onto the delivery trucks en route to a Verizon store near you. VZW announced today that the Omnia will be hitting shelves in just under two weeks (December 8th), with orders starting now for $249.99 on a 2-year contract. If Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional is your thing, it’s a… Read More

  • Program your TiVo from your cell phone

    I can’t watch TV without my TiVo, but the one thing I’m really lax about is actually programming the damn thing (Best Invention Ever: Season Pass). In an effort to strip away all my excuses for not finding new shows and movies to watch, TiVo is introducing a mobile site at (warning: link may not be live yet) that will let subscribers with Internet-connected DVRs… Read More

  • White T-Mobile G1s finally start hitting the shelves

    A note for all of you budding handset manufacturers out there: if you want to release your device as quickly as possible, don’t make the case white. As far as we can tell from the T-Mobile G1, making white cases takes a whole month longer than making them in black or brown. While all three colors were announced at the same time, the white one has been unavailable since the launch of… Read More

  • Get ready for a bad year, say Samsung and Nokia

    Although the market has more interesting phones and services than ever before, what with iPhone triumphant, Android ascendant, and data unlimited, the economic slump has curbed spending on what consumers perceive (probably correctly) as a luxury. For someone like moi, the newest smartphone is easily justifiable, but fewer people than expected, and probably even less next year, are making that… Read More

  • HTC expecting to ship 1 million G1s by the end of 2008

    Revising their previous target of 600,000 HTC G1s shipped by the end of 2008, HTC CEO Peter Chou has disclosed that the company now expects to ship at least 1 million of the world’s first Android handset by year’s end. Of course, these numbers may seem a bit low if you’re still going on the false idea that pre-orders alone reached 1.5 million, a count which blazed across… Read More

  • Is this the Motorola Attila in the wild?

    It’s been a while since we last got wind of the Motorola Attila, rumored to be half of Motorola’s final all-out effort to make successful handsets post RAZR. If these leaked shots from PhoneHK turn out to be the real thing, it looks like Motorola is still crackin’ away. If things haven’t changed since the leaks back in August, the Attila will tote WCDMA 850/1900/2100… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm OS numbering oddities explained

    With the BlackBerry Storm vanishing from the shelves at big city Verizon shops around the nation, folks have been looking for an explanation for the shortage. When it was discovered that the identification sticker on the Storm box could be peeled away to reveal another sticker with different software version numbers, rumors were abound that a last minute software flash was the cause of the… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4.2 now available for the G1 on the Android market

    Back in April, Opera released a technical preview of Opera Mini for the Android SDK. The version of the SDK it was developed for was far from the final version, so by the time the G1 was launched in October, the Opera Mini package wouldn’t even make an attempt at installing to the device. Love it or hate it, the G1’s built-in browser has been your only web-perusing option since… Read More

  • Video: Multi-touch on the G1

    Caution: Pink Floyd blasting as soon as you hit “play”
    I’m pumped about this because I just got a G1. This video shows a pretty basic paint program tracking two inputs at once — it’s pretty hacked together but it clearly works okay. We knew it was possible technically, now we see it’s possible practically, and hopefully soon we’ll see it supported… Read More

  • iPhone 2.2 jailbreak now available

    If you were betting on the iPhone 2.2 firmware gettin’ the jailbreak treatment within a day, it’s time to go collect. If you were betting against it, you obviously need to spend more time reading MobileCrunch. Yep – the iPhone dev team has done it again. This jailbreak carries a few more precautions than normal – 2.2 fixes an issue in the baseband, blocking off an… Read More

  • Skyfire v0.85 released for S60 and WinMo, now (unofficially) open to the world

    Skyfire, which ranks pretty dang high on our list of free mobile browsers and is the only one to support Flash, Silverlight and a good chunk of other rich multimedia formats, was for quite some time limited to residents of the US. Back in October, they opened it up to Canada. This morning, their reach was further expanded as they released v0.85, simultaneously opening the door to folks in the… Read More