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  • Nokia comes under fire in Iran over its close ties to the government

    About a month ago you couldn’t go to Huffington Post without thinking that Iran was going to protest its way into the year 2009. That didn’t exactly happen, despite people thinking that they could tweet a government into collapse, all from the comfort of their armchair in Columbus, Ohio. (There’s actually a term for that: slacktivism.) That being said, it now looks like some… Read More

  • Acer to release one Android, three Winmo handsets this year

    By a show of hands, who forgot about that unannounced Acer handset that Mr. BlurryCam spied a few months ago? It’s cool. That phone *might* turn out to be one of the four smartphones Acer still has on tap for this year. Three of them are Winmo phones – C1/E1, F1 and L1 – but it’s the Android-rocking A1 we care about. Now, Digitimes isn’t exactly clear when… Read More

  • Hands-on: Samsung Highlight for T-Mobile

    Perhaps it’s the die-hard QWERTY keyboard purist in me, but I don’t see how these tiny touchscreen phones are viable options these days. Look at the size of the screen on the Samsung Highlight compared to that of the iPhone and G1. (I am not comparing this device to the iPhone or G1 in any way, shape or form other than the size of the screen.) It’s so freaking tiny. Read More

  • SightMax brings live chat customer service to the iPhone

    On the road? Want to check your website’s traffic? Better yet, answer live chat requests from your online customers? Now you can. SmartMax, a company that provides online live chat and monitoring support for businesses, recently introduced an app for the iPhone that will allow you to do just that: iMaximo SightMax Live Chat. We tested the app this week, and were extremely impressed with… Read More

  • HTC WinMo phones could allow hackers to infect you via Bluetooth

    While this will never happen to you ever, if you own an HTC running WinMo 6 or 6.1 you could get hacked if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source. Also if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source you deserve to be hacked. The exploit uses the Bluetooth OBEX FTP service to crack into your filesystem and traverse directories, allowing your copy of… Read More

  • Samsung SGH-T939 is the Behold 2, might run Android

    Samsung really must hate all these regulation groups. First, BluetoothSIG spills the beans on the Armani 2. Just hours later, the Wi-Fi Alliance has slipped out some details of a previously unannounced Samsung SGH-T939. We wouldn’t have much to go off of with just the model number — fortunately for us, they went ahead and included the product name; behold, it’s the Behold 2. Read More

  • Leaked: T-Mobile Samsung T559 Comeback Specs

    Man, these leakers are cutting it close. The T559 Comeback is purportedly launching tomorrow, but it took up until yesterday for the information to really start pouring out – not that we’re complaining. Yesterday morning gave us product shots, but now we’ve got some specs to roll with. Read More

  • Samsung cracking away at an 800mhz Armani 2?

    When it comes to “luxury” brand handsets, the original Samsung Armani is one of the less ridiculous choices you could make. It is, in every sense, the exact opposite of the Dior phone. It has actual features that people might want, isn’t mindblowingly ugly, and doesn’t cost 5-friggin’-thousand dollars. We’re not sure how well the original Armani sold, but… Read More

  • Boost drops all unlimited plans down to $50

    Just months ago, Boost unveiled their mega-cheap “UNLTD By Boost” package. By picking one of three plans on their tiered system, you could get just the features you wanted. $50 bucks got you Unlimited Talk, $60 bucks scored you Unlimited Talk & Text, and for $70 you’d walk away with the whole shebang: Talk, Text, and Data. It was already a pretty sweet deal. Well… Read More

  • Storm 2 dummies show up in Verizon's inventory

    Verizon has been blabbing all over the place about the fact that a Storm 2 is on the way, so they don’t really need to shroud the whole thing in secrecy at this point. That’s right, folks. No top secret codenames in the inventory system, no shipping crates sealed shut with a declaration of all the ways they’ll eat your face if it’s opened too early; just an entry in… Read More

  • Verizon's own app store to launch too late and for no good reason

    So Verizon is putting out a call to developers to get excited about the upcoming Verizon application store. A little late, guys! You expect developers to turn around and say “sure buddy!” while they’re busy scrambling to get their apps working on platforms that aren’t built from the ground up to screw them over? Because I can only assume that bringing your app to… Read More