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  • Kannuu wins Technology Innovation Award

    Kannuu wins Technology Innovation Award

    Kannuu won the Technology Innovation Award for Best Mobile multimedia in Nokia’s Mobile Rules! 08 competition. The award was given for kannuu’s Partial Word Completion technology that lets users find instead of search when accessing mobile services. Ever since Samuel Johnson wrote the first English Dictionary, my spelling has been atrocious. This is especially true when I want… Read More

  • UK to allow Mobile Calls from Aircraft

    UK to allow Mobile Calls from Aircraft

    According to the Office of Communications (Ofcom), the United Kingdom will soon allow passengers on UK-registered aircraft to make mobile phone calls or send text messages while flying. Ofcom has been considering the idea since last year and has been in discussions with other European countries. MobileCrunch reported last December and this January that Air France and Norwegian Air have… Read More

  • and Action Engine Launch Mobile Golf Course Finder and Action Engine Launch Mobile Golf Course Finder

    Unless you live south of the Equator, spring is here and that means it’s time to dust the driver and hit your first 330 yard shot of 2008. The problem is, where do you find that perfect course for straightening out the Mulligan blues? and Action Engine put their swings together and launched an ad-supported mobile application that lets golf enthusiasts search and access course… Read More

  • Motorola spinning off handset unit

    Motorola spinning off handset unit

    In a clear move to keep Motorola’s flagging mobile phone sales from pulling down its lucrative broadband and switching enterprise services the company is splitting into two publicly-traded organizations. The Mobile Devices company will focus on mobile handsets while the Broadband and Mobility solutions sector will work on secure voice and data communication along with broadband for… Read More

  • review review

    This morning I got my Newsletter and despite the fact that the page anchors don’t work in Gmail, I read (skimmed) the first paragraph and decided to try the service they were promoting, Jott. The link in the email took me to a Palm page with a longer article that I didn’t actually read and no quick and easy way to get to what ever Jott was going to make me do to use… Read More

  • Nokia’s Mobile Rules! 08 Gets Buzzd

    Nokia’s Mobile Rules! 08 Gets Buzzd

    If you are looking for a bar with a mechanical bull, a club with 80’s cheese metal or the best fish taco restaurant in town, you may want to use the mobile service buzzd. Buzzd is a location based mobile entertainment service that provides real-time information for bars, clubs and restaurants. Buzzd will even let you network with friends and strangers who have a similar interest in… Read More

  • Jerald Cavitt Appointed CEO of UpCode USA

    Jerald Cavitt Appointed CEO of UpCode USA

    Managing Director of UpCode Ltd., Sture Udd, announced today the appointment of Jerald Cavitt as CEO of UpCode USA. Cavitt was also named the marketing leader for the UpCode brand worldwide. “I have recognized the marketing genius of Jerald Cavitt and his ability to lead the UpCode brand with his unique marketing strategies. Jerald’s vision has separated us from the other companies… Read More

  • Bids In: Verizon and AT&T Big Winners

    Bids In: Verizon and AT&T Big Winners

    The FCC ended bidding for the 700 megahertz spectrum yesterday. Verizon Communications and AT&T won the largest shares of the spectrum after 260 rounds of bidding. The FCC raised $19.12 billion from bidders. Verizon and AT&T won more than $16 billion worth of licenses, airwaves they plan to use to for voice, data services and new wireless technologies. Frontier Wireless, a partner of… Read More

  • MoConDi to Offer Free Greystripe Mobile Games

    MoConDi to Offer Free Greystripe Mobile Games

    MoConDi announced today that it will make over 800 free games available to community members of the MoConDi-run MeYou Community. The games will come from Greystripe, a company that distributes ad-supported mobile games. MeYou users can download games, recommend games to other community members, or learn about a hot new game from others. “Mobile social networks are an ideal place for users… Read More

  • SugarSync review

    SugarSync review

    How often has this happened to you? You’re trapped in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental and the emergency trunk release has been snapped off. You have a document on your home PC detailing how to escape from such a situation but all you have is your WinMo or Blackberry phone with you. You do a frantic Google search to no avail, and your captors take you to a cornfield and beat you with… Read More

  • Qualcomm Banned from Selling Some 3G Chips

    Qualcomm Banned from Selling Some 3G Chips

    A U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that banned Qualcomm from selling chips that infringed on three patents owned by Broadcom Corp. A California jury in 2007 found that Qualcomm didn’t have a right to the patents and the lower court placed an injunction on Qualcomm that stopped it from selling the chips. “We are gratified that the U.S. Court of Appeals… Read More

  • HTC Developing Phone for Android

    HTC Developing Phone for Android

    High Tech Computer (HTC) is developing a mobile phone that will use the open-source Android software created by Google for its operating system. The phone will be called Dream and have a large touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad. The handset is over 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and has a keypad that swivels out from underneath the screen. HTC is not the only company that is developing a… Read More

  • Airwave Auction Ends, Winners Remain Unknown

    Airwave Auction Ends, Winners Remain Unknown

    The U.S. government auction of wireless airwaves ended yesterday raising a record $19.59 billion, but winners of the valuable spectrum were not immediately identified. The winners of the hundreds of licenses are expected to be announced within days. Analysts believe Verizon Wireless is the most likely winner of a nationwide piece of the airwaves called the “C” block that attracted… Read More

  • Google Declares Era of Mobile Internet is at Hand

    Google Declares Era of Mobile Internet is at Hand

    In recent months, Google has seen an acceleration of activity among mobile phone users. The company said this is evidence that the era of mobile Internet is at hand. Google has seen sharp increases in mobile Internet usage spurred by services Google has offered on BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone devices. “We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,”… Read More

  • AdMob Reports on Smartphone Market Share

    AdMob Reports on Smartphone Market Share

    AdMob released a report today that tracks traffic percentages for Smartphones, trend data for the top five country markets and manufacturer market share trends. For every advertising request AdMob received in the month of February, AdMob analyzed information available in the user’s mobile browser. AdMob’s report includes percentages of Smartphone traffic worldwide. The… Read More

  • MySI Mobile Launches in Time for March Madness

    MySI Mobile Launches in Time for March Madness

    Sports Illustrated (SI) Digital and Action Engine Corporation launched MySI Mobile, the beta version of a subscription-free, downloadable mobile application that delivers personalized sports content from MySI Mobile allows users to select and track sports scores, find schedules and standings of favorite teams, view SI photos, read the latest sports news and set calendar alerts for… Read More

  • New Adobe License for Mobile Phones

    New Adobe License for Mobile Phones

    Microsoft announced today that it has licensed Adobe’s software for viewing online videos and other files on cell phones. Microsoft will distribute Flash Lite and Reader programs from Adobe Systems to cell phone makers who use its Windows Mobile software. Flash allows users to interact with more Web sites. Many shopping sites use flash so users can view an item in different colors or try… Read More

  • $18 Million Raised by Thumbplay

    $18 Million Raised by Thumbplay

    Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment company, announced today that it has raised $18 million in new capital. Thumbplay will use the seed money to expand its direct-to- consumer product offerings, in addition to further developing the tools it provides content owners, creators, publishers and brand marketers. The company plans to accelerate its strategic growth plans and to expand internationally… Read More

  • Sharp to sell Phones in China Starting Around June

    Sharp to sell Phones in China Starting Around June

    Sharp Corp. will start selling cell phones in China before the Beijing Olympics are scheduled to start. Sharp will target the high-end buyers in China’s vast market. Kyocera Corp. withdrew from the Chinese market this month, so Sharp will be the only Japanese company selling handsets in China. Chief strategist of the equity management department at Daiwa SB Investments, Soichiro Monji… Read More

  • India will not Ban BlackBerry at this Time

    India will not Ban BlackBerry at this Time

    Rumors that India will ban Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry service were quashed by the top official in the telecoms ministry today. Security agencies are concerned the service poses a risk because emails sent using the device cannot be traced or intercepted. “There is no question of banning at this point,” Telecoms Secretary Siddhartha Behura told reporters on the… Read More