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  • T-Mobile: Our contracts ban class action suits. Supreme court: Too bad.

    Nobody likes to be sued – including T-Mobile. Getting sued by lots of people who are all mad for the same reason is even worse. To avoid this, T-mobile plugged arbitration clauses into their service agreements to keep customers from filing class action lawsuits, instead requiring that legal matters are settled out of court. It’s a common thing; most contracts having something… Read More

  • Verizon launches Motorola W755

    On the market for a blasé upgrade from your RAZR V3? Verizon’s new Motorola W755 is just for you. As it’s yet another Moto clamshell, there’s nothing too exciting about it. Touch sensitive external buttons for controlling music, V Cast, and support for a handful of music formats (AAC, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3 and WMA V9) — all of which are made useless by the… Read More

  • Mobile Security Market Wide Open

    When most people think of computer hacking and viruses, they worry about an attack on their PC. But with the advent of mobile phones that can connect to the internet, these types of troubles may be coming to a handset near you. The market for protection programs that battle this is still quite small, despite the growth of 3G devices. Symantec Corp Chief Operating Officer Enrique Salem thinks… Read More

  • AT&T rolls out Pantech Breeze, the simple cell phone

    Not too long ago, I found myself stuck in a ridiculously long queue at a Verizon store. With nothing better to do, I started trying to listen to the reasons people had for being there. It was mainly “Oh man, the screen on my phone cracked all by itself, thats gotta be under warranty right?” type stuff, but one conversation, between a customer that looked like a lumberjack and a… Read More

  • Japanese Government Worried about Children’s Cellphone Use

    The Japanese government is so concerned that children are spending too much time with Internet-linking cell phones that it is warning parents and schools to limit their use. Most mobile phones in Japan are 3G, which allows high-speed Internet access. Masaharu Kuba, a government official overseeing the new initiative, said elementary and junior high school students spend long hours… Read More

  • Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow

    Tomorrow at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, Monsoon Multimedia will be announcing and demonstrating an application that will allow S60 users to connect to HAVA units back home to view and control their home TVs from their mobile handsets. Like the perhaps more commonly known Slingbox, a HAVA allows you to “place-shift” your TV. By connecting to your unit back home, you can watch all… Read More

  • Sprint responds to 5GB Bandwidth cap woes

    Following our story on Sprint’s decision to cap their mobile broadband packages at 5GB of bandwidth per month, Sprint sent over an email in hopes of clarifying things a bit. Straight from the email: The vast majority of current users (about 99.5%) shouldn’t be affected. Whether it’s the 300 MB roaming limit or the 5GB limit on total data usage, that’s enough data to… Read More

  • HTC TyTN II gets Windows Mobile 6.1 and performance update

    HTC rolled out an update this morning for European TyTN II devices, bumping them up to WinMo 6.1 and making some tweaks for the sake of display performance. No word yet when the update will come stateside for AT&T Tilt owners, but European TyTN owners can grab the update over at HTC’s download site. It’s not the supposed hardware acceleration enabling driver many users are… Read More

  • Zinio allowing iPhone users free access to Playboy, PC Mag, and other popular magazines

    Zinio partners up with a number of popular real world magazines to offer online, paperless versions for a few bucks a pop. They’ve got a fairly hefty selection, offering everything from Organic Gardening magazine to the slightly less work friendly Penthouse. They just started rolling out an iPhone optimized version of their service, currently covering 20 different magazines. The best part? Read More

  • Bits of Sidekick Gekko manual leaked, confirms customizable shells, video recording

    The guys over at Hiptop3 managed to score some manual shots from the (Sidekick iD replacing?) Sidekick Gekko. Nothing too surprising, pretty much just serving to confirm rumors: Replaceable shells will allow for color customization similar to the iD’s replaceable bumpers, 2.0 megapixel camera, and it’ll be the first Sidekick to offer video recording abilities. Unless… Read More

  • Nokia locks N-Gage games to one handset, fans get angry, Nokia changes position

    On Wednesday, AllAboutNgage broke a story about the downfalls of the anti-piracy methods implemented on Nokia N-Gage handsets. The method, in short: When you purchase a game, you get an activation code. Upon use, this activation code is locked to the device’s unique IMEI code. If you bust your handset under warranty, Nokia can transfer the games to your new one. Upgrade to a new… Read More

  • Apple makes Goldman Sachs Buy List

    Apple was added to Goldman Sachs conviction buy list today. Company analysts believe Apple will do well when it launches its third-generation iPhone later this year. Sales of the popular phone are expected to sell better than Apple sale projections. The company has set its sales goal of iPhones at 10 million units this year. Analyst David Bailey raised his target on the stock from $185 a share… Read More

  • Rogers bringing HTC Shift to Canada, GPS support coming

    Rogers Wireless announced today that they will be selling the HTC Shift in Canada, starting immediately. At $1,599 with a three year contract, it doesn’t come cheap, but this thing is a beast. You can check out a review of the GSM version’s CDMA brother over at Crunchgear. In an additional announcement that was oddly obscured within the availability announcement, HTC and Rogers… Read More

  • CityMint launches with mobile food ordering for SF residents

    While I love having food delivered, I can’t stand the ordering process. If I somehow have the number handy, chances are I threw away misplaced the menu at some point. Even if I have the menu and ordering seems to go smoothly, I always wonder if the person on the other end actually wrote down my request to hold the mushrooms. (Mushrooms make me die, and no – they usually… Read More

  • When exactly will mobile IM take over SMS?

    Some people out there are under the impression that they’re the only ones using text messages in the US. Turns out it’s become more popular than you might think, with 301 billion texts forecasted total for 2008. But the SMS’s time in the sun might be over before the zenith, as mobile IM is set to overtake it, or so the analysts say. I don’t think that’s going… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct launch date confirmed

    We just got official word that Samsung’s Instinct will hit the shelves at Sprint’s retail stores on June 20th. Be sure to check out all of the Instinct coverage over at CrunchGear. Read More

  • Apple looking for WiMax, UWB engineer

    After the banners were unfurled at January’s Macworld with their “There’s something in the air” teaser, many hoped Apple would be announcing the addition of WiMax to their laptop line up. When it turned out that the “air” bit was referring to Apple’s Macbook Air, the Apple/WiMax rumor mill grinded to a halt, presumably because everyone was busy… Read More

  • American Idol sets Text Messaging Record for TV Show

    AT&T announced today that it has beat it text messaging record of 64.5 million by generating more than 78 million messages dedicated to this year’s season of American Idol. By texting their votes this season, AT&T’s wireless customers helped crown the new American Idol winner, David Cook. AT&T introduced text message voting in season 2 of Fox’s hit television show. Read More

  • Bluetooth Brand highly Recognized

    According to the research firm Millward Brown, global awareness of Bluetooth technology is at an all time high. Of those surveyed, 85% recognized that Bluetooth sells wireless items. 65% of consumers in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the U.S and U.K. were aware of the Bluetooth logo and products that use Bluetooth technology. The items recognized were: Mobile phones (79%); headsets (61%)… Read More

  • Verizon pitches standardized early termination fee proposal to FCC

    Good news for those of us who change carriers on a weekly basis: Verizon Wireless (with consultation from other major carriers) and the FCC are negotiating a proposal to standardize early termination fees across the wireless industry, limiting the damage the fees might do to your pocket. The proposal would allow consumers to cancel service within 30 days of the contract (which most of the… Read More