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  • HTC announces the Nexus One's slightly cooler twin, the Desire

    What’s in a name? Would a Nexus One by any other name still be as sweet? Yep. In fact, it might just be a bit sweeter. Though it lacks almost any indication as such, Google’s Nexus One is actually made by HTC. HTC reserved the rights to the hardware design, and today they’re making good use of that decision with the announcement of the HTC Desire. It’s essentially the… Read More

  • HTC makes the HD mini official

    Only when you’re talking about a phone designed in the same vein as the massive (though drop-dead gorgeous) HTC HD2 with its 4.3 inch display would you ever call a phone with a 3.2″ display “mini” . That’s exactly what HTC’s doing this morning in Barcelona, with the announcement of the Windows Mobile 6.5.3-powered HD mini. Read More

  • There's a new Hero in town: HTC announces the Legend

    As we expected after the leaks last night, HTC has just dropped the good word on three brand new handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The first up is the Android 2.1-powered HTC Legend, which is essentially a spiritual successor to the much-loved HTC Hero. Read More

  • Verizon going BOGO crazy, launching Buy One, Get One promo on six phones tomorrow

    We just got a hot tip from one of our Verizon buddies. Apparently Verizon Wireless is starting a new BOGO campaign tomorrow that includes both of its Android handsets – the Droid and Eris – both Palm phones – the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus – along with the LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Alias 2 features phones. We hear the promotion will allow you to mix and match any of… Read More

  • iPhone to get a really bad version of Street Fighter 4

    I don’t know about you guys, but playing a complicated fighting game like Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone just sounds like a losing proposition. I mean, your fingers cover up a bunch of the screen, you’re going to be hitting the wrong buttons all the time, and the screen isn’t high-resolution enough to really show off the art. Whose idea was this? Read More

  • Microsoft Turtle and Pure deets are revealed

    With the huge announcement of Windows Phone 7 out of the way, we’re anticipating what was rumored about another Microsoft phone last week: news about a project Pink revival. Before Microsoft can say anything officially, however, the folks over at WMExperts have unearthed some gritty details about the coming phones. Read More

  • Motorola CLIQ update hits this week with touchscreen and GPS updates

    Hurrah for updates! Nothing can give your aging phone a fresh feeling like an update can, and CLIQ users can get excited about that this week. Is this the big update that we mentioned last week? Perhaps not. Read More

  • Mobile companies band together and rise against Apple

    When one thinks of mobile apps, it’s tough to think of anything other than the ones for the iPhone. There’s an app for that rings through our heads as TV commercials and websites reveal to us that the iPhone is the platform of choice when businesses want to develop mobile apps. Apple now has a little over 175,000 apps in its store and over 3 billion have been downloaded to date. Read More

  • Huawei makes the U8100, U8110, U8800 and U8300 with Android official

    Looking at the image above, I know what you’re thinking, but look on the bright side: you’ll be much safer crossing the streets at night with that thing plastered to your ear. Huawei has just announced a number of colorful handsets that don’t look like your average Android handsets. Read More

  • Sagem Cosyphone with NFC technology is perfect for granny and gramps

    We’re so caught up with fancy gizmos and gadgets that it’s easy to forget about our elders; technology has a place in their lives, too. While Sagem is busy catering to the youth with its Puma phone, it also kept grandma and grandpa in mind with the Cosyphone. Read More

  • Acer Ferrari smartphone coming this March to handle your mid-life crisis

    Is your iPhone or BlackBerry not cutting it anymore because everyone and their mothers have one? Acer hears your cry to be unique and to be viewed as being classy and high brow, so the company has partnered with Ferrari once again to design a new smartphone. Read More

  • Lumigon T1, S1 and E1 packs Android into some gorgeous hardware

    Hardware specs and software and application support are probably the biggest things we look at when deciding on a new phone, but sometimes we quickly dismiss design and aesthetics. Now we can have a generous serving of both thanks to Scandanavian manufacturer Lumigon. Read More

  • Details and official pics of the HTC Desire, Legend, and HD Mini leaked

    Man! Mobile World Congress is all about the last-minute leaks this year. First, a tiny glimpse of Windows Phone leaked out just hours before it became official. Now, three brand-spankin’ new handsets from HTC have just leaked out, just one day before HTC’s press conference where we can only assume these devices were supposed to debut. Read More

  • SlingPlayer Mobile now streams over 3G for your iPhone

    After a little bit of a misunderstanding between SlingPlayer, AT&T and its customers and why it took so long to get content to stream over 3G, things are all sorted and we can now get streaming goodness to feed our inner couch potato. Read More

  • Vodafone's $15 phone for the developing world

    The mood in Barcelona must be somber, for the city’s team lost to Atletico Madrid yesterday. Granted, Atletico Madrid is Barcelona’s bogey team, but come on, Atletico Madrid?! Team CrunchGear could beat those guys on the pitch. Still, the Mobile World Congress soldiers on. Here’s something that caught my interest—something aside from the Windows Phone!—is the… Read More

  • Acer is blowing up with neoTouch and beTouch, more Android and Windows on the way

    Acer isn’t showing any signs of slowing down at Mobile World Congress this week. Just this morning, the manufacturer announced the Liquid e and now we have the neoTouch and beTouch. A little strange with the name scheme, but let’s see just what these devices are packing, shall we? Read More

  • Hands-on Video: Windows Phone 7 Series in action

    While we were allowed to play with the just-announced Windows Phone 7 Series operating system behind closed doors a few hours ago, it was a strictly no-photo, no-video deal. We just left a slightly more public showing of Windows Phone, where representatives had handsets at the ready – and this time, video was okay. Read More

  • Qualcomm calls 'first!' on Windows Phone 7 devices

    In case you didn’t know, snappy processors are all the rage these days. When I think of fast processors, the first one that comes to mind is Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor which is currently found on devices like the Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the LG eXpo. After Microsoft made its Windows Phone 7 announcement this morning, Qualcomm has come out and said that it… Read More

  • Moblin + Maemo + Linux Foundation = MeeGo

    Intel’s had their Moblin mobile Linux distribution for some time. Nokia’s had their Maemo Linux distribution for awhile, too. Neither one really gained much traction in the development community. Along comes Google and everyone’s like “OMG Android!!1” which must’ve really ticked off Intel and Nokia. In an effort to create a Linux distribution suited for… Read More

  • The Cliq XT/Quench drops, brings Android 1.5 in tow

    Motorola is keeping the Android party rocking with the Cliq XT — or Quench in Euroland. The handset doesn’t bring anything we haven’t seen before including the aging Android 1.5 release along with Motorola’s social media-centric MOTOBLUR home screen replacement. A respectable 3.1-inch 320 x 480 occupies the front, while a 5.0 MP cam with LED flash is housed on the… Read More