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  • CTIA09: Celio to release REDFLY Mobile Viewer public beta later today

    To put it gently, the Celio REDFLY didn’t launch without criticism. Essentially a mono-purposed netbook which is fueled by and acts as an extension of a Windows Mobile smartphone, the REDFLY pulls your WinMo handset’s display onto its own, and pushes all keyboard/touchpad input back to the handset. The main issue people seemed to have is that they simply didn’t understand why… Read More

  • CTIA09: Hands-on with the Samsung Instinct S30

    Samsung didn’t officially have the Instinct S30 available for hands-on demos after yesterday night’s announcement – but, well, you know how we roll. We spent a good chunk of time poking at the device – so what do we think? Read More

  • BREAKING: Palm reveals new 'Post' smartphone, still working on Pre

    In an unprecedented move, Palm has revealed its heretofore ultra-secret WebOS-based smartphone – the Palm Post – at CTIA 2009. While the mobile world has been patiently waiting for the Pre since it was first teased back in January, Palm has apparently been hard at work on the (clandestine) Post as well. Read More

  • QuickPlay to stream popular TV shows to your BlackBerry

    Toronto-based Quickplay is set to stream full length TV shows from networks, including CBS, MTV, and NBC. The PrimeTime2Go package will be offered for $7.99/month and will only stream over Wi-Fi to the Bold and 8900. Sorry, Storm owners, but Verizon hates you and crippled Wi-Fi, so you won’t be getting 30 Rock, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory or… Read More

  • Top Paid App in BlackBerry App World: PhoneyFart

    And the most downloaded app at the moment is Shazam. Mankind is doomed. Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry App World [Update 2]

    RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is slated to take the stage later today in Las Vegas at the CTIA show and all eyes will be focused on RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store. While we wished that RIM had held off on the launch of BlackBerry App World until Lazaridis’ little talk, there’s nothing that could have prevented this announcement from hitting at midnight. So, ladies and… Read More

  • CTIA09: Samsung Mondi, a huge WiMAX slider

    Samsung just unleashed the powerhouse that is the Mondi. This massive handset comes packing with speedy WiMAX support in a big daddy slider form factor. Winmo 6.1 powers the device and it seems that Samsung has big hopes for the huge device as it’s got just about everything possible in a mobile computing platform. Check it: MS Office, WiFi, BT 2.1, GPS with preloaded maps, 4 GB of… Read More

  • Samsung officially unveils the Instinct s30 for Sprint

    Sprint and Samsung have just taken the wraps off the Instinct s30 aka Mini Instinct at CTIA. It launches on Sprint April 19th in two colors – Cobalt Metal or Touch of Copper. The s30 doesn’t deviate too much from the original Instinct, but developers can now jump on the s30 with open access to core Java APIs like, Multimedia, Messaging, Bluetooth, Contacts/Calendar and File Access. Read More

  • Android tether app yanked by T-Mo

    I just saw this app the other day, and now — it’s gone! How shocking! It looks like “Wifi tether for root users” was in violation of T-Mobile’s terms of service, and Google has shown its cards by removing it. No one really thought the Android Marketplace was going to be a Wild West of G1 apps, but it’s a little disappointing to see just how locked-down… Read More

  • CTIA09: Hands-on with the latest build of the Android "Cupcake" firmware

    We’re in good ol’ Sin City, fresh out of a pre-CTIA 2009 meeting with HTC. While most of the hardware they brought to the party were things we’d seen at Mobile World Congress last month, they had one thing on the software end that was just out of the oven: the latest build of the Android “Cupcake” release. The firmware build number we were playing with was 1.5/CRA79. Read More

  • Video: Shop! Windows! Phone! Your Windows phone!

    WinMo 6.5’s Marketplace, basically a Microsoft App Store, is getting lots of ink this week at CTIA. 1800PocketPC has some interesting news including the addition of a 24-hour “return period,” carrier-based billing, and carrier specific stores. Read More

  • Sprint launches the Sanyo SCP-2700, relaunches the Lotus in red

    If you’re lookin’ for a barebones QWERTY candybar on the cheap, Sprint and Sanyo have a handset you should see. Well, they will in May. We’re not quite sure why they announcing this one a whole month early, but Sprint and Sanyo have let it be known that the SCP-2700 will be hitting the shelves (exclusively at Sprint) come May 10th. For a cent shy of $30 dollars, a… Read More

  • CTIA09: Samsung to preview the Instinct "Mini" S30

    Tucked away in a Korean press release alongside the likes of the long ago announced Samsung Behold, Memoir, and Omnia HD was one little gem we’d yet to have seen in any official light: the Instinct S30. Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve ever seen it – but it’s nice to know it wasn’t some incredibly elaborate hoax put on by some crafty gent just looking… Read More

  • Cellmania Gives Carriers Their Own Android Marketplaces

    Cellmania, a company that builds and licenses the software that drives many mobile phone stores, has launched a new platform called the Android Content Storefront for Android phones that will allow carriers and manufacturers to install their own, customized app stores on Android phones. While Android phones already offer Google’s official app store, Cellmania CEO Ronjon Nag says that… Read More

  • CTIA 2009: Novatel Ovation MC935D USB Modem on the way in Q2

    It’s certainly not the main Novatel device we’re hoping to see announced while we’re here in Vegas, but they’ve gotten the announcement party started a bit early with this morning’s debut of the Ovation MC935D. Read More

  • Verizon-branded MiFi 2200 leaks out

    It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen the Novatel MiFi, or even the second – but they can keep cranking these things out in all sorts of different flavors and we wouldn’t mind a bit. A few weeks back, we found out that Sprint would be getting a MiFi of their own sometime in the next 3 months, and this latest leak indicates that Verizon will be getting one as well. Read More

  • Nokia confidently releases 5800 XpressMusic software update

    It’s not all that often you see a company issue a press release for a firmware update (that is, except for our lovely iFriends in Cupertino – iPhone 3.0 overkill anyone?), but after all the bad press the 5800 got at launch, Nokia’s probably tryin’ its best to appease its loyal fanboys and girls. Read More

  • Comverse offers carriers visual voicemail solution for BlackBerry devices

    Earlier last month, we caught wind of a possible visual voicemail service for AT&T BlackBerry users. Now, on the eve of CTIA Wireless 2009, Comverse has announced its own BlackBerry visual voicemail solution for carriers. Read More

  • Skype for iPhone is out in Japan: First screenshots and impressions

    The Japanese App Store already offers Skype for the iPhone (v1.0.0.63) and we have some screenshots. Japanese bloggers say the contact list takes some time to load after logging in. Group chat is possible. In chat mode, users have three options: “Bookmark”, “Leave Chat” and “Close Chat”. Read More

  • Motorola announces Evoke QA4, evokes memories of the iPhone

    Today, like everyone else, Motorola announced a brand new handset to showcase at CTIA this week. The Evoke QA4 features a 2.8-inch touch-screen, slide-out 12-key pad and a touch-screen QWERTY. The handset is enhanced with widgets for RSS feeds, MySpace or YouTube. Also equipped with a full HTML browser and accelerometer, the Evoke evokes memories of all the other touch-screen handsets to come… Read More