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  • Samsung Soul goes pink

    Samsung seems to have found a winner with the Soul – first, they spun it off into the Soulb. Now, they’re taking the original Soul and painting it pink. Word is that next week they’ll be announcing the SoulL: it’s pretty much the Soul, but it smells of lavender. As far as I can tell, the specs in the pink model are the same as the Steel/Grey/Silver Soul models… Read More

  • Rhapsody Music Available to Verizon Subscribers

    Starting today, Verizon Wireless customers can have access to Rhapsody’s subscription music service. For a fee of $15 a month, subscribers can download as much music they want to their mobile phone. Verizon has seven handsets that can utilize Rhapsody’s catalogue of music, and plans three more in the near future, including a third version of the music-oriented LG… Read More

  • Motorola Blaze, a wonky flip-cover touch screen thing for Verizon

    At this point, writing a post bagging on Motorola is like writing a post about why punching babies is a bad thing. It’s just too easy, and no one really needs to be convinced. That said, all I see when I look at this phone is an odd attempt to strap a bunch of extraneous plastic onto a touchscreen and pretend the design is useful. Boy Genius has dug up some details on Motorola’s… Read More

  • Opera Mobile 9.5 coming July 15th

    Following a series of delays after its announcement at February’s Mobile World Congress, it looks like Opera Mobile 9.5 is finally ready to make its public beta debut. According to the official Opera Mobile blog , it will be available for download on starting on July 15th. For just about every Opera Mobile fan, the 15th can’t come soon enough. Powered by the same… Read More

  • Helio posts Virgin Mobile acquisition Q&A

    Oh, how I shall miss Helio. In light of this morning’s long expected announcement that Virgin Mobile had purchased Helio, a Q&A has gone up to answer some of the more pressing questions. It’s all pretty straightforward: there will be no service interruption, new members are welcome, contracts are still valid, and they expect the Helio brand will eventually be dissolved. Read More

  • LiPS and LiMo become Kissing Cousins

    The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum announced yesterday it will meld its activates and membership list into the Linux Mobile Foundation (LiMo) with the hope of creating a strong base for promoting a mobile Linux operating system. Entities like Symbian and Android are competing with Linux to create a worldwide standard for an open mobile phone operating system. “LiPS Forum is proud of… Read More

  • China Mobile Resumes iPhone Talks with Apple

    Over the past year, China Mobile and Apple have been dancing about in a bid to bring the iPhone to the world’s largest mobile market. The main hang-up has centered on revenue sharing demands from Apple. China Mobile announced today that Apple has dropped this demand and negotiations are underway. Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, said earlier this week he would like to see… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile acquires Helio for $39 million

    Here’s the press release for now. There will be a conference call at 11am EDT that I will broadcast on CrunchGear live. More as we get it. WARREN, N.J., June 27, 2008 – Virgin Mobile USA, Inc. (NYSE: VM), a leading national provider of wireless communications services, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Helio, a joint venture between SK Telecom and… Read More

  • Nearly half of all Chinese embrace Mobile Phones

    China, the world’s most populous country, is a nation of 1.3 billion. Nearly half, 592 million, use mobile phones according to Ministry of Information Industry figures. As mobile subscriptions have risen, land-line use has dropped. Mobile subscriptions in China are up 9% over last year’s numbers. According to the Xinhua news agency, the main factor behind growth was a trend for… Read More

  • Call of Duty: World at War coming from Glu Mobile

    The mobile game publishing company Glu will extend its exclusive, worldwide partnership with Activision to bring Call of Duty: World at War to mobile platforms. It shouldn’t be long before thumb thumpers around the globe enlist to fight Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. “We’re excited to extend our partnership with Activision and bring Call of Duty: World at War to mobile… Read More

  • Moto ROKR M8 comes to T-Mobile

    The cellphone companies (other than Apple; it’s perfect in every way imaginable) are still trying their hardest to make a decent MP3-playing cellphone. T-Mobile latest attempt is the Motorola Rokr E8, which will be available on July 7, the same date that Real Madrid want to announce the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. The phone, which debuted at January’s CES, appears to be more… Read More

  • The State of Open Mobile OSes

    Open operating systems, for most folks, means that the operating system is essentially free. The average computer user knows that Linux is free, as in beer, while Windows costs money. The case is the same for mobile OSes although, until very recently, the idea of purposely using an open OS has been a fairly nebulous concept. To be clear open mobile OSes have been around for years, starting… Read More

  • iSuppli Estimates new iPhone costs $173 to Manufacture

    Research firm iSuppli Corp. estimates that the 8 gigabyte version of the upcoming iPhone costs Apple around $173 to manufacture. The handset goes on sale in twenty-two worldwide markets on July 11, with the cheapest model selling for $199 in the United States. But Apple will make more money than the $26 difference between the sale price and manufacturing costs. The retail price of the iPhone… Read More

  • The State of Mobile OS Openness

    Open operating systems, for most folks, means that the operating system is essentially free. The average computer user knows that Linux is free, as in beer, while Windows costs money. The case is the same for mobile OSes although, until very recently, the idea of purposely using an open OS has been a fairly nebulous concept. To be clear open mobile OSes have been around for years, starting… Read More

  • Nokia offers to buy Rest of Symbian and Give Away Software

    Nokia announced today that it is offering to buy the 52% of Symbian that it doesn’t already own for around $410 million. Software developed by Symbian is the most widely used on high-end mobile phones and Nokia plans to make the code available free to other manufactures. Nokia hopes to make Symbian software the industry standard worldwide. If the purchase is successful, Nokia will form… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Announces Unlimited Calling Plan

    Virgin Mobile USA announced that it is starting an unlimited calling plan that will be available July 1. Unlimited calling will cost $79.99 per month but doesn’t cover unlimited text messaging. Unlimited texting can be added for an additional $10 a month. The prices don’t include taxes and other fees that can add up to $10 a month, depending on what part of the country the… Read More

  • UN Concerned about Mobile Phone Disposal

    The UN is meeting in Indonesia this week for a five day conference on waste management. At the top of the list of things to be concerned about is the disposal of billions of gadgets and handsets that have inundated the world in the last ten years. Over 1,000 delegates from 170 countries are attending the Basel Convention which is being held on Bali, Indonesia. MobileCrunch has been covering… Read More

  • Japanese iPhone to sell for $215

    Some in Japan are counting the days, waiting for July 11 to come when the new iPhone goes on sale. The country’s number three mobile phone company, Softbank Corp. will sell the handy 8 gigabyte device for 23,040 yen, or about $215. The 16 gigabyte model will sell for around $320. The Japanese mobile market is known for its competitiveness. In the past, mobile carriers have practically… Read More

  • Invites For Jibe Mobile

    There are plenty of ways to upload photos and other content from your phone to the Web. But the premise behind Jibe Mobile is simply to be able to use your phone to share social media already on the Web with your friends, whether they are online or out with their phones. The service is launching today in private beta. We have invites for the first 300 people to sign up here. Jibe is a… Read More

  • Android Delayed

    Google is finding that launching an entirely new cell phone platform is taking longer than expected. When it first announced its Android mobile operating system, Google said the first Android phones would be available during the second half of this year. Now the mobile carriers that signed up as Android partners are pushing out their launches, with only T-Mobile still trying to get an… Read More