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  • Playmesh Tops the Charts with #1 Game on the iPhone: iFarm downloaded 1 million times in 10 days

    You might find this suprising, but the top social gaming companies on the iPhone are not the same ones you know of from Facebook and MySpace. Zynga, despite $54.2M in funding, has hardly made a dent on the iPhone. Neither has Playfish, which was recently bought for $300M. Playdom hasn’t done squat, either. Although “the big three” of social gaming are great at online games… Read More

  • And we're back!

    You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on the MobileCrunch front for the past few days. After a few months of nose-to-the-grindstone, the siren call of over-packed plates and family good times stemming from the Thanksgiving holiday was too much; we locked up shop for a few days, headed home, and had a good ol’ vacation. And with that out of the way, we’re back with… Read More

  • Samsung to unveil Bada on December 8th in London

    I’m still a big bag of mixed reactions when it comes to Samsung’s new mobile OS, Bada. On one hand, Samsung has always proven themselves to be pretty bad at the software side of things (Need proof? See the hot mess that is the Samsung Behold II). On the other, that’s nothing that a bit of man-power and money can’t fix, both of which Samsung has plenty of. We’ll… Read More

  • And you thought the iPhone was already expensive

    If I had $3.2 million dollars to throw away on something like a phone, I’d much rather just build an army of robot carrier pigeons to deliver all my messages by hand. Some, I suppose, prefer a bit more rationale in their complete irrational purchases – thus the existence of this $3.2 million dollar iPhone. Read More

  • Makibishi: Cool interactive Ninja comic game for the iPhone

    There are more than 100,000 approved apps in the App Store now, making it harder and harder to spot the really good ones. One of these apps that don’t get enough airtime (and that I viewed a demo of recently) is called Makibishi Comic (iTunes link) and is offered by Tokyo-based GungHo Works (it’s available in Japanese and English). Read More

  • Qik to come preloaded on the Samsung Omnia II

    We like to keep an eye on the adoption of mobile video broadcasting applications around these parts. It’s a mighty competitive space, with Qik, Kyte, Flixwagon, Ustream and a number of others all taking a stab at what is essentially the same idea. While the idea as a whole has yet to really take off as something that everyone does, its one that just about everyone seems to appreciate… Read More

  • 4iThumbs: The craziest way to make your iPhone keyboard slightly more physical

    Remember the iTwinge, that crazy slide-on plastic sheath for the iPhone that would give you a physical keyboard by overlaying real buttons on top of the virtual ones? The 4iThumbs keypad is just like that, except it’s clear, rather than opaque black. Oh, and it requires you to stick a bunch of adhesive crap all over your iPhone. Good idea? Bad idea? I’ll leave that call up to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: EA Mobile celebrates Turkey day by slashing the prices of their iPhone Games [Update: And Gameloft!]

    This week, people are hungry for three things: turkey, stuffing, and holiday sales. It’s a bit unlikely that EA Mobile can deliver either of the first two, but they’ve come through on that last one. From today through 11/29, EA Mobile is dropping the price on around 15 of the iPhone games, with discounts coming in at around 30-50% off. This’ll probably be the cheapest way to… Read More

  • Fring gets Skype video chat support on Nokia devices

    If we were to make a “Amazing ideas” list and a “Things that have totally failed to take off” list, there would be at least one item that you’d find on both: mobile video chat. Blame the carriers for not agreeing on a standard, or blame the consumer populace for not pressing hard enough; either way, its an idea that has been sitting on the launch pad for… Read More

  • Nokia debuts two entry-level sliders, the 6700 and 7230.

    It’s not all N900s and lollipops in the Nokia kingdom, folks. Nokia has made a big chunk of their piggy bank with the entry level stuff, and they’ve got two new ones for that market today. Read More

  • Does there need to be an app for that? Pet Acoustics, the music app for pets

    It stands to reason that a general purpose mobile computing platform, like the iPhone or iPod Touch, will engender a host of special purpose niche applications. Pet Acoustics is one such application: “Pet Acoustics music has been specifically designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet, both in frequency, volume and rhythm to calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.”… Read More

  • Google lets Android 1.6 in on the Navigation fun

    Attention Android owners nlikely to be 2.0-ed any time soon! You can now stop holding your breath. Google Maps Navigation is coming to 1.6, and you can download it right now. It’s missing a feature or two (voice-activated navigation, for instance), but it’s 95% there. Of course, depending on your handset, network, and so on, your mileage (so to speak) may vary. Read More

  • Video: Apple sees Verizon's iDont campaign, raises them simultaneous voice-and-data

    DING! The school bell rings. Time for recess at Mobile Industry Elementary. Tension is high. During the last break, Verizon took a swing at that little Apple boy by pointing out all the things his toys could do that Apple’s toys couldn’t. The hallways erupted with a deafening “Ooooooooh!”; all of the kids began to form a circle around the two. “Fight, fight… Read More

  • Leaked Video: Swyping Versus iPhone Typing. (Swype For Android Is Next).

    A year ago, Swype launched a new way to type on a touchscreen phone at TechCrunch50. Swype was created by the inventor of the T9 predictive typing system used on most phones today because he felt that new text input methods for small touchscreens are sorely needed. Today, the startup announced the first phone to use the technology will be the Samsung Omnia II on Verizon. As you can see in… Read More

  • Swype to debut on the Verizon Samsung Omnia II

    A little over a year ago, Swype announced at TechCrunch50 2008 that they were going to “change how the world inputs text on screens”. By allowing the user to type words by tracing a path between its letters rather than tapping them out one-by-one, Swype claims to speed up typing on a mobile handset while doing away with accuracy annoyances. Swype is the brainchild of Randy… Read More

  • Apple And Android Now Make Up 75 Percent Of U.S. Smartphone Web Traffic

    When it comes to the mobile Web, increasingly there are only two mobile platforms which matter: Apple and Android. According to AdMob’s October, 2009 mobile metrics report, the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones accounted for 75 percent of mobile Web traffic in the U.S., as measured by all the mobile ad requests it tracks. That number is up from a combined 65 percent in September… Read More

  • Now blinking LEDs can transmit information to cell phones via light

    I’m not really sure if this is good or bad news for end consumers, but a couple of Japanese companies have developed a technology that makes it possible to transmit information from blinking LEDs fixed on advertisements to cell phones – using only light. The companies involved in the development include some big names such as Toshiba or NEC. With this new system, Japanese cell… Read More

  • China Mobile starts selling Dell Mini 3i

    Dost thou desire an Android phone in Red Passion or Oiled Bronze? Begin thy journey, brave Sir Knight, to China where you will be able to purchase the Dell Mini 3i with 3.5-inch touchscreen for a few coins of the realm. The Mini 3i, as you’ll recall, is Dell’s first smartphone in almost half a decade and runs the Ophone platform, an Android-based system that will eventually brand… Read More

  • Ringz: First (free) Android app with in-app purchase

    Apple made it possible for iPhone developers to offer in-app purchase five weeks ago, an option Android devs currently don’t have. But now Shanghai-based mobile technology company Urbian found a work-around to enable in-app purchase, saying they’re the first developers that did. The app in question is Ringz, a puzzle game that’s available for free on the Android market… Read More

  • Uh-Oh: Gameloft moves away from Android development

    The sudden surge in interest in Android (largely due to all of the hype surrounding the Droid) has caused a lot of developers to reconsider the platform. Atleast one major development house, however, isn’t impressed. Earlier today, Alexandre de Rochefort, Finance Director of Gameloft, told an investor conference that the company had “significantly cut [their] investment in… Read More