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  • Explicit category could bring sexy back to Apple's app store

    Another fire erupted amongst developers and consumers when Apple decided to pull the plug on apps that contained content of questionable nature. This isn’t the first time Apple has done this, but with the pulling of Wobble iBoobs from the app store came a surge of app killings and everyone said they’d had enough. Read More

  • Best Buy becomes equalizer for DROID and DEVOUR, selling both for $99.99

    As if gadget choices weren’t complicated enough, Best Buy might be making your Verizon Android handset decisions a lot more difficult. According to Best Buy’s Facebook page, the DROID is dropping down to just $99.99 with the DEVOUR going for the same exact rate when it’s released on February 25. So many choices, so little time! Need some help? Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 devices will come in three flavors

    Microsoft is doing a complete 180 and reinventing the way it handles its mobile presence. When the iPhone was first announced, Steve Ballmer quipped that Windows Mobile was on hundreds of devices all over the world while the iPhone was one operating system on one handset on one carrier. It looks like he and the gang are thinking differently these days. Read More

  • Video: Butterfinger makes fun of iPhone Apps, actually makes us laugh

    Its been nearly 2 years since Apple launched the App Store. In that time, would-be comedians around the Internet have successfully extracted just two jokes from it. “Fart apps and tip calculators!” Hah! “There’s an app for that!” Hah hah. Hah. Hah. Little did we know, there was still one untapped source of hilarity involving the app store left: physical humor. At… Read More

  • Is the Nexus One's display inferior to the iPhone's?

    Well – not entirely. After all, it’s bright, responsive, and has a much higher resolution. But there is a lot more to making a good screen, and under a detailed analysis it’s far from a rout when you pit HTC’s bleeding-edge OLED screen against the old-school LCD of the iPhone. Apologies if it gets a bit technical. Here is the basic list of complaints, as investigated here: Read More

  • HTC Desire headed for AT&T, Sprint picks up Legend (as Hero2)?

    HTC seemed pretty confident that the HTC Desire and HTC Legend weren’t US-bound when we talked to them at Mobile World Congress. But hey, things change — right? Boy Genius Report has just received word that the two handsets are bound for this side of the ocean, along with details on which carriers might be nabbing them. Read More

  • Final Fantasy I and II for iPhone get release dates

    Since we’ve spent two posts covering Street Fighter IV, a game that will presumably be terrible to play on the iPhone, I thought it was only fair to give a bit more love to a game that should be awesome on the iPhone. Actually, two games: Final Fantasy I and II. We knew they were coming (see trailers/screenshots here) – but now we know when they’re coming. And it’s… Read More

  • Sprint suddenly gets all Captain Planet on us with green movement

    Being eco-friendly should definitely be high on the priorities list for electronics manufacturers and service providers, so I’m pretty happy to see that Sprint is doing its part to make our planet a nicer place for future generations. Just in case you’re the apathetic type when it comes to the three Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce!), Sprint has put some incentives into place for you. Read More

  • Surprise! AT&T might just have the best 3G network in the US

    We may give AT&T a bit of grief for the fact that their network essentially curled up into a ball and cried for two years after the launch of the first iPhone, but they’ve been dumping a ton of change into improving things over the last 8 months — and it looks like its helped. A lot. Read More

  • Smartphone Sales Up 24 Percent, iPhone's Share Nearly Doubled Last Year (Gartner)

    Last year, Apple’s iPhone nearly doubled its worldwide market share of smartphone sales to 14.4 percent, up 6.2 points from the year before, according to the latest market share figures put out by Gartner. The iPhone still trails behind Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones (No. 1), which saw their share decline 5.5 points to 46.9 percent, and RIM Blackberries (No. 2), which gained… Read More

  • Listen! Grooveshark debuts native Palm webOS app

    Online music service Grooveshark is today announcing the launch of a native app for devices running Palm webOS, or in other words the Palm Pre and Pixi phones. With the app, Grooveshark users gain access to its vast on-demand song catalog – the number of tracks in there runs in the millions – but also to the personal playlists and favorites they and other users have cultivated on… Read More

  • Video: Streetfighter IV on the iPhone gets price and release date

    I myself am in the “This will never work”-camp, but Japanese video game giant Capcom is preparing a special version of their hit title “Streetfighter IV” for the iPhone/iPod touch. The announcement was made last week, making the iPhone version the first on a mobile device (the arcade game has been ported to the PS3 and XBox 360 only so far). And today, Gamepro was able… Read More

  • If MIDs still matter, then get me one of these Moblic E7s pronto

    What with tablets looming large on the horizon, one could be forgiven for thinking MIDs might be reaching the end of their usefulness. But when you put something like this in front of me, I can’t help but get excited. ABXY buttons and a real D-pad? Yes please. 4″ 800×480 screen, 8GB of built-in storage, 600MHz ARM A8 processor? Man, this thing will be a mobile gaming… Read More

  • Photos: The birth of an HTC Legend unibody aluminum shell

    Just last week, HTC announced the Legend. As the epic name implies, it’s essentially the “Hero 2“; its got the jutting chin, the rounded corners, and HTC’s software signatures all over it. The primary difference, outside of a minor (but still worthwhile) hardware spec bump, is the design of the body; carved from a single block of aluminum, it’s ridiculously… Read More

  • webOS 1.4 update coming on Thursday?

    Back at CES in January, Palm announced that webOS 1.4 and all of its video recording talents would be hitting Pres and Pixis around the world starting in “February”. Flash forward a few weeks, when a supposed snapshot of an internal Sprint scheduling sheet indicated that it would all start rolling out on February 15th. February 15th has, of course, come and gone — and our… Read More

  • Acer Liquid e comes to North America by way of Rogers Wireless

    Acer recently announced its growing presence in the Android realm and Rogers was quick to snap up the manufacturer’s latest device – the Liquid e. If you can get past the drug-related name, the handset doesn’t seem to sound so bad on paper. Read More

  • DUBMeNow Raises $2.8M for Mobile Business Card Sharing

    “Bump is just a gimmick for young people” says DubMeNow CEO Manoj Ramnani. DubMeNow (“Dub” for short) is a real business, he implies, and he can prove it. Dub has been on a tear the last few months in all aspects of their business. They’ve got real revenue: over $2.7M projected for this fiscal year. They’ve raised over $2.8 million in funding thus far, led… Read More

  • Hackers hack goodies from the HTC Desire over to the Nexus One in no time flat

    Back when we first got word that the HTC Desire was essentially a slightly upgraded Nexus One with a bit of customization on HTC’s part, we knew there wasn’t much to worry about for recent Nexus One purchasers; the very vast majority of the Desire’s upperhand was all in the software, which was bound to be hacked over eventually. What we didn’t know, however, was just… Read More

  • Google Earth has landed for Android 2.1

    When the Google Nexus One was announced, there were several cool new features unveiled for the device and Android 2.1: interactive wallpapers, 3D graphics and support for Google Earth. The latter wasn’t available at the time, and there was no date set, but it looks like it’s available on Android Market now. Read More

  • Kindle for BlackBerry becomes available, now with more squinting

    Maybe you own a Kindle and find that its relatively small size might be on the big side when traveling or on the go, but you own a BlackBerry and not an iPhone. And maybe you never cared to own an iPhone until the Kindle app became available on it. Well, Amazon finally has some good news for you. Read More