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  • Google opens up Android 2.0 SDK to all developers

    There we were ranting about Google selectively sharing Android 2.0 without making it available to developers en masse, and then they went ahead and did just that. Beginning immediately, Android 2.0 support is available in the Android SDK. Don’t expect it to be available (at least not through any official means) on any device until the Motorola Droid launches, which all signs indicate… Read More

  • Smule creates its own "evil twin" company, Smort. They've got Zombies in Bikinis. From space.

    Pretend, for a moment, that you’re one of the creative minds at Smule; you and your team have had a series of back-to-back successes, and your audience has come to expect a certain things of you. They expect the utmost highest design quality, for it to be music-related, and — perhaps worst of all — some level of maturity. When expectations are high and narrow in focus, how… Read More

  • T-Mobile goes unlimited + no contract with ‘Even More Plus’ plans

    T-Mobile jumps feet first into the no-contract, unlimited everything arena with its new “Even More Plus” plans, ranging from $30 per month for 500 voice minutes to $80 per month for unlimited voice minutes, text messages, and internet access. Family plans are also available for between $50 and $140 per month. Read More

  • Mobile web usage sees another upswing (Opera)

    Browser maker Opera has released its latest ‘State of the Mobile Web’ report this morning, claiming that there was a huge surge in mobile web usage past September. Last month, more than 35.6 million people used Opera Mini (which is now serving over 500 million pageviews per day on average on a wide range of mobile devices), up 11.5% compared to August 2009 and more than 150%… Read More

  • Google's Being Picky About Who Gets To See Android 2.0

    Well, this is a bit of a strange twist. For the first few months after launch, the development mentality surrounding Android was a developer’s dream. Huge chunks of the operating system were made open source, the development team was pleasantly transparent, and the roadmap clearly sketched out the trails ahead. Then they released Donut, and all went more-or-less mum. It was no secret… Read More

  • Rumor: Is this the Android-powered HTC Passion for Verizon?

    Ah – another day, another Android rumor. As Android fleshes itself out into the torrential go-to OS for smartphone manufacturers that we’ve all hoped it would, we can expect to see more and more Android rumors rambling about. In other words, According to TheUnlockr, the phone you’re looking at above is none other than HTC’s first Snapdragon-powered Android phone… Read More

  • T-Mobile to launch the Sony Ericsson Equinox on Oct. 28th

    Earlier today, Sony Ericsson announced the launch of its newest flip phone, the Equinox. The new clamshell that “encourage[s] individualism through unique pulsating night effects that enable users to never miss a call or text message” will be available exclusively from T-Mobile. Among other things, the “unique” flipper features 3G and quad-band GSM/Edge radios… Read More

  • iDriver: Drive your car with your iPhone

    There is cool and then there is cool. Alright, I guess this isn’t that cool — it seems sort of dangerous, after all — but it’s still neat. Neat is a good way to describe iDriver, an iPhone app that turns regular automobiles into full size remote control cars. Yup. Full. Size. Remote. Control. Cars. Read More

  • iPhone props go into mass production

    In just about every other movie or TV show we watch, at least one of the characters (if not half the cast) is rocking the iPhone. For example: Have you seen Chuck? If not, you definitely should — it’s a great show — but it has more Apples than Granny Smith. Sooner or later, one of these shows is going to have a reason to destroy an iPhone on camera. Up until now, the prop… Read More