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  • Virgin Mobile increases value for prepaid broadband data buckets — $60 for 5GB

    Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go prepaid 3G data service made a splash last summer by offering no-contract plans that came close to competing with two-year offerings from the likes of Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The major drawback was that the top plan, at $60, only allowed for 1GB of data usage, whereas you’d get 5GB on a contract plan. Read More

  • Verizon currently experiencing nationwide data outage

    Did you look at your Verizon Droid minutes ago and wonder why you hadn’t gotten any emails within the last few minutes? I did. I just marked it up as the start of a good day, but apparently I was exactly wrong. Verizon’s data network is down and my Gmail inbox is full. Damn. There’s no ETA as of yet and New York seems to be fine. Your best bet is just to hang tight and let… Read More

  • Layar back to augmenting your reality on the iPhone after 3-month hiatus

    Augmented reality app Layar hit the App Store in October 2009, only to be withdrawn by the eponymous Dutch developer of the program a month later due to repeated crashes reported by users. It’s been quiet since, but an update for the app just popped up on my iPhone (iTunes link), with the concise and crystal clear description: “We’re back!” Read More

  • Skype for Symbian lands on Ovi Store = more than 200 million possible users

    Pretty huge news in our book: Skype has published a free mobile application for Symbian in the Ovi Store, basically enabling over 200 million Nokia handset users to easily download the program and start making free Skype-to-Skype calls from their phones. If I were a carrier, I’d probably be feeling rather nervous right now – and / or infuriated. Skype for Symbian, which you can… Read More

  • Mobile Boarding Passes Take Off With 1200% Usage Increase In 2009

    Alright, lets pat the pockets and run through the mental checklist one last time before security: Passport? Check, front pocket. Headphones? Definitely in your backpack. Boarding pass? Uh oh. Where’d that boarding pass go? Oh, that’s right! It’s on your phone – because you, like a rapidly increasing number of other people, opted to have it sent straight to your handset. Read More

  • Leaked BlackBerry slider photos – man, that's ugly

    I can’t be the only one that thinks this alleged leaked BlackBerry slider is butt ugly. Am I right? Shades of old-school Palm Pilots. It’s like they took the Pre and gave it shoulder pads. Landscape QWERTY is the way to go, my friends. Woo! Man, that thing is not looking good. At least the Storm 2 is a good-looking piece of hardware. Read More

  • Nokia Ovi store now seeing 22 app downloads per second, plus other stats

    If you’re trying to keep track of how all the app stores are performing in relation to each other (or are otherwise just a stats geek), this one ought to make your day. Nokia has just released a pocketful of statistics regarding their app store, Ovi, detailing just how well it was doing as of the end of February. Read More

  • Viper SmartStart now lets you start your car from your BlackBerry, too

    A few months back, Directed Electronics launched an iPhone app that, when paired with Viper remote start system, would allow you to start your car from just about anywhere on earth. For the bargain price of just $500, you’d never again have to worry about your car being too hot, too cold, or too not on when you got in. Alas, not everyone has an iPhone – what about the remaining… Read More

  • Palm webOS 1.4 SDK released to developers, allows apps to record video

    It’s a bit different than the “developers get the new firmware first” mentality we’ve grown used to from those other guys, but Palm has now released the SDK for webOS 1.4. The flagship feature of webOS 1.4 (besides Adobe Flash support, which isn’t available just yet) is its new found ability to record video. With this latest SDK, access to video recording has… Read More